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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010

It's a granny pantie extravaganza! sez:

"There was a South American angle this time—silk fringing on black lace dresses and spiffy suitings that might suggest the denizens of a tango bar. Really, though, the classic extremes of masculine and feminine illustrated here go back to Domenico Dolce's Sicilian childhood and all the things he saw and learned in a household that centered on his father's business as a tailor. Part of his culture is a Catholic, Southern Italian adoration of the female form—and he and Gabbana gave that full vent when they replaced their traditional finale of overblown ball gowns with a runway thronged with girls in corsets."

We get what they're saying about the South American aspect, especially in the suits, but really, almost all of this looks like pure Sicily to us. In fact, so Italian is the vibe from this collection that we're half wondering if this is about jumping on the bandwagon for the upcoming Nine movie. D&G wouldn't be where they are without their ability to keep their fingers up to the zeitgeist. There are a lot of truly interesting looks here but it all works mainly as a statement than as a collection of wearable clothes. Which isn't to say these looks aren't wearable. Quite a few of the pieces would work well with a little translating and an eye for pairing. We especially like the lace trench coat.

We still can't get a hundred percent behind the red leopard skin, though. Or the granny panties.

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage - Video: YouTube/ErichBen]

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loOh, my. How painfully drawn and thin are those models? Lovely clothes (except for those granny panties) but EAT!

I get what you guys mean when you mention "Nine" but honestly it could be any vampy Broadway musical. If they remade Cabaret, or if Chicago was just coming out, all this stuff would fit right in.

Nice, though, but I'm tired of underwear as outerwear. No more bra straps that show, please.

Is all of this supposed to be outerware? A number of looks resemble lingerie - corsets and such. Granny panties under fishnet and tulle? This just gives certain young starlets license to walk around with exposed underwear and call it high fashion. I am totally fed up with this nonsense.

I love most of it. Especially the black and white lace, although I would wear with nude or self colored lining.
The only bomb is the denim with black lace applique. It looks cheap.

D & G is never my cup of tea, but there were some...

No, I can't even pretend.

I hate it all.

Oh, my! Looks like someone raided Granny's house for the tea cozies, lamp shades, and antimacassars.

If you told me most of this stuff was designed by Louise, I'd believe it.

Why, hello, '80s. How Madonna you're looking today.

-- Anun

The denim stuff is just awful! I'm not crazy about any of this.

The granny panties are dumb, and that lace/denim skirt suit is no with a side of hideous, but there is some nice stuff here. Like the sheer overlay on the shoes, though I don't know how well that would translate to real life.

Ew on the Denim. Also, I actually don't think these models look scarily "drawn and thin" at all. I'm no size 0, but if you look at their legs, most of them actually just look slim and in shape.

loved the lace numbers, but...

denim AND lace, and in the same garnment? Really? REALLY?
how Ricky of them...

I don't ever see the granny panties catching on, except maybe with Lady Gaga. As soon as some starlet is photographed in them, the world will be mocking her as a fashion victim. *sigh* I thought the underwear-as-outerwear trend ended with the 80s.
I do think that there are several pieces that will make the transition to actual, wearable clothing, but, as with most runway garments, it will take a bit of tweaking.

I kind of love the florals.

The denim made me convulse.

OMG! Give me those shoes- all of them!!!

Love the pinstripe suit, it had beautiful lines. And I just have to say that these might be the most attractive and wearable shoes I have seen in these collections.

the embellished denim made me throw up in my mouth a little. big, fat NO.

there are some nice looks in there (especially that first suit), save for the granny panties and some of that ginormous fishnet business.

someone feed those models a sandwich, for the love of all that is fashionable!

oh, god, the DENIM. why???

Bleck. Reminds me of Santino's hideous "Heidi" "lingerie".

I'm already tired of transparent skirts. And have been over the open toed boots since about the second time they were featured in a runway show.
Love the suits though, and some of the first dresses. The pattern mixing is also interesting.

Is that Lauren Utter from Cycle 10 of ANTM? She was a very good model, but couldn't walk. I wonder it is her.

I'm going to have to disagree about the Sicilian thing, and fall on the side of Argentinian. That stuff is like PURE ARGENTINA - and I love it. I think the vibes are very similar, and granted a lot of Italians went there (like the part of my Sicilian family that went there instead of to NYC in the 20's haha) but there's something more dark, smoky, and tragic about Argentina. That vibe is spot on here.

Despite the fact that these are ostensibly the clothes of (some of) my people... I... dunno. I think I like some of it, and then I find some of it mystifying. I don't know. I'm just confused.

Granny panties my ass. These things look like rubber pants/diaper covers you put over cloth diapers.



Prints, meh. Lots of the ensembles certainly emphasize the breadth of the hips - this IS Italian-esque, it reminds me of the va-va-va-voom, - no nonsense about wanting to be skinny - look I associate with busty starlets of a Certain Era. Or, more accurately, with the slightly more pillowy version of that look achieved by young-ish Italian-American matrons of my mother's generation.

Rillion, Louise was just ahead of her time.

South American?? Where do people come up with this bullcrap? Excuse the language bitches but WHAT?? Do these people even TRAVEL to South America?? Because I uh, live here (Venezuela shouts out to ya!) and honestly? I see no South American here. Unless you're telling me this was when Spain colonized South America and there were Spaniards walking around dressed as so... this is so much more Spain than South America... ok... done ranting now.

Meh. I don't like it very much. Except for that purse on the left.

Velkoria said...
South American??

Cambrita said...
I'm going to have to disagree about the Sicilian thing, and fall on the side of Argentinian. That stuff is like PURE ARGENTINA

I love it when the commenters agree!

I have to say that the only thing remotely Italian about these looks is that one Madonna Louise Ciccone is already putting in her order for one of these and two of those.

Me, I want the white crochet suit.

Speakin of Italy - hope you'll comment on the Milan shows. I'm very drawn to what Missoni has done!

Velkoria, I slightly agree, but only insofar as saying that the clothes are not from Venezuela, or Colombia, for that matter, where my family is from. HOWEVER, one can clearly see the Argentine tango influences on the clothing; the problem is that these influences were called South American (which is a broad generalization of the varied cultures and regional styles on the continent) - it's like taking Mexican clothing and saying, "There's a North American angle here." Sure there is, but it's a statement that doesn't really mean anything, and is rather belittling to the people of the individual countries as it is (The tango is VERY Argentinian, it's pretty much nowhere else in South America, and it's not like Flamenco despite some extremely slight similarities of tone and garb).

That said, I LOVE these suits, minus the jodhpurs. I'd take any of those blazers, either pair with skinny black pants or billowy trouser pants and feel FABULOUS. There are a few other things I like - the lace trench TLo mentioned, some of the floral pieces, and a good deal of the lace - but a lot of it felt a little too harlequin romance cover for a book set in Sicily or Buenos Aires.

That denim is nasty. Ick.

suzq said...
Velkoria said...
South American??

Cambrita said...
I'm going to have to disagree about the Sicilian thing, and fall on the side of Argentinian. That stuff is like PURE ARGENTINA

I love it when the commenters agree!

They agree? To me it sounds like they disagree fundamentally. Or was that sarcasm?

Madame Suggia

To channel La's not aesthetically pleasing. To channel me...bunch of arse. Underwear as outerwear, Sicilian widow, short tight and slutty, blah blah blah.

I adore it. I definitely see Chanel meets Argentina (I'll bet Mark Sanford sees it). It screams Argentina to me.

I think it needs more lace...

Yawn. Wake me up when the show is over.

Oh, Lord, can we please make the granny panties and bloomers disappear? Granny panties are unflattering on these runway models, let alone women with more flesh on their bones.

My dark, smoky, tragic Argentian granny who now lives in Sicily will squee with delight when she opens her gift from me this Christmas!

Can you rip off gothic fashion any more..though even a gothic lady never shows a bra strap with a lace top, and shouldn't that be a corset anyway?

Love the red animal print!!

Sigh. When are we going to get over this "underwear as clothes" phase?

And fringed lampshades are not clothes either.

I do like the fabric on the prints, though.

Granny panties, indeed!
I don't have time to read through all of the comments so I don't know if this has been brought up already but-
If the outfits in this line can make a MODEL's hips look huge (I never understood why some designers do this purposely), what in the world would that do to an average female?
A lot of this stuff is lovely, though.

THe best thing about this collection is the red lepord print! And i liked the floral pattern too. The white lace was just awful though =(

Pleated jodphur-silhouette pants? Really? Time to invest in darker sunglasses.

Holy knocking kneeknobs!!! Some one has looted my grannies clothes line.

All awful.

That red leopard print is UNF-worthy. Yes please!


Any of the denim pieces
The leopard print
Most of the white lace


Some of the white lace
ALL of the black lace
and yes... the granny panties. Not as outerwear, but as.... loungewear?

Oh... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chinoiserie.


this is some ugly shit.

Most I like, some I hate, very interesting collection. I will at least say this, its the most interesting (at least to my eyes) predominantly black and white collection I've seen this season.


Looks like D&G bought out Tablecloths Central.

I love the red leopard print, but I do have a bit of a tacky streak in me.


I agree with the NY Times....they just phoned this one in...

Imagine Kim Z. in these get ups......

I keep thinking (about these collections) and that the models left half their outfits in the dressing room. Fugly.

There have been times, in the past three seasons, when I see couture inspired by a street look which I first saw worn by someone so far from chic that it hurts my brain- the lace over denim pieces here are so "mother of the bride at a cowboy wedding" that I can only endure them by suspecting it's some sort of in-joke.

Things I hope escape into the wild: fitted jackets and vests and the silouhettes of row 8 right, 11 left, 12 left, and 19 left.

Only about half a dozen of these are actually wearable. Can't really embrace this Victorian meets Stripper/Hooker/Madonna look.

Points, though, for the Groucho Marx eyebrows over the boobies. Bet THAT really woke up the audience!

It's interesting -- for the most part, ITA about the granny panties. But there's one look (#27 if my counting is right) where they actually look cool. Weird.

Ugh. Maybe it was just the models, but several of those granny panties were so baggy that they looked like full diapers!

Granny panties? Check

Granny panties under transparent skirts? Check

Mismatched satin Chinoiserie? Check.

Exposed bras? Check

Exaggerated hip silhouettes? Check

Open-toed boots? Check

It's the greatest hits from the "Things I Detest" list. (But some of it was quite pretty, nonetheless.)

Dear God,

Please inspire Tilda Swinton to wear all of the pantsuits in this collection to openings, parties and awards shows this year. Tilda-worshipers will all worship You.


I don't think the models are too skinny: some of us just have thin arms and legs.

Curvier models would have gone better with the concept, though.

On one hand we have the already over played open toed boots and bras as outerwear. On the other hand we have jodhpurs and granny panties.

Horrible and boring.

Those suits are hot like a hot thing.

Jesus Christ! Another batch of ridiculously horrid.
It's like they took the contents of my last bowel movement (the hot wings and beer one), folded it in thirds, slashed at it wildly with a butcher knife while blindfolded, opened it up, slapped it on an ugly chick and called it couture.

Renaissance Man

The Nina-replacement judge (can't remember her name and don't feel like looking it up) from Marie Claire was wearing one of these looks on the last PR show. The white lace with black under garments. She must have seen a preview and decided to premiere it first. Wonder what D&G think about that???

Also, Mark Jacobs did granny panties too in his Spring 2010 collection. What a hideous trend!

Can we please kill the phrase "granny panties"??? And take "baby bump" out while you're at it.

Cute clothes. I like the corsets.


Yeesh, most of these Spring 2010 collections are just awful! Honestly, so far I think Christian Siriano's has been the most beautiful and the most wearable. I'm starting to get afraid to open these posts!

Add "hot mess" and "epic fail" to Peaches' list.

I'm definitely not fond of the bloomers under sheer fabric, but I do quite like the menswear looks, as done as they may be.

the international world of waitresses!

I like some of the menswear and, for some reason, the print stuff. The red prints (floral and leopard) do look Italian to me, and I like them.

How about "1940s swimsuit" instead of "granny panties"? Some of these have that look to me. Also, it seems that they are accentuating curves and have a bit of "Mad Men" foundation garment looks to them.

Well, it's not boring!

Open toe boots. I am old enough to remember holes in the toes of boots. I cannot for the life of me imagine wanting to wear them even though I can afford them.

Was this a costume show for an Italian Bordello? Seriously!

Feminine form? I don't think so.

Rule of thumb: if it looks like a size 00 is hippy, its gonna make anyone else look like the Titanic.

I'm disappointed.

So much Fug in one place - both the clothes and the anorexic unhappy looking models.

If this is the fashion industry's demands for models, I am glad no one I love is in it.

This collection does nothing for me. Next!

Not a big lace or crochet fan in general, but the off-white suit with the knee-length duster/cardigan is kinda nice.

And, for some reason, I am LOVING that black crochet satchel handbag! I'll be eagerly searching for a knockoff. ;-)

They all look like cheap Sicilian hookers.

I don't ever see the granny panties catching on, except maybe with Lady Gaga. As soon as some starlet is photographed in them, the world will be mocking her as a fashion victim. *sigh* I thought the underwear-as-outerwear trend ended with the 80s.

"Chloe Sevigny. Ms. Sevigny, you have a call." You can always count on her to wear something ridiculous.

South America, Sicily. It doesn't matter. It screams Catholic girl gone very, very wrong. And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. I love some of it. I would wear the red floral skirt (the one that's paired with the blue floral... bathing suit? Playtex Longline bra? Not sure) in a second.

My Sicilian mother would say they all look like Italian widows, and nothing scares her more than looking like an Italian widow.

Call me crazy, but I love these open-toed boots. Just these. The others I've seen mostly look stupid.

Some pieces are cool. Most are fug and cheap-looking.

I thought TLo was kidding about the granny panties....but they Are freeking granny panties.

I love the suits though.

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