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The Home Stretch

We almost feel sorry for these designers because we're so sick of the previous episode by Wednesdays.

Model: Kalyn Hemphill

Irina said that her outfit made her model look "like a lady," and we can't help thinking she missed the point.

When a model goes to an "industry party" (even one as lame as that staged non-event), the very last thing she wants is to look like a lady. She's there to nab a job, not a husband.

There's nothing particularly wrong with this look. It's well executed and fitted; it's tasteful and the fabric choices are nice.

It's just that it looks like something someone twice this girl's age would wear. She wants to look young and hot, not demure.

And speaking of models who don't want to look demure...

Model: Ebony Jointer

Attention must be paid to Shirin, who took Ebony's request for a royal blue and gold satin jumpsuit, promptly filed it in the round file and instead came up with this sassy little look.

It's a really cute dress and it's also well executed and fitted.

Of course, we treated you all to our thoughts on the endless parade of "really cute dresses" yesterday, so we're not exactly thrilled with the look. We do like that back, though.

And like we said, she deserves kudos for not letting her client's bad idea derail her from doing what she does best.

Model: Celine Chua

Nicolas when on and on about how he "tailored" this look and ...uh, we don't see it.

Specifically, we're not seeing it around the bust area, where it's pulling away from the side. Also, isn't it a little weird that those bands of grey just sort of end at her collarbone?

Still, the overall effect is nice. We just wish it hadn't been rendered in a shiny white satin.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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I really love the fabric Irina used...if only she would have done something a little more youthful.

I couldn't help but notice how poor the fit on the bust was for Nicolas' dress. Specifically, how he said he fit it well.

And love Shirin! Thank god she didn't make a blue jumpsuit with gold rope trim.

Definitely a more flowy fabric would have worked better for Taylor's dress. And as she was walking down the runway all I could think was "BUST! Fix the bust!!!"
Also The blue dress? Not my favorite. The model looks pissed and not like she should be wearing something so loose and free but rather something sassy and sharp.
But I agree wholeheartedly on the first dress. It screams lady and not in a good way.

I thought Princess Featherhead's idea of the dress, given the long neck of his model, was pretty spot on, it's certainly a look that will garner attention, but totally agree about the fit - it didn't fit her chest at all. I also didn't notice (I don't obsessively look at still frames from the show - that's why I have you guys!) the weird lines that stop on the shoulder. And could Shirin's model be more angry/less attractive? yuck...

I want to see a cocktail dress made out of discarded banana peels and orange rinds held together with post-it notes.


Why is Ebony so mad?

TampaBay said...
I want to see a cocktail dress made out of discarded banana peels and orange rinds held together with post-it notes."

HAHAHA...YES! Love it. The funny thing is...I know you're being serious. =)

I loved Nicolas's dress. Liked the other two. Bored beyond tears at purty dresses and can't wait for tomorrow. I need some wacked out dresses made out of crazy shit! (TampaBay--they did Post Its on PR Canada, S2, but I wouldn't care if they redid it, esp. with orange peels).

I wonder what Irina's would have looked like with the sleeves she discussed with Tim. But as Tim was walking away he tells her the jacket was a must so I think at that point the jacket would come off like a pouffy vest - definitely an either or.

During the show they showed Nicholas' w/out the collar and I think I would have liked it better. And it might have been easier to just pull up the sides (or the bust).

I forgot about these looks! I thought the last post was, infact, the last of the dresses. definitely, nothing is making an impression!!!

Why is Ebony so mad?

I suspect she's going for "fierce," but it might be that she's pissed about the lack of gold rope.

Irina should have ditched the jacket, or made the model take it off during her walk (which would necessitate losing the big golden bow). It's not like the dress was Whore City without the cover-up.

Celine likes greys, so a dove grey for the dress with the darker grey for the collar would have been pretty. I don't see why the side straps couldn't have merged into the collar.

ASK, I agree. There seemed to be a sort of halter effect with a little chain going around her neck before... not sure if that was just something he had to do during fitting or if it was a design idea that he scrapped but it seemed to fit a lot better then (because the chain allowed the not-well-tailored bust to at least move freely rather than being stuck between her neck and hips with nowhere to go but out).

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....uh hmph.....I'm sorry. You were critiquing the last of the entries. I started looking at the pictures and dozed off just like I did while watching the show.

I wish we could have seen Irina's dress without the jacket. The jacket is fine -- I'd wear it to the office -- but it's just that, office-appropriate, and completely unnecessary for a cocktail look for anyone, let alone a model who wants to show off her slim body.

On closer inspection of the photo, I wish she'd done a better job of matching the pattern at the front seam. But it does look cute... at least the part I can see.

Shirin's dress showed Ebony's body off beautifully, which was the point of this (admittedly dull) exercise, so she had my vote this time around. Did not care for Irina's fabric choice - Croscill made sheets out of that fabric in the late 80's.

Well instead of Post Its....
The Duck Tape company makes Duct Tape and sponsors competitions for people to make clothes out of dcut tape.

I think they do a prom contest.

What would scare me is if the PR designers could not do anything with that challenge!

I had completely forgotten about Shirin's, but seeing it again I really like it. The color is pretty, the back is interesting and the folding on the front gives it just enough sparkle. Is it ground breaking? No. Is it better than the horror that won? Heck yeah it is. Esp when you consider the crazy model asked for a jumpsuit. See, Logan, this is how you talk them into what they REALLY want :-P.

I thought Nicholas' dress made his model look like Ensign Ro from Star Trek.

When I saw Irina's dress, it reminded me of DVF collections of yore. I liked Shirin's dress a lot. Nicholas' fit was so terrible at the bust that it's all I could look at. I was waiting for his model to pop out at the side.

Ebony looks like she's gonna tear the designer a new one when she gets off the runway! She just looks pissed that she's not wearing a jumpsuit and is NOT HAPPY a'tall. Shirin is one smart cookie, knowing that a jumpsuit wouldn't likely turn out fitted or finished enough in the time allotted. Love the woven back she did.

I liked Nicolas's dress. I felt like w/ the hair, it made her Asianess stand out. Is that totally wrong? It was unique and stood apart from everything else. I thought the bust was intended to fit that way.
I'm rooting for him. That might mean he's going to be eliminated, but, he's enjoyable to watch, and I like his point of view (it stands out from the others because he ACTUALLY seems to have one that goes beyond "pretty dress").

I was anticpiating rouge boobage on Nicholas' dress too. All clenched and biting my nails...most exciting part of the show. My kingdom for some last minute darts! He brags about how he has a needle in his hand until the last minute.

Yes Irina's was too demure. If the dress (I can't believe I'm writing this) was shorter and without the trim at the bottom and the color of the coat warmer and bolder, it would have been more spot on

I liked Nicholas' dress. despite the fit issues at the bust, celine looked very striking, elegant and highend. I can't quite say the same thing about the winning garment


I loved both the girls'outfits. I don't think Irina's ages her model at all; I find it young and sassy. Shirin's was just beautiful, it's too bad her model was going for the fierce look; if I were her, I'd be very happy working that dress. Nicolas....meh and weird fit in the boob area.

I liked Shirin's last week because it wasn't an electric blue and gold jumpsuit, but looking at these pictures now, it just falls flat.

Irina's would have been more appropriate for the Macy's INC challenge in season 3.

Nicholas'... I didn't get this one. I thought it looked like a welder's apron.

Irina and Shirin made nice dresses. But they would not stand out at a party where everyone supposedly is wearing a dress that was custom made for them.

Nicolas on the other hand, I think did a fantastic job. This dress stands out in a good way. For a model party you pretty much have to stay close to the body with the silhouette. I think the white is a great choice almost everyone else had dark colors. He should have been in the top three.

The gray parts on Nicolas's dress ended up looking weirdly like Celine's haircut. (Picture her with more V-shaped bangs...)

Summer said...
I wish we could have seen Irina's dress without the jacket. The jacket is fine -- I'd wear it to the office -- but it's just that, office-appropriate, and completely unnecessary for a cocktail look for anyone, let alone a model who wants to show off her slim body.

That's exactly how I felt about the winning look, had the skirt not been so short.

What the hell happened between Tim saying "The jacket is a must" and the final look? The jacket was a big "must not."

There was a point when we saw Nicolas' on the dress form (pre-collar, as ASK points out) that I thought it was going to be fabulous. In the end it was good, but not fabulous, though I do give him a lot of credit for not doing the typical pretty dress (see 2 above). But didn't one of the judges say something about the great fit? What about the gaps??

Summer, in the video, Irina tells Tim that it's not that she didn't match the pattern -- she said that is the pattern.

ChelseaNH said...

"... a dove grey for the dress with the darker grey for the collar would have been pretty. I don't see why the side straps couldn't have merged into the collar."

That would've been absolutely exquisite and a refreshing change from this season's signature "cute dress." I love Shirin and was totally glad that she chose not to indulge Ebondy and design a cobalt blue satin jumpsuit with gold trim and rope belt --- EWWW, I'm grossed out for having just typed the description!

- edina -

Like a few other posters, I had completely forgotten about these last three (yawnnnnn) designs. I must have been dusting the top of the fridge or cleaning the litterbox when these paraded down the runway.

I felt like Shirin's and Nicolas's dresses both had the effect of making the models look like linebackers -- all I saw were wide shoulders.

As for Irina's look, I'm not sure that looking a wee bit demure is such a terrible thing as it might communicate maturity and professionalism. And it hugged her ass just fine, so she's got that going for her.

Is Tim Gunn doing a written critique of the top and bottom three like he used to? I want to hear what he was to say about the final products. If anyone has a link to the written blog, can you please post it here? Thanks!

Irina's model looks like she's attending afternoon tea - not exactlt meeting the challenge. Shirin's was nice, in a non-jumpsuity kind of way, and I liked Nicholas' dispite the wonky bust. In general though, not exactly exciting.

I am so looking forward to the newspaper challenge. I wonder if they'll be allowed to make papier mache. That could produce some interesting garments for a change.

Re Nicolas: "Hello, and welcome to the Peter Griffin Sideboob Hour."

DuBois ...

papier mache - I am envisioning a sculpted bodice like that blue plastic cup dress.

That would be interesting!

I loved Shirin's dress. Again.

And Irina's was OK, but that jacket! Definitely too old & prim.

I did not like Auntie Mame's dress at all. After listening to all his fussing about the tailoring, I laughed out loud as I watched it pucker & gape all the way down the runway. And yes, the grey stripes do just END. Why?

I love Shirin and Irina's style. I'm not sure I like bias cut chiffon on a model but it's ok. Nicolas is EXACTLY the kind of dressmaker I can't stand. He churns out average work day after day, yet in his mind has elevated himself to be the next YSL. I can't wait to see him sent home.

I've liked almost all of Irina's work but this was horrible. Ugly fabric that didn't match up in front, a fussy bow and jacket that didn't really work and none of it looked well made. FAIL on all fronts. Kind of amusing since she was trash talking Althea's design.

Shirin's was cute. Not much more to say except that she gets major points for steering her client away from something hideous. She and Epperson did the best job of taking the client's wacky requests and making them something wearable but still in the spirit of their request.

And speaking of wacky requests, since they're exposed to all the trends and best clothes, you would think that models would have really good taste and a good fashion sense. Apparently not.

I loved Nicholas' look on the runway and thought it should have been in the top three. The back was sexy. But I like it less in these screen caps. Still, a good effort.

I like Shirin's but Irina's and Nicolas' are bleh

Yeah, I know it's been said, but as a Fashion Major, Nicolas' dress didn't fit properly in the bust AT ALL--which is almost infuriating looking at his pride and boasting about his excellent tailoring skills, fitting her to a T and such nonsense. Despite the blah design (although props for white, it did stand out), there is no way a dress with THAT fit would be in the top 3, because to those who have commented "maybe it was supposed to fit like that", no. Look just at Nicolas' other work on the show--that's not his aesthetic. And if his goal was to remove any boob-focus, it would be sleek to her chest, not flapping in the breeze with each step to draw focus to the area.

Fitting=fail. I don't want him to go because I kind of liked seeing that "Avant Garde" lace monster come down the runway, but he needs to get over the attitude. If they're trying to have the cocky designer slot filled this season, they should have filled it with someone who has the skill to back up his bravado. I didn't look at the Bryant Park collections (I want a surprise), but I don't think he'll be making it. I just think he'll make it farther, or at least that he COULD.

Maybe it's me but it seems like they're starting out with more designers each season to stretch out the show, and it's just resulting in overload. I'm waiting for them to get down to a reasonable number so that time can actually be spent on showing us what the designers are doing. And some more interesting challenges wouldn't hurt either.

Oh my I forgot about Irina's and Shirin's. Nicolas is interesting but poorly fitted.

I liked Irina's choice of fabric. I also liked Nicolas' silhouette but like many here I couldn't stop staring at the ill-fitted top.


What is it with all the fucking satin on this show? No other fabric shows mistakes and puckering as well, and unless it's done really well it just looks cheap and hookery.

Something occurs to me. My little PR watching group were all discussing this last Thursday and I'm wondering if this is possibly what's going wrong with this season. The roomie was talking about how the lawsuit between the networks ended up screwing up some of the challenges. One example he gave was how the first challenge was supposedly for another award show but the rights to it was held by NBC and so they had to ditch it and re-shoot it with another challenge. I hope this is making sense. I'm rushing to type this because i'm getting ready for a show tomorrow and have little time to breathe, let alone play on my pc.

Anyway, he explained that once the lawsuit was settled, anything that related to NBC had to be ditched and re-shot. So here's my thinking, I'm wondering if several of those challenges we're seeing that have us so WTF about them, if these are in fact just last minute challenges to get the season complete for Lifetime. It would explain some of the god awful judging (like why something won when it clearly shouldn't have but they have to keep the auf'ing and winner from the real challenge in sync), and the lack of Nina and The Duchess.

I don't know. This is the only thing that makes sense to me but it could just be that all this is royally messed up with no actual explanation.

I hated Irina's color and fabric chocie.. that grey is not pretty. But that collar her model is wearing reminds me of a certain collection..

I liked Nicolas'.

I liked Shirin's dress - a very nice party dress that showed off the model's figure very nicely. Nicholas' dress just made me smile. Despite the fit and finish issues, it was truly an arresting look.

Ok, now I'm ready for several unconventional challenges in a row. Trash, Cirque Du Soleil costumes, men holding kitty cats, then a challenge for tall skinny women at least six feet tall. Follow that with a garment made from materials in Macy's linens department, then an Oscar gown for one of Rachel Zoe's clients. Then we need some fashionable raincoats and balloon cresses out of sailboat sail materials.

Lastly, off to a redwoods forest to pick up natural materials to make an outfit with. Long pine needles, pine cones, leaves, branches, pebbles, bark, and whatever looks interesting. The guy who gets auf'd incorporated bear doo-doo, thinking it was dead peat moss.

That oughta do it.

Jules - you're the first one to link 1) the re-done challenges eliminating all references to NBC's material, to 2) the necessity of maintaining the original the auf'ing order. Plus, you've come up with a plausible explanation for the absence of Nina and Michael for the (probable) re-shoots.

THAT would explain a LOT.


Irina used the best fabric on the runway. I think it's that jacket that doesn't work. I'd like to see the dress without the jacket.

I thought Shirin's dress was boring but I do give her credit for making that awful satin fabric look slightly less cheap than many of the other designers did.

I understand they only had $100 but why did so many of them go for that tacky satin? Not all inexpensive fabric has to look cheap.

This comment has been removed by the author.

"a shiny white satin" ha ha ha, lol...couldn't be more accurate, you girls are so bad.

The dress under the jacket for irina's looked cute
and points for doing something a little different
but it looked a little old

Shirin's was cute, well made, and interesting
love that back
but her boobs look kinda strange in the pictures

Nicolas's dress was fab
it looked perfect on her
and while the dress could have used some tweaks, it was great with her body and I loved the styling
(also, celine is kinda fab)

uuuuhhhhhh, don't remember any of these. And I HATE satin!!!

Irina: gorgeous material for the dress, but the design is very matronly look.

If Nicolas had fitted this dress better, it would've been my favorite on the runway. I think it's very classic and chic.

Nicolas: A bit Star Trek, no?
Irina: The fabric is nice.
Shirin: The color and the back are nice.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Middle of the road all of them.

I liked Irina and Shirin's dresses. They weren't going to set the world afire, but they did well.

Nicolas...the dress had potential but it sort of fell flat for me.

MouseAnony - My pleasure! Looking at it that way makes this season seem a little less insufferable. Not by much, but it gives hope that next season will end up getting back to normal.

Love the color, lovely back detailing; better than a jumpsuit, that's for sure.

I thought Pocahontas' dress was very sophisticated and sexy in a Versace kind of way.

Ebony is FIERCE! Love her!

You know, I used to complain about the drama, that I wanted to see more clothes; fuck that, this was a very boring episode, let's hope something a little more exciting happens this week.

I'd like to have seen Irina's dress without the jacket. I like the ideas of the jacket, but it just doesn't the fit the challenge and I don't like the color that much. Maybe Irina thought that "looking like a lady" would be so different that it would set her girl apart.

Shirin just phoned in her dress. I know she's capable of a lot more. It was pretty much exactly what the challenge called for, which shows that the challenge was jacked up. I think Shirin is getting bored; I wish she had done a jumpsuit. A really great one WOULD have stood out and shown off the model's assets.

I could have loved Nicolai's dress if it had fit better. I can see it working in a jersey that would have some stretch and some cling to it.

Don't you think there is a panty issue going on with Shirin's dress? What is it this year with underwear?

Ellen M said...
Don't you think there is a panty issue going on with Shirin's dress? What is it this year with underwear?

YES! I noticed that too.

I don't like any of them, kind of meh.

I like Irina's but the bow is too much. I think a belt would've been better.

I liked Nicolas' a lot more than it probably deserved - it wasn't exciting, but in the context of perfectly okay little cocktail dresses, it stood out.

Irina's was awful, in my opinion. The jacket completely obscured the model's figure - and wouldn't flatter any woman. Though this week's entries were cliche-ridden, I don't dislike many cliches as much as I do the pointless narrow ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. But that's mostly a personal prejudice.

Shirin gets bonus points for client managment.

I was just looking again at Irina's. It's really cool the way she cut the fabric to have two circular "swirls" over each hip and one centered in the back of the skirt. I just noticed that.

I dislike jumpsuits, a lot, but at least it wouldn't be a dress

I don't know if a jumpsuit would have been that bad. Tailored and proportioned perfectly, of course.

"men holding kitty cats" is exactly the show I want to see. God, that would be fantastic. Can you imagine Heidi standing there and saying "Your challenge is to design for men holding kitty cats" and then the silence, the camera panning across the room of designers with mouths agape.

I'm setting off to write my letter to Lifetime right now. Anyone want to sign a petition? It would be absolutely hilarious. MouseAnony, your comment was one of the best I have ever read on this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS: Previews for this week says we are about to hear the biggest lie in PR History. I can't get over that the biggest lie was Kevin who swore he didn't draw a mustache on Wendy Pepper's kid, so we'll see.

Stephanie on 9/16/09 at 2:41 PM said..."(TampaBay--they did Post Its on PR Canada, S2, but I wouldn't care if they redid it, esp. with orange peels)."

Stephanie, Do you "get" Canadian TV or did you watch the episodes on the PR-Canada website?


TampaBay said...

Stephanie, Do you "get" Canadian TV or did you watch the episodes on the PR-Canada website?

You can see all of Season 2 and the first two epi's of Season 1 of PR Canada on You Tube. PRCanada has a channel, just type in PRCanada to find it! :)

But I do not care for Iman. She's gorgeous, but quite the bitch and really comes off very rude to me, but seeing new challenges is great.
You can also find PR Australia and Project Catwalk (UK) on YouTube.

My Facebook "friend" Project Runway says there are "two amazing guest judges" in tonight's episode. Another week without Michael and Nina? I don't think I can bear it.

Darling Petunia said...

I don't know if a jumpsuit would have been that bad. Tailored and proportioned perfectly, of course.

No jumpsuits for me, rememeber Santino's?

Nicolas' dress is definitely my favorite out of these three.

Spoilerish answer to who the guest judges are:

Eva Longoria and Tommy Hilfiger

And that woman from last week (not Rade) (from Marie Claire)

Well, I really liked Nicolas's dress. It made Celine look absolutely stunning for the so-called job-seeking event, which was a major requirement. Some construction problems, to be sure, but it highlighted her height, angularity and Asian goddessness. I thought this would be nearer to the top.

Irina's model?

"Specifically, we're not seeing it around the bust area, where it's pulling away from the side."

Kayne's dress for Miss USA -- which WON the challenge -- had exactly the same problem only worse.

Wither the judges don't see the gaping at the side, or they forgive it on backless halter dresses.

(I think Shirin is the designer to beat this season.)


Here's another vote for the "men holding kitty cats" challenge!

(another suz)

I want to love this season. We waited so long and I'm a lifelong Angeleno. I don't know if it's the Bunim/Murray, Lifetime or my hometown to blame - but I'm not feeling it this season and it makes me sad.

Jules -- that is the best explanation of the weirdness so far I've read. It makes sense legally (well, that's an oxymoron, but you know what I mean) -- there's so much crack going on this season that only the "reenactment theory" could be at work!

Should we file a Freedom of Information Act request for the terms of the settlement?

No really, I'm not being snarky, I believe it. I'm leaving this anonymous before people think I also wear a tinfoil hat and have the Zapruder film as a screensaver. Back, and to the left.

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