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PR Toons, E2

Alex told us to apologize on his behalf for what he considers sloppy work and a shitty scan. Frankly, we think he's crazy. Click to embiggen, kittens.

Anybody that can envision Nicolas as Peppermint Patty doesn't need to apologize for a damn THING.

[Illustrations: Alx Cox/]

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Fuck the scanning crap! You've outdone yourself, A-dog!

BTW, who's the Daddy? Do we need to take this shit to Maury?

I think he wants CH to be the Daddy ....

(that was a freakin' riot! Love it!)

this is f'kin hilarious. that chicken suit was better than melvin's egg in a nest. and butchy tim gunn???
love it.

"A Funny Thing happened on the Way to Planned Parenthood"

LOL. That would have been a much better premise for the musical!

Oh, Alex! You too funny!
Love the Burning Man reference.

Good thing I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I read that - I would've needed a new laptop.

Crazy in a GOOD way!!!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Thank you Alex, for bringing back the idea of Tim in a bitchin' Camaro!

And 'Wicker Man'? Gold, honey, pure gold!

I'm so glad Alex mentioned how ridiculous the sight of 90 pound models with a beach ball under the dress looked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, SERIOUSLY. If they were menstruating females even capable of carrying a baby in the first place, they would've just toppled over face first from the extra weight they would be carrying in front. So funny. I love it when Alex shows himself as wearing the outfits. My fave ever was Jarell's Olympic outfit with the stupid floppy hat. Hilarious. Keep it up, Alex! I REALLY hope Tim Gunn reads this post!!!

So great!
Sometimes, when TLo are so great and Alex is so great, I feel bad about myself.
Then, I see the preview for tonight's show, and I realize that watching it will convince me that I'm not so bad and that there are some others around that are much more of a mess than I.

Oh. My. Freakin'. DEITY!

Loved the Alex-on-the-runway being judged by the all-estrogen panel!

Loved Saint Tim as the all-testosterone douchebag!

Loved Peppermint Patty, although it took me a few mins to figure out who that was!

This site is just a goldmine.

Alex -- Brilliant and delightful, honey, and no apologies necessary!

I am still laughing over "I'm a special flower." Alex, you are made of awesome and dusted generously with win.

"I'm a special flower" caused me to yelp in my office. Yes, YELP!

Now everyone wonders what I do in there when I don't have clients. Thanks, Alex.

I must worship at the shrine of Alex, a god who takes many forms.

Oh, my lord, I'm dying here!

"I'm a special flower"!

Tim with a "kick-ass Camaro"!

Oh, this is definitely one of Alex's best.

Alex = GENIUS.

Comedy Gold, I tell you.

My favorite thing about these strips is when he puts himself in the outfits. So much fun.

And the 4 judges giving him comments about himself, priceless.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Alex. We love you!

Burning Man reference?

The "burning man" in drawing is a reference to the movie The Wicker Man.


Nicolas as Peppermint Patti! Priceless.

BUT, for those of us old enough to remember.....every time I see Nicolas, I think of a young Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Anyone else?????

Dear Alex, don't you dare stop. That is all.

love love love the KISS army reference! Am now going to have to support The Demon, aka C.H.!

That last set of panels nearly had me peeing myself!

Hahahahahahahaha! Snort!

Alex, you rule!!!

I like Alex's work but this one was a bit Alex-heavy and contestant-light. I like the satirizing of the contestants more. I miss Malvin already.


As fine as Peppermint (Nicolas) Patty is, my fave is the Carol Hannah t-shirt first-panel Alex sports over the baby bump.

I find testosterone-jacked Tim Gunn extremely disturbing.

Tim Gunn and his non-usage of a "wangus glove"?

Alex....your a special little flower and we love you for it!!

"...this one was a bit Alex-heavy and contestant-light"

I agree.

As the season goes on, and we get to know the contestants and their work more, I will fade into the background. I PROMISE.

"Alex! said...
...... I will fade into the background. I PROMISE."

Just promise us you won't go TOO far please.

Loved all but the last set of panels, which I thought was tasteless.

Tony said, "I like Alex's work but this one was a bit Alex-heavy and contestant-light..."

Fine with me! I love when Alex enters the PR world.
And tries on the dresses. :O

Hilarious, Alex.
But I still think you should consider switching from C.H. to Shirin.

Worship. I worship at the altar of Alex. Give us instruction, oh clever and gifted one!

Am I mistaken or is this the first time Alex has given himself boobs? That was a little disturbing.

I've had a long, tough day with work & I really needed that big laugh.

Thanks be to Alex! God bless him, and all who sail in him.


That was priceless. I was also slow on the peppermint patty reference. DUH!

Both my daughters are pregnant and due on same day...I just placed a bid on Shirin's winning outfit! I can't believe I did that. Wish me luck!

i'm not dorothy gale


I can just imagine Mr. Tim talking about his "love life". Alex, you have made lots of people happy with your talent - THANKS!


You rock, man.

Awww. Malvin WAS a special flower.

LOL @ Tim Gunn with all them bitches and his badass Camaro.


I just saw both Wicker Man movies recently. Loved the reference!

LOL! All Tim was missing was the Joe Dirt mullet!

Holy shit, that was funny. Good job Alex

I'm a special flower!!!!!!!! That made my night!

Okay, I'm going to be working "wangus" into casual conversation and giggling like a lunatic for DAYS now! Thanks Alex, now I'm going to get fired, I just know it.

Totally worth it.

So, I know a girl broke your heart... I have an AWESOME friend, when you're ready.

Glad someone else noticed the scary all female judge panel.

Im ashamed to admit it but i had no idea who Peppermint Patty was until it was mentioned at the bottom. Clever! =D

Thank you so much, Alex! You are truly a special flower! And speaking of special flower, here is a modest challenge to the readers of this august (or now September) site - How many of you/us can work the phrase, "I'm a special flower." into a non-PR related conversation tomorrow? Anyone? Anyone?

Since I know Tim reads this blog, I can practically hear him laughing at his part....

Rosie's Girl

Actually, "Rosie" was supposed to be Rosie's Girl (who just drove home in Hellacious traffic and is a little fried....for a special flower that is!)

I just jizzed all over my keyboard.

OMG, that was funny! Lifetime needs to put Alex on the payroll, right now.


Peppermint Patty! "I'm a special flower".....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tim in his bitchin' Camaro....Oh, god! I'm going to have a coronary!


This was the best laugh I needed for one of the worst days ever.

xoxoxo Alex!

And yes-- CH is the mother to your baby!
hee hee!

I'm confused about the Peppermint Patty reference. Is that supposed to be Carol Hannah?

None of the other designers have a spotty face and lanky, unattractive hair like she does, so I assume that's her. But Carol Hannah didn't seem bitchy, so I don't understand the text here.


sorry, confused Carol Hannah guy here again...

In that same frame, regarding Christopher (I'm pretty sure that's who the comic is referring to), what is a "killer lia,no"?

thanks for any answers

Christopher is sporting a killer LID.

Alex has funny d's and a's. Southpaw slant, perhaps?

Peppermint Patty is Nicolas, and the killa lid is Christopher's hat!

I was going to say that you missed your opportunity to skewer Ra'Mon's bowling bag dress.

But that would have involved seeing you actually wear the dress.

Talk about disturbing. Well done!

Thanks, Alex! You are a special flower too :).

The models strutting around in those bellys was ridiculous. I still say they should have used real mommies to be. But then the Models show would be pretty lame that week.

I've said it before, but Alex I just LOVE when you wear the outfits from the runway. Cracks me up every time.

another laura

My fave panel is Alex! in front of the all-female panel.

I hope your business and career fly high, darling.

You know, the new Camaro is totally, totally, kick-@ss. I want one.

Oh Alex, I heart you. Camaro indeed! Bwahahahahahaha! : )

And don't you worry none about getting your figure back, Alex! Looks like it's all baby weight to me.

Wicker Man! lololololol!

Camaros and wangus gloves! Gah, I just practically peed myself!

I thought "I'm a special flower" would be the high point of my day and then Mr. Gunn turned out to be my high school boyfriend with a camaro. OMG. I have never laughed so hard. Such good work. I hope you are planning to feature our Tim Gunn in flip flops in your next creation - although that was surreal enough as is.

Great, Alex!

Now I can't look at Tim without thinking about him bragging about not using a wangus glove!

My son is sitting here thinking I have gone off the proverbial rocker I am laughing so hard!!

alex when some lucky woman has your child they are going to be so glad you tried on these outfits for them!!

Of course, I was hoping to see you rawking Mitchell's shorty, short shorts!!

Oh, Alex, I know you're not on the gay, but I would so totally blow you just for this cartoon. Less risk of pregnancy is a bonus.

Oh Alex, you're the best. I just have one request for next time: FULL FRONTAL ALEX!

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