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Ra'mon + Epperson

Our losing streak in witty titles continues.

Model: Vanessa Fitzgerald

We were a little harsh in our initial assessment of this look. We'll give you a moment to get over your shock.

It originally came off as pretty generic, but he did one interesting thing.

He totally made that newspaper look like two fairly sophisticated prints.

Unfortunately, he didn't really do anything eye-catching with them. It's a pretty basic silhouette with pretty basic proportions.

Still, it was a decent, if understated, entry.

Model: Matar Cohen

Epperson's fauxmono was anything but understated.

In fact, we kind of love the whole drama of it.

It comes pretty close to costumey, but it's got such great sweeping proportions to it.

A mark against him in the technical area, though. The dress is entirely made of fabric with paper sewn to it. It's an interesting effect because of the way he used it, but it's not offering what the judges tend to reward in these kinds of challenges: innovative technique.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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On second glance at Ra'Mon's dress, I like it a lot more that I remember from watching the episode. The prints are well done, and I like the shape, although I agree it's a bit generic.

Epperson's is just weird. It looks like a samuri outfit from the front and the flying nun from the back. And all of the sewing makes it look like he scribbled all over it with a pencil. Ra'mon landed right where he should have...right in the middle. It is by no means bad, but it isn't really very interesting either.

Dear TLo;

Without this website, I would be lost. Project Runway is 3 weeks behind in Canada, and it airs on Saturday night at 10pm. wtf?

I love Ra'mon's look, and I love Epperson's look. Without the magic of moving television pictures, and relying totally on the still images presented above, I think that these two should have been close to the top.

Maybe in 3 weeks when I get to watch the episode for real in its entirety (youtube is shit for watching whole shows), I'll agree with your assessment... but until then, I love these two looks.

Ra'mon's looks too much like his neoprene potty dress.

I loved Epperson's. It looks like paper doll Barbie, which is good for a newspaper challenge. Anybody ever make paper dolls out of newspaper when they were a kid? Me.
I like the purse and styling as well. I would have put you in the top three Epperson. Best effort to date.

Its interesting to me how these 2 designers used the newspaper so differently. I kind of like Ra'mon's creation of pattern with the photos—it looks more like fabric. Actually it looks more like fabric than the actual fabric-based dress made by Epperson. I'm not crazy about the newspaper headline look, but I do like the structure of the dress and way the fabric moves with the paper sewn onto it. I just wish it wasn't so stiff looking.

plus, I love the yellow shoes Ra'mon chose!

My god, so many posts today! (french today i mean) Very few people know the show here, so it's wonderfull to have your blog ! Thanks so much boys :)

(will ra'mon win the heidi this week i wonder...)

I think that it's odd that Epperson's top has a peplum on the front but not the back. It just sort of ends in an odd way, and it makes the front and the back look like they came from two different outfits. I realize that it is, perhaps, supposed to echo the short/long skirt, but I think that he missed the mark there, and it just looks strange. (As if there's something everyday about a fake kimono made out of newspaper.)

I thought Ra'mon's was great and Epperson's was sort of tacky. Ra'mon's had the best use of color of the day. His silhouette is classic but it looks contemporary with just enough structural elements to make it interesting. Gordana claimed to make something wearable out of nonfabrics but I thought Ra'mon's looked more practical as well as more high fashion.

I file Epperson's along with Louise and Shirin's design: costumey, and something it feels like we've seen before. Also I don't think he used the medium to it's best advantage.

I originally HATED Easy Sewer's, but came around to it when I saw it the second time around.

Love the Samurai Raincoat slant on it, and it moved beautifully (I know b/c of the muslin).

But I liked the fact that he did move away from doing another pretty little dress. In another Nina-ism, he really "thought" about it.

Ramon's = LOVE. Loved the way he worked the paper to make it look like fabric, loved the fact he made separates, and that he didn't make it matchy-matchy. Maybe it wasn't as much as a standout as Christopher's or Irina's, or even Epperson's for that matter, but the craftsmanship on that was outstanding.

I like Ra'mon's dress, it comes off as something that you could wear if you wanted to be "edgy yet elegant" - and if your dress had to be made out of paper. Like Matar's wishes last week, combined with this week's challenge.

I'm really liking Epperson's stuff. I've liked him ever since I saw his pre-show stuff, and he's consistently putting out good outfits (except for the team challenge) - not just run of the mill like Logan. I also have a weakness for anyone who rocks dreads as well as he does, so that may also be playing a part in my liking him... But I would have liked his designs even if he didn't rock the dreads.

I completely forgot Ra'Mon's dress, but now looking at these pics, I kind of love it. It's chic, sexy and it honestly doesn't look like newspapers. And, like you boys said, he created two cool prints.

I don't know about Epperson's, but I HATED that yellow bag with it. It was unnecessary and weighed down the whole outfit, like a big yellow anchor. Ugh. Do not like.

Sewing Siren said...
"neoprene potty dress"


I liked these two entries. Neither were good enough for the win, but both were solid for different reasons. Ra'mon did great things creating the "fabric" for the two pieces of his outfit. Epperson didn't use the paper to great effect, but the design was interesting and pleasing.

Am I the only one that *hated* Ra'mon's dress? It just looks so... dingy and crumpled, or something. And the colors... I'm not advocating matchy-matchiness but the weird green in the skirt just does not go with the brick-red and purple-grey or the top. He should have put at least one bright color in there to pop. Right now it is like the colors are competing to see which one can be the most muddy and yucky.

Also, I like Vanessa in photographs, but in action her features seem too big for her face and a little disjointed. Anyone else feel that way? I also hated her walk this week.

Epperson's outfit should have been in the bottom 2 with Louise's. He did not make that out of newspaper. He made it out of muslin and sewed (are we sure he didn't glue it?) newspaper onto it. Plus, it's a samurai outfit not a kimono. She's a samurai in hig heels with a gigantic yellow bag. I like Ra'mon's. He is outdoing everybody and def. should have been in the top 3. He REALLY knows what he's doing with color. It's just too bad none of the designers related the medium with which they were working to the outfit they were creating.

Ramon: I like the prints, but the folding is nothing special.

Epperson: I thought this was fug. Korto did kimono so much better than he does, and his comes off as dated. And the back is whack!

I think Epperson's is delicious! So much drama, such cool lines.

Epperson's looked like a costume for The Flying Nun! Sorry - d/n like.

9/23/09 3:04 PM Dear TLo;

Without this website, I would be lost. Project Runway is 3 weeks behind in Canada, and it airs on Saturday night at 10pm. wtf?


I also live in Canada but I just "surf the channel". Give it 24hrs and you're good to go!

The best thing about PR on Lifetime is the additional judging and Tim's critiques. What I would LOVE to see is the judges' comments on the outfits that did not make it to the top or bottom three.

I loved Epperson's when I first saw it, and I still love it. There's just something really appealing to me about the fullness of it.

Ra'mon's - could have been worse, and you're dead right about the two "prints" he created.

I want Epperson to get a little more love & recognition from the judges. He and Gordana have been totally given the shaft (could it be because they're drama free grownups?????)

and they beat Gordana's with those? tsk..tsk..

I think Epperson's outfit should be a nominee for this week's Julie Andrews/Egregiously Overlooked Award. It was simply fabulous and should have been a contender.


I kind of like Ra'mon's, especially the fabric he created.

I've also come to the conclusion that I find Epperson himself far more interesting than the clothes he designs.

I didn't like Epperson's.

But Ramon's is one of my favorites. I really like that he made an outfit of two distinct patterns. Certainly more on-trend than a matchy-match outfit like Gordana's.

I think Ra'mon is this season's Sweet P. He's hit or miss, but he can make a killer dress if he stops freaking out and acting like every challenge is the end of the world.

Look at the freeze frame for the extended critique video. That look of dread and confusion on his face probably sums up his whole experience on the show.

Ra'mon's model looks like the brunette barbie that I LOVED in the 80's. Too bad she has a childish attitude that makes me hope she is elliminated this week. I hope someone picks up Gordana's model. She's comes off as very sweet and likeable.

Ra'mon, similarly to Althea, used the designs in the paper to create a pattern. His pattern is far more colorful and, in my opinion, far more effective in evoking a batik or tye-dye effect.

However, his dress didn't move and the skirt was way too short in the front. I would have preferred the same petally effect in the front that he used in the back.

Epperson's was dramatic, but absent any other embellishment, it was a little flat. The belt was nice, but some color or pattern would have helped heighten the drama.

Oh, hell, I don't know. I was about to type, "The judges were looking for something more wearable," then I thought of Gordana. So I give up.

I would have liked Ramon's much more except for the color issue. I think what he did with it was more interesting than Gordana's but I agree the colors of the 2 pieces are competing with each other instead of working off each other. Only in stills can I get a good look at what he did structurally. I did appreciate the separates though

Eppersons was techncially flawed but I felt had the drama and flair. It's one of those pieces you either embrace or repelled by.


Anonymous 3:50 summed up what I've been thinking for a while: "I've also come to the conclusion that I find Epperson himself far more interesting than the clothes he designs." Agreement from over here but it's a shame because I think Epperson's awesome! His designs really bore me though.

So, I didn't like either.

The posts so far are interesting in that opinions are so vastly different: Ra'Mon's is HIDEOUS! Ra'Mon's should have come close to winning! Etc.

I think that points to the fact that almost everyone did a great job with the first really interesting test of their creativity this season. I liked both of these looks, especially Ra'Mon's amazingly fabric-like use of the papers and the drama of Epperson's look.

Let's hope there are more challenges like this one!

This reminds me; are you guys going to talk about Vanessa Redgrave's behavior on MotR or did you give up on that show?

If you did give up, I wouldn't blame you.

Oh, and Loise or maybe Ra'Mon should have been in the bottom, not Gordana.

@ Siyah, ITA, Vanessa is gorgeous in photos but her walk and personality leave a lot to be desired. I also think they could've done a little more with her styling. I LOVE how Ra'mon made the top look like a flowy fabric, that took some thought and skill.

I loved everything about Epperson's but the split level skirt. Maybe if it was on a slant, not sure what the technical sewing term is for that, maybe one of the sew-ers here can help me with that! But I LOVED how Matar was styled and worked it.

TLO, I'm worried about you. Running out of witty titles? Do you need a little vacay? I really don't want you to take on yet but you've certainly earned about 3 at this point!


I actually like Ramon's dress. I especially like the subtle difference in prints.
Absolutely disliked Epperson's design. I see nothing at all attractive about it.
No way either of these designs should have been scored over Gordana's.

Thanks boys, I liked these two entries as well.

But what I really want to say is

There, I feel better and I hope we see more of them and less of the others.

I was pleasantly surprised by Ra'mon's outfit. It's not incredibly innovative in silhouette, but I'd wear that top in a hot minute.

I didn't really like Epp's fauxmono (love that!) from the back (except for the waistline) but from the front I loved it. Not really practical or wearable, but I thought the idea was really cool. He just really went there with the big shapes.

Middle-of-the-pack for sure; both of these guys have designed much worse.

I really like Ra'Mon's a lot more seeing it. Epperson's was a nice use of color, but because he sewed the paper onto fabric not more than a middle of the packer for me. The big yello bag was a big NO for me.

Epperson's design delighted me because it was so different from everything else in shape, movement, and spirit.

Irina's had sleeves but it was more earthbound than E's.

I liked both of these.

I just liked everybody else's better.

I thought they both deserved their middle-of-the-pack status.

I liked Epperson's a lot despite the flying nun reference that crossed my mind when I saw it from the back. I think if Ra'mon's faux print treatment (and, possibly, pleating mania) had been combined with Epperson's dramatic shaping, there could have been an epic, call-the-fashion-editors-and-potential-backers garment. (Or, a train wreck, probably more realistically.)

Epperson's is a costume and Ra'mon's clashes. Meh.

Epperson's is a lot of look, but I like it. After weeks of mundane party dresses, I was glad to see an unusual silhoutte.

I like Ra'mon's as well, but it was really middle of the pack.

This isn't exactly related to this post but someone mentioned hoping someone takes another model. I can not WAIT until next episode when they HAVE to change models. I think that will be good. Switch it up a little.

I don't really like some of the models but they might do better with different designers and the designers who are being ignored (gordana) might fair better with different models. I think it will be interesting to see what/if it changes.

Epperson's really worked, and it was very unusual. A lot of that was Matar I think, she's not the most conventionally beautiful girl out there but she really knows how to make clothes good great.

Didn't care for Ra'Mon's at all. Again maybe that has something to do with his model, Vanessa, who is (if not the most) conventionally beautiful but can't walk and has now idea how to vary it up for different looks

I really liked Epperson's; but I usually like kimono type of dresses.

Jess said...

Dear TLo;

Without this website, I would be lost. Project Runway is 3 weeks behind in Canada, and it airs on Saturday night at 10pm. wtf?

That sucks!

I liked the way Epperson's moved on the runway. I thought Ra'mon's a bit too complicated, overworked.

Really liked Ra'mon's prints/patterns - not together, but individually. Thought that part was extremely well done.

I think the judging on this entire episode was wacked.

Whan I saw Ra'mon's on the Lifetime website I was much more impressed than I'd been when I saw it on TV. Because of the prints. They're wonderful, even if the silhouette isn't.

And while I thought Epperson's looked like a disaster when I saw it on tv, again, seeing the pictures online I realized he made it look quilted. That's what saved it, as far as I'm concerned.

I agree with DonnyB on Epperson's look. The big yellow bag was both a bad styling choice and clunky. Since I didn't realize that the paper was sewn to muslin, I was dreading seeing the bag gash the dress. Alta

I thought Epperson's was reminiscent of a Dior coat from a couple of seasons back. Ra'mon's was much nicer than I remembered.

mll (another lulu)

A general comment on this entire challenge.

This has been an awesome challenge, and perhaps we appreciated it all the more because we were so weary of the pretty-pretty. So much fun to read all the takes on all the dresses. So many strong opinions, love and hate, dare I say, for every garment that went down the runway, even Johnny's. Even now, I have several favorites, for different reasons, including these two.

Some have made it a deal-breaker whether or not muslin was used. I think successful garments were created either way. I personally was a bit more impressed when it was entirely newsprint, but look at the broohaha when Gordana's ended up in the bottom. And the biggest criticism was that it was too wearable. HUH???? I haven't watched the show a second time, but I sure thought wearability WAS important here, and damned if TIM didn't think so too.

A lot of people have mentioned the muddy colors they disliked. ALL colors are muddied by newsprint, even vibrant reds. It's just the nature of the printing technology. I loved it that some designers worked with the printed graphics to create new patterns, no matter what the final garment looked like.

And there was quilting, and pleating, and scrunching, and noodling, and weaving, and layering, and so on, just like in any other challenge, but in paper dammit.

And finally, I'll bet if some of us tried to make our own paper dress/skirt/coat/slippers, we would find out how really challenging it is to create something that doesn't look like a fifth-grader put it together. I say, BRAVO! ;-p

Jess said...
Dear TLo;

Without this website, I would be lost. Project Runway is 3 weeks behind in Canada, and it airs on Saturday night at 10pm. wtf?

You can watch the full episodes online at The new Thursday episodes become available on Saturday.... still behind, but better than 3 weeks late!


I'm so bored with these designs I can't even come up with more than 1 word to describe them.

Ra'Mon should consider being a print or graphic designer. He seems to have a real talent for it.

I just can't get behind the design, though, because the overall look is just so meh. He gets bogged down in detail, but doesn't have an interesting take on silhouette.

Epperson, OTOH. Love the big picture.

And, isn't Matar fabulous?

Wow, I'm in total disagreement here.

Ra'mon's had some interesting coloring and detail to the top.

OTOH, Epperson's was BORING with a capital 'B'. How hard is it to make some paper bullhorns and attach them to muslim?

Anonymous said...
Jess said...
Dear TLo;

Without this website, I would be lost. Project Runway is 3 weeks behind in Canada, and it airs on Saturday night at 10pm. wtf?

You can watch the full episodes online at The new Thursday episodes become available on Saturday.... still behind, but better than 3 weeks late!

9/23/09 6:09 PM

No. You can't. Not if you're watching out of the US. That's why you're hearing pleas and whines from the non-US-based contingent every now and then.

You can't even get the extended videos TLo embed here unless you're within the US.

What you *can* get is:

1. HotSpot Shield (google it) to take care of getting around US-restricted websites (except Hulo, damned it). I use it to watch the extended videos here and,

2. torrents. Torrents for the night's episode are invariably available either later that night or by the time I get home from work the next day. Google 'torrent' if you have no idea what they are.

Heck, on my Mac, the torrents are automatically downloaded, sent to Transmission and ready for me in my 'Downloads' folder by the time I get home from work the next day.

Could have titled it "Rapperson". ;-)

And, while I heart Epperson... his designs seem very Korto-esk. Big, heavy and gigantic proportions. I love Korto, but want to see Epperson really bring it in the originality department.

That said, his design was tons more interesting with the multitude of the -yawn- pretty dresses/separates made out of paper. Bring back NYC and Bravo please!

I really liked the contrast of the two colors and prints on Ra'mon's outfit.

With Epperson's, it was the collar/sleeves that made me smile. The grand aweep of them for a lovely bit of drama on the garment.

Both of these kicked the stuffing out of Dr. Whitfield's Fiery Cone of Doom (with Seashells!).

I thought the print Ra'mon created on his dress was beautiful - subtle. I don't disagree with his place in the line-up, though.

I want to like Epperson's but two things bother me: one - the dress overpowers the model, and two - the purse overpowers the dress.

Sadly, Vanessa is such a wingnut that I cannot appreciate her beauty.

Love Ra'mon's dress - the fact that it's paper and not fabric makes it amazing that he transformed the paper. He clearly has a talent in that area - his focus seems to be print, not the shape.

Gross at Epperson's! What the heck is THAT? Can it look any more like a papier mache project?? Bleuh. Done in any other fabric and the shape could've been amazing, but unfortunately when you're working with newspaper it's all too easy to veer into craft project territory.

Re: Title- Ra'pperson?

Hutchlover said "How hard is it to make some paper bullhorns and attach them to muslim?"

I dunno, I asked the guy I worked with who's Muslim and he said "ABSOLUTELY NOT, YOU FREAK!"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I am so over Epperson and why do I have the feeling he is going to be around awhile?

Watching the show, all I noticed about Epperson's was the gigantic yellow purse. It's okay -- not great.

(another suz)

I really liked Ra'mon's dress. Call me crazy, but it reminds me of Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase".

I liked Ra'mon's a lot! The silhouette may be basic and very similar to what he has done, but I think the way that he structured the newspaper and how it played in with the prints made it a hell of a lot more interesting than "basic."

Epperson's made me snort when I saw it. Which sucked at the time because I was drinking champagne and it went up my nose. So thanks, Epp.

Seriously though, a kimono made out of newspaper? I did that when I was three and frankly it didn't flatter me then either.

I liked Ra'mon's "print" top; if only he'd continued that look with an interesting skirt. Maybe he ran out of that paper.

But Epperson? I think there's been way too much hype about him. Sure, he LOOKS cool. You want and expect him to be interesting and produce interesting clothes. But what has he produced? Not much. A kimono is a natural for a paper challenge, but he couldn't deliver the goods. Stiff and pretentious. Sound like... Epperson.

I used to have that big yellow bag until it was stolen... about a year ago. Why are they featuring a bag that's been in stores for more than a year? Odd. It's a B. Makowsky. I thought it was cute with jeans, or a black suit... but not with a newspaper kimono.

A said...
I really liked Ra'mon's dress. Call me crazy, but it reminds me of Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase".

Ya know... it *does*, doesn't it?

I had that fleeting thought when I first saw the dress and then something shiny caught my eye and brain pattern and there went the thought.

I'm apparently artistically-inclined and very shallow.

Still, good call on your part!

Epperson's garments reminds me of Korto's garments-except she knew what the hell she was doing, and he doesn't. The garments are bold and draped-but Korto's are clearly better.

Ra'pping it up.

Joan's Rose Garden

Could you put the T-Lo Awards on this site as well? The Lifetime website is crap. Thanks.
Also, the dropdown menu to select past episodes of the Awards is messed up .. disappears when you try to click on a choice.
Did I mention the Lifetime website sucks dog balls?

Lisa, this season was filmed last summer/fall, but wasn't shown until now due to the legal issues of switching the show from Bravo to Lifetime.

anonymous said...

You can watch the full episodes online at The new Thursday episodes become available on Saturday.... still behind, but better than 3 weeks late!

My Lifetime doesn't want to play the episodes for me... I think because I'm outside of the US.

It's all so ridiculous - why not let us 'foreigners' watch it at the same time? Oh... and speaking of... does ANYONE watch PR Canada? Iman kills me. KILLS ME.

Not a single accessory on on's model, Vanessa. Did he run out of time? The overall styling really makes a difference in how the outfit is perceived to the judges, particularly to Heidi. She frequently comments on the hair or the shoes. His placement of the newsprint to make two distinct patterns was commendable, but the overall look was bland and forgetable.

Epperson's dress moved beautifully on the runway. I really like it especially paired with that mustard bag, nice touch.

So my first thought is that "I don't even remember Epperson's at all..." to be quickly replaced with, "oh yeah, that was awesome!" I think he was actually a bit genius to use a glaze to make the contrasts pop, and it might have helped Gordana or Ra'mon's prints look a little less muddy.

I'm beginning to wonder if Tim's brief and the judges brief are off. He was focusing on wearability and finish, when that didn't seem to be the judges focus at all. Also, anyone who's watched the show knows that Tim's eye doesn't always mesh with the judges, but on the big things he's usually right.

Fnarf said: Hutchlover said "How hard is it to make some paper bullhorns and attach them to muslim?" I dunno, I asked the guy I worked with who's Muslim and he said "ABSOLUTELY NOT, YOU FREAK!"

BWAHAHAHA - thanks for the laugh! Glad I had already finished lunch.

PR Canada and Iman.

OK. This is what I think. Heidi does PR in NYC every odd year. Iman does PR in NYC every even year.

PR *stays* in NYC (damned it).

Verily, if you haven't seen an episode of PR Canada, download a torrent and have a look.

Iman can do NO wrong (and the woman is *always* right).

Interesting that these two were selected. They both did such different shapes and styles. Ramon somewhat sleek. (Paper). Epperson on the other hand added muslin, sewing it causing a quilted effect.I'm not sure you haters noticed the detailing. Its not just sewing on newspaper. I feel he took it(paper/dress) to another level. Let's think before we type what we think we feel. Tom and Lorenzo,thanks

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