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Malan Breton Spring 2010 Collection

Get your dandy on, poodles!

Malan Breton from Taiwan showed his Spring '10 collection yesterday, including his first menswear collection. He took his inspiration from the image "Flight of Freedom," a black-and-white photo of his friend Leigh Alderson from the Royal Ballet, shot by Dublin's Karin Pritzel.

In typical Malan fashion, the affair was elegant, romantic, and just slightly over the top. He had the Chelsea Symphony, a 45-piece orchestra playing throughout the show and ballet dancers on the runway. Eagle-eyed Bravo-philes will also recognize Ronnie and Holly from the first season of Make Me A Supermodel walking on the runway. Among the attendees were Diana Eng, Terri Stevens, Alex McCord, Maria Menounos, Nikki Blonsky, Jermaine Jackson, and Christopher Straub (click here to see pictures).

As for the collection, well it was just like the show: elegant, romantic and slightly over the top. It's interesting that the women's looks were all mostly clean and simple but the menswear is where he really went... not so much "wild," but as wild as Malan gets. We don't know if either of us could pull off a floral suit or top coat but the pieces are so beautiful and luxurious we wouldn't mind trying.

[Photos: WireImage/GettyImages]

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Thanks for the eye candy - the dresses and the men;)

I love Malan's simple, classic, well-tailored style, but honestly, this was a little on the boring side.

I don't see much of a difference from last year's collection.

"We don't know if either of us could pull off a floral suit or trench coat."

Oh, but I can imagine Tom in the bright blue jacket and Lorenzo in the black velvet(?) long jacket with the sort of Elizabethan shoulders. I think you'd both look fabulous.

I think this is pretty swell.

Wonderful eye candy on a tuesday morning. Thanks! Love the classic feel to everything, especially the men's.

I adore the women's wear. And the ballerino.

The men's wear? A bit much. I think somebody could pull off that bright blue jacket.

Nice. I do like that early 60s vibe. I really liked the cut of that butter yellow dress and jacket. Ronnie looks fantastic.


I want Malan's floral trench coat! Not that I have any place to wear it, but I

Ronnie from MMASM has a more interesting look here-much less the fresh faced pretty boy, now with a bit of an edge.

Thanks for the eye candy, darlings!

LOVE the menswear!!!

Malan's collections are always so elegant.

Was the model in the blue blazer on MMASM? He looks so familiar.

I'm put off by the shiny menswear - it screams "I was in Hong Kong on business and the custom-tailored silk suits were *such* a deal!" But that may be a function of my age, and if everyone started to wear them I'd get over it.

I did like the long top coat Mr. Breton was wearing - I even know a man or two who might wear such a thing, though more likely with a black or green on grey print, rather than lavender. [cowards!]

I thought that [ignoring the shiny sheen] the print of the print suits was subtle enough that a bold man could get away with it in private life (corporate world, probably not so much.) Liked the vest-over-shirts, though the first model's (dancer's?) uber-manly thighs made more of an impact than the clothes.

His women's wear is so lovely. Black gown with diaphanous sheer overdress folds, pale yellow jacket over yellow dress (to the left of the RED suit), peach suit on right of the tenth row of double photos, and the long sleeveless red evening gown all stood out for me.

Someone said it's on the boring side - I'd spend a fortune on this sort of boring if I had it (the fortune, that is.)

bitchybitchybitchy beat me to it --Ronnie looks great! For all the judges' complaints that he could only ever be a catalog model, he looks very high fashion and, frankly, delicious.

I saw Ronnie right away, but I don't see Holly. Are you sure??

12th picture down in the right hand column -- is that a man, a woman, or a bizarre photoshop? Or did Malan just hire Terry Gilliam to animate the damn thing?

OHMYGOD, Ronnie is so fucking hot.

Katt Williams would rock that flowered trench like a freakin' KING!

Carlanoodle said...

Was the model in the blue blazer on MMASM? He looks so familiar.

Did you read the post or did you just look at the pretty pictures? :)

Love the women's wear. That red evening gown is glorious.
Also the day dresses are well done, good proportions, nice colors, well fitted.
The men -- not so much. At least not in Tennesssee.

TLo said.. We don't know if either of us could pull off a floral suit or top coat but the pieces are so beautiful and luxurious we wouldn't mind trying.

I think the model in the royal blue suit jacket looks rather like Tom. The men's suit jackets would be beautiful (and I think quite wearable) at very specific events , like at home holiday cocktail parties. Do ya'll throw many of those?

For myself the black net tent dress. Love. And the pink sheath, very chic.

Sorry Bomber I didn't mean to copy your comment. I didn't read them first. But I see Lorenzo in the silver one with black spots and black trousers. ;)


Hmmm those legs I could stare at them all day. Great collection, Malan! You rock!


The only two I disliked (alot) are the man's skirt outfit and the woman's outfit in the pic below.

The first black dress made me gasp. (so would the judges hate it because it is black?)

Like the shark skin (look) suits.

What is the vibrant blue fabric of the jacker Ronnie was wearing? (Niot silk shantung is it? - the resolution on my screen is awful.)

I don't see Holly?

Wow! Ronnie looks divine in that bright blue blazer!

Holly's in the white menslike shirt with the big collar and the pinkish pencil skirt!

Is pantslessness a new menswear trend? If so, it is definitely a bit more practical for spring than for fall/winter. It would work best of all for a resort collection, don't you think?

I keep coming back to look at these some more. Clean lines, beautiful fabrics, there's a lot to be said for doing what you do and doing it damn well. I can see him having a long career and creating clothes that are handed down, altered for children and grandchildren, and that become collectible.

And maybe it *is* time for casual vests to come back - I had looked at these three times before thinking about Godspell.

I think he's wonderful. I LOVE this collection.

everything was just lovely.

love you malan!

That is Holly? I never would have spotted her. It doesn't look like her at all.

I can see what you mean about Malan being as wild as it's possible for him to be.

Both Ronnie and Holly look very sleek and sophisticated. He's comes a long way since the show. It is more of an uphill battle for him owing to his muscular bulk. Not that I'm complaining about his muscular bulk

I do like that blue blazer he's wearing. The flower prints would never see my closet but I do respond to some of the menswear he created


He nailed the mens wear. Womens wear.... not so much.

The women's wear is quite classic and wearable (I mean that in a good way) which is probably what sells in these times. I can see someone calling it a bit staid though compared to what most other designers send down the runway.

The menswear is definitely over the top, but fun to see. As are the men. Yum.

Look #3, the pink cocktail dress, was MADE for me!!!

Alex McCord was doubt shopping for her husband, Simon!

Everything was impeccably done and just beautiful.

I get that menswear designers are trying to move beyond the tie...but I don't think strangling someone with a kerchief is a fresh substitute.

Okay, all of this MMaS talk is making me wonder what's Branden, Sandhurst and Jonathan is up to.

Very impressive!

The womens' line is beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous, but unfortunately it made for a boring runway show. I do like to see clothes that are "wearable," but I'd rather mostly see ones that are "almost wearable as they are on the runway and really wearable with a few changes." I also like to see a few outrageous pieces to see the designer's vision and also just for fun. Christian had a good mix in his collection. There was virtually nothing in Malan's womens' collection that had that fantasy element.

Then again, maybe he saved it for the mens' collection. 'Cause those were some whacked-out fabrics. Perhaps the shiny fabrics and patterns would look cool when applied to a man's shirt worn with a trendily-cut suit in a more traditional fabric.

I could see like Brad Pitt in that bright blue suit all cleanshaven on the red carpet. Or maybe it's just that the model looks slightly like him. Yummy :)

His women's wear has always appealed to me - so simple, yet elegant, wonderful fabrics and structure. The only clunker here was the suit with the blouse hanging out below the jacket. And that's easily remedied.

I still have a hard time with bright red suits on men. I can't help associating them with pimps.

Beautiful clothes!

One of the things I love about Malan's clothes is you could wear them today, put them back in your closet, and take them out again in 5 or 10 years, and still wear them. They are very elegant staples.


That's okay, Sewing Siren. Great minds blah blah, etc..

But you're gonna have to fight me for that black tent dress.

...As for the ballet dancers on the runway; I know Goeffrey Bean did it way back when, but I don't know why more designers don't use them. They were stunning to watch move down the runway; a welcome alternative to galumpfing models with vacant stares.

Alex was not with Simon & Maria Menunos was also there, as well as a whole host of regular Fashion Week characters.


I'm such a rube that I don't know this, but what's the price point like on this stuff? I can appreciate the beauty of it, while at the same time acknowledging that I could never wear one piece of it, but I just want to know if I could afford it. :)

Wait, Gotham, you mean the actual people wearing the clothes were ballet dancers? Were they tall enough?

I was just thinking about Malan saying, "I'm so ashamed" when they aufed him off of PRW - I felt so sorry for him I started to cry.

That's definitely worn off. No reason to feel bad for him now, certainly!

I think Tom is tall enough to wear any of those looks, especially since he's so cute. I almost think you'd have to be really good-looking to get away with that stuff, but Tom has those chiseled features that really make it work.

What a beautiful collection! Loooove the menswear! The blue blazer and pants-free looks blew me away.

BRAVO, Malon!

- edina -

Sorry --- Malan!

- edina -

I dont care for the menswear too much, but the the women look awesome.

wow what a greatcollection

Note from Malan:

"The girl in the black silk dress with the tulle winged overlay is Meki from The Fashion Show. Holly is in there also and Scott Herman from The Real World Brooklyn. I love the post. Thank you, darlings!"

T Lo

Gorgeous! I want those suits.

Someone forgot his pants.

The menswear, though kind of OTT, is fun to look at, and the women's wear is stunning. I can't stop looking at it.

Some of these pieces are simple and classic, but I would never call them boring. They're lovely.

Congratulations, Malan! I love your collection!

So elegant, so pretty...

Malan is so damn cool I feel kinda bad for saying this collection was a little boring.

Nah, no I don't! It's still lovely, but a know...

it's worked for calvin klein, if you have no talent, just pick muscular guys and hot girls to model your clothes...and you'll make it in the american fashion world...

I love the black chiffon cage dress and that skinny black man's suit. I also *heart* Malan, may he design long and prosper.

The lines of the shiny suits are just amazing -- incredibly sexy. The shiny part - less so. Do guys really wear shiny suits now? *shudders*

The narrower pants paired with the spotrs jackets weren't as flattering. But the sports jackets themselves were fabulous.

The women's clothing wasn't exciting, but it was interesting. Menswear is clearly Malan's strength. Very nice job.

Stunning, all of it.
Vibrant, rich and worldly. Just like the man who designed them.

"Anne said: Wait, Gotham, you mean the actual people wearing the clothes were ballet dancers? Were they tall enough?"

Yes, there were two who were very definitely ballet dancers (and the female was dancing on pointe). I don't know how tall they were but they looked tall enough to me. I think a dancer's body just looks so great in clothes i doesn't matter their height.


This comment has been removed by the author.

I just don't get it. Everything looked well made but to me it was just SO BORING! Nothing looked new or interesting. The men's collection used some neat fabrics and colors, but he created suits we've seen a thousand times. I admit, there not much you can do to men's wear to make it innovative, but I don't think making them pants less counts. The fabrics he chose (for both the women and the men)are beautiful and the colors are great, but overall, it was a snooze.

I love the first black dress. The proportions are spot on.

Fab-o collection!

I LOVE Malan! He's a really nice person, charming and calm and talented, with fantastic taste, and he makes gorgeous clothes. Would that I could buy them! I hope to see lots of Malan on the runways and in the magazines in the future. -victoria

Holly's in the white menslike shirt with the big collar and the pinkish pencil skirt!

And in need of a nipple shield.

Loved almost all of the clothes - and the naked thighs.

Hmmm...what a mood I'm in today.

Malan is so damn cool I feel kinda bad for saying this collection was a little boring.

Nah, no I don't! It's still lovely, but a know...

Heh. Some of it has been done a gazillion times before, but I love the way he's done them, e.g. the men's-style shirt and the skirt Holly is wearing. They're gorgeous. So I think that counts for a lot.

And the coat Malan is wearing is all kinds of crazy and awesome.

I think the boy in his shirt and undies was a misstep. Too crass for our darling Malan!

Call me "boring", but I love the women's clothes. The execution is fabulous, and I love the black float dress and the red gown. Sigh.......
Since I'm not much into critiquing menswear, what I do know is that I have never liked the Gigolo Suit" look. However, the clothes hangers are yummy!!!
Malan is one of my favorite designers, and he left PR much too soon. I caught one of his earlier shows on the Style network a few nights ago, don't know what year it was from as I tuned in halfway through (it was the middle of the night!) and the clothes were absolutely gorgeous!

Make that the "Wealth" network...see, I WAS half asleep!!!

Not my style but very high end/luxe. Good collection.

too many cats

I want to reach through the screen and stroke the fabrics.
The fashions bring back my memory of my first silk blouses.

Boring? no. Breathtaking and dream inducing in the best way imaginable.

i dont usually go for malan's stuff, but i thought this collection was fabulous. excellent fabrics & tailoring. simple, understated & classic. pieces to own for life. love. want. gimme.


I've been rooting for Malan since his un-timely aufing.

I love his sense of style.
That first black dress & the last red one-gorgeous!

Malan's collection may not push many boundaries, but I enjoyed his women's clothes here because they're shapes that would work beautifully on more curvy women in addition to the skinny models. Love!

I really liked the menswear. It's not an earth-shattering departure from anything else out there, but it's lovely.

Love it! Great job, Malan!

I want so many pieces : )

Love his elegant style.


So cool that he added classical music and ballet. What a show!


Boys, you could totally pull off those floral suits.

I liked a lot of this. Wearable, elegant but still interesting and creative. Not sure about that cream dress with the weird boob-bag on the top.

simply beautiful, I liked all the pieces for both the men and the women. They were elegant with a twist. and the perfect man to wear those suits... Graham Norton. He would rock the frock coats and the suits.

I really like some of these, even though a lot of it is basic. Though there's some weirdness fit-wise going on in the women's torsos. And there's a couple dudes who forgot their pants. Still, nicely done, Malan!

That last red dress is beautiful. Well done.

Oh gods! It hurts to look at how beautiful some of these women's pieces are - the afore-coveted black tent dress in particular. Gotham Tomato has already pointed it out, but Malan's clothing is so elegant and classic, and class-y. In a world where I had a long, lithe body, and money to burn, I would have Malan as my personal couturier. This is staggeringly beautiful stuff.

The men's suits are a bit...vivid...for my taste, but I quite like the dark coat/jackets with the broader lapels and collars. Something very fin-de-siecle there, but updated nicely.


also, Malan has one of the most beautiful, lulling speaking voices I have ever heard in my life. He should pursue a side career as an audiobook reader. Or host a daily podcast. something, anything, where I can listen to him speak!

I agree with Gotham Tomato - these clothes are simple but sumptuous, and would look as beautiful 5, 10 or more years from now as they do today. I'm really impressed.

I particularly ylove that black dress with the organza (I think) top layer. I think maybe Malan and Ralph Rucci were sharing a brainwave when they were designing their collections!

Beautiful! Malan always does it so well.

Great eye candy ; )

Someone get the chocolate out of my hand so I can get into that red dress!

Fabu! Malan, you are fabulous!

TLo you two could pull off anything here--
even if you didn't put pants with it!

You two can fight over who gets the beautiful coat that Malan wore.

I really liked this-- there are several looks I want.

Perfect timing boys, I passed Malan on my way home today and I felt sad that I was giddy and no one I know would have a clue who he was. :D


Not bad - I love the menswear and the last red gown is really lovely.

It looks like Malan wants to sell a lot of womenswear and is letting go a little more with his menswear. He sure knows how to bring the pretty, doesn't he? I also love the cut of his menswear.

I didn't really like the collection. The womens dresses seemed to make the models hips look very large and wide.

Way too much shiny stuff for me. Whether it's satin or silk charmeuse, it's simply not wearable in any normal situation. Once you sit down in it, it wrinkles and looks horrid.

Pretty colors and shapes, though. And it sounds like it would have been an absolute delight to attend.

The suits invariably make me think of "HOme of the Shiny Green Suit!" from "Good Morning Vietnam. That said, I really kind of like them. They need the right setting...and that setting occurs naturally only in big cities...but at a chic party/club with classic cocktail in hand? And, of course, on a flawless body. Gorgeous.

I love his collections! Thank you for this great post, guys!


OHMYGOD I love it! I want every suit, every piece.

I totally see you guys wearing some of those outfits : )
Malan never ceases to amaze me. I really like the men's stuff.

I really don't want or need to see men in shiny floral suits. I must be in the minority tho. I like the royal blue jacket and most of the women's look.

Pic 23 - the print jacket outfit.
Looking at it it kind of reminds me of my young girl fantasies of how my Dean Martin look alike date comes dresses to take me to dinner and dancing when I'm an adult.

Twenty bucks says Alex McCord buys the floral suit for Simon. Another twenty says she buys the shiny red dress AND the shiny red suit for them to wear as a matched set.

Love Malan, he's so dreamy. As for his clothes, I like his style a lot. Love the old glamor. I liked this collection a lot, moreso on the ladies side. I'm not sold on the flowery suit, but I am impressed that he went there and sort of pulled it off. A more flamboyant dandy could perhaps make it work. I'm not sure about straight guys wearing a lot of his clothes. Maybe Simon from the Real Housewives of NYC.

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