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In or Out: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore attends the Spotlight - "Whip It" event held at the Yonge Dundas Square during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in Alexander McQueen.

We LOVELOVELOVE this look.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010 Collection
Model: Kelli Lumi

It's such an eye-catching and unique dress. She's been getting some good advice lately because she's styled perfectly. Even the two-toned hair works. It wouldn't work on everyone but it's so Drew and it's so right for the dress. Love the shoes too. We're just full of love this morning. How could we not be? It's such a fun look.


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I love that the lace on top almost looks like it's tattooed onto her. Very cute, fun look.

You're joking about the two-toned hair, right?

I mean, right?

Sorry, the dress is fun, but combined with that hair it looks like a joke. But not a very good one.

Me too, me too, me too.
Love the dress, the color, and the hair!
I almost always like what she wears. She has a lot of fun with fashion. Does she have a stylist? Her look seems pretty unique. Like she does it herself.

I was going to say the dress needed a taller gal, but then I looked at the model -- it looked so ill-suited ... you're right it fits the cute quirky Drew to a t -- but the Berlin hair doesn't take my breath away. _Gary

I assumed this would be the biggest OUT of all time. Shows what I know.

I still hate it and I usually like Drew's style and her ability to have fun with fashion.

A+ Drew. Adore the Debbie Harry die job.

love the dress, hate the hair. those black ends look SOOO heavy, dragging down an otherwise bright and cheerful look. if she'd done, say, a black streak across her bangs or something, that would have been more subtle.

I, too, love the tattoed look of the top, and the expression of fun on Drew's face!! Shouldn't fashion be fun?? Compare her face with Posh Spice or Angelina Jolie, neither of whom have any fun with fashion by the looks of them! She looks better in the dress than the model does, maybe because she looks alive!

Love Drew, love the look. A huge IN!

PS - Does she have a stylist?

I love Drew Barrymore and I love this look. She is adorable.

The hair, while very Drew, competes with the dress, unfortunately.

I want this dress for myself. It is beautiful, and I adore the tattooed-on look of the top. Lovely.

Drew, on the other hand, looks perfect from the neck down and horrible from neck up. Yeesh, horrible makeup, horrible hair.

Simply fabulous!

She should have covered the tatoo though.

I agree that the hair works well with this dress, but I hope it is temporary color because this dress is about the only thing it would look good with.


She looks AMAZING!!!!!!! That dress makes me want to cry, it's SO beautiful.

My problem with the hair is that unless I concentrate really hard I can't actually see the black part as hair. It just looks like shadow, which makes it look like she just has this really short, messy, awful blonde bob that she forgot to brush.

Other than that, it's all great.

Love the dress ... and she has become the little high fashionista, hasn't she?

Hardly any star could carry off that dress like she has ...

As for the hair & stylin ... not thrilled and I don't like it ... BUT I understand what she was going for ... something MCqueenish while wearing a stunning Mcqueen ... so she still carries it off.

Just sayin

I love this dress! I sort of wish it was a tad shorter on Drew...or maybe it just seems like the model's legs are abnormally long.

Not liking the two-toned hair though...

Thanks for posting this TLo!

What a great dress! Drew looks fab, tho I am on the fence about the hair. I keep going back to it to see if I'm digging it. Ok, it actually works, and given the multiple missteps Drew's had in the coiffure department in the past, oddly enough it was kinda SAFE too, in a weird way.


Her hair looks fried. The two-tone thing needs silky, luxurious locks to be pulled off well.
The dress is fabulous though.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress! But, who dipped her hair in the inkwell?

Could be a cute look, but come on.

A vagina with teeth and a stinger?

Am I the only one that noticed?

The top and sleeves are hot though.

Hate the hair.

I love the whole look. I can't be trusted, though, since I might be blinded by my love for Drew.

That dress is awesome (although the vagina dentata imagery is a little much), but the hair is AWFUL. I agree with whoever said it before: you're joking... right?

Gotta disagree. The dress is nice and I like the shoes, but the hair is all kinds of wrong.

The dress is gorgeous! But... the hair? Seriously? Not for me.

And the best part is how happy she looks - you can tell she just FEELS awesome in it. INININ, love it!!!

I love the dress. (OK, my brother-in-law is a tatoo artist so maybe I'm a little biased), but I hate the hair. It's not the two-tones so much as the frizzy/unkempt look of it.

I also love this. I like that she's willing to mess with her hair. Why not? Usually when a shorter girl wears a dress like that, I feel like it looked better on the tall model and that the hem length is awkward. But I actually like this dress better longer like it is on Drew. Love the color.

-g- on 9/15/09 at 9:24 AM said.."I love this dress! I sort of wish it was a tad shorter on Drew...or maybe it just seems like the model's legs are abnormally long."

I love the length of the dress on Drew as it remind me of 1947 Dior - "The New Look". I also love the fact that the cut of the dress makes Drew's waist look "tiny". This is very difficult to do in a dress with a lace overlay that functions as a print.


LOVE this dress! Fits her perfectly.

I don't even mind the two toned hair since it's Drew. However, I hate the way it's styled. and couldn't they have done something about how fried it looks on top?

I fucking love it, head to toe.

Love the dress, hate the hair.

I love the dress and the shoes are fabulous.
I was trying to figure out why the hair bothers me so much; I like the concept but not the execution. But then I realized that it might be the way the black ends work with the heavy eyeliner. I think it may have worked with different makeup and a slightly sleeker hair style.
She's still IN though. Mostly because those shoes make me salivate.

The dress is beautiful, a work of art. It's such a sophisticated look, and Drew has such a youthful essence, that I'm not sure it's exactly right on her. And yet because she seems to wear it with a wink, she pulls it off.

Something neck up is bothering me, but I'm not sure if it's the make up, the two-tone, or the hair style. Something seems aging - again, at odds with her girlishness, but less successfully so than the dress.

Still, I pretty much always love her.

You must be joking about the two tone hair ... if not ... wow.

It is a stunningly beautiful and interesting dress. The dress perfectly complement's Drew's body and her shoes are rocking. But whoever did her hair and makeup should be fired ASAP.

Love it, but I wish they had kept the original black belt. IN.

This is the most stunning dress I have ever seen. Amazing.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

The Fug Girls (who hated this look, by the way) say that the hair has to do with a film role Drew is currently working on. With that in mind, I think she chose well--the dress works with the hair, since both are edgy and outrageous.

And the hair is not immediately apparent, until you see the closer-up photos. I didn't notice it in the Fug Girls' photos at all.

Will all the people who keep saying "You must be joking" please get out of the house and realize there are more opinions out there than just your own?

That dress is so fab, and so is Drew, with her CBGB Debbie Harry hair. Yum.

I hope you are kidding. There is a giant gaping mouth with poinky teeth right over her lady region. WTF? Seriously, boys. You are completely wrong on this one.

And the hair? It makes her look like she has droppy dog ears.

I want this dress (in another color)!!!! Totally love the look, although I couldn't get away with the two-toned hair....

OHMYGOD she looks gorgeous!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Love everything including the hair. IN.

YAY! Drew!! Love her!!! IN, darlings, IN.

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Even the hair--and I'm not one for two-toned hair.


Take my breath a..way.....

(Come on. Nobody went there? Too obvs?)

That might be the coolest dress ever. And I'd love to have a lifestyle wherein I could Terri Nun my hair on a whim to compliment a fabulous McQueen frock. ~is jealous~

A vagina with teeth and a stinger?

Heh. Have you ever seen the movie Teeth?


That is amazing. Well done, Drew!

(and man... I really want that dress. It's fantastic.)

hate the hair
hate the dress
love drew
(still the most enthusiastic 16yo even after all these years)

I agree completely from the neck down, fun, fun, fun...but the neck up, not so much. Besides the two toned hair, she has way too much black eye make up. Is it just me, but all that black makes your eyes look like little slits... just look at Sarah Jessica Parker lately...

That dress is amazingly beautiful! Love the color, love the lace. She looks awesome and I give this look an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Maybe somebody already said this but I think the two-tone hair is for her roller derby movie.

As long as I'm here again, off topic (sorry), but :( Patrick Swayze. Rest in peace, Johnny Castle.


I would like to submit a write-in vote for Drew for this week's TLo Lifetime Achievement Award

Each and every time, she's knocked it out of the ballpark all year long.

Dress is fab fab fab!
Hair is bad bad bad!

Loves. It.

Gorgeous! What a fabulous dress! That queen knows what she's doing.

IN. Except for the hair.

I am not particularly fond of the hair or makeup (it all just looks chaotic to me), but holy cow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!! I kind of *want* that dress, though I could never afford it and would never have a place to wear it.

i'm so glad to see that you guys love this too, i was starting to feel a little lonely/crazy after the fug girls trashed it. i would debase myself in many serious ways to get my paws on that dress.... and the hair works---maybe i'm more amenable to it because of my love for debbie harry, but i also just think that it works with the punk/couture of the dress, and especially works on drew, who's rocking it and clearly having a great time.

after this and the whole grey gardens tour, she may be my new style icon...

Love. It. All of it. The dress is amazing, and the hair and makeup work with the high-fashion punk vibe.

If we're going to have to deal with the 80's retread trend, I'd like to see more 80's hard core and less 80's Dynasty.

adore the dress, hate the hair.
and why is it that no one ever keeps the belt on these dresses?

She always looks so sunny and cheery, you can't help but to smile.

Well, if I were young, rich, thin and had great gays to style me, I'd be a happy one, too.

I'm normally not much into McQueen, but this dress is fabulous!!
Somehow the hair works with the dress, but I still don't like it, it looks like a charred haystack.
Still love Drew, though, and this is an IN!

Supercute and perfectly matched to the movie she's premiering, hair included. Plus, with that smile, it's obvious she's loving every second in that dress.

Love the dress, but the eye makeup is too heavy and her hair just looks like it needs a TON of conditioner, and I hate the black ends. A big IN on the dress, and a miss on the hair and makeup.

Love it from top to toe, but especially the sheer joyousness she exhibits in her smile and posture.

Love the Debbie Harry mop top!

I loooove the dress--except for that Killer Vagina on the skirt; it looks a bit scary.

The hair however, is quite simply--AWFUL.

The hair DEFINITELY needs a flat iron. Then the 2 tone would work.

First, I LOVE the dress also and am somewhat conflicted on the hair, but think I like it more than not.

But in looking on the dress on the model, it does look like some weird anatomical drawing.

In the pic on the right of the first 2-up, the lace on *her* left arm looks like her arm is flaaby and coming through the lace?

Overall it is just gorgeous on her.

IN. I LOVE also. And I love the hair as well - it's fun, it's temporary, she's not 60 yet. (and I know 60-yr-olds who can pull off the two-tone hair, albeit in a more casual vein.)

Above all, she looks good, she looks pretty! (and sometimes she doesn't, even when the fashion is right)

It's one of my favorite colors, that beautiful yellow, and there aren't many ways for a white girl to pull it off. (the hair definitely helps, there.) She gets bonus points for that, in my book.

And, obviously my taste in footwear is tame, but I love the shoes, both in the ensemble and on their own.

Mary and Anon 9:32 got to the hair problems.

The dress is so attention grabbing and could be so refined, yet mod.

One of the later photos of Drew look like the little girl who started acting before she was five, even though the eye makeup ages her. An expressive face trumps makeup artistes.

Summer said...
"If we're going to have to deal with the 80's retread trend, I'd like to see more 80's hard core and less 80's Dynasty."


Oh I SO agree! Especially on the young/youngish who more easily create the pretty/ugly hard/soft dynamic that can make it stylish and sexy.

My first thought was that PR had come up with their next challenge:
Update Elizabeth Taylor's look from Cleopatra! She does look great and the two toned hair nicely replaces the beaded headpiece that Elizabeth had to wear.

The roller derby movie is about to come out, so filming is done. Perhaps she let the black hair grow out and this is what you get! Although I don't recall her having black hair when she promoted Grey Gardens earlier this year.

Color me confused on the hair.

But it works with the dress, which is fabulous. Drew has wonderful style.

Perhaps it's her eyes....

IN. Very, very IN! At this point in her life and career, Drew Barrymore can do no wrong in my book--and that includes whatever she wears and however she looks. I know I'm gushing, but it's so wonderful to see this delightful woman channeling all that energy and creativity into such good work. I love her!

Very much like the 1950s vibe of the dress. Love the shoes with it. The hair? It's just Drew having fun. I'd take this look, including the hair, over any of the hundreds of over-styled starlets who have no sense of either style or fun and just let some stylist have her way with them.

God, I hope this movie is good. Go, Drew!

Dress? Gorge!
Hair? Horrible!

She looks beautiful, she looks happy...IN, In, IN!



You are most certainly on the crack.

Count me in the "love Drew, love the dress, hate the hair big-time" camp.

She really knows how to have fun with clothes. Go Drew!

Oh god, I hate her hair and makeup on this one.

Love the McQueen dress. I'm a total convert to Alexander McQueen.

So how to vote? The hair and makeup were not necessary adjuncts to the dress.

Oh how I do love the dress. In.

The hair is awesome!! C'mon people, be a little more adventurous : )

IN. She never bores me.

The dress is---interesting. I certainly couldn't pull that off, but Drew manages. The shoes are fab, but I ain't loving the Teri Nunn hair.


Freaking gorgeous!!


Having read through more of the commenters, I gotta say I don't see the vagina dentata. I was seeing images of gorgeous beetle shells or wings.

Very few people could pull this off, she does it effortlessly.

Me no love the hair. Bad.

9/15/09 10:42 AM The hair is awesome!! C'mon people, be a little more adventurous : )

I'm with you! A more conservative hairdo would look too Betty Draper.

BTW, I could really see ShelleyO in a dress like that looking absolutely fantastic. (As long as there was no belt!)

If the hair is indeed for a film role, then I can live with it. Wish she'd condition, though.

I freakin' love that dress on her. Shows her figure to perfection! Shoes compliment, don't compete. That's how you do it - go Drew!

IN - but only because I flove that dress.

The hair? Not so much. She looked like she was going for a "Debbie Harry" thing and it failed in my opinion.


The two-tone hair just looks tack to moi.

The dress is a lotta look, but she has the personality to pull it off.

a qualified IN

ADORE the dress. Clever, cute, interesting.

The hair? I have to agree with the Fug Girls, looks like a Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

To Anonymous at 9:40: yes, there are more than one opinion on fashion. That's what makes it interesting and fun to debate. Are you saying that if we disagree with YOU, then we should go away?

What fun would that be?

LOVES Drew, and loves the dress. I don't even mind the two-tone hair - if anyone can pull it off, it's her. What I don't look is how DAMAGED it looks. If it were very sleek, but still two-toned, I think it would be faboooo. There is also something about the eye makeup in one of the first pics that I don't love. A little too heavy, but still, she is, and will always be, adorkable.

" Amanda in Austin said...

To Anonymous at 9:40: yes, there are more than one opinion on fashion. That's what makes it interesting and fun to debate. Are you saying that if we disagree with YOU, then we should go away?

What fun would that be?"

It's not the disagreement I take issue with. It's the disbelief that anyone could have a different opinion at all. "You're joking, right?" is a lot different from "I don't agree." It doesn't show any respect for other opinions.

And who said anything about you going away?

Love the dress, love the shoes. I don't mind the hair. The only thing I really don't like is her makeup, which I kind of think is making her face face a little bit. I think it's the eyes -- she needs something a little bolder there.

Still, IN. She looks great.

Love the dress/shoes, hate the hair/makeup. I'm sure they could've done something else that would go with the dress without looking so, how to put this? Oh, right, ugly. She looks like a villainess in a superhero movie.

ADORE this dress, and it suits Drew's personality to a T as well as flattering her body.

The hair is a little untamed for me, btu I don't object to the colour.

I love this. Her persona is quirky enough to pull it off, and the slightly costume-y looks suit her well.


The Fug Girls didn't care for it. I thought they were smoking crack. This is one of my favoritest dresses of all time, I think.

The dress is gorgeous, although I think I would've preferred a different solid color underneath. With her hair style, she looks like she's evoking Betsey Johnson.

Awesome dress, hate the hair. Yes, I know it ties into her movie,

I LOveLoveLoveLove it too! I saw it yesterday on Dlisted (he described it as what a bee looks like when you drop acid) and was sure it was McQueen. Love!

LOVE the hair. It was *fun* to have for a night and she's attending a showing of her movie about ROLLER DERBY, fer cryin' in your beer.

It's a very appropriate type of style for this movie (and the dress wasn't bad, either).

I, personally, get tired of seeing 'beautiful' hair. All. The. Time. It's as boring as seeing photo after photo of the same like of Oscar red carpet dresses that becomes a blurry mess of 'elegant'. Blah.

I love that she likes to shake things up a little bit.

A huge IN to both dress and hair!! In fact, I was all prepared to defend them in case they were OUT!

She is wearing a Judy Chicago plate come to life with a preying spider theme. Or that weird cartoon scene in The Wall where one flower eats the other.

T Lo,
What are y'all smoking and where can I get some?

Drew Barrymore, The Dress (it deserves to be capilitalized for its sheer awesomeness): J'Adore!

The hair, makeup, shoes: No. No. For the love of God, no.

She looks like a nutjob but, it's Drew and nutjob works for her. She knows how to wear a look.

Dress itself, YES,
Visible tattoo, YES,
Dipped-in-ink hair, NO.

OMG, I am beginning to think like TLo! Is there a cure??

I love the dress, the hair... everything.

I love this sort of look for her.

That dress is really great. Like you said, not for everyone, but I think she looks fantastic. She really HAS been working it lately.

I'm honestly not nuts about the two-tone hair, in part because her hair color looks so dull. Also, something about the make-up isn't working for me. Her face doesn't look as beautiful as it normally does. The eyes? The lipstick? I don't know.

But she's Drew. Somehow she manages to pull it all off and look like she's having a great time doing it. I have SUCH a girl crush on her. :)


I love, love, love the dress.

Her hair, on the other hand, look's like a rat's nest.

Love the dress, hate the hair and makeup. The whole punk meets Dior New Look mashup isn't working for me. It would have been more sly to do a take on Marilyn Monroe's hair and makeup (with a subversive twist to keep it from looking too vintage-y).

Love the dress. Love the hair as well. However, the makeup is a bit harsh. It ages her --- severely. One of them many things I've always loved about her is that no matter what she wears or in whatever film she appears, she has always maintained a certain softness (or as I call it, that Gertie-face from E.T.)natural beauty, quirkiness and approachability. Overall, I still think she looks fabulous, so she get's a big "IN" from me for this look.

- edina -

i was hoping you'd do this! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress.

i hate her hair, but it works with this dress and the shoes are fab too.

it kills me to know i'll never be able to afford this dress. D:

I like the dress except for the vagina dentata in front and the line drawing of the gluteus maximus muscles plus multiple garters in back. The dress does seem to overpower her frame in a couple of the shots and makes her neck seem a little short, but that's minor compared to the general awesomeness of the look.

If the hair is for a role, she gets a pass and kudos to her stylist for selecting a dress that almost makes that dye job work.

Love the dress & shoes, but the hair just doesn't do it for me, even if it is Drew. I think the hair fights the busyness of the dress.

What a delight! Considering the movie she directed/stars in with Ellen Page of Juno (that the event was for), 'Whip It', is all about small town Roller Derby, the hair, the makeup and the dress are perfect. The look is kinda upscale 'Housewives of fill in the blank' Trailer Trash...gotta love Drew!

That dress and the hair are so perfect for the premiere of a roller-derby movie, I am speechless.

Drew wins the jam!

this dress is unbelievable. love it.

I think the two-tone hair would have worked better if she'd dialed back the eye makeup and gone with a bolder lip color. Otherwise, she looks great.

I took the phrase "please get out of the house" to mean "leave the blog." Sorry for misunderstanding.

It's a shame about the pattern forming a kind of vagina in front, buttocks in back motif, but I LOVE the top part. I'm not sold on the eye makeup, but I do appreciate the way she's sort of transformed her head to appear more artificial to match the dress. The whole thing is really cool, go Drew.

HeatherSnow said:

Dress? Gorge!
Hair? Horrible!

Exactly!! She should have gone completely platinum.

the dress is going a little vagina dentata thing around her bits...

I love it all. Even the hair. I only hate two tones of hair when it's a different color highlighted in the hair.

The dress in incredible.

So are the shoes. Where can I get some?

Having read through more of the commenters, I gotta say I don't see the vagina dentata. I was seeing images of gorgeous beetle shells or wings.

I didn't see it either, but there does seem to be an obsession with vagina imagery around here.

This might be the biggest IN ever. I love silly hair, and I think smoothing it out would ruin the effect. It has to be messy to work.

The shoes bring tears of joy to my eyes, and I would consider walking on hot coals for that dress.

Definitely a vagina with teeth. Hard not to see it but I still love the dress. The hair not so much.

I love the "pen and ink" vibe of the dress and think the mussed-up, dip-dyed hair fits right in with it perfectly. Sketchy (in the drawing sense), flirty, and fun.

Love it!!!! what an amazing dress...she looks like a million bucks. Love the hair. Love the shoes!


She looks fab. That dress looks like it was made for her!

I wasn't crazy about the hair at first, but here the two-tone is much clearer and it makes a lot more sense. (The first shot I saw it looked like she'd styled a boring, short, blonde bob with a weedwhacker--meh.) Still not a look I want for my own hair, but on Drew it totally works.

Wow, this is possibly one of the most memorable looks since Bjork's swan dress. A skeletal womb? Tattoo mesh sleeves? Two-toned hair?

And the amazing thing is that she looks radiant, youthful, and somehow so RIGHT in it. Drew is possibly the only person who could don this tongue-in-cheek frock and delightedly carry it off as magnificently as high couture.

Sixty four thumbs up!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm laughing at these folks who immediately saw the dress and the first thought is: VAGINA!

Tell us what's on YOUR mind! LMAO!

super duper beautiful, if i were girl, i want that dress on me.

I'd like the dress a lot better if the underdress was in a different color. The yellow and black gives her a decidedly bumble-bee look and that yellow is very hard on her complexion.

And I see the vagina dentata, too, especially on the runway shot.

Love the dress, hate the hair and makeup. One minor nitpick: Drew's pretty short and I think the dress would have looked better if it had been shortened slightly...the length looks a tiny bit awkward to me.

Love Drew, love the dress. But the hair is... well, a horror show. BAD.
Maybe it would be "Fun" (though certainly not stylish) if it was actually healthy looking rather than fried?

I covet that dress (in a different color, of course), but the hair is FUG. If it were neater, then I'd like it better.

Love her, love the dress, don't think the hair is a horror show, but

Do think hair would work better with black strip reduced by half or more. Do like that the black is straight & not striped through her hair (THAT would be horror.)

Love the dress, and love the hair .. I think the best thing is that the look is very very Drew. It reflects her fun spirit.

That is literally one of the most interesting, arresting dresses I have ever seen. I saw it on another website, wanted to know who designed it, and knew it would be here! Thanks PR!

Oh, and she's in for me. Big In.

Heather and Jessica fugged this dress on GFY, but I think they're dead wrong. The dress is fresh, interesting, unusual, pretty, both avant garde AND wearable, has a lot going on without being overwhelming, is both dramatic AND approachable (you sort of want to both stand back and take it all in, and come close so you can touch it at the same time) -- how often does so much come together in a fresh, believeable way in one garment?

The hair? Not so much. -victoria

i could really care less about the two-toned hair, i do love the styling of it though. i think the outfit rocked no matter what she did...this is a case where the actress looked better than the model in my eyes. Kudos on the bold choice too!


You people are CRAZY, I see no vagina.

I LOVE this dress- and would totally rock it myself, given the chance. I actually gasped with delight when I saw it. And while I might not go the extra mile and dye my own locks to match, I can certainly appreciate it on Drew. Way to keep it fun and interesting!

God, I fucking love McQueen. What a genius!

It's all just TOOOO MUCH. The green fingernails (am I the only one who noticed?), the black eyeliner, the white eyeshadow, and the not-at-all-subtle vagina dentata. She's having fun with the look and that's great, but that doesn't make it right.

I think it's a big OUT.

Love the dress and shoes, but altogether it's a lot of look. Keeping the hair & makeup simpler would have been better. IMO, everything's so busy I don't know where to look.

The dress is unique and amazing, but I am COMPLETELY distracted by her GOD AWFUL HAIR. Are you KIDDING, TLo? Big fail. Biiiiig big epic fail. YUCK. You two are in deep love with Drew, but I never thought you were in love with her enough to let that nastiness slide.

Admit it, TLo - if this was anybody else besides one of your beloved few, you would RIP them to shreds for that disgusting hair.

9/15/09 2:42 PM You people are CRAZY, I see no vagina.

You'd have more credibility if your name didn't contain a Wang.


I would be so into this dress if it weren't for the gaping maw-looking print right over her ladybits. They look hungy. :p I'm definitely not a fan of the hair though, unfortunately. Still, a total IN in my book!

You took the words right out of Kat Giantis' mouth. Did you think no one would notice?

Neck down: IN - Neck up: OUT

Bad makeup, worse hair. Great legs, fab shoes.

love the dress, but im not sold on the hair. i think, instead of dark ends - like that chick in that band berlin (think top gun theme song) - she would have been better off going for dark roots - like blondie. much more stylish & far less clownish.

I think I love the dress, but that print around her hoo-hah screams Vagina Dentata, and I have a feeling that no one wants a toothed pussy on the front of their dress...

I love the length of the dress on Drew as it remind me of 1947 Dior - "The New Look".

TampaBay, that's what I was thinking -- New Look filtered through Barry Sonnenfeld. (or Tim Burton circa "Big Fish")

LOVE it. LOVE McQueen, LOVE Drew.

Jack Master said...

You took the words right out of Kat Giantis' mouth. Did you think no one would notice?


I do like the dress (though it does have those rather unfortunately placed claw like parts on the front) but HATE the hair. Maaaaybe if it was a little more subtle it could work, but right now it just looks like her hair was dipped in paint and it's awful.

So glad you guys blogged on Drew! Her acting skills are mediocre, but I do love her style and this look.

A ginormous IN!!

I think that is just one of the coolest dresses I have seen in quite a while. SO happy you called IN on this one, I couldn't agree more!

Great dress, but not her color.

I love the dress but I have to disagree about the hair: ITS AWFUL

However, still IN

Yeah, I can't believe you liked the hair. I think this dress would've looked so much better with a nude shoe and some more conservative hair.

SHe looks so cute, and I love that dress so much that I totally overlooked the bad hair!

I liked the whole look. It's her.

I love that the hair matches the dress. Ha!

She looks amazing! IN.

This is an incredible dress, really stunning.

Not digging the hair, but the dress is cool. Awesome posts, Tlo! Thanks!!

This dress is almost like a piece of art.

Gorgeous, including the hair. Love her, she doesn't give a fuck about what people think.

It's kind of an Alice in Wonderland dress. I love it and the hair is perfect with it. Totally IN.

She's adorable!...I just hate how she talks outta the side of her mouth...

The gals over at GoFugYourself did NOT fug the dress (as someone pointed out) but fugged her hair.

I love the dress (although I think the length on the model was much better - I want more leg).

I generally like the styling but think the hair could have looked better...somehow. Not sure how, though.

Hair + dress = Fab

Oh, I'm so glad you guys posted about this, I was dying to find out who the designer was. I love it! Alice in Wonderland indeed.

I hate the hair, but the top of the dress I love. What I don't like is the "venus flytrap" effect over her ladybits. Someone else pointed out theres a stinger too.. wtf. Love the shoes though. I'd still have to give it a tentative "in" because I don't think anyone else could pull it off but Drew. Still I wish we could lose the vagina=danger messages.

She looks stunning, my go, what a beautiful dress, I had to go and check the rest of the collection.


Drew can do no wrong in my eyes :)


Drew looks gorgeous! What a doll!

I am stunned at how much she looks like Angie Dickensen !!! She could easily play her.

Oh, and I love the dress...the hair is a good counter to the bald-covering turbans from Grey Gardens

I think Drew looks amazingly darling. Love the dress length, love the dress and the shoes... Yes! The hair doesn't bother me, it's Drew for heavens sake! The only tweak I would suggest would have been the eye makeup. The heavy cat eyeliner gives her an older, harsher look. But an IN all the way for our little hippie chick.

The black lace at the top needs to go - it looks like a body tattoo. The rest of the dress would be fine on its own. And the two-tone hair doesn't work for me at the top - it's like, blond-black-black-yellow-black. If you took out the lace at the top it would be more cohesive. As it is...... OUT. With the adjustments I mentioned..... IN.

she needs to bleach her teeth

She looks great from the neck down. That is all.

I wrote one note, then felt bad and didn't post it. I looked at her again. She is just darling!

But I still don't like the hair.

The dress--now THAT is just so interesting!

And her smile. Her smile is just. so. cute!

Okay. IN.

I seriously said, "UH!" when I saw her. That's not a good reaction.

I could have gotten behind the dress, but that hair - no, no, no, no, no.

Gorgeous! And the hair is so Drew even if it's just for a movie.

She looks absolutely gorgeous here and I don't even like yellow.


I love the entire look, from the hair to the shoes.

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