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Missing Persons Report: Nina and the Duchess

This is the topic that will not die.

All anyone wants to talk about is our missing bitches. Since Nina re-opened the wounds in her latest L.A. Times interview:

Several fans of the show have missed seeing you and Michael Kors in the judges’ chairs these last few weeks.
The reality is that both Michael and myself have other jobs besides “Project Runway” and he probably had to work on his following collection and I had to go to the collection. When it was in L.A. and in that time period that we filmed, it was very difficult to be there the entire time. He has another job, he’s a designer and work on his collection, and I had to fly to Paris to see the fashion shows for the fall. It was impossible to be there for an entire month.

We figured it was time to give the controversy its own post where everyone can vent. Here's a little something to get you started:

If Project Runway moved to L.A. so that Heidi can be closer to her family, losing Nina and Michael in the process, what would you as a fan rather have? An L.A.-based show with rare appearances from Nina and Michael or a NY-based show without Heidi? It's your very own Sophie's Choice, kittens. If you had to pull the trigger and make a decision, who does the show need more: Heidi or Nina and Michael?

Discuss. And be prepared to show your work.

Source: 'Project Runway': Nina Garcia doesn't want to hear your excuses [LATimes]

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As much as I love Heidi, it's definitely better to be in New York. I need my Duchess back!

Michael and Nina are teriffic and the show is worse without them, but Heidi IS the show (along with Tim). I'm betting I'm in the minority, but I vote Heidi.

No contest....auf Heidi

I used to really dislike Nina's bitchitude, but I've grown to love her and the way she can rip people apart when they REALLY need it. I missed her in the last few episodes because I think her input was seriously needed. And The Duchess, well... he's just hilarious and has awesome feedback, as well. I'm really tired of these guest judges, and as much as Heidi has her entertainment value, I'd have to say I could live without her. Move it back to NYC and bring back Nina and Michael. I doubt Heidi would really leave the show-- this show has made her a household name more so than her modeling career did.

Nina, Michael, and New York no question.

I just don't get it. Tape it in the summer so Heidi's kids are out of school and head to NYC for a month. Not that hard. The nature of a model's job allows them to move around. And I'm sure Seal can find a studio in NYC. So much easier for her to move than people who have continuous jobs in NYC. We NEED Michael and Nina back.

You guys are just not pulling any punches this morning! Urgh... I have to say NY with Nina & Michael. Every time I see someone different in the judges chair, especially that useless Marie Claire editor, I want to scream at my TV.

The show was so much better when it was based in the city and I'm not just saying it because I'm from here.

On that note, if I see another Hollywood challenge, I'm gonna scream. More postal worker uniform challenges, less make a pretty dress challenges, please.

I'd rather have Nina and Michael than Heidi. I'd rather have two guest judges than three; at least with two, Nina and Michael wouldn't be outnumbered. The less guest judges the better at this point!! Besides, I really, really miss Nina being bitchy.

My partner and I often disagree about the winners and the "auf"ing, but we are of one mind on this topic -- bring back Michael and Nina. I'm sorry Heidi, but they are sorely missed this season. I can't stand the new revolving door of judges!

As much as I love Heidi, it's definitely better to be in New York. I need my Duchess back!

[cheated and copied my answer from Sean at #1]

Absolutely New York. But for me, not just because of Nina and Michael, but because the pace of NY helps make the show. I've been bored to tears by this season, and LA is a lot of why.

I'm sorry Heidi but you're OUT!

The Duchess Kors and her Lady in Waiting, La Nina. I can live without the Teutonic Mrs. Seal. At this point the only thing keeping me interested in the show is your blog.

As much as everyone loves pregnant women in short, shiny dresses, there is no contest that Nina & Kors are severely missed.

Huge mistake to take the show to LA so that Heidi can take her kids to the park.

BuhBye Hedi.
The show is suffering without Nina and Kors AND New York.

"Move it back to NYC and bring back Nina and Michael. I doubt Heidi would really leave the show-- this show has made her a household name more so than her modeling career did."

agreed all the way around.

i am just finding that marie claire judge who's name i can't remember, but looks like that other chick who tries to make the dresses, and dissed ariana this week, totally unforgetable. and b.o.r.i.n.g.

move it back to ny...bring back micheal and nina. heidi isn't going anywhere. she knows how her bread is buttered.


Out of all elements, I think that New York is the most important factor, not the Duchess, La Nina of Heidi. But, it would be nice if we could have them all.
LA just doesn't do it.

If Tim were in question I would say move the show to Antarctica if that's where he needs to be! But Heidi isn't that important. I think she's great and brings a well-rounded opinion to judging, but the show is clearly suffering from being in LA. Nobody cares what Linday Lohan thinks about fashion. The replacement judges have been awful. At least in NY we could have Fern.

For me, it's a continuity issue. We can get used to anyone after awhile, provided they're authentic and they are there week after week.

That way, designers know what to expect. If you have a totally different panel of judges each week, it's too jarring and disorienting for viewers and contestants.

So if you're going to do it in LA and Michael and Nina can't be there, get a new Michael and Nina. None of this revolving door, round robin, judge'o the week crap.

I just need to hear the words 'insane crotch' at least once per season to be happy with it.

Now, I love Heidi and would never want to lose her, but I'd rather it be in NYC with Duchess and Nina. The show misses a spark without them. There's no real drama with the competitors. The sniping from the judges just seems cold and calculated. And seeing PR be successful in Canada (with Iman) and Australia (with Kristy Hinze) shows that the host really isn't that critical to the show's success.

But we'd have to replace Heidi with a huge star. And frankly, there are few people with her star power out there. Although having Linda Evangelista guest-host an episode might just make my little gay brain explode.

Besides, I thought that Season 7 was being filmed in NYC, or am I wrong?

I think if the focus of this show is fashion, well, then that decides the issue - New York, no question. In this country, New York is the heart of the American fashion scene.

The creativity of the challenges that make this show so special have been, ah, lacking more than a bit since the move to LA.

I also think that there is a need for consistency - and having at least two of the same three/four judges fairly stable is a good thing. The show this season has suffered from the continuing revolving door of judges, some good, most eh, and a few outright awful.

I suspect our beloved Mr. Gunn would probably be much happier as well in NYC.

so, yes, my vote is with a return to NYC - and stay there, please.


I'm sorry Heidi, but you're OUT! Clean out your desk at the work room. Or let's pack up PR, out of el lay, back to NYC, with Michael and Nina as the welcoming committee.

what the hell is going on with this season-long challenge of nothing but Hollywood???

OK. I've read this blog for years and have never posted. I was wondering if it was just me who watched each week and eagerly awaited the runway show to see if Nina and the Duchess were where they belonged. Each week I am disappointed. The show is not the same without them and I do not know if I will bother watching next season if the scheduling conflicts cannot be resolved. Heidi- love you on the show, but let's face it, you are not essential.

New York. Duchess. Nina. No. Question.

Nina & Michael are way more interesting than Heidi.

The show isn't the same without Michael and Nina. One of them has to be there for every challenge. Heidi's voice (or taste) isn't strong enough to lead the panel.

Without even thinking about it, drop Heidi. She doesn't add much to the show other than looks, her fashion critique's are typically WAY off..

I personally dislike NYC but the show needs to return there, where The Duchess, La Nina and so many other fashion insiders are more available. There may be some relevant industry in LA, but the days of Hollywood costume designers setting the trends are pretty much over. The fashion action is really all in NYC and that's where this show needs to be.

Anonymous Ouizee said...

Out of all elements, I think that New York is the most important factor, not the Duchess, La Nina of Heidi. But, it would be nice if we could have them all.
LA just doesn't do it

ITA with this. New York has more sophisticated star power than Los Angeles. And of course, the Duchess and La Nina bring something to the show that no guest judge has been able to match.

However, with Heidi as a producer, I see no possibility of giving her the auf.

The show isn't the same without NY. I could care less about Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and the likes.

The problem is that the replacements suck. Especially in Nina's case. A shoppinge ditor is no match to the head of fashion....

The show (and viewers) is definitely suffering without Nina and Michael. Heidi is expendable.

Usually, I am in general agreement with the judges when Nina and Michael are in residence (except for that neoprene dress weirdness) . These guest judges have been all over the place. For the sake of the designers, I think we need Nina and Michael back.

Heidi is Out. Michael, Nina, and a Tim Gunn who's more comfortable in his element are In.

One day you're in, and the next day you're out.

Auf Heidi.

And LA.

The NY vibes--and the Gunn and the dynamic duo--are non-negotiable.

Yes, Heidi has a lot of personality and she's a great host, but she could so easily be replaced by Iman or a number of other supermodels, possibly with a small loss of quality on the show.
Nina and Michael are each one of a kind, and the show is so boring without them! No one has opinions like theirs, and it sucks that they're gone for so long, because Heidi is the only judge who is watching the designers' progress throughout the competition.

Heidi would be less than missed; it'd be a celebration. She can't judge for shit, even in comparison to Michael and Nina's constant "matronly," "M.O.B." and "chic" jargon. In fact, the judging as of late has been my huge problem with this season as opposed to having a lackluster cast.

Think this is just a moot point. This season got jerked around because of all of the legal action. I would bet that for season 7 Heidi did exactly what someone suggested, film it in NYC while the kids are out of school.

I prefer NYC because you have great guest judges for the most part. As much as I love the Duchess & La Nina, as long as they have the same judges from week to week it could (mind you, I said could) be ok. When the Fab Two are not there, everyone tries to get in a dig at the designers just to get their face on camera. Most of their criticisms have been way off the point and not consistant. If they would move to LA permanantly, God I hope not, get new permanent judges that would be consistant. The Fab Two think of the fashion, not face time.


Heidi is great and a good host but there is a big hole w/o Nina and Michael.

MOVE BACK TO N.Y. with Nina & Kors!

IMHO the problem has not been a lack of Nina and Kors but the QUALITY of the guest judges and the QUALITY of the challenges. Where was Bob Mackie? Where was Sue Wong? Where was Richard Tyler? Where is Posh? These are all LA based designers.

The quality of the challenges has sucked because the directions/stipulations to the designers have not been clear. I would bet the directions/stipulations to the guest judges have not been clear either.


Goodbye Heidi. She is easily replaceable. Kors and Nina have always been the REAL judges of Project Runway, and Heidi often just defers to them anyway. The new LA centric judges have so far proven to be totally lacking. Worse than the Fashion Show, in my opinion.

But who could possibly be the new host of Project Runway?
Diane Von Furstenberg.

I love Heidi, but the show belongs in NYC - and we desperately need The Duchess and La Nina back to stay. Ideally, I want all three of them, but, if I had to choose, no choice but NYC, MK, and NG. And, as others have said, more "real" challenges, less pretty dresses pleeeeeeeeease!

New York, Nina and Michael. If Heidi doesn't want to go back to New York, see if Iman is available. She was fabulous on PR Canada.

Heidi is okay but if I had to choose I would take Nina and Michael.

I love Zoe but she's not Nina Garcia. We need a judge who can put those bitches in their places. I have a lot of respect for Michael, he's always fair. We need both, and if we have to, just replace the Barbie.

I hope it is a moot point,and that next season all is back to normal with Heidi, Tim, Nina and MK back in NY.

If not, I won't be watching.

SUCH a hard choice, but I'd have to take Michael and Nina over Heidi. She gives useful critique sometimes, but it's really Nina and Michael who are the core of the 'judging' team. Besides, what are the chances of Heidi leaving the show anyway? And as rich as she and Seal are, they can afford a 'humble'*ahem* apartment in the city for the month it takes to film a season. The show is already suffering in LA. Look at the guest judges so far. Almost every one has been a celebrity. We NEED Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, DVF etc there to smack these young, mouthy designers down a few notches. AND IF ITS IN LA WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF SEEING LAURA AS A GUEST JUDGE? ZERO!

Besides, they can just replace Heidi with Tyra! Everyone knows she's a great judge! And Runway could use some crazy weaves and Tyra-ids! SMILE WITH YOUR EYES. FIERCE.

This begs the question, who would be chosen to replace Frau Seal? Would they choose a familiar face in modeling like Linda Evangelista, Shalom Harlow, Nadja Auermann or Amber Valletta? Or maybe one of the newer girls like Lily Donaldson, Jessica Stam, Devon Aoki or Crystal Renn?

Anonymous said...

Think this is just a moot point. This season got jerked around because of all of the legal action. I would bet that for season 7 Heidi did exactly what someone suggested, film it in NYC while the kids are out of school.

Yes, but didn't Heidi say that the show was going to be one season in LA one season in NY? I remember reading that somewhere.

New York/Nina/Michael, hands down. Despite her status as executive producer, Heidi is replaceable.

I think it's a few things happening at once;
1) The show was gone longer than usual because of the lawsuit.
2)We didn't expect Nina & Michael to be gone this much.
3)The idea that certain auf'ings/winners may have happened differently if they were there.

I'd vote Heidi, but I'm missing Nina and Michael terribly.

One of my complaints for past seasons was that PR had a judges panel that didn't rotate in and out, that the judges seemed to judge the designers entry based on body of work as the competition went on as opposed to solely what was presented on the runway for that challenge. We've seen it time and time again, that a guest judge threw the show and production a curve when they raved over an entry/designer that the rest of the show wanted to auf. So at first while I missed the catty comments of the Duchess and La Nina (if I don't hear at least one Bea Arther reference from the Duchess each season I get mopey)I thought that rotating judges might be more fair to the designers. Now, not so much. I think it has more to do with the judges that are available in LA than if the show was back in NY.

Until LaNina and the Duchess were MIA, I never realized how much I would miss both of them. I might not agree with LaNina on many occasions but I had absolute faith in her experience and talent. Heidi you could replace with just about anyone and I wouldn't miss her. If this had been the set up for Season 1, the show would have stopped right there. The lack of coherent judging and believability has caused me to not care anymore about this show. Plus, stupid ass challenges don't help either. Even the Fashion Show wasn't this bad sometimes.

Bring Iman... the bitch can host AND judge.

I'm so bored by this season. The contestants aren't fun, the challenges are lame and the guest judges get on my nerves. That one curly haired bitchy bitch...whatever her name is.... needed to be slapped. When everything else is wrong, I'd at least like to have The Duchess and Nina to look forward to.If getting back the old spirit of the show would mean getting rid of Heidi, then I'd be fine if she was gone.

I actually forgot to watch it this week. I wasn't even thinking about it until I saw it on my DVR. That's bad!

I had posted this on the LA Time article itself. But the problem was the rushed schedule in order for the finalist to make Bryant park this past february.

The problem isn't LA itself. The problem was rushing this season into production. They even announced last year Micheal and Nina would not be around as much owing to scheduling conflicts. This happened before in S3 when Kors missed a few episodes.

This was a result of poor planning on the Weinsteins part. You dont film this show during Sep or Feb unless it's at Bryant Park. You combine that with trying to do 3 seasons of the show in 13 months with all the legal drama and you're asking for trouble.

Now that things have settled down so hopefully they will film the LA seasons during Jan or Mar so we have fewer conflicts.

Personally I can't do without any of them. They all play their parts and are vital for the total experience. As fierce as Iman is, Heidi would still be a better foil to Nina and the Duchess

all 4 are need for the show


Nina and Michael. And Tim, of course.

Screw Heidi! The only thing she contributes to the show is her accent.

With these 50 million different judges, these designers are getting mixed signals about their work. Nina and Michael tell it how it is always and their comments ensure that the designers really grow. In my opinion they've always been the best judges to have. I don't think the designers can handle having 3 new people each week to tell them something different then the judges the week before. They don't really know whether they're doing a good job or not. Nina and Michael are, as everyone has said, consistent. And the thing is, Heidi is replaceable. It's not like this is Tim Gunn we're talking about here. She's got some good comments sometimes but honestly, most of the time I feel like she's giving the "I'd buy that" critique and the designers don't need just that. I can live without Heidi. So I'd take Nina and Michael and NY.

hmm, want Michael...don't care as much about Nina...and I like Heidi (more so on GNTM!)...but we need NYC back.

Oh, my.

I have further research to do. Starting with:

How long does it take to film a season, from the contestants' arrival (or the first challenge) to the elimination that determines who'll show their collections?

Auf Wiedersehen Heidi!

As much as I love our favorite german milkmaid, it's three against one. Nina, Michael, and New York City v. Heidi.

I say Nina and the Duchess in New York with Iman taking over Heidi's duties. I would love, love, love to see Iman with the two of them.

To me, one of the pleasures of Project Runway was watching the "relationships" grow between the judges and the designers who went the distance. Even through hilarious or deadly honest comments, you could get a sense that the judges cared about bringing out the best in each designer, and you could often see a designer grow as a result. I think that has been lost this season with the lack of continuity. Even if everything else was equal, 2/3 beats 1/3. If it's not already clear, New York!

Not to mention the fact that most of their awesome judges (designers, Fern - though she's involved with TFS now so who knows about her, etc) are based in New York and LA has um...Lindsey Lohan?

Nina, Michael, and Tim win over Heidi.

I like Heidi, but guest judges don't work well. I'd rather see a guest host.

As much as I enjoy Heidi as a hostess, nothing compares to the bitchery and SPOT ON judging from MK. I adore him. He was my favorite part of the judging panel. And often, the only one that seems to know what he's talking about. Heidi really has been a terrible judge over the years. I care about what the Duchess says! I choose NY based with no Heidi. It wasn't even a tough decision. PR in LA is almost unwatchable.

Personally I can't do without any of them. They all play their parts and are vital for the total experience. As fierce as Iman is, Heidi would still be a better foil to Nina and the Duchess

all 4 are need for the show

ITA I think it's the combo of Nina, Michael, Heidi & Tim that make this show work. Going too long with any of them makes the show seem off kilter.

My biggest complaint for this season are the challenges are boring. As flawed as this past one was, it was at least more interesting than the 15 variations of make a pretty dress. (newspaper challenges excluded)

Yes, but didn't Heidi say that the show was going to be one season in LA one season in NY? I remember reading that somewhere.

Indeed, Season 7 is back in NYC. However, I'm not happy with the idea of alternating LA and NYC each season. NYC is the only home for PR.

NYC with Nina and Michael. Always.

take my daughter! Er... I mean take Heidi!


Really, it's NO contest. Heidi's eminently replaceable.

No contest. NY with Nina and Michael.

Now, if you'd asked us to choose between Nina/Michael and Tim Gunn...

Well, considering Heidi is an executive producer, I doubt she's going anywhere. And I watched the Canadian version with Iman and didn't like her at all.

I think Heidi's contribution is important to the show but Michael and Nina are completely irreplaceable. I haven't seen anyone approach judging with the same amount of intelligence and entertainment as these two.

If you want to replace Heidi with someone else who likes short and shiny, Posh is your answer.

Or, you can always offer it to Anna Wintour. Maybe she needs a challenge.

What's really driving me nuts is that they've BOTH been gone for the bulk of the season. I wish they could've at least sorted out some way to arrange their schedules so that at least one of them was there in each episode.

I also think that their absence has really played into the inconsistent and often WTF-ish judging.

And finally, I think that Heidi has REALLY awful taste, and that has been left untethered by their firm guidance this season, resulting in some tacky-ass garments being praised.

So: if they're going to sell this as a legitimate fashion competition, they need Kors and Nina, or two people with their level of experience who can be there consistently.

If they're fine with it being a rather trainwrecky reality show with judging criteria that's inconsistent at best and nonsensical or non-existent most of the time, then sticking with Heidi is definitely the way to go.

I could learn to live without Nina and Michael, if they had a strong, consistent set of replacements. I'm sure there are funny, snarky people in LA we could learn to love. Consistency it what's missing most here.

I don't know what all Heidi brings to the show - it may be her best work is behind the scenes, setting up the challenges and knowing from a model standpoint what ideas will work.

However, what I see from Heidi every week is a gorgeous, fun woman who says the same script every. single. show. "Recite along with Heidi" is kind of a joke in our house. And it seems that would be replaceable.

I refuse to choose. The truth is they all need one another. Heidi brought Nina and the Duchess out of their shells (if not, in Nina's case, out of obscurity) and made them TV stars. Don't kid yourselves about how much this enhanced their careers (Kors in particular has been pretty open about this. In Nina's case, it brought Anne Slowey's jealousy to a boil, but she landed fine, under her own star power, and Slowey has all but disappeared). And Kors and Nina's thoughtfulness made Heidi more thoughtful as well. I do prefer the NY setting, because of the intellectual quality of the fashion life there. It's about design, not red carpet, and so the challenges and the work are more interesting.

I really would have liked to have seen this season there because, you know, most of these designers are pretty okay. There were a few train wrecks, they left quickly, and there is a core of some real intriguing folks left. Not saying there isn't still a range of talent, but every one of these people deserves the spot they occupy on the show. I fully suspect that results would be different with more judges who see fashion as art rather than as a means to making a starlet look good.

Sorry, Heidi. I'd pick Michael and Nina any day.

Obvi it's Michael and Nina over Heidi. Maybe the judging wouldn't be so wack if they were there. It's better to have people on the panel who have a lot of experience in the field, week after week, than switching up the most knowledgeable judges every time. Also, NYC > LA - this show calls for the hustle and bustle of NYC.

I agree with a lot of other people that the lack in consistancy of judges and the lack of GOOD judges really brings their absence to the front. If they had good replacements (like Bravo used to get Fern) then maybe we wouldn't miss them so much. But the lack of interesting challenges, which is pretty much inexcusable since there are so many things to inspire in LA besides Hollywood, has just made the location and the judging horrible and the show boring to watch.

By having the show in LA Heidi is the only one benefiting. It makes Tim's job at Liz Claiborne harder and Nina and Michael can't come judge AT ALL because they picked a horrible time to film. Is it really that hard to film in the summer in NYC so everyone is happy? Her kids are out of school, and we can have consistent, hilarious, interesting judging every week and get guest judges who know a little something about fashion, besides what they wear on red carpets, to fill in when they can't judge.

If it really is a matter of losing Heidi, I'm sure she could still remain as exec producer and not host. Much easier to find a new host that new judges. I dunno like say Claudia Schiffer who is also blonde and German so we can still keep the 'auf' and the fun accents?

NYC + Nina and Duchess FTW

Let's just compare this situation to another reality show, shall we? If American Idol decided to get rid of their most coherent and honest judge, Simon, the world would collectively lose it. Just look at what they did when Paula left, and her contributions (or lack there of) could be argued up and down. Our "Simon" (Michael + Nina) is a key element here. I don't know why PR thinks they are above the formula that not only worked but helped them be a success, and I'm a little insulted as a super-fan of the show.

Bottom line: Move it to NYC and lose Heidi if necessary!

Hey... I was wondering the other night: doesn't Parsons School have a West coast branch? Why isn't the show filmed there-- not close enough to Heidi's children?

I think the guest judges, especially the celebrities, is more a function of Bunim-Murray than the show being in LA.

They created The Real World, so they like the bright shiny but utterly shallow object and they are probably as integral in the "make a pretty dress" challenges as anyone.

But the show belongs in NY. Michael, Nina or not, I agree with the above poster that the city is the lynchpin for the series.

And if it really is a Sophie's Choice, ditch Heidi for Paulina Porizkova. She's NY- based, looking for a job, has a fantastic Eastern-European accent, is smart and has a charmingly direct personality.

I agree with wannabe -- I want the three of them. But the show is definitely not the same without Michael and Nina -- they're funny, yes, but it's the authority they bring to their critiques that elevates the show. Heidi's going to take a beating here, but the show works best when they're a trifecta, with a super-great guest judge (paging DVF).

This series of guest judges has been disappointing -- sort of random, boring ... or reality TV-ish, like talking heads on VH1 or something.


This show is NOT the same this season without those two. If LA can't attract the big guns, then why is it set in LA, again??? If it's Lifetime's fault, then I hate Lifetime. It bought and ruined my favorite TV show.

I've heard that fashion-industry insiders refer to Claudia Schiffer as "Claudia Schifferbrains"-- she may not be the ideal replacement.


Auf Wiedersehen Heidi.

She may be the face of the show but Nina and Michael make the show. After suferfing through the "Fashion Show" and watching the revolving door of judges this season, I've really come to appreciate how important the judges are, and Nina and the Duchess in particular.

The producers needed to find a way to work with Nina and Michael they are stars of the show in their own right. Not just anybody can fill a judges seat and be worthwhile TV.

Combined with the lackluster challenges the move to LA has been a disaster.

I say auf Heidi. She basically says the same thing every week:
-For this week's challenge, (read cue card)!
-See you on the Runway!
-As you know if fashion, one day you're in, the next day your OUT!
-Let's meet the Judges!
-Let's start the show!
-Let's talk about the ones we like
-Let's talk about the ones we didn't like AS MUCH
-If I have called your name, congratulations!
-It looked cheap/vulgar/boring
-It looked chic/expensive/I'd wear that!
-I'm sorry, that means you're out
-Auf Wiedershien!
-*peck, peck*

What if Diane VF were to replace Mr. Kors and it remained in Los Angeles? I've been enjoying the season so far, because it *has* had a different non-NY focus which 90% of the rest of the country just simply doesn't get all that cashmere, boots and layering. Uli and her Miami vibe were put down as being mere "cruise-wear" but any place where the temp's are consistently over 70 degrees is *not* going to be a comfortable place to live if NY fashionista's insist that you poke yourself into coats and shawls and leather.

I think Tim is the real star and any show that he is part of I'll watch.

Definitely Michael, Nina and NY. I doubt very highly that Heidi wouldn't show up. This is her showcase. But, if she chose to leave the show, there are other people in NY who could credibly host this show. I enjoy Heidi and would miss her but not as much as I miss Michael, Nina and NY.

Is it just a coincidence that the challenges absolutely stink since they moved to LA? The newspaper challenge was the only one that was really fun. Even this week's, which really had potential, they couldn't decide if they were designing a movie costume or a genre inspired look.......very different things. I was so looking forward to the show being back on the air (and I AM glad it wasn't cancelled!) but this season has been really disappointing for a lot of reasons.

Frank, you summed it up nicely.

Thank you.

Just adding my vote for NYC, Nina, and the Duchess. And if placing the show in LA ever meant losing Tim Gunn, I'd vote to get rid of everyone in order to keep him. Heidi may think she owns this show, but Tim Gunn is its heart and soul.

I realize that change is hard and we always want something we've loved for years to stay the same, but this year's show is suffering from a lack of NY energy and a judging panel that has often been annoying and crack-headed. I'm speaking, of course, of the Lohan creature and the Mall Hair stylist. And Heidi's having too much control over the judging. Which is a bad, bad thing.

I have never been that impressed with Heidi as a host. She doesn't keep the judging on point as to the challenge, she judges too much based on what she would wear herself, and she no longer does much with the show but voice overs and the judging (and sending the designers to Tim to outline the challenge).
But I learn from Nina and Micheal's comments. There's more depth of fashion knowledge with them than Heidi.
I really don't understand choosing to make the move that only helps one of four, inconveniences the other three and changes a popular show for the four.
Sorry, Heidi.

What's really been missing these past couple of episodes from PR is good critiquing from the guest judges. They say some of the most duh, vague and banal things about the clothes. Duchess and la Nina are just too good to lose. If they could at least bring their A game (the guest commentary) then maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have Michael and Nina a third of the time. Maaaaybe.
But Heidi's a producer, so she's never going anywhere. And they did the show from NYC for awhile, so I would think she had been making it work on some level. *sigh*

Heidi: didn't she pitch the show originally to Weinstein and doesn't she own a piece of it? I would hope he owns more of it and could move it.

Challenges: Does anyone else remember an interview a couple of weeks ago where (maybe Tim?) said that because of the ongoing litigation they had to refocus a large number of challenges away from Disney tieins that they had planned?

Fabrics: I don't see the exciting choices that we have seen so often come out of Mood NYC.

Finally: I, too, think Nina and the Duchess are an important part of the show because of their knowledge and the continuity that they bestow.

Post Script: please let the Fashion Show cease to exist so Ferm Mallis might be available for PR.

I love Heidi for her little quirks and her overall personality - but if I had to choose either her or Kors & Nina, well, sorry Heidi! She's fine as a *host* but as a judge, without the strong and knowledgeable opinions of Nina & Kors, she can't hold a candle.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

My name is Nina. Hear me roar!!!

I vote NYC with Nina and the Duchess. I miss the orange one.


Just keep the show in NY and tell Heidi she needs to be there. Period.

This is the way it is. PR S6 is like The X-Files after they moved to LA for filming. Still watchable but the new location changed the feel of the show and the show is populated with new people to make up for absent stars.

I love Heidi but without Nina and the Duchess, the chemistry is all wrong.

New York with Nina and the Duchess! Anyone could do Heidi's job.

This show IS Heidi and Tim. I love the judging by Nina and the Duchess, but if there were two other high-powered judges who were there every week (Diane von F and Isaac Mizrahi, for example).... If Heidi left, it just wouldn't feel like Project Runway.

I really like Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, but I don't understand the "it's awful without them, the show's boring" etc.

I like to see what people can make in ridiculous time constraints. Sometimes it's fabulous, sometimes it's a hot mess. Maybe that's why who judges is a bit superfluous for me. The entertainment is in the clothes.

That said, I don't think PR should be in LA again. It doesn't fit what the show is about.

Heidi is one person, I don't think they necessarily moved just for her, but also wanted to switch it up.

Doesn't Heidi also host Germany's Next Top Model? If she can do that, she can goto New York for a month and film for a month.

I think people would miss Heidi as much Nina and Kors. We are used to a certain host just as we are used to certain judges. In general people don't like change.

I think a lot of the guest judges have had good comments, but this show belongs in New York.

Heidi should be the one that compromises imo so if it's new york or her, I'd pick New York. However, that's never going to be a dilemma.

The problem for me isn't missing Nina and MK, nearly as much as the snooze-fest judges which have occupied their chairs.

What I am hearing is there isn't one bitchy fashionista and one queen with wit in LA??? Seriously?

The show was better in New York, but I think it has more to do with a different editing style and different contestants??

Auf LA. The wrong city and the rotating judges have made this season less than it could be.

More than Heidi or Nina and the Duchess, I think it's more an issue with rotating judges and judges with less experience/cachet in PR than it is just Heidi alone although she is part of the problem because she doesn't realize short and shiny alone should not make a PR winner.

I don't care that much who the judges are as long as it's the same 3 judges for 90% of the show AND the show is in NYC.

The lack of consistent good judges shows in the the winners where quality doesn't seem to be taken into account this season. I don't have an issue with this season's "auf'ings" although I think that has more to do with the producers. Bravo's producers seemed to like to keep the ghastly just for the drama.

Ok, so my long essay answer is auf LA and if Heidi goes with LA, so be it.

***And Lifetime, if you insist on LA, then do LA right, have 3 consistent judges, use real LA materials (no faux Mood), embrace real LA-style far, we've had faux LA.

Do you remember the movie "Singing in the Rain"? Lena Lamont, a beautiful but taste-challenged star, wanted to take over a movie studio. PR season 6 shows us the sort of stuff that might have been created if Lena had had her way.

My vote: Keep Michael, Keep Nina, Keep Tim, Dump Lena.

Nina and Michael in New York. Heidi has become associated with the show, but while it would be strange without her, we wouldn't actually lose anything. With Nina and Michael gone we lose experienced, informed, and entertaining critiques.

I'm sorry, was this supposed to be hard?

I'd say do whatever it takes to stop the constant guest judging. If that means move back to NY and lose Heidi, fine, Changing the shoot schedule to accomodate Heidi, great, that works for me. But for the Love of God Please bring back Nina and Michael full time!!!!! The constant guest judges plus that Marie Claire chick, who I can't stand most of all, make the judging panel into a snarky bitch fest which is more akin to the High School Mean Girls than actual constructive criticism. I mean, Nina and Michael can be mean and bitchy as well, but at least they make sense and know what they are talking about!

Stay in NYC, keep Michael and Nina and hire Iman away from PR Canada! Can't you just see her and Nina sparring on the runway? Fabulous!

Claudia Schifferbrains?! I damn near spit my coffee on the screen!!

I love them all, and don't feel like I should have to choose. But the show was significantly better with Michael and Nina. I don't care whether the show is in NY or LA, but I can't stand the new judges and I really just want to see Michael and Nina as regular judges! Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

Dump Heidi. Her voice is nails on a chalboard. Did you ever hear her do the intro for the Models of the Runway?? It could shatter glass.
Besides the best Project Runway host is Iman....period, the end. There is no comparison.
There is most definitely TOO MUCH missing for me as a viewer from day one without Kors and Garcia.
Although I wouldn't mind a guest appearance by former contestants as judges. I think they "get it" more than anyone.

@JulieTheVintageGoddess is exactly right. The show suffers without the Duchess, Nina AND New York. Come back to the East Coast!

This season is the worst PR season in the show's history. You know it's bad if you look forward to PR marathons of past seasons more than you want to watch this current one. At this point, I don't give a rat's ear who wins.

The perfect scenario for me would be Iman as hostess, the Duchess, La Nina, Tim and NEW YORK CITY!!!

Call me a snob but I still believe New York = Fashion.... I miss the consistency in judging especially after episode 6. Besides it was much easier for TLo to take the train to NYC for the inside scoops and parties.

I get that Michael and Nina have other jobs and they're not always able to make it, but this is ridiculous. I think both of them owe a lot to the show, and it should be a priority to be there. (In that way, I have to respect Heidi for never missing an episode.) So I'm not choosing. They should all be there.

I love Heidi and can't imagine the show without her, however, the show needs to move back to NY permanently. Besides, that's the only way we can have Michael and Nina all the time.

BBBBUUUTTTT Heidi has improved as a judge...I want my cake and it it too!

PR without Michael and Nina = BORING.

Iman would be very interesting to see interact with Nina and Michael because she's such a strong personality.

On Project Runway Canada, her 'foils' are a Canadian (which means, they're polite or ineffectually offensive in the nicest way). She just rolls over them as suavely as she rolls her 'r's. She's a big fish in a small bowl.

On the other hand, she'd be a big fish with other big fish on Project Runway and that could either work or not.

But I'd love to see it try.

I just don't particularly like LA as a setting for the show. The 'environmental vibe' is off. There's no spark that you feel instantly when you're in New York.

Heidi wants to keep making money on the show? She can - by ditching this stupid LA switch. Anyway, aren't most of her kids under Grade 1 school age, anyway? Drag 'em all to NY for a month.

We've had plenty of evidence that the show isn't the same without Nina and The Duchess. Big mistake moving the show to LA.

New York is the US capital of fashion. Enough said.

See, I don't like Iman. She's very rude to the designers. There's a difference between being rude and catty.


Gahh. Heidi is so gorgeous and such fun as a host, that I'm torn...

In reality, though, we need Michael and Nina back. With all the guest judges, Heidi holds too much power, and then things that are well made and cute but jut not to her taste end up getting called out on the runway, which is crap.

Go back to NYC, and get Nina and Michael back!! Heidi can suck it up and move for a month. It's only a month, woman!

No one can top La Nina and Princess Kors.

i'm really mostly watching PR now for this blog. i get all eager for the saturday morning posts on lifetime's website, then i impatiently wait for the (dull, and misjudged) show to end so I can run over here and see what y'all think.

Bye, Heidi. You're just a pretty face and a nice body, not much more. This is the life of a model. A pretty face and a nice body can be found in any number of people who can be taught to read cue cards.

The "replacement" Nina, that zoe glassner person, is really just dreadful. she has no authority as a judge, and her remarks are petty, calculatedly nasty, and thoroughly unconstructive.

And continuity, as others have pointed out here, is absolutely key, key, key. if Nina and the Duchess couldn't make most episodes' filming, then they should have either reordered filming schedule (near-impossibility) OR found other judges who would be consistently there. but real judges, not that dipshit from marie claire. Or that rude bitchy woman with the long horse-face from a couple of weeks ago.

No Nina, no Tlo screecap :(

I wouldn't have known how much I would miss the Michael/Nina presence without having a season with so little of them... and, I imagine the same would be true in a season with minimal Heidi.

I want all three! They all have wonderful contributions to make to PR.

kittens not kids said...

i'm really mostly watching PR now for this blog. i

AMEN, SISTER!!! Same here.

Puh leeze. No contest. Nina and the Duchess ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I can fill in Heidi's only comments "Looks expensive," or "Looks home sewn" for myself.


We need all of them: Nina, Michael, Heidi and NY. Fuck, LA!

This season has been super boring so far, mostly because Michael and Nina are MIA -- but also because the LA setting is boring. The problem with centering the show around LA culture rather than New York (make a film costume, make a red carpet dress, etc.) is there are already like 500 shows on TV that are obsessed with Hollywood stardom. Do we really need to turn PR into another?

You can watch shows about red carpet dresses and the latest hot starlet 24/7 on one network or another. What makes (er, made :() PR special is that it is (was) focused on a professional competition, with giants from the industry as judges. Random TV actresses and LA stylists are no substitute for the wit and personality of Michael and Nina.

I would choose New York, no question -- not just because I miss Michael and Nina (but that's HUGE) but also because the new location has been a downgrade in every other way as well.

It was worth a try as an experiment, but it failed.

Let's see...
Heidi in LA.
Or Michael & Nina in NY.


I always felt that when Michael and/or Nina isn't there the judging isn't the same. Most of the time, the guest judges are clueless. Jennifer Rade getting moist over Logan's pants? Hello???

Iman has a terrifying Bela Lugosi vibe about her. David Bowie's a brave man.

Darlings, without Nina we won't have THIS!

monandb, you left out, 'I work for Victoria's Secret, so the boobs are very important. The boobs aren't right there."

I vote strongly for Michael and Nina. The contestants learn from them. These rotating judgelettes don't have a grasp of the designers' overall performance and personality. Some of them have been truly inadequate (that one starlet who spoke barely a word comes to mind; I don't even know who she is).

Iman is a better host than Heidi; she gives more guidance, is smarter, and has thoughtful criticism, as opposed to "I would wear that one" or "The boobs aren't right."

the Drunken Housewife said...

monandb, you left out, 'I work for Victoria's Secret, so the boobs are very important. The boobs aren't right there."

I know, right? My eyes rolled back in my head at just that one sentence.

I love, love, love the Paulina idea. She seems like a perfect match.

Nina and Michael. Without them the designers aren't growing. The guest judges don't see them enough to call them on their shit like Nina and Michael. Louise will keep doing that same flapper dress and nobody will call her on it because they don't know that's all she does.

Many of the guest judges have sucked, like that editor from Marie Claire. She's useless and obviously they don't miss her at the magazine.

Bettie said...

Darlings, without Nina we won't have THIS!

Best TLo's NeenaGarciaFashionEditor screencap EVER!

I would be sad to lose any of them. Part of the magic is the dynamic of all the different personalities: Tim/Heidi/Michael/Nina. I'm not sure why they thought the judges would be interchangeable. The new people are either boring or trying too hard to stand out amongst all the new faces, so they chew the scenery. Not only that, but it has made the judging wildly inconsistent and unsatisfying -- people alternately winning or being sent home for the exact same reasons.

Say what you will about the Duchess and La Nina, they give the competition some much-needed consistency. Right now the winner and loser each week almost feel like the luck of the draw, based on who lucked out by having some random person change the judging dynamic.

Bring back NY and the fabulous judges. I'm surprised at how much I miss Nina... And I happen to like that the designers can grow and evolve thanks to ongoing feedback from the same people. Better opportunity for them.

I love that they pretend people walk to get around in LA, too. "Hey, let's go to the L.A. Times building!" and there they are, walking up the sidewalk. How quaint. You know they pile into vans and drive to each location! Just ain't the same energy as New York, and they're trying too hard to replicate it.

Buh-bye Heidi...


LA will never be New York! The show must be in NY without a doubt.

i agree with whoever says bring Iman..she definitely is an amazing host. but to answer the question, i wouldn't mind the show without heidi. but it's her show and she'll never not be a part of it. i think lifetime needs to stop kissing her butt and stay in NY.

Not too much of a choice for me, I would rather have Michael and Nina than Heidi anyday.

I think alot of the poor quality work we have seen on this show is a result of critiquing that hasn't been up to par.

I'm sorry, but i'm still missing the Magical Elves.
...and they have always been LA-based, please stop bashing LA for the junk Bunin/Murray has done to our show. The Elves would never have let Nina and Michael disappear from our screens so long.

Someone is deluded if they think Heidi makes or breaks the show. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy her along with the other regulars, but Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are what elevate the show above other reality dreck and make it about something. The show shouldn't revolve around Heidi and her wishes.

Bottom line is, the show isn't the same in Los Angeles; no need to get rid of Heidi. just make sure she packs her 25 kids and 55 nannies and heads to NY every season.

I would rather have Nina and Michael, but since Heidi's a producer, I get the sense that wouldn't happen. She's a good host, but when it comes to judging (the important part), we can get along without her. These past few episodes have shown we can't get along as well without the NY set.

I love LA but I don't love this mess. Nina, Michael, Tim and NYC are the critical ingredients to making the show work. Heidi needs to figure out if the show is important enough to spend some time on the East Coast or not. If it isn't, then she will make a fine producer at a distance, and the show can get a new host/judge. Heidi can be a guest judge when she wants.

Sorry if I came across as bashing LA. I live in California and don't hate LA, but it's just a completely wrong setting for this particular show.

I do agree that a lot of the problem is Bunim/Murray. They go to laughable lengths to try to edit each episode into a complete "story" rather than just showing us what happened each week. That's the real reason "Models" has gotten really boring as well, because they try too hard to create a plot with a beginning, middle and end. PR 1-5 was entertaining not because it was a forced dramatic narrative, but because it provided insight into the real competition. I don't care about watching a plot each week. ("Will Johnny get his comeuppance for telling the BIGGEST LIE EVER?" "Will the Model Dream Team be disbanded?" Stay tuned!)

They are trying too hard to force the drama in situations that are obviously NOT as dramatic as the edit. (i.e., all the models hate Mitchell one week and then all praise him the next, building rivalries suddenly vanish the next week, etc.)

I think that as long as Tim is there anything else can change and I'd get used to it.

I know I'm in the minority, but I like Heidi, mixing up the judges doesn't bother me too much.

New York, without question. I think the panel suffers from not having a real designer on it. Michael Kors has a stature that I assume most of these contestants are striving for. And, I don't think the contestants are getting the clear-headed feedback they received in the past - the great thing about Nina and the Duchess is they don't care about being nice. Plus, as a recent issue of (was it Harper's Bazaar) reminded us: there are many aging "super" models who probably would love the regular paycheck. Some of them are even German. However, as long as we ARE in L.A., I'm sort of hoping the Juicy Couture girls judge an ep.

Otis and Parsons used to be intertwined with a bi-coastal relationship, but that ended a few years back, and they remain on their separate coasts now.

I think the panel suffers from not having a real designer on it. Michael Kors has a stature that I assume most of these contestants are striving for.

The other great thing about Michael Kors is that he is a true mentor. In past seasons he has met with designers at his studios, discussed the ins and outs of showing in the tents, even offered a job to one of them. I think that's the big mistake they make when the producers obviously just think, "Oh he makes funny and bitchy comments, so as long as we throw someone else in doing the same thing, it's all good."


Haven't read comments so this might be repetitious.

The setting and the ingredients of Heidi/Nina/Michael is not really what's being debated, IMO. What I think we're debating is whether there should be: 1. arbitrary judging of contestants who feel railroaded because they had one concept in mind and the judges decide to apply another, or 2. judging based on a standard of design and challenges in which contestants are given clear guidelines. I'm all for 2., and Nina and Michael are professional and (mostly) not arbitrary in their judging and show some humor. If they can't get Nina and Michael then for the love of dog get some judges like them.

I loved the New York setting and it just seems to make more sense to have it there, no? The ratio of designer:stylist is probably higher in NY, and the show needs a higher ratio after this season...

You really cant blame Burnim/Murray for Nina and Kors' absence. Again that's a scheduling issue

If S6 was filmed in NY there would be the same absence since Nina and Michael were in Europe. Now there would have been a better chance to get good fashion judges to sub in but it was still Sept during the heavy fashion season

Personally I think the real problem was rushing in this season and having new people. Nina in another interview claimed S7 had great challenges and some really great clothes. I am wondering if they had just waited 1 year to film S6 then it might have been better.


The show is definitely lacking without the Duchess and SeƱora Garcia but the chemistry of the three is what makes it work. I'd be ok without Heidi ... the judging the past few episodes has been bland, with no constructive edge.

That's a good point about the mentorship. Tim Gunn does that, too. It was nice when they tried to get the designers to grow throughout the competition. If I just want to see random stylists rolling their eyes and trash talking the designers, I'll watch reruns of the Fashion Show.

The show needs to be in New York.

At least, going by what I've seen so far, LA isn't working AT ALL. If Pumpkin Face and Nina aren't back next week, I'm probably going to stop watching.

To be perfectly honest, Heidi doesn't bring very much to the show. She sits there and shows off her legs, but as a judge, she doesn't contribute much. You can see that by the results: Heidi plus these other clowns = TERRIBLE JUDGING.

Bring a couple of homeless people in off the street to be judges. I don't care, so long as they're in those same damn chairs week after week. The main problem isn't that we're missing Kors and Nina; it's that you need consistent judges. So get rid of Kors and spiteful Nina if you want (not doing your job because you have other jobs? Seriously? She deserves to get fired just for saying that) as well as Heidi, so long as we can have some people who are going to be on the show and stay there.

I'd auf Heidi.

The problem with Project Runway is the rules of the contest changing. I don't know if Michael and Nina would fix the problem with Project Runway. If I was a contestant, I would ask for the rules in writing and take it with me to the judging.

New York, Michael, and Nina. I'm sure Heidi would find a way to follow.

NYC, Nina and Michael! Hands down!!

I really think that Heidi would "make it work" for a NYC based show. Or no Heidi. meh.

Auf Wiedersehen, Heidi.
Heidi is a model. She knows how to wear clothes and walk on a runway.
Michael and Nina are the business. They are the more valuable judges because they can tell the contestants what they need to know to succeed in the fashion world.
Unfortunately, Heidi is also a producer of the show, so she ain't going anywhere.

Nina and Michael Kors.
I do like Heidi tho. It is about a balance. Michael brings design and insider knowledge to the table and is hilarious. Nina brings her knowledge of trends, taste and zero tolerance of boring or bullshit. Heidi's judging amounts to "I'd wear that" and so far that is all any of the guest judges have say, so they add nothing. The too many guest judges had made the judging arbitrary. I don't mind a fourth guest judge but three guest judges is absolutely ridiculous.
Finally the show needs to be in New York b/c that is the fifth piece of the puzzle. L.A. just isn't working. At least in New York you had Fern Mallis who is hands down the best stand in judge.

I agree with suzq, who pointed out in an earlier posting that it really comes down to continuity. Neither the viewers nor the contestants can get a handle on the revolving door of judges who keep sitting in for La Nina and The Duchess because we never get to know them, they never get to know the designers and the judging is suffering wildly as a result. In the end Heidi is a business woman and she will do what is best for the show, which is clearly to be in New York with Nina and Michael. She's an incredibly wealthy woman - I have no doubt she can work it out for a month here or there. If not, sorry, Heidi. You're out.

I love Micheal and Nina. I need to see them and heard how feel about the designs on the runway.

Heidi is wonderful. But I say stay in NY and Keep Micheal and Nina. Tim, I feel will travel with the show. As for Heidi one day your in the next day.....

I love Heidi as much as the next person, but the frank fact of the matter is that having an inconsistent set of judges is really ruining the show. One of the best things about Project Runway always used to be watching the designers grow and improve throughout the process, and having Nina and Michael there on a consistent basis to keep them honest was a major part of that.

At this point, ANY set of consistent judges that really know what they're talking about would be preferable to what is happening during this season. It is abundantly clear during the course of every single episode that one outspoken judge digs his or her heels in and pushes for a contestant that he/she really likes - and that is the criteria for the top three. Is that fair to the designers? Of course not. How on earth is there so much fluctuation from top to bottom every week? Because the judging criteria is anything but consistent.

Furthermore, in previous seasons, it was very apparent that Tim Gunn was at least on remotely the same page as the judges - this season, not at all. Dresses that Tim raves about end up in the bottom (Gordana is a stellar example of this - how is it possible that her beautiful designs are ripped to shreds every week??). I am stymied; the inconsistency is killing a show that I really loved, and is frankly now just starting to make me upset.

All in all? If I had to pick one, I'd pick Michael and Nina in a heartbeat. Heidi is great, too - but given an ultimatum, it goes to the two of them in my book.

I demand they bring Nina & Micheal back!!!

Forget who goes where....there has been a MAIN personality missing from this season, and that is New York itself. You could lose Heidi, Nina, AND Michael, and the city would still rule the show!

I think Sir Tim misses New York as well. All that sunshine and silly fake blond and fake tan just offends his delicate sensibilities. Keep Tim, Keep New York, and let the rest of the chips fall where they may.

No contest. I'd choose Nina and Michael over Heidi 100% of the time.

it sucks if we have to lose Heidi, but COME ON...the show is tanking without nina and michael.
i mean, the other judges are just kinda nice and sometimes have some mean comments, but they have no experience.

nina and michael. the end.

Heidi is a pretty face, an expression she uses at the end, and someone whose eyes get all bright and shiny the tighter and shinier the dress is. She is, in my humble view, not a very effective judge.

Nina and the Duchess ARE the judges. I vote NYC and Nina and Kors.

Heidi - Auf Wiedeschen

Lisa wrote:
"Hey... I was wondering the other night: doesn't Parsons School have a West coast branch? Why isn't the show filmed there-- not close enough to Heidi's children?"

Parsons used to be affiliated with Otis (located in L.A.) as a study abroad program, but have since severed all ties.

Production was only allowed to film during the summer (including a couple of weeks during Fashion Week) at Parsons because the Fashion students were given priority to use the building during the school year. Also, NYC is better for the show logistically because Michael, Nina and Tim can just walk a few blocks as opposed to taking a five hour plane ride to L.A. - this also applies to the fashion designers who act as guest judges.

I really miss hearing Tim say

"Don't bore Nina!"


Keep Nina and Michael and get Diane Von Furstenberg to host. Now THAT would be fabulous. She seems to always be around each season.


I'm throwing Heidi under the bus here.

Why can't we have all three?

Season 7 was just filmed back in NYC, right?

Auf Heidi and bring it back to NYC.

Or, hell, put it somewhere in the middle, say, Chicago. Or Austin. Just not L.A. Blergh.

I could live without Heidi..unless they replaced her with Tyra Banks.

The show could be in Scranton for all I care as long as it has Tim, the Duchess, and Nina.

Another thing that can go with Heidi is the model picking. Yes, Zulema's walk-off in season two was one of the most dramatic moments but model switching has become really boring. It doesn't add anything to "Project Runway" because the show focuses on the clothing - not the models.

Let Heidi leave "Project Runway" and create her own modeling show. Oh wait, she already did with the snoozefest that is "Models of the Runway."

PS - I'm curious about something.

This season, we've been seeing more contrast between Tim's designer critiques and the judges critiques.

Has it always been so, but we didn't see since Magical Elves edited Tim to downplay the contrasts? Example: his negative comments to Ricky changed from something like "Nina will not find this stunning" to "Stunning!" and then, of course, Tim would fill the world in later about what he really said.

Is Bunim-Murray, OTOH, highlighting these contrasts to add drama to the story? Example: Tim to Gordana: "Stunning." Judges: "Boring!"

I don't have anything against Heidi per se, it's more about NYC for me. If that means no Heidi...well... then no Heidi. I ADORE Kors and have a love/hate relationship with Nina, but wow have I missed them these last few shows.

But take all the people out of the equation. For me, it's ultimately about the city. New York. Now.

By necessity Heidi tooka more active tole in the judging, and did pretty well. I'm still laughing over the dog years comment. That being said you just know thw whole season would have been different, Poor Johnny would be back in rehab. Can't wait until our favorits get back!!

Every new season is the worst season ever. In Season 4, there wasn't enough drama among the professionals. Season 5 had too many poor designers. Season 6, LA is horrible and the judging is ruining the show.

I'm willing to bet anything that next season people will complain about how it's not living up to their stratospheric expectations and that season 6 was way better.

The same thing happens every single season.

that said, having so many guest judges is a mistake, but I have a feeling Nina and Michael Kors will be around more in the second half of the season.

PPS - I actually like having MOTR because it keeps the stupid model selection off the main show.

I definitely would prefer the show to be in NY. But I'm also pragmatic enough to recognize that Heidi, as executive producer as well as host, gets her wishes considered more.

It really is irrelevant. We CAN'T auf Heidi because she is an executive producer.

So, while I can live without Nina & MK (I don't like to, but I can & I keep watching), the SHOW cannot live without Heidi until or unless she decides it.

Certainly the show suffers without M.K. and Nina, and Heidi by herself is becoming unwatchable. I started to FFWD through the "judging" process because the judges don't challenge one another, they just seem to agree that they (the judges) have good taste and the designer that hasn't "wowed" them is up for elimination. How garments were made, the materials that were used, the thought process that went into them is all seemingly less important then if the judges would dein to wear it (with some alterations, of course).
Tim has been diminished to a sound bite. His workroom criticisms are of little importance since there are NO clear criteria for each challenge. He would be more helpful if told each designer the style the judges dress in and to do there best to adapt that to the "challenge" they are faced with.
Heidi and LA can have eachother.

Heidi is TACKY TACKY TACKY next to Nina and the Duchess, and that's what makes the threesome work so well. She's fun with them.

But now Heidi actually sounds like the voice of reason next to the guest judges. She can't do quips except by accident, and she certainly can't do insight; and the guest judges have mostly been for scheisse, let's face it.

I love our German milkmaid, but this season is so boring and leaden, I actually feel like I'm wasting my time.

First of all, 200 posts on a Saturday- damn boys!

I just can't believe how quick everyone is to auf Heidi! I'd prefer NY with the Duchess and La Nina too, but I don't think you can deny that Heidi adds a lot to the show. I also don't think she could be easily replaced with just any pretty face. When you say "auf" Heidi... come on people, she's the reason we say auf! She's done a lot for this show.

And old news, but at least they'll be shooting season 7 in NY:

I'll go with the minority as well: Project Runway = Klum + Gunn. Keeping Heidi is key to the show, and part time Duchess/Nina is better than no Heidi.

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