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Jillian Lewis Spring 2010 Collection

Miss Lewis if you're nasty!

Jillian Lewis presented her Spring 2010 collection at Audi Forum in New York City and once again showed herself to be a designer with a strong point of view and her finger on the trend pulse. Strong shoulders, skinny pants, lots of texture and architectural details, with a return to her signature knits and coats dominated the collection. We like.

Anne Bratskeir of Newsday snagged an interview:

[Video: - Photos:WireImage/firstVIEW]

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Wow, love the white dress with the interesting shoulders, and all those jackets are gorgeous and very Jillian but at the same time not her usual. Jillian was, in my opinion, one of the best ever contestants on PR... I wish her luck in the future.

Great silhouettes and attention to detail, very Jillian! Congratulations on your Spring 10 collection. I love the metallic hooded trench and the bolero with ruffle sleeves. Cut outs in knits are also subtle and interesting.

Ooh! I love! Great job Jillian!

I love everything (except the shiny nude leggings). The dresses are beautiful, and I love the doodle-like tank tops.

Heart Jillian. She is on my list of all time favs-- her, Korto, Uli, Laura are all designers who make clothing I covet

Very nice.

Look #17 is straight up '88-'91.

But Jillian should really stick with coats. That's her thing, and could really end up being the money maker for her.

I'm disappointed. No to the leggings, no to the pointed shoulder pads, no to the one-arm look. No to the jackets over leggings that look like someone forgot their skirt.

Except for the first white dress (minus the shoulder points) and the very Jillian white jacket, I would pass. The second black dress and some of the tops are very generic -- OK, but nothing we haven't seen before.

I would have loved to see more of Jillian's fantastic jackets and coats. I understand she may be expanding into other areas, but she should not abandon what made us sit up and pay attention when we first met her.

(And please, before some of you start bashing, remember this is my opinion and I'm entitled to it. Thank you.)

I love her coats. Great silhouettes!

Oh Jillian, how I love thee. In my eyes, she's really the designer to grow the most post PR. I'm still peeved she didn't win.

Overall the collection is fine with the knit dresses being rather interetsing. However I don't care for that coat on the 7th row, right

It looks like a weak, defective clone of her large overcoat


Sane Woman said...OK, but nothing we haven't seen before.

What have we NOT seen before in fashion? People just toss that around like that really means something.

Jillian annoyed me on Project Runway, but in a "holy eff I have to watch what this person is going to say or do or whine about next". I DO love her designs, though.

The frilled-peplum coat is my favourite - to the point where I'm sewing my own. At a price point of $1,200 or so... not a chance from a fiscal point of view. Totally gorgeous though.

Sane Woman, no bashing, I agree! I just don't see what everyone else besides you sees.

I love. There's a very cool & chic vibe going on.
The exception for me is the white lace thing, which I think is hideous.

I cannot WAIT for those huge, pointy shoulder pads to disappear.

Love these!

Is that Danielle from ANTM on pictures 18-19??

yet another laura

The "doodle" shirts look totally randomat first, but when you look closer, the first is a woman waving, and the second (black) has a man and a woman kissing. I like!

Love these!

BUT, haven't we seen that pagoda sleeved coat on . . . The Fashion Show?

i'm not dorothy gale

Very charming and very Jillian, alas, very young. The only thing that I could wear is the silver cut-away dress/jacket. Not the leggings, though! Beautiful styling from a beautiful woman; I'm delighted for her success.

Yup, Danielle from ANTM, and I'm pretty sure that's Jordan from Make Me a Supermodel 2 in #10.

yet another laura

The grey dress is interesting, but that's crochet, not knitting. Which makes it even better in my eyes, because crochet, more than knitting, often look far to granny-made. This dress definitely doesn't.

Also agree with those who love the coats, the vest and the black and white jackets with the sharply layered sleeves.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Lust, pure lust for the jackets in panels #5 and #10!

I could do without the accentuated shoulders and the pants-less looks, but that IS the trend nowadays. Bitch still knows her knitwear, and along with her jackets it has been one of her strengths.

Good for her for continually progressing in her 2010 collection. Good luck Jillian!

Is it me or does the red headed model look like the "bloody eyeball" chick from ANTM this cycle?

p.s. All I could think of when I saw those doodle shirts was Perez Hilton. Sorry Jillian. I still love you!!

I like Jillian. I like both the black dresses and her jackets (and sweaters).

BUT I cannot stand the proportions of the jackets/top with the "leggings". I think it looks ridiculous when the jacket/top doesn't extend to just below the , um, cheeks.

God help us. It's all "meh" to me.

Not in love with the aesthetic at all. This being said, it's and well made.

The only look that stopped me cold and tripped off the drool was the grey/silver knit dress. That's her niche. I don't know why she doesn't mine it more deeply. The rest of these mini-collections seem like a waste of her resources.

I want to love because it is Jillian, but I have to agree it is meh. A little bit late to the silhouettes we've been seeing for awhile now. And other folks have interpreted them better recently. Lots of overworked stuff. Even her trademark coat looks way overdone now (and a tad too short?). The silver/grey hoodie is the only thing I like. Terrible styling too.

huh, I hated everything. And Jillian herself looks like she's dressed for a costume party. I'm all for creative evolving, but I'm just not interested in where she's gone to.

The shoulder pads remind me of that old saying, goes something like, Great moments occur first as tragedy, and then as farce.

While I'm not coveting all of this collection like I had previous collections, I'm always interested to see what Jillian does. I am intrigued by her POV.

I love her coats, but not the rest of it. I know it's on trend, but it's giving me flasbacks to high school and college - not good. I just wish the 80s shoulder pads would stay dead.

A show of hands from those who intend to wear alien-overlord-shoulder-pads.....anyone?

As Nina might say, "Very editorial."

Wish her well anyway.

Austin Sally

TLo wrote: "...and her finger on the trend pulse."

And that's the problem. When you're copying ugly trends, you end up with ugly outfits. If that's what she was going for, then I guess it worked.

wow, i hated all of this. yugh.

Notice Jordan from MMAS?

The only things I like are the coats and the white dress. The rest look sloppy to me, very un-Jillian. Oh, I did like one other dress, too, but pretty disappointed. I really loved her work on PR.

I always thought Jillian should have won her season of PR - And still do despite what she's said since.

I wish she'd do some patterns for Vogue Knitting. And I also still want one of her Stevie Nicks coats.


It's not my style, but I totally get what she was going for. Granted, I usually get a hard-on for collections inspired by art. Not just because I'm an art history nerd, but it's one of the ways to tell me a designer really thought about their collection, did some homework, and knows where their collection stands in time and space.

Re all the comments about the lack of Nina and The Duchess Kors:

I recall either seeing a tv interview or reading an interview with Heidi about the diffidulties they ran into filming this Season 6 in LA due to schedule conflicts for the New York-based judges who can't keep flying out to LA for every episode when they've got their own stuff going on all the way across the continent. I remember her saying that Michael Kors only appears in four episodes.

She then said something about how the show would take this into consideration by possibly alternating seasons in NYC and LA or possibly splitting the season between the two.

Sorry, I've been Googling it but haven't been able to pop up anything.

It's '80s structure jackets and shoulder pads meets early '90s leggings. Been there, done that, no thanks Jillian!

Some of Jillian's looks have me thinking of Daniel V.s mini-collection for the all-star challenge, with the very skinny legs and body conscious tops, so they are both on trend, it seems.

Oops, sorry, I meant to put that on this morning's "Congratulations" post!

It's not exactly a collection that a lot of women could wear. Maybe all of the women who have figures like models, but not those flawed regular women. Like Christian's PR collection, it's for the young and tiny, but it is pretty good, although I hate those huge clunky black shoes with the light colored dresses.

I liked Jillian's work on Runway, but I must say, I hate this. Most look shiny, tight and cheap. There is something terribly off about most of the proportions, and they somehow look just wrong.

The return of shoulder pads as '80s styles are recycled is making me cringe already.

Some of Jillian's looks are right out of Star Trek's Klingon/Romulan wardrobe closet. I was surprised, I usually love her sweaters and coats, but most of this stuff produced reactions from "meh" to "yuck."

it's definitely on reminds me of a lot of daniella's collection from the fashion show. but i know that she's got it in her to go towards a different direction.

I think any other season, Jillian would have won. Not my aesthetic, but always interesting and well-done with a cohesive and strong point of view.

Love all of this except the leggings. Wish she would design some pants that regular women can wear.


Jillian looks great, but her collection is meh this time, sorry. I usually love her stuff!

I normally love Jillian's stuff, and this time I'm only in love with the doodle tanks.

I weep for those coats and vests. I want them. I must have them. *sigh* Pure beauty....

It's just sickens me when the designer looks even better than the hangers modeling her clothes.

Oh Jill-jill, how I envy you! Especially now that you're famous, thin and RICH!

It's Jillian's downfall that she had the "luck" to be on the season of PR with Christian & Rami. Christian was the producer's pet & we all know Rami was Heidi's.
She always created drop dead beautiful ensembles and she'll always be #1 with me!

LOVE that grey sweater dress it almost looks like. Look 11 I think. Very beautiful! Great collection Jillian I wish only the best for you. :)

Marketing Diva

The model in the white jacket is Dani from America's Next Top Model. I always loved her

I'll have to think on this a bit more, but LOVE the fourth dress down.

I don't like this collection as much as previous ones, but I second the call for her to publish some knitwear patterns. The knitwear in her PR collection was gorgeous and I'd love to have the chance to 'knit a Jillian'.

Very cute. Different but still Jillian...unfortunately no wowers for me

I just hate those weird jutting Balmain shoulder pads. Blech. Otherwise, it's at least interesting, if not my aesthetic.

and no, that's not Bloody Eyeball with the red hair.

LOVES IT! I was wondering what she was up to, the other day, and here you go! Thanks TLo!

mll (another lulu)

I love love love Jillian's esthetic of delicate or bold details on the shoulders and sleeves. It's those elements which make a stand-out of a solid color garment. That's what immediately caught my eye on one of the dresses (in the middle of the pack, forgot which designer) this episode PR, the light gold one with a weaving effect of fabric down the center front.

One of my favorite dresses of all time was hand-knit or crocheted, I can't recall now, it was in the late sixties, but oh how I would love to replace it with Jillian's gorgeous silver/blue dress. With tinier shoulder pads. But ain't got the money, and definitely no longer got the bod. Sigh, I'm going to go look at old photos now.

There is a lot of hate expressed for shoulder pads, and when they are so huge or exaggerated I agree.
But I do recall properly sized shoulder pads providing some balance to women with large chests; to create more of an inverted triangle it some jackets/blazers.

Those big shoulder pads are gonna make anyone's neck disappear. Even Jennifer Connelly looks like a neckless wonder in them. A broad shouldered, short-necked lady like myself can't even THINK about shoulder pads without shuddering -- and a good 30% of women out there are in the same boat. Not a good look, Muriel. -victoria

she really loves that coat. I did too -at her PR audition, at the avant garde challenge, at the final collection for PR. Now I'm over it. She seems to get stuck on things she likes, like the coat sillhouette and the pointy shoulders which I hated from her runway show. Over all I think she's a good designer. You can't beat a dead horse with a different colored stick every time though.

I like the two tank tops, but other than that it's fairly meh.

Jillian should have used the bathroom before she posed for that picture.

She ended up in that "gotta pee" pose and it looks just as retarded on her as it does everyone else who poses like that.


Don't like it at all.

There are some nice pieces here, but overall it reminds me of Daniela from "The Fashion Show"--but better executed. Now, I'm not saying she "copied" Daniela, but both of them are right on-trend and, actually, on the SAME trends. Pointy shoulder pads, external shoulder pads, skinny pants and leggings, pagoda sleeves--it's all there.

I felt that on her season of PR, Jillian was somewhat uneven, and I'm still seeing that in her designs.

BTW, I'm not one to quibble about the return of the '80s. It's inevitable, so I'm not going to criticize any designer for doing it. We've seen it all before, just like almost everything in fashion. It's nice to see a fresh take, a reworking, or a design that comments on the influence, which is what I think some of the shoulder treatments we're seeing have done.

Hate those pants/leggings with the odd blocking.

As for the rest, the coats are lovely, but it seems we've seen all this before in one from or another.

Loved it!!

I am so not a fan of those pointy shoulder pad things that seem to be in a lot of collections these days....I think they are hideous.
And who honestly buys a one arm sweater?
I love Jillian and think she is tremendously talented- one of the best in PR history but I can't get into this particular collection.
Sorry Jillian...

From where I'm sitting, the white design on those early tanks are drawings by maybe Picasso or Matisse, I'm not sure; I'd have to do more research. But, if that's the case, then bravo Ms. Lewis.

I liked the nude lace dress. Other than that, no way.
But then, I'm old. I am sure those looks would go over with the Mary Kate crowd. Good for you Jillian.

Very, very cool. Tough but pretty. I'm a HUGE fan. Go JLew!

In some ways Season 4 was my favorite season because I loved all the finalists, so I'm very happy to see Jillian still working it.

That knit dress is simply breathtaking, but I think she needs to refrain from the random cutouts. The design was so striking that I just didn't get the cutout.

I didn't respond too well to the 'silly string' shirts, the leggings and tight pants, but the tops and coats are to die.

Her knitwear and coat aesthetic are A+, but the other pieces I think could use some more refining in future seasons.

Overall, I like very much.

The more I look at these the better I like the collection. The jackets are all incredible, especially the white one and the silver hooded one. The knits are very good and I love the doodle tanks. Hate, hate, hate the leggings and most of the dresses are meh.

That said, I'm so glad that she's working and able to produce clothes. Her Bryant Park collection was my all-time favorite PR collection and she remains one of my favorite PR designers. I wish her much success.

I know models are supposed to be thin, but these girls look particularly hungry.

Love her tops and dresses. Don't like the leggings/skinny pants. Some of them look like they had just wet themselves

Some of the dresses are a little bit too much, but really, she can make gorgeous coats.

How i wish she makes me a men's coat^^

Maybe it's PMS (mine and possibly their's) but... I'm having serious model problems here...

The jacket on Jordan with those skinny pants hits her in the most unflattering place - right where her thighs bubble and not in a good way... I'm not declaring that she's heavy in any way, just that the shape of her thighs do not flatter that cut and, for a model, some toning time in the gym could help.

Then the bitch face on the model in the next pic. I'm just sayin'...

First off, just wanted to say that Jillian is looking GORGEOUS in her photo.
I liked most of this. Minus the nude leggings, of course. Those looked... vulgar.
One more gripe: HATING the hair styling choices on these models.

Danielle and MOnique (cycle 7) from ANTM..

Well I don't get it. But you must remember I didn't know what a B girl was.

I can't believe only one person posted about the silly-string look of those shirts. It wasn't as bad in the first outfit since the string and the shirt kinda blended together, but the second time it showed up it literally looked like the model was attacked by some obnoxious pre-teens wielding cans of silly-string. Thumbs down to that, and thumbs down to the strangely pieced-together leggings (especially the crotch-pants). I'm a bit disappointed by this collection, and I really liked Jillian.

Oh, and I also really disliked the crimped hair styling. It kept distracting me from the outfits, especially with the last white dress (which I really like).

Awesome collection. I feel like this is Jillian Lewis with Gareth Pugh whispering to her in her sleep.

Oh my. I hated nearly every piece. I'm not a fan of the yarn draped blouses. Looks like someone squirted toothpaste on a tunic and called it a day.

Come on Jillian!

the coat she designed and created with Victorya remains my all time favorite PR piece. I'm still hoping to find something like it!!

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