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Team Cute

Consider the following to be Exhibit A in the case of the Crack is Whack Judging.

Look at them. It's like a Tiger Beat cover.

To be honest, we never would have considered these two a good combination. Not that we expected a personality clash. Logan is too low-key and Christopher's too darn likable. We just didn't think they had aesthetics that would work well together.

Model: Katie Sticksel

We're coming around a bit on the Logan thing. His first couple of looks underwhelmed us, but with this look, we get a better understanding of his style. We like it.

Definitely has an L.A. feel to it and while it's deceptively simple, it's stylish and has some nice touches. We can't say that we personally like the sprayed-on metallic look, but it's youthful and it's got an edge to it. Besides, without that bit of shimmer, the outfit could have looked a little drab. Logan's definitely not big on color.

There's a bit of a fit issue with the pants, though. On the other hand, big points for the hat. It's not exactly original, but he's the only one that thought to do it and it does take this outfit from just being a typical L.A. look to more of a beach look.

We like the simplicity of the top too. Could have used a little more thought with the belt, though.

It surprises us to say this, but this was one of, if not THE best beach looks on the runway, in our opinion.

Model: Kojii Helnwein

Now, we're not going to say that this is avant garde, but what it IS is closer to the concept of avant garde than just about anything else offered this episode. Most of the other entries were either overworked party dresses or overworked ball gowns. This at least stands on its own as a unique look.

And he did a nice job tying it into the beach look, what with the general color scheme, the use of the same materials, and the fact that the top of the outfit evokes a wetsuit.

The lacing up the back was a nice touch too. But what really takes this close to avant garde is the incredible volume on the bottom and rather interesting way it was achieved. There are so many techniques at work her and with the various shades and types of fabric, it almost looks like she's walking in a cloud of smoke.

Are we saying this team should have won? No. Well, maybe. One thing's for sure, it's insane that they were shuffled off the runway as a middle of the pack entry.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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"Tlo said: Look at them. It's like a Tiger Beat cover."

The workmen on the scaffolding outside my window were just startled by the sound emanating from me when I read that. LOL.

I really like their avant garde look (more the back than the front), except for that pouchy looking thing hanging off the side. It's definitely the most interesting look that came down the runway last week.


The best beach look? Oh, I think not. Although at least you can see the bathing suit peaking out a bit.

but overall, a nice effort from these new teen idols...

What a weird episode, but I'm loving this season!
. . . I definitely thought this was the winning team.

I liked this (and the other 2 middlings )better than either of the top looks the judges picked. Yes there are problems, but far better than the winner.


Logan and Christopher are too adorable together for words-I just want to pick them up, hug them and set them on my couch, they're so cute!

From the final product, and Tim's critique, this was an example of two designers working together, and complementing each other.

i was really surprised when they weren't in the top.
the thing i didn't really like about the pants on the first look is that at certain angles, the sprayed on metallic just kinda looked like sand stuck to her legs. which is beachy...but no one really likes walking around sandy.

Surfer girl beach wear, Meh.
Avant garde beach ball gown, no not really.
Making a hat was a good idea.

I like the pants and hat from the first outfit, I just wished they had created a different top, not crazy about the avant garde look but much MUCH better than the winning look.

While I like the first look, on TV the glitter on the inside thigh of the pants made it look like the model had peed on herself. Not a great message.

Meh. When I first saw the pants, it looked like the model had had an accident with sparkly urine.

I don't see that first look as beachy in any way, but I did like the second look as an "avant garde" attempt. I liked the way it moved, too, it was...weird.

Yes I am surprised this was not in the top 2. It tied together as Christopher stated it Logan's more rocker style with his play on volume. The boys had a much more inetersting and better marriage than the Bickersons.

Even that Miss Carol Hannah in her video blog was stunned they didn't win. It certainly was more fun to look at than Ra'mon dress


the hat reminded me of a bigger, floppier version of Jarell's Olympic hat. Or something Yoko Ono would wear to the beach. No likey.

Jeez Louise is there not a freaking iron in the workroom? Or is the wrinkling coming from puckering from the side seams of the pants? Gives her elephant legs.

Liked the dress somewhat, but I don't think it's all that impressive. The right fabric will fluff out if you gather and sew it into place. Not much of a design. I don't think these guys would have won because they so clearly wanted to do a PR First, but if they had won I would have been ok with that.

While I like the first look, on TV the glitter on the inside thigh of the pants made it look like the model had peed on herself. Not a great message.

Meh. When I first saw the pants, it looked like the model had had an accident with sparkly urine.

This was my thought as well!

This could have been SUCH an interesting challenge. Casual surfer wear and the avant garde seem so different, and THAT is what makes it a perfect pairing. This team's AG dress is uhm, stupid. What is the point? Wearing all that froo froo, WHY? To top it off, the model didn't even wear it with flip flops, wich IMHO is surfer wears MOST AG piece of attire.

I like the dress. I like that the models hair echos the black net of the dress. I agree on the feeling of a wet suit and fish nets. Nicely sew and finished.

I cannot get past the pants in the photo here. The front view, I'm sorry but it makes this model look like she "dresses right" I like the concept and the flash treatment. I agree, this is more a beach and boardwalk outfit than the others

The top and belt look like a rushed afterthought. If they had been a bit more ( color?? detail?? ) I think they would have been a top pick

I was positive when I saw the second look that this team would place in the top two. I can clearly recall this avant garde dress but neither of the winning entries.

I really liked these two looks. I thought they'd be in the top for sure. If nothing else, the outfits looked like part of the same collection -- something the winning outfits did not do! I do not agree with the judging in this one at all.

I didn't like the pants, either. When I saw them I remember thinking that no one wears skinny jeans to the beach.

With reference to the AG ballgown, if the skirt and bodice are two pieces, the bodice could easily be worn with the white jeans in the beach look.


I thought "she's peed herself" as well. And beach? Maybe if you've never been outside of New York you might think this is surf wear. Man, Uli would have been able to figure this one out. Another HORRIBLE fabric choice.

I really liked this, particularly the AG look. Kojii is slammin'!And yes, they are entirely too pretty to be allowed to be together. I can't believe the camera didn't freeze out of pure joy.

wasn't wild about either look in the very brief lookee-see we got on the show - thanks for the stills which give a much clearer picture of what was goin' on with these looks!

the first look doesn't do much for me but it does at least have some whiff of surfwear sensibility.

LOVE the second look - even more so now that have a chance to look closer at it! As Tampa Bay said, the top on the second look would work well with the bottoms of the first look. The detailing on this piece is impressive too, gives evidence of being thought out and well-executed.

But,heavens above, the best part is that neither piece is in that crappy shade of merde brown that so many of the other designers were fixated on! That should have put them in the top two alone, IMO!


Rana said:
While I like the first look, on TV the glitter on the inside thigh of the pants made it look like the model had peed on herself. Not a great message.

Meh. When I first saw the pants, it looked like the model had had an accident with sparkly urine.

This was my thought as well!

Add me to that thought process. Whatever possessed them to spray paint THAT part of the pants?? Ick.

I couldn't figure out why they weren't at the top, either.

And I think they look like half a Tiger Beat cover.

Oh guys, I beg to differ about the "beach" look. For me, the top does not go with the pants, the pants themselves are fugly and not really beachy (you must sweat like a pig underneath those things) and the belt is just kind'a flying around, plus it looks like a strap taken from a backpack.
Great dress, all things considered. The skirt just keeps you so interested.

Welp, the thing I like the most of this ensemble was the hat. Very chic, and looks great on the beach.

Logan's outfit is okay, but I've said it once before: it looks like something he would've made for himself.

I wanted to like the avant-garde look, I really did. But to me it is sort of a concoction of Kit Pistol's LHoTP getup with Jerrell's bride gown. The bottom looked dirty and dingy. It seemed like they took a bunch on swatches and thew them on the model to see what sticks.

One more thing:

Miss Crissy, once again, proclaimed that she had a winning design. It's like Eric Bana trying to mimic tattoo neck boy.

I will be really disappointed if he becomes a jerk, because he seems so sweet, at least for now.

i liked this, a LOT, and was surprised they just got shuffled off without a word.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the surfwear challenge was to create a street look INSPIRED BY beach/surf fashion, not necessarily to be worn to the beach.

The top of the avant-garde gown alone should have gotten them into the top 2.

LOVE their avant garde look, very Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008.

I don't understand why they're weren't top 2.

I loved the AG look. You nailed it when you said she looks like she is walking in a cloud of smoke. It was the most interesting look on the runway.


What happened to the advice about color from the beginning of the episode--sunsets, surf? Perhaps the neoprene horror won because it was the only thing with any colof.

This team distinquished itself by actually producing two entirely wearable garments that didn't look like vomit or poop.

I adored the first outfit. Except for the issue of skin tight pants in hot weather, it is undeniably beachy, breezy, and chic. And the hat is truly magnificent. In fact if The Dutchess Kors had been there, he would have used the "chic" word several times for these two designers.

The second look is truly outstanding. My only issue is whether the challenge garment was also supposed to be able to be worn at the beach, or whether it was ok just to incorporate beach-y elements. The judges didn't make this clear at all. If the latter, then this show stopper of a dress should have won hands down. However, if the avant garde garment was actually supposed to be worn at the beach, as in literally in the sand, then it was totally impractical though still undeniably amazing.

In fact, it ranks as one of the ten best looks ever produced on PR, IMO.

That the short, puke green neoprene dress with the stain-like decoration down the side was chosen as the winner says to me that the judges were being literal-minded and looking for practicality "on" the beach as well. IMO, there just doesn't seem to be any other reason why Team Cute's efforts didn't win hands down.


I don't like the first look at all and I can't stand hats. The second look is interesting. They're cute together :)

Was Mood having a sale on ugly fabrics? They ALL picked the worst fabrics possible for this challenge. Is it a Stormy Rainy Day at the Beach type of theme?

Meh and meh.

my friends and i declared this avante garde dress an "emo dusty cupcake" but it does look better in pictures than it did on the tv.

What happened to the advice about color from the beginning of the episode--sunsets, surf? Perhaps the neoprene horror won because it was the only thing with any colof.


The silhouette of the first outfit was cute and beachy (except for the non-beacy friendly heels), and I can't help but think of how a surfer print, or maybe a casual fabric like denim, would have really fit the challenge. I have the same problems with the lack of color in the second look though it was clearly much more well thought out and interesting than the other "avant garde" pieces.

Want the clearest difference between a gay male viewer of Project Runway and a straight male viewer? When I saw the heading was "Too Cute", I thought the article would be about Carol Hannah Whitfield and Shirin Askari or even possibly Althea Harper and Louise Black.

Also,yes, I thought the neoprene dress was shittastic.

I'm so sick of zippers.

DeniseWang said...

I'm so sick of zippers.

Seriously. I'm thinking about becoming Amish just to detox from the damned things.

Well, these were hands down my favourite pieces from last week, but I think they lost because there is nothing remotely avant garde about the second dress. Where's the original, the experimental or the challenging?

To my mind it was as inappropriate as Ari's attempt at 'red carpet', they took the AG brief and merely used it to construct yet another a slightly OTT couture-y ballgown which, with a slightly different bodice, would fit right in with all the mainstream designers in the Vogue Italia shoot.

The second look made me pay attention, but maybe it's the gay in me, I can't say the same about the first one.

I like them okay, I wish there had been more color =/

Now that I see the stills, I'm surprised the Tiger Beat Boys weren't in the top 2. I didn't love the beach look because of the lack of color, but it was among the better looks. The AG dress was great. It really did go with the other look, and did seem at least a little surfwear inspired. I like both of their individual aesthetics and Tim was right about the collaboration enhancing each of them. Way to go, boys!

kittensnotkids said: Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the surfwear challenge was to create a street look INSPIRED BY beach/surf fashion, not necessarily to be worn to the beach.

I'm sure it was supposed to be surf wear inspired. And I think our Tiger Beat boys got it just right.

I loved both of these designs. I can forgive the pants fabric because I like the cut so much. I also like how the top hangs.

The dress is like a dream. It has the silhouette of a fabulous wedding gown. And I would have been perfectly happy to get married on the beach. : )

I get why Ra'mon won, but I think it should have gone to Team Cute.

Logan is hot he can send whatever I'll love it.

My problem with Tiger Beat's avant-garde look is that its not exactly new looking. How many over tulled huge dresses have we seen recently? There was nothing particularly new or interesting about the look, rather it looked a little design school.

Now the ready to wear look was hot, minus the hat.

"Look at them. It's like a Tiger Beat cover."


I hated the hat, it was too big and sloppy-looking.

Mary Jane Kopinsky

I thought she was going to be sporting a fanny pack on the first outfit. What a stupid belt. Goes with the stupid hat.
I liked the top, but would wear it with nothing underneath and just a bathing suit bottom. Easy access around the bonfire for a slut like me.

TLo are coming around to Logan! Woo hoo! And I do think Team Cute should have won, and not for their cuteness. Although they ARE cute. Their work most embodies the challenge and they executed it well. The beachy look was actually beachy and in colors you would actually wear on the beach. The almost avant garde look was beautiful on the runway and I'm even more impressed seeing it up close. Their aesthetics meshed well, but I do see a Logan dominance to the looks.

The new Martha Stewart Halloween magazine has a costume suggestion that involves making a gown out of several yards of tulle bunched together and tied on the body. That's about all it took to make that avant garde skirt. There's avant garde and then there's just random mess.

It's this. The judging was flawed. The guy guest and the girl guest had 50% say, if you count out the producers, on the score.

Their comments showed that they were completely shitting the show. The girl guest would wear THAT green dress? And that guy guest liked THAT poop dress? I mean, quelle horror?

TLo, don't say maybe! This should have won!


"Look at them. It's like a Tiger Beat cover."

So true! Ahhhhh I remember Tiger Beat :)

Loved both these looks and I DID think they should have won. I think That the more casual look fit the dictates of the challege better than any other. Surfers are pretty casual but cute. They wouldn't wear a frilly chiffon cocktail dress (after being in the water all day). I love the metallic on those jeans (only works cause they look more like leggings) and it does invoke the sand.

I like the harkening of the wet suit in the avent garde look and I LOVED the volume in the skirt (and the back). the only thing I didn't like was that stapled on looking swath of black fabric on the side.

Well, I agree that their second look at least made a statement. But trying to decided which is the most avant garde of a bunch of outfits that are in no way avant garde, seems futile.

I was just thinking that Logan would go pretty far in the competition. He produces wearable looks with no accompanying drama, and doesn't seem to have taste issues. Many straight male designers in previous seasons have had problems with this. All he will need to do is step up the wow factor towards the end without going too crazy too early.


The top on that beach look is so utterly boring. It looks like he took two scraps of dust rags lying around and cut one into the top and the other into a belt. What would possess a person to do something that gives that impression? "Hmmm, we're doing a beach-wear challenge, so I'm going to give her a dirty white tank top with a strip of black cloth for a belt." Yuck.

I really liked the avant garde look. I think it was an awesome use of fabric. You got a lot of volume but it didn't look like it was weighing the model down. By the way, Koji (sp?)rocked the dress. I think she is my favorite model at the moment.

The other outfit didn't really look beachy to me because of the pants and the shoes. I don't know about you but wearing jeans to the beach just gets more sand in more places than you care to find out about, and those shoes, i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. The top and suit were fine, they are things I have seen on the beach before.

This was my favorites, and I said after the show that I thought they got robbed. I do wish they'd used some colour, because maybe they wouldn't have been shuffled off so quickly if they had.

I don't think the beach outfit is perfect, but the very fact they included that hat (that Logan made!) was one of the reasons I thought it was the best. The pants fabric looked better in the workroom (the difference in lighting between workroom and runway this year is nasty), where it really did have a sort of sun-on-sand sheen, which means at least they were thinking about it even if the end result didn't end up looking right.

The gown was hands-down the best stab at avant-garde. Marrying two different styles like that does have that tang of experimentation that AG is theoretically about, and the end result still looked pulled together. I really loved the way it looked and moved, too.

another laura

While I'm also pretty sure the first look was to be beach "inspired" rather than beachwear, if you put a bathing suit on the model I think beachwear. Something to wear over your suit. Tight shiny pants? I guess maybe, if you could put it on after taking a beach shower to try and rinse the sand off yourself. Seriously - have you ever put on long pants on the beach? I don't think I ever did. Beachwear was definitely what we called a "coverup" which would usually be a loose fitting thing with maybe a hood, or shorts. Loose shorts. You would be annoyed to the point of weeping from the sand that was sticking inside here, there, and everywhere. Long story short, I did not like the first look except for the hat.

The dress, I liked, but would have liked some more COLOR, PEOPLE!!!! I like those big poofy skirts and I thought they captured the nets and wetsuit concept very well.


TLo said:
"Look at them. It's like a Tiger Beat cover."

I know Gotham Tomato cited this line right at the top of the comments, but I had to reiterate. I almost quit reading right there, my day's quota of uplift accomplished!

Can't love either look, both were o.k. First one was very California-early-70's feeling to me, despite the skinny trousers - I think it's the hat.

The second was actually kind of nice, and interesting in a subtle way. The hat kept the first look "barely in concept" and the zipper on the top kept the 2nd look there.

kittensnotkids said: Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the surfwear challenge was to create a street look INSPIRED BY beach/surf fashion, not necessarily to be worn to the beach.

I'll second that.

I like the hat; on the table it reminded me of a seashell.

Better than the winning looks. At least the first outfit had a surfer inspired kinda thing going on and wasn't some wrap of ombre something or other. I wasn't knocked over by the avant garde look, but it beats the hell out of neoprene. . .

You had me at "Tiger Beat."

I couldn't agree more. I thought the beach outfit was just okay, but the AG outfit was one of the few I would even consider as AG. Kinda annoying that I had to go to Lifetime to get a better look at it.

Christopher is adorable and talented to boost. I though his avant garde piece was very good. It reminded me of a little bit of PPS'.

One of my favorite teams for this challenge. I can't believe the judges completely ignored them. The more I think about this episode the more I go WTF?

I agree with you guys, I think we got to see a little of Logan, he's perhaps the "silent sewer" of this season?

"Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys, I think we got to see a little of Logan, he's perhaps the "silent sewer" of this season?"

I want to see a LOT of Logan :)

Rillon said: "The top on that beach look is so utterly boring. It looks like he took two scraps of dust rags lying around and cut one into the top and the other into a belt."

I was wondering if maybe their AG top was originally the surf-inspired top and then they had to make a quick top for the first look. I think it would explain a lot.

When I saw "Team Cute" I thought it was going to be Carol Hannah and Shirin. Lots of cute this season. (They can be "Team Pixie".)

The middle three looks were the best of the bunch this week, i.e., they were strong overall, where the top and bottom looks were more "one good, one bad."

I would have liked the first look more if the top had been a different color. Or if it had matched the pants. This way, it's kind of half-assed, so to speak. The hat adds Hollywood glamour.

I really like the second design. The skirt is very well done and has a great, floaty look. The top is great in the way it links with the first design and also calls to mind a wetsuit.

I am going to say something so blasphemous: I think Tim erred in telling Ra'Mon to NOT use the form-fitting wetsuit for his AG design. I think if he had used a form-fitting top like this, with the poufy skirt, I would have liked his design more. I also think Tim erred in telling Epperson and Qristyl to keep the corset on their beach design because without it the swimsuit bottom showed. I think it would have been a better design, and more "surfy" without the corset. They could have corrected the bottom or not; it was a surf look.

Tim can you ever forgive me for doubting you?

Oh, there is a LOT of pretty in that first picture! But I also think that these boys are some of the most skilled of the season.

Maybe Logan is the "Easy Sewer"--Epperson seemed kind of "Uneasy" this week.

Avant Garde look is OK, but the only surfer tie-in I can think of is that large floating island of plastic and garbage swirling around the Pacific.

To be fair, however, there were almost no looks that said "off to/back from the beach" from any of the teams.

It'll end in tears.

It was my understanding that the first look was to be beach "inspired", and that could be interpreted in many ways. But the judging and the commenting were all leaning towards beach appropriate which to me are very different.

Beach inspired is like Ramon's seaweed on the shore look and although I don't like this dress, it is beach 'inspired'. I think T-lo said that it was a cocktail dress and who would wear a cocktail dress at the beach? True, but then the direction should (would?) have been to make beach wear.

I liked how Team Tiger Beat worked together as a team and found a way to make looks that represented both of their viewpoints. Course the judges don't see any of the work room working, so it was more difficult to glean this from the runway.

Actually, the bottom of the AG dress reminds me of rolling surf. It may have made the dress too literal and obvious, but perhaps some varying, subtle shades of blue and green tulle to compliment the existing white, black and "dirty" tulle.

i was watching project runway the season with christian siriano, whose the bald guy who looks like heath ledger? he's hawt..

Loved these looks!! I can so see someone wearing the first outfitn at a beach cafe if the fit were better.

And loved the bottom of the dress, not too sure about the zip though.

So there were a few issues with these, but definitely smaller issues than other designers and they should have at least some 2nd! If the judges aren't praising relatively decent looks such as these, I'm worried the designers are going to feel it's not working and go the other way, i.e. by making uglier outfits.

I thought they were going to win for sure.

I was so unimpressed by the designs for this challenge that I think they should have just said, "You are all so weak that there is no winner."

I thought the sprayed on gold was a little like a neon sign leading straight up to the crotch. Looked a little Nikolas to me.

the 'beach' look has zero to do with the beach, imo. it just looks like something kat von d would wear.

the gown, however- LOVE. IT. "like walking on a cloud of smoke."

Surf Look - I think the hat was a good move. I like this look better in pictures than I did on the runway, on the runway it was meh. I don't know what to make of the shiny pants. Overall good job.

Avant Garde - this look is SPECTACULAR!!! It will go down as one of the most memorable PR looks. I like how in the narration, one of the designers said that the look reflected both of their sensibilities.

All in all this makes me want to see more from Team Tiger Beat.

Thank you! I loved that Avant Garde look and it was complete ignored. I screamed at the television in complete frustration. The judges were indeed into the crack again. A winner by team "Tiger Beat." (LOL, you guys nail it once more)

I thought this was the winning team too. Loved the dress.

I would have compared the avante-garde look more to a clamshell than a puff of smoke. Here both outfits looked like part of the same line. Some of the other middle designers made nice pieces (red bathing suit and beaded coverup) that met criteria individually did not mesh w/ it's counterpart (blue evening gown).

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