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Giorgio Armani Spring 2010

It's gorgeo! This fulfills our pun quota for the week. misses the point:

"The show started off predictably enough with a jacket: a sharp, narrowly cut red, blue, and white houndstooth number, worn over a deep plunge-front top, loose-fitting pants cropped above the ankles, and flat sandals. Lots more jackets followed, some with origami-like pinches and folds at the upper arm (a subtle way to do the bold shoulder). Others were woven together from delicate ribbon, and still more glinted with allover crystal embroidery. They were worn with that casual (not-quite-a-) sweatpant or baggy pleat-front skorts.

It was mostly after-dark where the color came in. In tune with the season, Armani kept everything above the knee, adding panels of multicolor sequins to the bodices of fuchsia and royal blue taffeta numbers and beading every square centimeter of others. That should please the party set tremendously. They'll simply trade in the flat sandals the models wore on the runway for spiked heels. "

We almost want to skip discussing this collection just to focus in on that last sentence. In an age where designers seem to be heading towards the inevitability of models walking the runway on stilts, Giorgio (we're on a first-name basis in our heads) had the balls to have all his models walk in flats. In flats, darlings! That's practically revolutionary! Bravo, Signore. And it worked quite well for the collection, which has an easy, breezy chicness to it. We don't love every piece (way too many Wilmas), but we do love the color story. And come on, He's Giorgio frigging Armani, for Christ's sake. Like we're going to say he's doing it wrong?

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage - Videos: YouTube/ErichBen]

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Flats, FTW!

I'm a little overwhelmed by the Wilmas, but otherwise, it is indeed gorgeo...

Damnit, some of those look like the newspaper challenge!

But that blue, black, criss-cross number...*drool*

Take #28, take away the belt, and add a blue cardigan.

There goes a perfect ShelleyO outfit.

Hope she's reading this.

Some very cute looks, but some of them are just a little too precious for me.

Oh, I mostly hate these clothes, though there are some things about some of them that are really interesting.

I love that you focus on the flats. When you think about it, Audrey Hepburn in a LBD and flats - it doesn't get more chic than that. For that alone, "Gorgeo" gets points.

Not loving this collection. Perhaps it would help if the models didn't look like walking corpses thanks to the photography? They are beautiful girls but there is no way their skin is that... cyan and I'm sure that poor color cast is affecting my appreciation for the line.

Really like the last two, but not crazy about the CD belts.

the fourth one down on the right is something i would wear in a heartbeat. i also LOVE that strapless sheath with the criss-crossing blue/black/green (16th down on the right?). hate the belt though.

but sweet mother of monkeys, that dress is dangerously low...wonder if there was a nip-slip before she made her way back up the runway.

Yes, it's all a bit as if Wilma lived on Knots Landing, but there are some stunners here. And LOVE the flats - those bitches are already sufficiently tall und skinny; it humanizes them a bit and adds a freshness to the collection.

Oh, love the houndstooth jacket that opened the 1st runway video.
Will cheer the day when the Wilma is officially retired back to the Flintstones (and how brilliant was TLo in naming it that).
About flats: I'm an old kitten (oxymoron), with bad and painful feet from fashionable but poorly designed stilettos for years, so I'm cheering the flats.

Interesting prints, and I do love the belts.

Love his remake of the black and white tuxedo. Very chic.

Don't love the checkerboard dresses.

We'll be seeing a lot of these on various red carpets, for sure.

Such pretty colors. I very much like the baggy lightweight trousers with a structured, body hugging little jacket.

I like the pleating, folding and "match Tab A with Tab B" construction, though it seemed wasted on "pretty little nothing" outfits when a stunning show stopper was needed. Many of the jackets were a little too little for my personal tastes.

And I had NO IDEA that fashion designers knew there were such a thing as flats.

1st look on the right -

The model looks like she's not-so-subtly adjusting a wedgie.

Wow, the one you showcased at the top...the very last outfit...LOVE that one.

This is probably my favorite collection you've posted recently. It's certainly wearable. The pant suits make my heart skip a beat . . . so chic and effortless yet still interesting. These are the kind of clothes I would spend thousands of dollars on, if I could.

The cocktail dresses are hit and miss. Some look very fun and young and vibrant. Some strike me as a bit too tweeny. Something about bright pink poufy skirts just doesn't feel sophisticated to me.

The real clunkers for me are #17 and 18. Those poufy skirts look sad and the tops look so poorly constructed. They look like the first challenge entry of a PR contestant who starts in the bottom and works her way up to Bryant Park.

I like most of it, but I have to say that as I looked through the collection I could help but feel cold. I know there's a recession on and everything, but couldn't they have sprung for just a little bit more fabric?

Why do so many of the models have their hands in the sides of their underwear???

Wow, refreshingly not strident colors!

I want that lovely blue to be everywhere soon; that, the shape of the fitted jackets, and the sort of ogee neckline. I love the dreamlike prints. The blue print especially reminds me of Japanese vases on the mantels of Whistler paintings.

Flats are street fashion already; I just wish some designer would decide to play around with 1915 vintage heel heights and vamp shapes and stop leaving the vast lot of us to boring plain-old-Naturalizer-or-equivalent-pumps for evening. There are ways for two and a half inch heels to be amazing, but nobody's caring right now.

The Wilma (thank you, you geniuses, for that necessary term), the puffed sleeves, and the unwearably short hems can go away any time now.

Too many Wilmas but there are some beautiful pieces there. I just wonder how many women can wear those plunging necklines.

Flats - YAY!!!!!! God, I'm so tired of trying to negotiate cobblestones and subway grates in stilettos. And don't even get me going on platforms. I just wish they would go away.

I love Armani.

These are super-cute, but a lot of the models look like they're sick. It's distracting.


What's with the Donald Trump hair?? :)

I agree, the color story is fabulous!, pfft. Look, I've said before that I'm totally down to wear shoes that are absolute torture, but flats are gorgeous!! I don't wear heels for height, I wear them for style, so flats have an equal place in my heart.

Karen in Ohio

That plaid sheath dress looks as though it could slip and fall any minute, releasing the girls to the wilds.

Yes, I've mixed enough metaphors in one sentence.

Those pants are superamazingfabulouswonderful! Otherwise, a totally unremarkable collection that has been seen and done before. I mean, Armani does it THE BEST but, just eh, I think.

love the more structured jackets/suits and love the flats!

It looks sort of chip in a chip way.

But I do like the houndstooth & the blue & the flat shoes.

This being fashion (and its cycles) -- I expected to see more flats for next season. I was disappointed when there weren't. How about some interesting shoes between flat & towering? That's what I'd like.

I'm also sick to death of the mini.

Ooh, the 80's version of pirate outfits!

Fortunately, the origami bodices relieve some of the blousiness.

I'm also sick to death of the mini, and I do not like this collection at all - it's far too evocative of the '80s, right down to the styling.

Reminds me of the better dress shops in the mall when I was a teen in the '80s, the shoulders may be muted, but that's about it.

Give the models each a pile of black rubber bangle bracelets & an extra coating of eyeshadow and they could look like MTV poster girls.

Flats? Flats?

No one will wear them. They don't cause pain!

I'm not a big fan of the Wilmas and the bubble skirts, but the colors are lovely, and nobody does women's suiting like Giorgio.

Don't care so much for the clothes, though there's a greyish jacket near the top I like, but I'm excited about someone using flats. I can't wear heels (bad knees, bad ankle, pain is not fashionable) and wedges are only marginally doable for the same reason, so pretty much all I own are flats. It'd be nice if for once they were fashionable. :)

Love the blue. Love the pink and black. Not crazy about some of the silhouettes. Love the purses. Love the flats.

I can forgive the Wilmas because there are no open toed boots! Let's rejoice!

It's also nice to see some of the colors and the party dresses of the 1980s brought up to date by someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

I wear ballerina flats 90% of the time, so all I can say is WOOHOO! Maybe this collection will inspire the designers who make the chip flats that I buy. I also really like the skirts and dresses in this collection. Bring on the twee!

Just taking a second look. Is he known for using the thinnest models on his runway, or is all the "Paris Hilton pink" making these models look abnormally haggard?

Trouser suits w/jackets -- LOVE.

The rest, meh.

I don't find the clothes attractive, but thank god for the flats. I was wondering if every designer hates women.

Wow. I absolutely LOVE this!! I don't mind a Wilma if it's a good Wilma, which most of these were, but DAMN. He was just beating us over the head with them and that was a turnoff for me.

I love the colors. I love the attitude. I love the flats. I LOVED it.

I... I... I don't know.

I, too love the flats and the blue. The luxurious fabrics with the relaxed flat is oh-so-chic.

But a good deal of this stuff looks more Forever 21 than Armani. Honestly, the cut of some of these is making them look a little cheap, and WE KNOW this stuff is not made of anything even remotely inexpensive.

The fits are weird, too. I know Christina and Karen already touched on this but Sister in 34/35 looks like she is one bounce away from Mardi Gras. I mean, we all know Giorgio can fit a pair of ta-ta's. Did he go on vacation?

The makeup made all the models look like they haven't slept for days and/or have been beaten up. It's quite alarming, really.

Skorts? Yikes.

The suits are fabulous. Otherwise...I'm not sure about this.

I appreciate the flats, but they're just as uncomfortable as really high heels if you walk in them for too long.

Just pointing out, Armani wasn't the only designer to send models down the runway in flats this season (ex: Anna Sui)

The models look like they don't even know how to walk in flats! So much of the signature "model walk" is based on how a woman naturally walks in a pair of high heels, with the whole foot at once instead of with the heel first. You take that away and they pretty much look exactly like normal women, walking down the street.

Which I guess is pretty noble in concept, although for me it takes away from the wow-factor of the clothes. It's not quite as showy, which also makes it a little boring.

All I can think is "80s."

And we don't need more 80s revival stuff.

That fashion decade needs to go away forever.

Not feeling the love

Love, love, love this collection. What a wonderful combination of color, craftsmanship, and startling designs.

Want want want!!!

I love this collection and would probably wear virtually everything...minus the belts, they're a little big for someone of my height.

Some of these outfits made me think of Flash Gordon.

I love seeing shoes that I might actually wear for a change...

So is everyone who loves this collection under the age of 25?

Amanda in Austin said...

All I can think is "80s."
And we don't need more 80s revival stuff.
That fashion decade needs to go away forever.

Honey, this is nothing. I went to Walmart today to pick up meds in am greeted upon walking in with a sleeveless Union-Jack t-shirt next to purple leopard spandex capri's in the junior miss section!!!! Now they are all supposed to dress like a roadie from a Def Leppard tour? I think that was the uniform of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse!

Kimberly said...

So is everyone who loves this collection under the age of 25?

Nope. I'm 36. Although I can say that I wouldn't personally wear a lot of this, but that might be more about my size then age. But I don't have to be able to wear it to like it.

Wow, the 80s really are back, huh? I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful. -victoria

No complaints. I like it all!

Is that Jaslene from ANTM 10th row down or so?

Now they are all supposed to dress like a roadie from a Def Leppard tour?

yes, unfortunately. it's not just wal-mart. there is a store called forever 21 out here in socal (not sure how far they go) and while i can find a fair amount of cute, somewhat disposable clothes, there is an appalling amount of hair-band slut wear exactly like you described. *shudder*

"yes, unfortunately. it's not just wal-mart. there is a store called forever 21 out here in socal (not sure how far they go) and while i can find a fair amount of cute, somewhat disposable clothes, there is an appalling amount of hair-band slut wear exactly like you described. *shudder"

lol Christina this post made me chuckle. Forever 21 is HUGE, it seems to be overtaking H&M in N. America. I chuckle, but I know Im well out of the loop on so many things so don't take it the wrong way :) We just got one in Montréal and the opening lead to total carnage and caution tape! 10 days later and its finally safe to venture in. The line ups are only 30 minutes long now.

As for the total reincarnation of the 80s, im 25 and all I can say is I don't want to dress exactly like my mother did!! Can't wait for it to go, or evolve, something better than what is going on now.

Did it seem like the models were all sporting a Rhianna inspired hair do???

I love, love, love this collection, but a few quibbles:

Hate the first three pink dresses.

What's with the Homer Simpson pants on #14?

Not really feeling #37 either (the one with the hot pink checkers). Shades of Suede.

Bless his heart for the flats. In a couple more seasons, my Birks will be High Fashion. The collection is clearly not aimed at my non-fabulous, 42 year old ass, so I'll just move along...

Clueless Jock

I miss his neutral palette. And the heels.

Doesn't look like Giorgio at all.

the most brilliant collection of 80s crap i've ever seen.....

A couple of the pieces (esp. the "Gorgeo" one that you spotlighted) reminded me of William Ivey Long's Chrysler Building dress for Roger Debris in the Broadway musical The Producers.

Ok - I've just discovered you and I'm SO HAPPY! GREAT blog.

What I see here is: shoulder pads are back? Flats? (yay!) Baggier pants - yay even more, as long as you don't already have too much baggy W/O the pants! LOL

Jewel colors and interesting blacks/sepia/not-really-grays. Jackets short and long. Love the materials in the pantsuits. Love pantsuits.

Interesting how - no matter how updated - fashions during recession/depression are very similar; and fashions during high prosperity look similar over the decades.

Totally appreciate this site! I was up way past my bedtime last night reading it. FABULOUS!

Oh - and if any of you ladies are Tim Gunn wannabes, I could use a Tim Gunn out here in the wild west of Feenix. Miss my ladies from my old home town who used to dress me and make me beautiful!

I love those architectural ones, particularly the one you made the teaser pic. That's saying a lot, because I usually run the other direction when confronted with the sparkly.

LOVE THE FLATS! They are so cute. You have to have good legs to wear flats though and I was not blessed with them.

Hate the Wilma's and the gingham

UNDERWHELMING! The collection is just not working. Some of those pieces would have definitely been good enough reason for a PR contestant elimination.

Sometimes a Big Desinger name just can't save you.


i'm not dorothy gale

Love it, from the ankles down.

Boring. Very done. But pretty.

EXCEPT for the checker board pieces, cute, fun, and flirty!

Aight Shelley,

Your man just got at least 1.4mil for the Nobel (YAY!)

Take a little of that change, get either look #28 OR #36, LOSE THE BELTS and KNOCK THOSE JUDGE'S SOCKS OFF!

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