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Rad Hourani Spring 2010

Weeping, kittens. We're weeping!

Why are we weeping - aside from our general drama queen natures? Because we got invited to this show for fashion week but couldn't clear our desks to get to NY to see it. We featured his work here before; we loved it, but a lot of the commenters felt otherwise.

Well, we still love it. He's still on that androgyny kick of his and that's fine. We don't necessarily buy that these clothes are actually androgynous. To us, they look like edgy womens wear, some of it worn by men (in high heels, no less). Maybe this is all just a response to the normal way fashion views androgyny: menswear for women. This time it's the reverse of that.

No matter who's wearing these clothes or who they're meant for, we think this collection is loaded with interesting, fresh, and innovative pieces and looks. We just love it. Not every single piece and every single look, mind you. But we do love the aesthetic and the idea of it.

Watch the show:

[Photos: firstVIEW - Video: Youtube/rahouril]

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I think I saw Logan eyeing those silver pants

i would love to wear all the pants

and maybe a few shorts :)

I don't know if I could rock those jackets though

I love this collection.

Though I must confess that a part of why I love it is the Matrix vibe of all that monochome and shine. Also the simplicity and the beautiful angles.

I particularly like #2, #15, #17, #20, and the final look.

I fucking LOVELOVELOVE this collection! It's has such a strong vibe, I would love to wear every single one of these pieces. Also, LOVE the runway music.

Wow! I wish I had the money and the figure to pull off almost every one of these looks! Especially love all the wire pants/leggings and the jackets with the swoopy, voluminous fronts that could never actually be zipped.

If you want to look like a fierce bitch, these are the clothes for YOU.

I love the futuristic vibe, and those pants are great! I like the jackets much better closed, though. Open, the just look sloppy. Not so crazy about the long silver fringe, either.

Some of his models are truely androgynous.
There are some interesting looks especially the laddered silver over black leggings and the variations of the biker jacket.

It walks down the stairs
Alone or in pairs
And makes a Slink-a-ty sound
A Spring
A Spring
A marvelous thing
Everyone knows it's Slinky
It's Slinky
It's Slinky
For fun it's a wonderful toy
It's fun for a girl or a boy

Oh, you wanted a "serious critique?"

I'd regret missing this show, too. Unisex designs are almost always edgy but seldom very flattering. This one manages to be both. Not everyone can carry off this look authentically, but those who can won't look completely dorky doing it.

I have to go home, pull my holey leggings out of the trash and sew zippers on to them.

I'm with you, boys. Very innovative and interesting. Who do I have to sleep with to get the pants in the first look? LOVE those pants. Actually, I'll take any of the pants in this collection except the pure silver ones. I don't want to look like a robot, or a 20-something boy (Logan).

I can see why you're weeping over missing the show.

Those shredded pants ("slinky" haha suzq) remind me of when I was around 17 and I shredded all my leggings. It's a cool look. I can get behind it. At least these looks are a little more body-conscious and sleek than some other things we've seen lately. They don't look like they're wearing a bunch of schmatas.

Suzq--Slinky! And you know all the lyrics!

As for the clothes, I'm oddly neutral about them but what I appreciate very much is that, much like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, he has a pretty singular vision. His designs aren't quite like anyone else's.

The idea of bike shorts as fashion befuddles me.

I love TLo but I don't love this. Sorry, I am trying, but I just can't.

I love it! I want to wear all of this. I really like that he's still pushing on this unisex idea.

Brooklyn Bomber said:
"As for the clothes, I'm oddly neutral about them but what I appreciate very much is that, much like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, he has a pretty singular vision. His designs aren't quite like anyone else's."

Yes, that's it exactly. As we watch the PR designers, I keep thinking, "Oh, a short strapless dress. YAWN!" and then I begin to think, isn't there anything else out there that hasn't been done? (OK, not counting totally crazy stuff like Ari Fish padding).

these designs are innovative, thought provoking, and not ugly. I don't love them for myself, but would appreciate the fashion vibe on today's youth.

Does the first model know she's wearing slinkies down her legs? Will she just bounce right down the stairs then?

Also, loved some of those guys in the silver-piped spandex shorts. Wouldn't wear them unless I'm going to an underwear party, but still, the eye candy was nice.

It seems designers this season are responding to the economy in one of two extreme ways: either strict, severe, and colorless (black, white and maaaaaybe one pop of color here and there) or over-the-top, eye-popping, colorful whimsy. I don't think either one is better, it's just interesting.

Dammit, Suzq, I just saw your post now after I posted my Slinky comment! You beat me to it!

Oh yeah, I want to be edgy by wearing Slinkys and having my boyfriend look just like me.

I find the concept fiercely ugly.

Can't agree with the love for this collection. Two words: Depression Chic.

Interesting shapes. THIS is how you make a whole collection of blacks & metallics sing. Though I have to say, the ringed tights remind me of Karl Lagerfeld's fingers.


I got a kick out of watching some of the male models trying to walk in heels.

I do like those pants. I've got an old pair of skinny jeans that might get the scissors taken to them just to see how it turns out. Black drainpipe trousers might work too. To the thrift store!

I don't love the clothes. There's very little here I would wear. However, I appreciate Hourani's point of view, and I think everything is beautifully made.

Wow, is this depressing. Future Bleak rather than Future Chic.

Is it just me or do all the models seem to have slightly pointy elf-like ears?

Anon at 11:33 AM,

The difference between Ari Fish crazy and Rad Hourani or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is that Ari is listening to her fabric and Rad and Agatha are listening to their "viscera" as Tim would say.

I would say that the PR designer who came closest to sort of thing was Jay McCarroll. Elisa Jimenez came close, but fell a bit short, technically.

Darn, I wish SNL'S Pat had modeled! If I pretended to get it I'd just be posing, sorry me just not evolved yet, Gary

I really like most of these looks, I find the pants very hot.

I'm left very neutral. It all seems like a refined, "high fashion" take on a do-it-yourself street punk/Matrix/sci-fi ethos for the young. Which is o.k, except that the essence of that street ethos is the antithesis of refinement & high fashion. It all comes off as clothes for expensively maintained, very successful 40-to-50-somethings who were not that cool when they were young.

Hmm, re-reading my post I sound more negative than I meant to sound. I kind of like a lot of it - it just seems incongruous somehow. And not because of the androgyny - that part I love.

I don't care for the squared off cape/trains in some of the first looks shown, but loving the rest, especially the leather jackets.

suzq said:

"It walks down the stairs
Alone or in pairs
And makes a Slink-a-ty sound
A Spring
A Spring
A marvelous thing
Everyone knows it's Slinky
It's Slinky
It's Slinky
For fun it's a wonderful toy
It's fun for a girl or a boy"

LOL!!! The first thing I thought when viewing the looks was..."Very cool, but WTF...are they wearing slinkies?"

Super cute! AND, fun for a girl or a boy! :)

I like the slinky pants. Its like wearing all those thin wire stack bracelets on your legs!!

It's okay. I don't hate it and I would wear some of it if I had a more androgynous look, but none of it particularly moves me and I find myself desperately wanting a punch of color somewhere. Also, the slicked back hair style accents the androgyny nicely, except for when it accents the models big ears in a way that I can't ignore. I found myself staring at some of the models ears rather than the clothes.

I had two thoughts:

1) Logan's Tinman jeans

2) dryer venting

Agatha de la Ruiz and Zac Posen are from the Star Trek Happy Planet. Rad Hourani is from the Star Trek Major Issues Planet. I love all of them.

Srsly, THIS fits my viscera's idea of androgyny in fashion. I LOVE the shape he has achieved with the zippered front of the jackets -- an hourglass shape with the focus at the heart, opening to show the waist and the throat. It feels like a significant and forward-driving alternative to the triangle-with-point down of conventional menswear, or triangle-with-point-up of womenswear.

Now let's see it in colors!

This reminds me a bit of the recent PR-Australia winner's collection down to the male models with female clothes.
What do you guys think?

Simply wonderful. And Interesting. And not boring! Ooh, you could have gone to this show? My heart aches for you, Tlo!

Those models put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else... of course, when it's their slinky-esque pants, it takes them an hour or so to do it.

I would totally wear the 15th dress...but with the jacket on instead of tied around my waist. :)
The entire collection has an intense feel to it. I like it!

LOVE this collection! Absolutely gorgeous.

The fact that one of my favorite models, R'el Dade, is in this collection helps!

The garments are obviously well-executed and there is a very clear concept but:
I am... underwhelmed. Bored, even.


Not really my cup of tea but I appreciate the new ideas in there...seems like I'm the only person who didn't think of slinkys??

Meh. Dark, dark, dreary, dark, dark, white (but ugly), dark, dark dreary .....

Was Mood having a super sale on dark fabric and the entire industry grabbing it all?


OH my word, those poor zombie children modeling need to have some breakfast..

and lunch and dinner.

They are as hollow as what passed for music.

Poor soulless creatures.

got a kick out of male models wearing heals and looking slightly awkward, tho they did a bang up job walking that long ass runway.

cute how rad hourani peeked out at the end of the show, if you blinked, you missed it.

Not my bag, but there are certianly some interesting ideas. Makes me remember Darryl Hannah in Liquid Sky (if there were more colors).

It all looks the same, one outfit same as the next. All of them look like shit.

I like some of those jackets a lot. Yum!


It's James Paul's "make everything out of squares" schtick reduceds to the most basic level--those jackets are ridiculous, and that chain trash was selling at MadeWell last season. Tired, poorly conceived, and on top of all of that, poorly MADE.

I'd outting myself as an extreme nerd here, but, looking at the collection, I kept thinking, "This guy must really like the work of manga-ka Hayakawa Tomoko." Seriously, it looks like some of her work--and that of fellow manga-ka Yazawa Ai--come to life, except with greased-back hair.

This isn't to say I don't like it; I like it a lot. I find it aesthetically pleasing in spite of the industry-standard Drear Palate of Depression and Doom, but I'm, well, just a little weirded out by the I-saw-something-just-like-that-once-in-a-manga-ness.

Sort of puts Alexander Wang in the shade, don't he?

LOVE the bandage leggings.

Thanks for introducing your minions to this guy, TLo.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I find it kind of boring. I don't really like futuristic concepts in general, too costumey... and I hope that in the future, we ain't dressing like that.

I like all of those pants with the stripes and slashes, but how on earth are you supposed to put those one without catching your toes on each and every one? I had a hard enough time with my jeans with the holes in the knees when I was in high school!

I think you guys would love this girl's blog:

It's very very badass. She blogs about food and clothes she makes, it's all very stylish and weird, like Hourani's style.

Love it!

This is so cool! I've always liked the whole androgynous thing.

I have to add, it bothers me when female models' thighs make a "U" shape with their pelvic bone, but it downright creeps me out when MALE models' thighs are that thin on flesh.

You know, I think I sort of love this-even the slinky legs :)


I don't know guys, I'm just not feeling it. It's not the color palette - I adore black, gray and silver. I even like the slinky legs. But the rest is just boxy, drapey, and bicycle shorts. Pass.

Oh for Goddess sake....if you are going to make the men wear high heels, at least teach them how to walk in them. They looked like clomping horses and had the faces to match.
The whole collection awful.

The colors and the shapes reminds me of James-Paul's collection form the fashion show. I love that all the models are skinny, clothes always looks fantastic on skinny people. Who would want to dress a fat couch. Great thing we have Anna Wintour to set high standards in fashion.

Yeah, I barely saw the clothes. I couldn't get past the "concentration camp chic" look of the models.


I too jumped on the use of Slinkys - watching the video I was struck by how uncomfortable the male models seemed in heels. A few have that rushed little boy - where's the john - I gotta pee NOW - look.

Re. the complaints of the apparently disappearing mass of male pulchritude, yes, you're all entirely correct. What's worse, they probably would have been delicious and divine if they'd actual flesh on them, poor boys.

Whenever I see the girls with ten-month's-starvation-sized thighs, I get creeped out and then think of this:

But this completely-starved look has been the way of fashion for so long, getting worse every season, that I think we need to stop making comment on it. It's never going to change. Ever.

I have to say that I think half of the success of this show was in the choosing of the models. They're PERFECT for it and show it to its advantage...

On the men in heels thing:
I would like to point out that male Flamenco dancers have been doing it for a very long time, and I believe cowboy boots also have heels, usually. It can be a very butch or hard look.
(I miss dancing Flamenco... Though the only boy I knew who danced was pretty much the antithesis of butch short of losing a key member...)

beautifulmonday said:
"part of why I love it is the Matrix vibe of all that monochome and shine. Also the simplicity and the beautiful angles."

Same here! Most of these looks, I heart big time.

Love love love the strappy pant-leggings. Love the androgyny. Love love love everything.

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