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Middle of the Pack

Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them dresses rollin'...

Gordana, we love ya, but you really need to step it up, girl.

Model: Tara Egan

Not that we hate the dress. We like it quite a bit, in fact.

It's lacks oomph, y'know? In what's become typical for her, it's a basic dress with a twist. In this case, that woven panel running down the center.

Clearly that was no small feat from a technical standpoint and we salute her for it. But it seems to us she kinda blew her wad on that element and just made a basic dress to go around it.

Because really, there's nothing else to this dress.

Maybe if she'd picked a more exciting color. Laura Bennett accused us of always hating nude dresses, but that's not entirely true. We just think for Tara, something with a little more color would have made this dress pop more and made that center panel stand out more. Also, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the hem, especially in the front, is a little fucked up.

Color us disappointed. He was accessory-free this week. Perhaps Skipper and Midge raided his accessories closet. And speaking of 10-inch tall women...

Model: Katie Sticksel

This would have made a perfect Barbie dress. In other words, it's cute and feminine and bright, but it looks kind of silly on a grown woman.

She looks like one of those frilled cocktail picks. All those pleated ruffles on top and bottom, coupled with that kind of half-assed sash around her waist didn't make for a very sophisticated look.

And the color didn't help. To his credit, he knew he was taking a risk with the color but we have to say, the risk did not pay off.

We like Christopher's work and aesthetic from what we've seen so far. Two words that describe it are "cute" and "feminine." But like anything else, there's a potential for going too far and this dress is evidence of that. You really can make something a little too cute and a little too girly.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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Chris' model looks like a lettuce wrap I have on occasion at Jimmy Johns.

The green dress reminds me of those "poppers" you use on New Years... pull both ends and a little prize pops out.

I would wear Gordana's dress in another color in a second.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

"She looks like one of those frilled cocktail picks"

I saw it and thought "Christmas Cracker". Pull it at both ends, and you may get a surprise!

I too am disappointed about Christopher's accessory-free week. I had $20 we'd see a nipple ring.

I really don't like that bottom sash on Chris'. I don't think it would've been an incredible improvement if he left it out but it would look a tiny bit better. Even so it would still be a pretty bleh dress. Gordana's definitely could've used some color though I couldn't help but sort of think of a 60s gogo dancer when I saw it. If it had color I'd probably think that moreso.

If Gordana's dress had been a color, I think it would have been in the top. Imagine it in a lovely rasberry or violet. I would also have made the sleeves more fitted. As is they kind of look like wings.

Christopher's is just bad and those silly black sashes made the model look much wider than she actually is.

Gordana's dress was detailed, well-constructed, interesting but, yeah, washed out colour. What *is* it with these designers this cycle - all browns and beiges... . But I do give her big props for the interesting detailing. Then again, I love Jill Sander clothes so... .

Barbie doll dress. Yes. *That* looked 'prommy' and too cutsey for the event.

I like Minnesota Slim as much as the next girl, but that dress should've earned her a spot in the bottom 3.

It looked way too home-sewn. Home poorly-sewn.

Liked G's dress alot, but color would've made a huge difference. Besides that, it was a very cute, very Mod-style Twiggy frock.

Other than that horrendous garter thing, I don't think Gordana's put out a bad piece yet. She deserves to be higher in the pack, but at this point, maybe it's best to keep her head down and wait for things to shake out.

See, now if Gordana had done hers in a jewel tone --even that ridiculous green Christopher used-- it would have ramped her dress up to a whole other level. The woven part needed a little shine. In nude it was just so. . . beige.

Christopher's was unexpectedly awful. I'm hoping he was just having an off night, because based on what we saw from him before, I think he can do a lot better.

Marie said, "I would wear Gordana's dress in another color in a second."

Ditto! I really like the cut of this little Carnaby Street dress, and the detailing down the front is yummy!

The color would have looked good on Fatma, but on super-pale Tara, it just dies.

go-ga - a rich jewel-toned fabric color would have gone a long way to give that dress & all the work she put into it, a lot more oomph.

the green dress - cheap fabric, bad color & way too young. better suited for a 16 yr old at a prom. different fabric & more sophisticated skirt & it could have been much better.

I was just thinking that it would be a fun twist if they had the models choose the designers for a challenge. I wonder if they would stick with "their" designers?? Cuz the skill level and potential are starting to become pretty apparent.

The general consensus among my friends is that she looked like a bundle of asparagus.

I wish there was some kind of clothing simulator that would allow me to try that dress on my body and post the image. The result would be pure comedy gold.

I have nothing but awe that Chris' model could wear that dress and NOT look stumpy.

I like Gordana's dress - but it is like a camoflauge on her model.

i hope there's a twist in the next episode in that after they chose their models, theres going to be model they would be able to try someone new.. if only lady G pick up celine her clothes will standout and she will be on top 3 which she rightfully deserve

I thought Gordana should've been in the top, but alas, no.

And what I hate most about Christopher's dress was not the color or the tweeness, but the fact that it was horizontally symmetrical. Most dresses are vertically symmetrical for obvious reasons, but to have a dress that you can basically wear upside down or right side up? It's not flattering.

I liked Gordina's quite a bit. Maybe top three, but not winner. It is a basic with a twist, but it is also good design. It does have some interesting design elements beyond the woven panel. The pieced dolman sleeve and the shirring at the bust. Agree about the hem (a little wonky)..maybe they don't have a blind hemmer up there in the workroom.

I like the color Christoper chose but that's about it. Two black sashes are one too many and the fan pleating at the bust would have been okay if he had left that detail off the hem.In the middle is where it belongs..

If I saw Gordona's dress in red in a store, I'd jump over three tables and claw the other women away from the rack to get it. Aside from the hem finishing issues, this was a spectacularly balanced dress and a truly unique creation. I thought it was worthy of a runway collection.

Chris had a good idea, and it's a shame it didn't pan out. For a moment there (before he put on the top ruffle), the dress looked like it could emerge as a sleek green cocktail number. Alas, the black trim also looked sloppy and said "I added this on to keep the green dress from looking so . . . green." It didn't do anything toward creating a unified whole.

Liked Gordana's dress idea a lot, but I agree about the color and the lack of any "back story." Almost, but IMO, more interesting than Carol's getup.

Chris' dress? Tinkerbell's prom gown circa 1989. Every time the camera cut to him and his dress in the workroom, we'd scream.

Gordana's was so pretty, but agree on that it was a poor color choice. I was thinking it would have been pretty if the weaving was done in 2 very similar shades of the same color. I hated Christopher's dress, mainly for the hideous color. I love green, but that screaming shade was not good.

As boring a color as Gordana used, I still love that dress. It could be that I'm more in love with the weaving and how beautiful and pristine that turned out. But I agree that another color may have made all the difference.

I can see what Chris was going for and hello? Thank GOD he didn't use that yellow and tangerine on that thing. But ya...was very twee.

Gordana's looked very dated to me. I could see Lisa Loeb wearing that dress in black for her "Stay" video.

As for Christopher's, it would be much better without that bottom black sash. Very cute, and I'm glad that the detailing on top was actually restrained versus exploding.

I loved, loved Gordana's dress-- even in that boring non-color.

Chris's dress reminded me how much I hate canned asparagus.

Could you sewing people out there tell me what fabric Gordana is using? It drapes beautifully in the sleeve (is that a raglan sleeve? dolman?).

That dress is really beautiful. The more I look at it the more I like it. Even its color/non-color.

Gordana & her model look almost related. Can't think of any pair of designer and model on PR who have looked more similar.

The black bands made Christopher's model looked like sushi.

Gordana completely styled her model to look exactly like Heidi. That hair was a triumph. Not so the hair on Carol Hannah's model.

So next time the Garnier dude says something about hair styling making the outfit, Gordana should go all Rep. Joe Wilson on him.

The back of Gordana's dress was not very dramatic.

I concur re: Gordana's dress. It's gorgeous (wonky hem aside), but that color doesn't do the dress or model any favors. some kind of slight contrast between the dress and the weaving, or maybe weaving with two slightly different shades of the same fabric, would have helped a lot. I'd also have added an inch or two of length, but then, I'm not a sexy tall thin model with long long legs to show off. But I really LOVED this dress, a lot.

Christopher's was blah bleh and meh. maybe Hedda Lettuce would wear it on a dare.

In spite of Tara getting a dressing down from Heidi, I just loved the way Gordana's dress moved on her when she walked. Plain color aside, I thought it might break into the top.

I liked Gordana's a lot, on my TV, the dress looked more gold than nude, which I think would have been an improvement. I hated Christopher's. I like green, but that shiny shade looked garrish.


When I saw Christopher's design I immediately thought of the bunches of lettuce in the supermarket with the twisty bands around them, and I don't think that's the reaction he wanted.

I liked Gordana's dress very much, but I can understand that it is a fairly basic design.

Agreed with most posters above - Gordana's dress was lovely and I'd wear it in a second - in another color. What a blah beige. She really needed a model with darker skin tone to bring out the dress. Tara is lost in a wash of blah.

My two-year old niece would look cute in a miniature version of Christopher's dress. But a grown woman....??? The color is so wrong on so many levels.

kittens not kids
9/14/09 2:34 PM
Christopher's was blah bleh and meh. maybe Hedda Lettuce would wear it on a dare.

No sleeves. A girl needs sleeves, y'know.

It was cute during model selection when Gordana told Tara she looks like Gordana's own family.

Did Heidi single Tara out for criticism because she thinks Tara's got potential or was it just a chance for Heidi to indulge her cute sado streak?

Tara's such a pretty & sweet girl, but she may be too reserved (and modest) for this business.

I like Gordana and hope she's got reserves we haven't seen yet.

SewSew said: "The color would have looked good on Fatma, but on super-pale Tara, it just dies."

That was my take on her dress as well. Gorgeous detailing but the color on Tara just did not work! Way too much vanilla! Ally's suggestion of raspberry or violet sounds more intriguing.

I'm hoping Gordana will be able to pull it together with a splash this week - she's been doing consistently interesting work and it'd be nice to see her finally with a win.

Christopher's dress made me think back to Hedda Lettuce for some reason [grin] Although I didn't see it as a winner, it did appear to be the type of dress that would make a young model visible at an event, so thus achieves the goal for this challenge.


Agreed that the color wasn't right for the client with Gordana's dress, but she had me at that center woven panel. I found myself wondering how cool it would have looked with an ombre effect.

And "frilled cocktail pick"? You nailed it.

Aww, I love Christopher's dress. Like really love it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for kelly green, but I think it's pretty and out of the ordinary. Then again, that's why I'm not a designer (cue the "Thank God" the bitchy sub-judge).

Gordana's dress could have been an upscale nod to Bottega Veneta with the weaving. Instead, the color, the fabric, and the gathering on the bust made it the opposite. Few of these designers seem to be able to pick fabrics and colors that look good.

Chris's dress - yes, it's a tossup between the cocktail stick and sushi. And that wonky band. Ack! It's wrong in a variety of ways from front to back. He seems to want to do sophisticated, but ends up doing precious instead.

I'm still not seeing many designers who are consistently turning out great looks. One week a hit, next week a miss, and these aren't even goofy challenges. Somebody needs to step up and show he or she is the designer to beat.

SusanID wrote:
"Could you sewing people out there tell me what fabric Gordana is using? It drapes beautifully in the sleeve (is that a raglan sleeve? dolman?)."

Gordana's dress is made out of matte rayon jersey and the sleeve is a dolman sleeve.

Gordana's dress was perfect for the modeling event because it was understated enough to make the model noticeable for the right reasons.

Chris, on the other hand, emphasized his model's long torso too much and made her legs too short. Having short legs is a model's worst nightmare - if she wants to book any runway jobs.

I actually love Gordana's dress. I love how simple and flattering it is, but I absolutely agree that she needed a really pretty color to make it pop. Especially with such a fair-skinned model.

I remember thinking that green dress was a party dress for a 15 year old girl. It's junior's department all the way.

Oh, that's interesting! Tim says to Chris, "Make those shoes of Nina go flying!"

He apparently didn't know she wasn't going to be one of the judges.

I'm here in S. Korea and from what i can tell about fashion here. too cute and too girly is exactly what everyone wants here. i bet that dress would sell like hotcakes in seoul. but for america...he does need to ugly it up a bit.

Katie's dress reminded me of the bunch of green onions I buy at the grocery store.

middle of the pack but only 2 designers? Where are Shirin, Nicolas (who made my favorite dress this week), Irina...?

I hated Christopher's dress. And it wasn't "emerald" green, more like moss green.

Gordana was meh this week but I love her stuff usually.

Christopher's dress I wore one like it in 1987 as a bridesmaid. It was eggplant with a hot pink sash, but I'll be damned if it wasn't the same dress.

how weird was that Gordana almost didn't get to talk in this episode? They gave her like not even 2 minutes of the whole episode and when she was starting to talk about her dress while Tara was working it on the runway you could totally tell they cut half of her sentence...

Seriously, they even not show the making of the dress properly in the work room... Every single designer and outfit got proper camera time except for Gordana and the woven panel dress...

Am I the only one who noticed this? :S

I wonder why Gordana didn't end up using the necklace she had on her dress form, the one with the blue stone. Maybe it was too much when it was on the model, but it would have provided some badly needed color.

"Perhaps Skipper and Midge raided his accessories closet."

Ha! Surprised a laugh out of me.

Agree completely with your remarks about Gordana. And, the dress didn't meet the brief - not a stand-out.

While Christopher's was also not so wonderful, I liked it better than you two, or most of the commenters. I'm basing that (again) on the designers' assignment: To help the model attract attention and show off her potential/body at an industry event. I am not sure that the dress does anything exceptional to show off her figure, but the color would stand out. And in a dim room at a cocktail event, it might not be quite so, um, searing.

I'm so rooting for Christopher, but he blew it this week. His model looked like produce.

I applaud Gordana's craftsmanship on the weaving, but you're right. A more interesting color (and a silhouette that would more strongly support that center panel) might have shot the dress to the Top 3.

I agree with the commentors about Gordana's color choice. Her particular model's pale hair and skin don't do the dress justice. Either the dress should have been a different color, or if her model had a richer skin tone, it would have shown much more to its advantage.

oh hell! lol, I had a Skipper and a Midge, early 60's variety....

I actually love Gordana's dress. If the model's coloring was even a little different, it would have been fabulous, despite the hem issues. On Fatma, it would have been amazing. Or Emarie. Even Celine, actually. Though, since she was making it specifically for Tara, it would have been better if she'd chosen a rich colored fabric to begin with. Red or raspberry, as others have suggested, or a beautiful sapphire blue.

I hated Chris's dress, on the other hand. I could have taken even the half-assed sash if he had kept the neckline simple. Even if it hadn't been such a bold color, the frills (or whatever they're supposed to be) are too long to be OK. TheNYCourier got it exactly right - the horizontal symmetry is both unnecessary and ugly.

I actually like the color of Chris's garment. Perhaps with a less cheap-looking fabric??? Hmm... no, I still probably wouldn't wear it.

LOVED Gordana's dress.

Barbie dress! Yes, that's it! LOL


Cuddles, you weren't the only one to notice how little screen time Gordana got in this episode. I barely saw her dress go by on the runway

This comment has been removed by the author.

"bitchybitchybitchy said...

Cuddles, you weren't the only one to notice how little screen time Gordana got in this episode. I barely saw her dress go by on the runway"

Thank you! I was really worried I was the only one since no one seems to mention that... I wonder why they did that?

Allen@1:59pm: Chris' model looks like a lettuce wrap I have on occasion at Jimmy Johns.

She could've been Hedda Lettuce's femme sister, Busta.

please remember that this was done almost a year ago where everyone thinks nude color is the in thing.

I love Chris' dress, and think the color is fantastic. Plus it is so different than your standard cocktail dress color that it is definitely going to stand out.

9/14/09 4:43 PM I love Chris' dress, and think the color is fantastic. Plus it is so different than your standard cocktail dress color that it is definitely going to stand out.

Of course you would! ;)

I thought the sashses were navy when watching the show.

Friday I asked my mother what she thought of the clothes and she commented on how quickly the vclothesd went by and being unable to see anything.

They really should give a little more time to showing the clothes rather than having the cameras

I thought that Christopher's actaully cam out pretty good because it was definitely not looking sleek in the early clips.

Gordana's dress just reads "cheap" to me.

I LOVE Gordana's dress, I would totally rock that look :)

LOVE Gordana! I'm rooting for her!

Im Stupid That Way

What does "twee" mean?

I meant to post that Katie's shoulders look like a linebacker in that large rear view photo. And with her waist so tiny it is very strange looking.

Coco Channel said...
SusanID wrote:
"Could you sewing people out there tell me what fabric Gordana is using? It drapes beautifully in the sleeve (is that a raglan sleeve? dolman?)."

Gordana's dress is made out of matte rayon jersey and the sleeve is a dolman sleeve.

Thanks Coco. I love those sleeves - and the way they relate to the bust detail. You know, considering the time constraint - that is a helluva dress.

I still love Gordana's dress! Yeah, maybe I'd adjust the color, but I love it and would have put it in the top 3.

I love the gathers at the bust and the slight dolman sleeve. Even though the hem is a little wonky, the rest of the construction looks good. And I love that it's fairly basic with just a few elements of interest. I'll take that every time over something that's had the kitchen sink thrown at it. I'd wear this in a heartbeat. (longer for me though, please).

Christopher? Oh lo'. I wonder if it would have worked better without the butt sash and slightly shorter top ruffles.

Christmas cracker indeed -- that's the first thing I thought as well.

maybe it's because I'm a million years old, but overall I really liked Gordana's dress. Thought the detail was pretty special. If she could have spiffed up the back I think she would have had a look in the top 3.

It surprises me that more designers don't consider what the dress looks like when the model makes the turn-- they seem to forget that half the time the judges are looking, it's at the back of the dress.


Im Stupid that Way--

After taking a second look at the pictures, the reason the hem on Gordana's dress didn't turn out very well is that her hem was at least 2 inches instead of a 1/2 inch.

On matte rayon jersey, you're supposed to use a double needle to sew a 1/2 inch hem that's pressed with a strip of Lite Steam-A-Seam or use a cover stitch.

TLo thought Chris' dress "cocktail picks", some thought sushi, some thought lettuce tied up with rubber bands, asparagus......
I immediately thought turkey thingys that one sticks over the end of the roasted turkey legs. You know, those little frilly things that look like miniature chef's hats?
We all saw something a little different, but had the same idea!! All in all that dress was comical.
I did really, really like Gordana's design, but like most everyone else would have liked to have seen it in a COLOR! Is blah beige really that in this season?
Hey, I like beige, but it's getting pretty overdone.

Gordana's was my favorite! In a room full of black, neon-blue, and puke green, that dress would really stand out!

The shape was perfect, the long sleeves were an unusual detail for a cocktail dress, and I think it really proved that understated can be eye-catching in a sea of tackyness.

I would buy Gordana's dress in a HEARTBEAT, especially if she could have woven another color, maybe black, in there to cute the beigeyness. Even a fair-skinned brunette could wear that color, but on that model it's too monochromatic. Chris's....I am in love with the color. But geez what a hideous design.

I though Gordana should have one, and I loved the color... oops?

also I'm feverish. I meant won but I wrote one oops squared.

I am just hoping that this is the "winner edit" for Gordana so that it seems like she came steaming out of nowhere to win the whole thing.

Can't say enough about that dress. love. Would buy in every color.

Christopher's hurts. Unsophisticated, ugly, unflaterring. Bleeech! And I miss his accessories...

That guacamole dress was my least favorite on the runway. Christopher, honey, what happened?

Gordana should've been top three, at least. She rocks!!!

I know, it's been said a million times now, but I LOVE Gordana.

Gordana, Gordana, Gordana, where's the color?

And Christopher, take away the color and the dress looks like something you'd see on a fancy chop.

I know I'm in a tiny minority here, but I liked the green dress. I love that shade of green, or at least I love it as much as it's possible to love the godawful fabrics Mood brought from New York. I think it's funny that the first dress by consensus "needs color" but the other one is terrible because it has color. Gordana's dress would have looked nice in that green.

For all the talk about how such-and-such is "just a pretty dress", I think some of the other contestants are proving that "just pretty" is difficult enough.

Gordana's is just bland this week, and it hangs strangely. I'm wondering if there is a panty issue here, like maybe it is clinging to Tara's panties in the front? The color is bleh on Tara, but would have looked good on a darker skinned model.

I just think it fails as far as the "attention-getting" part of the challenge goes. And it seems that Gordana spent way too much time on a feature that was attractive and difficult to pull off, but really wasn't that high impact. (And this is coming from a Gordana fan.)

Maybe I'm nuts, but I like Christopher's dress except for the color. If it had been in black--or even if the sashes had matched the rest of the dress, I think it would have worked. More of an emerald green shade would have been pretty on this model's coloring. Ok, there, I said it, and I'm glad I got it off my chest.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, please let the challenge this week be titled "DESIGNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE A DRESS."

Puh-lease! Enough with the dresses!

Loved her, hated him. I would wear Gordana's anywhere. In any color. Even green. (Well, not his green.) Nor do I think it failed the challenge. I think the class of the thing would stand out. Especially standing next to The Green Lantern's Lampshade. That made the cut only because of execution. Nothing else worked.

"coupled with that kind of half-assed sash around her waist"

Neither of those sashes is around her waist. One is around her ribs and the other is around her hips.

I absolutely love Gordana's dress. Whatever is wrong with a basic dress that has some really interesting twist or detail? Exactly what I look for in a dress.
I really liked Christopher's dress, too. I love green and would have loved a dress like this when I was 19.
And I certainly like both dresses better than that weird outfit that won.

All I can think about Christopher's dress is that he must not be a fan of the Bare Naked Ladies, because if he was he would know "If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress, that's cruel."

I've looked at Christopher's dress a gazillion times, and I just don't get why he used those sashes. They look ridiculous.

agree with all re color choice and fit on Gordana's dress, but I kind of agree with Heidi re her model. She's got no pop/pizazz just kind of blah up there, some girls can really work a not great design as proven with last weeks winner.

The green dress looks just like the bottom half of my daisy costume in first grade!! (Sally Draper and I would have been classmates!!)

9/14/09 11:20 PM All I can think about Christopher's dress is that he must not be a fan of the Bare Naked Ladies, because if he was he would know "If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress, that's cruel."

Hmm...Barenaked Ladies = fans...

Those words look so familiar, and yet they make no sense to me.

Liked both of 'em better than that freaky suit that won.

Gordana is the stealth contestant; she's always been middle of the pack, but her stuff is interesting, wearable and well-sewn. She's one to watch.

And Christopher may be in there too, he has good ideas that can veer off into huge blooper land. Orange and yellow trim? WTF? But he listens to Sir Gunn, which has saved his butt so far.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

I too am disappointed about Christopher's accessory-free week. I had $20 we'd see a nipple ring.

Hee! I'm pretty sure that he at least USED to have them! Although, I was usually at a party drinking when someone busted their newly peirced whatevers so it might be someone totally different. 90% sure (that was like 10 years ago). He's got some cool tattoos.

Loved his dress. LOVED. He posted a funny pic comparing Celery to this dress on his FB and said, he was really going for Asparagas. At least he's got a sense of humor about it.

In this case, Gordana picked the 'wrong nude'. If this was a wee bit pinker, it would have been a "WOW" dress. She would have looked totally nekked, which turns heads! (much better than being totally nekked!)

Gordan's dress would have been beautiful in RED!

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