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Okay, pardon us while we do a little bitching. This was the 4th challenge of season 6 and it was the 3rd challenge where the dictates amounted to no more than "Make something pretty." It's been "Make a pretty dress for the red carpet," Make a pretty maternity outfit for a celebrity," and now "Make a pretty dress for a model." All that bitching we did last week about the insane surfwear/avant garde challenge? We take it back. Kittens, most of the challenges so far have been BORING. They better be visiting a garbage dump or something soon.

And 3 weeks in a row without The Duchess is KILLING US. Nothing against the blond bomber here, who we met one time at QVC and was very nice, but come ON, people! Work around Kors' schedule somehow!

We remember Zoe from the ill-conceived Running in Heels show and normally we wouldn't mind seeing her here, but her presence meant that neither of the two main judges were sitting in those chairs and that made for a distinctly Heidi-heavy judging panel. And kittens? That ain't good.

Still, she gave good critiques.

And while motormouth here certainly made an energetic judge - and a knowledgeable one, we have to say - we remember her from way too many of those E! Fashion Police specials where they sit a bunch of loudmouths on director's chairs and they all scream over each other to get as much air time as they can. We just wanted to say, "Honey, does Heidi look like Joan Rivers to you? TONE IT DOWN."


Model: Tanisha Harper

Congrats to Althea! She quietly produced several intriguing looks in the previous three episodes and we're glad to see her get a win because she's definitely among the top tier, but honeys? We don't get it.

That's not entirely true. We kindasorta get it. We just think there were definite problems with this look and there were two, maybe three other looks that were better than this, in our eyes.

We'll walk you through it.

Let's start with the one thing - well, two things, actually - staring us in the face. Boobs. Heidi made such a big deal out of the lack of support in Epperson's dress, but we didn't hear a word about these bouncing jugs. Nothing wrong with a healthy set of mammaries, but look at the way they're pulling on the fabric. They look like they're not speaking to each other at the moment.

The other thing that really bothered us was the proportions on this look. The high-waisted ballooning skirt coupled with the bouncing boobage made Tanisha look wide and short and we already know she's neither of those things.

And from the back it looked distinctly diaper-esque.

Here's why we sorta get it: It really is an interesting look and it also has the feel of being very trendy. We can see how a fashion editor and a stylist would get all excited by that. We also have to say that we do like the jacket very much.

For us, it was an "almost." Some good ideas and a good eye for trends, but to our way of thinking, it needed some rethinking at some point. Like, say, the very first time Tanisha tried it on. Conceptually, it's strong but something went askew (figuratively and literally) in the translation.

Extended Judging:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Video: - Screencaps:]

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I missed last night, but that doesn't quite look like a winning dress...
What was the challenge?

I totally agree about the tank top! I couldn't believe the judges didn't talk about the grey tank top being way too . . . weird! Too tight across the chest and too loose at the waist. And the model needed a bra, although that was probably not Althea's fault.

I wish they had shown the skirt in more detail. It's so hard to tell with black fabric what is going on with the pleats or ballooning or whatever.

*Loved* the jacket!

Neenya, the challenge was to create a look for the model to wear to a vaguely-defined "industry event." I didn't watch the model show but maybe they went into more detail there.

In any case, I agree. There was great potential but the final product was a big "eh." It just looked so sloppy to me, although I thought it was one of the more intriguing ideas.

I just want to say. . I hated this look.. . its messy, unflattering and just not well done. . .but meanwhile. . look at epersons garment. .its much better executed. . but give her a pair of thigh highs and she's julia roberts in pretty woman! It just seems that when Queen Orange and Nina are gone, tight, short, and cheap rule to miss Klume

I don't get it either - this was deffinitely middle-of-the-pack for me. Tanisha sold the hell out of it, and I think that was what propelled it to the top more than anything else.

You boys do get up early on Fridays. Do you even get to bed at all?

I agree. This look was just okay, not fabulous.

Where are the Duchess and La Nina?

Do you boys ever sleep? Thank you for posting so much and so often! You are the best!

A big meh for most entries. This one was at least something... slightly different? I'm kind of surprised Althea wasn't called on the "wearability" of her garment, considering that most of these pieces can be found in H&M.

I'm with TLo on the boring nature of this, and the first two challenges. Pretty pretty pretty... Great. Can we move on?

Maybe that's why Kors hasn't been around for the last few episodes. The persimmon princess hates to be bored.

Nothing last night was worth Nina's faintest praise. She's had manicures that are more exciting.

When I saw this walk down the runway, my first thought was, 'oh my, that's a mess and she's going to be in the bottom'. I think the judging has gone off the rails a bit this season. Her boobs were bouncing around left and right and were distracting! And the way it bunched up in the front - do women really want to look like they have a bladder control pad on?

Aaaaand, I still don't get it. I like Althea and what she's done so far, but that's just ugly. I guess maybe it was more "interesting" than some of the others? Meh. I think I would've given the win to Epperson.

And I was also amazed that those judges didn't criticize the fit.

When I saw it on the dress form, it looked really good. Soon as it hit the runway and all my friends were gushing over it, I said "why am I the only one who thinks 'magician's assistant when seeing this?'
(sorry for going geeky, but this outfit said "Zatanna" to me immediately)

While I think the look is cute, it was NOT a winner. I know why it won, much like I understand Ra'mon's win last week, but this season is becoming too messed up for me.

Yes probably the model runway performance and any enthusiasm she had help push it into a win

I felt those that skirt was way too short. Was trying to figure out at first were those shorts?

And yes much too bitchy amongst the judges especially that stylist. This aint the fashion recap girl, stop acting like Heidi is suppose to be Lisa Rhinna!


I don't get it either. Well, in a way I do because, as you said TLo, Heidi was in charge. I did like the jacket but the rest wasn't worth the gushing.
And the boobs? Heidi went on and on about the need for support in Epperson's dress and she didn't way a word about the bouncing and nipple viewing on this one? It was so distracting I had a hard time even looking at it.
Let's hope that Michael Kors and Ms. Nina are back next week - I'm getting bored and annoyed.

I have to catch the ep tonight, but are you kidding me? This was the winner? Bleck. Hate the colors, hate the proportions, hate the fact it removes all evidence of a waist FROM A MODEL. Honestly, the good parts are basic and it just seems so.....ass.

Diapers! That's what I said when that"winning" look walked down the runway. Diapers that were so dirty they had to be dyed to be usable. Uggh!

Heidi doesn't even say "Sitting in for Michael Kors, Ziggy Stardust" or anything, which she does when someone sits in for Nina. I'm wondering if The Duchess is MIA on purpose and is done with the show?

Winning outfit? MEH. Way to short, boobs flapping in the wind...yes, it was different, but there is only one of the dresses/outfits last night, and it was in the middle so I'll comment about it when that ripping is posted. I'm also bored. I want an unconventional materials challenge!

And I totally forgot about this, Loudmouth need never judge again. I understand her position on E! and what she does for a living, but her comment to Valerie was way over the top. She had no reason to talk down to her the way she did, and I know the judges have had their tiffs with designers before, but there was back and forth between both of them. And at least the other judges insults are actually constructive!

And did anyone else get major creepy factor from that dude at the party? The one who worked for that designer that had Vanessa walk for him? I have the feeling if the cameras weren't on him he'd ask her for a special audition in the yacht's bathroom...

The Jacket may have been cute, but I couldn't get passed the tank top or skirt. She had a weird mono-boob look standing on the rumway, and the skirt looked more like bubble shorts that my three year old wears under a dress.


Jules said: And I totally forgot about this, Loudmouth need never judge again. I understand her position on E! and what she does for a living, but her comment to Valerie was way over the top. She had no reason to talk down to her the way she did"

Thank You Jules for mentioning this! Yeah, Qristyl's look was crap but being a bitch to the model who was sticking up for her designer was way seriously uncalled for. Really nasty bitch, IMO. I can't image Loudmouth making a comment like that to Frau Seal!

I didn't get Althea for the win. Am in total agreement on the mammary issue - after Heidi had made such a point of commenting on this with Epperson's model, ya'd have thought this would have been even more noticeable with Althea's model. go figure!

Maybe this is Lifetime & the producers' efforts to pull in straight male viewers who'd otherwise never watch Lifetime.

Here's hoping the Duchess and La Nina are back for next week because I don't know as I wanna see more of this type of judging.


I am so glad I found this blog! You guys are the best. I totally agree. The winning outfit was a mess. Epperson clearly should have won. That dress was hawt! It was one of the sexiest creations ever to walk the PR runway. The suit was terrible. It made the model look short waisted. Please bring back Michael Kors and Nina Garcia because these judges don't know what they're talking about. They are seriously bringing down the quality of the show. I feel like I am looking for auditions for Banana Republic's incoming freshman designer class.

Also, I am tired of the catty comments from Nicolas. That worked for Chris Sarantino because he was a GOOD designer. Enough already with this scrub bashing designers that are better than he is!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Love your judging of the judges, boys. Maybe Nina got put on a time out after 'filibustering' the previous week? I miss Duchess too.

I understand your points about the winning garment. I'm hoping we see something from these designers that stands out pretty damn soon. This is going down the same road as Season 5 with nobody producing anything of interest until Judy Noodles whipped out that 'tree grate' inspired noodle number.

Step it up designers, or you'll be getting the talk from Tim where he tells you to pull you heads out of your behinds....

Oh my gosh, I totally agree. When this came down the runway, my husband and I both yelled, "It's a diaper!" There were a few other looks that I definitely preferred. And no Nina OR Dutchess?!?! Horrible.

Is there a rule against wearing a bra on the runway? It would have fixed my major problem with this outfit. Her girls are taking separate vacations and apparently both are going to chilly destinations.

My favorite was Epperson. I would BUY and wear that dress.


Thank you so much for articulating what I was thinking last night. With Tanisha's boobage flapping the wind (and nearly popping up and out), I never imagined they'd pick this one for top 3, let alone for the win. And all that frippery that was hanging off -- ugh. I can also think of 2 or 3 outfits I liked much better.

And yes, hated Motormouth Judge. She was bucking way too hard for her own show. Very rude and unappealing.

Sloppy? Check. Dull colors? Check. Ill fitted? Check. So....why did this win again? The color of the tank top was SO drab. I wish she'd either gone with stark white if she wanted to keep it color free, or gone with a nice, saturated color. When they did the fitting, the model was wearing a kind of ruby colored top, that color would have been great. The outfit literally looked stapled together.

The guest judges were horrible. NOTMichael didn't offer much insight. NOTNina looked like Nina's intern assistant, and Loudmouth needed to be punch in the fase. Seriously, I was waiting for someone to walk over and just push her chair backwards.

Where is the grocery story challenge?! Flowers?! Car parts? Maybe trash....? I'd even take Levi JEANS, as unimaginative as that is. This season is so boring I've fallen asleep TWICE while watching it. TWICE. TWO TIMES. TWO DIFFERENT EPISODES. That NEVER happened on old Runway.

Three guest judges is a gyp. It kind of invalidates the results for me.


I thought the shortness of the skirt was veering toward the ob-gyn spectrum.

We need Nina and MK back in the judges' chairs, BTW. Where are they??????

"Tlo said: Let's start with the one thing - well, two things, actually - staring us in the face."

Underwear seems to be a recurring theme this season: It's either the wrong kind or it's missing.


Agreed. The short waisted balloon on a large-breasted woman doesn't work - and I don't understand how the judges think it did. Maybe it looked better in person?

I was pleasantly surprised by Epperson. Matar looked hot. Almost as hot as Marc (though I own he is no Duchess).

annrr said...

Three guest judges is a gyp. It kind of invalidates the results for me.


Agreed! I couldn't believe it when neither Nina or Duchess were there. :bs:

TLo said: "They better be visiting a garbage dump or something soon."

Next week: Newspaper. Right? That's what I took from the preview, anyway.

I like the winning design as well as just about anything else we saw. It may have looked better in person than on TV & in pictures, and looked sophisticated on the runway. It was a bit refreshing and imaginative in that it wasn't yet another dress. She probably should have made shorts instead of a skirt, though shorts would be more expected. The jacket looks great (but it's not a smoking jacket -or a "cigarette jacket!- and thank God, because I didn't see how she was going to put a smoking jacket over a short skirt). The pulling across the chest is different--and sexier---than the drooping in Epperson's dress.

As for the guest judges, I've never heard of either of the women, but JR came on a little too strong for this show, no? Seemed like she didn't know her venue.

Sorry. Didn't really love it. The brief was for the designer to create something that would help the model make a splash at an industry party.

Yeah, just don't see it. I have more of a problem with the messy looking midsection than anything else. The commbination of the boobs, skirt, and belt just didn't sit right. She does look fierce, but messy. It's more like, "I look really fierce walking home from the industry party this morning." Of course, the model sold the hell out of it with her walk, so I'm sure that helped.

I would have picked either of the other two as the winner. Nicolas pleasantly surprised me this week. And I am still trying to burn that horrible emerald green pleated nightmare of Christopher's out of my mind.

"Tlo said: "Honey, does Heidi look like Joan Rivers to you? TONE IT DOWN.""

That judge was very rude to Qristal's model.

I was wishing she'd said something like that to Fatma, because I have a feeing that if she had, that Runway would have quickly resembled the prom scene from 'Carrie'.


Yeah, when I saw this look and I saw the judges I knew it was going to win, but I didn't want it to. If it was going to be in that top three, I probably would have put it in the bottom of the top, to be honest.

And I totally forgot about this, Loudmouth need never judge again. I understand her position on E! and what she does for a living, but her comment to Valerie was way over the top. She had no reason to talk down to her the way she did

I. KNOW. Who does that woman think she is?! Not to mention, she was nasty... BUT THEN she added that, "Thank God, right?" which was clearly just a twist of the knife. YOU COULD SEE ON HER FACE that she knew she was just pushing it to make sure it was as demeaning as possible. Ugh.

Also, happily for us, the next challenge appears to be an "out of the box" one, most likely involving newsprint. Will it be a hot mess? Probably - but won't that be a welcome change? Most definitely! (ps - WHAT WAS HEIDI WEARING IN THE PROMO?! good GOD that was heinous.)

Oh, also, I don't have a problem with the color of the top--it's lovely on Tanisha--or the fit. For me the problem is that the fabric is too sheer.

Wasn't Zoe Glassner from the ill-conceived Running in Heels instead of the ill-conceived Stylista?

Someone please fill me in- what did loudmouth say to Valerie that was rude? I can't remember!

Admittedly, I know very little about the industry, but while this garment was interesting and trendy, I think it was automatically not eligible for the win because it didn’t really show off the model’s best assets.
But still congratulations to Althea, who seems like a cool lady.
Having no Kors and no Garcia sucks. What the hell is going on?

On "MyLifetime" they have a little video blog of MK talking about designing for a client, tied into the episode with cuts to Kojii in Logan's dress, and one of Nina talking about Qristyl's dress for Valerie. Nothing that interesting in either video, but clearly they're trying to show us that MK is still part of the show.

Thank you TLo! I thought I was once again losing my mind. this is interesting, but not the winning look. There were several better ones. And the bouncing boobs! Hello! Interesting that Heidi comments about one dress but not another in that regard.

And may I say I'm glad my Logan escaped elimination. It reminded me of Christian in the prom dress challenge. Thank God for silver pants! ;)

I thought everything was Eh...

Was Jennifer Rade wearing those same Chanel tights Rachel Bilson wore? Some of her comments were completely insulting and unnecessary.

Marc Bouwer made me think of a blonde Michael Jackson.

Madame Suggia

4 weeks in and I'm already bored with this season...blah designers, blah looks and completely random judging. I do remember 1st season of PR, I stopped watching a few weeks in then just tuned in for the final because the first season was dreadful...and this one is shaping up to be the same. Personally, I love that they haven't done any of the dumpster-diving challenges, because whilst they may make for 'good TV' (which I disagree with, but whatever)they are just really, really pointless. And in real-designer-world, they never ever happen. But are these really the best bunch of designers they could find? In the entire USA? And I can't wait to see what you think of that vile green creation by what's his name, hat-wearing boo-hoo boy...

Anonymous said...

Someone please fill me in- what did loudmouth say to Valerie that was rude? I can't remember!

Valerie said she liked the dress and she snapped that that is why Valerie isn't a designer

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Zoe Glassner from the ill-conceived Running in Heels instead of the ill-conceived Stylista?

Yep. Got our shitty shows mixed up. We need a nap.

The more I look at this outfit, the more I dislike it. I hate the skirt. I get what she was trying to do, but it was executed so poorly.

An almost is all this should have been. Boobs jiggling to high heaven, crazy skirt, but the model walked the hell out of it.

Now, Dr. CH's outfit...there was something there...

I'm sorry, but that bunched up skirt looked like a James Paul concoction, ain't that's sort of a scary thought.

Are these baggy, rumpled skirts is what's hot in tha streets now?

Julia said...
Marc Bouwer made me think of a blonde Michael Jackson.

9/11/09 9:34 AM

Well, Good Night Nurse! LMAO!

Thanks Julia for verifying that I wasn't the only one who thought this!

"...we remember her from way too many of those E! Fashion Police specials where they sit a bunch of loudmouths on director's chairs and they all scream over each other to get as much air time as they can. We just wanted to say, "Honey, does Heidi look like Joan Rivers to you? TONE IT DOWN."

Remember ladies, they ditched Joan and her coattail riding daughter, and replaced them with the one and only PPS, herself.

Spot on analysis, boys!

The judges were rewarding the newest, freshest look (in THEIR minds) without really criticizing how THIS particular outfit looked on THIS particular model, like they were going for the concept rather than the actual physical specimen in front of them.

The winning outfit was too short, too boxy, and left the model too bouncy. So what if it might have looked great on somebody else -- part of the challenge is to make the garment flattering on the model they were actually given. Shirin's exquisitely edgy but feminine look or Epperson's unusual dress should have been no-brainers as the winner. They looked fabulous "in the here and now."

That aside, what a sheer joy to be treated to so much workroom time, with the camera nosing right up to the action. This episode really concentrated on capturing the intense creative concentration and angst as the garments emerged on the dress forms, the designer/client interaction, and plenty of TimTimTimTimTim. Pure heaven!

I couldn't tell for the longest time if I was looking at a very short skirt or formal shorts. I don't think that makes for a winning look.
It's very current, and the jacket is lovely, but that's about all the nice I have to say about it.

It was another confusing episode for me.

That skirt did look like a diaper coming and going and that tank top looked painful. And yeah, she made Three Whole Pieces, but one was a tank top. Does that really count?

They slam Qristyl for using a safe color like black then praise this number (and that's fine, but it was really hard to actually SEE the jacket, which may have won the challenge for this otherwise dubious contender).

Confusing. Hurts my little brain.

9/11/09 9:35 AM
Valerie said she liked the dress and she snapped that that is why Valerie isn't a designer

Bitch was lucky.

Morgan would jumped off the runway and shived her like a jailhouse snitch.

Does anyone know who won the coat?


Absolutely right (meaning you agreed with my thoughts exactly) in every respect. I turned off the t.v. last night thinking "I have to watch the extended judging to see if Heidi said anything about *those* boobs."

And yes. Where IS Mr. Kors? If this is what happens when the show is shot in L.A., it's reason enough to permanently relocate to NY.

i just didnt get the win. i thought the skirt was to short. whateveah. i agreee they need to step it up a notch on the challenges.

did anyone else think heidi was rude at the models apartment?

go take a nap boys, you have been working overtime for us!

Julia said...

"Marc Bouwer made me think of a blonde Michael Jackson."


Yup. It's the, um, "overly refined" nose.

I wasn't impressed with this outfit, it's cute but not the best. No Duchess or Nina? That always makes for a very weak judging. It was actually uncomfortable, to me at least, to watch Jennifer Rade last night (and I like her). The girl tried too hard.

First I don't hate Althea, but this so did not desrve the win.

Both Jenny and Zoe were so gushing - the BEST suit evah and how they HAD to have it! Ladies you are both about 10 years past wearing the thing. First impression was that the length was deserving of that "vulgar" label the judges throw out there. Then seeing the pics here the, shape was not good either.

Based on the other designers comments, they also thought it looked sloppy. I hated the pegged sleeves that stopped at the elbow. They looked so unfinished. Can't see enough detail to know whether the jacket was good or not.

Zoe said she'd only wore a suit once and then hung her head in shame. I'd hang my head in shame if I'd been on a national tv show acting like such an ---.

JENNY first asked whether Vanessa model liked the dress and THEN said something along the line of, well Vanessa then it is a good thing you are not a designer. JENNY, they identify you as a stylist not a women's wear designer. (Ok I see costume designer in her title also, but we all saw how much Chris had to progress to not have that title be an "insult".)

I know we'll get there but the disdain these judges had for wearability and Mark's attitude that Johnny's could be worn be ANYBODY was a negative? No Mark, designers should only make outfits that work on size 0, 6 foot tall teenagers.

well, I'm glad you guys clarify it for me, because when I saw the winning look I thought she was wearing shorts, not a skirt (I missed the beginning of the episode though). I thought it was ok, but not deserving of all the gushing of the judges, especially considering how they tore down Qristal about a black dress, when this outfit was definitely all black, except for the gray T shirt.
I think Heidi does not have a problem with boob support if the boobs are big, but Matar (Epperson's model) is not so well endowed, so she needed "support", is it a code for a push-up bra? confusing.....
finally, I did not like at all how the Jennifer or Jessica judge (the one dressing Angelina) put down Valerie, totally unnecessary....
anyway, I did not guess right the top or bottom, so no beautiful Emmett coat for me :-(

I'm guessing that The Duchess and La nina got sick of being in LA and flew the coop all the way back to NYC where you can grab a cab or a slice from practically anywhere in the city.

I don't know what show Jennifer Rade thought she was on, but she was rude and toally overstepped her bounds as a guest judge. I've seen her on E! and I think (???) the dreadful, "How Do I Look?" In fact, I think that's the exact show that she THOUGHT she was on in last night's episode. I really do think that she thought that it was the judge's responsibility to degrade and humiliate someone (why the model and not the designer?) for the look in question. I really, really miss Michael Kors and Nina. And even Heidi seems a bit off. If this continues, it's going to be a very long and ugly season.

- edina -

I forgot to add --- like many other posters, I assumed that Althea's look included "shorts" and not a skirt, which doesn't exactly change my opinion that the outfit was not very successful.

- edina -

Nope, don't like it at all. The whole thing just looks way too sloppy to me. And the boobage! Reminds me of back in junior high school, when some girls refused to wear a bra, even though they clearly *needed* one.

Athough, take a look at Althea there. She could probably use some better support herself.

I realize that everybody's going to criticize Loudmouth Judge, Bouncing Boobs, and the shafting of Epperson and Shirin. BUT . . .

I'd just like to compliment the producers on this episode. There were thirteen designers AND thirteen models in that workroom, and the producers did a magnificent job of editing that happy cacophony of people and creation into a very smooth, truly interesting (and long! nice and long!) montage.

Sixty four thumbs up for them!

Thank you! I did not understand what the hell was going on with the judging last night, and to know I am on the same page as TLo is very reassuring.
If I was forced to wear a suit that made me look like Althea's, I would cry and I don't have Tanisha's body to start off with.

But mainly though, and I know this is already a trending theme in the comments, why was Epperson the one slammed for lack of support in his bodice? That tank top was truly terrible.

The jacket was okay, everything else was a hot mess

I was completely bored during this episode, at times I found myself paying more attention to my computer than the TV screen.

Yes. Hated the tank top, and looking at the photos - is that fabric slightly diaphanous? Combine that with the bounciness effect, and to me you have one of the tackiest little grey tank tops ever.

I watched this episode twice last night, not because it was great, but because I thought for sure I had missed something when they were explaining what the challenge was. I mean, hneh? Make a dress for your model? No green fabric restrictions or innovative fabrics? I miss the crazy challenges of earlier seasons.


Blah, blah, blah: Another boring challenge.

Blah, blah, blah: Good idea; bad execution.

Blah, blah, blah: I want my favorite judges back.

Lifetime: You are being BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

I keep channel flipping during those LONG EXTENDED LADY TIME commercial breaks .... Did anyone else watch Proenza Schouler on Sundance? Cute boys, lovely clothes, sewing drama, fashion show ... everything I wasn't getting on PRW last night.

Although, Chris and Logan were still cute last night, but you know what I'm sayin.

Just sayin.

I'm totally losing my patience with this season. I only see talent in maybe four of the designers. The challenges have been boring, the models are nowhere near the caliber of, say, a Grace, Mazri or Camilla. No Nina, no Michael. Crappy looking designs winning. No NYC. So much just wrong here.
I'm just getting to the point where I don't care much anymore, and the only reason to watch is because of TLo and this great blog!
I'm cranky this morning, and with good reason. Last night's episode was pure crapola.

I think the issue for me has been that this look was very much on trend - when it was filmed, which was a long while ago. Now, it just looks "done". I've seen it a thousand times.

But more importantly...I loved the comment "I've never worn a suit before, but I would wear this." Its a great, fun look for a party, but worn as a suit? I had a flash of myself walking into court in something so short with no bra, and just started laughing.

If they're missing Michael and/or Nina next week, I give up! They are a big part of why I watch PR. Tim, Nina, and Michael - I want hear what they have to say. The designers come and go, but the experience and consistency of Tim and the judges (could take or leave Heidi) keeps me watching.

I hated this. I thought she was in the bottom, for sure.

Next week's challenge is definitely a "create something pretty from a newspaper." That bores me too. We've had paper dresses in the past.

This week's boring episode did nothing but weed out another lower tier designer. Mission accomplished.

What's startling to me personally is how much I miss MK and NG. I used to think that the show wouldn't work without Tim Gunn, but now I'm feeling the same way about our two AWOL judges.

So, let's get on to next week. I hope our judging trio is intact and I am steeling myself for lots of folded, sculpted strapless dresses made out of painted editions of the LA Times.


MouseAnony said...

"I'd just like to compliment the producers on this episode. There were thirteen designers AND thirteen models in that workroom, and the producers did a magnificent job of editing that happy cacophony of people and creation into a very smooth, truly interesting (and long! nice and long!) montage."


I agree. When one gets enough of it to see even a little of what the designers are doing, what Tim is talking about, what comments models and designers are making about the garments AND seeing the garments - that makes the show for me.

You can tell that she designed the first finale collection, based on this look.

The look would have been MUCH better if the model had worn proper foundation for the bouncers. That would have yanked them up an inch or two, and the proportions would have worked better.

What's wrong with propping up the girls? This model really needs the support.

*Diaper* was my reaction when I saw the outfit. Something was v. wrong with that skirt.

Color me confused on the bra issue, too.

i'm not dorothy gale

Jeez, that was a SKIRT? I thought it was bloomers. Rumpled, messy and ill-fitting; the ecstacy over a "suit" rang false.

I think these episodes probably suffered from that issue Tim mentioned in an interview a while back: the Bravo lawsuit forced the producers to cancel or alter a number of challenges on short notice because they tied into Lifetime properties. Hopefully the worst of that is over, and we'll start getting some nontraditional materials challenges and such.

But agreed, I'm tired of guest judges and am more than ready to see something different in the challenges. I'll wait for next week before I start getting impatient.

TLo, I don't get the winner either. Too short, strange boobs, ugly jacket. Ew.
And Qristil didn't deserve the auf at all. Ok, little black dress but I thought nicely executed. Even Logan's was kinda cute and fun.

Johnny's dress was just a pile of crap.

I'm calling shenanigans on this episode.

i'm not dorothy gale

And a nod to SmartAss " Did anyone else watch Proenza Schouler on Sundance? Cute boys, lovely clothes, sewing drama, fashion show ... everything I wasn't getting on PRW last night."

This is a TERRIFIC series, "The Day Before" or something like that, documenting the hours before runway. All you PR fans need to see this if you have Sundance. Now THAT is fashion drama!!

THANK YOU! I was stunned that they thought the baloon diaper was such a good look. It was NOT flattering!

And I thought: where is the Duchess???

And by the way, when did Jersey fall below burlap, polyester, and upholstery fabric for a dress?

I know Jenny - TG I am not a designer but a fine cotton or rayon or silk jersey just drapes and feels wonderful in my book.

The only good part of this episode was when Tim said "You have 30 minutes to caucus". It sounded sort of naughty.

It is hard to decide which of Jennifer Rade's comments were more inappropriate: her uncalled-for bitchiness to Valerie, or her sexual harassment of Logan. Yea, I get that that was exactly the reaction Logan was going for (which does not exactly speak highly of his talent), but that does not make it an appropriate comment for her to have made. She came off as pathetic, trying too hard, and in need of a valium. I agree with Qristyl's aufing, but it is hard to really care with the combination of no Kors and Nina, and this total whack-job in the 4th chair.

Amy on 9/11/09 at 10:33 AM said....If they're missing Michael and/or Nina next week, I give up! They are a big part of why I watch PR. Tim, Nina, and Michael - I want hear what they have to say. The designers come and go, but the experience and consistency of Tim and the judges (could take or leave Heidi) keeps me watching.

IMHO, I think Heidi has definitely stepped up her game. Her comments are rarely out of left field unlike that wacko degrading the model for no apparent reason other than screen time. The bitch was not there to judge the model...Off with her head!


They need to move the show back to NYC. It's faltering in L.A.
I miss Kors and Nina as well.

I was surprised that she won --talk about "boobs all over the place," these were jiggling and bouncing like tennis balls in the dryer.

Gordana gets shafted again. But out of all three "top" designs, I liked Althea's the best.

Thanks MouseAnony for pointing out the production editing - more time for seeing the workroom process is the one real benefit of MOTR from what I can see as taking the model selection out does provide more time for the workroom scenes.

Lulu, I think that Althea's support (or lack thereof) probably guarantees her more camera time. It seems like that's where the camera crew are focusing. And how many of us really thought that Logan was going home when he was up in the final two against Qristyl? Not hardly, especially after the one judge's (inappropriate) comments.

I guess I'm showing my age - when I saw the blond judge, I thought "Nureyev's blond (much younger) brother."

TLo, will you be providing your faithful minions with a mid-term evaluation of the Lifetime PR?


I sort of liked it when they did challenges using people other than the models. But now with the MOTR Show - will we even get any of that...?

David Bowie's gay brother was a good judge, but I got tired of that puffy haired drag queen. She got kind of mean, especially with Valerie.

I thought this was high end hoochie. I uber short balloon skirt? That looked very weird proportion wise. And her boobs were doing the chacha whenever she took just one step. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.

I did not like this dress at all. The top is super tramp. The skirt is way too short and the jacket is just okay.None of my choices for the win were even in the top three.
But of the ones these LA judges picked as toppers I would have gone with Carol Hannah.

The challenge and judging were respectively boring and whack. Will Nina and/or MK be MIA all season? One guest judge a week is plenty - they can't evaluate a designer's growth or lack thereof. So far they're leaving that to Heidi. Hmmmm. Plus we need our Ninacaps.

Is Tim getting a totally adorable edit or what?

Anyone notice how much Jennifer looks like John Kerry in drag?
I agree, Epperson's dress was the best IMO.

Florence said: Anyone notice how much Jennifer looks like John Kerry in drag?

Yeah, also kind of like the love child of Cher and Kerry.

"They look like they're not speaking to each other at the moment". LMAO.

Hated it. Messy, ill-fitting, and unattractive.

Oh, thank GOD! Last night I thought I was losing my mind. THIS was the winning look? What planet am I on?

Yes--where was Heidi with all her "boob" talk on this outfit? Those girls were bouncing like Chihuahua puppies!

Yes--this was mid-pack for sure.

Yes--I miss the Duchess and Nina! Honestly, this look would not have been the winner if they had been judging.

And emphatically yes--when are we going to have a creative, fun challenge? Something other than "Make a pretty outfit."

I was impressed last night with a whole lot of the outfits. Louise and Gordana did great, innovative looks. I'm wondering whether Gordana will ever get her props on this show.

This is a talented bunch. It's also a nice bunch, now that the Child of the Corn has gone back to his maze.

But the challenges and the judging? Both are leaving much to be desired.

Yeah. I thought this was middle too. And when it was being called forward, I assumed it was as a loser.

It just looks sloppy to me, and boring. Women adapting men's jackets? Yawn. Marlene & Judy did it better.

Tanisha's tits scare the hell out of me. That is one crappy boob job. Or...two, I guess. Her nipples are insane!

A bra may have helped, but those funbags seem to have a life of their own. I'm not sure mere lingerie could contain them. I suspect Fetus in fitu. Quaaaaiiiid!!!!!

TLo's point about a stylist and an editor digging this for it's trendiness makes sense. And makes me miss The Duchess and Ms. Nina even more. (kinda liked Mr. Bouwer though!)

my jaw dropped when i realized they were going to give althea the win. that outfit screamed forever 21 to me (is that a west coast thing?). the swinging boobage was extremely distracting and tacky. made the whole thing worse for me.

i didn't think logan's was really that offensive, just chip looking.

as an aside, tim's reaction to epperson relaying matar's instructions was priceless.

Couldn't agree with you two any more. Althea 's look was the very dictionary definition of "kindasorta." Not awful, kind of on trend, but SLOPPY.

Thank you, THANK YOU for mentioning the two things that I was saying to my TV last night: "What about the boobs on THIS one, Heidi?" and "That skort thing looks like a freakin' diaper!" I am an Althea fan, and I like the idea of a suit, so I am happy to see her recognized....but not for this. Miss Y'All or even Epperson should have won, IMO. But I guess those two dresses weren't short enough for Heidi.

And I think that Jennifer Rade was INCREDIBLY rude to Valerie. I know that these things are edited for maximum shock value, but it was pretty obvious that her rude comments were shown as is.

Bring back Michael and Nina! They might be blunt, but their criticisms are at least constructive.

I still remember Marc Bouwer from one of the cycles of ANTM where he made comments about how specifically sized he likes his models to be. His glossy pink lipstick was distracting on PR.

I don't understand why Althea's outfit won when several of the outfits in the middle of the pack were so much better. Nicholas's white and silver dress was beautiful and looked very well made. Yet somehow a t-shirt, a standard jacket, and a too-short skirt (all of which weren't that well made) wins? Who's making these decisions?

I think the MK and NG being gone had something to do with timelines. It looked to me like there was some timeline shenanigans editing done..did anyone else notice that Heidi wore the same hair but like 3 different outfits? As for the fashion? I would also have chosen CHW over Epperson.

The other thing that really bothered us was the proportions on this look.

Yes! It looked like it was made for someone a totally different size, like a little person or a child. Maybe because it's black and the lighting is awful on the runway but I just couldn't make out the details. The whole outfit seemed weird and nebulous.

What is the "new bra" they were talking about. Is that some type of boob sticker or strapless bra, or did they just mean she needed a new bra?

I always hated Kors and Nina-prene so I'm sort of glad they're gone. If only Tim could be a permanent judge!

I was waiting for someone to insist that Jennifer Rade s.t.f.u. ... and I usually like a girl who doesn't have anything nice to say.

I spotted The Dutchess this weekend in Cherry Grove. I had to stop myself from asking him WTF?
Any idea when he will be back?

Oh, and agreement with Kitty on Rade's creepy drooling, and with SewSew on her mention of Louise and Gordana. Loved both of those dresses and how they fit their clients' wishes and figures.

I think I may be one of the few people who really liked the winning outfit -- although I agree there were garments that could have beaten it. It was super on trend, and while it didn't show off Tanisha's waist, it did show her legs going out. To. There. Which is always good for a model, especially runway.

That said, I thought the entire time that the skirt was shorts, and would have liked the whole outfit better if it had been.

I hate it when they have the models do more than model. In general, they're too young and inexperienced to have a true sense of style . . . Blue jumpsuit? Royal blue outfit with gold trim?

The better designs seem to come from the models that didn't have a clue what they wanted.

In the previews for next week, they showed Zoe giving a critique, so it looks like we'll be missing Nina once more.

Tlo, I don't want to come off as sycophantic, but I agreed with every word of this entry!

Did anyone else think Nicholas's dress for Celine should have been in the top 3? He's certainly in contention for another Heidi award with it, but I thought it was chic, sexy, and perfect for Celine's lanky body.

Robert said:

Who's making these decisions?

9/11/09 11:50 AM

for this episode, the two female guest judges who went gaga over the outfit certainly played a big role in althea getting the win.

The problem with Heidi as a judge is that she is really only qualified to talk about whether the outfit is something she personally would wear and a little about the fit(having had many thousands of outfits fitted to her body). Her comments generally focus just on these issues.

This perspective is entirely valid in the usual judging panel - Heidi represents the 'client' in that she actually chooses and wears runway outfits in her daily life, but it is very limited.

Nina and the Duchess bring a much broader knowledge of the history of fashion, of current trends, of what other designers are doing, and of the level of craftsmanship required to execute a particular look.

Create a judging panel which is top heavy with Heidi and stylists etc. and it merely becomes an exercise in 'would I or my client wear that'. I was grateful last night that the blond designer guy at least commended Epperson on his spectacular craftsmanship with difficult materials, but that went completely over Heidi's head.

Having said which I was amazed that more comment wasn't made about the obvious fit issues on Althea's dress. I can only think that they were blinded by the 'but she made three pieces' meme without questioning the level of execution on any of them.

Oh, thank you, TLO and fans thereof, for helping a kid out. We watched last night and had put the 'top two' looks into OUR BOTTOM TWO. Our top two looks were relegated to the "you're in but you didn't win" pile.
We just sat there in disbelief. Neither the Duchess nor Nina, I don't think, would have let that nonsense fly last night. Sigh, I miss them so.

1. Mike B. typed I think these episodes probably suffered from that issue Tim mentioned in an interview a while back: the Bravo lawsuit forced the producers to cancel or alter a number of challenges on short notice because they tied into Lifetime properties.

Thanks. This would explain some things and that's all I ask for; reasonable explanations.

2. I didn't hate Althea's outfit. I just wasn't wowed by it. Then again, I wasn't particularly wowed by Epperson's, either. The judging criteria seems to be off on what the challenge was suppose to be - models wearing something that highlights their uniqueness. What the hell *that* has to do with two non-model judges wanting to wear the winning design's beyond me but that's just been sort of par for the course this season.

3. I've seen some designs that are good enough, or interesting enough, to give me hope that the designer cream will rise to the top and present good (although already out-of-date) collections. We've still got 12 designers. I find that even during the stronger years only three designers at the most make any true impact on me and most of them make the finals so we still have a long way to go.

Guess I'm either slow to boil or just not panicking yet... .

I disagree with the judges's decision.

1. If I recall, the top wasn't even properly finished.

2. She looked like a trashy, Wall Street secretary

3. Do models wear suits to "industry events?"

4. Shouldn't part of this challenge involved the models actually attending said event in the dress and then the re-judge, afterwards, based on "industry" comments and how the outfit held up? The inside scoop could have been included on MOTR.

Personally, I liked Carol Hannah's dress the best. Sewn beautifully, and classy. Wasn't quite sure what the deal was with Althea design. Kind of missed the mark.

Hey, does anyone besides me think that the runway scenes are choppy which makes it kind of hard to really see the designs?

Summer said:

"Did anyone else think Nicholas's dress for Celine should have been in the top 3? He's certainly in contention for another Heidi award with it, but I thought it was chic, sexy, and perfect for Celine's lanky body."

Nicolas's dress was the only dress I liked out of all 13 of them. Not only that, but he listened to his client and really set out to make something for Celine's body (watch Tim's critique of Nicolas on the lifetime website) and to her favorite colors and what she likes. As for being too short, it was no shorter than all the other dresses besides SpellCheQ's and Logan's dresses, and Althea's was wayyyyyy shorter.

I didn't get it either.
This is not the first time Althea forgot to take Tanisha's bust size into consideration. The maternity challenge, hello?
Based on how she described the concept to Tim, I expected something different and was disappointed. I think she ran out of time.

Nicollas's dress was my favorite. On MOTR, didn't someone compliment Celine on the dress and wanted to know more about it? A dress like that would stand out at an industry party a lot more than what won.

I have to say that what I liked most about the MOTR after this episode was seeing which models didn't wear their outfits to the party. I figured that they would pretty much have to be going to an actual industry party afterwards, so I don't know why it was such a surprise to some of them when Heidi came up to the loft and told them that that's exactly what was going to happen.

so I don't know why it was such a surprise to some of them when Heidi came up to the loft and told them that that's exactly what was going to happen

I wondered at that too -- but then I figured it was a timing thing. Heidi probably announced the "industry event" and explained the challenge to the models before they met with the designers.

I am so relieved to see that you guys had some questions on this outfit because we scratched our heads at their decision to give her the win last night too. The pleating in the skirt and the interesting waistband was nice and structured pleating is really in lately, so I completely got that, but from the waist up, I didn't understand why the win. The looked a mess, and I'm sure that was more about the supporting undergarments than anything else but ultimately she dressed her model and she should have said something... And the jacket - it was cute, but looking at it last night, it looked rather poorly constructed. I've used that type of fabric before, so I can vouch for the fact that it's not as forgiving as some but it just looked sloppy

It's so messy! I can't actually name which dress would have been the winning design for me since I didn't watch closely. I'm so bored! I need an off-the-wall challenge, like weaving a dress from spaghetti. I spent last night's show listening while Photoshopping pictures.

This was a bogus win. Nicholas' dress was by far a superior dress and he wasn't even in the top three.

This outfit was sloppy, diaper-esque, and not flattering.

Glad I'm not the only one who found the challenge boring. I ended up flipping channels. I haven't done that during PR in years!

This my first ever post, but I thought after having this blog as my homepage for over a year it's worth sticking my two-pence in here too :) First of all, thank you to the wonderful TLo! You've brightened up my day many a time!

As for this look, the win was totally undeserved. The concept was very interesting, but the execution was only so so. And how did Frau Seal miss those boobies after making such a fuss about Epperson's dress?! I mean there's nothing wrong with not wearing a bra, but when those babies are practically staring you in the eye it's kinda creepy.

Minou Mechant

Well, for the second week in a row I have nailed the bottom three designers (not THAT way, you people have filthy minds, and I love you for it!) and guessed wrong on the top three. I am convinced this is because I am basing my picks on past experience watching the Duchess and La Nina, and without them there it is simply a crap shoot. And I do mean a crap shoot!

I mean, how in the hell am *I* supposed to know what Prince Valiant's taste in dresses is? We all know Heidi is going to go for the holy trifecta of cheap every time, but usually she gets outvoted. Between watching what were in my opinion the best designers this week get dispatched off to 'also ran' land and aching to slap a feedbag full of oats on that braying ass of a guest judge to shut her up, this was a very un-pleasing episode for me.

Oh well, at least the booze was good.

ok, I get it. Althea is being groomed to be in the top 3. IMO, her model walked the shit out of that disaster, and that's what won, not Althea.

How is it that nobody noticed that the grey shirt was not full coverage??? You can see, not her nipples, but areola! BRAS people, Bras!

I hated this look, it couldn't be flattering on anyone, really.

My favorite look was Gordana's, and she was put in the middle. What?


This episode might also qualify as the one Time said had crazy judging where he's love to buy the winning garment and make the guest judge wear it.

...the one Tim said...


The crack pipe is apparently still circulating among the judges. This outfit looks like a hooker's idea of business power dressing. I am so tired of micro-mini skirts. Tacky! Cheap! Boring!

Heidi as main judge = short and tight for the win. Uh huh.

Agree with you completely about the short-waisted look being unattractive, and about the lack of support for poor Tanisha's breasts. This isn't the first time Althea's failed to support those breasts, either.


Oh my goodness... TLo's sentiments parallel mine if anything they may have been kind. I am glad Althea won because I like her and all, but... I just cannot believe that a model, designer and editor would select this as a winning look, a stylist perhaps, but not the other three. OK the brief, as broad as it was (make something pretty indeed) was to make an outfit for a model to wear to an event where she would get noticed. Now Tanisha is already shorter and curvier than the average model and she was put in an outfit that accentuated those two attributes. Brickhouse should have been playing as she stomped down the runway, a selection that an "average" woman would be thrilled to strut to, but a death knell in the anti-Lilliputian-thinspo world of modeling.

It surprises me how much I miss the Duchess and Nina. I REALLY MISS THEM.

I really don't get why this won. While I get the concept, and have worn similar outfits, this just looks ill fitted and sloppy. The skirt looks too big, the jacket looks too small, and the camisole is nice but that girl needs support!

Maybe all she needed was a good bra to get this outfit up to snuff.

The judges are just baffling me this season.

To be honest, I wouldn't have picked any of the top three looks. Carol Hannah's was cheap and tacky; Epperson's was short, tight and shiny, and we all know what that means. Of the three, I liked Althea's the best but I had exactly the same problems with the shape of the skirt and lack of support up top.

But for me, Irina's and especially Nicolas's were much, much better.

yeah - im with you on questioning the win. this outfit need more time & another fitting to be a winner. as is - it just looks sloppy. but the model worked the hell out of it on the catwalk.

supposedly next week's b&w challenge - looks like recycling newspaper. so it should be more interesting.

Totally agree that Lifetime needs to step it up on the creativity of the challenges. That and the lack of Nina and Michael are my two biggest annoyances of moving to Lifetime. It's like Lifetime is relying too heavily in the casting and having the contestants create the drama than placing them in creative/extreme circumstances and seeing what new and innovative things they can come up with! Isn't that why we love PR so much and started watching?

Remember Austin's corn husk dress? Remember Jay's Chrystler Building dress? Chris and Christian's Avante Garde entry? These are the creations we LOVE to see! All the runway shows have been less than spectacular. I don't think that is solely on talent but mostly on the designers playing it safe and the challenges not being challenging enough! I want to see a dress made of Twizzlers and garbage for cripes sake!

I know this is bad, but thank goodness they still have Tim Gunn. Without him I think I would be flipping the channel on PR. Get it together Lifetime, so far the season has been pretty BORING, I want my PR back. Just because it looks the same doesn't mean it's the same. :(

I totally agree! I saw this and thought... ugh. It makes her look dumpy.

After waiting a year for the new season of PR we get THIS drivel? Only middling designers, NO Duchess or Nina for weeks at a time with JOQT (Judges of Questionable Taste) in their stead. Now, I don't always agree with Michael and Nina, but I look forward to what they have to say and their comments are usually right on target. I am SO fed up with this season. The only reason I'm the least interested at this point is so I know to what TLo are referring in their blogs, which is the high point of the PR season for me.

I like Althea but don't get this win at all - unflattering and badly executed. My top three would have been Epperson (tho I would have lengthened the dress a wee bit), Nicholas and the winner in the Most Innovative/Most Ignored category, Gordana. WHEN is she going to get some well-deserved attention? Wake me when it's over...

I loved Marc Bouwer when his name was Robin Zander and he sang in Cheap Trick. Good to see he still has the same red shirt (or was that Kraftwerk?)

I wonder if Nina and the Great Pumpkin lost enthusiasm for making those cross-country flights to LA and back.

This challenge = fail.

Uh, she looks like she's playing a secretary in a porno. Blech.

I agree that the jacket was cute. I also agree that the skirt looked like a diaper. Uhg...

It just didn't work for me. It was messy and too short. Not my pick for the win.

Ugh. That top.

But, I like the walk-away diaper back.

I just DO NOT GET the judges, that is horrible.

My teenage son watches each week and his first comment was:

"Looks like she is wearing a diaper" and the next was:
"boobies, she's all kinds of hot"
(what do you expect from a 17 year old hetro guy?)

so there ya go.
Boobs and a diaper look bottom.
what all women want....

Althea managed to pull off something really difficult -- to make a top that both pulled and flapped around the boobs at the same time. The fit was bad. The proportions were all wrong. The workmanship appeared shoddy. Plus, it showed extremely poor judgment to take on a 3-piece garment when Althea knew she had only a day to execute it. RaMon had it right last week... capital WTF.

I hated this outfit. It looks sloppy. It makes the model look misproportioned. Her tits were flying everywhere yet looked like they were sitting on her waist like a seventy-year-old bra-eschewing hippie's. The skirt was ridiculous: it looked like she needed to pull it down at least four inches, and it probably still would have looked like a badly-pinned cloth diaper. The jacket was all right, but I've seen ones just like it at practically every single department store I've ever been to this past year. Those judges were all smoking crack, and "Loudmouth" especially can kiss my ever-expanding lily-white ass for her completely unnecessary and deeply unhelpful case of bitchmouth.

Outfit: FAIL.
Challenge: EPIC FAIL.

Yeah, uh, every time I look at the outfit I just see the bouncing boobs as she went down the runway, and I can't actually judge what I think of it, other than I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have given it the win.

Also, if Heidi is so "obsessed with boobs" then why on earth didn't she notice that?

I like Althea, but wow, that was not a winner. I, too, yelled, "BOOBS!" as soon as I saw her walking. She's too young & skinny to have them hanging that low already. And with the way the outfit shortened her torso, it looked at times like the waistband was the only support they were going to have when they finally stopped moving.

one two three four, I declare a boob war!

I saw it too.

What IS an industry event? Was there a brief?

I thought it was shorts until I read the T-Lo blog. That's too short for suit skirt. And the two inches between the droopy boobies and the waist made it unwearable for anyone but giraffe-like women. Great jacket and I liked the use of puce.

My favorite dress was Heidi's, I loved it and thought she looked super, natch.

i'm not dorothy gale said...

"And a nod to SmartAss " Did anyone else watch Proenza Schouler on Sundance? Cute boys, lovely clothes, sewing drama, fashion show ... everything I wasn't getting on PRW last night."

This is a TERRIFIC series, "The Day Before" or something like that, documenting the hours before runway...."

Not dorothy, I absolutely could not bear to watch last night's episode a second time (my usual Thursday night ritual) so I tuned in to Sundance and saw it. I've checked Sundance's website and it really looks pretty fabulous. (I'm a huge fan of fashion docs anyway) I'm all set for several weekend viewings and recommend the series to PR fans or anyone with a love of all things fashion.

- edina -

It looked scrunched up, like she went to pee and never got herself situated again.

I just wanted to yank the damn thing into place.

And I was basically screaming BOOBS at my television.

I think Althea's got a problem with support.

She's a nice girl and may even be a pretty good designer, but her own (very lovely) boobage could use a better lift.

There's got to be out-takes of Heidi criticizing this, right?

That swinging bag of titties drove me apeshit! And not in a good way. Especially after Heidi made those boob comments. All the dsigners are going to need some therapy to figure out if they're good or not because there is no consistency from these flippities bitches. If the Dutchess and Nina aren't back next week I ain't gonna watch. I'm just going to wait for you guys to crank up the hamsters and start blogging.

Ugh! I am so bored with this season! I spend most of the show playing Peggle on my iphone.

Especially because there was no REASON she couldn't have been wearing a bra. Like, some designs, no bra but I get it, probably the models don't bring 20 different bras to the fittings to try on one that fits the straps, but your bog-standard bra would have been FINE for that tank top. Argh.

I did not get it either. I mean who could wear such short skirt? I guess a model could but still I was bored

Holy Side Boob Batman!

Adding the fact that you can see exactly where her nipple is in that picture... There's about a half inch of cheap jersey between her and disaster.

Thanks to Mike B. for your comments about the challenges. The first week I had asked about it because I had heard that the first challenge was a last minute change.

But I still don't know what the original one was.

I'm sorry, but I thought this was flatout ugly. The proportions on the too-short skirt along with the shirt, which looked like something Tanisha had walked off the street in, canceled out whatever interest was in the details.

Oy, this is going to be a long season if after every episode one starts to wonder if *that* was the one Tim was talking about when he mentioned the wack judging in that interview.

The big, soft, squishy nipples showing through... ga-ross!

The boobs could've bounced down that runway by themselves in that ugly colored sheer tank. Is there a shortage of bras on the Macy's accessory wall???

That was a skirt?? Looks like a Hefty cinch bag. I thought it was shorts/skort/a cut-off pillowcase tied with a string.

And I really couldn't see the details on the jacket. Black does nothing on that runway except look like a hole in the wall.

Of the top three, I would have chosen Epperson's, though I wish it wasn't so so short, which I am just sick of. Stop turning women into streetwalkers please.

Carol Hannah had a perfect fit on her skirt, but the material was tacky. I did like the top very much.

I also loved Gordana's and Louise's dresses, though Louise's I have seen before. Nicolas' dress didn't fit properly for me with the boobs - crushed her little boobettes down and then gaped on the sides as she moved. I didn't dig that. But the dress below the boogs looked great.

I also miss the Duchess and La Nina. Ms. Rude was obnoxious and belongs back on the hideous "How Do I Look?" Talk about trying too hard to be cool and hip and knowledgeable. Just again - lame judging. I want to see them design something completely off the wall, not more dresses.


Remembering that this was taped over a year ago, I thought the outfit was terribly fashion forward...well, for America. You can now find this exact boyfriend blazer in every department store in town. When I was in Paris last year, every girl in the 7th arr was wearing the top part of this outfit like it was the national uniform.

I'm certain this is what the judges were responding to...

Of course, I grew less enthusiastic about the win when I watched MOTR. That Tanisha is what me and the girls call c#nty.

I don't think that t-shirts/tanks are expected to provide any boob support (except for maybe a little shelf bra or lining), so I can't really fault Heidi for not criticizing the designer for that. Tanisha needed to be wearing a bra. Now, if the top was ill-fitting (which it may have been), that is a design issue.

The jacket was nice, the skirt was promising, but I agree with MousAnony that the trendiness and novelty (it being a suit) were what put this at the top. The concept won rather than the execution.

I liked FIVE dresses more than this one (including the other two in the top five, plus Irina's, Louise's, and Nicolas's.) This was in the lower part of the middle imo.

I didn't put Gordana in the top three this week because I just don't think the judges like her stuff. I don't know why, since the judges are different every week. Maybe it's the model.

I don't believe that you can escape going short and tight when clothing models and young starlets. It seems to be the trend on the red carpet now for the younger girls. Therefore, I'm not going to knock anybody for going short--granted, it needs to be in proportion, and a couple of these could have been a few inches longer.

Remember some of the challenges in the past, where the models actually went to parties, or the designers had to "sell themselves" and their design in a store? I like those more complex challenges; not gimmicky, just more specific and detailed.

I don't doubt that Tanisha made quite a splash at the industry event wearing that outfit!

P.S. I can see Nina going for the winning design (depending on execution issues) because it was on trend. But I'm pretty sure Kors would have hated it.

At first I thought the judges were kidding. Bring back Nina and Michael. This pedestrian and ugly outfit would never have passed muster with them. I must add that my coworker disagrees with me, thinking the look current and stylish. Meh.

Why do the models on this show never wear bras, or at the least nipple petals? The sagging just makes the garment look worse! It's definitely a shirt she could wear a bra under without it showing, so why not? Ugh.

I'm aiming to be uninfluenced by other commenters so am just responding to TLo's review. You guys are absolutely, positively RIGHT ON! The comments on the jiggly boobs totally echo what I was thinking after Heidi dumped on Epperson -- Matar is a flat chested model whose gold is in her waist, buns, and hips so why the lack of bra there was a problem worthy of being called out I can't fathom. However, on this winning dress the absence of proper support was an egregious FAIL. Yet that was conveniently overlooked while all aspects of the design were hailed by the judging panel, when only the jacket was worthy of positive note. The outfit overall was too short, too bubble-y, and unflattering, all of which you aptly pointed out.

I'm missing Michael big time, and three weeks without him is ridiculous. Nina, not missed so much after some of her questionable judgements on the surfwear/AG challenge. It seems like the judges are doing fine (IMO anyway) in picking out the designer who should go home but a lot of their other picks for top, middle, and bottom are highly suspect! There were a lot of good looks last night (including a number relegated to the middle) and Epperson and Carol Hannah got robbed. (Also Johnny's was actually the worst to me but am more than fine with Q leaving.)

Thanks again for your many astute observations and humorous comments --

Too short. And I honestly couldn't believe that was the winner.
And that has to be the first time in PR history that the designeris taller than the model!

I think Althea won because the challenge was to make their clients happy and her model, pleased as punch, sold the shit out it. And she had three pieces, and it was trendy. And the jacket was cute as can be. Not my favorite outfit, but I am constantly surprised at how talented that young woman is.

Sad to see Valerie go. She is a stunner. She had bad luck and it didn't help that she was the most mature model of the bunch. And I hope she watches out for that creep from Ed Hardy. Ugh. What a lame ass "industry party".

I haaaated the winning outfit. That unflattering skirt was so short that the model's lady bits were threatening to take their own walk down the runway. And, is it just me or was creepy Loudmouth judge HITTING on Logan? Yuck. Honestly if Kors and Garcia don't return, I'm not sure I'm going to...

Nearly everything I wanted to say has been said ... but that never stopped me before ...

1. The Green Lantern's Lampshade dress was an auf. Why wasn't that in the bottom three at least?? Q's dress wasn't exciting, but it wasn't a total joke, either. No, Q wore a bullseye coming into this challenge and her auf was predictable and just based on this runway, undeserved.

2. Again, some VERY nice stuff stuck in the middle that was better than Dr. CH (chip chip fabric, OK dress) and the winning mess.

3. The winner was a good idea on paper, a sexy suit with a totally on-trend (as of a year ago) cut -- but not on this model, not both a brown bag waist AND tight micro bubble/diaper cut, not without a bra, not with that sheer top fabric and not with really messy execution.

4. Epperson's was a top 3 look, no doubt. Given what the model wanted, the execution was brilliant, but he deserved some criticism (not likely to happen from this panel) for short and chip. Not the chest issue.

Finally: Is there a subplot of Boob Wars (thank you previous commenter for the label) this season? The first episode, and at some point in the second, a male designer I can't remember complained about the lack of boobage on his model. Then Epp gets ripped for, as far as I can tell, having a flat-chested model. The winning design featured scary untamed tits. Will the designers take note? Perhaps this will spill over into some body issue drama on MOTR. Model poaching based on bazooms? Time will tell.

This season is wack. Time for paper! Yay! I'm ready for crazy designs and designers, not insane judging.

On paper, it was a good idea: a sassy, sexy suit that was totally on-trend (as of last year, when the jacket was new). Done properly, it would have stood out from the parade of pretty and/or slutty dresses and caught industry eyes for the model.

That said, the execution, styling, fabric sucked. A paper bag waist, OR a balloon skirt (and even that was diaperesque), not both. A bra and less sheer fabric for the tank, and dare we ask for finished edges? It can LOOK like it was ravaged by shears, but should not in fact be a last-minute cut out. An extra inch in length would have me less worried about spontaneous OB/GYN on the runway.

A middle look, and the bottom of the middle.

And speaking of bottoms, why wasn't the Green Lantern's Lampshade not an automatic, do-not-pass go auf? Q was wearing a bullseye, but based solely on the runway looks, hers was a middle slot and that neon abomination was the worst.

I am really sick of the wack/crack judging. Paper next ... time for wack designs and designers, where the wack belongs.


Sorry for the double (now triple) comment ... I thought the first one was lost and started over. I will be quiet for the next post in apology .......

3 things:

1. Nicolas dress should be on the top 3.

2. Heidi it's getting more bitchy. I think that Heidi wears Prada

3. Good judge Jennifer!

the judges need to put down the crack pipe and step away from the vehicle until Micheal Kors gets back, and Nina too. If they were there, the boobage juggling down the runway like that, the skirt is really weird, too hiked up in the waist and the bottom is wrong as well. I get the idea, but it was "poorly constructed" as Nina would say, and Heidi should have said "it looks cheap, no?"
The top ones didn't even make it to their top three, and Logan, let's face it, that was so ugly, but he's cute and so were his pants and matching sneaks, so they kept him in..and you're right the challenges are sooooo boring, they better get to a dept store, candy store, florist or something quick!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous on 9/11/09 at 10:39 PM said
Sad to see Valerie go. She is a stunner. She had bad luck and it didn't help that she was the most mature model of the bunch. And I hope she watches out for that creep from Ed Hardy. Ugh. What a lame ass "industry party".

Here is the strange thing...If one has every seen an Ed Hardy fashion show, Mr. Christian Audigier always goes for models with boobs, Miami and LA look instead of NYC or Milan, if they happen to be 6 ft so much the better but boobs come first. Althea's model was more his look type than Valerie.


Like many others, I think Althea's idea was good, but her outfit looked a mess on the runway. She should not have gotten the win. The judging gets very confusing as the criteria seems to change: innovation/ideas vs. execution. It's best when these can be combined for a win, but the judges seem to go back and forth about which is more important. Sometimes their decisions seem so arbitrary. I hope this has more to do with the subjective nature of fashion and not the puppeteer producers.

I liked Epperson's dress, but was surprised that Carol Hannah's was chosen for the top 3.

Do you think the judges try to go for a variety of style when choosing the top contenders? I really loved Nikolas's dress and was shocked when he didn't make it - his model looked gorgeous. But, like Epperson's, his dress fit like a body-glove (if I remember correctly) so I was wondering if they put him in the middle so they wouldn't have 2 similar silhouettes up for the win. [Note: I am no fashion maven, so maybe these dresses would not really be considered similar since the styling was so different?]

Are Michael and Nina based in NYC? It's a shame if they're not showing up because of obligations back East. This should have been considered before the move to L.A. was made. I didn't like that they were both MIA this week.

I'm a little surprised at some of the comments about Heidi's judging skills. She does comment on quality of fabrics and workmanship, and I think her perspective on whether or not it is something she would wear is a valid one. I have to admit, however, that I am sometimes surprised by what she wears on the show, but "to each his own."

Polly Glot

I personally thought this look was just very messy. And I could not stand the top. My pick for the win would've been Carol Hannah's. I loved hers.

Way too messy!! Gordana's had some potential, with that cool weaving detail going down the front. Just wish the model's coloring worked better with the color of the dress. Althea's was just . . . careless, and not in a good, "carefree" sort of way. Waist was too high, skirt was too short, even the jacket had an overworked feel.

I actually like this look a lot, despite the issues mentioned by TLo. It wasn't my favorite look, but the judges saw something in this look that excited them. Perhaps everything else bored them and this was the look that stood out.

The model worked it, and the outfit suited her. I think Athea deserved to win, but I could have named 3 other designers that I think could have won also.

Also, if shooting PR in LA makes us miss Nina and Michael this much, please don't ever do it again. I'm guessing the deal they made with Michael is that he has to do most if not all of the last half of the season.

Yeah, I don't get this outfit AT ALL.
I think it's so unattractive!

The judges this week were the WORST. Just the biggest schmucks I have ever seen.

That said, I do think it was probably right to eliminate Qristal, even though I like her.

I think they do truly have the 12 best designers competing now. I just hope those hideous judges from this week never return. I will have to quit watching the show if those smug smart-ass know-nothings return.

They do need more interesting challenges than this.

Next week they'd better be sewing leaves or cereal boxes or auto parts or SOMETHING different!!!

I have to confess that so far I am rather underwhelmed by the show. Which is heartbreaking, darlings.

I have to confess that so far I am rather underwhelmed by the show. Which is heartbreaking, darlings.

I thought this was the best, most stylish concept of the night and the worst execution. I was just happy Epperson didn't win, to be honest, which I thought looked old fashioned and, as someone else said, Pretty Woman-ish.

I thought Louise should have won this won.

To me it just looked gynecological, down to the awkward crumpling of the ill-fitting paper skirt.

I hated this look. That it is very of-the-moment I cannot deny, but that says more ill of the moment than good of the look, to me.


I think it's a cute outfit, but definitely not the winner. Carol-Hannah should have won.

Diaper indeed.

CCGuy said...

When I saw this walk down the runway, my first thought was, 'oh my, that's a mess and she's going to be in the bottom'.

Same here, even the designers in the workroom were making fun of her outfit. You never know with these judges. I miss Nina and Michael.

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