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Logan + Louise

We're running out of clever titles.

Model: Kojii Helnwein

This actually wasn't too bad.

It's not any sort of technical triumph and from a design point of view, it's pretty basic.

But this has a nice graphic quality to it that works. We just don't like that weird fin off the hem. We get that it mirrors the one on the bust (which we like), but it looks odd on the bottom.

It's a basic middle of the road entry, which is becoming a trend with Logan. He needs to step it up.

This is more good than bad but if he doesn't do something to impress the judges soon, he's looking at an auf. First you weed out the obvious ones, then you weed out the underachievers.

Model: Fatma Dabo

Oh Louise, honey. This is a painful miss, we're afraid to say.

She just bypassed clothing and went straight to costume with this one.

It's just not working for us, poodles. We get when someone's going for whimsy, but this is just clumsy and unfabulous. Those paper tubes on the bust scream grade school craft project.

Plus, it's not fit very well at all in the bodice and the skirt looks like a lamp shade. Big fail on this one, Louise.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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I really liked Logan's. Top 3? No. But probably top 4.

Louise's was a big WTF and she should've been in the bottom three.

Horrible entries. How did Gordana's entry "beat" these to the bottom three?

Logan's looked like a paper revamp of Christopher's horrible Tinkerbell Chinese Finger Torture dress from last week. And the graphic pattern created with the newspaper barely counts as an attribute because many designers used contrasting paper patterns to their advantage. Dull and not particularly pretty or fitted.

Louise's was a horrible craft project and seemed to display no design merit at all (quite surprising really). The rolls at the neck make me think of David Caruso chest hair.

I loved Logan's. I thought it was one of the most wearable looks on the runway, clearly made out of newspaper but graphically interesting, well styled. I was kind of shocked when he and Carol Hanna weren't in the top three. Both of their's were so much better than the weird ugly "feather" thing at the bottom of Chris's.

Louise's dress looks like it has a bunch of coin wrappers glued to the front. She should have been in Gordana's place for this one.

I liked Logan's, but again Gordana had him beat by a mile....

For a wearable dress made out of newspaper, I thought Logan did an excellent job.

Lousie's was her worst yet. Although it does have kind of a comic element that she could have pushed further. A little pill box hat made out of paper and she would look like a cigarette girl or usherette in a 1940's nightclub.

Anonymous said...
Louise's dress looks like it has a bunch of coin wrappers glued to the front.

That's it! Coin wrappers! They're the exact color too.

FatMa bites her fingernails. Gross. I'll be glad when her ugly ass is gone.

I liked Logan's. After reading TLo's comments, I can understand why they didn't choose it for the top 3. But it was definitely the fourth best.

When I saw Louise using cone shapes for the skirt, I thought "ya that kinda looks cool." THEN i saw the top.
what the hell? It looks like a macrame bib or something. Why does ANYONE want that on their dress?
How can Heidi like Louise's bib dress over Gordana's more wearable tasteful outfit?

I don't even remember these two.

Two most overused "Project Runway" words: Craft project.

I wonder if Gordana had Fatma as her model if she wouldn't have done better. I think that Gordana's model pushed a mid tier dress into boring.

Louise's look has more visual interest than Gordana's IMO - but Gordana's was constructed better. I guess these judges didn't rate craftsmanship as highly as I would have.

Coin rolls?

David Caruso chest hair?

All I could think of was those construction paper linky chains we used to make at Parkway Elementary to decorate the ridiculously un- PC school Christmas tree.


The Fru-Gals said...

Coin rolls?

I know, my first thought was, is she heading to the bank?

Logan's was too 80's to me. And the top of Louise's reminded me of those wigs that British barristers wear.

I think Louise's could have been a real hit though, if she'd gone further. I think if you're going to go there, go all the way there. (But then, I tend to like the costumey looks - IF they are well done & thought out).


Logan's dress looks like something a waitress at a kitschy Chinese restaurant would wear - I was expecting his model to pull out a fan at the end of the runway.

Louise's dress looked like something Minnie Mouse would wear, especially with the hairstyle. Part of the problem was that Fatma didn't adjust her walk or demeanor to capture the whimsy of the dress (she should've walked like Anya did when she was modeling Sweet Pea's restaurant dress from All-Stars).

Logan: I like the color blue and the styling of his model, but nothing else was special about that dress.

Louise: So very wrong. The women on the back of the skirt are looking up woefully at that raggedy bodice. Scroll up and take a look. And that thing with the coin wrappers on the front looks like one of those creatures from the old Space Invaders arcade game, or perhaps The Thing's rocky, fragmented hand trying to cop a feel. Actually, these scenarios are the only thing that make that dress remotely interesting. Louise may look a lot like the woman who played Frasier's agent, but she clearly has none of her zing.

"The Fru-Gals said: Coin rolls?"

When I looked at the picture, the first thing that popped into my head was that old commercial jingle, 'curlers in your hair, shame on you'.


I really like Logan's dress, despite the hem fin. I like the way he used the paint - he didn't make a pattern or print out of the newspaper's print itself, but combined the paint and the writing/columns on the newspapers, which is MUCH better than Dr. Whitfield's bloody dress. It's middle of the road, but it's pretty middle of the road, and I will always take pretty over batshit insane and ugly à la Blaine.

Louise's, for example, while not at the quite batshit insane level, is ugly. No way would I have put Gordana's in the bottom three when there is this monstrosity walking down the same runway. And WTF is up with Fatma's hair being styled like Minnie Mouse ears?


Boy you guys are on FIRE today with all the posts :)

I liked the first one, it is cute and wearable but not spectacular (like you said).

The second one is pretty bad. Those paper tubes look like cut up peices of hot dog.

Vis-a-vis Louise, in theory I like the idea of the black and white newsprint for one half and color ads for the other, but this didn't work for me. Aside from that color (and Fatma's Minnie Mouse hair? WTF was that?!), I just found it creepy that she had little eyes staring up at her from her crotch/butt. Eek!

I liked Logan's, and thought it looked nice on Kojii. That's really all there is to be said about it.

I liked the weird fin on Logan's dress. And I love the print.

Louise's coin rolls seemed to come out of nowhere. The dress didn't need them. It was as if they were jewlery. And why make paper jewlery when you have the Macy's accessory wall?

Which reminds me... none of the designers did the gratuitous product placement route. That's the one I would have taken-- an entire dress made out of Macy's ads. Ok producers, I dare you to toss out the Macy's ad dress!

The lower fin on Logan's dress gets my oh-so-authoritative nod of approval. :) I think it's a very nice look...

I liked Logan's but it's time for him to proove to the judges that he is more than a pretty face. The look was basic with a little twist and a very very nice print. I don't want to comment on Louise's look because I've loved her work so far and my comments on this one would not be nice...

What I really liked about Logan's is that he used the black and white part of the paper (rather than a color image like Gordana), mixed in some color and he creates a wonderful looking print that works really well.

The silhouette isn't groundbreaking or impressive, but I like what he was able to do with color on his outfit, and the silhouette of course was cute and chic.

The costume Louise was going for? Minnie Mouse. Check out the way she styled Fatma's hair.

A lot of designers went for the same page for their color elements, so congrats to Logan for mixing it up. I think I'd like it better if Kojii didn't look so damn dour, though.

Logan's was okay. Wearable. Not particularly risky or challenging. Just blah. The blue is a nice touch.

Louise, Louise, Louise. WTF were you thinking?? Why wasn't she in the bottom 3 instead of Gordana?? The coin wrappers looked like she was horribly inspired by Daniel V.'s suicide bomber dress.

Gordana - I'm rooting for you!!

"FatMa bites her fingernails. Gross. I'll be glad when her ugly ass is gone."

Anonymous, short fingernails do not necessarily mean nail-biting... she could be a lesbian for all we know, or a straight woman who simply doesn't want to deal with having long fingernails. Your post is vitriol.

Ummm... cross-out lesbian...

Logan's dress was very wearable and the teal paint was a lovely choice of colour. I would buy it (if it were made of fabric) but in terms of design or technicality, it wasn't really pushing the boundaries. He goes for "nice"; he needs to go for "wow" in this competition.

Louise's is amusing. It made me laugh, which is better than making me say "eugh", I guess.

Both Johnny and Louise used that eyes without a face in their design.

We're running out of clever titles.


No problem, they're running out of clever dresses!

^And clever challenges! :)

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to add:

They're running out of clever judges! :)

I liked Logan's more than I should have. It was so basic but, as you said, the graphic really worked.

And I think Louise should have been in the bottom three.

OK: coin rolls
the bottom of a construction paper George Washington wig being made for a 3rd grade class play, after the glue has dried but before the slathering with white tempera paint?


Watching the runway show, Logan's was my instant favorite. It was the prettiest, if not the most innovative.

I liked Logan's. I liked the way the "print" he created used the dark & light of the newsprint background.

Though I'm sure your assessment that he's not doing well enough to last is correct. He might get an extra episode for model crush drama or just because he's nice looking, but otherwise he's only two-three more episodes from an auf, I'm guessing.

Louise's would just have been meh, but the rolled paper "jewelry" dragged it down. I wouldn't say costume so much as school project.

Logan's dress: really liked it. Even the bottom fin.

Louise's dress: Nooooo, no no no no. And the styling was horrible.

Logan's dress - The Dutchess Kors would have called this chic. It had a nice line to it with those fans plus the good fit on the body, and the teal graphic really stood out. I'd kill for it made out of actual fabric rather than newspaper.

Louise's dress - fug-a-chug-chug. Totally auf-worthy, IMO.

I like Louise in general -- I think her work is usually pretty stylish and well-constructed.

In her defense, she's at least pretty self aware. In her interviews on the show, she said so herself that she expected to be in the middle or the bottom three for this one.

I hope that this was just a misstep for our Mz. Brooks!

ugh, usually I like louise's clothes
but this was so much worse than gordana's
maybe even worse than nicolas's (atleast his would be cute with a few tweaks, hers is just all bad although the bustier-type piece is kinda cute)

Logan's- sleek, japanese inspired, modern
he definitely has an aesthetic and fits the challenges to it
this is one of my favorite looks from him
but it's still a little boring and imperfect
so step it up logan!
oh and Koji is so gorgeous and versatile, LOVE HER

another laura

Actually, I liked Louise's except for the little whatevers above the bustline. How she had the eyes in the skirt looking upwards toward the bodice, which had selected newsprint words in large print. I thought it was clever. don't hit!

Louise seemed to be pretty critical of it, too. And grateful she wasn't aufed.

Logan. I dunno. It could've been made out of any old paper & paint.

I liked Logan's a lot, sure it was basic, but the blue and black swaths of color made it unique. Louise's was a TOTAL miss...sad since her other work has been good.

Oh, my, I thought Logan's was awful, save for the paint. And Louise's, while NOT GOOD, somehow looked better made. It was bad, yes, but of a better quality than Logans. If that makes any sense.

I really liked the bottom "fin" on Logan's--specifically, I like how, looking at it in a still, it causes the eye to travel in a big backward "S" from the upper left to the bottom right. Instead of looking at the dress in one glance, it made me see the WHOLE dress in stages.
I'm not sure I'm adequately expressing what I mean: does this make any sense at all?!

I HATED Louise's outfit even more than Logan';s middle of the packer. In fact I found her styling kinda borderline offensive. It's the type of thing someone not used to Fatma's type of hair does because she finds the texture fascinating. The dress itself was just plain silly. I can't help but wonder why this wasn't in the bottom instead of Gordana.

I actually kind of liked Logan's. It did look like a nice print, although I do agree on the silhouette.

I think even Louise realized that this wasn't her best design.

I didn't mind Louise's dress so much, but I really didn't understand the coin rolls at all.

I see rolls. Of quarters.

I liked both of these. Logan's definitely belonged in the top 3 - above Althea's.

I liked Louise's. It was very much middle of the pack, but I think it had a lot to offer: she was the only one to do the rolling effect, which made it stand out. The styling (Fatma's Minnie Mouse ears - bleh!!) left much to be desired.

The Louise dress:

My first thought was that she glued some old hair curlers up there.

My second thought was that she took some old leftover spools of thread (after the thread is used up) and glued them up there.

Then I had no more thoughts.

You kind of have to love how even the newspaper is rolling its eyes at Louise's dress :)

I guess you never know when you're going to need a roll of coins, huh? You'd think they'd get a bit heavy. Maybe Louise thought she was in the multi-purpose challenge on The Fashion Show.

Seriously, that dress was all kinds of bad. If Nicolas's was Tinkerbell, this one is Minnie Mouse. Maybe that's why the hairdo? The shoes were nice, though, and not Minnie-ish.

Logan's was pretty nice. I'll give him a pass; maybe these odd challenges are not his thing. He didn't embarrass himself anyway.

I'm hoping Gordana is one of those Jeffrey-type competitors who is in the bottom for awhile and then shoots to the top. (Not that she is like him in any other respect.)

What I have observed about the judging is that, this season, they seem to be giving more weight to the concept than the execution. That explains what has been happening to Gordana; she has a strong aesthetic that is maybe not on-trend or edgy or groundbreaking. I think changing models might help her.

This is a totally bizarre reaction, but those red rolls on the neckline of Louise's dress test my gag reflex. There is something just nauseating about them. They resemble some sort of scary and odd growths.

I don't see how Logan's dress was that much different than Althea's in concept.

Louise's was a hot stinking mess. How she got a pass while they slammed Gordana is beyond me.

Fatma's hair reminds me of that time Allison had her model wear her hair in a bow (literally!)
And those 'rolls' at her neck remind me of those things that you roll pennies in...

I liked Logan's but the silhouette reminds me of Christopher's dress from last week...maybe because of those ruffles.

Minnie Mouse goes to the bank wearing her vintage lampshade. Cute.

(But I still like Louise.)

I sort of like Louise, but the fact that this design got a pass while Gordana's was in the Bottom 3 is incomprehensible to me. Judges, crack is WHACK!!

I sort of like Louise, but the fact that this design got a pass while Gordana's was in the Bottom 3 is incomprehensible to me. Judges, crack is WHACK!!

Fatma's face says it ALL!

I liked Logan's because it was interesting and the fit was good. Didn't look like paper. I think this is the first miss for Louise but she'll probably be back on track next week.

no more sleeveless shift dresses PLEASE!!!!!!!!! It reminds me of the barbie dress my mom taught me to make when I was three: cut off the toes of a sock. Voila!! Cocktail dress!!

I am thankful for this blog for many reasons of course but one of them is in the beginning there are just too ding dang many runway looks for most to make much of an impression. I didn't remember Logan's at all and only remembered Louise's collar.

Actually, I don't object to the collar particularly but the bodice fit is poor even to my untrained eye and looks very sloppy in the back. I don't want to see her auf'd but I too am surprised that Gordana was in the bottom AND the target of such Heidi wrath instead.

Louise created an auf-worthy look. I'm okay with Johnny getting the auf since his body of work has been much worse than hers but this is one of the worst things I've ever seen on PR. Bottom three for sure.

Logan's dress was super cute with some interesting little details. Loved the blue accents. But I agree that he's going to have to step it up since I think all the obvious aufs are gone now - some hard choices are going to have to start being made.

Logan's dress fit well and moved like fabric, and his pattern was skillfully painted.

Louise, on the other hand, gave Fatma an ancient Mesopotamian beard.

sorry if dbl posted. ^^;
I lol'd at all the creative descripts for Lousie's dress. My first impression was of the Grinch getting caught in the "chimbley".
The rust color combined w/ the bottleneck fit seemed "brick-and-mortar" to me.
The Grinch aspect was based partly from the aggro way Fatma walks the Runway... and the in-house drama she contributes to on MOTR.

Loved Logan's. Fatma always looks pissed off.

I hated Louise, it does look like a costume. Logan needs to step up a notch, he can do better than that.

Louise's frock totally reminds me of Dorothy's "loopy" wedding gown from the series finale of "The Golden Girls"!

Logan's dress bored me -- solid middle of the pack, although the blue is lovely. Louise... those girls aren't looking at the "necklace", they're rolling their eyes at it.

i totally disagree with you guys. Louise dress was stunning! Very nice and it looks well constructed to me

I think Louise did a great job. Logan's was by far the best though.

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