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Note from Gordana

Gordana sent you a note, kittens!

To all my friends at projectrungay,

I feel that the gift I have as a designer is given to me. I was born with it and that is why I call it a gift. But what I represent as a human being and what my character is, is something I can claim as totally mine. So to see my supporters recognizing it means so much to me. I am reading some of the posts and comments and they literally bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for all of your support and all the kind words.

All my love

I am from former Yugoslavia and you calling Nicolas and I the Russian team is totally fine. The team leader was Russian after all :)

Isn't she a doll?


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Um I love her.

a class act

She got robbed in the newspaper episode! I am rooting for her to be in the top three.

Love the lady. Good sense of style *and* self.

a force of nature! Love her.

I have loved her designs and felt like she was getting shafted all season. She's such an elegant human being -- I hope to see her win a challenge soon.

gordana, you are much loved and admired! you're fabulous and i have to add, i love that you read tlo's blog!

Totally adore her, and love her designs. No way was her newspaper creation deserving of the bottom 3.

Team Gordana! Cheri

I used to live in Charleston and loved going to Gordana's store, GOGA. She has an amazing strength and is so talented! Love her!

I simply love her! She is so classy! :)

Love her! And see, she didn't even bring up ethnic cleansing in regards to "Team Russia." Classy.

OHMYGOD I LOVE her!!!!!!!

How sweet!
Seriously, I don't get what the judges have against her, all her work so far has been way above average. She seems so driven and down to earth; she's in it win, not start drama.

Oh, I love you Gordana! You are like a wise, cool aunt I never had. Adopt me!

She's fabulous!


How sweet!

"Seriously, I don't get what the judges have against her, all her work so far has been way above average. She seems so driven and down to earth; she's in it win, not start drama."

Thats probably the problem. She's go on be recognized for the talent she has.

She's so fantastic. Always great when a fantastic designer is a beautiful person.

What a nice surprise! She's been my favorite since day 1.

What a wonderful note from such a beautiful and talented human being. Thank you guys (and Gordana) for posting this. It made my day.

Yup, it's official. She's my favorite.

Team Gordana! :)

How sweet!!

What a gracious and classy thing to do. I'm just as impressed by her elegance and character as I am by her work.

Team Gordana all the way!


I fucking love her!!!

Now THAT's a lady :)

In the words of Mychael Knight:

She is a muthafuckin' fashion designer!

Go on, G! Hope you make it pretty far!

My only problem with Gordana is we are the same age and her legs are about 50 times better than mine.

She's been in my top 3 since the first Tlounge challenge.


You are such a classy talented woman, Gordana!! You were unfairly judged in the newspaper episode. Your garment was beautiful and expertly crafted. Team Gordana!!

Class personified.

Your very welcome Gordana and we love you too darling.

Aww! I already love her but now she gets even more of my support. I'll put the "Go" in "Gordana". (that was cheesy, but whatever) Go, Gordana, go!

Totally classy!

Here's hoping that the judges finally wake up and realize the talent they've been missing with her designs. She's been way more consistent than some of the others who've somehow managed to grace the winner's circle.

Team Gordana all the way!


she's so amazing!!!! I love her!

what a sweetheart :)

With all of her talent and an attitude like that Gordana will go all the way... no matter what happens on Project Runway.

Although, seriously, if she doesn't win it I am leaving flaming bags of dog poop on Bunim Murray's doorstep.

I just can't believe how well she's holding up against the relentless assholery of the judges. Personally if I was turning out hte work she is, and getting the comments she's getting, I'd be in a big puddle of tears on the floor at the end of every episode. She's just SO classy.

What a sweet note. I sure hope she gets some respect from the judges soon. She might actually get some if they get the REAL judges back on this show. This no Michael OR Nina is getting very very old.

Talented, sweet, gorgeous, and gracious! Gordana FTW.

Joining in on the whole Team Gordana thing! Seriously, she's a great designer and she seems really sweet, too. Hoping the judges will finally recognize her talent soon...

Gordana, this 45-year-old broad (and part-time costume designer) is just waiting for you to finally get your day in the sun. Hang in there! :-)

I like her. And the judges are pissing me off for giving her shit and not recognizing her talent every week.

Awwwww. We love her!

I'm about the same age as Gordana, and she really gives me inspiration watching her on TV every week.

I love Gordana's designs, and I especially love her no-nonsense, grownup attitude. I don't understand why she has not gotten any recognition from the judges so far, because she richly deserves it.

Dear Gordana,

Your designs are lovely, your sewing impeccable, and you were so loyal and tactful during the team challenge critique. I hope the judges start giving you some recognition!

I love her designs and adore her as a person. What a nice note, thanks for sending it Gordana, and thank you guys for posting.

I won one her creations on the auction, can't wait for it to arrive!

and gordana is officially my pick for the win! this was such a nice thing to say :)

Your classiness shows on and off the runway. Good luck to you, you are a very talented lady!

Sweet Sauce, you are totally pulling off those short shorts. My (straight) boyfriend and I LOVE YOU and think you are the greatest thing. Your designs are always something I would wear and LOVE. Keep the faith.

Dear Gordana,

You are my favorite designer this season, and I have faith that your talent will out. I especially loved your paper and model-as-client designs, and I know that I would bankrupt myself at your boutique if I lived in Charleston.

We're rooting for you!!
- Carissa

From the beginning, she's been consistent and low drama, but full character, a very difficult balance to strike on a reality tv show! I'm still waiting for her to make me a sweater out of a you, Gordana!

I am just so damned impressed with Gordana. She has more talent and class in her little finger than some of the "judges" will ever have in their entire lives. She has such good manners and presence when she is in the workroom and on the runway in front of the "judges". Gordana has a wonderful sense of knowing who she is and isn't lowering her standards to win favor. She'll go all the way in her career with her gift and personality. I'm even more of fan after reading her note. Much love and support.

asparagus lust

For the lovely and inspiring Gordana: Same right back at ya! Hope to see you in the finale, best wishes. I believe in your talent.

Gordana will be in the last three staanding if there is any justice. I am one of her biggest fans and feel that her talent, her character and her attitude are all top tier. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, lovely lady.

Great lady, keep your ideals, and to heck with the crazies on the show.

Gordana, if you are reading this, YOU ROCK!! I've loved your blue geometrical dress from the early challenge, and the nude dress from the model challenge. I would totally wear anything you design.

Count me in Team Gordana!

Ms G - you are building a strong career on a solid base of class,
inteligence and talent. Love your work and so happy there is a real
grown up role model for all the kids watching!
By the way - wasn't there something said about the person who
won never won a challenge?
All the best to you!
We kind of like you a lot.

Mm, my only problem with her is I am 20 years younger than her and her legs are 50 times better than mine.
Loved her from your "Meet the Designer" post on her. And I love her more every episode. She has already become my favorite PR designer ever. Talent, quiet grace, class, and kick ass skills.

How sweet of her to send a note!

Hi, Gordana! Love your work.

I love when designers are classy.

I will never understand why her newspaper dress was in the bottom three. The construction of it reminded me a little of a Jillian piece, only in newspaper (with no muslin underneath, even; come on, give credit where it's due), and I loved the understated colors.

Work it, Gordana!

Aww, how sweet of her to thank the commenters :). Her designs have been great week to week (except that surfer challenge aventgard look, but everyone was horrible that week). Definitely looking her up the next time I'm in Charleston!

Love. Her.
A real talent.

My favorite contestant this season thus far. Go Gordana!

Gordana is amazing!!!

She's been my favorite since they released the list of contestants. There's just something very genuine and special about her.

She's a doll, a classy lady, and a sweetie to boot. I'm afraid, though, that if she's writing mid-season, she's also a Red-Shirt (been aufed). I really hope not...

Team Gordana! *hugs*

aww she's so sweet :)

What a class act! That note was so gracious, heartfelt and sincere, and I think I speak for the TLo community when I say we really appreciate it.

Gordana, I think you are not only a truly talented designer, but also a truly beautiful person. It is plainly obvious from this note and also from how you interact with people on the show (from other designers to your model) that you are a genuinely nice person.


We love you here, Gordana (and on many MANY other sites as well).

Whatever happens -- you've impressed us with your talent, your mad skillz, your sense of humor, your grace under fire.

You're a class act.

Love you, Gordana! I don't think you've had a misstep on the show yet, no matter what the judges say. Even if they never wake up and give you a win (or at least put you in the top), I'm a fan.

another laura

I have also adored her since "you give me a sheep, I'll make a sweater" - I'm glad you're reading, Gordana, don't let the turkeys get you down.

More love, Gordana!! You're unbelievably talented, but more importantly, you're a CLASS ACT!! A lot of us could learn a lesson from you!! All the best....


Knowing that she might read this: Gordana, you are amazingly talented and you aren't getting nearly enough appreciation. Much love!

I was wondering if she was reading. We love you, Gordana!

This is just so sweet and wonderful... really put a big smile on my face at the end of the day!

For me, Gordana is the designer who has really stood out so far this season. Her quiet and effortless class, her unmistakable intelligence, and her strong and consistent work have been reliable undercurrents in every show.

And that's chiefly why I've been frustrated with the season. The judging has been inconsistent and off-base, particularly with regards to her. Like many posters, I did NOT understand the comments about her newspaper dress; it was easily in my top 3.

Thank you, Gordana, for writing this note! Much success to you! And thank you for being that rarest of creatures: an extremely bright, well-mannered, and completely classy person.

Forgot to complete my last sentence: rarest of creatures on a reality program. Although I have no doubt that Gordana would stand out in any crowd!

So far, Gordana has been punished for putting out consistently great designs with a minimum of drama or irritation. She makes bad television and I absolutely love her.

I'm rooting for you Gordana! :D

Sending a big hug your way, Gordana!

Gordana should win soon. That's all I'm saying.

Mature, talented, and classy. How on EARTH did she end up on reality TV?

Gordana, I have a great deal of respect for your professionalism and perspective. I hope that you are rewarded for these rare and valuable qualities!

okay, i liked her to begin with, and now i absolutely adore her!

I heart Gordana!

Yes, she is a doll and now I want her to win!
Plus I am always rooting for the over 40 crowd. We women "certain age" need to stick together.

Lots of love, Gordana!

We appreciate your acknowledgement and we enjoy watching a grown-up with grown-up class & attitude.

Good luck and keep the chin up. The judges are bound to recognize the good works you're putting out, eventually.

Neena opened the thread with, "Um I love her." Me, too!

What a sweet note. I hope Gordana makes it to top three. Not only is she exceptionally talented -- consistently showing amazing needle skills and beautiful fit -- but she is, as others have noted, a class act, very mature, and a model for how to behave under pressure.

I love seeing good people succeed, and I'm happy that Gordana is with us this season.

Big talent. And I thought it funny how her fellow desgners obviously patted her on the back when her design went down the runway. THEY recognized it as a frontrunner, and they are the specialists!

Gosh, I like her. :)

(Just not a Russian doll.)

What a sweetheart!

Go Gordana!!! We love you!!!


I wish I had a sheep because I know you could make me a fabulous sweater.

Best of luck to you!

What a class act! Best of luck!

Gordana, you rock. Stay true to yourself!

So sweet! Love her!

It is so nice to see someone REAL--and talented beyond measure-- on reality t.v.

Now go kick some ass, G.

This made me want to hug her.

awww, How sweet. Love her!

I love Gordana so much. I really hope she doesn't continue to get screwed over by the judges. Plus the fact that she's Yugoslavian (my own ethnicity) makes her a real inspiration to me.

Regardless of the outcome, you are by far one of the most talented designers this season. Best of luck!

Gorgeous Things, you said, "I'm afraid, though, that if she's writing mid-season, she's also a Red-Shirt (been aufed)."

this was taped A LONG TIME AGO. her writing now has nothing to do with when she was auf'd.

Thanks for the note! You are great, Gordana =)

seriously, has a reality tv contestant EVER been so universally loved AND respected!?

totally heart her! TeamGordana!

Absolutely love her and this she is totally classy. I, too, have been agape that she has been given such a poor set of judging scores thus far..each week I have been really impressed with her work..always top 3

What a modest and lovely lady!

Gordana, you are my favorite this season in terms of both design and character. Even if the judges are ignoring you, we aren't. I hope that regardless of the outcome of the show that it brings you some well-deserved recognition.

Love her! Now if only Lifetime can love her just as much.

Someone here said it best -- great sense of style AND self. I was STUNNED she was in the bottom 3 this past week.

Christopher and Gordana should be neck and neck for Fan Favorite. Here's hoping she gets some respect in the coming weeks!

I really admire your even-tempered grace. It's how I *wish* I would be under pressure. You rock. We are all rooting for you at our house.

She's been my favorite since her intro post here, and this only confirms my love. Even the JUDGES didn't know what they were doing putting her in the bottom 3 last week. "Don't get us wrong, it's a perfectly competent dress, it's just....we kinda wanted to focus all the attention on Nicolas vs. Johnny."

When I grow up, I want to be Gordana: beautiful inside and out. (And talented to boot!)

OK, she is my favorite of the season for sure. I loved the gold dress she made for her model!

mll (another lulu)

Thanks, Gordana, for taking the time to write.

It has been such a delight week after week to watch your combination of impeccable skills, creative talent, and a fully mature, clearheaded, positive, warm person compete on the show. We're truly baffled by the judging this week. Hope you go all the way to the big win.

She is such a lovely woman. It's really sweet of her to write!
I agree that she deserved way better in last episode.

I love this season of PR, but the judging has really been off! Gordana definitely didn't belong in the bottom three last week!!! TDinC

Srsly LOVE this site! A little inspiration to be a better person in the morning, thank you Gordana and TLo. Here's to hoping the judging got a little less arbitrary and capricious *tips the coffee mug*.

She had me at "Give me a sheep and I can make a sweater". Add in the constant stream of lovely clothes she produces and the class-A personality, and I'm a fan!

How very sweet of her!

Now, Im all gaga to Lady Gordana

Christina said...
Gorgeous Things, you said, "I'm afraid, though, that if she's writing mid-season, she's also a Red-Shirt (been aufed)."

this was taped A LONG TIME AGO. her writing now has nothing to do with when she was auf'd.

I know full well when it was taped, honey; I was at the final runway show last February. My point is that historically speaking, when designers have contacted our darling TLo, it has been a bad omen and they were aufed on the next show or two. I was hoping that was not the case here.


Aw, Gordana, what a sweetheart-as well as talented and classy!

She's like the female version of Emmett McCarthy - amazingly talented with a beautiful, wearable aesthetic and genuinely nice, professional and classy. If this blog is any indication, she will have a very successful future no matter how crappily the "judges" treat her.

I have been a fan ever since the first challenge, in which I still feel Gordana's was one of the top TWO looks of that week. Why she is not yet feeling the love from the judges (at least as of this date) is a complete mystery to me, and clearly to others. Her designs have for the most part been consistently better than the Top 3 on any given week. Hopefully she can do her time in the middle and be recognized at the end...slow and steady wins the race!

You rock, Gordana - sweet note, nice lady, great designer.

love her.

gordana you have the, best. fans. ever. at projectrungay.

thanks for the note!

I agree with a comment on an earlier post made by Kittens not Kids. For whatever reason, the editors (producers, whoever) seem to think that they succeed when creating the same story over and over again. In Season 1, they had Wendy Pepper who was the older contestant, the "underdog" (and crazy as hell). In a later season, they had Marla who had similar traits (but wasn't really crazy). By setting up actual, individual people as characters ("older woman who may be good at construction..."), they miss out on the richness of new and more interesting story lines they could be finding, should they choose to look at these contestants as individuals. I'm pretty sure most of us watch the show to see something new, and the most interesting contestants (to my mind) are those who can't be reproduced (Austin comes to mind).

Gordana is no Wendy or Marla. She's talented and modest. She takes constructive criticism well, and she has a wonderful, assured sense of self.

OK, I have been rooting so hard for Gordana and now I guess I have to remove the pottery and glass from the coffee table every Thursday night so I can root harder.


Character always shows, Gordana. You shouldn't be surprised at all the love!

Win or lose, Gordana can make clothes for me any day—if I could only afford it!

"Gorgeous Things said: My point is that historically speaking, when designers have contacted our darling TLo, it has been a bad omen and they were aufed on the next show or two. I was hoping that was not the case here."

I was thinking the same thing. I thought that they weren't even allowed to contact media without permission until they were auf'd. Hopefully their handlers have relaxed that.

I'm guessing you're like me and watching the show with that final runway show, from last February in mind, trying to figure out who they look like they were designed by. There are two designers who SEEM to be in the hunt, but I was hoping Gordana was the third.


Love from me, too, Gordana!

Seriously, the winning design of the newspaper challenge looked like something I would have put together for a middle school drama class project, complete with "stitching" from a marker. Gordana has amazing construction skills AND great style.

Are they doing Fan Favorite on Lifetime for this season of PR?

Gordana (God, I hope you read this!), you are my favorite person on PR this season, and quickly becoming one of my favorites of all time. I pray that the judges will finally start rewarding your talent, but if not, know that there are MANY of us who have become endeared to you through both your design aesthetic and your incredible humility. You are an inspiration.

Love her! I keep picking her to be in the top because, at SOME point, the judges have to wake up, right? RIGHT?

Gordana, I'm hoping you go far in this competition, and I know you'll go far in life!

I really do like Gordana. And, I thought that they were way too harsh on her newspaper outfit. I would have worn it. It didn't look like newspapers at all. I think her clothes have been classy and well done, totally overlooked! Continue being yourself, Gordana!

Love you, Gordana. A goddess always rises above.

the line 'you give me a sheep, i give you a sweater' alone puts her in running for one of the best lines ever in PR history. to find out shes got the goods to back it up is a treat for fans. shes been a pleasure this season & one of the few i tune in to see. major <3<3<3

I think that one of the things that makes Gordana so great is why so many people loved Stella:

She's someone who dosen't really seems agitated by the presence of a camera. She's a straight shooter who isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Even though she's a little more tactful then our beloved High Priestess of Leathuh.

I don't even care if she wins--although I think she deserves to--I just want to see her on the show every week.

Can she be on next season, too?

Volim te, Gordana!!

Oh! Gordana's note made me a little teary, and the more the judges dismiss her, the more I love her.

I like that she explains not just what she's doing, but why. She seems to have about 10x more knowledge than the most of the other designers. Upthread, Peacebang describes her as elegant. I agree.

Team Gordana! I'm with her all the way.

She needs some wins! When they called the names last week, I thought she was top three, not bottom. Fingers crossed for this week.

It always freaks me out when they read out comments. We should be nicer. Except to Santino.

Yugoslavia. I knew that accent didn't quite sound Russian. Anyways, I hope the blog love makes up for the shoddy treatment she's been getting thus far on the show. She seems like a lovely person: loyal to her design partner who produced a ridiculous look, talented, and very graceful in her responses to critiques.

I really hoped she was reading this blog and would see all the props. My jaw dropped when her newspaper dress got dissed. I loved it. Maybe the Duchess and Nina will recognize her talent ... if they ever come back!

I've been pulling for her to win the whole sheebang since her sheep-to-sweater line, and I've really loved her work. I heart you, Gordana!

I've been team Gordana since day one! And she has consistently been in my top 3-5. Lots of good wishes going your way, Gordana.

And maybe someone can clarify: I thought I read that she had moved from Charleston to San Diego. Is that so? Can her clothes be found in any boutiques in SD or elsewhere?

We really have to start an election campaign! Gordana for Fan Favorite!

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I <3 Gordana.


How truly lovely is she! I absolutely adore her.

Gordana is fabulous - I loved when Tim Gunn said "I love you" to her - he knows true talent!

I adore Gordana. She is full of confidence without any cockiness, and doesn't feel the need to put down others to feel good herself.(Heh, I just watched last week's Glee.) So yeah, she is pretty much made of awesome, and is the HBIC without the actual bitch part.

We think you're great at our house, Gordana! I'd wear your beautiful clothing in a heartbeat, and you've got a great attitude, too.

Lucinda Martinez

Yay Gordana. I liked her outfit best this week (I also thought the challenge was to make newsprint look more like a fabric). Her personality, patient and warm, is something I love to see every week. :)
Best wishes

She rocks! Team Gordana here :)


9/22/09 11:52 PM
seriously, has a reality tv contestant EVER been so universally loved AND respected!?"

The only PR star that springs to mind is Uli from season 3. Everyone I've ever spoken to says they adore her. Maybe it's a European thing?

Since day one, loved you too, Gordana! From the "Give me a sheep and I'll make a sweater" I have loved you best of all. Take heart, if the judges don't recognize you, WE love you, and that's more important, since we're the ones who would actually buy your designs someday!

Gordana: silly contest aside, you are a winner because of your grace, talent and tact. I hope your career goes well. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want you to design for them after seeing your composure and professionalism on PR.

And aren't Tom and Lorenzo a kick?

They are trying to sabotage her, just like they did to the other black girl in korto's season with the short curly hair. What was her name again? Terri or something like that. She kept producing stellar work, week after week and was always in the top three but she never won. The moment she barely slipped, they booted her ass. Quite shameful.
I see they are using the same strategy with Gordana. SMDH. Keep your head up girl, keep your head up.

wow -- she's really lovely.

xoxoxo to Gordana.

Very classy indeed! Such a lady

Wow, what a nice woman! You rock, Gordana! -victoria

Gordana! BiH je uz tebe! Samo naprijed! :)

When I clicked on this post, I was expecting to read something snippy and gossip-worthy. But, surprise, she's a mature adult displaying sweetness and gratitude. How utterly refreshing. You just became my favorite, Gordana.

she was already one of my favorites this season. love her even more now!

Gordana was robbed during the newspaper challenge. If a designer can make newspaper look like anything other than paper, especially fabric it deserves high praise.

My favourite Gordana moment was during judging at the beach group challenge when she defended Nicholas and said that the organza detailing on the dress was very beautiful and inspired. From that moment, I knew she was a very unusual entity on PR- a mature person.

She's just wonderfully classy and elegant and brilliant. I love her work and think she is shamefully underrated. Team Gordana!

I have mad love for Gordana. She's a class act and much more talented than she seems to be getting credit for. I hope she manages to go far in spite of it all.

Gordana, you are a class act. The judging was very unfair to you, but you didn't whine or pout. I see you in the final three.

I don't get why the judges have it out for her. I agreed with Tim that her newspaper dress was fabulous. I couldn't believe it was in the bottom!

Team Gordana! As others have said, you are a class act, and I wish you all the best in your life and your business, no matter what the outcome of your time on Project Runway.

9/23/09 10:38 PM "J.
9/22/09 11:52 PM
seriously, has a reality tv contestant EVER been so universally loved AND respected!?"

The only PR star that springs to mind is Uli from season 3. Everyone I've ever spoken to says they adore her. Maybe it's a European thing?

There were alot of Stella fans, too. As well as Chris March.

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