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About time!

Not that she's been producing flawless work or anything, but much like Gordana, she's been steadily producing strong work and we felt it was time for her to get a win.

Besides, the girl can talk trash and that just makes the show for us. Unlike Nicolas, she talks trash and then backs it up with superior work, so that just makes it all the better.

And thankfully, she had the intelligence to see that her original design wasn't working. Unlike this week's auf'ee, however, she managed to course correct and produce something miles better.

Model: Kalyn Hemphill

When this walked out on the runway, we both declared it the winner. There was simply no question.

There were plenty of good pieces, but this one was on a whole other level, as far as we're concerned. We love the way she placed the pockets and we loved the way she used a sharpie to outline certain elements like the belt loops or to put in faux stitches like on the pockets.

Of course it goes without saying that we love how she did the collar and the cuffs too.

But what we loved most of all is how she really embraced the medium. A lot of the other designers either chose paper with colors on it or colored the paper themselves. That's fine. We can certainly understand why they would want to do that. But Irina really went out of her way to show that this was actually made out of newspapers.

And the stark black and white really worked in her favor. Sure, she could have painted it red or something, but why go to the trouble? The genius of the piece is because it's made out of newspaper. No need to hide it.

Of course we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the slight execution issues in the back, but like the judges, we're willing to overlook it because the piece as a whole is so well done.

So congrats, girl! Trash talk all you want. If you've got the goods to back it up, you've earned the right.

Extended Judging:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Video: - Screencaps:]

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I thought it was interesting that she said "as soon as I saw the newspaper, I thought trenchcoat!" (basically), you thought "stiff little dress," and, like Not! Dior, got a big "yuck" from Sir Gunn.

Althought, to be fair, she did PLAN on doing a jacket with the stiff little dress, didn't she? Either way, poor Tim got edited out of the collective memory, I suppose.

I had a feeling it would either be great or awful! Irina definitely showed that she belongs in this competition, though.

Where is Alex? I missed his cartoons this week =(

Hope he isnt gone for good.

Honestly, I saw this and thought, "Bathrobe." Am I the only one? I would have given it to Christopher.

Yeah, Christopher was kind of unfortunate this week. He made a bangin' dress, but it was just his luck that Irina turned out something that was more of a show-stopper. I like how the coat looks so solid, so substantial, the opposite of what comes to mind when you think of something made out of paper. And the construction of it was really well done. Go Irina. And Nicholas can just go away.

I would LOVE to give it to Christopher.

"The girl can talk trash and that just makes the show for us. Unlike Nicolas, she talks trash and then backs it up with superior work, so that just makes it all the better"


She really knocked this one out of the park! And i was happy she didnt do the standard dress like all the other designers did.

This really was the only one that "popped." The three-dimensional quality made it unique.

And, if this had been Season 3, I would have instantly thought it was a Laura Bennett creation.

I liked, but I think she got bonus points because the judges are tired of looking at little dresses.

And to be honest - sharpie markings, for me, just looked craftsy, which was a mark against other looks. OTOH, I though the collar and cuffs were impressive.

I won't say who I'd have chosen for the win until I see the garment up close in photos - I see much more detail in the photos here than I can on t.v. or, usually, even the on line videos.

I am wondering if what the judges saw as a construction issue (the scotch tape) was really a repair issue from the models moving around back stage... the coat didn't look like it was made of very many layers of newsprint, and as such would be quite fragile... I just can't imagine that if she went all out with the rest of the coat and didn't have construction issues there, that she wouldn't have glued some paper over the tape in the back if it happened in the workroom...
As Tim (sorta) said "Pack your repair kits, kids, its gonna be a bumpy show!"

Yes!! I saw this and immediately though of Laura Bennett! Although perhaps Laura B. would have made it even more stunning...

Last night I noticed Eva go on about how good it was that she didn't do a dress and then in the video Heidi and the other judges kept going on about the same thing. But basically, especially when we are talking paper, how different is this from a wrap dress.

That said, it had sleeves!!! And was quite good. I wonder how she attached that hydrangea looking paper.

From the beginning they showed more talking smack this week. But the comments about Althea were just what the rest of us had been saying.

Yes this really had visual impact. It probably didn't not require as much oragami skills as say Chritopher or Althea's but it brought the drama that a challenge like this is suppose to bring out in designs

The belt and loops were a wonderful touch. I am kind of glad she talked some trash about Althea. She can be annoying but the girl has talent


No stellavision you are not the only one. I thought wrap dress (so another dress) or bathrobe, would have also fit.

Enhh...I think she got the win because she didn't produce another pretty little dress.

I thought it would be between her and Christopher, and frankly, preferred that she won. Partially because she was my choice for the top this week.

And what the hell is this thing between her and Althea?

Hot chicks talkin' smack on each other: the backbone of any B-M show!

I may be alone here, but I thought it was kind of boring. The coat part was just basic shaping, and the collar and cuffs just looked like waded up newspaper to me. I don't care if she did it in just black and white, I think that's cool, but I didn't really dig this much. I thought there were other designs, even if you made them all out of black and white newsprint, that were better.

I completely agree that Irina deserved A win, and that the coat and its detailing is great, but personally I thought Christopher deserved the win last night. Still, not begrudging Irina her first victory.

Definitely a well-deserved win for Irina. There were some other really good ones, but this coat definitely stood out. I adore what she did with the pockets and the cuffs and collar are perfect.

Beautiful piece - simple/classic accessories - and the model was perfect for the garment.

After watching a few seasons of PR it finally dawned on me that even the *perfect* bodied models have to be conscious of dressing for their body type. I don't think this trench would have looked as stunning on Matar (who I love) who is more delicate.

Geez, my HDTV failed last night. I heard the judges mention the Sharpie detailing, but I just could not see it!

I must say, I really misinterpreted PR this week - I thought Irina was getting the loser edit, and Gordana the winner edit. When both were announced as the opposite, I was so confused!

I like the coat, it is gorgeously done...but am I the only one who instantly remembered Laura's coat from the first episode of S3?! SAME DESIGN (or at least reaaaaally close).

Anyways, yay for Irina winning because it keeps Kalyn safe from elimination. Yay!

Nice coat. I'm fine with this win, but I really have a knack for not picking the winners and losers this season (Johnny notwithstanding).

Irina was itching for a win, badly. Bitch was ready to self-destruct like UniBlab.

I saw bathrobe too. My friend and I thought she would be in the bottom until Eva started peeing herself over it. Christopher FTW

I just can't get past how similar it is to the Laura Bennett coat from the "destroy your apartment" challenge in season 3. That being said, I don't begrudge her the win.

God the judging is so stale. Nina and the Duchess need to return pronto; as much as they become broken records themselves, a piece such as Irina's would have at least inspired some brain strength.

Nonetheless, we'll have to see you how boys feel about Gordana's treatment, especially considering the little tidbits of encouragement they gave to Johnny's atrociousness.

mll (another lulu)

I liked this a lot, but the back did not look as well thought out as the rest of it. I think it really could have been awesome from the back as well, if she had used the graphic elements of the columns and photographs in a more structured pattern. Instead it looked more casually put together, not deliberately designed. It would have been a nice contrast with the soft furry collar and sleeves and a big wow as the model turned around. I'm not sure who I would have given the win to, as several of the designers really brung it this week.

Avery, that's because it looks EXACTLY (design wise) like Laura's coat from the first episode.

I, personally, was not impressed.

Let's conduct a survey. What's going to be mentioned more?

a. Irina copied Laura's coat?


b. Shirin copied Leanne's skirt?

Clearly it was either Irina or Christopher.

I feel like he's more obviously and consistently wonderful (whoop! Whoop! Minnesotans), so they wanted to give a win to someone else to make the competition more interesting. Christopher's "feathers" and the bodice were to die for.

And I agree with the bathrobe comment.

Seems almost every win so far has a coat in the design.

Stephanie,you are not alone, I totally agree. I think it looks great, and I'm certainly not saying I could have done it, I just think there were others that were better. I thought that the Sharpie "stitches" were just silly, and you can see how wrinkled the sleeves are getting, since it is paper, after all. I thought Christopher and Althea did a better job of ensuring there would be less damage to the garment when the models walked in it. And the belt just looked to me, as they are so fond of saying on this show, "crafts-y."I just wasn't with the judges on this one. I agree with TLo, however, that there was no need to "color" the paper as so many of them did, or some tried (Johnny) to do!

I was impressed with how Chris' model was able to own the runway in that dress. It was really the first wow I got from a model walk all season, and for that, I had him for the win.

mll: I think it really could have been awesome from the back as well, if she had used the graphic elements of the columns and photographs in a more structured pattern.

Totally agree. The body of the jacket was so blah to me. Seeing how Gordana and others (even Johnny) worked the paper into pattern, I really think that was a miss on Irina's.

Eh. I think a little more thought could have gone into this. Yeah, it was made from newspapers, but she could have come up with a way to pattern the newsprint so it wasn't just: oh hey, it's a cute trench made out of newspapers. The collar was and sleeves were nice and all, but honestly it felt kind of like taking an age old pattern for a trench and making it with newspaper. I was underwhelmed.

does anyone have a link to a pic of Laura's coat?

It also reminded me a lot of Laura's coat from the first ep of S3, but it isn't like either of them were the first designer to ever utilize that silhouette. They both worked it out, especially considering the unconventional materials.

That said, the Sharpied detailing is fug as hell.

Straight Jock

Yeah it's chic and, quoting Tommy Hilfiger, reminisscent of Dior. Balenciaga and Givenchy in the 60s.

But it's not sexy. I liked Christopher's better.

ASK said... does anyone have a link to a pic of Laura's coat?

It took me a while to find it:

Not too Impressed. . .It is a coat and if everyone is thinking Laura Bennett then you really know you have seen that design before, very basic and I really dislike the pen markings.

I think Christopher took the paper and made it seem light... Charming !

Althea's dress was really constructed so well. She really thought how everything fit together.
I liked Gordana's dress much better than Irina's coat.

I'm coming around on this one. Through these photos I can see the details of the pockets and the belt loops which were completely lost on me during the actual broadcast. I still wish I had Nina or Michael in the judge's seats to tell me that this was the best of the night.
I thought that Christopher's dress just made a grander entrance with that feathered skirt and would have picked that for the win.

That was a better episode. I didn't really love the winning design so much. I liked Christopher's, but WHAT is UP with his model's walk?
I agree with Stellavision and think Irina's looked like a bathrobe.
I thought Althea should have won it.

Thanks Sus but the link didn't work for me.

Ask, how about this link?

totally in agreement with the bathrobe contingent. christopher's was great too, but i really loved althea's best. the movement and, like somebody said, "pattern within a pattern" was flattering, beautiful, and creative.

btw, how did louise's hot mess not hit the bottom 3? i thought it was much worse than gordana's boringness.

I thought bathrobe as well, but even so, it was still different than all the rest.

I also thought of Laura B's coat.

WHERE are Nina and the Dutchess!!

Clear cut winner for me, too. AND Irina inspired me to wear my hair pulled back today. I do declare I think she and Shirin should be allowed to duke it out for the model title, if they get auf'd as designers. They're both hella more beautiful than several of the model competitors.

It look like something Wilma
Flintstone would wear.

I thought this looked like an arts & crafts project, and was utterly shocked when it won...

I really liked it. Reminded me of something you'd wear to board the Orient Express...

Still, I think Gordanna is getting the royal shaft and that irks me (though I do not begrudge Shirin the win).

Oh, and I also HATED Christopher's too -- am I the only one? I hated the stiff armor-like top, and I thought the length of the skirt was weird.

It moved surprisingly well for a paper dress, didn't it?

Althea's use of pattern was wonderful, but she made yet another little sleeveless above-the-knee shift dress.

Hmmm...needs an acronym. LSATKSD is too long. How about just LSD. Little Shift Dress. Y'all can fill in the "sleeveless" and "above-the-knee" part in your heads.

Haven't we seen enough LSDs to last a lifetime? An LSD in an unconventional material. An LSD for a "real" woman. An LSD with some unusual detailing. An LSD with some crap pasted on's enough already!

No matter what the challenge or the materials available, making an LSD is almost always the easiest and most straightforward approach. There's nothing wrong with a designer choosing the safe route every now and then, especially if they're not feeling particularly inspired by the challenge, but I'm tired of seeing people get a win for churning out yet another little sleeveless above-the-knee shift dress.

I think Christopher and Irina were both deserving of the win this week. It's nice to finally see some things on this show that make me saw "wow."

Maybe it's just my age showing, but I remember coats like that in the 1950s with Persian Lamb trim on the cuffs and collar. If Irina had made a swing coat, it would have been a perfect replication.

I like this MUCH more than I did while watching the show. It really is quite beautiful.

To all the Laura-references: get over it. This silhouette/design has been done time after time, and Laura wasn't the first. Tommy Hilfiger's Dior/St. Laurent/Balenciaga reference was made for a REASON you know.

Yep, let me join the chorus of "it looks like Laura's coat from the first (hotel room) challenge. Great looking coat that was!!!!
Though Irina's creation stood out, for me, just because of the work on the collar and cuffs, it was not my favorite design of the night. Other than the collar and cuffs, the rest of the design was not done well, IMHO.

Irina's coat was the most 3 dimensional on the runway, save Christopher's dress. I think that alone got her the notice and the win.

It was nice to have Hilfiger judge, but everytime he spoke, I kept thinking of David Gregory hosting "Meet the Press."

I was torn (~snerk~) between Irina and Christopher, but I think this was the right choice. She made sleeves! And paper fur! Loved it.

As to the Laura Bennett comparison, get real, folks. It's not as though LB invented the street length coat with fur collar and cuffs. Excuse me while I check my closet. Hmm, blue wool with brown faux fur collar and cuffs. Check. Red wool with dyed red fox collar, tuxedo and cuffs. Check. Vintage black velvet clutch coat with big white fox collar and cuffs. Check.

It's not as though Christopher's silhouette is unique, either. How many strapless ballgowns with fitted bodices and full skirts are there in the world?

It's how she embraced the material, how well she put it together, the creativity of the "fur" (as opposed to the obvious origami-like structures of others), the whimsy of the trompe l'oeil sharpie stitches, that put this one at the top.

I don't think Irina copied Laura's coat. With a stiff, inflexible medium, it just makes sense to make a basic wrap coat. But to make the collar and cuffs look textured was brilliant work. As for Christopher's, his skirt very strongly resembles Sunny's from Project Runway Canada, season 2 - the Post-It note challenge. And I'm sure to be in the minority but I loved Gordana's maybe because it didn't look like paper. And Shirin's looked like a "cootie catcher!"

This is not the dress (oops coat) I would have picked, but at least I can see why it won. The making fur out of newspaper is what makes it standsout from the crowd.

"Congratulations, Irina!" It's about time! I do love the fact that she can talk trash and support it with talent. I adore the coat and yes, Christopher's entry was amazing as well, but I think Irina's had that, "surprise!" factor going for it, as well as the fact that she was the only designer to see 'sleeves' as an option. We've seen those cute cocktail dresses made from trash, paper, flowers, neoprene, etc. since season one, day one and I'm over it. BRAVA, to Irina! Now things are really starting to cook season and it's certainly about time it did.

- edina -

I really liked it - I thought using the paper sculpturally was a great idea (and am still upset that Gordana was in the bottom - what???)

As for trash-talking Nicolas, I have decided he looks like "Chucky", and I find him just about as appealing.

Alex? We miss you!

I'm really not understanding all the love for Irina's trenchcoat. I thought the collar and sleeves were cute, but I really thought the judges were going to put it in the bottom 3. I thought Christopher's dress was beautiful and deserved the win.

The "fur" is inventive and wonderful, but I'm less excited by the rest of it. I think the judging could have gone either way: they could have flipped over the collar & cuffs and the fact that it's obviously paper, or criticized it because the rest is so basic and looks so much like newspaper.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Gordana is getting the shaft. Still, my money is still on her to win this thing.

I love this coat and also love Christopher's dress, but I did NOT think Althea belonged in the top three. I guess I'm sick of the LSD too. Anyway, this episode was the best one so far this season.

This kinda reminds me of Korto's seatbelt coat, definitely not something you'd expect to see made out of newspaper. Wasn't my favorite personally but I can see why it won.

I thought the coat was fabulous! She deserved to win.

Great coat, love the collar, and IT'S NOT A DRESS.

Loved, loved, loved this coat. The sleeves, collar and the cuffs are amazing.


This and Gordana's were my favorite. I don't understand why she was bottom three at all, but I'll get to that later. Kudos to Irina for scratching her first design and making something gorgeous and muhc more interesting instead. At first, I was a little put off by her attitude towards Althea, but this was beautiful, they had to give it to her.

The collar makes the coat. It did stand out among so many pretty dresses. Congrats, Irina!

Lilithcat said...

It's how she embraced the material, how well she put it together, the creativity of the "fur" (as opposed to the obvious origami-like structures of others), the whimsy of the trompe l'oeil sharpie stitches, that put this one at the top.

That says it for me, Lilithcat. And I wish I could say it so well.

Also, I for one, would be thrilled to get a link to the final collections at Bryant Park for Season 6. Spoiler be damned.

Yeah I know - hate me. I am the person who went first to the final pages of the final Harry Potter books to see if he died or not before I could bear to read the whole book.


Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Anonymous said...
Also, I for one, would be thrilled to get a link to the final collections at Bryant Park for Season 6. Spoiler be damned. essy

My dear, it is right at the bottom of the main page under "Finale Collections" : )

Thank you! Mariana

And also *blush*



I loved the trench! I loved the idea behind it, the execution, the symbolism (whether intended or not), everything.

I agree with Tommy though, I think I would have liked maybe an inch or two shorter.

Well done girl! Thank god they were forced to use unconventional materials, if I had to see another fricking cocktail dress I was going to chew off my own eyes.

I agree with Lilithcat (and I also want to go live in her closet).
The coat with a shawl collar and deep cuffs made out of long or curly fur has been around since at least the 1910's and it gets revived periodically with different lengths , body shapes, and fabric but the same collar and cuffs, its a classic really.
The shape of the body, sleeve, the belt cinched waist, and the big angled patch pockets On Irina's coat are quite different from Laura's coat.

PS I loved Laura's coat and I thought it should have won that challenge.

Loved the coat, very Laura Bennett first challenge.


Irina is one of the top designers on the show. I think she'll go far. Her designs are very feminine and elegant.

Even if it looks like a bathrobe or whatever, Tim said that they could design whatever they wanted, even slippers. The coat had a wow factor that nothing else had, expect for Christopher's. I personally thought his looked like an improved Keith's design.

Loved it! Congrats, Irina, you rock, baby.

Loved the "furry" collar and cuffs, newspaper IS the new fur.

Didnt Daniel Franco get auf'd for this? Did not like the judges' top 3 at all. Ramon was robbed.

Anybody who knows anything about fashion knows that Althea was robbed, plain and simple. Simply gorgeous. Irina is a hater, and while she's skilled in execution she is not that great of a designer. Team Althea!

I thought it was a fair choice for the win.

I still have no idea what people are seeing in Christophers body armor/shredded paper mess. The only thing that outfit was missing was a viking hat with horns on it.

Anonymous said...
Didnt Daniel Franco get auf'd for this? Did not like the judges' top 3 at all. Ramon was robbed.

This coat looks nothing like Daniel Franco's.

I hated this look. The way that the black text and off-white background look like an overall dirty grey from far away just brought to mind a musty old bathrobe. Besides, i thought the treatment on the collar and cuffs looked more like shearling than a luxurious fur, and it just makes the cuffs and collar feel really heavy and cheap. The proportion of the sleeves in particular is SO annoying to me. The cuff seems too large and the sleeve too full for how short it us.

The pockets seem half-assed to me, like they're too big and flat to have much thought put into them.

The coat is fab, but I LOVE those boots!! Anyone know who they're by?

Great idea, great execution, she deserved to win.

Miss Heather said...

The coat is fab, but I LOVE those boots!! Anyone know who they're by?

Well, we know they're from macy's.

Definitely the winner, in my humble opinion. The minute I saw it on the runway, I knew she was going to win.


" Anonymous said...
The belt and loops were a wonderful touch."

I agree, that's the first thing I noticed.

I do think her win is “past due,” she has designed beautiful things.

I loved her Hollywood glamor collared coat paired with the fabulous boots. Well done, girl!

What was that with Irina STILL complaining about Althea winning the challenge? LET. IT. GO. Jeez!

The fit is amazing considering what she was working with. Love the belt and the collar.

Yeah, the more I look at this I just hate it! It looks like slush on the side of the road in January. The pockets are rediculously big, and I don't know if we just can't see it through the tv but the Sharpie work is ugly.

I'm with Remy, I completely misread the winner/loser edits. Especially after Tim's comments about her little dress--she (wisely) scrapped it, as did Johnny, so I naturally assumed she was going down. Gordana WAS edited like a Top 3, though, there's no mistaking that.

I loved this challenge because the neutrality of the newspaper made the lines of each garment important. Those designers with a good eye for silhouette, proportion and fit really stood out this time.

I liked the coat. The scrunchy collar looked delightfully fluffy, and the oversized, angled pockets were just the right touch to jazz up the plain expanse of the lower portion of the coat. The wide belt was perfectly proportioned to the coat as well.

Chris's gown also was, by any measure, a show-stopper. But he had to have used muslin to make that skirt, though, and I'm wondering if that's what tipped it to Irina, who didn't use any muslin at all. That long, airily fluffy skirt of Chris's gown was utterly entrancing, like something Cinderella would wear to the ball. The only jarring note was the rock-solid bodice. Though beautifully sculptured, it both sounded and looked weird when Chris actually reached over and knocked on it.

I wished the judges could have awarded a tie. Both garments were spectacular.

As I predicted last week, the gang was going to the LA Times to make paper garments. As I further predicted, there would be lots of sleeveless dresses, the easiest type of construction for paper. On that point alone, Irina should win. Her garment had real sleeves. Fitted sleeves that were eased into armholes. With fur cuffs.

The coat was perfection. It was so chic! I agree with TLo -- as soon as it stepped out onto the runway, I knew it was the winner.

Christopher's illustration was of a floor-length gown. He probably ran out of time and couldn't finish it; hence the unflattering tea length. Without Irina's entry, he would definitely have won. But hers was better.


I keep hearing Tim Gunn in my head, "fit, silhouette, proportion", and although Christopher had quite a stunning idea, I just looking at silhouette alone, Irina's is far superior to Christopher's.

I do think that Dr. Whitfield served up some good competition this week and should have been in the running for the win.

"Saint Law-rent"? "Saint Law-rent"??

Are you freakin' kidding me? It's "Sehn Lah-raah".


Next up: Gonza-less and Chie Chie Rod-rigaze (*thank YOU* Les Nesman!).

Tommy is an idiot (which makes Ms. Miz. one, too).

It was the details that made this the winner. The collar and the sleaves, the Sharpie...

This was definitely a top 3 dress, however, i don't feel like anything that is visibly taped together deserves the win. Christopher, once again, produced a unique, flawlessly executed garment, and deserved another win.

i don't know about this one

i kinda agreed with Althea about the whole "judges could love it or hate it"

personally i don't think it's that great...i mean she did make something nice out of paper but i thought chris did something nicer than her jacket

also, where are the ACTUAL judges?? i am SOO sick of seeing some male fashion designer and then that zoe girl....WHERE ARE MICHAEL AND NINA???? they are probably the best things out of this show due to the lack of interesting challenges.

making persian lamb-like cuffs and collar out of cumpled newspaper was ingenious and creative. That coupled with the sharpie trims was great and simple and smart.

Good choice. Glad I didn't have to decide between the Irina and Christopher. both were inventive and beautiful.

Tlo, I agree. Finally a creative challenge. I really miss the duchess and Nina. Heidi is my least favorite judge and I miss how they knew the designers work week to week.

She is my winner of the whole enchilada.

I would have given the win to Christopher. Sure, this was a great entry, but the Sharpie cheapened it. Christopher's had the hard-and-soft thing going on, and the skirt was just amazing.

And speaking of sleeves, now that I've looked at Laura's PR offerings, 5 of the 8 had real, honest to goodness sleeves, and 1 of the others had cap sleeves. Nothing like that seems to be happening so far this season. Maybe because they're in warm LA? Not sure. They were certainly flattering, though.

And I agree with Agnes G., Irina and Shirin, especially Irina, are just breathtakingly beautiful, though in very different ways.

Sorry, but I think Christopher was robbed. His dress had a huge WOW factor that I didn't feel with Irina's piece. It was definitely well done, and deserved the top 3, but... Christopher should have won.

I'm not totally crazy about this one, actually - love love LOVE the collar & cuffs and the sleeves, love the overall silhouette and the trompe l'oeil Sharpie-work, but I hate everything below the belt. It's like this freaking amazing top half and then she just gave up on the bottom. Dare I say, I'm torn? (*groan*)

Honestly, I'm not in love with this. I don't mind her getting the win since she clearly put a lot of work into it and all, but it was not even remotely my favorite. I really prefer the designs where my first reaction was more "Wow, that was made of newspaper?"

It is really bothering me that she couldn`t even be bothered to match up the "print" of the pockets. Or is that too mitchy matchy?


Anonymous said...
What was that with Irina STILL complaining about Althea winning the challenge? LET. IT. GO.

Speaking of LET. IT. GO.

What do you mean STILL?

Do you have some inside knowledge of how long after the judges gave the win to Althea, they recorded Irina's comments. Because you do know that the show is not live and real-time?


Irina's design won because her model walked on the runway as if she was modeling haute couture.

Christopher's model walked so fast it seemed like she was modeling sportswear instead of eveningwear. I think he would've won if his model had slowed down the pace of her walk.

"also, where are the ACTUAL judges?? i am SOO sick of seeing some male fashion designer and then that zoe girl....WHERE ARE MICHAEL AND NINA???? they are probably the best things out of this show due to the lack of interesting challenges."

Yeah,where ARE they? What the heck is going on? The judging has been plain silly without them!

I don't care if it remind so many of us of Laura's coat; it deserved to win. Why? Because she used the materials very well in a way which elevated the newspaper. I think her decision not to disguise the newsprint with paint was excellent, and her crumpling technique was so much better than those origami things or papier mache things people were sending out. I also thought Christopher's use of the newspaper was excellent, but in his case, he disguised it. You wouldn't think that bodice was newspaper on his dress. I think letting the material be itself was a brave choice and probably what tipped Irina into the win over Christopher, who could easily have won as well. I did like her use of Sharpie, because it added a little texture and definition to the garment. As someone who has played around with making stuff out of newspaper (but not clothes!), I had to give Irina and Christopher the top places. They both deserved to win, really.

I'm in the group that thinks Christopher's model's walk was a bit much. If she walks around her apartment like that, I would hate to live downstairs from her.

As for Irina's, I think it's very clever. I especially like the pockets. MK and NG would have made more of the tape on the back, though.

(another suz)

BPR said that the judges had engagements that were planned before the filming schedules were confirmed. Both were out of the country. Since the episodes are filmed back to back with each challenge about a day long, a week trip to Europe can mean missing three or four episodes.

Who or what is BPR?


Shoulda been Christopher, however Irina's coat was lovely and showed some wit (though I don't know if she realized it). The hubby and I discussed that the old journalist stereotype of the trench coat and then making it out of newspaper - quite cute. Could have used a hat to make it.

I saw this challenge and went - why did no one make a play on the idea of a paper doll dress? It just seems that this challenge would have been a fun challenge to do something more quirky for many of these designers. Though I still don't understand why they were *freaking out* about PAPER?? Dudes, have you ever made a dress from a Simplicity pattern? You cut out P-A-P-E-R.

I feel like a horrible person for this, but no matter how many times I look at it, I just can't bring myself around to it. I just hate this coat with a passion. I'm more a fan of Jillian Lewis' coats. This honestly looked like some crazy craft project gone array to me.

I know several people have noted that they did not like Christopher's creation, but I, for one, adored it. I love that mix between the hard armor like bodice with the softness of the dress. I feel like he was slightly robbed of the win.

Gordana being in the bottom shocked the hell out of me and I was pretty outraged by it. I really applaud her for working so hard to make that dress look like it wasn't made out of newspaper. To me it looked great.

I'm just so glad they finally threw a REAL challenge at these designers. Plus, how can you not love Tim Gunn throwing out facts on paper clothing?!

the Drunken Housewife said, Christopher's use of the newspaper was excellent, but in his case, he disguised it. You wouldn't think that bodice was newspaper on his dress.

That's because the bodice on his dress wasn't newspaper. I reviewed the video, and he clearly says that it was "pattern board - pattern paper". I wonder if they called him out on that. It may be one of the reasons he didn't win.

TampaBay - "BPR" is Blogging Project Runway

For once, I absolutely agreed with the judging of the top entries; I too would have given the win to Irina and the runner-up spot to Christopher.

Neither look was "original" in the sense that some commenters want -- both the belted coat with puffy fur collar and cuffs AND the strapless bodice with flouncy ball skirt are looks we've seen over and over again. (To that I say, so what? Fashion is about cleverly reusing the same familiar shapes. You'll see similar shapes coming down different designer's runways during every fashion week, which is why we can talk about trends for high-waisted pants or exaggerated shoulders or platform peep-toe booties, etc.)

Where Irina scores for originality is that she dared to make a tailored coat out of paper... and indeed, before she talked to Tim she wasn't certain it was possible to set sleeves in a paper garment. It was a risk, but she executed it beautifully. Christopher's gown was beautifully executed, too, but "I'm going to make a flouncy skirt of fluttery little bits of paper" is less of an innovative idea.


I have got to put down this crack for sure tomorrow.


9/18/09 2:44 PM
Let's conduct a survey. What's going to be mentioned more?

a. Irina copied Laura's coat?


b. Shirin copied Leanne's skirt?


the only thing i'm excited about this season are the judges

the contestants seem to be such copycats

i noticed the same thing this anonymous person posted...

NOT excited about this season, at all

I am so sick of all these itty bitty teeny weany dresses for women on this show. WHO can wear those tiny dresses? No one I know.

And as a gay man, I intend to oppose women wearing those tiny dresses until men are able to get away with wearing similarly tiny outfits in public.


It's a plot, I say. And I'm takin' a stand.

Liked it, didn't love it. Was glad Irina got recognized though - it was about time.

But seriously, y'all? Copycats? If you're going to say this is a copy cat, you're going to have to call Laura B a copycat for making a coat that had been made a million times before. She didn't invent it, she just reinvented it beautifully - which is exactly what Irina did.

And Christopher's design? I guess that could be a copycat design too, because when I was going to prom it was a cool thing to have a skirt with feathered cloth bottom; his dress definitely took me back to dress shopping, but I didn't think he copied from what I saw on the racks back in the day.

9/19/09 10:57 AM Liked it, didn't love it. Was glad Irina got recognized though - it was about time.

But seriously, y'all? Copycats? If you're going to say this is a copy cat, you're going to have to call Laura B a copycat for making a coat that had been made a million times before. She didn't invent it, she just reinvented it beautifully - which is exactly what Irina did."

Blasphemy! Laura never copies ANYTHING. In fact, Coco Chanel used to channel her spirit in a past life for inspiration.

These designers ought to be ashamed of themselves. I mean, Irina used a MARKER!


Those fuckers should pay!

My favorite look this week was althea's. I just loved what she did with it. Was not in love with christopher's, but appreciated the work that went into it.

I can see why this look won, particularly how she softened the newspaper at the collar and cuffs, but aesthetically I liked Althea's more.

But congrats Irina, she definitely deserved to win with this look.

Eh...It was a good idea and a cute silhouette and I loved the faux Persian shearling. And I understand that she made sleeves, not easy to do, and that this stood out on a runway full of sleeveless dresses. Still, she wouldn't have been in my top three because the execution of this was ass. The back was a hot mess. Seriously, how can you give a win to something with puckered scotch tape showing? The pockets weren't properly positioned and cheapened the look. I didn't notice the Sharpie detailing on the runway but seeing it up close, it's a clever idea that ended up looking way too much like a craft project.

I much preferred Christopher's, Althea's, Gordana's, Epperson's and Ramon's. Any of them were better than this.

And girlfriend, we know you're very proud of your tits but I really don't need to see your bra hanging out every week.

Someone asked and here is the link to the Post It note challenge for PRC.
If you look at Sunny's dress, it has a hard shell top with a shredded skirt. Hard to tell in the stills but it moved beautifully and I remember being impressed at the time that he was soo smart as to fringe the paper to make it pliable.

As it walked out onto the runway, I kinda screamed and said, "Ohmigod I want it even if it's made out of paper." So amazing.

I so feared that Irina wouldn't win as I've violently disagreed with almost every winner. But hooray, she did win amd well deserved too as this was easily the most original look. I wonder if the "construction issue" in the back was actually a last minute repair. Tim did warn them to bring tape.

I'll agree that, up close, the marker made it look like a craft project, but up close, the cuffs and collar would undoubtedly look like newspaper. So I don't see the problem.

I think the entire challenge was a craft project. Really, that's what all the unusable product challenges are.

Anyway, to my eyes, there were only shades of difference among the top three. None was perfect, but they were all pretty great. Any one of them could have won and I wouldn't complain.

The crinkly trim definitely took it from a boring paper coat to something with a bit of a wow factor, but I recall being a tad more impressed by Christopher, Althea, and Carol Hannah's work as it came down the runway. Not a fan of the 3/4 length sleeves.

Oh, let's get to Dr. Whitfield's, please!

This really captured the spirit of the challenge!

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