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In or Out: Tilda Swinton

It has been far too long since we've Tilda'd.

Tilda Swinton attends the "Lo Sono L'Amore" premiere at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

And the bitch looks SPECTACULAR.

Jil Sander Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kasia Struss

We do love when she works her Man Who Fell To Earth schtick by wearing something suitably insane, but she was born to wear these kinds of austere chic looks. The dress looks positively plain from the front but the back is what gives it real interest. And she finished the look off with a kickass pair of pumps with just enough strangeness to make them totally Tilda.


[Photos: getty Images/WireImgae/]

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IN! And is it my screen, or does she look a little tan? It suits her.


She looks great. Is she pregnant? Or just have a normal body?

The pieces look great on their own, work wonderful together, and it doesn't hurt that I'm a big fan of striking white/black combos.

Ooo, love that back.

Very understated, but adds a fantastic effect.

One would be amazed at the beauty of simplicity.

She looks better than ever. I love her when she's whacked and I love when she's on point. To me, she's always IN.

You boys are up early! She does look fantastic!

Mostly IN. She looks quite nice, but it looks like the heels are a size or two too big for her.

You two are at the office early.

Fabulous. In the first shot, I thought "Only she could make a white column dress look interesting." But then it actually WAS interesting.

Agreed, love the look. It's so Tilda-ish.

And I get the natural face look, that she goes for sometime ... but here's the deal. The shiny face just bothers me. Sorry, it does.

I'm all for the look she's going for ... but to be that stylish but look like you've been out for the morning run with no makeup just seems wrong to me.

Couldn't she just use that mineral powder stuff and not shine so much? Either it doesn't come in white enough colors for her or else she just wants to shine like the star she is.

Just sayin-

Love TS. The interest in the shoe seems subtle at first but when you really look at it, is fantastic. As is the dress, both sort of sneak up on you.

I adore the shoes but this woman is always out. She needs a lesson in hair and make-up. Honestly, her look depresses me.

IN. She looks amazing, I love the shoes and the dress.

It's a little too plain from the front but the back and the shoes make up for it. IN.

Madame Suggia

She's Tilda, therefore always and forever IN.

IN. Love the dress, not so much the shoes.

The back is gorgeous. Jil Sander is one of my favorite designers. Tilda Swinton knows how to pick them.

IN! She looks fabulous!!!

Gorgeous! Is she wearing makeup?

Chris said...

One would be amazed at the beauty of simplicity.

True, nowadays people want more bows, more zippers, more pleats...

Totally IN. Love that dress on her.


I love the bare make-up and no-nonsense hair, but then she rocks the killer pumps.

She's IN!


That she will wear this look tells me she'll be "IN" at 90 - the aura doesn't depend on quirky choices or a youthful body.


Now there's a true avant garde woman. LOVE HER.


IN, she looks great.

The back is to die for.

She was born to wear fabulous clothes.

I LOVE her!!!!!

She looks fantastic, not crazy about the shoes, though.

"It has been far too long since we've Tilda'd."

LOL, indeed.

I was actually surprised until I saw the back and then I found our Tilda.


IN. and I want those shoes.....

IN, IN, IN!!! As for her body, it looks normal, as in that is how the dress would look on me (without 3 layers of spanx), except I'd look ridiculous and she looks fab.

GOD she's fabulous!!!!!!! I love this look on her, and those be some killer shoes.

I also love how her hair/make-up is always so understated. She's the greatest.

Gawd I love her.

She can wear anything and look fab!


She's so cool.

I don't get why Tilda always gets a pass from people. A poorly fitted white shift would be an out for absolutely anyone else. The back does add some interest but the way it's fitted is odd, too. But if Tilda wears it, it's ok?

Love it, but I want a bright pink lip with it, just to add that pop to her face.

IN! Tilda looks amazing, and kind of scary.

I think both she and the dress are horrid. I'm not even bothering with the shoes as the rest of it, and her, are just too fug for them to matter.
And I do "get" her and her style. I just don't "like" either one. Every pic, every time, fug fug fug.

Yeah, I'd like to see it actually fitted to her. Love the dress, shoes, meh. She's never boring, though! A qualified "in."

Absolutely, positively IN!! That dress is gorgeous in it's stark simplicity!


Hate the dress. LOVE the shoes.

What a fabulous dress. And she's got the body for it. IN.

Although . . . while her no make up look normally doesn't bother me, in this case, given the "color" palette of the dress, a strong lipstick might have pulled it all together.


So utterly normal for her. In, but she could've have had some sort of necklace.

I want to be her :)

Anonymous said...

So utterly normal for her. In, but she could've have had some sort of necklace.

Not with that back.

One of the few dissenting voices. OUT.

I HATE, HATE the hair.
I normally don't like her non-make-up looks, but can appreciate that others might. But ugly hair and nothing pretty or interesting or even a focal point - and I cannot consider that "bib" with a black "stripe" laying on her back a worthy focal point. (Plenty of people criticized the lovely bow/wrap on Shirin's first outfit and that was far more attractive.)

When it comes to make-up normally the emphasis is the eye or the lip - or SOMETHING. But no eye, no lip, a plain white crew neck shift. Every other actress would be SKEWERED if she showed up like that - WTH did she just roll out of bed?

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

It looks great on the model but on her it looks like she forgot to zip up her dress.

Maya, I think she does have a normal body. She's really tall, but with a normal body nonetheless. In Michael Clayton, you could see her curves. Love her look now!

I wish I could find her looks interesting, but I just can't. Whenever I see a picture of her, I always think of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.


I'll cast my vote for "looks pregnant." (And spectacular.) It looks more like a bump than a pooch to me. However, I didn't notice it until after reading the comments!

Regarding SmartAss's comment about the shiny face, I'll note that the very worst shiny-face offenders I see are women who are wearing makeup.

Her face is just so striking, with such remarkable bone structure, she looks amazing without makeup. I respect that she's made it her signature look.

Don't slouch, Tilda, and it's an IN!

I have never shared the Tilda enthusiasm. I just don't get her as a fashion icon. She's fine, I guess.


Jil Sander and Tilda are a match made in heaven. Perfect and so IN.

Normally I love Tilda's fashion but today she looks a little boring, I would have preferred her to bring the crazy...

a reluctant out

Glad to see I'm not the only one who saw fit issues. It's a nice dress and shoes ensemble, but with something that minimalist, the fit is crucial.

She's 49, so I seriously doubt she's pregnant. That's just her body shape.


God Bless Tilda!

She looks so great in those bizare ensambles. Designers should shower her with love and adoration, she is the only one who can wear thier more creative designs.


p.s. Could you imagine her in jeans and a sweatshirt? Horrors!

The Swinton is always in....

SWINTON wins again.

And I fucking love those shoes. God. I want them so much.

She's a goddess.

Thanks so much for giving us a full look at this.


Excellent. But the dress would be better half an inch shorter, just a bit higher on the knee.

IN! IN! IN! Is she one of the coolest people around or what?

Am I smoking dope, or does Tilda look pregnant?

I don't care for it either. OUT. Like the other posters said, the front is a poor fit.

Oh yeah, and she looks a bit like a robot. Seriously.

Now this is what you call fierce! IN

So in, she's gorgeous!

The dress is beautiful, I don't know what some of you are smoking, Nina's pipe perhaps.


She's fierce, she can wear anything, lucky her.

Beautiful dress, love the shoes, she looks perfect and elegant. Heidi, JLo, Cameron, Beyonce - pay attention - this is how elegance is done!

I still want to see her in Chris March's plaid gown from the All Star Challenge!

IN. Just as simple as that.

It looks like the back of that dress is a PhD hood. I like it and I like the shoes. But it looks so academic!

I can understand choosing to go a little au naturel but come on put a bit of make up on, girl.

The dress requires a Marine crisp posture. I think it photographs best from straight on. The side shot makes it look like her dress is opening up in the back. "And not in a good way," as Nina would say.

I like the minimalist look of no jewelery, but I'm not digging the dress that much.

I always felt that Jil Sander's designs were just a little too sanitized. It's like a sophisticated hospital gown (they're white here in South America).


She's absolutely stunning to me, and by the way, I don't wear makeup either; nothing wrong with that. Not all of us want to look like porcelain dolls.

IN. In. and IN.

I had no idea she's 47. WOW!


Absolutely, IN! I adore Tilda and always look forward to seeing her on the red carpet, off, in films, etc. It's really refreshing how unique and non-cookie-cutter safe she chooses to dress for these events. Loooove her! Thanks for doing another Tilda post, boys!

- edina -

She looks stunning in white.

In, darlings, always in.

Is she pregnant?

Now this is a woman who understands what avant garde fashion is.

I adore La Swinton. May she dress in things no one else would dream of wearing on the red carpet for many years to come.

I'm going to have to give her an OUT for this one. I can't give even stunning Tilda a pass for wearing an ill-fitting dress. As loose as it is, it just looks like she forgot to zip it up. The shoes rock, though, and ARE in her size. The heel projection is part of the design.

Her hair is fine (her signature style) but I'd like to see a little makeup--just lipstick and something to play up her eyes. She looks a little faded.

She is either pregnant or just ate a basketball before the event. I know she has a bit of a pooch, but that is too big to just be pooch, without having any additional weight on other parts of her body.

I love her and she'd be an "in" if the dress fit properly, but the fit just wrecks a very cool design.

Not loving the dress but she looks great in it.


J'adore her.

IN. She's always looking classy.

Hm. For once I feel like I can actually assess an outfit of hers rather than just gawking and wondering why she always wants to dress like an ugly alien. I like the dress and the back is very chic. Those shoes are ridiculous though, looking way too clunky and heavy for that dress and her figure.

J'adore. J'adore. J'adore.

Totally in,I love her.

I don't like the dress but somehow she makes it work.

I love how she left all the accessories at home and let the dress do all the talking. The back is to die.

Out. She looks blah from the front and from the back she looks like she's graduating from a space academy.

She's always IN, no matter what. Her androgynous look, unorthodox lifestyle (a husband AND a boyfriend all under one roof?)and superb acting skills make Tilda one of my favorites. The simple dress and shoes were beautiful.

Love her, really. But a few swipes of mascara would do wonders. And maybe some simple post earrings so she doesn't look so much like Sir John Gielgud in a shift.

She should be the celebrity that PR has an avant garde
challenge built around. I wonder how she would be during the judging??

I just read some interesting news on IMDb: Tilda Swinton is interested in making an updated version of "Auntie Mame."

This is the link (it is through the IMDb site; you can probably get it directly through CinemaBlend as well):

i'm with the dissenters here - i just can't get excited about Tilda. I respect her massively for doing her own thing, and she looks better than a lot of people, but i don't swoon over her either. I myself never wear makeup, and I love seeing a famous person au naturel, but i'm also a little creeped out by the way her fairness makes her look like she has no eyelashes and almost no eyebrows. it gives her face a kind of alien look that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

but i do get why y'all love her, i think. i just can't share the love.

Her feet look like hooves.

An Out.

From the front it looks like the dress either doesn't fit her right or it's unzipped. If she isn't pregnant, it gives her quite a pooch. White is not her color, it washes her out, especially as she goes without make up. It might look better with some color but the fit issues remain. I like the shoes on her.

Outside of seeing her in film, I am Tilda Swinton ignorant. However, I think she is an amazing actress. So I feel I come to this very neutral one way or another with her.

The dress fits fine--it's supposed to have a drape, just as it does on the model. It's a simple look that shows off the cut and the ideas of the design, it works because it's quiet but bold and clean.

I don't understand all the fuss about her not wearing make-up--she is wearing it! It's bronzer, it gives her a bit of subtle colour and bronzer always has some shimmer about it. She's a red head, a tan would look awful on her skin--and really, she doesn't need it here. She looks magnificent--and young enough for people to think she looks pregnant, when she's actually normally shaped and practically 50 years old. We should all be so lucky.

IN, she's always IN.


Apparently Tilda Swinton and Luca Guadagnino want to remake Auntie Mame.

I do not know how I feel about this.

oops. Scrolled up and realized that I'm late to the news. Sorry.

IN! Absolutely love it in a "Take me to your leader" kind of way.

I wish I could pull something like that off.

I know the dress is supposed to have a drape, aurumgirl. It still doesn't fit well. Maybe it's because she slumps (that might explain the monster pooch, too).

We require a new Tilda heading: IN or IN. She can go crazy or minimalist. I don't remember the last time she ever got an OUT.

What a horrible dress. Out. She looks like an emaciated man.

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