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Or, you know, not.

We've got nothing to say about the silly romance that never was, but we do think it's awfully funny that they decided to confer on their looks so they didn't step on each other's toes and then they both turned around and produced amazingly similar looks.

Model: Kojii Helnwein

But Logan's was clearly better, in our opinion.

In fact, this may have been the best thing he's done yet on the show. We didn't realize until we looked at these pictures that he had her done up to look bloodied.

We liked that his material (we're assuming it's some sort of pleather) had a matte finish to it. It was more sophisticated-looking than what CH used. Because of that finish, he could get away with a lot of details that would have looked overwhelming otherwise.

And the fit was pretty damn good. Tight, but not so much that it looked vulgar. Nice job.

Model: Lisa Blades

This, on the other hand, wasn't so great. It wasn't horrible, but when it's stacked up against such a similar look as Logan's it comes off a distant second.

The styling was awful and amateurish, in our opinion. She tried too hard to go glam when she should have been thinking "kickass." The coat is a nice touch but it's so similar to Jillian Lewis' signature coats that it was a bit distracting.

TOO SHINY! And the fit is TERRIBLE. Well, maybe not terrible, but it doesn't look sexy or form-fitting, like Logan's does. It looks stiff and it looks like she's wearing someone else's outfit.

And what the hell are those thing around her legs?

We figure it was probably meant to be some cool-looking, gear type of thing for your average action hero, but they just looked extraneous. Worse, the shiny gold combined with the shiny black looked cheap.

We're being a little harsh here. We don't hate it. It's just that these two designers for some reason decided to do extremely similar outfits and one was clearly far superior to the other one.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Videos: - Screencaps:]

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Definitely agree that Logan's was better, but CH put in a good effort.

Loved the forced story :)

when i saw carol hannah's i immediately thought of "THE MATRIX". that coat makes lisa look like neo

There was almost no discussion of these two looks in this episode, save for the pretend romance.

I did notice that slashes and blood.


More interesting than the Ice Queen.

Yes, the "Romance of the Century" so funny. I've had bigger romances with strangers on the G train on the way home from work.

Both of these were solid entries. and rather well fitted too, considering the amount of time they had.
Why did the hair stylist put such cheap looking wigs on Carol Hannah and Gordana's models, sabotage?

Dr. Whitfield better back off! LOL

Seriously, I dug Logan's outfit. Reminded me of our dear Stella and her leatha! Nice to see how well he works with the material. Hope he gets a chance to use it more. Dr. Whitfield's was like a bad Halloween costume. Eek!

apparently there is no other action/adventure heroine other than Lara from Tomb Raider.


Who wants to fight wearing a leather bustier?

jeffrey and angela--now THAT was a romance.

I would make them a tie. I like the shiny top on Carol Hannah's and it looked like it was supposed to be a harnass/belt. Which would come in handy for an action heroine.

I didn't like the wig.

Logan's was good, but I think that by adding the coat, Carol went a step further and I liked the collar on the coat.

I am *amazed* at how there isn't a pucker in either one's outfits. Very nice detailing on his outfit, too.

And they both used difficult fabrics, by the looks of it.

Good efforts.

For me NO romance will ever scale the heights of Tim and Andrae's.

is is just me or does anyone else think logan's model looks almost exactly like matrix carrie anne moss?

See, these two actually bothered me more than the 2 "flappers" that Louise & Gordana put out.

Why did Action/Adventure have to read as "Cheap Matrix Rip-off"? Action/Adventure is WAY more varied than that, but they both went with the black "pleather."

Yes, Logan's was much better. The "cuts" were the only thing I liked about either of these.

I thought the gold stuff on Dr. Whitfield's were braces/suspenders not like garters/suspenders. But I thought this was worse than Gordana's.

Now waiting patiently to see if Shirin's was worse than Louise's.

Aw. I liked CH's, too.

Logan's was excellent and the first time I didn't hate what he'd done. I think he said he was using the reverse-side of the pleather, which was a great choice.

I liked Logan's... it wasn't completely original, but he had his own twist to it. CH's is like a ripoff of Anjelina Jolie's dominatrix outfit from Mr & Mrs Smith... except not sexy and uber tacky.

I don't know what the shiny things are around Carol Hannah's model's pelvis are, either. She didn't get a chance to explain them to us. I'm sure they are a very important part of the outfit and contribute to the character of her ACTION MODEL.

Then again, short of a superhero costume, how do you dress female superheroes?

Someone with immunity should have sent out a nun in full habit. (Sr. Mary Martha's post is up next to the comment box. I'm inspired.) It wouldn't have mattered which genre.

Action: She's a crime fighting nun, Zoe. Those rosary beads are a lethal weapon.

Period: Do nuns have periods? Mine is from the 1930's helping street urchins during the Depression. "Angels with Dirty Faces"...etc...

Western: She's a nun in the wild west working to build a mission school in California during the gold rush. Dig those boots.

Noir: Nun walks into the private dick's office....The pastor is missing and the assistant Bishop is up to no good.

Science Fiction: Aliens invade Earth and begin taking over the bodies of nuns in order to avoid detection by government authorities. We all think nuns are strange, mysterious and somewhat scary, so who would ever suspect....

The only thing missing from this scenario is Collier Strong. Maybe he's good with jowly prosthetics.

"Well, Heidi, doesn't every nun have a jowly face?"

I agree with with the commentors above who imply these were two very obviously derivative choices (The Matrix and Tomb Raider). When I saw the Action/Adventure card I was stumped at what people would come up with. Women are not often leads in these types of films and there isn't much reference like there would be for other genres like film noir or period pieces. All I could really think of was, strangely, was Linda Hamilton's tank top in Terminator 2 and Uma Thurman's track suit in Kill Bill!

Wow! I didn't catch all that detail on Logan's in the 2 seconds we saw the outfit on tv. Now if that were in the top 3, I'd have no problem with whatever tale he told to go along with it.

Love you, Sister Mary. Love your

Find it intriguing that the
slashes and blood peaked your
interest more than the Ice Queen...
hmmmm...Those children you say you enjoy terrifying had best watch their manners...

Wish I'd had you for a teacher.

DuBois - when I saw these for a nanosecond on the runway, I liked CH's better, but my supposedly hdtv didn't show me crap for details. Looking at the stills, Logans is much better, still unoriginal, but the better of the two.


Carol Hannah's was my fave of the entire episode, so there!

Actually I thought LOgan's was kind of keeping with his style. A sound entry but no stretch of design abilities. At least CH did try to go outside her comfort zone but the look was matrix deriviative

If these two watched Hong King actio flicks they would have a wider source to refer to. Of course the most obvious way to go would be some kind of body suit. However if I were them I would have tried for an homage to an Emma Peel-like outfit. Even the Uma Thurman faux Leather suit she wore in the Avengers movie look better than either of these.


Those bloody gashes were pretty cool! I really didn't notice them the first time around. I agree with you, CH's wasn't terrible, but on direct comparison to Logan's it doesn't hold up so well.

CH's entry made me think of Sweet Pea's "Robe . . . and reveal" wrestler from the "make a slutty costume" challenge.

I actually thought both of them rocked, with the win going to Logan.

LOVING the comments on this thread!!!!

Initally I loved CH's design. Maybe because of the shinyness, maybe because I secretly wish I had the model's body in that outfit. But anyway, after reading, I can appreicate Logan's similar, yet different interpretation of Action/Adventure.

I didn't know he had it in him. I'm interesting in seeing if he can pull something like that out again next week.


We liked that his material (we're assuming it's some sort of pleather) had a matte finish to it.

From what I can tell from the pictures, Logan probably used a stretch leather. It looks more expensive than pleather, especially when making anything skintight. It's difficult to work with because stitches leave permanent holes and you cannot make any alterations.

And what the hell are those thing around her legs?

They're supposed to be gun holsters (think Lara Croft in Tomb Raider), but the holsters are so innaccurate that the guns would immediately slip right out of them.

I really thought one of the "action/adventure" designers would have tried a Bond girl look, or maybe even something like an Indi-Anna Jones look. I can't believe we got two black catsuits. Bleh.

^Or something similiar to "Xena."

No originality or imagination in either. They both went for the obvious and, sadly, produced nothing of interest. Even if it was well-made nothing of interest.

But neither CH nor Logan came even close to the producers in creating nothing of interest. A non-romance.


I forgot complete about both of these Matrix extra costumes. Or inspired by The Matrix extras. Or whatever the challenge was about.

Middle of the pack.

And I can't believe that Lifetime actually touted this love story. Perhaps they're building up to a "Snapped" or "Not Without My Child" drama?

Ahh, yes, yes, I understand the Matrix references totally... because as we all know, the Matrix invented tight leather-clad
action heroines.

Anyhow, I loved Logan's, and thought his styling was terrific. Granted this was probably in his comfort zone, so no quibbles with him being in the middle, but it still looked pretty darn cool.

Logan's looks better in pics. Carol Hannah's look has been done before, it was called The Matrix.

When I saw the "Action/Adventure" card, the first image that popped into my head was Marion Ravenwood. I was hoping for something with jodhpurs and a machete. Or a whip.

suzq said: Period: Do nuns have periods?

not if they're PREGNANT NUNS.

I thought CH's looked better originally, but mainly because her model (Lisa?) worked it more. Kojii didn't even pull her shoulders back - it diminished the outfit to have her look so non-super-heroey.

Interestingly . . .
On TV I thought CH's looked better and his had very little impact. In pictures -- yep, his is better.

I'm just wondering what waves of anxiety turning to grief turning to relief our poor Alex! went through, watching the episode.

They both look the same...big deal.

Nothing is going to happen to any of them, auf-wise.

Action/Adventure? My first thought: Lady Pirate!

Not impressed with these two looks, actually bored, nothing new or original. Great dressmaking.

I thought that if they were going to judge on literal costuming, Logan should have won. It was a wonderfully made garment with a "story" behind it. As soon as she stepped down that runway, you knew this was a Laura Croft type, fresh from kicking ass. This gives me new hope for Logan after last week's disaster.

Bleh to Carol Hannah's. To me, worse than Gordana's.

Blah, blah, blah. No originality, no innovation, no nothing on both. One is Lara Croft down to the long braid and the other is Matrix if Carrie Anne Moss liked looking cheap. I don't think either should have passed, just on lack of innovation alone. On that count, Dr. Whitfield's actually has a little imagination. A little. Logan's is just BORING as hell and rehashed completely.

Sorry, Pretty Boy. Despite the nice fit, I thought you should have been in the bottom for being such a borefest.

Cliche central.

I loved Logan's! I feel like it hit all of the high notes that Nikolas' did while being a better and more fully realized look. I understand that judging was all wonky this time around, but I think logan was cheated a win.

There was a character, a look, and a fashionability that all worked towards creating a killer contribution. I thought CH's on the other hand looked like a hot topic plastic bag halloween mess, but you can't win them all!

too many cats

Romance of the Century:

Christian Siriano and his mirror.

"It's just that these two designers for some reason decided to do extremely similar outfits and one was clearly far superior to the other one"

Meh if you say so. Honestly it looks like 2 Kill Bill outfits to me. C.H. was just shiny. Both kinda blah.

I thought Logan's looked like Laura Croft. I didn't even remember CH's design. Kojhi really sold Logan's.

I thought Logan's looked like Laura Croft. I didn't even remember CH's design. Kojhi really sold Logan's.

Put me in the camp of people who thought Carol Hannah's made more of an impact in the few moments it was on screen (probably because of the shiny) but the stills show that Logan's was probably better in the details.

The non-romance romance seems like a Bunim-Murray/Real World kind of move. I'm hoping they drop that sort of reality crap and give us a few more seconds of seeing the actual clothing. Come on, producers. It's about the clothes.

This week's Romance = last week's biggest lie.

Action/adventure - what about a character like Karen Allen played in 2 Indiana Jones films? That is a lot more interesting than another skin tight cat suit.

Pregnant Pirate Nun???

commenters today much, much more original and clever than any of the designers.

When I think action/adventure female I mostly just get jeans and a tight t-shirt in mind. then again, i don't see too many action/adventure movies, so what do I know?

Logan's outfit is very, very well made, as the stills here reveal. He's got experience working with leather (learned it growing up on the farm in Idaho or wherever the hell he's from, he talked about it in - maybe an interview I saw somewhere?).

Carol Hannah's looks cheap by comparison; I think it's the matte vs. shiny. And the coat thing that CH made looked like a drugstore costume cape.

Knowing Bunim and Murray as I hate to admit, they're going to force this relationship by staging a designer bonding time at some celebrity bar. Get set for the night vision shots of Logan and Carol Hannah drunkenly making out under the covers.

Well, I'm a sucker for black catsuit, so I won't complain too much. Logan's was better than his pretend girlfriend's, and Kojii just *looks* like someone who could kick your ass if she wanted to. I think his was a good solid middle design, with good construction and simple lines. CH's is a little more questionable, although I really like the coat.

Tina said: Ahh, yes, yes, I understand the Matrix references totally... because as we all know, the Matrix invented tight leather-clad
action heroines.

Heh. Has either one seen a movie made before 1990? Eh. I guess it was better to make something really obvious. Because how do you represent a female action/adventure character? If she's not a superhero with a crazy outfit, she's likely to wear sweatpants and sneakers, like Buffy.



Also, suzq, I love the Nun Action Hero. They're on a mission from God.

What is this "Matrix" of which you speak?

They're both Emma Peel rip-offs.

Bleh. Logan gets props for fit but a truly uninspired design. Carol Hannah did not do a demure dress but the gold loopy things were... loopy. But she made a coat with sleeves as well. Both of these people worked wonders in the time constraint.

Koji looks so badass. :)

I loved the details on Logan's outfit. Thank you for the photos so we could get a better look!

The Matrix is a it and you'll see tons of images, all of them almost the exact same as what walked down the runway.

I love the idea of pregnant pirate nuns!!

Ever wonder why no heroine wears a poodle skirt? Why does action automatically invoke skin tight clothes? Once I want to see a heroine in 14 petticoats, a twin set and heels kneeling on some guys chest and pummeling the crap out of him!

ooo I forgot; these entries remind me of a Harrison Ford line in Working Girl

"For once its nice to see a woman dress like a woman instead of how a guy would dress if he was a woman." Or close enough to the actual quote.

God, I completely forgot about these two, they're become more and more forgettable.

nine while nine

I think the main difference between these two is that Logan is much better at styling his model for a cohesive look than CH. Even looking back to that surf challenge, while Logan's outfit was somewhat mediocre, he at least made his model look like she was headed for the beach.

Plus, i don't know what Collier was thinking with the makeup for CH's model. She has small eyes and small lips, and he somehow managed to highlight that with garish makeup.

Actually, Buffy rarely wore sweatpants and sneakers...

They could have done Buffy Season 1: blond girl in an impossibly short skirt kicks vampire ass... Heidi would have loved it...

Strongly suggested nickname for Logan: Jordan Catalano.

I'm sorry, but am I the only person who noticed that CH's gold strappy thing is strikingly reminiscent of a fancy harness for a strap-on? Er... perhaps I'm stating the obvious, or perhaps I'm the only dyke watching Project Runway... but I'm just sayin'.

There really is a comic book in Columbia about the pope and his side kicks. Which I am sure would include a fighting nun with attack rosary :-P.

I wish one of them had gone a different route. Pirate, Indiana Jones-esque, police officer. Something different.


Why did Action/Adventure have to read as "Cheap Matrix Rip-off"? Action/Adventure is WAY more varied than that, but they both went with the black "pleather."

Perhaps this is a reflection of their youth-the Matrix movies may well be in the back of their minds when they chose the genre.

CH did choose a really shiny fabric, and it can look cheap, but I thought her design had a sense of humor and fun-rather tongue in cheek action/adventure.

The fact that none of us could see Logan or CH's fashions properly on the show leads to a complaint about the cutting on LifeTime. The runway parts of the show are so cut up, you cannot see the fashions of the "safe"! Repeated reaction shots of judges and contestants overwhelm the clothes.

I for one, want to see the Runway part of Project Runway!

anonymous9/28/09 4:52 PM said,

"jeffrey and angela--now THAT was a romance."

Oh, yeah! and could you imagine A's mom when she gets the call? "... you're fucking who? GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (silence as the stroke was fatal)"
ah, in a perfect world ~Gary

Forced "romance" - yawn. Irritating if they keep it up.

I wondered if those were supposed to be faux bloody slashes. Nice touch.

I thought Logan's was better for an action drama character who *has* an actual personality, with dialogue and nuance, to portray. But it was too understated to have the instant impact for a cartoon-ish, one-liners plus leaping-and-slashing-and-bosom-heaving character - CH's was perfect for that. Though yeah, a tad shiny.

Both respectable entries, I thought.

StateofSiege said: They could have done Buffy Season 1: blond girl in an impossibly short skirt kicks vampire ass... Heidi would have loved it...

I thought about that too. It's pretty funny to see this tiny valley girl in mini skirts and boots beating the crap out of demons. But she did get more casual after the first season. And either look would require a lot of explanation. They're not going to evoke an action/adventure heroine at first sight.

Coco Chanel said: From what I can tell from the pictures, Logan probably used a stretch leather.

In the extended critique video, he said it was waxed cotton.

Yeah, Jillian didn't invent coats, and she didn't invent that silhouette either. I don't know how one owns a 'signature' that isn't even originally theirs. Just sayin'.

"Tlo said: TOO SHINY! And the fit is TERRIBLE. Well, maybe not terrible, but it doesn't look sexy or form-fitting, like Logan's does."

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I'll defend Carol's garment: It looks like something Kate Jackson would have worn in a 1970's Movie of the Week about Bettie Page. And I think those gold things are trailer hitches.

But for me it's VERY hard to judge fit with either of these because the combination of black fabric & bad lighting makes it impossible to see the details.


GothamTomato said...

"And I think those gold things are trailer hitches."

First audible laugh of the day. My thanks.

Kinda bored with the looks, well made, but predictable. As for the "Romance", EW reported that:

"They walked the red carpet together at the Runway Fashion Week party last week. And Carol Hannah was wearing a dress designed by Logan."

Agree on both counts, but nothing was worse than the swamp thing...

Cliche but still good efforts for both, props to Logan for the blood effects

Daxx said: "They walked the red carpet together at the Runway Fashion Week party last week. And Carol Hannah was wearing a dress designed by Logan."

That is probably the only time Logan saw CH naked.

The "love story" was idiotic and pretty much non-existent.

I was THRILLED to see my little Logan-Pretzel really "bring it" this time. I was so blown away when I saw all the pictures of his look. There was so much detailing and work that we never got to see on the show.

CH definitely did a lot of work on that outfit. Unfortunately, I really think it was the fabric choice that killed it for me.

I think it's funny you guys thought Logan's was far superior. I thought his was just plain boring. I really loved CH's. I specifically love that it was shiny and had a coat and had the had drama, and if I'm watching an action movie, I don't want to see some girl in a boring, staid, conservative, matte-finished black catsuit that any old person on the street would wear. I wanna see someone who looks a little sexy, a little scary, and a little over the top.

Maybe Logan's if you're talking about something you'd want to wear (, but if we're talking about an action movie... Carol Hannah pwns Logan. Sorry.

I actually liked both of these looks but maybe that's cause in my next life I picture myself 6' tall and a size 4.

I really liked the coat too and I don't mind the gold accoutrements. I think Kojii is a much better model than Lisa too on a slightly related note.

I don't like Carol Hannah's that much at all. A tube top and weird gold climbing gear? It just seemed too shiny and not actually functional, just sexy for the sake of it, like a bad movie (or the worst of Alias). Personally, I think this should have been bottom three, and Gordana should have been in the middle.

Logan's looked really well made. The bloody bits made me a little sick, though. I had only just barely recovered from the lawnmower accident.

^But she didn't lose a foot - which could end her modeling career. :)

I liked Logan's better, too - reminded me of Aeryn Sun (Farscape) and agree that the matte is what helped make it. Hadn't noticed the bloodied bits - nice touch.

I just thought Carol Hannah's looked too Dominatrix-y and cheap.

Gosh, I dunno, could it be that Matrix stole Emma Peel (Diana Rigg/Avengers/1961). Sure wish one of those black catsuits had channeled her a bit more.

Does anyone know how i can contact Tim Gunn regarding designs for people with deformalities???

Somewhere in Long Island, Stella is laughing her ass off!

I preferred Carol Hannah's, personally. The patent leather shine made much more of an impact and even though I didn't know what those leg-rings were for, they seemed interesting. Logan's... I don't know. The fabric put me off for some reason. It felt poorly made and forgettable.

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