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In or Out: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston attends the Los Angeles premiere of "Love Happens" at the Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles, California wearing Valentino and Christian Louboutin strappy sandals.

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Anastasia Kuznetsova

Just once we'd like to see this girl take a risk. After a decade of only wearing black for events, she appears to have shifted to only wearing metallics. Which isn't to say she looks bad. She doesn't. She looks good. The shoes are gorgeous and she's definitely got a set of stems worth showing off. The only thing is that the cut of this dress does tend to widen the midsection, both on her and on the model. That's a minor complaint when you're dwelling in the land of sizes 0 - 2, though. Hair and makeup look great, but then again, it's the same hair and makeup she's been sporting for about a decade now.

We'll give her a begrudging IN, but we really wish she'd shake things up a bit. When you're thin, rich, and pretty, you can afford to.

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Every time I see her I just want to shake her and say try a new hairstyle please. I mean there's nothing wrong with her hait but like you said, it's been the same hair for years now. She looked boring. I'll give her an In but spice it up Jen.

I think she would look better if she had a little more boobs and a little more booty!

It is nothing earth shattering, but she does look great. I hope that I'll look half that good at 40. I also think I would give her an IN just for those shoes!

I wish my hair looked that good for a decade.

She looks great, I love the dress!

Liked the dress and the shoes.

But sick of her. Why is she news again?


I agree, she needs to change her hair. That is so boring.

To me, it looks like someone else dresses her and (unlike Drew) she has no input into it all. They bring her a dress and she wears it. No style of her own. Her stylist appears to be asleep at the wheel.
The dress does look good on her, though.

I'm really surprised the dress is from a couture collection, kind of boring and I hate the color.

She has a great body, absolutely, but there is nothing more OUT than a 40 year old trying to hang onto a 20-year-old look. It is possible to evolve a little and still look super sexy....

She should NEVER change! She looks great, and she will continue to look great into infinity. She's the perrenial girl next door. Her whole persona falls apart if she does anything else. Advising her not to be approachable is like telling Sophia Loren to drop the sexy bombshell routine. When you embody something they way she does, you don't change, you work.

I don't like the mousy gray color, but I do like the pleats on the dress.

I have to say, I am so sick of metallics. It always looks cheap to me not matter who the designer is. OUT.

I like the top half of the dress very much - good neckline, long sleeves, interesting fabric.

Midsection, um, not unless she's in the early stages of pregnancy.

Skirt - three inches too short to look classy on her. Shame.

I give her an OUT.

Alexis said...

She should NEVER change!

Yeah, I can't wait to see her turning 50 looking like that.

What's going with the dress around the waist? Very strange, you'd think Valentino would fit these dresses to perfection.

Just like with all Aniston outings, the phrase that pops into my head is "well yeah, sure." I guess that's not a bad thing, to look consistently gorgeous. But no one likes an active citizen of blahsville.

Love the shoes, something wrong about the dress, I can't put my finger on it, perhaps the length, the color...I don't know.

I HATE the dress! OUT.

I feel like I'm lost in a time warp when I see Ms. Anniston. She never evolves. Maybe that's a good thing, I sure wish I could stop evolving, but then I don't have beaucoup bucks to spend on botox, personal trainers, stylists and plastic surgery.
All in all, though, she looks good, but I'm tired of the Reynolds Wrap look on just about everyone.

She's smart enough to know what looks good on her and I like her restrained style. Yeah, she's predictable, but I'd rather see her looking classy than desperate.

Here's the thing: when you don't take risks, you can look good, but not really great. I suspect that she might consider this look a risk, what with the length of the skirt and the sheerness in the midsection. I hate the sheerness in the middle and with the way the dress drapes, it makes her look thicker than she is, like you say. Could somebody please get her in some color or a print? I'll give her an IN, because she does look good, but I wish she would use her massive potential for awesome instead of settling for good.

Kris said...

Here's the thing: when you don't take risks, you can look good, but not really great.

Exactly. It's the same bland taste, no spices added.

Regarding her boring hair:

I think that Aniston is afraid of her own influential powers when it comes to hairstyles. Surely we all remember the ubiquitous "Rachel" cut from the mid-90s. If I'd been responsible for that I would probably stop taking hair risks for the rest of my life as well.

Are her underpinnings showing through?
As for her hair, ugh.... that is so cheerleader, 1972! I oughta know...
But I am a big fan, and I think she should be considered for her body of work, and she always looks put together, with seemingly little effort... so I gotta give her an IN.

She looks fine. But that's it. Nothing exciting or noteworthy. She absolutely needs to change her hair style. It looks tired and needs to be updated. Just a couple of inches shorter would be an improvement. She's still a pretty woman but she isn't 25 anymore.

IN. She looks marvelous!

The dress is sexy without being vulgar, even if it's tiny bit too short but she's got the legs to work those minis. IN.

I really like the dress, very cute on her.

Not many people could pull off this sequined dress. She looks great!

Does she EVER have a different hair style?

The dress is sexy and classy at the same time, well It's a Valentino :)
I think she looks amazing. I also love the sandals.

Am I the only one noticing that the torso area is see through? It's like that on the model, too. Whatever is done to the fabric, it literally starts right at the top pf the breasts and then there's all sorts of flesh color poking through the fabric. Or is this on purpose, that the dress is made to look there's flesh.

I give this an out, simply because I'm over actresses AND designers no less for wearing/choosing fabrics that don't let a garment do what a garment is supposed to do under heavy lights. Have some class and stop showing your ass (or chest as is typically the case).

uh. That flat-ironed hair looks dated. The whole look is washed-out.

A premiere for one's own movie? Go for the knockout.

IN. She looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE HER!!!

I hate those giant balls on the sandals.

I know this is going to sound crazy but I think the shoulders of the dress need modified 80's style shoulder pads. I do not like that Ms. Aniston's shouders look so narrow. It makes her waist look thick, her hips look big and neither are thick or big.


She is so vanilla. She's your next door neighbor dressed up for a party.

Agree on the waist, something funny going on there.

Doesn't have the prettiest feet - does she? So there girls - she's not perfect! That should make someone's day!! Ha Ha TDinC

Sure, she looks great, but for me the question is: just because you can pull off a semi-sheer, super-short dress. . . should you?

At the same time, if, as TLo and others have pointed out, she doesn't take risks, always looks the same, etc. . . maybe she's just not that interested in dress up. Can't fault a girl for that.


So incredibly blah. With all the gifts she has at her disposal -- perhaps most especially amazing luck as far as her genes are concerned -- why, why, why doesn't she take advantage of them?

i think this dress is really awful. It looks badly fitted, and the see-through aspect is heinous.

Also? Her posture looks bad.

Eh. I give her a pass. She's an IN. Yeah, she's a bit boring for those of us who love to rip apart fashion choices, but at least she's found a style that works for her. She might be boring, but she almost always looks good and appropriate.

Having had to sit through endless trailers for this movie of hers during Project Runway, I honestly don't care if I never see this woman again. The movie looks absolutely horrible and she looks exactly the same as she did--well, forever.

TampaBay -- you are right on about the shoulder pads. I'm not a big fan of them either, but they would have improved this look a lot.

Whatevs. When's the TLounge open?

Limp. All over limp. Out.

I like the dress. A lot. That movie though? It looks like a steaming pile of... film.

OUT, she's too old for that look.


While the color isn't bad (little to much gray in that silver, maybe a lighter tone) on her, the form and cut was made for somebody much younger. She could still show that much leg, but there needs to be something segmenting the dress to break it up.

Whoever said "limp," can I get a "drab" too? This is a boring look, not helped by her slumping. So out.

ZZZZZZZZZZ-hmm? Oh yeah, she looks okay.

I'd rather have JA stick with what works than to go out on some fashion limb for the sake of shaking it up and ending up like some JLo desperate-to-stay-relevant sartorial disaster...

Stunning dress, stunning shoes, she is unapologetically IN.

In addition to what else has been said I don't like the (crew) neck.
It looks like their is a lining that ends in a stripe mid chest.

On the plus side, the girl definitely knows what looks good on her. Her hair is in good shape, she can rock a mini, simple lines look very good on her, she does this California Beach Girl thing very well, etc. IMO she hesitates to work a different hairstyle because she has this massive jawline and she's trying to minimize it by keeping her hair over the sides of her face.

On the minus side, that dress, standing still, does make her look thick at the abdomen, and I'm afraid it's just on the far side of too short. Aaaaaand, I think there's a little too much spray tan.

but you know what? It's an In.

I don't love her, but I have to give her kudos. She looks fantastic for her age or any age.

The body: Amazing.

The hair: Although it looks healthy and shiny, that Marcia Brady look doesn't work when you're over 25. Plus, hate to say it, that long straight hair just emphasizes her schnoz and hides her best feature: her beautiful eyes.

The dress: I like it, but now that you mention it, it does thicken the waist a little. She's slender, though. I think it looks fine. I think we would all keel over if this girl were to ever step out in a bright color. She should explore blue.

The shoes: Are those DISCO BALL shoes???? I may have to rob a bank.

I agree with the bad fit comments. She just looks too boxy. She's so lithe - needs to play that up.

Not in, not out, just dull. Had she been walking on a wet street and not a red carpet, she would have disappeared completely.

Frankly, I think her hair looks like crap. Her roots are showing, and at the crown of her head you can see the frazzled fly-away ends. It's time for a hair cut, Jen. Just think of the buzz she would get if she actually changed her iconic look! Especially if it was a change for the better.


(to be fair, I see someone beat me too that. i love the general look of short tight shiny dress with long sleeves - the latter being key - but this looks boring and frumpy. hair = hate.)

I'd like the dress a lot more if I couldn't see her breasts behind it.

The dress is really cute, although she appears to need additional support! And something needs to be done about her hair.

I think her hair needs some help here. It's too blah for this dress. Just putting it up in a twist would have helped. Other than that she looks great. I think the dress has a boring neckline though.

I like it, I give it an IN
I guess she could take more risks but after all these years it doesn't seem to be in her personality to take a style risk so I'm fine with it.

Gotta agree with Kris ... looks good but not great.

Which is her deal. She's girl next door All-American pretty and personality. i.e. BORING

Which is why Brad left the prettiest girl next door for the bad girl with a set of curves on her and bodacious lips to boot.

She looks good, but she is just not a risk taker. Have you seen her movies?

Just sayin-

anon 11:18 wrote:

"Frankly, I think her hair looks like crap. Her roots are showing, and at the crown of her head you can see the frazzled fly-away ends."

Two things, with respect:

First, if you are going with blonde highlights or color, you work in lowlights and especially leave the roots darker to give depth to the color.

Second, as a woman who used to have long, shiny, gawgeous dark hair, when you start to go grey, your grey hair often has a different texture than your "young" hair and it can really start to look flyaway on top for that reason - also, unfortunately, using color on your hair can start that to happen, too. So cut her a little slack, darling.

The next Miss Haversham.

Are we really sure that this wasn't a face photo from 15 years ago photoshopped onto a 20something's girls night out dress?

There's no happy here.

OUT. Same her, same makeup, same Jennifer.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

LOVE the dress!! IN.

I crave seeing her in something totally wacked out. I want her in Drew's yellow dress with a crazy dye job, a perm or at least an updo. Girl hasn't changed her hair in 10 years.

Of course she is gorgeous but zzzz...

I actually think this color works wonders on her - it brings out her eyes beautifully. It's the first time I really noticed her eyes actually. But agreed on everything else.

That dress (and her posture in the first photo) make her look dumpy. I don't care if it's a new color for her - OUT.

I really like her style, she has a signature look that she is consistent with and suits her, so I don't blame her for not taking more risks.
A few years back she decided to have a drastic hair change (she cut it very short) and apparently she hated it, so it appears she is pretty conservative in that regard also.
I think the metallic suits her really well (especially since she has a nice tan). I was also surprised at the shapeless waist....
The sandals are divine!!!!
a big IN for me....

Sorry, after reading my last comment, I think it could be interpreted the wrong way. I really don't care for Jennifer Anniston, and she is one of the celebrities that I lump into the "I just wish they would go away for a while" (the lump includes luminaries like John & Kate, LiLo, Beyonce and all the "Houswives of...")

Meh. Mouht!

I give her an OUT. While the dress looks ok, even good on her, it's tame, unremarkable, and disappointing. I'd like to see her show a hint (JUST a hint) of bust and wear bright, suffused colors. This is just blah.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to see her in clothes that project a lot more self-confidence.

Nice Valentino dress but yeah I’m not impressed.

Well, at least she's not wearing black.

OUT. Horrible color on her and I hate gladiator sandals.

I think she looks good, but I would love to see her in a deep red dress with cascading curls or something. Still I give her an IN for the shoes alone.

I think she looks very pretty, except the neck and shoulders of that dress are Beyond Blah...

She and the shoes are in but the dress is out.

She should have worn the runway model's antlers. THAT would have been taking a risk.

No way! That dress does bad things for her boobs; It did not photograph well at all.

Tough crowd. I don't think every actress should be required to be a trendsetting, trend-wearing mannequin. If Jen wants to stick with a classic, more restrained look and a signature hairstyle, there's nothing wrong with that. Anna Wintour has kept her signature hairstyle for decades and she's the editor of Vogue.

And it's a lot better to remain classic than to throw on every fashion trend there is even if it looks ridiculous. We certainly see lots of that on the red carpet already. I vote in, not that it should matter.

I think she's IN.

She is a bit like JLo in that she knows what works for her and stays with it. She's not Drew Barrymore and never will be...personally, I don't think she is that interested in clothes. For the most part she sticks with classic, low-key styles and certain name designers.

On one season of "Friends", she had her hair chin-length and it really didn't do anything for her face. That may have put her off doing different styles.

I don't like to limit what women wear on the basis of their ages, whether it be hair or clothing. I say, let women wear what looks good on them. I am not getting a pathetic, cougary vibe from her at all.

I am not crazy about the dress, however. It has some sack-like qualities to it, rather than looking draped. I think the fabric does not lend itself to that type of treatment. The shoes are divine.

Silver is all over the place now, isn't it? THat's probably why there was so much of it on this season of PR--at that time it was the cutting edge of a trend.

i can see her spanx.

Steves Johnson

She has beautiful feet. I bet they are soft and smell good too.

The Fug girls saw her Spanx first.

I love the shoes. Her hair looks great. She's really pretty. She's still got that girl next door appeal. And she herself looks great, but the overall look is very meh.

Also I kind of hate the dress. I really don't like that ruching or whatever that detailing is that's going on in the middle. I don't like the neckline. Or the way the bit around the collar is opaque but the rest of it until the hem is sheer or gives the illusion of sheerness. I guess it's not kind of. I just hate the dress.

She looks pretty and appropriately plays to her strengths. I think it would be worse if she tried to be something she wasn't. IN.

Not everyone wants to over experiment with fashion. Some people just want to look nice, simple and comfortable and Jen achieved all of the aforementioned attributes (sp) with this outfit.

SNOOZEVILLE!!! Same old tired thing. And the fit and fabric on that dress make it look like it's Charlotte Russe rather than Valentino. OUT!!!

Amen to addressing JA's hair. Besides the "Marcia Brady", she has had 2 different looks since she burst on the scene- "The Rachel" and the "I just cut off my ponytail and never trimmed the rest". The latter was a horrendous look and I think she's been shear shy ever since. Which is sad. She desperately needs some face framing or something that deviates from showing that omnipresent, god-awful center part.

is she free-boobing it?!!! sorry hun, but you're a little long in the tooth for that maneuver

i love jennifer anniston, but i have to say OUT. i don't think it is flattering at all.

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