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Congratulations AND Auf Wiedersehen!

Don't look at us! We had nothing to do with it!

Oh, Tim. We could practically hear the cancer cells forming on your skin. We hope you scheduled a doctor's appointment right after shooting ended.

A completely fucked up challenge which yielded fucked up results that ended with fucked up decisions by the judges. We hate to say it, but here it is, folks. Here's the episode that proved that producer manipulation is alive and well under the new regime.

With the announcement of the "original" challenge, we groaned and rolled our eyes and thought "Whatever." They were bound to do some sort of beach-based challenge once they set the show in L.A. It's not the kind of thing we want to see on Project Runway, but after they had the wrestlers on a couple seasons back, this sort of thing seems tame in comparison. Of course, we're going to have a lot to say about the crack-based decisions of the judges in the days to come, but let's focus on the winner and the loser for now.

"I chose to work with Ra'mon. I wanted to work with someone that could carry me on this challenge."

How fucking un-self-aware can one person possibly be? How in the hell does someone get on a reality show competition with that kind of attitude? How in the hell did he think that kind of attitude was appropriate at all? We were puzzled by the hatred for the guy after the previous episodes, and truth be told, we still can't work up the emotions to hate him now. But after his jaw-dropping performance (which consisted of not performing at all) last night, we can say that sending him home was the one RIGHT decision the judges made last night. Which is part of the reason why we sense the fingerprints of the producers on this one. Or at the very least, we sense that the judges had zero respect for the guy and sent him home for that reason alone. Heidi seemed like she was FURIOUS with him.

Aside from a couple seconds of ironing, we didn't see him do one thing last night. And that couldn't have been editing because he openly, almost eagerly, admitted to Heidi that Ra'mon did all the work. Like we said, how un-self-aware can you be? Did he really think that made him look good? To anyone?

And Ra'mon was so clearly edited to be the hero in this little saga. Normally, we would have been able to tell that he was getting the winner's edit, but we couldn't bring ourselves to believe that what they were working on was ever going to wind up anywhere but among the lowest scores.

Well, mission accomplished, producers. It was nothing if not an entertaining hour because we spent the whole time having no idea what the hell was going on - surf wear + avant garde? What? - and no idea how the hell it was going to turn out because EVERY SINGLE GARMENT looked awful to us. In fact, we got an email from a PR alum right after the episode declaring it the worst runway show ever seen in the history of Project Runway. If it's not, it's close to it. We're having a hard time remembering when there was so much ass on the runway at once. And we don't think that was due to lack of talent. There's plenty of talent in this bunch. It was the bizarre challenge that yielded those results.

Model: Fatma Dabo

This was...okay. That's it. An okay dress that a first-year fashion student could have put together.

Are the boobs and the straps supposed to be that uneven? A deliberate titscrepancy? Who can say? Pass the crack pipe!

It's just your basic flowy drapey dress in a pretty fabric with a big ol' belt. Done and done. You know what it's not? SURF WEAR. Supposedly there was a bathing suit under this. Right. Because every woman wears a belted cocktail dress to the beach.

Model: Vanessa Fitzgerald

You want to hear something really crazy?

LORENZO LIKED THIS. The crack fumes were pouring out of our TV, apparently. That's the only explanation Tom can come up with.

In fact, Tom is staying out of this one altogether. He thinks this looks like a laundry accident and that's all he has to say about it. Lorenzo will now point out what he likes.

He likes the detail on the bust and the way the neoprene "drapes" to form those shapes.

He even likes the effect from the dye. He admits that it's not a great dress, nor is it avant garde in any way, but it was the best of a shitty lot.

Anyway, it seems to us that the producers/judges were in love with the idea of doing something NEVER BEFORE DONE IN THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY echo...echo...echo... They were going to auf the designer from the winning team. Like we said, we can't argue with the auf'ing, but the choice of the winner was awfully suspect to us. Then again, there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to choose from on that ass-tastic runway last night.

And so an adieu to Bitchell. Despite everything, we still maintain that he wasn't a villain and is probably a sweet guy. Even Max Azria said so. Or at least his subtitles said so because every word that came out of his mouth was pretty much unintelligible. The thing is, he displayed an infuriating attitude last night and all we can think of are all those designers who almost got chosen for season 6 but didn't make it because someone who can't sew and seemingly had no interest in designing or competing was chosen over them.

Extended Judging Video:

Mitchell's Exit Interview:

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What is "neoprene", anyway? It looks like craft foam.

I liked the flowy dress, would wear that if I lost twenty pounds and grew 6 inches. I also thought the neoprene was kind of cool - I liked the fabric choice.

I didn't think the losers were the worst ones on the runway. I was just shaking my head in wonder.

I'd have to go back and look at the photos of the other designs more closely, but I recall I thought some of it was passable. Maybe it was one of those moments where the bad was so awful that the rest of the bad started to look good in comparison.

Mitchell....the boy made the conscious decision that he didn't want to be there and rather than excuse himself from the competition, decided to figure out a way to get himself tossed. Which he did with great success.

Other than that, I have no freaking clue what any of that was about.

I don't know where Kors was either, but if he said it was because he was too embarrassed to be seen in the same room with this episode, it would not surprise me.

Just looked again - Qrystal's was dreadful, but I did like the green and white print dress, the top was cute.

What ugly stuff!! But at least the lighting is good enough to see it!!

Yea, Manipulation to be sure.
I thought Ra'mon did a commendable job, but did not in anyway shape or form deserve to win.
This team deserve bottom place next to Qristyl and Epperson with Mitchell going home.

The draped dress does look like it took 45 min to make Mitchell! Who knows about the bathing suit?
The neoprene is okay for the time spent on it. I can't see anyone wearing it in real life and it isn't avant-garde (whatever that means to them). But the model gets kudos for wearing a dye soaked garment down the runway and working it to hell and back.

The winning avant garde dress looked like a pen leaked all over it. And the winning "surfer" outfit was no big whoop.

I didn't think a few of the avant garde dresses were so awful. but I think the term gets thrown around way too much, and how do you really, truly, honestly judge a piece that's supposed to be avant garde anyway? The outfit is weird is used as a critique by the judges...well, yeah.

"He likes the detail on the bust and the way the neoprene "drapes" to form those shapes."

but, the bottom half bunches in an area that might make someone wonder if that model was suffering from potassium deficiency or bad breath. with that pack of certs or small banana being smuggled in under her skirt.

The way the neoprene drapes to form those shapes? What shapes?! In some of those screen caps it looks like the poor girl has a penis!

And the fact that none of the judges even MENTIONED that there was nothing WHATSOEVER avant garde about this look just stymies me. That pisses me off more than anything. It won, but there was NOTHING freakin' avant garde about it and Nina was practically creaming herself. Do they even get a copy of the challenge instructions or anything?!

The other designers want to give Ra'Mon a blanket party - you can feel it. The look on Gordana's face when their team had the lowest scores... I felt so bad for her.

I can't believe that I actually care about this.

Mitchell getting aufed - big deal. As soon as he started talking about the bathing suit and Nina snapped that you couldn't even see it, I knew he was toast. Whatever. Still don't care.

Crack smoking judges is right! That is exactly what I thought too! I can't believe that hideous neoprene hunk of junk was a "winning" look.

Neoprene is thick rubber - used for making latex items for people that are allergic to latex, probably used in swimwear... but it's not a very drapey fabric...

So we Danial V Part 2 with BS judging, disappointing. POor Mitchell is a cute little twink who got in over his head. I'd do him...

Okay, it was OBVIOUS to me after watching tonight's episode that this season of Project Runway should be airing on the Oxygen Network. AND I F****** LOVE IT! WooHoo! -- Tomek

I am not amused by most of this gang of designers. They just seem like blobs of mish-mash right now.
Last night's "challenge" was one of the worst in PR's history. To quote Laura B, "There's a whole lotta ugly.". Last night's "winner" was one of the worst "winning" designs in PR history.
I hope I don't lose my patience, because I don't want to have to pop a tranquilizer before each and every episode.

I don't hate Mitchell, but I was shocked at this attitude last night and wanted him gone. I think he was more like someone with ADD than someone not wanting to be there. Could just be the editing, but I think the guy needs Ritalin. Glad to see so many others didn't 'get' the neoprene dress.

Say what you will about their avante garde dress, but the surf wear is spot on.

I grew up in a surfie neighbourhood and that combination of flowers-in-the-hair hippy aesthetic with a trashy glitzyness is spot on for surf wear.

Neoprene is used in atletic gear and often can be found in things like workout gloves and such.

The idea of making a dress out of a non-traditonal material like that does qualify as avante garde but that dress needed a LOT of work to me

The problem I had with these outifts is 1) as stated these were suppose to be beach-wear and some of them didn't fall into that category. 2) wasn't the avante garde look suppose to be a companion to the beach wear. bascially the inverse of the original avante garde challenge. The avante garde dress should have conceptually connected to the beachwear dress

also should they have told them the whole challenge upfront? then we could have gotten better output


Yeah, we were absolutely baffled last night when we realized who the judges had deemed the top teams and who were the bottom. There was just no rhyme or reason to the decisions, and it's not worth the mental gymnastics to figure them out.

That said, I was A-OK with the decision to send Mitchell home. Unfortunately it just seemed as if he was in way over his head the whole three episodes that he lasted. Nice guy, yes (other than saddling Ramon with all the work), but really not a serious competitor.

As for the Ramon decision, I thought, hell, if you're handing out wins on the basis of surviving your team partner's issues, why not give Epperson the win, too? I don't think it was just editing. Qristyl's behavior was horrid.

Neoprene is used to make wetsuits, making Ramon's avant garde look the only one that had anything remotely to do with surfing.

I'm so relieved to read this post. I'm not the most fashion-savvy viewer you have, so sometimes I watch the announcement of the winner and feel very inadequate in my fashion knowledge. I honestly didn't get why the judges raved about the neoprene dress and slammed the lace bodystocking. There's no denying that it was hideous and in poor taste, but your critique of the laundry accident neoprene dress is spot on. I'm hoping it was a case of producer manipulation, although I have to admit that I enjoyed whatching La Nina rip into Mitchell. He seems like a nice guy, but how far did he think he'd progress on PR when he doesn't like to design or sew?! Thanks for giving us such an early post, too. Love you guys!

At first I thought the challenge was interesting since it was a team one and there's always a lot of drama with that. But then I saw all of the crap on the runway and the three teams that I thought might make it to the top ended up just being safe, so I was really annoyed. And yes, what was with the pairing with beachwear and avant garde? I don't think the designers know what avant garde is.

My rommie made the same ADD comment about Mitchell. It seemed like he gave up and that was infuriating. Small wonder Heidi was pissed at him. She told him this was his last chance. It's like after the first challenge he didn't even try to rebound and redeem himself. he just descended down lower and lower

He claims he does well under pressure? Not by a long shot. Yes he's a nice guy and even Fatma was being kind to him after the auf, but I think he did himself a lot of damage in the rep department


Have to say, this episode did no favors for me in the on-going plot to convert my friends into PR addicts.

Oddly enough, the three teams that I thought were the top were just ushered right along as qualifiers for the next round.

Also, is it just me, or has every PR contestant seen the avant garde episode from the fourth season and decided that somehow mimicking the Siriano-March giant shoulder poof shade would be the best bet for something grand and unusual? Seriously, shoulder poof shade be dammed, let's see something truly unusual!

It's time a designer attempted a complete 360 giant shoulder poof. It would be amazing. I can just see the judges' reactions:

Heidi: "You can't see her face."

Kors: "You can't see her face. She looks like the Fortress of Solitude."

Celebrity judge: "You can't see her face. I wouldn't wear that."

Nina: "You can't see her face. She can't see her face. She can't see at all. She had to have a German Shepherd lead her down the runway."

I don't hate Mitchell but it would have been hard to watch the show after watching him prance around all episode doing nothing after commenting that he picked Ra'mon so he would carry him???? WHAT????

What is so odd about this decision is that this week's Top Chef did something very similar where a chef from the winning team ended up in the bottom three. They didn't send him home, but it was an odd choice.

And then to see it happen on PR in the same week. . .well my conspiracy theory radar is a-tingling!

"Tlo said: How in the hell did he think that kind of attitude was appropriate at all?"

I got the impression that he must be a rich kid, who simply doesn't have to work.


Ra'mon summed up the entire episode. "Captital WTF." What else is there to say?

They did auf the correct person but giving the win to Ramon was ridiculous to the point of being insulting. I like the idea of using neoprene since that does tie in to surf wear but that thing he created was a disaster in every way. The dye job did look like a laundry accident, the hem was uneven, the back was a mess, there were weird fabric folds and bulges that couldn't have been intentional. I would have aufed both Ramon and Mitchell last night.

I'll have to see the screen caps to be sure but I recall sort of liking Shirin and Dr. Whitfield's as well as Althea and Louise's look.

Yes, producer manipulation was all over this hot mess. When Rachel Bilson (who?) said that Johnny and Irina's look with the macrame back was her favorite overall, one would assume that they would have won. But no. Nina, how can you look at yourself in the mirror after carrying on about that neoprene mess? I'm disappointed.

This was such a stupid challenge. Very few of those dresses were anything close to avant garde.

It seems like such a talented group, its a shame that they were given such a bs challenge.

BUT this was a great example of why I so strongly disliked Mitchell. Not because he was a terrible person, but because he didn't care at all about being in the competition. He'd perfer to bitch about his models or giggle with Ra'mon over his bowling bag outfit than work hard.

Exactly to your point TLo, there have to be people who deserved to be there more than Mitchell... and ARI WTF she said she was thrilled to be off first.

"Tlo said: He thinks this looks like a laundry accident and that's all he has to say about it."

LOL. I once had a Sharpie spring a leak in a leather handbag and got a similar result.

But beyond that, the colors that ALL of the designers used were insane & had virtually nothing to do with beachwear. Or the beach.

Color, or rather, the inability to use it or choose it or have any taste for it whatsoever, has been the most consistent issue plaguing designers across every season of PR. Apparently design schools have given up on teaching color theory altogether.


Your "never been done before" theory seems plausible since I thought that neoprene dress was horrid - just all weird and bunchy and stainy.

Ooh, and Heidi was mad - she didn't even drag out the suspense a few beats like usual, she was so ready to tell him he was auf'd.

I also didn't like how they spent so much time on all the stupid drama that Tim's workroom walkthrough was cut super short.

Sub-par episode, to be sure.

Oh I'm glad someone brought up Christian-Chris' dress. That was an avante-garde outfit that still takes my breathe away while these are pale imitations. Their outfits don't even compare to Victorya-Jillian's Punk-period-Equestrian ensemble. Again that was avante garde and blows away any of these outfits.

I agree the designers for the most part don't seem to get what avante garde is. Even last season's were questionable.

I imagined during the judging, Nina and Heidi were pissed they let Mitchell squeek by over Malvin. Malvin probably could have come up with something that would have worked. Or even Ari


I'll wait for your photos, but most of the swim wear dresses were just "meh" for me and with the exception *maybe* Nicholas and Christopher no one really made what I would call avant garde.

I hope this is the dress Tim meant when he said that he wants to bid on the winning dress and make her wear it because the guest judge said she would wear it and I hope Tim takes her up on it.

I think Ra'Mon being made the winner was in large part to shove it in Mitchell's face and also rewarding him for working his butt off and not crash and burning like Qriatyl & Epperson.

From the side, that hideous neoprene thing makes the poor model look like she's sporting an erection. Just awful.

But what irritated me most about the runway last night was what you boys said - not one f*cking thing up there actually looked like swim wear. Bluh.

I fell asleep last night but fuck it, I read you guys anyway.

I TOLD you that Heidi HATED Mitchell. I could see the rage seething from her perfectly whitened teeth after Nina made roadkill of of the poor kid last week. Frau Seal was itching to pick and claw at what was left.

Damn, I never get tired of being right.

I always read the posts before watching the episode. Kind of a spoiler, but I like this blog too much.

That was definitely the WORST episode. This has been a heavily edited first few episodes. I hope now that the whole Mitchelle story line is done this season can REALLY begin. There is a lot of talent in that workroom, let's hope they start to showcase it. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the only thing missing from that beach scene is The Fonz on his water skis.
Srsly, I think I would have stopped watching this season allready if it wasn't for TLo. This site is addictive.

I can kind of get why Ra'mon won. The neoprene dress needed a lot more work and editing, but in essence it was very much the kind of young, edgy dress starlets like Rachel Bilson like to wear.

I was just very confused last night. Nothing really connected, and nothing really made sense.

Why the dye? WHY? And he did it 30 minutes before the runway show, so it probably left a big ol' stain on Vanessa's thigh (yay! to see her back right away). It just looked horrible. I may be able to say "whatever" if he didn't dye it and that won, but with the dye on it, I know there was not only some major crack smoking going on, but they were shooting up the horse right on the runway while the cameras weren't rolling.

Oh, and thank goodness they didn't send the avant-guarde wet-suit-inspired monstrosity down the runway, but it did give us the best sound bite of the night from Tim: "I feel like I'm in a cartoon with a superhero and a Greek goddess."

Fug clothes last night, but fun episode to watch.

I do like the outfit the surfer chick who is second from the right in your picture of them was wearing--the white/gold/pink plaid pants with bikini top. That is always a good look and I wish someone would have done that. Nicolas and Gordana tried, sorta, I guess...but that was my favorite outfit of the show, and it wasn't one from the designers!

I still can't help but to think of how Reco, James Paul and Chicken Diva or Disappointed Midwestern Mom could be kicking themselves at the thought that Mitchell was chosen over them for the show.


I thought the combination of doing surfwear AND avant garde was way out there, and the result was the collection of wack that paraded down the runway.

I wonder if Mitchell was selected as a team leader specifically to push him to perform, and if he didn't then the judges would feel correct in giving him the auf.

Mitchell-sweet guy, but not a contender. Auf wiedersehen, at least he went home to a lovely city with a great design school (my nephew attends SCAD).

Lousy challenge, lousy results.


I had the "Mitchell reminds me of someone with ADD" thought also.

Neoprene dress was o.k. considering the timeframe in which it was slammed together, and I thought the use of neoprene was ballsy. 'Cause that sh-- can barely be said to "drape" - kind of more like "fold." But the end result was neither attractive nor avant garde nor did it fit.

Whole challenge was ridiculous, and then they didn't much use it as a criteria for the judging.

"In fact, we got an email from a PR alum right after the episode declaring it the worst runway show ever seen in the history of Project Runway."

Yes Laura, we know you would've disapproved.

The judges did say that Ra'mon won because best exemplified what the challenge was about; the 1/2 that he designed was a supposedly avant garde dress made of surf-centric material, neoprene. That's it. Not that they thought it was the best - though they could have said he also won it because he "made it work" when he had a "team leader" that was flailing miserably and dramatically.

I can see why the losing team was the losing team - the macrame bathing suit was really neat, but the pants to it were sloppy and the "avant garde" outfit was more ravaged stripper with tree fungus on her shoulders than anything else.

I do think there were better outfits than what Ra'mon had to frantically pull out of his ass however. CH's avant garde gown was stunning and surf inspired IMO, and Johnny & Irina's and Logan & Christopher's collaborations were well executed all together. The win could have gone elsewhere and Mitchell should have still been booted.

I can't be mad at Mitchell, mostly because I think he did something admirable. He not only told the truth, but knowing he was in over his head, he got out of the way of his team mate and THEN even made a point to let the judges know that all the credit goes to him.

Whatever I thought about Mitchell before, I can't blame the guy for both knowing he was in over his head, awknowledging it, and not making excuses.

When Ra'mon was complaining about how unfair it was, I kept thinking, "really? You have it so much easier than Qrxystlixzigl and Epperson, because they not only fought for control of the design but fought in front of the judges. Ra'mon got to do what he wanted, true with little help, but at least he didn't have to fight for control.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Well boys, you are up early today!

TLo, you may have heard the cancer cells forming on Tim's pate, but I heard the gnashing of his teeth when it came to the judge's decisions.... Could THIS be the episode he vowed to buy the winning dress at auction and force La Nina to wear it?

This WAS a pretty f*cked up episode. Yes, Bitchell finally went, not with a bang, but a whimper.

But WTF? There were absolutely NO avant garde looks IMO, and sweet jesus, how do you go from 'beach challenge' and tack on an avant garde look?

And Tom, I'm with you on the green dress. I'm not even going there.

So much BS in this episode boys. Take a break and get some rest before you have to wade through it all!

That is EXACTLY what I thought!!
How PISSED were designer's #16, 17, 18, 19, 20......when that little turd picks someone who could CARRY HIM, and then doesn't even try week after week!
You should really get the judging panel here (calling Laura, et al) to explain why Bitchell was picked.

That said, I kinda liked this dress, and thought Q got screwed in the process. How is she "WEAK" when someone runs a steamroller over her? What was she to do with Epperson--scream and shove him away? She was NOT the second lowest by a long shot.

All I could think of with that neoprene dress is that the model had a BONER. Ugh.

I'm not a Mitchell hater, but I have been wondering just how he ended up even getting on the show in the first place. The only good thing to come out of last night's show was that he was finally put out of his misery.
I was totally underwhelmed by what was shown last night and you guys are right, it had "Producer" written all over it. Avant garde? Is that how they define it out in LA?

Neoprene is what I wear to keep from dying of hypothermia on a three-day rafting trip down a South American river. In a wetsuit. That's black. With a heavy duty zipper. For athletics. It is most decidedly not for cocktail parties, beach parties, avant garde artsy parties, or runways. Ever.

Lifetime & Bunims, so far I am not impressed with you. Not one little bit.

I think Ra'mon has talent and just got stuck with a shitty partner.

I have always had from the very beginning a strong attraction to Epperson for some reason. The dude can execute the hell out of a complicated design. The bust fitting on the green and white sundress looked perfect to me and this something I would wear to the beach or any place in Florida.

I think both Epperson & Ra'mon are in this for the long haul and have the skills for the long haul.


"we got an email from a PR alum right after the episode declaring it the worst runway show ever seen in the history of Project Runway"


Poor Mitchell - I completely agree with getting rid of him. He can't sew, he can't design, he doesn't have any drive. I'd also imagine that after this experience he doesn't have any job either.

I agree on most counts. I don't hate Mitchell but it was surprising when he gleefully offered up the fact that he didn't do anything on the challenge and I definitely feel the pain of designers who weren't chosen. In the end it was the right decision to make, his heart wasn't in the game. As for the dresses I have to agree that they were just "okay", the neoprene was different and interesting but I wouldn't have declared it the winner....

You are right about the amount of pure ass on that runway, it stank. I can't even bring myself to remember any of the outfits...or anything that happened in the episode besides Epperson and Qristal screaming at each other and Ramon being stressed. Ugh, a painful re-watch is in order.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was completely underwhelmed with the episode. I also didn't like ANYTHING and I was dying to hear what you boys had to say about it!

I completely disagree. The judges were not on crack.

They were on hallucinogens.

Ursa said...

" I can see why the losing team was the losing team - the macrame bathing suit was really neat, but the pants to it were sloppy and the "avant garde" outfit was more ravaged stripper with tree fungus on her shoulders than anything else."

Nicolas and Gordana were not the losing team. They were in the bottom 2 with Epperson and SpellCheQ...but there was no losing team mentioned.

And speaking of Epperson and SpellCheQ--I can't decide who was right or wrong. Agnes Gooch said that SpellCheQ's behavior was horrible but when I was watching the show I thought that Epperson was talking down to Q so much, and she's trained and qualified, even though I don't really like her designs. They both behaved badly, IMO. It was a bad marriage.

Stephanie said...

"Nicolas and Gordana were not the losing team. They were in the bottom 2 with Epperson and SpellCheQ...but there was no losing team mentioned."

There wasn't? Ah, ok, well there was so much ass it was hard to keep it separated. ;^)

Mitchell needs his own reality series in which he becomes the houseboy for a forty-something gay guy who has just won the lottery.

Now if I could just win the lottery.

Come on, he's cute! And he does nothing on the show, so why did they even need to auf him? They could have just kept him around to pout and make bitchy comments. He could be the mascot and at the fifty-minute mark in every episode, Heidi and Nina could bring him out to complain about what he would have made if he were still in the competition.

When the model first walked out in the neoprene dress, I thought the blue-gray blob on the dress looked like a big orchid. (see the first full body picture of Vanessa) I also like the colorblock effect on the back.

The dye job looks fantastic from about 2 angles, unfortunately it just looks crappy from every other angle. Especially that one random swipe that looks like a gray pee stain.

Since We're not going to get to MOTR for quite a while, I'd just like to get this off my chest: Fatma had a bitchy 'forgot about the cameras' moment last week, and I believe her when she says she was more upset about losing Logan than gaining Mitchell. And I believe she's sincere about wanting to put the Vanessa drama behind her.

Consider me on team Fatma.

Epperson and SpellCheQ both have dominate personalities and completely different design styles. Also, neither of them are "spring chickens".

Epperson seems to be a methodical designer who produces very structured and tailored work. SpellCheQ seems to be a very organic designer who produces "plus sexy" very unstructured flowing work.

I can understand Epperson's comment "You did not have a concept" based on his background as a stylist.


TED said...
Come on, he's cute! And he does nothing on the show, so why did they even need to auf him? They could have just kept him around to pout and make bitchy comments


Are the boobs and the straps supposed to be that uneven?

I am sorry but those straps look like Korto's. She had several where one side seemed "tied off" and the other "open"

I asked last night - WHERE the HELL was the NBATHING SUIT?
It was supposedly BRIGHT LIME GREEN. OY finally could see a strap in the close up in the extended judging video.
But what's next, "ell judges, I designed the model's underwear? you can't see it but it is GOOOORGEOUS and You must give me credit?"

I have to agree with Lorenzo on the neoprene dress. I like the dye job, and it reminded me a little of how much I liked Korto's treatment of the pants she did for Suede.

The fact that Ra'mon made a dress out of neoprene was one of the more challenge related items, had to have helped (and more outside the box than almost anything else).

But he OWES Tim for talking him out of that "scuba" jumpsuit!

I didn't see one outfit on that runway that could be classified as pretty or interesting. A sad runway for the PR fans.

I disagree there were no good outfits. However, I agree that these were not they. That neoprene thing wasn't avant garde. It wasn't even interesting in an "okay, I see where you were going with that" way, which a couple of the others were IMO. The material choice was good but the result was... total bleh. And while the regular dress wasn't bad by any means, it wasn't anything special and didn't particular say 'surfer' or 'beach' to me.

Ra'mon's shock on winning? Totally understandable. Mitchell's aufing? Also totally understandable. As soon as he said 'someone to carry me', I was certain he ought to go. Up until last night I was kinda hoping he might actually pull it together because I think he really does have an eye for fashion, even if he doesn't have the focus or the technical skills to work quickly (if at all). But as soon as he said that I lost all interest in him staying.

Like Lola, I would not be surprised if this was the revolting winning garment that Tim was hinting about in his interview... and yet, I have the feeling that there is even more cracked out judgery to come.

Ra'mon's green dress was just ugly, period. When it came out, I said "it looks like someone threw up on it."

Perhaps I exist in some alternative reality or perhaps it was because I spend quite a bit of time at the beach this summer.

Or perhaps it was because I had just returned from a Pet Shop Boys concert, where the dancers are covered with small foam blocks.

Whatever....I thought Ra'Mon's neoprene beach dress was pretty cool. Yeah, he probably could have used a bit more time to tweak the folds to perfect the silhouette, but I thought the overall look was effective.

Perfect for partying on the yacht with Paris Hilton or Amy Winehouse. And if Paris spills her drink on you or if Amy ralphs...why, you're wearing neoprene! Just hose it off or jump in the jacuzzi!

Splotches? Have you seen beachwear lately?

Thanks TLo for confirming that last night was as whacked out as I thought it was. I thought I was losing my mind. I do agree that Mitchell had to go. It's pretty hard to argue with that after doing nothing. But Ra'mon winning? Really? I thought the dress looked like foam with something spilled on it. This challenge in general reminds me of the Olympics ep last year where so many people missed the boat. Very, very strange.

I was so pleased that Mitchell actually went home, dammit, that much of the rest of the episode is lost in a hazy glow.

There was much crack happening-- neoprene dress being good? Team Russia's perfectly practical beachwear outfit wasn't as good as Ra'mon's Mass o'draping?

But Mitchell deserved to go, and if Qrystal (love her though I do with all my heart) can't step up her fabric choices and execution, she's next.

What it comes down to is that I'd rather see the wrong guy win than the wrong guy escape an aufing.

DonnaLynn - "Mitchell....the boy made the conscious decision that he didn't want to be there and rather than excuse himself from the competition, decided to figure out a way to get himself tossed. Which he did with great success."

Sounds like "Suicide by cop"

Ginger, I agree, I thought that the dye did look like a large flower.

We've debated before about what Avant Garde means - but when I look it up it means Out Front, Fashion Forward, not not huge OTT ogwn with huge plumage on the shoulder, back or out the ass.

Yes, LOTS AND LOTS of crack smoking going on out there last night. I cannot believe that they didn't tear Nicolas a new poop hole for that ridiculous stripper-wear lace monstrosity that he sent out. If MK had been there, you just KNOW he would have said, "Slutty! Slutty! Slutty!"

Total producer manipulation last night. There is no way in HELL that Qristyl and Epperson should have been in the bottom two. Absolutely frickin ridiculous.

Sigh. Is this the episode that Tim hinted we would all be ranting and raving about? I think it might be.

how pbvious is the judging manipulation when even the winner is shocked by it? His dress should have won posthumously for the maternity challengs.

Regarding Mitchell -- you can be sweet and nice and funny and easy to get along with, but you also need to be effective, organized, and competent to make it as a designer (or in any job, really). So, he deserved to go. Maybe the guy just needs some real world experience, working his way up the ladder and paying his dues. Clearly, he wasn't ready for this show.

Mitchell: "I chose to work with Ra'mon. I wanted to work with someone that could carry me on this challenge."

Can we say future househusband?

I'm one of the designers that wasn't chosen so Mitchell could be on the show! I was so freaking close! I can't tell you how mad that makes me. I've got more talent in my little finger.

Meanwhile, I went to college with him and he is just as irritating in person.

Mitchell seemed nice and had a fun personality but I don't know how he got on there. I appreciated his honesty. He was in over his head and it was easiest to come clean. Most of the clothes were truly boring.

9/4/09 9:55 AM Mitchell: "I chose to work with Ra'mon. I wanted to work with someone that could carry me on this challenge."

Can we say future househusband?

My guess he would be Tempest Bledsoe's.

Hey, its just about as believable as her being "married" to Ron-Ron.

A sea of ugliness last night. I really hated the challenge and I didn't get the judges at all, not my pick for bottom or top. Mitchell is sweet, just not right for the show.

Mitchell can be my house boy.

I was just flabbergasted by the judges' top picks. Although nothing looked great, I agree that the best teams were all deemed safe, while a coin toss could have determined the top and bottom from what was left on the runway.

I am glad that Mitchell is gone, his attitude was atrocious.

Whoever wins the Uli dress should be embarresed to wear it to wear it.

Alexis said...
There is a lot of talent in that workroom, let's hope they start to showcase it. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the only thing missing from that beach scene is The Fonz on his water skis.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Thanks, Alexis. I needed a laugh.

Also, I wanted to add to my earlier comment that it feels a little like they had decided Mitchell would go home no matter what, so whomever he got paired with would have been the winner. They were itching to do auf someone from the WINNING team, like TLo said, so that it could be a first on PR. Ra'Mon actually got lucky that Mitchell picked him, because it gave him a guaranteed win.

My 7 yr-old daughter watched it with me last night. Her comment: "I am glad Mitchell was auf'd because he couldn't sew. What was wrong with him?"

Subtitle this "Make something for Pac-Sun's customer" and that should have been the macrame back top and skirt.

"Make something oddball for a Pac-Sun customer" had to be the Ra'mon Rubber. Really.

You know, I'm hearing a lot of people start off their comments with, "I don't hate Mitchell, BUT..."

Screw it -- I'll own it! I hated Mitchell, and I'm glad to see him gone.

Were we all watching the same episode? I don't know about you guys, but I saw a guy look straight into the camera and tell the world that he's looking for someone to /carry him/ through this challenge.

Then he ironed a strip of fabric and burned his finger.

And that was about all for his contribution to the episode.

Yes, Ari and Malvin were wacky, but jeebus, folks... at least they made stuff. At least they wanted to be here on their own merits.

What was his follow-up strategy? Come in early and switch garments from another designer's table? Wear his hair in dredlocks and pretend to be Epperson?

Somebody, somewhere along the line must've thought he was pretty and gave him a pass -- which kind of kills me, considering how many people would have loved to have had his opportunity.

Actually I liked both dresses! You're right, the first dress was basic, but that would've given them the chance to focus on the details to lift it to another level. It wasn't ugly by any shot, but it wasn't great either.

And I liked the second one - I agree with Lorenzo, the draping is something. But what the heck is up with the dye, it looks like someone threw some sludge at the dress and called it a pattern/

I didn't mind the surfwear challenge but I was wondering how it was going to turn out. Honestly - I thought I was going to see a bunch of surfer girls in Billabong and Quicksilver inspired designs....

I liked Ra'mon's surfwear design but agree - not really beach suitable. Even with a swimsuit under it. Which never saw the light of day.

I hated the avant garde garment of Ra'mon. It was awful. Sorry Lorenzo. The only avant garde garment I liked was the ones with the pins on the bust (the dark blue one....) but I felt like all the avant garde designs were not really avant garde in any way. Just ball gowns with over the top bits and bobs.

Heidi handed Mitchell his ass last night. It was a joy to watch!

Okay, I'll ask... Was the avant-garde piece supposed to be beach themed also?

I definitely think the win was a producer set-up but I do like the neoprene dress and it does fit with the challenge.
It really was the worst runway ever - as the PR alum emailed you to say. It was a stupid challenge (well the avant garde bit particularly). There was nothing avant garde about any of those dresses (save Ra'mon's). Doing a cheesy knock off of Chris and Christian's ruffled avant garde dress for a surfing challenge does not fit the bill, IMHO.

Gotham Tomato said: "Color, or rather, the inability to use it or choose it or have any taste for it whatsoever, has been the most consistent issue plaguing designers across every season of PR. Apparently design schools have given up on teaching color theory altogether."

Apparently none of these poor children thought to research color theory on their own. Where is the intellectual curiosity? There are numerous books on color theory, even some specific to fashion. There are also many fiber arts classes focusing on color theory. Even magazines such as Fiberarts are easily accessible. Heck - I don't think that it occurred to any of these designers to look at the Pantone color forecast before being incarcerated in the PR cone of silence.

Nuts! As a dyer I hate to see poor color choices and poorly dyed fabric.

Bullshitty judging doesn't necessarily equal producer manipulation--that usually means someone undeservedly staying.

I didn't like the stain dress in the slightest, but judged against the rest of the middling-to-poor runway I thought it wasn't an outlandish choice for the win. Particularly when Ra'mon is demonstrating leadership skills all over the place and no one else is really distinguishing themselves.

After some good looks in the last couple of episodes, I'm not about to lose it just because this crew isn't particularly good at beachwear or avant-garde.

When they announced the top and bottom teams last night, I was in pure and utter shock. Granted, there was nothing great and very little avant garde about anything on that runway, but these choices seemed so random. Except for Q & E being in the bottom. That I saw coming a mile away.

But you know, now that I look at the neoprene dress again, and think about Rachel Bilson saying that she would wear it, it makes sense. It's certainly not a winning dress (the dye looks ugly, the folds make it look like she has a penis), but with some editing it could be a really cute, edgy dress. Very California girl. So that decision doesn't seem quite as crack-smokingly awful as it did last night.

As soon as they finished the judging segment, I joked to my man that they should give Ra'mon the win and send Mitchell home anyway, since he had no part in making any of the garments that we could see. When I saw Mitchell in the bottom. I started laughing my a$$ off. I didn't stop until about three minutes into the Models' show.

Seriously, the judges were smoking CRACK and in their one lucid moment, auf'ed the right person. I couldn't believe Ra'Mon was even in the top.

I actually liked Logan and Chris' team-up. I thought the volume in the hat nicely mirrored the volume in their avant garde look and the gold detailing on the pants and top looked like sand.

All the teams whose avant garde looks nicely referenced their beach looks somehow landed in the middle.

edison: Housewives and husband actually do WORK, and have to be self-starters because there's no one there to "carry" you. Please don't slag off on stay at home spouses-- most of them work their asses off.

Now, Bitchell as a kept man for an older, rich guy? That I could see.

well i heard before the season filmed that they were having a really rough time finding talented designers. and from the first episode, THAT was CLEARLY obvious. i haven' been wowed by any design. everything looks so amateur and it's clear unfortunately that project runway is not gonna last much longer. in fact, heidi, do us a favor and make this the last season because if u can't find talent, don't have a show at all. it'll save from all the embarrassment and people won't think you're crazy when you praise such talentless work. moreover, don't have a show in a fashion shitshow like LA.

and ramon's dress look like the model pissed on herself and it spread to the back.

I promise this is my last comment about last night's episode. They made such a big freakin' deal about the HAIR and the how it had to be such fabulous HAIR, blah blah blah. And not ONE WORD was uttered in the runway judging about how they made the hair match the challenge. NOT A WORD.

Total product placement for Garnier, which is nothing new to PR, but at least PRETEND that you're making it part of the judging. Come on, producers! We're paying attention!

I'm with Lorezo, I liked it. I think the colors put it over the top. And the fact that Ra'Mon used fabric a surfer would use.

My jaw dropped when Mitchell made the remark about Ra'Mon carrying him. WTF? Mostly because you want someone who can carry you-- and you pick Ra'Mon? Seriously? Were you hoping he could help you make a surfboard cover to go with his bowling bag??? Just saying. At least pick someone with immaculate sewing skills, like Louise... Huge WTF episode, I'm still confused...

After years of watching PR, I've accepted the fact that I will never truly understand what avant garde means.

After watching last night's episode, I guess I don't even understand what beachwear means.

Once, I had a pen leak all over a cute sundress. This appeared to be a dye accident, but minus the cute sundress.

Shaking my head here, too. There was no surfwear on the runway last night. I begin to understand Tim's worry.

I have to say, I loved Gordana for this episode:

"Maybe I'm just not as adventurous as he is."

"I was very impressed by how he did the organza at the top."

What a doll! I can imagine a few other people who would have thrown Nicolas under the bus for the space-hooker outfit.

Good god. What a disaster this episode was. I watched it with a group of friends, and everyone was yelling at the TV. We couldn't even hear the judges, so I'm going to have to rewatch. I will say, though, that I am in the "laundry incident" camp on that neoprene desk. I thought it was horribly ugly and ill-conceived. The flowy dress sucked too.

I saw other dresses that I thought were better than either of the "winning" dresses. I can't argue with the auf, because basically Mitchell disrespected the whole concept of the show. Heidi and Nina were PISSED, and rightfully so.

I can't wait for next week's PROM CHALLENGE! IMO this is the challenge that will separate the "talent haves" from the "talent have nots".

Epperson should shine in this challenge as he seems to enjoy "doing" long dresses.


What an odd episode. Horrible and odd. From the moment they said surf-wear challenge, I totally lost interest. I have no hatred for Mitchell --- there seems to one every season. It was just a matter of time for him to auf'd. And to be honest, I'm not all that wild about Ra'mon. His works lacks consistency, skill and his taste-level is pretty appalling --- a burgundy wet-suit inspired catsuit --- embellished with studs? I was actually offended and apparently, so was Tim. I have nothing to say about the Wisk-stained ShamWow dress. In short, last night's episode made Models of the Runway look like Citizen Kane.

- edina -

Good episode, bad episode...

Don't care, I didn't win shit.

I think Ra'mon was as surprised that he won as everyone else was. The look on his face when he realized he was in the top two and not the bottom two was priceless.

Carol and Shirin had proper surf wear with a swimsuit and an avant-garde gown that was beautiful and pulled a color out of the surf wear. I also loved Christopher and Logan's stuff. Granted, no one goes to the beach in gold stilettos BUT the girl who would wear their avant-garde gown would wear their beachwear. That would be HER version of surf wear. Also, the top of the avant-garde gown referenced a wet suit on the top. Mmm that's all there is to say about the designs.

As for the challenge - It's not a stupid challenge had it been done right. It is not the first time that beachwear was tied to eveningwear. Perhaps the problem was that the avant-garde was the surprise and it left less time for execution. The results might have been better the other way, design an avant-garde outfit and then design beach wear for the girl who would wear your avant-garde gown.

Ramon is gorgeous, so I don't mind that he won because it meant he got more screen time, but no he did not deserve the win.

PR is always disconcerting in the beginning until they get rid of the riff raff and then the competition heats up and by then we "know" the designers' personalities enough to have some emotional investment in their potential success.

Lastly, I am not much of a TV person so I have no idea who this girl judge is, but she seems out of her depth. Lindsey Lohan was a much better judge.

TLo said: . You know what it's not? SURF WEAR."

yeah, I think that got lost somewhere along the line as the crack pipe was being passed around. as a FL girl, I can sure as hell tell ya, don't typically see high black shiny heels with surf gear.

I had high hopes for this contest as there's all kind of creative that could be done with this but of what we were allowed to see, very little looked beach-appropriate in any way. Crappy judging and editing on this episode, to be sure.

Like others, i was disappointed that the obvious riff off the Siriano/March creation of a couple of seasons ago wasn't called on the carpet for fashion plagiarism. It was every bit as egregious as that other show's plagiarism event.

The one bright spot in all this chaos was that Mitchell finally, finally got his well-earned walking papers.


It was a relief to know that I was not the only one to find this episode extremely disappointing. The judging was bizarre.

I didn't think Ra'mon was quite the hero of the episode he was portrayed to be. As much as he bitched about it, it seemed to me that he really didn't want Mitchell to have anything to do with the designs (and let's face it, had he put the wetsuit on the runway - which was absolutely and completely his design - he would probably have been auf'ed). I do feel that Mitchell simply gave up after the first two episodes and he undoubtedly deserved to go. Points to him, however, for not claiming any significant credit as others in similar situations have done.

I thought this was a stupid challenge and that none of the designers truly captured its essence. Probably the single worst outfit, however, was the stripper lace one - with the possible exception of Epperson's (if it was his) cheek-baring hooker outfit. I'm looking forward to seeing all the designs in close-up to see if my original impressions hold.

How did this happen? I couldn't believe the choices for top and bottom. This "avant garde" dress looked stapled on. Maybe that was the avant garde part? It represents the chaos, lack of time, lack of thought, and lack of proper resources to make a decent looking frock?

And I agree on all points on the "surfer" getup. Basic goddess dress with a beautiful fabric doing all the work.

Cohesion? I doubt any was expected within the crack-addled confines of this assignment.

Huh, I was okay with the decisions last night, and I liked the neoprene outfit, too. I agree that the show overall was kinda blah, though. I just didn't have a problem with the outcome.

I watched Nina's video blog about the show at Lifetime. She said that the designers were confused about this challlenge because most of them did bathing suits. I certainly see her point. I mean where would they get the idea it was a swimwear challenge after being taken to the beach, introduced to a bunch of girls in suits and told look at what the surfer girls are wearing?

Alexis that was hilarious, the only thing missing from this episode was The Fonz on water ski's. It was the worst episode by EVER.

As for Mitchell, he is someone who has gotten by on his looks his whole life. He giggles and flirts and finds someone who wants to f**k him to do his work, which is why he picked Ra'mon. Sorry to Kris 9/4/09 9:56 who wasn't on the show.

As for SpellcheQ and Epperon I split the blame 50/50. Bad marriage says it all.

I don't ever really invest who wins the challenges. Because really, at the start of the show there are just so many designers that it isn't until the number is down to 10 or 8 that winning really starts to matter. The first five episodes should generally just be shaking out the obvious deadweight or individuals who aren't cut for the competition.

And in that respect, I think the judges made a decent call. Sure it was hyped up because they wanted to do a PR first, but really it was time for Mitchell to go home. Because really, it isn't nearly as bad as the times when a talented designer get auf'd even though it is their first time on the lowest tier and the other designer has been producing terrible all season but is being left on for personality and tension.

THANK YOU! As a (Northern) California gal, I was very dissappointed in what the designers came up with. Hell, I designed at least 3 killer outfits within 10 minutes that WERE SURFER WEAR.

And if I remember right the challenge was for surfer wear that eventually turns into STREET WEAR. The designers really missed the mark on this one.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Amanda in Austin has a point:

In all the BS-ery that this episode was, there were very little comments by the judges on the hair and styling, with the exception of one they showed because Nina praised it.

Good god, whoever proposed this challenge wrapped in a farce inside a televised 'f*ck you' to the viewership needs to be fired....

After I recovered from the giggle-fit induced by all the "what's neoprene" queries from you city folk (I heart you pampered gym rats), I had to agree with most of the comments about Ra'mon's dress.

Neoprene is an awesome fabric that stretches and bends and can be molded to the human shape, giving an interesting 1/4 inch of bulk. It can also be easily cut into shapes without fraying. What it does NOT do is fold or drape well. When it is folded or bunchy, it's acutely uncomfortable, because it's stretchy. The folds actually start to constrict, making you want to rip the stuff off your body.

Ra'mon should have stayed true to what that fabric was intended to do, and made a slick, sleek, scuba-inspired dress short, tight, and shiny; Heidi would have legitimately swoonend. As it was, that mess of a dress was ridiculous.

Bye, Mitchell. You get the Miss Congeniality tiara, may it console you for blowing the best career-boosting opportuniy you'll ever have!

9/4/09 10:32 AM After years of watching PR, I've accepted the fact that I will never truly understand what avant garde means.

I'm with you on this one.

Let's face it, Avant garde looks ALWAYS get slammed around here, so I don't even know why they bother.

The only avant garde that really worked was Christian's and Chris' from season 4, primarily because, say it with me: CHRIS IS A COSTUME DESIGNER. So naturally creating an OTT look was natural for him, and it was a huge boost for giving Christian the win.

Most of these contestants don't deal with that kind of style, so the aptitute (and time constraint) is always going to doom them to failure.

Just take the avant garde challenges away and it will save alot of headaches, and bitchery over what 'avant garde' is supposed to be.

"Suzy said...

After I recovered from the giggle-fit induced by all the "what's neoprene" queries from you city folk (I heart you pampered gym rats), "

Exactly one anonymous person asked that question. How you came to the conclusion that they were "city folk" or "pampered gym rats" is a mystery.

annrr said:

As for Mitchell, he is someone who has gotten by on his looks his whole life. He giggles and flirts and finds someone who wants to f**k him to do his work, which is why he picked Ra'mon. Sorry to Kris 9/4/09 9:56 who wasn't on the show.

Right on. I have a sneaking suspicion that's why so many people are going on and on about what a "sweet" and "nice" guy he is, despite faking his way into the competition and not even bothering to learn the basics of his craft.

With that outfit winning it, it says to the other designers, you don't need to work hard for the how ever many hours they give you, just pour some dye on a piece of scrap material and glue it together smile and whine for the camera's and you'll get the win.

what an insult to all the other's who worked so hard.
shame shame shame

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I was getting a distinct "Nixon on the beach in a dark suit and wing tips" vibe from Tim Gunn last night. At least he had on flip flops but come on, Tim. Lighten up. We know you're the whitest person in America but a polo shirt and some nice khaki shorts would have worked well with your flip flops, been appropriate for the beach and still looked pulled together without making you look rather out of it.

I must say that my interest in this show declines every time they exhibit some absurd, clearly manipulated judging. That's always gone on - it's nothing new to Lifetime - but over time it starts to build up and lessen my interest. Fonize is warming up the water skis in the wings.

I went back and read Tim Gunn's interview with Maureen Ryan where he mentioned an unprecedented judging decision. He said that the winner was chosen because a judge said she would wear the outfit. So he said that he was going to buy the outfit at make her wear it. Get ready for some neoprene, Rachel Bilson!

And another thing--Ramon (refusing to put that apostrophe in there) said about the ombre dress "You'd never know it was made in 45 minutes." But they shopped for the fabric for the avant guarde look on the second day. Which basically means there are 7 hours and 15 minutes unaccounted for, or more if they got 10 hours the first day.

I also had completely forgotten how much emphasis they put on the hair, which basically was a free commercial for Garnier. That is must def. an ARG from me and others. At least fake it if you make such a fuss about it!

Well, it wouldn't be the first time those judges passed around the crackpipe.
I love how the designers stood there all slack-jawed when the highest/lowest were announced. Poor Gordana hesitated to walk off the runway, maybe thinking this was some horrible mistake. Ra'mon had to hold his face with his hand so his jaw wouldn't hit the ground. That child was expecting the wrath of Nina to come thundering down on his and Mitchell's heads. Nobody was more shocked than he was.

I honestly thought that the judges were playing some sort of practical joke...send the best and worst out with the middle of the pack or something and then bring them back and yell surprise!
I don't know...something.

Seriously, maybe I just don't get fashion, but that neoprene dress was cat barf.

Last night's episode was crap.

And oh-so-predictable. Tim walks in the workroom a ways into the challenge with a note from the judges. I tell my husband, "They have to make a second look." And whaddaya know?

My favorite was actually Christopher and Logan's. I didn't like the dirty crotch pants, but overall look was nice. And the avant garde look reminded me of a sand castle.

Crack is whack, judges!

Since Mitchell is gone, this is the last time I can comment that he and Logan remind me of the brothers on Six Feet Under.

Maybe the guest judges brought the crack pipe. I kept waiting for Nina to tear into them but they hardly showed her. The Duchess would have ripped them all to shreds.

Is it me or is Heidi getting more screen time/emphasis during judging this season?

I had to watch the episode twice just to try to figure out how the judges came to their conclusions. Crack is the only thing that makes sense.

I still can’t drum up hate for Mitchell. He’s just so pathetic, bless his heart.

I also was OK with Ra’mon as the winner.
I didn’t really LIKE the neoprene dress, but I thought it was not only the most beach-appropriate 2nd look, but also the most avant-garde.

Avant-garde means “new or experimental concept.” It does NOT mean big, poufy evening wear. Most of those “avant-garde” looks were just evening gowns. With more interesting elements than any of them used in their ACTUAL evening gown challenge. How many of these 2nd looks would have done well in the first challenge? I guess that was my biggest disappointment – almost all of them totally missed “beach” and “new & different” in their 2nd looks.

I DO think the judges gave Ra’mon some extra credit/leeway in terms of construction than he would have received if Blanche hadn’t been his partner Both Rachel and Nina said “with some tweaks more than once. I think they assumed some refinement that wasn’t actually there yet.

Peppermint Patti’s stripper-wear. WTF was that? And why does he turn into my Aunt Bert in his confessionals? But I guess that’s for a later post. And the Bickersons.

Yes, true, lots of BS-ery. Just about NO ONE actually followed the challenge...beach wear and avant garde. Especially the avant garde, which all seemed to turn into unrelated and tacky evening wear. (Don't even get me started about Johnny's pooping dress...)Yes, sexy lace disaster from Nicholas was tacky, but it was ugly enough to at least pass as avant garde to the loosest definitions of the term (which les judges must have been using anyway). And how cute was Gordana, pointing out things she liked about his design?

And while some have expressed that it is unfair to reward Ra'mon for throwing something together after others worked so hard...well that is called TALENT. And, while it is a little failed fountain pen, it works and is attractive. Which, in this challenge, is saying a lot.

Why is it that all of these designers seem equally good so far? I am thinking that it is because they are possibly equally bad (not saying I could do better!). There are only a few designers who are making me scream at Heidi, "Auf him! Auf her!" And no gut feeling on the winner. Yet.

"Producer manipulation" came to mind last night, but it wasn't about the clothes. It was about the personality conflicts that emerged in the workroom. The clothes became secondary. Which made me wonder about what happens after Tim Gunn leaves the workroom from his walk-through. Does he debrief with the producers? I'm not saying Tim would ever make a recommendation for auf'ing, but his frank assessment of what the designers are doing and why it's turning out that way (which is what a teacher would do for an academic grade or classroom competition) would be crucial for the producers to consider what sort of "story" is emerging from the challenge.

And then there's review of the workroom footage. After Mitchell made that PERFECT comment about Ra'mon's maternity dress looking like a bowling bag, bingo, Heidi said it. I know great minds think alike, but ... ??

So there were designers who played well together last night and made some nice looks, lalalala. Then there were the 'A' story (auf Mitchell, somedamnhow--hey, look, Ra'mon's doing all the work and it's not complete garbage---hehehe, we can pull a PR first with a huge twist!) and the 'B' story (Clash of the Titans Q&E). And that's what made top/bottom.

Nothing at all to do with the clothes, IMHO.

Christina said:
Seriously, maybe I just don't get fashion, but that neoprene dress was cat barf.

LMAO!! Actually, my cat has thrown up better looking hairballs than that dress!!!

Strange episode - very strange.

The exit interview says a lot about Mitchell. He thinks he was thrown under the bus and he didn't see anything wrong with getting a free ride. I got one word for you Mitchell - clueless.

Had he chosen anyone else, he would have found that he would have been forced to make at least half of an outfit (like Epperson and Qristyl).

I really think they wanted to reward Ramon's work ethic and no one can say he didn't "Make it Work". Turning out two solo desperate attempts at the last minute while being majorly frustrated required supreme effort and focus.

I understand why Nina liked the neoprene. The fabric embraced the spirit of the challenge. It was colorful (moreso than the earth and water colors everyone else chose). While the stain did not come out perfectly, my first thought was that it looked like a wave (especially on the bodice) but the back was a complete mess. It had some serious fit issues and I think that was why Rachel said she could see herself wearing it with some major alterations.

Perhaps I need another viewing—especially since I kept dozing off—but was the challenge to design beach/surfwear or clothing inspired by beach/surfwear. This was not clear to me although I thought it was the latter.

Also, the problem with the avant garde was that it was actually après garde, coming from rather than leading to the more ready-to-wear look. A big case of back-asswardsness to my way of thinking.

Anonymous (11:36) said...

"Is it me or is Heidi getting more screen time/emphasis during judging this season?"

It appears that way to me. We're also seeing a much more no-nonsense and assertive Heidi. However, she also seems to be balancing it with her trademark goofball humor, which I will always adore. I think that she definitely had it out for Mitchell and many of his character traits seemed to hit a very raw nerve with her. But then again, it could've all been a huge set-up to make her look more like the like the leader of the pack and re-establish her place as creator of the show and all things Project Runway.

- edina -

hey, i appreciated suzy's comment about neoprene! i'm a city girl who has worn a wetsuit twice -- i know what neoprene is but i did not know it feels icky when it bunches up or folds (tho when i think about it that makes sense) and that it would cut beautifully because it wouldn't fray. and she's totally right, if he'd done a simple short tight scuba-suit inspired dress heidi would have hyperventilated with longing.

this ep was ass on every level.

why is everyone slagging SpellChecq? epperson seemed controlling and passive-aggressive to me. they completely share the blame for their bad marriage!

"EVERY SINGLE GARMENT looked awful to us..." AMEN TO THAT!!!

I agree, this was the WORST Project Runway in history. Sorry for shouting, but, WHAT DID ANY OF THOSE GARMENTS HAVE TO DO WITH THE BEACH OR SURFING? Even if the models ditched the stilettos in favor of flats or sandals. Only Qyrstal and Epperson's first dress came close to a beachy look.

Lots of crack smoking last night. Just awful.

This challenge was a failed experiment in weird, so why not a weird outcome. Bitchell had to go for all the reasons that everyone mentioned. I never really hated him, but he didn't really care that his contributions to the challenge were nonexistent. Why was he ever selected to be a competitor? He stopped being "good TV" in the first episode. Good riddance.

Ra'Mon's neoprene dress was novel, but hardly enough that he win the challenge. The Shirin/Dr. Whitfield and Logan/Chris teams came up with some interesting designs.

9/4/09 11:24 AM
Blogger Stephanie said...

And another thing--Ramon (refusing to put that apostrophe in there) said about the ombre dress "You'd never know it was made in 45 minutes.

This just adds another piece of evidence to my theory that ombre will always get you the auf.

Did anyone else think that the editing on this episodes runway show was quicker then in earlier episodes. I felt like I was straining to see the designs. Very annoying. Luckily, I have TLO for the screencaps!

Ok, I have to say that I kinda knew there would be many twists, we were watching the show and said "I bet they are going auf Mitchell and give the win to Ra'mon". Anyway, Mitchell is a cutie but he is no Christian, and cuteness can only go so far you have to have some skills too. Did the right designer go home yes, did the right designer win, probably not but he did pull something out his hat. BTW Rewatch Mitchells audition tape I think you will see some shorts that look a bit familiar.

In one of the articles about Mitchell from one of the Florida papers (I think the Florida Today one? or maybe it came from Mitchell himself, I've known the kid since elementary school) he said that the producers contacted someone at the boutique he works at, asked if there was anyone they could consider for the show, and he was basically pulled into it. He never had the idea to audition... he was sort of hand-picked to be part of it. Which I think explains a LOT of this.

He's a nice guy - not a "rich kid" as someone surmised - seems like the years have inflated the ego a bit, but let's face it, he doesn't design much, he works retail and from what I can tell he's damned good on that side of fashion. It seems like a good thing that he's left PR to the ones with the drive to design.

I'm pretty sure neoprene is what my laptop case is made out of. If nothing else, the avant-garde surfer (WTF?) wearing that disaster would have some padding if she fell off her board and hit a reef, or to deflect the jeers and mockery when the other surfers saw what she chose to hit the waves with.

I actually liked the neoprene dress as well. I couldn't wear it in that shade of green, but the shape of it and choice of fabric was interesting.

I kinda don't understand what there is to hate about it, other than the face that it was quite wearable for what was supposed to be an artistic piece, but I do know that I have strange taste.

At this point I'm not sure if it's me of the judges who don't know what avant-garde means, I mean they're supposed to be the experts.

I thought Ra'mon's neoprene dress was cute, in a "ugly bulldog puppy" kind of way. My eyes are burning from the color, but I grudgingly admired it because it was so unusual and, you've gotta admit, a completely unexpected use of neoprene.

His belted gown? Not so much. But he gets huge points for understanding that the entire set of garments had to be "beachy." This point wasn't made clear in the challenge, and several designers chose to make ball gowns and cocktail dresses that had no place on the beach. HELLO? They dragged the designers all the way out to the beach to give them the challenge. Although they didn't drag the designers back again for the "surprise" add-on, did the designers honestly think the extra garment was really allowed to be completely unrelated?

Ra'mon gets big points for making the connection.

One-half thumb up.

And if the Divine Miss Q doesn't get auf'd next week, it will be because somebody else worked REALLY hard to be worse.

wanna know something funny? top chef the night before did the *exact same thing*, also For The First Time In Top Chef History. the guy didn't get cut, but he was in the bottom two and came w/in a whisper. if this show hadn't been filmed like two years ago i'd say Lifetime was trying to one-up the previous owners!

9/4/09 10:37 AM
Anonymous edinamonsoon said...

I have nothing to say about the Wisk-stained ShamWow dress. In short, last night's episode made Models of the Runway look like Citizen Kane.

For someone who had nothing to say, you said it all.

Katherine said...
Did anyone else think that the editing on this episodes runway show was quicker then in earlier episodes. I felt like I was straining to see the designs. Very annoying. Luckily, I have TLO for the screencaps!

9/4/09 12:02 PM

I noticed that, too. The runway is always tightly edited in the beginning when there are a lot of designers. Once a bunch get auf'd, there is more time for the camera to linger on each garment.

In this case also, they seemed to be squeezing out every possible second for the extended judging scene with Heidi.

Found it! From a interview Tim did with the Chicago Tribune (Maureen Ryan)
One challenge in the first half of the season will set the "Runway" blogs on fire. He called the outcome "unprecedented in 'Project Runway' history and even I will not fully believe it -- that it really happened -- until I actually see it."

I am assuming this is the one he is talking about. If not, then we have something even more suprisng coming.

Katherine said:"well i heard before the season filmed that they were having a really rough time finding talented designers"

Funny that you brought that up; because you're the only one I've heard that from (...that knew anything they were talking about). Quite the opposite, for season 6 they not only held auditions, they contacted people they knew had talent after season 5's rather disappointing batch. I believe this group is a talented group, throwing out strong designs early on. No strong front runner has emerged yet, but its obvious the girls are very, very strong.

This was not a great challenge, but I don't think it was the worst. If you get past the confusion, there were some nice designs. I just don't think anyone, including the judges, knew what they were really looking for.

As someone else pointed out, right now the winner isn't as important as the loser.

Worst ever challenge.

I liked the neoprene dress. It was the best interpretation of a the challenge, which was basically to create an avant garde surfer look. At least that's what I think the challenge was. (And isn't that a problem in itself?)

I don't care if you have 45 minutes or 45 days in which to complete it, there is no such thing as an avant garde surfer look.

Although I guess you could take neoprene,
cut it into strips,
macrame it,
make a huge Christian/Chris knockoff shoulder pouf out of the macrame,
dye the whole mess while wearing a black trash bag, and call it AVANT GARDE!


I think Tim meant the neoprene dress for Nina because she liked...and Rachel said Irina's beach look was her favorite out of all the loooks...Nina in neoprene! Get ready!

You can almost assume that with the "avant-garde twist" that the results were less then desirable, but the judges seemed to gloss right over what the challenges were and instead rewarded some of the worst designs

First off, the avant garde look was supposed to be inspired by the surfware look...can ANYONE tell how Ra'mons two looks went together? BS #1

Second, Gordana and Nicholas's avant-garde look was interesting to say the least (and better then a lot), and they wind up in the bottom? BS #2

Max Azria applauding the technique on Johnny's avant garde the weaving at the top looked sloppy (other then that though, they were were good) BS #3

And what was up with Nina last night? She got all moist looking at these craptastic garments, meanwhile, these were the worst pieces produced all season and in seasons past...BS #4

Can't wait for more TLo recaps

Yes to everything you said, TLo, except I'm not yet convinced there's a lot of talent this season.

Mitchell certainly squandered an opportunity, but I doubt he even saw PR as an opportunity except maybe to be on TV. Whether it's ADHD or something else, he never had his head or his hands into the game.

I also agree with Lorenzo that the neoprene dress has some possibilities. I even like the dye job in a way. Was it a winner? No, but I'm not sure anything else was either. This was a badly thought out, ill-defined challenge and the results were badly thought out, ill-defined garments. No surprise there. Garbage in, garbage out.

I could see where the judges were coming from with the neoprene dress.

Avant garde means being in the forefront, pushing new ideas and techniques, which others then develop upon. Avant garde stuff may not necessarily be commercial, wearable or pretty but it introduces and explores original construction, materials or concepts which then make their way into the mainstream - think of early Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garcons, Martin Margiela, Thierry Mugler, even JC de Castelbajac.

What it does not necessarily mean is spectacular or OTT and even the Chris/Christian dress, while being utterly awesome in every way, was not truly avant garde IMHO.

Funnily enough the most avant garde outfit I've seen on PR was Malvin's chicken egg sling concept, which while utterly unflattering and unsuitable for the challenge of dressing Rebecca Romijn, contained the germ of an idea - using a sling construction to carry a large baby bump - which does seem quite original and which other designers may start exploring in a more commercially acceptable way. (As an aside I could see where he was coming from with his 'too different for America' comment - American fashion is not known at all for its avantgardism, and Malvin should take himself off to Japan or Belgium as quickly as possible).

But I digress. It was by no means perfectly executed, but Ra'Mon had two ideas - using neoprene in a non-wetsuit way and dyeing neoprene - that were unusual and fashion forward (though do I vaguely remember Donna Karan of all people using neoprene for cocktail dresses?)and would bear some exploration either by himself or by other designers.

The fact that the fabric and the splodgy quasi-floral dye design related directly back to the surfwear challenge made the ideas even better.

I think the judges gave him a pass on the obvious execution issues because he had precisely half the man-hours and half the brain power (Mitchell not only couldn't sew, he also couldn't design) of the other teams at his disposal.

Is Tim Gunn doing written critiques of each episode's top and bottom contenders? If so, could someone please post a direct link to it? I'm hating the new PR website. Too much extraneous shit.

Where to start? First, I had no problems with the original challenge. Beach wear? Fine, whatever. But wait-how is beach wear connected with an avant garde look? Are surfers infamous for rocking the artistic fringe of haute couture in the evenings? I couldn't wrap my head around the connection between the two and obviously I wasn't alone.

Second, ok ok. You guys were right. Mitchell is kind of a sweet guy and he was funny last night. But, wtf otherwise. It was past time for him to go home but I'm glad he left with the benediction of Max Azria. I have to say I did feel just a little sorry for him even tho it was his own fault. Heidi never got that pissy even with Kenley (a pissy Heidi being a relative thing.)

Third, THAT was the winning dress? That fugly baggy stained thing? Do not get. At all. I liked the look with the top and pants with the macrame back straps. I don't even remember who designed it, alas. But Rachel Bilson said she would wear it. And it looked like it was intended to be worn at the beach.

With all due respect to your PR Alum, I think possibly the worst fug ever was the Horoscope episode, although I don't remember being shocked that my losing look was their winning look.

My final thought is I am not on Team Epperson. Regardless of what he thought of Qrystl-and it was impossible from the editing for me to tell who had good ideas and who didn't or if they just both flailed-the way he spoke down to her was just unacceptable to me.

"I'm afraid that the only thing missing from that beach scene is The Fonz on his water skis"

LOLz! So true!

I worry about this season of PR Not only because of the cast, but also the producers.

So far most of the designs I've seen this season is largely stuff designers can pull our of their bag of tricks & apply it to the challenge rather than the other way around. Seriously, look at the maternity challenge. Arguably, most of the stuff were empire waist dresses with questionable bust treatments. This season's constestants are a bunch of Santinos, IMO.

I follow this sentiment with the producers taking a large chunk of the blame as well. Who the fuck thought of combining surfwear & avant garde?! Who thinks that 30 minutes to sketch & 15 minutes to shop is going to yield good results? And throwing an uninspired eleventh hour zinger on top of already questionable designs and you're looking at sadism at its cruelist. At least in S4 asking for a RTW piece that reflects the avant garde piece made some sense. This makes no sense. Get it together, Weinstiens!

Interestingly, Bravo's Top Chef did the exact same
thing on Wednesday night - winning team of two, one of them is the winner and one of them is out.

I don't know, the fumes must have reached my home too, because I like the neoprene dress.
The challenge was really confusing, the designers didn't know exactly what they were supposed to do and then adding the avant garde at the last minute?
did anybody notice that many of the "avant garde" dresses had an exaggerated collar alla Christian-Chris avant garde creation? weird....
I agree with somebody who said that avant garde doesn't mean evening gowns, so in that respect I appreciate what Ra'mon did...
on a different note: I'm team Vanessa, Fatma is unbearable!

Two separate people have brought up that on Top Chef this week, there was a team that was in the winners circle but they pulled one guy out of a winning team and put him in the losing pack.

The difference is, on Top Chef they decided to work in teams of two, they didn't ask them to do that. I think Top Chef didn't know what to do, since they worked in teams, and just pulled the teams in with the best dishes.

I also think Nicolas' lace thingy was inspired by surfwear, although it was kind of off it was by far not as bad as some things up there, and it was a lace wetsuit. Of course, do a lace wetsuit and it looks like hooker wear, but it was an interesting approach. I think.

I meant to say the chefs decided themselves to work in teams, and the Top Chef judges didn't know how to handle that, so they choose the teams who had the best dishes to come to the judges table.

I'll be interested to see whether they put one of Ramon's dresses on the "losing" wall and one on the "winning" wall, or whether the losing entry will just be a naked mannequin with Mitchell's name on it.

I suspect what the judges liked and considered "avant garde" AND in keeping with the challenge was Ra'mon's use of neoprene. That, I think, was key. Because none of the designs that were made looked like surfwear. Not the other top team, not the top/bottom combo of Ra'chell. But at least the winning look used a surfer fabric in an entirely unconventional way.

But what a stupid ass challenge. Make surfwear! Except, don't, really; make whatever the hell you want. And add an "avant garde" piece without us telling you what that means!

Wow, the winning design was fugly beyond belief and made the model look like she had *ahem* package.

I don't think anyone made a avant garde dress. There were some cute beachwear, though. I thought the judging was boring. I miss Kors!!


Where for art thou, Persimmon Princess?

Sarah from Hawthorne

I thought the whole episode was messy and poorly thought out. The challenge was a weird set-up from the start - who needs a partner to make a single beachwear outfit? - and then springing the avant garde look on the second morning led to a lot of overdesigned street looks (to justify two people working two days) and a lot of under-thought high fashion looks. It felt like a bad rip-off the avant garde/ streetwear challenge from season 4, with an ad for Garnier awkwardly shoe-horned in.

That said, I wasn't surprised that Ra'mon won. Out of all the design teams, the top two teams were the ones whose outfits had a clear correlation to each other. Once Mitchell admitted Ra'mon had done all the work...

OK, I'm running down the beach cause I'm getting beach balls, seaweed, horseshoe crabs thrown at me for saying this, but I thought this episode was AWESOME!

Some of ya'll must have been up all night with your panties in a twist just waiting to be able to post on TLo first thing this morning. I just finished reading ALL the posts ahead of me (I admit, I have no life) and it is a collective of HYSTERIA! Everyone wants to talk about it and that my friends is Reality Show Gold!

Seriously, I agree that Mitchell needed to go, and why. However, I do think that Ra'mon using neoprene was one of the only fabrics that remotely related to the beach out of every garment that walked the runway. There were some cute sundresses that were in the middle of the pack. Loved Gordana's macrame/tie-dyed top. True surf wear seemed non-existent. The designers are as bewildered by what avant-garde means as I am after all these seasons. It's kinds like, well I know it when I see it.

I do hope that Tim wins the neoprene dress and makes someone wear it, Nina? Rachel B? And I really really hope that Arthur Fonzarelli isn't hiding in the beach grass.

It did seem pointless to have an avante garde challenge after kicking off the two most conceptual designers.

Look, people are bitching about the fact that it's a stained dress, it's ugly, etc.

Is it the most beautiful thing we've ever seen in stores or even on the runway? No. Maybe not even close to some.

But! What I appreciated and was amazed at was the fact that he was blow-drying this thing and Tim said, "you have 35 minutes!" And taking wet, dyed material and whipping out a dress... that's talent. At least to me.

I was so lost last night--I felt like Hansel and/or Gretel in the deep, dark forest of California beachwear.

So it was a relief to see that others were puzzled, flummoxed, bewildered, or just plain honked off.

My first question: Where did Ra'mon get that neoprene??? He jettisons his wet suit look at the 11th hour and enough neoprene to make a dress magically appears out of thin air? Huh?????

Second question: Was the Child of the Corn on some kind of medication? Or maybe *not* on his medication?
Ra'mon: Mitchell, what are you working on?
A: Um...nuthin'. Auf wiedersehen, bitches
Frau Seal: What did you work on, Cornchild?
A: Um, nuthin'. (Giggles)

I mean, what the....? Did he know someone in the Weinstein family, or what?

And where was the freakin' bathing suit he supposedly worked on?? The judging comments seemed to have been edited with a chain saw and hot glue: Nothing added up!

The winner didn't add up either, although my hat's off to Ra'mon just for not sewing Mitchell's head to his butt at some point, but there wasn't much to choose from. Just a terrible challenge!

When are they going to have to make haute couture out of oat flakes or sunscreen bottles or dead palm fronds or tofu? Where's the FUN, people? Where's the goddamn creativity?

Biggest disappointment: The Fatma/Bitchell contretemps never happened. Big dramatic buildup.... big undramatic nothing.

Producers: Just keep your hands off. It will be a much better show.

well I thought it was a really fun challenge. The designers got too carried away trying to make their surf look awesome(the avant garde looks weren't the best because of that).

at the end of the day it's gotta be something simple cause people are just going throw it off in the sand and run into the water.

i forgot where i read this - but i read someone who wrote that they think mitchell is cute but as dumb as a bag of rocks. i'm starting to agree.

i really like the winning design, but only because i really see the RTW potential in it.

Amen, Tamarama. I have to give Ramon points for making the avant garde dress out of the neoprene (as opposed to the beachwear look). I'm tired of people on this show thinking that avant garde means "shitload of ruffles" and appreciated a more streamlined look. I also liked the fabric and flowyness of the first dress.

I absoutely LOVED Johnny and Irina's first look, but the avant garde one had some serious construction issues. I'm confortable with Ramon winning.

"laundry accident..." My thoughts exactly. But I also liked the drapes and folds that the neoprene lent itself to.

Totally agree re: Mitchell. Seems like a nice guy, but why did they choose him for the show? He is telegenic and funny, but if he can't sew and doesn't want to create designs, well.

I disliked Mitchell not only for many of the reasons already stated here, but because he was a weak gay man who has done us no favors. I never disagree with TLO, but I do about their assessment of him --not cute at all, too fey, and totally weak and unfocused. Too bad another designer with more talent was not selected rather than this sorry excuse for a man!

Amanda in Austin: yes, you are so right. They went on and on about the hair and then we didn't see any special hairdos or anything. The product placement aspect was RIDICULOUS. And may I add that the beach is NOT the "heart of California"? Maybe southern California (though I'd say the freeway is more the heart than the beach). But it's a big state with coastline, desert, mountains, etc. and to say the beach is the main thing is just a stupid stereotype and was a convenient thing for them to say to justify the Most Idiotic Challenge Ever.

Yes, I realize I'm making a fuss over something minor. I'll just add that I thought it was sweet when Christopher said he was seeing for the ocean for the first time.

Out of all the comments so far I appreciate Paola's well-expressed statements the best. Thanks for explaining avant garde in the way you did. I especially agree with what you said about Malvin.

Your post wasn't even up when I posted mine a few minutes ago. Definitely not a panties in a twist comment.

You know, the more I think about it (and I REALLY need to stop and get back to work), the more this messy episode gets under my skin. It's like I could see what they were trying to do and it's just a big ol' fail.
It seems like the "make beachwear" challenge was intended to be easy peasy, a total cake walk. So, when Tim Gunn comes in to the room (DUHN DUHN DUHN)all the designers say "I knew it was too easy". The problem is making beachwear was incredibly difficult for SOME of the designers. It's like Nicholas said about his surfer girls ideas "it's not for the runway". THAT should have been the plot. Let's see who can follow directions and who only does what they want to do. That would have been a FUN episode. No?
This episode was LOST in the judging. WTF have they done to Nina? She should have TORN ALL OF THEM A NEW ASSHOLE. Every single designer. No one should have won, and Mitchelle should STILL have gone.
Only Ra'mon produced and avant garde look and that was ONLY because of the fabric he used. They could have said "designers step it up, you are on PROJECT RUNWAY FOR CRISSAKES!! No one wins because you are all rediculous fools who didn't follow the directions or couldn't roll with the avant garde punches.", instead they chose to see the REDICULOUS story line through to the bitter end.
We've all checked out Models of the Runway.
Now bring back The Dutchess and SET LA NINA LOOSE!

Well, I could sort of see where the producers were coming from - take a basic genre and then twist it and turn it and change it up until it becomes original, different, thought-provoking and consquently avant garde...

Vivienne Westwood did that with punk, she took what the kids were wearing on the streets and then ran with the ideas and turned them inside out to create dangerous, conceptual fashion. The differences being that a) Westwood is a genius and b)she was completely immersed in the street culture she ended up reworking.

What made this challenge so ridiculous was that most of the designers had no idea what the original genre was all about, so they couldn't even cope with designing the basic surf culture look, let alone subverting it. It's ludicrous to expect avant garde surfwear from someone who's never seen the ocean before... (As an aside I'm originally from the UK and it always amazes me how many people in the US have never seen the sea).

I also wanted to say that as bad as this episode was, the MOTR episode was even worse. The producers have apparently realized the models only provide 5 minutes of usable footage per challenge so their solution is to run those 5 minutes interspersed with 25 minutes of commercials. What a ridiculous waste of time!

I have to agree with the commenter who said that the heated reaction to the episode was the Gold at the end of the Producers' rainbow. It took me three hours to come down from watching, and the first thing I did this am was fire up the computer and go to TLo.

Yes, the judging is wack (I'm sure some days they NEED that crack pipe), yes, the contestant choices are wack (a performance art prank that spiralled out of control? A retail gay who got shoved into the workroom?), but at the bone marrow of TV production it's about getting our eyeballs locked onto that screen in the largest numbers possible, because THAT's what Lifetime is selling to advertisers for big silly money.

In that context, I'd say the producers earned their salary with this ep.

But hey, I come to TLo for the dress-ripping and the belly-laughs. Media theory and deconstruction is too much like my real job!

Rainwood, I agree. I hate to say it because the first two episodes of MOTR were okay, but last night's was a big yawn. It might be more interesting (or at least incrementally so) if the focus was on the fashions, the fittings, etc. But as it was last night . . . well, we already have ANTM for that.

Trish said "Found it! From a interview Tim did with the Chicago Tribune (Maureen Ryan)
One challenge in the first half of the season will set the "Runway" blogs on fire. He called the outcome "unprecedented in 'Project Runway' history and even I will not fully believe it -- that it really happened -- until I actually see it."

I am assuming this is the one he is talking about. If not, then we have something even more suprisng coming.

Trish, I saw that story too and it's a pretty scary thought that there might be another episode in the can that will be worse than this one.....but, yeah, did wonder about that myself.

I think Ramon got the "save" because of Mitchell's lack of involvement, a sympathy vote from the judges is the only thing (besides the crack theory, which is about equally valid, IMO) that makes sense.

was hoping this would be best PR season ever but this last episode is cause for concern.



The judges knew as little about surf wear as the contestants. It was the stupidest thing I ever saw. Surf wear needs to be two things - very tough, it's worn under the most fabric destroying conditions in the universe. Surf wear has to be duable. Surfing takes place in the ocean, accordingly surfers care about the environment. Green materials are an important element. Surf wear has a market and surkers pay a pretty penny for their gear. Women surfers are on the rise and they have fashion sense. There have been wonderful innovations in surf wear. First to come to mind is the Reef flip flop with a bottle opener on the sole. The concept had potential but the everything after that sucked big time, dude.

Side note - this whole thing was so upsetting my post had innumerable typos in it. I can spell, I can't type. Sorry, for not representing surfers better.

Thanks Annrr! I'll keep trying!

Katherine, anonymous was right. They actually contacted me and asked me to audition. They were reaching out to people who they knew were talented. I've met some of the designers auditioning and they had a good group to choose from.

I think Carol Hannah was a good choice and I really hope that she starts to show off some of her talent because I haven't been impressed so far.

"we got an email from a PR alum right after the episode declaring it the worst runway show ever seen in the history of Project Runway. If it's not, it's close to it."

WORD! That entire collection on the runway was simply AWFUL! Out of all the designs, Ra'mon sucked the least so i guess thats why he won. Nobody else sucked one "won" this challenge. It was who didnt stink up the runway as much.

Actually, if you squint squint squint -- the avant garde look is the most "surf" of all of them. The colors & the material, I mean -- not the style or silhouette.

(I dogged enough on Mitchell last episode. But -- goo bye)

Faline, I don't think it was supposed to be actual surfwear, was it? I think it was supposed to be fashion inspired by surfwear. But maybe not. Either way, I think most, if not all, designers failed to meet the challenge (though as others have pointed out, we hardly saw some of the clothes during the show).

Do the judges/producers even know what they mean by "avant garde"? Because it's pretty obvious that nobody else does, either.

Did Ramon swich fabrics with Qristal/Epperson? Because first Ramon made a dark brown wetsuit and later he had the yellow material for the final dress. I think Qristal/Epperson originally had the yellow material, and they used the dark brown material to make their bathing suit (whatever it's called).

TLo - maybe you could do a post about what exactly constitutes "avant garde"? I think it would clear up a lot of issues people have.

I do want Ra'mon to win at least one challenge.
However, not with this outfit.

as a girl who surfs and enjoys fashion i was so excited to see what the designers could create. I have to say i was extremely let down and could find 2 looks that fit the challenge in any way.

by the way: neoprene is what wet suits are made of to keep you warm in the water

Haven't reviewed all the comments yet, so apologies if this is redundant. But the editing on this show sure seemed a step (or several) below the first two episodes - in addition to the judging. I couldn't honestly follow the flow of judging remarks presented to us or their rationale. In fact, they seemed to praise more elements about the bottom two than they criticized, which left me even more confused.

Honestly, Nicholas and Gordana's inclusion in the bottom was a shock to me. They had a great surf-wear look - flowy, flirty, well crafted. And the avant garde paired as well with it as any of the other teams' pairs. Plus, it did something with the design besides the cliche avant garde looks of "poofy" and "big collar."

Really weird episode. It didn't feel right.

I'm happy that Valerie the model is back and I hope she gets a lot of air time because she is just lovely to listen to.

It seemed quite obvious that Mitchell had some sort of "dependency" at home that he had to get back to. The guy sabotaged himself so obviously, it had to be intentional. Early on, he realized, "I can't hack this. I need to get back to my_________." Fill in the blank: addictive relationship, crack supplier, whatever. The guy sent himself home and looked disappointed when he wasn't auffed the last two weeks. Whatever, Mitchell. We hope you work it out. The rest of us will have a perpetual WTF whenever we see your face.

To me, "avant garde" should forever be eliminated from the PR dictionary.....mostly because designers use it as an excuse to just be weird for weird's sake.

The whole god damned thing sucked. HARD.

horrible! besides not being very original the lack of color was astounding, white, tan, beachwear? even looking at the cal girls with the surfboards most has color color color. additionally barely any of the avant guard looks looked interesting, original, or matched the beachwear look wasn't that one of the requirements? we were not impressed!

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