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In or Out: Jennifer Lopez at the VMAs

Let's start off the week with a good old-fashioned "What the HELL?"

Jennifer Lopez attends the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City wearing Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin lace booties.

Louis Vuitton fall 2009 collection
Model: Jessica Stam

Holy shit that is one disaster of a dress. In recent years, Jenny from the block has matured into someone with pretty good instincts, fashion-wise. But this just smacks of label-reading. "It's Louis Vuitton so it must be good." Ugly "colors" (if you can even call them colors), weird proportions, and unflattering draping and pulling everywhere you look. There's even too much going on with the shoes. This ain't nothing but a big ol' OUT.

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Plus - it's too short for a 40-year old mother, even if she does have great legs! Altogether a truly grody look - and I never use grody anymore


That is all.

It's also the classic "She's shitting fabric" look. When did the gathered ass ever become a good idea--especially on a largely perfect butt like JLo's?

Maybe her gays are on vacation? Oh honey, no.

Are those sleeves velvet?

But, please kill me, because I thought it looked good on the runway.

....what the hell is going on here?

yep all around fug. In fact I expect it to make the gofugyourself girl's day.

Her makeup and hair look good - it's her signature style in terms of that, but the dress is awful and the shoes are tacky.

The shrug looked better with the original sleeve design. These just look baggy and saggy.

The whole thing makes her look short and wide like a fireplug.

Thirty eight thumbs down.

This one's a joke, right? Ya'll photoshopped a funny bunch of cloth onto her headshot? Otherwise--yowsa.

I notice she conveniently forgot to include the rabbit ears.

I can wear the sample size. I can. Ummph.Grunt. See?

It's too small.

That is HIDEOUS!!!


It kind of works on the runway because, you know, the model is half her age. That is a HUGE out!

This looks like a HS sewing class concoction. I guess there must be a sale on beige fabric this year? The other Christian seemed to go for it also. Blah.

Strangely, I don't think it's hideous, not good, but not the worst thing I've ever seen her wear. Somehow it's just weird and blah at the same time.

Somewhere in the front row, Puffy was laughing his ass off!

Again with the bunching fabric on the forearms! Not that the runway version was that flattering either. The neckline of the dress would be enough sexy for JLo, and you could chop off the complicated velour (yes, I said velour, because when velvet looks like that, it shouldn't qualify as velvet) sleeves and streamline the skirt and make it in an actual color, and make the shoes not look like some cobbled (ha!) together two different pairs of shoes.... Wait, too much work. Throw it out and start over.

What? No mention of the miles of double stick tape it takes to pull this off?


At least she had the sense to not include the bunny ears.

Definitely "out," but her face is so gorgeous that I didn't even notice the dress last night.

Also it looks like she forgot to paint her left big toe, and whatever is hanging from the zipper pull in the back makes it look like the zipper is split.

Mother of God that's one awful outfit.

The belt from the catwalk could have improved like 1%.

YUCK! And that back looks like a diaper!

Big old OUT!

What challenge was this from?


Oh dear lord. Hair & makeup & earrings (for JLo) are fine. Shoes hideous and dress beyond hideous into ridiculous. On the runway, the dress was only hideous. (except for the bunny ears)

out OUT out

Looks like a "middle" tier PR design not a LV designer creation. Middle tier PR is "bad design but great execution".

Love the boots but NOT with this dress.

Then again it is the VMAs and anything goes...the more ridiculous the better.


JLo is a woman who usually wears clothes beautifully, but the problem with this thing is that her beautiful shape is completely lost under all that volume. Disappointing, because I'm usually excited to see what she's wearing. And what's that sweater...thing...that wraps around her neck? I'm confused. She looks like a two-year old who tried to dress herself and couldn't figure out the sleeves.

I will say that I really like that nude color for her, though. It looks gorgeous against her skin.

The shoes are ugly. I'm all for an eye-popping shoe, but if it's ugly, it's just ugly.

OUT, unfortunately.

Thank goodness for this entry.

Because of this, I managed to catch the story about Kanye actin' a DAMN FOOL (again)!

I love JLo, and normally I can appreciate her crazy fashion antics. But honey, this is no green Versace gown. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.

You're a mother of twins now - make them proud, not ashamed!


Anonymous said...
Thank goodness for this entry.

Because of this, I managed to catch the story about Kanye actin' a DAMN FOOL (again)!

9/14/09 9:48 AM

I know..he is such a fucking idiot.

I fear it's only a matter of time before he rears his fashion-industry-attention-seeking ugly head on PR.

How does she leave the house thinking any of that looks good!?

JLo needs to consult Tim Gunn on what's the proper look for an aging songbird, because this sure isn't it. (Tim Gunn's first makeover segment on the new Dr. Oz show airs this Thursday. Sadly, it doesn't feature JLo.)

Her hair homos should also be fired - that weave in the back looks like it's made from plastic. ICK.

Out, out, out, out, OUT. It doesn't even look good on the model!

Oh Good Lord....This get up belongs in the Fashion Hall of Shame.

Horrible look, plus her extensions look really cheap.

Anonymous on 9/14/09 at 9:48 AM said..."Because of this, I managed to catch the story about Kanye actin' a DAMN FOOL (again)!"

Kanye who? I am totally lost in the crack pipe smoke.


The shoulder chaps...
I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

I concurr.

I liked the shoes until I saw the leopard print heel. Ugh.

As for the dress itself - yeah, the word 'disaster' pretty much covered it. "Hot mess" would work as well.


You guys are going to make fun of... I mean critique the rest of the attendees right?

Man JLo looks fug

Hallmark called. They want their wrapping paper back. The shoes are beautiful...WITH A BLACK DRESS!
Oy vey.

The velvet sleeves look like a track suit.

My eyes! Oh, God, my eyes!

Blinded by the Fug

Oh my - to quote a favorite lady of ours, "it's a question of taste." That, and bad hair extensions.


TampaBay said...
Anonymous on 9/14/09 at 9:48 AM said..."Because of this, I managed to catch the story about Kanye actin' a DAMN FOOL (again)!"

Kanye who? I am totally lost in the crack pipe smoke.


9/14/09 10:07 AM

JLo's outfit for the MTV Video Music Awards last night took a very distant back seat to the shenanigans of rapper Kanye West.

During 19-year old country superstar Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for her VMA award, an apparently inebriated Kanye West rushed out onto the stage, grabbed her microphone away from her, and yelled to the audience that Beyonce's video was the best video of all time, leaving Swift completely stunned. The producers killed her mike and went to commercial. Later, when Beyonce won video of the year, she graciously turned her own mike over to Taylor Swift so that Swift could "have her moment." Swift came back out, hugged Beyonce to huge cheers, and finished her acceptance speech.

TLo, please critique that smokin' hot outfit Beyonce wore next!

I like the runway look, but J-lo screwed up almost everything that made it chic. well, except those damn bunny ears. I'd like to see the back of the runway dress, though,

I don't think it's too short on her. That no minis over 35 rule is stupid.

There's bad and that there's THIS!

I'm not a JLO fan, but I can appreciate how she's able to rock certain looks like no one else could. Not this one though. This just doesn't look good. Some angles actually look worse. Ick.
Is anyone else getting tired of her "this is my open-mouthed sexy expression that I've spent hours in front of my mirror perfecting"? It seems like it's the only one she uses when she's working the cameras.


Hair extension: BAD
Shoes: BAD
Dress: BAD

JLO looking like an ass = PRICELESS!

It's like 1992 all over again.

And the hair....ugh.

OH. MY. GOD. I thought you guys were kidding.

Seriously, how can you leave the house like that? Nobody said anything?


She's losing it a la Madonna.

Well, might as well include the bunny ears.

Fire your stylist, JLo..and in this case, I mean actually set your stylist ON FIRE. That person deserves to suffer the way the rest of us have had to looking at their 'work'.

The back is a MESS!

It looks like a RenFair outfit updated for the 21st century. Seriously - although it's painful - think of it as a long gown with all the cutouts filled in - you have Renaissance Fair outfit an extremely boring color.

Boring is not the way to do the VMAs!


You probably should stay away from any look that is sent down the runway with bunny ears.

Can she say desperate?

Is this a Blayne original?

God, these people will do anything to be the center of attention, even look like shit.


What the hell?????????

Fire everyone including your husband!!

Was this the winning entry for the "Fashion Victim" challenge?

Gawd that is just awful.

Not that the original dress was good, but wtf did she have done to the sleeves? It made an already ugly design EVEN uglier. Ugh!


Ouch. This is one big fashion misfire. It screams "Jenny from the block".

It'd look better with the rabbit ears.




Say what you want to say about her fashion sense but Beyonce appears to be one hell of a class act.


And the hair? A ponytail shouldn't truly resemble a pony's tail. Ugh.

It looks so much better on the runway.
She's got to be in tears when she sees it photographed from the side.

Ha! Okay, OUT. But I do have to say this: it's hideous, but I'm at least a little relieved it wasn't another sheer Grecian-inspired gown. Plus it's funny.

NYCourier said...
"But, please kill me, because I thought it looked good on the runway."

Originally, I had planned to offer my services to you, NYCourier (LOL), however, after taking a second and third look, I've since changed my mind. The runway look really doesn't look all that bad. Seriously. I don't know what happened to the Jennied-up version. She's a gorgeous woman with an awesome body --- the look just didn't translate on her form maybe? Interestingly enough, I saw her live on the awards last night and it didn't look nearly as dreadful as the images in this post. Oy. And "out."

- edina -

I like that J-LO thought it was the Rabbit ears that were put the dress over the edge

Her make up is nice.


There are only two words to describe this train wreck of a look:

It's always amazing to me when celebrities run off the rails like this. Maybe Mall Hair stylist cooked this mess up?....

I agree -- she should have worn the rabbit ears.

The ears would have been less ridiculous than the open-toe, lace shooties with leopard print heels.

The dress looks like something I came up with as a kid when I would twist, bunch, pin & tie my mothers nighties into evening wear for the red carpet in my head.

And I mean that literally -- there was a peach one with a little smocking and puffy sleeves that I used to work like the rent was due. This is that nightgown. On drugs.

When the mouse ears on the model are the best part of the look on the runway, that might be a hint to go with another this day and age of stylists there is NO EXCUSE for this bad sartorial behavior on the red carpet - and may I say thank God for it, truly bad fashion choices are getting fewer and farther between and we need it where we can get it. Hope Bjork is up for something next year...

And for the record, if someone needs a definition of 'classless' vs. 'classy': Kanye - classless. Beyonce - classy. Any questions?

I am built on the same lines (without the fabulousness, obviously) and I sympathize with her here. You just cannot wear anything that falls straight down off your boobs like that or you risk looking blocky. You have to wear stuff that clings to the curves (tailored or lycra) OR totally loose from under the boobs down. Anything else erase your waist and makes you look wide through the hips.

Sad, because virtually nothing is designed like that.

It's the VMAs. I think the point is to show up in a WTF?

i find the look just stupid. OUT

Agreed - a big OUT

But at least she had the sense not to wear the rabbit ears!

First thought when I saw this was:

Second was:
I can't WAIT to see what TLo think of this!!!!


Wow, she looks like shit. Okay, I get it on the model and kind of like it. I think the main problem is that that kind of dress is going to look vulgar and/or trashy on anyone with a little meat on their bones. And is the lighting just that much worse on the carpet because the fabric looks a Wal-Mart clearance bin kind of cheap?

The tailoring on the sleeves gave it a slightly more sophisticated (though still fanciful) look on the runway and even created a neat capelet effect that kind of works. But whatever the did in the J Lo version makes her arms look saggy and creates a bingo-wing effect on someone with upper arms the size of my wrists.

Let's face it, kittens, she is looking like a relative grown-up considering the event.

I resent the comments that are about the length and her age. Stop it! If this dress was just... well... okay, if it was a different dress at that length you wouldn't be criticizing her for wearing a short shirt.

The shoes are cute but not with this.

rant over. A howl-worthy OUT.


Outfits that first draw your eye to the shoe are usually a fashion don't, but in this case well done! What a mess.

Girrrl, that is FUGLY.

What a mess!

She's too old for that look. It worked on the runway, but not on her. OUT.

Fashion Disaster Exhibit A

That is the ugliest thing I've seen on her.


I just want to rip off that thing around her neck. OUT!!!

Ugh. Not flattering at all.

I don't even know what to say....

It smacks a bit of over 40 desperation and a dose of 'trying too hard'. OUT, she looks silly.

Bunny ears would be a big plus on this pathetic outfit. All fugly. And what is with her face? Every single picture of her she has the exact same expression, like a wax figure. Maybe her face froze like that when she saw herself in that dress.

Without the bunny ears and the over-the-knee boots, there's no irony.

I guess. Otherwise, why waste all that good polyester velvet?

When Kanye ripped the microphone from Taylor Swift's hands last night, it should have been to call out this dress.

TLO! ya'll need to get the PR producers to have one of the challenges be "design an awards show look for Lady Gaga"! it would have everything they need--distinct aesthetic, avant-garde look, and a whole-lotta interesting! i think that would be an awesome ep to watch!

The dress on the size negative 2 runway model actually looked kinda good. But it was never designed for someone with JLo's curves. It pulls on her boobs and bunches on her booty. The belt might've helped some, but a new stylist would help even more.

Although I covet her earrings.


Um... I think she looks hot. I guess I'm biased.

Is that a... bustle?

I'm a bad person, I guess. I laughed.

The the sad part is, she clearly thinks she looks great. Wow. That is really one ugly, confusing dress.

I think it also works on the runway because the model is blonde and the lighting is... more. The sleeves are peculiar either way, but I like the under-dress on the runway, at least.

Looks like she went to the ladies room after a few cocktails and got the back of her dress caught up in her drawers....

But it's JLo and it's...still ugly as shit.

And her hair! WTF???

"I saw it in the window and couldn't resist it..."

She's gone diva all the way. Glad she opted not to wear the bunny ears.

I bet she is pregnant and doesn't want people to know about it yet.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put up some commentary on lady gaga's VMA outfits. I wanna hear what you bitches think!

At least she didn't wear the bow the model wore, that's something right?....right????


I do, however, think her makeup looks fab (it looked really good on TV), and the earrings are pretty fabulous.

From the ears up she looks great? Really - dress, ugh, but I LOVE the earrings.

Hm, I don't agree. Ok, the back is ugly (and the bunny ears). But...

From the bust down on Jennifer, on the front, it's flattering. It looks fantastic on the model. I think the boots are what make it. They add the impact you need--I think that's why the dress is tan to begin with. Tan and black look great together.

It is a trendy dress that needed boots and can't be made into an elegant (even at the VMAs) awards show dress.

Let's face it, though, if you look thru the pix of other attendees, "short tight and shiny" seems to be the norm, and she looks at least as good as half the women there. Heidi would be in heaven with the stuff worn that night! I can't wait to see what TLo have to say about Lady Gaga. Bwwaaahahahaha!

Anyway, she's out this with creation. Altho I covet those earrings.

I suppose we can be thankful that she did not also wear the huge black bow in her hair. However, is it wrong that I disagree with T.Lo on the shoes? Cuz I'd buy those right now, if I had that sort of dough in my back pocket. Then again, if I did, I think they'd already BE in my closet.

It is just a hideous dress, even on the runway. Maybe especially on the runway. But the sleeves do look better on the runway version. On JLo they just look saggy, as if they were stuffed or starched for the runway show. And nobody needs all that draping and bunching on the butt less than JLo and her legendary ass.

I cut a little slack for the VMA awards because everybody looks bizarre there, and she probably wanted to go short for the same reason everybody else did (everybody else did, except Taylor Swift). The shoes would work with another outfit. The hair, makeup, and jewelry are classic JLo; at least she never looks like she just got finished with her spinning class or got up from a nap.

Still, it's an OUT.

Kanye West's late mother would have kicked his butt! Beyonce showed a lot of kindness and class in her actions.

that dress was a pain to see in last night's VMAs. I think she was going for the urban look with that shiny/velvety sleeves. even, on Jessica Stam, there is no denying that the dress is ugly as hell.

I didn't get past her beautiful face and stunning earrings. She's got a stunning lid. One of the most beautiful women always , no matter what she has covering her body.
I think she dressed better when she was with P-Diddy and Ben Affleck.
Now everything is like...She's pretty, what is JLO wearing ,Yaaaawwwwwwwwn.

Don't love the dress, but I have to say that I think that the problem here is with the person who actually dressed her.

The runway look has a logic to the gathering, but on J Lo, all of the fabric is pulled around to the back.

Based on the runway look, the straps on top are supposed to go around the neck TWICE, thus pulling the baggy jodhpur sleeves into the proper place on the arm.

I have no explanation for the skirt.

It just seems like the stylist, the dresser &/or the alterations person just didn't understand the dress.

-Windy City Wendy

9/14/09 6:19 PM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put up some commentary on lady gaga's VMA outfits. I wanna hear what you bitches think!

No Lady Gaga, please. She's just a cheap knockoff of Bjork and/or Madonna. Nothing particularly revolutionary.

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