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Spring 2010 Potpourri: New York

Darlings, it's speed fashion!

Because we're so terribly far behind on the Bryant Park collections, we're gonna do a rapid roundup and just type the first words that pop into our heads. Ready? GO!

Proenza Schouler

Great colors, drab silhouettes, all the hems are the exact same length.

Oscar de la Renta

A little bit of safari, a little bit of Queen Elizabeth, a little bit Heidi of the Swiss Alps. With all that, why is it so boring?

Marc Jacobs

Great colors, interesting shapes and textures. He always likes to pair pieces in the worst possible way, though. And no one asked for the outerbra to come back.

Jason Wu

He stepped it up. More interesting silhouettes and textures, lots of color. They don't look like Simplicity patterns this time.

Carolina Herrera

Classic. Timeless. Other words that are euphemisms for "boring." No, really. We like it. It's just that it's not exactly reinventing the wheel.

Your turn!

[Photos: WireImage/firstVIEW]

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This is all quite WTFish material.

P-S: colorful lingerie. No.

Oscar: No. (except for first look)

Jacobs: NO!

Wu: yes.

Herrera: YES!

Jason Wu is the first lady's go-to designer, right? Or do I have that mixed up?

The first collection I liked - I see what you mean about the sillhouettes, but I think the prints and colors help make up for it.

why do all the Herrera dresses make the flat models look even more flat-chested? just the first words that popped into my head ... love the jason wu.

OK, if I lost 100 pounds by tomorrow, which of these dresses would I run out to buy?

answer: none of them.

conclusion.... if they don't make anyone look good, aren't fun to wear, they all get a thumbs down.

Like the Carolina Herrera pieces. True they are a bit boring but the other collections are more boring in my opinion. Glad to see some color though.

Why do you guys think the collections have all been so dull so far? Could it really be the recession? I personally would LOVE to see a fun, free-spirited collection. Not weird, just ... you know.. fun!

I love this "Potpourri" post.

I like this format. If you rather do this format when the big name designers are having shows then totally go for it!

And PLEASE no outer bras! They are just so embarrassing.

Marc Jacobs:
"Little girls who got into mom's closet."

I like the prints on Hererra's. Much better than DVFs this time.

And I will always love Oscar! Those first two esp are to die for.

The others: meh.

I think designers are smart enough to realize that there's 'quirky' and 'fun' and 'wacky' but when it comes down to this economic time, they cut all that back because their clients tend to skewer older than the models' look, smarter than the models' look, richer than the models themselves and that includes being less inclined to have to look past 'quirky', 'fun', 'wacky' to find pieces they will actually shell out for.

The one thing I wish the designers would get their heads around is to let the models, you know, *smile*. I caught some designers recaps from the New Zealand Fashion Week and the clothes looked a lot more approachable and wearable simply because the models looked relaxed and some were shooting genuine smiles.

I mean, especially with the first collection - the models look like they're all going to some high-fallutin' totally-inappropriately-dressed, *F-YoU!! Deadie!!* funeral. *That's* a selling point?


Proenza Schouler is OK, but nothing you couldn't already get at Macy's.

Oscar de la Renta (whom I adore!), but I've never before seen a collection of his fall as flat as this one. Quite shocking actually.

Carolina Herrera; I've never gotten her appeal. To me everything she does look matronly. To make emaciated 15 year old models look like the wives of republican Senators is pretty bad.

Jason Wu; I thought this was the best of the bunch. interesting shapes and colors. I only WISH I lived the kind of life where I'd have the occasion to wear his Muppet hair dresses.


I like Marc Jacobs' collection a lot, all the other ones are kind of boring and predictable, although I do like Carolina Herrera's textures and fabrics.

P.S. Potpourri indeed. Love it!

And no one asked for the outerbra to come back.

Did anyone ever ask for it to be in? My sister has always said that Madonna is a scourge on the public. The outerbra is why.

Schouler is mostly sleeveless shifts, which...OK, they're cute for someone under 30. At least they're colorful.

I love the black and white Marc Jacobs outfit, and, God help me, his harem pants. But I agree, boys, some of the styling is awful. The models look like bag ladies who raided a rich woman's closet.

Herrera's orange gown is to die for, as they say. Most of this collection could be worn by a woman of any age. Love it.

P-S: Stripey!

Oscar: Who kidnapped Oscar and turned out that disaster?

Jacobs: Like the black-diamonds on white. Otherwise, Callahan is right, except for one thing: I looked a HELL of a lot better than that when I played dress-up.

Wu: A little longer and I'd wear most of it. Great colors. Will look fab on Shelley O.

Herrera: le sigh. Thank God someone still designs for grown-ups rather than for 20-something strumpets.

Where's the "wow"?

I love CH the best, and I would pick and choose a few out of the others...

PS does look all the same... when the pics are small and close together like that you can really see it.

I can't believe you didn't mention the Marc Jacobs fanny packs!

Proenza Schouler: Only like the blue/black stripes.

OdelR: Saw it, thought YAWN, then saw your "boring"; with all that costumery it shouldn't be boring, yet it is.

Marc Jabobs: White dress 3rd from left top rowreminds me of Ra'Mon's sci fi jumpsuit.

Jason Wu: cute, very wearable. The earth doesn't move, but it keeps on spinning.

Carolina Herrera: Slightly less conservative than usual, but somehow. . . eh. Combination of mermaid silhouettes with thigh-high split skirts looks terrible.

Hmm, I suddenly have young legs and a small fortune - which pieces do I desire? Two of the PS shifts, really more for the fabric & color - photos 3 (lime green & black) & 4 (blue & black), The pale pink muppet fur ensemble from Wu, and the first (grey) Herrera jacket.

Not really an overwhelming response, positive or negative. I wanted so much to be enthusiastic about something from MJ, but perhaps I couldn't see past the runway presentations, nothing struck me.

Madame Suggia

Personally I'm holding out for Paris Fashion Week...Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Margiela, Celine by Phoebe Philo, Sonia Rykiel...finally, some stuff to actually wear and love! So far NY has been OK-ish, London woeful and Milan also OK-ish, but better than NY. And lately, Marc Jacobs has been sucking bigtime.

Proenza Schouler - Pretty colors and patterns, some quite extra-ordinary but meh silhouettes.

Oscar de la Renta - It is a bit all over the place, but I heart this collection. I particularly like the safari-inspired looks and the head pieces.

Marc Jacobs - I like the prairie-inspired looks to look at on the runway, but there was nothing in the collection that I am waiting to see in the stores or on the red carpet... well the jackets, maybe.

Jason Wu - I know that it is cool not to like pretty, but I adore the unabashed prettiness of this collection. Love the clothes and this was one of my favorite stylings of the season.

Carolina Herrera - Love, love this collection, I haven't cared for recent Carolina Herrera collections so this represents a comeback of sorts in my book. I am particularly vibing on the ethnic inspired fabrications on classic silhouettes.

Proenza Schouler -like looks 3,4,5, 6, 8, 9

Oscar de la Renta - nothing wow'd me.

Marc Jacobs ugh - all of them!

Jason Wu 1-3 possibilities, last 5 kind of pretty

Carolina Herrera - 1 - short No, 2 NO, 9 NO NO!

Love the Carolina Herrera, the fabrics and the bright colors. It is so nice that a designer can design for an adult woman and not a woman trying to be a teen.


Color is in, I see. Still, I have no idea of how these designs will look on real women, as all these waifs are less than size 0. Carolina Herrera's shiny fabrics will look lousy on anyone with lumpy thighs and a bump in her belly.

Will have to keep making do with my current wardrobe.

mll (another lulu)

Speed fashion, love it. 50 looks on one page, easy to scroll and compare. OK by me to do this any time guys.

Still figuring out my favorite looks.

The whole PS look is just so thin and sad and shapeless and in need of a chocolate malt. The models look like overgrown girls playing dress-up with their Wal Mart nighties.

I am LOVING JW's collection. The clothes have life, energy, and verve.

I want to ask a question.

TLO said:
"Classic. Timeless. Other words that are euphemisms for "boring." No, really. We like it. It's just that it's not exactly reinventing the wheel."

Does it always have to be cutting edge new ? Isn't it ok to just make beautiful clothes ?

Sometimes I think that 'new just to be new' ends up with a lot of silliness. (see Miuccia/chandelier shoes) A lot of the cutting edge design looks like it is trying too hard, and while it may move the industry in a 'new' direction for a while, very few mortals (meaning people who do not make a living on the runway) will ever wear it.

I worry about the sanity and longevity of an industry dependent on gut wrenching , seismic shifts in thought every few months. The mortgage meltdown should alert us to the lack of wisdom in an industry dependent on unrealistic and unsustainable buying patterns.

I love fashion, I love the creativity, the wackiness, I love it all. But I want it to survive and I would hope that it is not a sin, or something that deserves scorn or condemnation to make beautiful, useable things that are not earth shakingly "NEW", just to be new.


mll (another lulu)

My favs

P-S beautiful fabrics and colors, mostly for the very young

Oscar I'll take that cool skirt on #1, actually the whole outfit; the safari look #2; and the hot pink square dancing dress (and I never wear that shade), it just looks fun

MJ uummm NOOOOO, except that white and black diamond number, very striking, and the skirt on #10

JW #3, 5, 6; #4 is a cool print, but very strange upon close examination

CH #3, 4, 6, 8

Going out on a limb,

I think our First Lady would look good in:

P-S #8 & 9, great colors, modified for dignity;
Oscar #1, with the neckline a bit more modest, and it comes with a belt!
Jason Wu #3 & 5, please no muppets for her;
CH #3, 6, 7, 8, 9, with some adjustments to neck and hemlines; #6 especially would be gorgeous on her skin, just like the model

i'm not dorothy gale

Marc Jacobs' looks like he's phoning it in. None of the garments thrilled or said "emulate this look with your limited budget."

Clueless Jock

I don't get Marc Jacobs. So overdone, so unflattering, and yet he's considered an important designer??

Carolina is great. Oscar is boring. Jason is derivative. And Proenza is sexy.

A few things I hope escape into the wild: the black-and-white linear prints from de la Renta, Mark Jacobs, Jason Wu, the longer sleeves of the last Proenza Schouler and first Caroline Herrara jackets. Things I'm tired to death of and wish would go away (besides outer bra the terrible, of course): ruffles everywhere, boho skirts, shiny fabrics and ultrasaturated greens and blues.

So: something to hate everywhere, and a few things to hope for.

(another Julia than the second comment, btw)

Proenza Schouler-
I think they have run out of ideas.

Oscar de la Renta-
I like the Heidi stuff. I would look like an idiot if I wore it, but what the hey, like that would stop me.

Mark Jacobs-
I can't see this stuff catching on. I like the hair, though.

Jason Wu- Cute little anime girls.

Carolina Herrera-
Beautifully done, but not exciting.

I'm not in love with anything here, but I like Marc Jacobs, some of Wu's, and most of Herrera's.

This was probably as much space and time as these collections deserve, TLo. Nothing spectacular here, but fun to look at.

Sewhat- Completely agree with you. CH is not necessarily cutting edge, but I don't think she is trying to be cutting edge. Her designs are meant for a conservative clientele. If I could afford it, I'd buy one of her suits to keep on hand for promotion interviews. Since she is wayyy out of my price range, I head for vintage St John Knits, which are timeless and unique, but not cutting edge.


Oh my, this stuff is all over the board, isn't it? Really love the color palettes, and I'll be nice and just stop there.

If PR contestants sent this stuff down the runway they'd be ripped to shreds!

I am digging the Jason Wu -- I could see myself in a lot of that (you know, if I had a lot more money and someplace to wear those things).

Love the first OdlR look. Would look good on ShelleyO, but since grouchy old Oscar complained about her, I don't know if she would pick anything of his.

It's funny, but now I look at Jason Wu's stuff and think about what would ShelleyO choose.

Carolina Herrera, no matter how short some of the shorts or skirts are, always designs for a lady, and I love that. I think her collection looks wonderful.

The Wu look #4 with a longer hem would look so great on ShelleyO (sans belt).

And I'm pretty sure she would go with look #2 with a longer hem on the skirt, but it has a CARDIGAN!

Is it just me, or do the bodices on Herrera's last two dresses look like they put my granny's boobs on those models?

Wu's dresses are all the same length, too. Why do designers do that?

I want to grocery shop in Oscar's fushia skirt!

Why not?

Marc Jacobs' third look kinda reminds me of Girlicious' crawling centipede piece of s4ep1. Am I the only one who sees this?

The MJ black and white gown is quite stunning, the rest of his collection is dreck. Jason Wu did some great work, I'd wear a lot of it. Carolina Herrera - yep, you nailed it, I really like it but nutin' new under the sun. However, I must cop to sorta loving that orange gown. Any bets on whether we'll see it on Renee Z. come awards season?

Marc Jacobs, why do you make clothes that look like bag ladies out on the town? Why would any woman want to wear such shapeless, sloppy looking stuff? It's crap...

There were some great pieces in each of the other collections, but my personal favorite was Wu's.

Proenza Schouler and Jason Wu I like. PS as a collection is pretty weak, but I like individual pieces. Carolina Herrera is pretty but bland.

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