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In or Out: Eva Mendes

Another amuse bouche for our minions.

Eva Mendes attends the Opening Ceremony and Baaria Red Carpet at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy wearing Dolce & Gabbana Resort 2010.

Y'know, there's so much wrongness here that we're a little breathless. Let's start with the most obvious: a red leopard print strapless gown with exposed zippers. There's a lot of wrong in that one sentence alone. Strangely, even though we normally hate leopard print, we think this dress could have worked if all the other elements were perfect. Unfortunately, they're not. Those shoes are AWFUL and make her look like a flamenco dancer. Her hair looks like it was half-finished when she ran out the door to catch her limousine because the driver threatened to leave without her. And what is that THING on her head? And why is her makeup so bad? So many questions, kittens. So many questions.

Big ol' OUT.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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The make up was the first thing that I noticed. And then I remembered, I haven't put my face on yet today!!

better shoes + no exposed zipper + no bad ruching = a pretty hot dress

I do like leopard print, but then again I do have a bit of a tacky streak.

You are right on with everything! Not to mention the length! Is she holding the dress up or is it really that short in the front? And the train doesn't even touch the ground!

Is the skirt so long she has to hold it up not to trip? The way she has it lifted and the underskirt exposed REALLY makes it look flamenco. She needs a black lace mantilla to complete the look!

I don't know, I kinda liked the dress on her. The makeup looks like it was put on for another dress, but that's about it. Just goes to show what I know.

Completely agree with everything you guys said. Red leopard print is an automatic out (esp on a RED carpet). And that thing in her hair looks like she shoved sunglasses on her head. I think her makeup looks bad b/c she went with a "no makeup using makeup" look. Which works much better with summery dresses...not red leopard print. Go glam or go home.

Also an important question? Why does she keep posing by leaning back like that so it looks like someone just shoved her and then jumped out of the picture?

From the first full length picture I thought she looked very nice and I like the dress.

We know you hate exposed zippers - and while I like them in "tougher" or more sexy clothes, I do think they cheapen this gown.

But while I *get* persepctive, the way she is standing makes it look like her left leg is several inches shorter than her right leg.

She looks as if she threw on the dress, grabbed a bracelet off the dresser and ran out the door.

No thought to a clutch or earrings?

This could have been a stellar look. Too bad.

A reluctant OUT. Reluctant because she's so beautiful, I can't hold red and black leopard print (which just sounds so wrong) against her. I think she almost pulls it off.

And I kind of like that thing in her hair.

That's no way to kill roaches!

(another suz)

Sorry ladies, but that woman could wear a burlap sack and look like a million bucks.

She's slacking, but the bitch is IN.

A) I hate leopard print
B) Red leopard print?


What's with the awkward crotch grabbing?

I kinda love the dress, but agree completely about the styling. She's so dull and washed out that the dress is wearing her.

The makeup is horrible and pasty looking. The dress just looked off somehow and reading your comments I agree with everything you said.That hair looks like 3 year old started doing it and got bored and walked away.

Anonymous said...
Sorry ladies, but that woman could wear a burlap sack and look like a million bucks.
She's slacking, but the bitch is IN.

Now there's an objective opinion.

Is she trying to show the shoes? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Sorry ladies, but that woman could wear a burlap sack and look like a million bucks.
She's slacking, but the bitch is IN.

Now there's an objective opinion.

9/3/09 10:40 AM

Thank you. I try. :0P

You know what, I have to respectfully disagree. When I first saw the dress on her my gut reaction was "wow" and I think it's a good match for Eva, probably not for most other stars...and I hate leopard too! The exposed zippers don't bug me that much but the fit could be better and I think the thing in her hair is different and interesting. Altogether a very unique and eye-catching look.

Gets an IN from me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Maybe she heard that BRAVO is looking for a new Housewife. If so, well played!


Ugh! It could be so much better...and that hair accessory looks like something she grabbed at Claire's.
I'd like the whole look w/the dress being more fitted + the hem just above the knee (she's got great legs), no exposed zipper, a stiletto, an up-do w/o a head band, and stronger makeup... then it wouldn't be much of a Film Festival Red Carpet look, but def an improvement, for my tastes at least

My eyes are hurting from the red leopard print standing on top of the red carpet.

I dislike animal print in colors, and I dislike exposed zippers on formal wear, but somehow I didn't hate this. I also don't like red on the red carpet...but somehow it's okay. Tacky, but in kind of a good way. And I couldn't even tell you what this woman is famous for, so I don't think it's that I'm bewitched

Rachel and Taylor and Brad were probably running around like Chicken Little and all for this look. I'm with you, TLo. The zippers kill the dress. The makeup and hair kill the look. She does resemble a flamenco dancer with those shoes, and those things piled in her hair? Discarded castanets.

Personally that shade of red on her bothers me a bit. It's not working against the carpet. I don't mind the leopard print per se though.


The color is so pretty on her, and she is such a beautiful lady, but it is a fail overall. OUT!

I don't even mind the zippers SO much. I think it looks pretty great from her neck to her knees. It's the top and bottom that are so so bad. The length is TERRIBLE. Until I got a close-up of her face and hair, I thought it was a scrolldown fug.

too many cats

Is there also a zipper on her right side?
From at least one angle, it doesn't flatter.

The whole look (including make-up & accessories)is a little too Wet Seal goes to the high-school prom.
I think that maybe Eva's trying out a new stylist, or dare I say...did a little DIY on this one. Unfortunately, I must give her a big fat, "out."

- edina -

Thought she looked pretty at first - up close I like the makeup, but the lights give it a harsh glare. Front of dress is lovely, if she'd leave it alone & keep the shoes hidden. IN up close, OUT at 5 ft or further.

She looks like a blood clot. Those shoes are wrong. She blends into the carpet. Out.

If she was even bothering to TRY to work it, I'd give it a maybe.

It looks like she hates the outfit too - OUT.

Ok, I am officially my mother--I just want to take a bright lipstick to those lips! Funny how JLo can rock the nude lip, but even with similar coloring, this doesn't work.

"Now there's an objective opinion."

Yeah, like THOSE exist, esp. in fashion.

I think, while she does not reach the pinnacle of perfection, Eva is beautiful enough to pull this look off where another woman would look laughable. Thus, I say she's IN, but the styling needs work.

Like others, have to agree that the red-on-red look is a mite overwhelming. Although, have to say if there's anyone who could make red leopard work, it's this lady.

And given who we're talking about here, a bit more skin showing on the legs wouldn't have been out of line. So oftentimes dresses are slit up to the heavens when they shouldn't be, whereas this dress practically cries out for a bit of a healthy show of leg.

but, yeah, the exposed zippers + tacky headband + makeup all add up to a definite OUT


I don't mind zippers but that's just too much.


It's a bloody mess. OUT.

edinamonsoon said...

The whole look (including make-up & accessories)is a little too Wet Seal goes to the high-school prom.

lol so true.

Yeah, Dolce & Gabbana can sometimes be really tacky. This dress is way too much.

It's like she just got off the plane jet lag and all.

Yup. That's a big out.


Leopard + Red = NOOOOOO!

From the front it's not as bad, though the placement of the leopard motif on her left boob is a little distracting. But the shoes! Ugh and double ugh! And I'm sorry - regardless of how the fashion magazines may say that the no-makeup-look is in, when you are going to be photographed, you'd better put some blush and mascara on or you end up looking ill.

It has the potential but it juusssst misses. First off how about a little lash extending and thickening mascara. Next a brighter lipstick, she's so washed out looking with the pale color. Then to a hair stylist and get rid of the half assed ponytail looking do. Either go all the way up or down. The hair accessory looks like something I saw in the craft store - a mold where you pour in the goop to make your own rocks. Other than that she's perfect.

After Bullock's Lanvin number, this looks like heaven!


That thing on her head is atrocious.

She clearly didn't have much sleep look at her puffy eyes.

It takes a great effort for someone this beautiful to look this bad! Will we see Rachel Zoe stressing over this look next season?
And, was it just me, or was the red of the carpet and the red of the dress almost the same shade. It took my tired eyes a minute to figure out WTF...

I mostly notice how pretty she is, so I don't think the outfit can be all that bad. The shoes are unfortunate, though, and I wish someone had given her a clutch to hold on to.

What I want to know is, is Rachel Zoe responsible for that monstrosity? Eva Mendes was one of the people she dressed for the Golden Globes.

As for the dress... GAH! GAAAAAAAH! My eyes!


oh man, that dress could have been so gorgeous...why the ugly zippers? why is it too long? and the styling was ick. but I love the idea of that dress and the print.

Sir. Richard Attenboro narrates:

"Real leopards, much like Eva Mendes in this dress, use their spots to blend into their habitat, thereby avoiding preditors.

"In Eva's case paparazzi. However, paparazzi, unlike starlets and leopards, are not color blind. So her camoflage failed."

Eva has a fabulous figure, so she could get away with that dress in the right circumstances.
I just don't think that when one is exhausted and poorly styled are those circumstances.

To be fair though, I am still livid about the remake of "The Women", so maybe I can't be entirely impartial here.

Agree with TLo! She looks like a flamingo dancer. Too much like a much fabric for that print. I think the dress could work in cocktail length.


Except for the makeup and the shoes (which I hardly noticed), I think she looks amazing. Perfection, even!

I really like the dress, actually. But horrible shoes, hair, and makeup.


I think it's the right dress on the wrong girl, I feel like it would look amazing against a graveyard tan on an edgier, gothy girl, like Kristen Stewart or Rose McGowan (yes, she is awful as a person/actress, but so very, very pretty).

I love the first pic at first glance, but then I see the zipper and the shoes. Oy. Cover the zippers, get better shoes and for the love of good put some lipstick, not concealer, on the lips and you'll have a pretty good look.

But I'm the girl with a purple leopard sink skirt in my bathroom, so there may be some "taste issues" here.

A gorgeous, classy-looking woman in a tacky, tacky dress.

(Ugh, "minions"! This reminds me of when Ty Murray's blog jumped the shark with all that "hello army" business. Sigh.)

Make-up: Very nude for a red carpet look, but how gorgeous is that face! I wish my make-up looked that "bad!"

Dress: Don't hate it, it's ok. I'd like to see it without the red carpet background, though.

Shoes: Nope, toss those!

Hair and Hair Thing: Unsolved mystery of weirdness. Blah hair and crazy hair accessory, I don't get it!

Okay. I like the dress.

But then I do like myself some tacky every now and again. I myself have a red-leopard halter-top and would totally unabashedly rock that dress down a red carpet. Oh yeah.

The hair, on the otehr hand, is just strange.

Waiting limousine? Don't they take gondolas to these Venice screenings?

My daughter just bought a pair of red leopard flats from the Miley Cyrsis collection at Wal-Mart. She paid $10 and they were worth it. That's all I have to say about red leopard print.

I think it looks tacky when the stars do these real awkward poses to show off the borrowed shoes, rings, earrings, bags, what ever... next thing they will completely lift their skirts to show the brand of panties they are wearing.

The sooner this exposed zipper trend goes away, the better.

well, there must be something wrong with me, because I like the dress and the shoes.... maybe because I have spanish blood, so I like flamenco....
the only thing I didn't like it's that a red dress definitely clashes with a red carpet.....

She (or her stylist) doesn't have the best taste, quite honestly. Which is a damn shame, because she's a lovely woman with an amazing figure. It's very disappointing.

I hate that all the detail work on the dress itself is completely obliterated by that damn print. I had to lean in to my monitor and squint to see any of it.

I hate exposed zippers and I'm rarely fan of leopard print for formal events. Red on the red almost never works, but this somehow is the right dress on the right person and in the right situation. This is an IN! I believe she is a beautiful but not terribly talented actress, so there is no bias here.

I agree that her makeup does not match the look and that her shoes aren't the best, but I wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out and if she wasn't revealing them with her crotch grabbing.

Wow, I had a very opposite reaction. I LOVE love love the dress, even with the exposed zippers. The shoes are meh, but not that offensive. I think her hair looks fabulous, I would definitely pair casual hair with a dress like that for contrast - and I love the big plastic thing on her head, too. I think it looks rather chic.

Oh and the makeup - love. It looks natural, almost like she isn't wearing any - not a common red carpet look.

I don't even really know who Eva Mendes is (I've heard her name, that's about it), so no favoritism here!

Now there's an objective opinion.

... No opinion is objective.

9/3/09 1:23 PM Now there's an objective opinion.

... No opinion is objective.

I think they meant rejective,

or nonjective,

or the ill-fated negjective

Wow. Very "Cathouse." But, I suppose it could use a maribou stole and a black picture hat with a lace veil to make the look complete.

man, you guys are tough. I think she looks stunning. I'm usually pretty critical but I can overlook a few zippers.

From the front, I really liked (agree with the hair though, but don't agree on the shoes).

Then I saw the closeup and side pictures and it's a hot mess of a design.

Out, but at least it was interesting.

i've gotten into the habit of pausing right before i see your assessment and then decontructing the outfit, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, etc on my own to see what i really think without your colorful opinions. I was thrilled to see we had the exact same assessment down to those horrific shoes!


I think the biggest question should be why does she keep gripping it like she has to go to the bathroom?


Wow, I am completely on the opposite side if the fence on this one, I think she looks wonderful. I love everything, the dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the wisely understated accessories. I would've gone with a darker lipstick, but otherwise, she's IN.

I actually like the dress quite a lot and I think she looks really good in it.

I agree about the exposed zippers, though - I don't think they look so hot on this dress. And the makeup isn't so great, the hair is weird, and the shoes are way too heavy for the look.

Yeah, maybe I'm just tacky in my digging leopard print. *Shrug* I like it better in red than regular leopard print for some reason, at least in this case.

Yipes, I had the opposite reaction. I think the print wasn't tacky, I like her hair and makeup, and there's one photo there where she looks absolutely radiant. I said "wow" when I saw the photos - and not in a bad way.

This outfit's so awful that my eyes are burning. It looks like a Halloween costume gone horridly wrong.


Ninety six thumbs down.

That is my red carpet dress! I love tacky things like that.

Carol said:
She looks like a blood clot.

OMG...I cannot top that one!! I can't catch my breath, I am laughing so hard!!

Hair and makeup makes her look hungover. OUT

If the dress was shorter, maybe above the knee, it would've been a killer hot dress.

But even then, the makeup and hair would've still made this look terrible.

I agree! I thought she looked like she threw something on, pulled her hair back, and forgot to take her sunglasses off her head! She can do better!

Bad shoes, makeup and hair - agreed. But I actually like the dress. And exposed zippers don't bother me.

I have the same question as everyone else about whether this was a Rachel Zoe production. Gosh I hope not. Am I wrong to object to red on the red carpet? Maybe it is just the the way the photo was framed but I hate that she blends in with the red carpet. Can I get that hair thing? I think I could work it in a far more casual environment. Maybe.

I thought that the thing in her hair was a pair of sunglasses.

Add to the list of wrongness:

if you have to hold up your dress and you aren't a can can dancer, your dress is too long.

Funny thing - she made like one movie I can actually call to mind yet I see her everywhere all the time. How does she do that?

And why is she grabbing her crotch in most of these photos?

Out out damn spot!

And to add further horridness, she was grasping at the front of her dress (tootie level) so much (I know, to keep from tripping, one might imagine) that it looked almost like she was having a Kindergarten potty moment.

The lack of make-up is the worst thing about this. She looks so washed out. Needs some mascara, some lipstick...something. The outfit wasn't her fault, but she could have at least put on some lipgloss on her own!

too much fabric. the print in that color wouldve worked better as a fitted, kneelength dress, with a short slit at the back. I dont mind the exposed zipper, but this is just waayyyy too much of a strong fabric.

I think you should reevaluate her out. You need to see the dress away from a carpet and barriers that match. She looks amazing.

I thought it was sunglasses on her head. The dress is especially horrific on the red carpet.

She looks amazing. I don't even like leopard print, but this dress is fantastic.

Wow, amazing dress. She looks great

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