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In or Out: Anne Hathaway

Darlings, always make sure the background complements your dress.

Anne Hathaway attends Variety's 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills wearing Lela Rose and Roger Vivier shoes.

Lela Rose Spring 2010 Collection
Model: R'el Dade

This is a great little dress in a fantastic color. We love it. We have to say, though, we're getting a little bored with all the foldy, pleaty, origami-esque dresses out there. It's thisclose to being played out. Just a bit of advice from us to you, Rachel Zoe. Also, starlets? From now on, you must insist that your stylists procure you a pair of shoes IN YOUR SIZE. If they fail to do so, pull out the "bitchy diva" card and play it for all it's worth. We're getting tired of seeing starlets' feet bulging out of too-small shoes or (like here) floating in a too-large pair. Although, to be fair, these don't look too bad on her.

There. Now we have solved several pressing red carpet issues. And we've only had one cup of coffee.

Also, nice purse.


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". . . we're getting a little bored with all the foldy, pleaty, origami-esque dresses out there."

I hate that look. I think I was sick of it the minute it hit. And I've already had my second cup of coffee.

I love it, I think she looks stunning

Yes, the folded trend is getting old, but I still love it :)

Great purse. Sometimes high heels are more comfortable when there is a little give, so I give the shoes a passing mark as well.

I love Hathaway.I love the dress. I love the hair and makeup. I love the accessories.

Most of all I love the magical combination of all of the above.

That's how it's DONE!

TLo, as much as I love you guys I'm with Anon1 on this one. If your shoes fit at the beginning of the night, your feet will be in pain at the end. This is why I usually buy half a size up for evening.

her dress with that background looks like betty drapers new living room!

What I would like to know, is, after the picture is taken, does she actually attempt to walk away in those shoes? How? Or do they change as soon as the pic is snapped? I am a diehard heel wearer, so I KNOW you cannot walk in shoes that are totally slipping off your feet without looking ridiculous. A mystery to me.

Very nice purse

Nice color, very nice hair, nice shoes, very nice purse. O.k. dress, o.k. Ann.

I feel like she does statuesque glamor better than day-to-day pretty.

She looks great, background color notwithstanding. Shoes should fit, though. If they fit well, they shouldn't hurt. Too much slippage causes blisters.

I think the poor girl and this dress needs some jewelry.


Ditto Anonymous 10:22. I always go up half a size on heels.

I like the dress design, but the color seems off to me -- too orange, too bright, too something?

I thought she was wearing stockings until I saw the closeup. Why are her legs so much darker than her torso?

Why is she wearing a strapless cocktail dress to a luncheon?

I think its good overall and it's a stretch for Anne ( I really like her by the way, her Julie Andrews impersonation is killer!) but it just feels a little late in the season for this dress. ~Gary

In. Absolutely.

Love the dress. The color is amazing!

I like the way the shoes are subtly colorful. Plain black might have been too blah and a color might have been too much with the bold color of the dress. Besides, it's really nice to see someone with graceful shoes instead of booties or hoof-shoes or something.

Her makeup is also excellent. Sometimes, her eyes look so big that she reminds me of a sleestak. Here, her face looks more normal.

Viva La Anne. I can give or take her on screen, but won't mind her having a long career as long as she continues to be a class act offscreen.
New Renee Zellweger movies don't bother me as such, it's just that whenever one comes out, I know that *ugh* we are going to be forced to look at her on the red carpet several times doing that forced pose with the scrunchy face and the iffy clothes and ACK! I don't even want to think about it.
Anne, promise us that will never happen.

Margo, I'm with you!! I was about to ask the same thing when I read your comment... that dress (while absolutely lovely) is a cocktail dress...

Sane Woman said...

"I thought she was wearing stockings until I saw the closeup. Why are her legs so much darker than her torso?"

Possibly her tan comes from being outside & not a booth. And she doesn't want to be bothered evening things out for photo ops?

She's too fair for this bright yellow dress, it's a horrible color on her.

But I like the shoes. I just can't decide if they are too large or too small (I'm going with large, because her feet are slipping forward and trying to spill out of the toe holes...)

I couldn't figure out if it was the color or they origami that was bothering me. I think you're right - it's the folding. And THANK YOU for the shoes comment. Fer gawd's sake, wear shoes that fit. If you're stylist can't get you a pair, pull something from your closet...

". . . we're getting a little bored with all the foldy, pleaty, origami-esque dresses out there."

Amen, sistahs!

Annie always seems to do a decent job of pulling herself together for events - she must have a fab group of gays advising her. While the color on this isn't one of my faves, she wears it well and the accessorizing is well-done. I want me a pair of those shoes, altho preferably in a size that would fit!

Apparently the lighting also really affects your look, not just the background. On the runway it's a great little sunshine-y dress. But here, as someone else said, it gets a little too orange-y. I'm not loving this all around.

I also need to go up a size with heels b/c my feet swell so much. It wasn't a problem in my twenties tho.

Yeesh, peeps. Cinderella is a fairy tale.

Sometimes one has to go half a size larger to get the necessary width. Oh, it's probably not the case with Anne -- I'm sure her fabulous feet are perfectly proportioned, length x width, but give the kid a break. A shoe's proportions are fixed, as are a foot's, and they may not match millimeter for millimeter.

I have a friend whose feet always look like that in shoes because of the curve in her tendon. Her heels are all the way back, but it looks like they're too big.

I also have a friend with a pair of shoes too big and she has to shuffle when she walks.

So, no judgment here until I see them falling off when she walks.

nine while nine

I have to politely disagree...I think she looks washed out with that color, and the whole ensemble just seems to be trying a bit too hard. I do love the purse though, it's adorable.

That's a sensational color on her. And she's been listening to you two, because her purse wasn't all matchy-matchy! Definitely IN.

Some non-slip ball-of-foot cushions might have solved the problem of Anne's too-big shoes. They'd keep her feet from sliding forward in the too-wide toebox, which would then make the shoe fit better in the heel.

I'll admit, it's a peeve of mine to see a woman's toes hanging off the front edge of a shoe. The practical purpose of shoes is to keep your feet from touching the dirty, dirty ground!

It's a cute dress and I also like the color on her. The shoes are too big for her feet, I understand going half a size up, but no way I would go out wearing shoes that look like they belong to somebody else.

IN. She looks great.

Love the dress on her but not the color. On her anyway. It makes her skin look waxy.

Shoes & purse are great.

I like the shoes. but like melissapedsrn, I cannot anyone can walk in shoes that are too long.
My feet seem to be changing sizes a lot lately, so I have had to buy larger shoes and a variety of cushion. But when the shoes are too big I just cannot walk in them.

From the "thumbnail", I thought the dress looked cheap. Although Anne looks good.


Alongside Drew Barrymore, who's had a more fabulous run fashion-wise in 2009?

The sinister part of me wants her to wear something really horrible, just to spice things up.

I think Summer has it right. It looks to me like the shoes fit fine, but that her foot is sliding forward in them. This can happen in cold weather or if your feet are sweaty. The solution is a grip where the ball of the foot sits in the shoe. It keeps your heel at the back of the shoe and your toes from spilling over the edge. I think she looks great here, and I envy her the ability to pull off that color.

Personally, I tend to follow Truvy's advice on shoes:

"In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight."

If Dolly Parton said it, I believe it.

I think she looks great. She is always so classy for such a young starlet.


If you stand in one place in tall heels (such as when tons of people are taking your picture), eventually your feet slide forward. She looks great, but I wish she had added just a little bling to her neck.

She looks gorgeous, great color! I agree with everything you guys said so I'll leave it there but will reiterate that it's DEFINITELY time for the origami train to leave the station.


As to the tan on her legs.

I hate pantyhose, from the fit to the fact that I seem to have developed an allergy to the lycra/nylon combination (and develop a rash and itch horribly. So if I can't wear a good mostly cotton tight (with a skirt), I self tan my legs so my legs don't look so pasty white (when my tan has worn off).

I guess that might make me an out - but better than the pain.

Beautiful dress, though not at all appropriate for a luncheon. I like the color, like the design, and the shoes are great.

(P.S. I'd guess the difference in color between her legs and torso is entirely due to the lighting.)

I love all of it, even the origami. I'm probably not sick of it yet because I live in Idaho and have yet to see one person rockin' the look here.

This a fantastic look on Anne. Young and fresh, it's such a beautiful color. I like the shoes and bag too.

I like the origami-esque shapes we've been seeing. I like the architectural feel and because of that I'm sure it's on the way out.

Everything I really like has a shelf life of 10 minutes...

I think she looks great. I don't love the color of the dress, but it looks good on her. IN!

I think she looks great but I also think there are other colors that would be more flattering to her skintone.

As for the shoes, she needs a pair of those inserts to help hold her foot in place. The size looks ok but the heel height has caused her feet to slide forward.

As soon as you mentioned her shoes being too big, my first thought was "By the end of the night, her feet will be swollen right into them," but I see several other commenters beat me to it! I do the same thing. I always buy my heels a half size larger. It helps when you're on your feet all day in them.
She looks amazing, as usual. I do agree though, the origami look is getting a bit old. All these dresses are starting to look alike to me, but the color was interesting and the shoes were gorgeous!

I agree that the shoe sizes are the fault of the stylist. My feet are very narrow, but Ralph Lauren shoes give me blisters the moment I put them on regardless of the size. I love Anne's look, especially the cruel shoes!

In her defense, I would think by the looks of the shoes (too small up front and too big in back?) that she has likely been standing in one spot posing for photographers for a while. In that time, her feet slipped forwards leading to the current look in the photo.

And her feet still look 10x better than most other red carpet photos where you can see crazy feet veins from the STRESS of standing in some crazy too small torture device so that the photographers can get a shot from every angle. (I'd still kill for most of those shoes)

I think the color is wrong too, but Anne seems to make it work.

On me, I would look like an upright cadaver wearing a very expensive dress and shoes.

I think she looks lovely.

The shoes? That's just slippage. Try standing in those spikes for a while and it will happen to you too. Gravity is no friend to high heels.

IN all the way!

TLo said, We're getting tired of seeing starlets' feet bulging out of too-small shoes...

If your toes hang over the front of a shoe, it's called Shrimp,

If your heel hangs off the back of a shoe, it's called Biscuit.

Worst possible offense: Shrimp and Biscuit.

Child, please!

Oh, and nice colors...but I suddenly have a craving for saffron chicken and something in a plum sauce.

I guess deflated pumkin disco balls* are in this season.

* copyright Michael Kors.

Just ONCE, I wish the photogs would catch her with spinach in her teeth!

I think she looks great.
Love the color, even love the folds.

Bill ...HA! Yeah, me too.

Y'all folks are crazy wearing shoes that you expect your foot to swell into. Pretty feet are not worth that nonsense. But yes, she's just slipping forward, getting what I think of as "hermit crab foot" with the toes peeking out of the hole like the legs of a crab.

YES! As much as I love Hathaway, the shoes DON'T FIT, and it always annoys the hell out of me when I see celebrities wear ill-fitting footwear. And usually, that's about 75% of the time. As if they can't afford to buy shoes that actually fit...

Well, sometimes the entire outfit is ill-fitting, and in that case, it's a lost cause. :P

she's almost perfect-hair, dress, makeup, bag-but those shoes? My six year old has the same texture on a pair of sneaks-from the Wizards of Waverly place line at Payless.

i'll give her a pass on the fit of the shoes - i can't even try on a peep toe without that happening.

I finally love Anne Hathaway. She used to come across as a bit insufferable and old-ladyish, but lately she seems to have grown into herself and seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.

And I do like the dress (even though I'm not sure why she's wearing a cocktail dress to a luncheon). I love the color.

But that color is terrible on her.

It reminds me of late '80s, when my mom and all her friends had copies of Color Me Beautiful, and "had their colors done."

If you were an Autumn, you could wear strong yellow-based colors--like this orange. But if you were a Winter (as Ms. Hathaway is), orange made you look like hell, but your skin tone was perfectly suited to cooler pinks or true red.

I always thought the women who were into the whole seasonal-color thing took it way too seriously, but this is one case where they would have been justified in shrieking, "Eeew! She's a Winter! She should neeeeever wear orange!"



love that color, love the shoes, like the make up and hair. She is making it look easy :)

i HATE the dress! Hate the color, hate the design, hate everything about it. But i do like the shoes and purse. So not a total loss i guess..........

Anon of 12:03 PM hit the nail on the head. Look at where her toes are! She's slid forward in her shoes, all she needs to do is push them back et voila, the shoes fit.

I would like to go out on a limb here and dare either member of TLo to wear heels for a day, at the very least. Not as a "you don't know what it's like!" thing, but just to see what that does. Science!

Oh Carlabarla, if you think Tom and Lorenzo and a bunch of us other guys on this blog haven't spent an evening in high heels before...

Gay men + Halloween or theme parties will eventually = high heels

Love the Roger Vivier, theme parties, and Halloween.

I don't care if they don't fit her, those shoes are FIERCE

I covet. I doubt those are size 6.5...

seems like the fit is off in the bodice - sort of exaggerated by the vertical origami thing. the skirt seems a little loose as well, like she could have worn a size smaller. love the color on her. hey - now that origami's put us all to sleep, what's coming up next? i vote texture.

"we're getting a little bored with all the foldy, pleaty, origami-esque dresses out there."

Thank you! I was over this the (tenth)hundredth time I saw this look. It's like a dinner napkin.

IN. very classy. Love the hair color.

I love this look. I'm also glad that she picked an outfit that is actually proportionate to her body. The hem hits in almost the same spot on her legs as the model. Too many people pick something off the runway that they liked and they're not tall, waif-like, and all legs. If they just raised the hems and proportionately put things where they were on the model they're much more likely to have success. Hems can go up and down. Even if it's just on loan.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I love everything about this look except the color. The dress is magnificent and fits her perfectly.

BUT, it's a warm color and she's a cool color girl with that pearly white skin and dark hair. This dress on her in a perfect gem tone royal purple, cobalt blue, turquoise, blood red, emerald green, etc. would have been spectacular.

Anything on her that has a yellowish or orange-ish cast will look very jarring, as here.

another laura

Agree with others who agree with you on the origami-esque. Tired.

but she's In. Styling, shoes, bag, etc., it's all good. Color of dress is surprisingly good.

What a bunch of old fogies! Strapless dresses are de rigeur for young women these days, even in the daytime. She looks fab, and I could only wish I'd had her sense of style (and money) when I was her age.

The shoes are so normal, too! This gladdens my heart, to think we might someday soon move away from the scary and wacky in footwear, and leave them to the hookers they came from in the first place.

No one else has mentioned this, but I love how the little bag echoes the architectural lines of the dress. Very nice. A+ from me.

love the dress, but just a point, the shoes are actually too big, not to small on her, look at the gap at her heel. Because they're too loose her foot is sliding too far forward causing the bulgy look

Terrific bag. Hard to say the same about the dress. It's blah, blah, blah. You boys have so hit the nail on the had - I am done with origami design. And sleeveless shifts. Blah, blah, blah.

Her hair and makeup rock though the lipgloss doesn't go with the orange dress. I agree with all who mentioned Anne looking awesome in a jewel tone. Absolutely! If this dress were a blue-red or a blue or jewel green, she would look fab.

Not a fan of the hair/makeup...a little yearbook "glamor shots" to me. The dress and shoes are fab, though.

Her feet are too NARROW for the shoes. It is difficult to get narrow enough shoes, and the toe opening allows her feet to slide right on through due to the force of gravity and those super high heels. There isn't much you can do about it, although the pads for the ball of the foot help some. I have narrow feet, so I know what a bitch it is to find shoes that are narrow enough. And I'll bet that is one problem the boys haven't had.

IN. She looks amazing, as usual.

LOVE the dress and the shoes, but not on her.

I wouldn't call it an out as the dress, shoes, and purse all are very nice, and Anne is beautiful, but this dress cries out for someone more statuesque. It looks a lot better on the runway model who, portionately, has wider shoulders than Anne. The dress looks fine on Anne from side angles and back but from straight-on it makes her look kind of round-shouldered and thick-waisted. Yes, that's picky but that's what we're here for!

Oops, meant to say "proportionately"! Sorry --


Very much IN.

Yuck. Anne Hathaway has a big clown face, so dressing her in garish carnival colors seems to be an obvious "not." Mustard yellow + clown face = Ronald McD. Sorry Anne, sorry, R. Zoe ... yuck.

The dress colour is terrible. Shiny mustard. YUK!

Cute shoes tho.

Looks a bit like Ra'mon's wining neoprene dress, doesn't it?

Never has it been more obvious that you don't wear heels.

Stand in any heel for more than ten minutes (especially under lights) and your feet sweat. Then you slide forward in the shoe. Hence the gap at the heel and the bulging at the toe.

The only 'solution' are those non-slip pads for the ball of your feet. But unless you have very skinny feet, they make the shoe too tight in the width. Which is by far more uncomfortable than just putting up with sliding about in your shoe.

well as far as the shoe size point goes...that is actually a problem (room at the heel) even when the shoe fits. it's the slide forward that causes this...go try on a pair of pumps if you haven't already and check it out! if they were smaller she'd be using moleskin...that would look much worse!

i'm not dorothy gale

She looks darling and modern despite the tired old folded dinner napkin at her waist. IN.

Gorgeous. Not a fan of the makeup, though. And I think it's smart for celebs on the red carpet to wear shoes that are a little big because their feet will swell. And the ones that look like they're too small are probably the people whose feet are already swollen.

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