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In or Out: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett attends the 'Screen Worlds' exhibition opening at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia in Romance Was Born...

...dressed as grandma's couch.

Welp. This pretty much puts to rest the idea that she can make anything look good. The press has already come up with a nickname that makes us seeth with jealousy because we didn't think of it first: Cate Blanket.

Romance Was Born Spring 2009 Collection

Romance Was Born is an Australian label and Cate's apparently a big fan, since she specifically asked for the dress, part of their Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells collection.

We're all for a little whimsy in fashion and we do love when red carpet-dwellers take risks (see: Barrymore, Drew), but poodles, we can NOT get behind this one. We can practically smell the Jean Nate and cat hair from here.

We luvya Catie, but OUT.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage]

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OUT. Next question...

It's a beautiful afghan. She looks gorgeous, but I can't say IN to grandma's latest crochet project. She could wear it to my Mema's quilt club meetings.


First just seeing the thumbnail I thought - Hey that looks like my grandma's afghan!

What's next her sock monkeys?

Poor thing. She's so thin, she was probably freezing. She needed fuzzy house slippers to match.

Look at the guy next to her in the last picture. He's not laughing with you Cate, he's laughing AT you.

Granted, higher fashion than the snuggie, but that's not saying much.

Cate Blanket, that made me giggle.

Just sayin-

"dressed as grandma's couch" -- ROFL! Oh, man, now there's milk and cereal all over my keyboard, TLo! But worth it, just for that line with that pic.

I'm usually in the camp that she can would look good in rags, but this sure proves me wrong!

I like it, but not for a red carpet look (full disclosure: I was a fiber arts major in college).

I dunno - she just looks so comfortable and at ease. God help me, I think she's pulling it off.

I think she's wearing it with an obvious sense of irony. IN.

I actually threw up a little in my mouth when I first saw this

Talk about a what was she thinking moment...huge OUT

Lol! However, to look like my Gramma's couch, she needs to be covered in thick, yellowing clear plastic. Maybe some stains, too.

Wow. I guess that, after the popularity of the Slanket, this was inevitable.

I would have actually loved this when was in junior high, in the 70's, and wearing all kinds of crocheted vests and ponchos my grandmother made me. But I think it's the off-the-shoulder aspect that most makes it incongruous.


One of the FUG Girls owned up that she lost her virginity on this " couch afghan throw" before it was made into a dress. LOL! LOL!


This is the prettiest snuggie I'VE ever seen.

I don't have a problem with using grandma circles as an accent. I love when Jay does it. An entire dress made out of it with an a-symetrical top and ruffle sleeve? Fail.

I agree with TED. She knew what she was doing.

Too bad she didn't carry the bag to match. HUGE out!


*She* looks fantastic. The dress, however, is hideous. I do think those are some of the nicest smiles I've seen on her in ages.

If she was going to wear granny squares, did they have to be in such on-the-nose Home Ec project colors? If this were recast with a rational color scheme, it could've been nice.

WOW!!! I don't even know what to say. It's not even delicate crochet, it's big ass granny squares. OUT!

Look at it this way, she can lie down for a nap and already have her blankie.

It's hilarious. Isn't she making a comment about fashion and the attention she gets?

Oh ya'lls. I KNEW this one was coming down the pike.
Look, at least I know I can replicate it! And maybe I will.

So, sort of out, but if I can sell it at the craft show in two weeks, in!

When I initially saw this dress it was posted beside a picture from Rosanne, sitting on her couch with Jackie, and this same pattern on a blanket draped over the back of the couch. :rofl:

Cate, Cate, Cate. Still love you, but lordy. Can't get on board.

reminds me of a shirt that carrie bradshaw once wore. but i thought carrie's was cuter.

Cate looks gorgeous but that outfit is out! Unless you want to hang it on Memaw's wall or something.


OMG. I love Cate, but this is the attack of the grannie squares-perhaps the designer was doing a homage to Monty Python's Hell's Grannies sketch?


I don't think granny squares afghans are meant to be seen in bright light ---- it kinda hurts my eyes. She has the kind of goofy happy look you get when (if?) you have the guts to wear something that you KNOW will catch you grief but because YOU love it, it's all good. Just look at those cuffs!

I like how the model is styled with granny curlers. Totally completes the look.

I don't think it's so much the crochet squares as it is the actual style of the dress. Had the squares been assembled into a fitted shift dress, it may have been (arguably) cute. But the one sleeve, the ruffles, the shapelessness....not good.

I think it's funny and fun. Good for her. She's so awesome and godlike, that it's good of her to remind us that she has a great sense of humor too. IN!

I have been WAITING for you boys to get to this one. Just - why should one arm freeze while the rest of her body is all tucked up cosy and warm? I can't live with the inconsistency of this dress!

I wondered where that afghan went. Now, where did I put the car keys . . .

hmmm is this the designer answer to snugglies? Well I LOVE it and this would have been an awesome Project Runway challenge ... "TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO" and and and Betty White could be a guest judge, Dammit I will not be able to stay off this blog all day! luv ya, Gary

does anyone look in the mirror, does her man just say yes?? I know it's a joke,LOL

TMZ had a post on this very outfit and comparing it to the afghan that adorned the couch on the "Roseanne" set.

"One's a throw, the other makes people want to throw up."

Camp. Potholders. That is all.

It pains me to say it, but OUT. She looks vaguely embarrassed behind her game face. Anyone want to bet she never wears that line's clothing again?

knew the second I saw this elsewhere that you boys would be on it! Definite OUT!

But even fashionistas like Cate are entitled to a fun day out [grin]


Did she lose a bet? Wow, that is FUG.


LMFAO! boys you kill me.

i have to say it looks like something my great aunt use to knit even the colors are the same.

i love cate but dear god OUT!

Eh, I think it is fun. Kind of indie-craft chic.

And yet fitting in a way. The event was at Federation Square, a complex that is itself, 10 kinds of fugly.

Tongue very far in cheeky cheek. I think if the crochet squares were mini and the fit was better, it might work.

As it is, the ill fit does not help with the obvious grandma's blanket reference.

Kudos for Kate for not being boring!

I may be crazy...But if this had 2 sleeves, I'd really like it. I do hate the bare shoulder on it.

And isn't it end-of-winter, early-spring down under? So it's not like she's wearing a blanket when it was 85 degrees out.

OUT, but is it wrong of me to think it might have been and minor IN without that sleeve?

Ha - my mom actually did make a blanket that looks remarkably similar to that a long time ago, and she IS a grandma. Definite out (the dress I mean - not you, Mom).

Said Cate to her stylist: "When I told you I wanted to dress like an Afghan rebel, this was NOT what I meant!"

Well at least she's...warm?

I literally gasped in horror. My jaw is still dropped.

I have to put myself in the " if it had two sleeves" camp. As it is though, yuck.

IN for me. It's fun! But that cuff on the left sleeve could have been absent.

I like it, though probably not for the red carpet. She should have worn the rollers too.

I think she looks GREAT. She really can pull anything off. Even an atrocious POS like that.

I like it. But I also loved Bjork's swan dress.

God, this is really bad. OUT.

OK, I know its an out. But I don't hate because:
she does look beautiful
she does look comfy
and she looks like she's having fun

yes, the dress is absurd (I smell whiskey and dog, per my Nana's house)... she can look good in anything, but I guess she can't make everything look good

Crochet squares. Looks like something I would have done when I was twelve, but without the color adventure. I certainly wouldn't have made them into a dress. That I would wear outside.

Oh Cate, you're Out.

Jean Nate and cat hair! Oh, this tickled my funny bone.

Time to give the afghan back, Cate. Meemaw & Papaw are wondering why it's not folded on the top of the La-Z-Boy.


I... wow.... that's.... "a lot of look"

Hey, at least she didn't wear the curlers . . .

I think this dress demonstrates why the arts-and-grafts thing that Jay McCarroll does is so hard to elegantly. -victoria

I actually like it quite a bit. It's colorful and interesting and she appears to glow in it.

I'm giving her an IN.

She's obviously wearing this tongue-in-cheek and having great fun with people's reactions to it. Moreover, it's wonderfully colorful and has better lines than a Snuggie. I love that she isn't clowning for the cameras, either, but instead is doing the standard, elegant pose of somebody who is wearing a drop dead fabulous gown. It's hilarious!

It'll be the talk of the town for weeks and all over the magazines. Since part of the point of fashion is to be attention-getting, the dress actually succeeds brilliantly by that measure, particularly because nobody would ever, even for a moment, think she did it unknowingly and seriously, rather than gleefully poking fun at haute couture.

Thirty six thumbs up for doing the absolutely unexpected with a great sense of humor. least it wasn't the granny square vest and accompanying beret seen in every beginner crochet book.

You know what...if the length were a bit shorter and it had two matching sleeves, I think I could actually go for it.

Sure, my first reaction was "Holy crap, Grandma's afghan" too, but after some more consideration I could totally buy into this idea. It's fun.

Maybe it would work better on a younger woman - balancing out the granny factor? No offense meant to Cate Blanchett, who is gorgeous at any age.

You know, if the color story had been more cohesive, I bet she could have pulled this off.

You know, I've been trying to imagine this dress on some young Williamsburg chick, rocking it with a pair of ripped tights and Doc Maartens, but even then... No. This garment is indefensible.

Maybe next red carpet she can wear a Snuggie.

It's funny. I kind of like it, just for that reason. It hearkens back to the 70's, when people wore those hideous crocheted vests, which had no style whatsoever. There are family pictures, and I think my mother actually made them herself. Also, hand-embroidered chambray shirts were a trend around that time.


I have never understood the fascination with Cate Blanchett. Now I understand. Anyone who would wear an afghan to a premiere has some balls.
Seriously OUT.

I really do have a blanket just like that that my grandma made me. It's on my couch right now.

The shot from below left (in the lower left of the display here) actually looks kinda good. But overall, out.

... but I kind of like her hair and make-up.

It just looks like that itchy acrylic "Pound of Love" clearance yarn you see at Michael's Crafts.

She forgot that she's not Tilda Swinton, who probably could pull off Grandma's Afghan.

Well, smooth skin barely covered by bedding material? So HOT.


I know it's an out, but somehow she looks happy in it.... I keep thinking it would be great with two sleeves and as a coat on top of a LBD
i should have kept all those crochet squares that my grandma used to make.....

No, even Cate can't make this one an "in."

The scale of the granny squares is too large for a dress, maybe if they were smaller squares?

Umm no, on 2nd thought, not even then.

Oops! I really like it. Like alot. Like I'm surprised by how much I like it. Maybe not the ruffle stuffle at the hem, but I like it. Maybe I can agree that's it's not red carpet worthy, but when you've hade as many IN's as Cate you're allotted a little wiggle room.


Jean Nate....OMG thats right! That IS what my grandma used! Oh I have to find some right now to remember her.

At least Cate Blanket makes it look better than the model but that is all I am saying about that.

Hah! I've seen this everywhere but didn't know which designer this came from!

It's nice that Cate's supporting Australian designers, but... it's a little, um, rug-ish for my taste. As you two astutely pointed out. It's very 70s-living-room.

HOWEVER: she obviously feels great and is rocking it to the best of her considerable abilities, so... I can't really hate on this.

My head is saying OUT but my heart says IN. Help!!

I think this could have worked and been adorable with a few changes. It's too shapeless, so it pulls her down and looks blankety. A shorter sleeve and a shorter hemline, basically, and then it would have been really cute.

She looks ridiculous!!!

I am shocked! I can't believe it. Is she serious?? She wanted to wear that????

take off the sleeve, ditch the black hose, and strap a wide, black belt around her waist, and it's an in!

ok, since none of those are reality, i guess she must be out.

still love ya', cate!! :0)


LOLOLOLOLOL I can hear Nina saying "Granny squares is back, darlings!" "This is very editorial. I could see this in Marie Claire."

Add another sleeve? That's like adding a pillow to the couch she's wearing.

OUT. That is beyond fugly.

OH. MY. GOD. I gasped when I saw the first picture. Honey, no...

I’m still scratching my head wondering, what the hell was she thinking?

I love her smile, does that count?

I'm going to laugh with her because I choose to believe that she knows it's absurd.

I bet she got more press than anyone else at the event. Good job, Cate.

Somewhere Tilda Swinton is thinking, "Now why didn't I think of THAT?"

Thanks for finding out who the designer is, that is UGLY. The minute I saw it yesterday, I was like, oh, Tlo will have something to say about this. Hahahahaha.

HIDEOUS!!! WTH??????

If it was edited, you know, a lot, it might be passable.

Cate Blanchett wearing Granny Squares designed by Tackiness was Reborn.




TampaBay said:

"One of the FUG Girls owned up that she lost her virginity on this " couch afghan throw" before it was made into a dress. LOL! LOL!"

Ah, yes. "Romance" is born.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Fine, wear a crochet dress, but did it have to be these huge granny squares, not to mention the kindergarten primary colors chosen??

That is A LOT OF fugly. OUT.


A little Hollywood recycling? Isn't that the afghan that was on the couch on the set of "Rosanne"?


It's bad, yes...but I actually think it wouldn't be too bad if it lost that sleeve and oversized scrunchie at the wrist. Then it might be...well, still bad, but not as tragic.
Poor Cate.


I hope this is not going to gain popularity like Angela's daisy wheels (that is what my grandmother called them).




She looks really comfortable, I like the whimsy, I'm freakin' BORED of satin, taffetta, silk on the red carpet and, like Madame Tilda, she can rock almost any look.

This is one of them.

You know, its a bitch when a famous person loses an election bet and has to pay up by wearing something like this in public.

This dress is so hideous makes me cry.

An army of gays just can't talk a bitch out of something like this when she gets it in her head that she's being fashion forward.

OUT without a doubt.

TLo said...
"We can practically smell the Jean Nate and cat hair from here."

You guys are HILARIOUS! I grew up with those hideous things. Fortunately, not in my household because my mother was too fashion-forward and posh for her own good.
Anyway, thanks for the post.

Cate get's a big old 70's-style "OUT" from me.

- edina -

I thought it was pretty cheeky. I'm giving her an IN for making me laugh.

We can practically smell the Jean Nate and cat hair from here.

Haha! I was thinking mothballs and spilled coffee (my grandma wasn't very neat!)

I've been seeing people wearing cardigans and vests like this lately, too. I'm sure that whoever came up with it loves their concept, but I just don't get it. :-/

~ Ri

Looks like a project you'd see in a "Yarn Crafts" magazine. Her hair and make-up do look good, though.

I find it incredibly amusing, but it doesn't seem red carpet appropriate. Still, it may be intended as a piece of sartorial satire, and I'm all for that.

In moderation.

I had a sweater like that, in 1989 - something Bill Cosby would've turned down, saying it was just too loud.

Wasn't that the throw on the back of Roseanne's couch? OUT, for the first time I can recall.

The afghan is one thing, but those ruffles make me want to throw up. Honestly, they disgust me.

I gotta disagree, Boys.


It's fun, lighthearted, good-natured. I don't love, but I like very much.

She probably needed a little grandma's comfort after getting conked on the head recently during a theater performance. She seems to be enjoying working with her husband for this theater season.

Get rid of the long sleeve and I'd give it an In. Even better if it had been crocheted in more complimentary colors.

At least she didn't dip dye her hair half coal black/half fried blonde.

For being made of granny squares it's not all that bad. I crochet myself and love the use of home spun items on fashion. Angela's "flourchones" or whatever are actually called yo-yos, BTdubs. And the Aussies are a kooky bunch and do a lot of very wrong things fashion-wise. If the colors had been more muted maybe. or without the black ruffles on the sleeve and on the bottom. I don't know. I just really want this to work.

What's next?

Kate walks the red carpet in Grandma's antimacassars?

I agree that it was a tongue-in-cheek choice. She definitely knows how silly it is, and that's why she's wearing it. Speaking of Drew, or anyone else you allow to be whimsical, I think you would have been okay with this on her.


I agree that it was a tongue-in-cheek choice. She definitely knows how silly it is, and that's why she's wearing it. Speaking of Drew, or anyone else you allow to be whimsical, I think you would have been okay with this on her.



Cate, you're still fabulous, but I agree with TLO - OUT.

Ok, Cate's still OUT, but has anyone noticed that the bag that the model is carrying is actually quite adorable?

...I actually kind of like it, in a weird way.

it had potential, it was just so LITERALLY an afghan.

Christmas 2009 - Cult of the Snuggly

Christmas 2010 - Grandma's Couch PJ dress or "Kate Blanket"

Out. I liked the whimsical idea of the dress. But. The squares were too large and garish. Had the proportions been smaller, the colors more muted, the squares set at a diagonal, the dress might have worked as a fun statement. This design is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Strangely enough, I LOVED the dress! I thought the colors, the materials, and shapes were put together so brilliantly.

However, IMHO, what killed the look was the black tights.

Despite the unfortunately choice of hosiery......


Oh yes, people, definitely Ms. Blanchett was out to entertain. I just bet she was laughing to herself the entire time. I make all sorts of hideous crocheted things for my own entertainment and give them away. Just think, the antimacassars could be ecru, crocheted with teeny thread and teeny hooks. That could be really cool, done right. Not from me, tho.

At first I thought oh my gosh NO.'s growing on me. I can see the whimsy and irony of it. I think I actually like it on her! But only our Cate could rock this. No one else.
I say IN!

IN! It's the first dress I loved for it's differentness and whimsey. I actually looked on the website. If I wouldn't have looked like a bowling ball in an afghan (exageration) I would spring for it. Fun and different

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