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Glee S1E4: Preggers

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"I think we should close with a show circle."

Without a big number (or two) in last night's episode, the show managed to prove that it's more than just big numbers. Which isn't to say we weren't wishing for a big number, but at least there were character and story moments and frankly, there was sore need for them. We'll give up the big number - but JUST THIS ONE TIME - in order for everyone involved to get their bearings.

And at least we got "Single Ladies." Sure, Beyonce's song is pretty overplayed at this point (Kanye notwithstanding), but you have to admit, they did manage to bring something new to it by having an entire football team dance to it. As for Kurt, he got the storyline he needed. Coming out's a bit of a cliche but it was probably a necessary scene to have and it gave both Kurt and his befuddled but understanding father a nice moment. Although the real lump in your throat moment was smaller and came earlier. When Kurt came out on the field and his father said quietly "So little." The "I accept you and love you anyway" scene was almost an afterthought to that far more powerful moment.

And the show's taken the plunge straight into soap operatic melodrama with Quinn's pregnancy and its secret father. We don't mind, because as we said, the show needed to do some fleshing out, but too many of the female characters are bitches and two storylines about women lying about their pregnancies is a bit much for one show, even if they're tying the two stories together. Still, at least there's some movement on the fake pregnancy story line because it was getting real old real fast. Besides, how much can we complain when Teri gets to offer Quinn prenatal vitamins with the line "Three times a day or your baby will be ugly?"

And speaking of lines, this episode was full of memorable ones, from Sue's explanation for her pro-littering stance: so that sanitation workers "can afford tacos for their families," to her response upon seeing Sandy's doll collection: "Isn't this just lovely and normal?" From Teri's sister Kendra's over-the-top yet illuminating description of child birth: "It is bloody and bestial and you get poop all over your cowboy boots." to her incredulous "Ohmigod. Is the baby black?" But nothing beats "Hi I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker."

It'll be interesting to see if Kurt's still on the football team in future episodes. We hope so. For one, because we hate when shows disregard their continuity like that, plus it gives Kurt's character an edge that takes it slightly away from stereotyping, plusplus, with the addition of three football team members to the glee club, it's looking like the show is pretty much based on upending cliches.

And as soon as the club got the required twelve members for nationals, they were down one with the fleeing of Rachel. It's getting to be a bit repetitive. Every week another club member quits or threatens to quit. Then again, that's part of the theme of the show. This is an embattled club with a lot of strikes against it and people actively trying to shut it down, so of course it would take a while for the membership to stabilize. Rachel's quitting made sense from both a character and plot standpoint. She's clearly more talented than the rest of the club members, so it's appropriate for the writers to address that. And who doesn't doubt that Rachel will be back soon anyway? Besides, with the addition of the drama club,the show has more opportunities for big numbers. We at least got a hint of that as both Rachel and Tina got short solos.

So yes, we were hoping for a big number but instead we got some confirmation that the creators of the show have a plan and know what they're doing. We'll take it. Besides, next week it's Kristin Chenoweth and you just know that bitch is gonna bring it.


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Love it

I have GOT to Hulu this show before it gets any further without me! The audio (and the buzz) has been amazing. Your review earlier in the week (plus clips) made me all teary too.

This episode was awesome. Looking forward to their rendition of Somebody to Love next week. :)

Hell, I'll be watching by next week. I am so weak.

I'm really enjoying this show, primarily because of Jane Lynch. OMG, total girl crush! She's amazing. First she steals the show as Julia Child's sister this summer and now she's kicking ass as Sue. Where has she been all my life?

Loved Kurt's storyline last night. And I agree that the "so little" comment brought tears to my eyes. I loved the later scene with his father as well.

Because this show has more LOL moments ("The Deadliest Catch" is on)than anything else I'm aware of, and because of the great Jane Lynch, I'll keep watching. But all of a sudden it seems I'm watching a lot of tv...

My weird moment was that I kind of choked up during the last Sue Sylvester speech about cheers and booing. I thought, even thought it was in the background and had swipes at homeless people, it gave a lot of insight into her character. It was sort of preechy, but came from her character so you couldn't tell if it was serious or not, despite the fact that it could well have been the moving speech that Kurt would give.

Everyone lying about pregnancy? Meh. Mysterious babydaddies? Meh. Rachel quitting? Meh (although I was glad to finally hear other people sing - I'm tired of her all the time, which is also why I found giving Tina the solo believable... if I'M tired of her, think of how THEY feel, right?), but somehow after all those Mehs, the show is still a WIN! Football teams dancing to Single Ladies helped.

SO GLAD YOU RECAP THIS SHOW. Someday, in honor of TLo's awesomeness, I will make a football team burst out into musical number and spell out TLo on the field. Let's dream about it together, shall we?

I didn't want to like this show. But it wormed its way into my cold-dark little heart.
This show made me cheer for FOOTBALL.


Cannot WAIT for chenoweth next week. I've missed her so since 'pushing daisies' got the axe. And I haven't laughed as hard as I did during the football players dance in a looong time! <3

"But all of a sudden it seems I'm watching a lot of tv..."

Yes, it is all TLo's fault. Would we ever watch have of this stuff it TLo didn't drag us in??

Isn't it high time you boys got blamed for something? You are like a nice little dose of crack.

Jane Lynch AND Kristen Chenowith on the same show? I think my head might just explode from excitement! Can't wait!

I haven't been this delighted with a show since Buffy.

This show is giving football a new edge. I have four boys - all take ballet and tap - and all play football. And I take crap for it as a mother every week. the old 'kids can't do everything' speech. Ha! They can. And they will. My husband, a coach, is creating a 'put a ring on it' play right now for next weeks game!

The BIG number is next week with Queen's "Somebody to Love" already available on iTunes. Its awesomeness is well... awesome.

"You make this and you die a legend."
"Can I pee first?"
I jumped out of my chair!

Now, I MUST get back to doing things with my life.

I've only seen bits and pieces of each episode, but I will definitely dvr next week's Kristen Chenoweth. CANNOT MISS IT.

To "At The Blue Barn," whenever someone gives you crap for your boys taking dance lessons and playing football, just say "Lynn Swann." Enuf said.

You can Google it if you don't know what I mean.

What struck me in this episode is how many of the main characters have "non-nuclear" families: Rachel has 2 dads, Kurt has no mother, Finn has no father. Is this a theme?

So far, though, highly entertaining. Agree on Jane Lynch -- she's been in a lot of comedies ("Best in Show", "40-Year Old Virgin") -- but is getting more exposure. She is pure comedic gold: "Well, to them I say, Yes we Cane!"

I love this show so much. Kurt and his Dad's conversation was so sweet, I teared up. Beautiful job, Glee :)

Oh, the "So little" line just KILLED me. Absolutely slayed me dead and left me weeping on the floor. I loved this episode, although I certainly agree that next week needs a big production number to make up for none this week. I love Lea Michele and want more of her, always. But Jane Lynch is just SO deliciously evil. Anon 12:15, if you haven't seen her in Christopher Guest's movies, do yourself a favor and see them. She is a force of nature.

Next week, Somebody to Love and La Chenoweth? I may die of happiness.

Yes, that sweet, subtle line "So little" had me crying. But I was also rather bored/annoyed with the hidden pregnancy stuff, mainly because it messed with the tone of the show as a whole. Normally, if they dip into "serious", they then take an immediate right turn into "ridiculous". This week was a whole lotta serious. But Kurt pretty much made up for that. My favorite line? Kurt's dad, "I've known since you were three. All you wanted for Christmas was a pair of sensible heels."

I've been meaning to catch this show but have been unable to. I just watched the scene with the football players doing "Single Ladies" and OMG that was great!!

Definitely putting this on my calendar for next week so I won't miss it!!

I'm really starting to ADORE this show. And Kurt is so damn cute, and he's over 18 (in real life) so you know what that means!

No, the best line was "I know
dances are important to gay teens." No, it was "I had sex with your mother. No seriously, I cleaned the pool and had sex with your mother in your bed. Nice Star Wars Sheets, by the way." No, wait, it was "The only thing missing is a shallow grave..."

Damn, this show is funny. I'm off to iTunes to get me "Somebody to Love." My children will be SO grateful to have something to break up the constant stream of "Don't Stop Believing."

ovarB, you can catch all the episodes on

Sara said...

Yes, that sweet, subtle line "So little" had me crying. But I was also rather bored/annoyed with the hidden pregnancy stuff, mainly because it messed with the tone of the show as a whole. Normally, if they dip into "serious", they then take an immediate right turn into "ridiculous". This week was a whole lotta serious.

I don't know. I thought Terri's plan to apparently buy Quinn's baby seemed pretty ridiculous.

I think the best line was...

"I only had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I was feeling fat that day"

Yes I hope they keep Kurt on the football team too. We had a boy here where I teach who played girls field hockey on a dare, but he stuck out the whole season.

As for teenagers quitting/not committing, it is rampant. They are all ADD.

So glad (but not surprised) you love Glee too!

I love Kurt! And his dad.... parents do know, regardless of what we think... there were some teary moments....

I love that the central characters are not always the main story line, it's fleshing out nicely! Something so campy about this.... love it love it love it....

Jane Lynch has been getting a lot of work lately. She has occassionally popped up on Two and a Half Men and is 1 of their few saving graces. She certainly fits into the sensibilites of a Ryan Murphy show. I'm surprised she was never casted in Popular or Nip/Tuck. And her closing ediotrial does speak volumes and gives her character a new layer

Curt's story was sweet and I am glad they settled the matter of his obvious gayness sooner than later. Bt it was clear it would end resolve well. How could his dad not know or even assume? It's amusing that his Dad is played by a man known more for lowbrow comedies.

I loved the Football dance even though in real life they would have been penalized for taking so long to move the ball.

And yes for moms getting grief, also mention Emmett Smith won Dancing on 1 of the season of Dancing with the Stars.

I have an understandbly mixed reaction to Rachel. I think a poster on another board said it best. She is desperate to be a success. So desperate that she is unware how selfish & hurtful she actually is not only to the club but just to people in general. It's that desperation that keeps her sympathetic.

Of course right now she's too blind to the fact she is no team player contrary to what she claims. Clearly in her head Glee is about a platform where she is to be the center of attention and nobody else's ambitions matter as much. Her teacher gave a good argument for not automatically giving her every lead. Everyone has to pull their weight and get to shine and not simply be backup singers to her. What's more Tina clearly has a good voice and is worth nuturing.

Sooner or later an episode will have to occur where she's shown there are plenty of people just as talented or more so than her and she has to learn to deal with it.

As absurd as the double preggers story is, that's rather typical for a Ryan Murphy show. Anyone use to Nip/Tuck wont be the least bit phased by it.


Ok, I praised this show to extremes yesterday. But I'm not afraid to admit that after the pilot episode, I hadn't felt the same level of excitement from an episode yet that I felt with that one.

This surpassed the pilot. I love Kurt, and this episode had me dying from laughter and crying. I thought his relationship with his father was very sweet and well-addressed.

Also, the Quinn sleeping with Puck actually surprised me. I knew there was something between them, but I hadn't expected that. But yes, hopefully they end that storyline soon because "Secret Life" this isn't.

Otherwise, loved it. Favorite episode thus far. Can't wait for "Somebody to Love" and Miss Chenowith. I've had that song on my iPod for 3 days now, and I've played it way more than I should have in that time frame.

I'm feeling better about this show because I love Kurt and it was great to see some more depth get painted onto what could have been a broadly painted sissy-boy stereotype. Also, I love that his bewildered, Deadliest Catch-watching dad was shown as a sympathetic character instead of a complete ass, which could also easily have happened.

...okay, but the babyswapping subplot is weirding me out, not gonna lie. I'll be interested to see how that gets handled. And Finn's deplorable lack of how babies are made makes me wants to traverse the nation distributing condoms.

The "so little" moment was really lovely, as was our male lead football player (blanking on his name!) collapsing in tears in Will's arms when he needs to talk about his girlfriend being pregnant.

There is a lot of "meh" here (not the least of which is the ill-conceived Will-Emma attraction) in the plot lines but there is enough hilarity and music to keep me going.

Looking forward to half the school joining the glee club at some point, and of course to Kristin Chenoweth's appearance. Now all we need is Idina Menzel guesting as the long-lost older sister or egg donor of Lea Michele, and it will be perfect.

Oh my word- just watched the entire football scene and it made me laugh and cry simultaneously.



I will never be able to listen to Beyonce again without thinking of dancing football players. Classic!

"Hi I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker."

I will be sorely disappointed if that's not in the "quotes" section of next week's Entertainment Weekly.

I love that all the best lines on this show are just casually tossed off.

And BTW, "Cabaret" will yield some good production numbers in future episodes, but it's a little edgy for a high school production. Especially for the school administrations and parents out here in western Ohio.

OK, I finally had to watch this show, after seeing your post about it, and it's fun.

It actually reminds me (a little) of that movie 'Election' where Reese Witherspoon plays a demented student council candidate, but with old-style Hollywood musical elements mixed in.

I'm glad I gave it a shot, but I'm just wondering how many episodes I've missed.


Yay! You're recapping Glee! Maybe you said you were going to in your last Glee post but I somehow missed it so this is a major surprise.

Loved Kurt's storyline, too, but really, when is Tina going to get more than 3 lines an episode? And a full song? I know it will happen, they obviously have a LOT of characters to balance, but I sometimes forget about her.

After last week's Acafellas/football (well, one player) crossover, I've been waiting for the team to get in on the act. I went to USC, where dance classes were definitely encouraged for football players. They were a little awkward in class, but I remember the professor was very proud when one guy did a perfect (whatever leap we'd learned that week) to catch a touchdown pass. I hope they take the tie-in between the two groups further on the show.

Oh, and I cried during Kurt and his dad's (Mike O'Malley!!!) exchange.

I'm so excited to see Kristin Chenoweth on next week's episode. I love her. This epsiode defintitely brought drama and less music but that's okay. A balance of the two sometimes is great.

Anonymous said...

"What struck me in this episode is how many of the main characters have "non-nuclear" families: Rachel has 2 dads, Kurt has no mother, Finn has no father. Is this a theme?"

Based on my high school kids & their classmates, it's reality. While 2-opposite-sex-parents in the home is still the numerical majority, it definitely isn't an overwhelming majority. And when you deconstruct those 2-opposite-sex-parents, you find quite a lot of different scenarios by which that came about. I'm pretty sure that 2-opposite-sex-biological-parents in the home is numerically a minority situation by high school, at least in this high school.

Doug said...
I love that all the best lines on this show are just casually tossed off.

Totally agree. Thanks for the post, Tlo!!

Another of my favorite exchanges of the night:

"Dad! You're home early."

"'Deadliest Catch' is on."

I howled!

i started out not being too into this episode, and it ended up being my fave so far. all the excahnges between kurt and his dad were wonderful. and i even teared up a little for quinn at the end, looking so lost.

the teen pregnancy thing is a little much, but i love the fact that the president of the celibacy club is pregnant. it's a little obvious, of course, but still nice to see that kind of commentary. i especially loved that finn would believe that the baby was his from the hot tub incident, nice swipe at abstinence-only education....

and i'm still giggling at "yes we cane".

LOVED this episode! I thought it was much needed and even though the Beyonce song is so played out at this point, the opening scene with Kurt made me laugh out loud.

My favorite quote was after Kurt's sucessful "audition" for kicker when the coach said "Can you do that, with the game on the line and 10 gorillas bearing down on you wanting nothing more than to taste your sweet virgin blood?" And Kurt responded "Sounds fun". Love love love Kurt and thought Mike O'Malley as his dad was terrific as well.

You forgot, "jock chic"

GLEE makes me so, so, so happy. Four episodes in, and it's already tied for first place in my heart with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's social commentary and metaphor with witty one-liners and BIG MUSICAL NUMBERS. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE....

Um not to appear ungrateful but where is Models, I'll grant you not a lot happens BUT Vanessa did get messed with and and that made me:)

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. Little Kurt being the hero on the football field and his Dad supporting him might be somewhat fanciful but it makes you wish that real life would go like this.

Side point on Single Ladies. There's a soon to be viral video surfacing of a little baby in diapers imitating Beyonce's SL video. The baby even tries to get the ring move down. It's a whole lot of happy and an impressive display of the natural rythmm of an infant.

"Caning Works"

I love this show.
We watched some of Popular this summer (from Netflix) and while it was not as good as Nip/Tuck or Glee, there were some drops of comedic brilliance in the lines given to the character Mary Cherry (and her mother Cherry Cherry), so funny.

(all we can do is hope that FOX will give this time to develop a audience and not cancel it like it has a habit of doing with odd cough*Firefly*cough, but seriously good tv shows.)

Thanks to you guys, we watched Glee for the first time last night.

And we recognized the guy who play's Kurt's dad as a former "My Name is Earl" cast member ... who portrayed a sweet gay police officer. Interesting to see him now as the straight dad to a gay teen!

My favorite part of the whole episode was "Two words: Liza Minelli Celine Dion" and then cut to a sign up sheet "Please com prepared to sing a Celine Dion song of your choice."

I was LingOL so hard.

TLo: Just FYI, but Kristin's last name is spelled CHENOWETH, not Chenowith.

I do not see how the Terri/Quinn baby swap is supposed to work. Terri is claiming to be 4 months pregnant, and Quinn can't be more than a month, so how will she account for that discrepancy? Will isn't THAT clueless. That whole plot line strains credibility in a big way, and is tiresome.

Every single girl on this show is a bitch, and that gets old too.

Did anyone else notice that Kurt's blonde "Single Ladies" partner (Did they mention her name?) was the blonde girl who auditioned for Glee with Quinn? What's with that? Did she and Kurt become bestest best friends that quickly? Since she and the other non-Quinn Cheerio who auditioned high-fived when Sue mentioned destroying Glee, I doubt it. Or is this just a careless use of the same extras? (I hope not: that girl is adorable.)

Aside from that little incident, I loved this episode. I agree that it needed more whole songs, and I am especially excited for more from Tina. Rachel's arrogance is getting to be boring, and Terri's ill-conceived (punny!) plan to take Quinn's baby is ridiculous. Quinn isn't stupid and neither is Will. Will's being a father (and how far along his child is) would be fairly common knowledge, especially in Glee. So between Quinn and Will, how are these two not going to realize how monumentally dumb Terri's plan is?

It's also a satire, of course they'd have such horribly cheesy moments like John Cusack car crying. Of course that gives them leniency whenever they're lame, but oh well.

gotham, i belive this is only the episode #3.

I was surprised to see the Quinnion messing around with Kurt in his basement too. But it looks like all three Cheerios, including Quinn, are still in Glee, even after Sue declared the mission a failure (oh god, Richard O'Brien, get out of my head for ONE SECOND OF MY LIFE). I think the plot has assumed that they actually began having fun and are now seriously in it.

Elaine said...
No, the best line was "I know
dances are important to gay teens." No, it was "I had sex with your mother. No seriously, I cleaned the pool and had sex with your mother in your bed. Nice Star Wars Sheets, by the way." No, wait, it was "The only thing missing is a shallow grave..."

No, it was "Your wife is going to be pushing a watermelon out of her Boy Howdy in five months...."

Stacy, I think you're right. And as I'm rewatching the episode right now (they put it up on Hulu), they say her name is Brit. And might I compliment you on the coining of "Quinnion?" Brilliant.

best line of the series so far was last episode: "'who is josh groban?!?!' kill yourself!"

and as cheesy as it was, the football dance number really was just freaking adorable. loved it XD

I liked it, not loved it, but I liked it plenty enough.

The football "audition" was hilarious.

And I was completely okay with no musical number. The characters are quirky and Jane Lynch dominates every scene that she's in, so I'm good.

Consider me a regular.

Thank you so much for blogging Glee!
It so qualifies for the TLo treatment. Your recaps are fabulous!

I am hoping that Kristin brings it like LaNina-- I ma sure that she will. Maybe she will take Jane down with her.

I would never have watched this show if it hadn't been for TLo. Now I've spent my afternoon off watching the episodes on Hulu and I'm hooked, you sneaky bitches! You evil geniuses!

Dammit! And bless you.

Did anyone else get the "inside joke" of Jesylyn Gilig's character being asked by her friend if the baby was black? On Nip/Tuck, her character, Gina, lied to Christian about him being the father and when the baby was born, he was half african-american.

The opening made me so happy and I wasn't ready for the song to be over when Kurt's dad came in - then of course they blew my mind with football team dancing to Single Ladies at the end! I have been waiting for this show my whole life and I am SOOOOOO happy. :)

Stanley Toblowski as Sandy: "I live in a cocoon of horror!"

My favorite exchange of the night was after Kurt makes the kick in "auditions" *snerk*, and the coach asks him if he "can do that, but with 10 linemen rushing at you, thirsting for your virgin blood?"

"Sounds like fun!"



The football team single ladies dance was so awesome that I almost peed my pants (even with all the foreshadowing, it totally loved up to it).

I really laughed hard at this show, even though there are storylines that I think are lame (see: pregant, cheerleader). But Jane Lynch was on fire this week!!!

I am SOOOO looking forward to their version of Somebody to Love, perhaps my favorite song of all time.

Thanks TLo! Love the show but hating the two pregnancies storyline. Hope it ends soon.

Also, no comment on Kurt's unitard? :D

phabulous!!! love every minute.

Jane Lynch is amazing!!!
~ robertryan

I thought the best part of the football Beyonce number was that it's a certain wink to the camera, letting skeptical viewers in on the joke that the show isn't supposed to be taken seriously.

Because TLo was right, a lot of the naysayers complain about the "reality" of the show. So to see them embrace it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was nice. It pretty much drew a line in the sand, and on the Hulu website, the reaction was very mixed with people either absolutely loving it or hating it.

This will be the episode that locks viewers in or sees them leave. But I think that if they have decent numbers after next week's show, we'll find out if it's going to renewed or cancelled.

I love comedy. I've seen all of this season's new comedies, and this wins hands down for me. It's better to me than the universally acclaimed "The Modern Family," which is still pretty good, but which tries way too hard (not to mention it getting props for being a Christopher Guest-style "mockumentary," which is BS because the show is scripted.)

I'd rather a show step out of the box and take a risk. Glee does that and I hope they get to stay on air a long time.

Boys, thanks for noticing that every single female on the show is really sort of horrible, from the cheerleaders, to Sue (whom I love) to the wife, to the sister-in-law, to Rachel, etc., while there are several lovable dudes.

Hope the show finds it's groove!

@12:53 Jane Lynch WAS in Popular! She was in "I Know What You Did Last Spring Break" (which features some of the best Mary Cherry ever. Seriously, she's fucking brilliant.) as a very angry travel agent.

I just adore this show.

Already, this clearly is an amazing ensemble cast.

The whole football team dancing to Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It"? Priceless. I just dissolved in a fit of giggles and had tears streaming down my face.

One hundred and forty six thumbs up!

Anonymous said...
@12:53 Jane Lynch WAS in Popular! She was in "I Know What You Did Last Spring Break" (which features some of the best Mary Cherry ever. Seriously, she's fucking brilliant.) as a very angry travel agent.

9/25/09 12:37 AM

Jane Lynch also was Dominique Blatt, the hilariously wicked stepmother in "Another Cinderella," starring Selina Gomez.

I'd say she ranks right up there with Christine Baranski for being able to steal every scene she's in.

So I'm confused, do you guys like it or not? I'm all for being critical, but do you have to tear it apart just to put it back together at the end and somehow make us believe you really loved it? You sound like Matar during the model challenge on PR. Bold but not so bold, sexy but demure, hot but cool. Just give us a real review on it and stop dissecting it so much, frankly you sucked out the joy of the show by pointing out that it's campy and over the top. BOO for your review.

I almost choked when she asked her if the baby was BLACK. Pure Hilarity.

Great recap and I am so glad you are following Glee. It's my guilty pleasure....shhh!

Victor H. said...

So I'm confused, do you guys like it or not? I'm all for being critical, but do you have to tear it apart just to put it back together at the end and somehow make us believe you really loved it? You sound like Matar during the model challenge on PR. Bold but not so bold, sexy but demure, hot but cool. Just give us a real review on it and stop dissecting it so much, frankly you sucked out the joy of the show by pointing out that it's campy and over the top. BOO for your review.

It's like you commented on an entirely imaginary post.

Love the show. They had me from the moment I saw the "loser" fingers "L" in the ads.

Love the singing and production numbers (even if they are sometimes too recorded and prodcued). Love, love to see so many Broadway people getting nice paychecks. Love, love, LOVE Jane Lynch. She just destroys me.

Glad to see Kurt flesshed out. Looking forward to Jenna, Artie & Mercedes getting more development.

There have been 3 or 4 lines from each episode that I began quoting immediately.

The whole thing makes me excited and happy in a completely ridiculous way. Haven't been this giddy about a TV show since high school.

Why is everyone forgetting the "I'm living in a cocoon of horror!" line??

I love Glee. I have been reading here for a couple of years and this is my first post. Usually I take so long reading everything that I dont have time to post. I love you guys... you make my day... everyday

On second thought, maybe I just need to keep a running spreadsheet of Lines of Awesomeness. Because picking one best, even per episode, is too Sophie's Choice for me to handle.

Maybe I've just been lucky, but most of my gay friends (and we're all about 40, now,) have had similar coming out experiences to Kurt...HE thought it would be drama. HE was afraid to tell, afraid of the shock and the horror....

Everyone else was just taking it as a foregone conclusion, and, frankly, didn't care. (Enough drama in their own lives, don't you know...)

I'm sure it's not the norm in other parts of the country, but in the Evil Northeast Coast "Sarah Palin's Fake America," Kurt's dad was not a "refreshing change," but actually pretty typical, at least in my experience.

"So Little"
I barely caught that line until you pointed it out. A loud parental wish despite it's quiet voice. This is why you are the queens of recap, you hold our hands and guide us down the path of social commentary and layered subtleties. love.

All females being bitchy or crazy or both. . . Emma is not a bitch and because of her condition is allowed to be the one sane femail voice in the show. Tina is not a bitch, but has yet to have a speaking part. So, yes, thin on positive female characters, but not on pure hilarity.

"No the best line is . . ." Every commenter who listed the best line was right. I kept agreeing with all of them!

Let's hope it get's picked up for the full season!

JANE LYNCH FOR THE EMMY WIN NEXT YEAR!!! Love her and her character.

This epi took something a bit tired and made it pretty new. Loved it.

This by far was my favorite episode of any tv series ever! And that's including the Taxi episode where it is revealed why Jim was the way he was. (I know, I'm revealing my age). I love Kurt - he is so him without worrying what other people think. I wish I had had half his balls when I was in high school (and I'm female). Go Kurt!!!!!

I realize I'm in the complete minority here, but I *hated* the part with the football players dancing on the field. Utterly cringe-worthy - I had to ffwd through it. I stopped in time to watch Kurt kick the ball, which was great.

I mean, not that it's going to keep me from watching the show, but I definitely wasn't a fan of the dancing.

As for all the women being bitches or unlikeable...yeah, pretty much. I like Rachel but hate how she's such a diva and can't let anyone else have even a moment in the spotlight. I like Mercedes and Tina, but then they seem to hardly ever speak or have much of a role. The wife? Ugh. Emma? The OCD stuff drives me nuts - I find it unwatchable (it's why I can't tolerate Monk). Jane Lynch's character is over the top ridiculous but at least she's entertaining to watch.

You would think after spending my entire week with bitchy hormonal teenage performers the last thing I would want to do would be to then come home and watch them on TV...but I am addicted.
I just wish the "kids" were truly of high school age.

I adore this show, but Rachel looks & sounds so much like Idina Menzel that if they don't at least slip in a WICKED reference I'll be disappointed.

The show won me back this week!

WOW!!! I just caught up on all the back episodes on Hulu and I'm totally addicted. So many great characters, yet quirky and campy, funny, sad...Sigh I'm in heaven. Love some of the rapid fire commentary they all deliver at one time or another. If Jane Lynch doesn't win an Emmy for this... Thanks, boys! Truly awesome show!

Sorry everyone. Loved the show but 3 words for the Football team doing Beyonce...Jumped The Shark!

One note, guys. Sue is even funnier than you give her credit for. The actual line is "tacos for their [pause] family."

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