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Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2010

DVF disappoints us, kittens. fills in the details:

"This season's nomad searcher is "looking into antiquity for effortless beauty," with Egypt and the desert on her horizon, along with a side visit to the Pre-Raphaelites. Saucy tiger-print safari suits and leopard-spot shirtdresses mingled with floral-appliqué chiffon and a daisy-chain maxi dress, while brightly colored macramé hippie frocks mixed with more urbane jersey numbers."

To be honest, we think this one's kind of a yawn. Oh sure, there are individual pieces that bring the pretty and as always, she has a great eye for prints, but as a whole, we've seen more exciting collections from her in the past. DVF always distinguished herself by being one of those designers who really has her finger on the pulse of the consumer. To that end, it's a very wearable collection. Very "real woman." It's just not that exciting to us. The best we could muster was the occasional "That's pretty."

Watch the show:

[Photos: firstVIEW - Video: YouTube/EricBen]

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Not my thing! Guess it is time to look forward to DVF Summer 2010. Strange, because I usually love DVF collections even though I wear prints sparingly.


I usually love her collections too, but this really is rather....dull.

Ah, well.

I must be looking at a different collection. great prints. different dresses. interesting tops and coats...
I really like it.
I feel like Uli helped with some of it. Very flowing and pretty. Flouncy skirts, beaded skirts, macrame dress.
Wow, boring was not even a remote thought for me.
I rather like it.

"This season's nomad searcher is "looking into antiquity for effortless beauty."

No, this season's nomad searcher is digging through want ads for a job. And in her spare time, digging through racks at the consignment shop.

Some looks catch my eye more than others. I particularly like the knoted looks, #12 and #17. These seemed really modern and fresh. Curiously, I wasn't that fond of her prints this time out.

I love the prints and the color story, but some of those designs aren't very flattering. I expect better from DVF.

No new ideas other than figuring out a way to make Coca Rocha look like she's got hips.

But I remain in awe of DVF's ability to work those prints.

I don't find this crop of prints to be that charming. Maybe the gray one that transitions to white.

I see something in this collection that's been in some others as well. It's the almost excessive waste of fabric. Not the response I'd expect from austere times.

This one is as if she's tried to find colors that don't look very good on anyone.

First bathing suit - not flattering
second pic - black dress - a failed TFS challenge?

Then far better until the odd bunchy, strappy, ruchy dress and the ugly vest dress combo

Then mixed again

Kind of all over the place.

Some of those prints are making my head hurt.

But overall, I like it!

I can't afford any of it... What the hell?

Many of these pieces are perfect for the modern woman who has no waist! If even the models are looking a tad broad through the torso, it isn't a good thing.

Heidi would definitely have something to say about the droopy boobs on that first burgundy bathing suit.

I'm not excited. There are a few pieces that I really like (the sleeveless orange/black number, 13th row on the left, and the orange one in the 17th row on the right - and I'm not normally a lover of orange!), but it's mostly just okay. And that first bathing suit is godawful.

More to the point - what's the scoop on why Tim Gun wasn't invited? (First time in twelve years!)

I like the blue florals in the 4th row down. I like the Faux-Wilma look of the dress, in particular. But other than that, it's a bit of a snooze.

Me no likey.

No question she's departing from her signature look, but not for the better IMO. I prefar her elegant, feminine designs over this stuff.

Once again, TLo's critique is perfectly precise.

It's OK I guess. Just a little flat. The styling really irritated me. Between the feather things in the hair and all those odd color-choice bracelets, that's all I kept looking at.

It would seem that she designed this entire collection around my little sister. Looks like clothing she would absolutely love to wear (and she'd look fantastic in it, too).

I'm not disappointed, but I'm not overwhelmed, either. I think the clothes look a lot better on the models than they will on a hanger, so I'm glad I saw them here. Kudos, though, for the number of models "of color".

huh---i actually liked this quite a bit. especially the looks on the right-hand sides of the 12th and 14th rows---the mixed-print scarf dress, and the belted blue-and-white dress. i've been bored by her collections in the past, but this one works for me. i like the mixed prints, very dries van noten.

It's a mix for me. I'm responding really well to the prints and the hippie-chick dresses. May not be fashion forward but I love.

I hate what she's doing with that light grey color, especially with the turquoise. the grey pants, shirt, cap sleeves? Just looks really off. The fit on those grey pants looks ghastly. for those things, it's out.

Oh, yay, thank you, TLo. This is exactly the show I was hoping to see.

Despite all the "meh" here, I want several. They might not be earth shattering, but a lot of what's earth shattering doesn't work for a lot of people. These are stylish and pretty, and they'd work for me.

The collection made me smile. It reminded me of the outfits my daughter would throw together playing 'dress up' out of mommy's closet.

True, it may not be ground-breaking and earth-shattering, but it is a nice collection of clothes that I would totally wear. If I were young, rich, and could stomach the idea of wearing colors and patterns.

I kept looking for the shot that would invoke a "that's pretty" but it never came. Can you give me a hint as to where you found it?

After seeing this, I think I understand why DVF responded so well to the All-Star collection that was Sweet Ps.

Is this a line for Target? It's a bit too department store for me.

Some of the pieces have a very dated feel to them (early 90's) and it ruins it for the rest of the collection. But, all in all, I liked it. It's no wonder why DVF loved sweetpea's collection so much. It's girlie, girlie, girlie. Take your shoulder pads and shove them because I celebrate the feminine godess, kinda girlie. It's how a lot of women want to look. But, Lord help me if babydoll dresses come back down the runway. I really REALLY shouldn't but Gooodness knows, I probably will.


it's uninteresting, as is everything DVF as far as I'm concerned.

Totally disagree with you guys on this one. Love love love!

Meh, not wild about these prints. Usually her prints are really great, but these are just so-so.

I like the shapes and the colors. Her stuff is always pretty real and wearable, so that doesn't bother me. It's just the prints I don't love.

oh god, I am so sick of this flower-child crap coming back again and again.

I lurved this collection. It really brings teh Pretty.

mll (another lulu)

Brooklyn Bomber said:
Despite all the "meh" here, I want several. They might not be earth shattering, but a lot of what's earth shattering doesn't work for a lot of people. These are stylish and pretty, and they'd work for me.

DITTO. I've always loved DVF no matter what the collection, and hope to own one before I dry up and blow away LOL. Speaking of blowing away, I also wanted to BE Dylan's Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. A bit of that vibe here for me.

i'm not dorothy gale

Not thrilling, not offensive. Nice.

What excited me more was seeing Rachel Zoe (on her reality series) visit DVF and see the substitutions for traditional fur on garments Diane had made. Even better was a visit to a vendor for Rachel's new line (?) who created with fake fur.

This was VERY nice.

I lovelovelove the fourth dress; It really stood out to me! But that was really it.

I loved it! I thought it was fun, youthful, festive, and elegant.

I like this collection, very dreamy.....

I hate capri pants. They make every woman under 5'5" look stumpy.

there are definitely some really solid wardrobe pieces in this collection. lots of good pieces that will last several seasons. but a few were styled down so much as to be clumsy & frumpy & therefore acted as clunkers in an otherwise decent show.

A few I love, some are just okay and the rest are blah. I just don't see any continuity to her collection. There are some that just look tired from too many years of washing and drying.

I wonder how many of these would cause an auf on PR?

I love these looks, but DVF is such a risk-taker and innovator that I think she doesn't meet her own standards on this one.

I kept looking at this collection and thinking, "Wait. Weren't these LAST year's?"

Some designs I absolutely love, some are just Ok, and a few are downright boring.
What struck me was the diverse group of models she chose. Absolutely beautiful girls. So they were styled a bit "flower childish"...they actually look like they were enjoying wearing her clothes, which is pretty rare nowadays!

I really like the last dress, but I'm underwhelmed.

Do I see Qryperson's avant garde swimsuit in there!?

This looks more like a resort collection to me. I expect more sophistication from DVF.

i'm really not understanding the armful-of-gigundo-plastic-bangles-in-colors-totally-unrelated-to-the-look style choice.
and yeah, it's mostly very wearable and pretty, definitely things i would wear, but not exciting or trendsetting. a lot of it is very department store to me.

I agree, not sophisticated enough.

I like the prints, as usual, but the silhouettes are a bit tired.

Not feeling it.

They're wearable but the looks are overly accessorized.

Is it just me or are the models walking strangely? They seem like they're clomping.

Yes! I was absolutely fascinated by how weird the models were walking.

As for the clothes, for the most part, the more I look at them the more I like them.

Love the hairpieces and bracelets : )

I disagree. I love it.

Whoa. She totally phoned that one in.

Whoa. She totally phoned that one in.

I think the collection would look great on darker skinned/haired people. But on me, pale and blonde, the colors/patterns would really stand out too much.

I love this collection, especially the orange dress with the cheetah bottom!! Love the color, the yellows, blacks and greens.

Very nice, and yes - very wearable.

Not loving it, kind of department store-ish, no?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Looks like it was was inspired by Rachel Zoe and her boho glamour chic.

Some nice stuff, some overwrought stuff, overall not as good as the fall collection

I love DFV and this collection does nothing to dull my admiration. However, it looks a tiny bit dated. Good, but not outstanding.

I've no doubt that the next show will be fantastic.

Christian's line was much better. And I'm usually a fan of DVF.

Gotta disagree. I don't think it's boring at all. I think it's wonderful and gorgeous and pretty. Love love love.

Freakin' hideous boho maxi dresses, macrame, and frumpitude. Seriously, DVF, huge OUT for this collection. Terrible.

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