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Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

Princess knocked it out of the park.

The Associated Press:

"Some of Siriano's most striking pieces were made from a fabric print created using an aerial photograph of the Italian coast line — "flipped, modified, repeated and saturated with Volcanic and Oceanic colors," as Siriano described in his notes. The result was a richly intricate pattern that looked almost animalistic rendered in reds and orange and like a deep ocean cartography in blues."


"Siriano is a natural showman, so wearability seems beside the point. But his weakest moments came when he strived for it — as in a fitted khaki funnel neck dress with blue piping — and when he totally ignored it, as in an ocean print body suit that was unflattering on the model, who looked famished even by model standards.

But he showed a capacity to wow with some of his tamer pieces in shades of blush, nude and khaki — there was elegant draping, delicate pleating and gathered flounces at the shoulders and hips, two body parts getting a lot of attention at Fashion Week."


"I really went into the show naive and didn't know the industry. Once the show finished and I won and got the support of Victoria [Beckham], Heidi [Klum] and Nina [Garcia], I realized I didn't want to do anything else but start a collection. I just went with it and it's been rolling ever since. I know it's reality TV and I say funny things and can be sassy but having a collection was always my goal. For other winners, that's not always the goal. Being on TV can change a person."

Among the celebrities attending were (click here for pictures) Tori Spelling, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kristen Johnston, Veronica Webb, Mena Suvari, Kelly Rowland, and Katrina Bowden.

We don't have much to say because we think the collection speaks for itself. It's, by far, the best work he's done. He's really come into his own as a designer and this collection demonstrates a maturity, focus, and point of view that he hasn't shown before. Good for him.

Additional pics:

Watch the show:

[Photos: - Video: YouTube/MBFWNewYork]

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Now that is a collection!

TLo, thanks for working on a Sunday morning to share this with us!


That's fantastic!

But ALL of the khaki was a wee bit boring for me.

Love the orange tiered dress especially.

I love 99% of it. A couple of fit issues a couple of puckering issues but overall a fab collection! It's so nice to be able to follow him as he matures and see the subtle as well as the blunt changes. Love him. Congrats!

These are unbelievably gorgeous. I don't know what they're talking about in terms of them not being that wearable. Everything in here is fabulous and I can think of a dozen celebrities who could pull off anything of these looks. I'd wear more than 75% of them myself if I had the chance.


Oh, Princess, you've outdone yourself! This is really gorgeous, and most of it is totally wearable and will no doubt be gracing the bodies of starlets on red carpets for months to come. I'm in love with the Italian coastline fabric, I almost wish he'd used it more but it could easily have looked overdone.

There were a couple of sad little dresses in there, and I wish he'd chosen more diverse models, but overall it's a wonderful collection and I'm delighted for him.

very nice, especially the prints. I'm seeing a hint of LeAnimal


I want it all!

This Collection is really amazing! I love the smooth transition in color that creates a really cohesive and lovely color-story. My favorite looks are definitely the camel colored shirt dress at the beginning, and the blue print dress with the ballooning at the bottom.
Good job Princess!

Bravo, Christian.

I looooove this. Usually I wouldn't wear anything designers put on a runway. Not that they're not beautiful and fashionable, just that they're not me. I would wear almost all of these pieces in a heartbeat (and rock the heck out of them ;) ) Love, love, love.

my son and I just ooohed and aaahed viewing those like we were watching a fireworks display!!!
Beautiful and stunning pieces of art, the photo/ocean landscape fabrics are absolutely incredible. Breathtaking!

PPS is really coming into his own. This is an impressive collection. I love that blue print fabric and the way he used it.

Must say I hate the strappy clodhopper trend in footwear right now and hope it passes quickly. It's a jarring note to my eye to see sleek, highly crafted elegant clothes on women who look like they've got hooves.

Query from this non-fashionista to those more in the know: Why do models all look so miserable on the runway these days? If I were a designer I think I'd want my models to look like they were energized and psyched to be in my creations.

That is unbelievably gorgeous. I've like Christian's stuff in the past, but never so much that I really wished I could afford it. This? I want the whole thing.

Princess has really done the Project Runway fans proud. I covet just about everything in this collection (I'll let someone else have the blue bodysuit). GORGEOUS. Thanks TLo!

Princess has really done the Project Runway fans proud. I covet just about everything in this collection (I'll let someone else have the blue bodysuit). GORGEOUS. Thanks TLo!

I can't believe I'm saying this, because I was pretty sure that I'd hate PPS until the end of my days, but MAN are some of these hot! I just want want WANT that first lava dress (the body comes with those, right?) and the first blue dress, and the beige criss-crossy dress.

I do think he's really maturing as a designer - I was looking at this collection and thinking that in ten years he's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

I wish he'd stop the fierce-face posing with the celebs though.

I am in love with this collection! He is definitely going to be the most successful Runway contestant.

Does anyone know what stores will carry this PPS line or is it custom made by special order only?


I hate to be repetitive, but I agree that this collection is GREAT!

And while it does have that Siriano look, it still looks mature and stylish and different from his previous work.

I hope Princess Puffy Sleeves finds her own little kingdom and designs happily ever after.

Just sayin-

P.S. Love those prints and, even with a few misses, some of those pieces are to die for gorgeous.

Gorgeous gowns, shows so much depth, and then there were the colors, just lovely

It's a beautiful collection, a few repetitive looks, but really amazing work from PPS. Thank you for the extra front row pictures, Tlo! Tim looks so cute :)

I think our little PR princess appears to be the one who really has gone the farthest with his win! And continues to grow & evolve as a designer, which shows promise for being in this for the long haul.

There's just so much to this collection that I like - the colors, the cohesion, the diversity of looks (while still being sympatico with the whole of the collection).

This is one fabulously FIERCE collection!

[sigh] I want it all!


Such a beautiful collection. It's so much fun watching him succeed.

Now that is STUNNING.

I want one of just about everything, especially that blue gown he made from the patterned fabric.


@TampaBay: All of his stuff from last season is at Saks Fifth Ave - I'd be surprised if they didn't pick this collection up as well, it's 100 times better than last season's, IMO.

Wow, I never much liked him on PR, but this is absolutely the most luminously beautiful collection I have ever seen. HOLY SMOKE! You go girl!

The collection was a little tamer than what I expected, but it has Christian written all over it. I love pretty much all of his fabric choices, especially the global prints - they're incredible!

I agree with Tienne above (Anonymous @ 11:09 am): these clothes seem pretty wearable to me.

Congratulations to Christian and Thank You to TLo for posting the collection - I probably would not have seen it otherwise.

Polly Glot

GORGEOUS! I want so many of those pieces.

Love: prints, colors, dresses, pleats, most everything.

Hate: hats, and that one dresss with the silver fold that looks like a giant labia.

I'm so proud of him! I just remember him living and sewing out of that closet. I hope he has better digs now.

This is unbelievable. And actually, pretty darn wearable. I'd love to wear nearly everything here.

I also saw something that looked a bit Leanne-like in the theme.

Love it. The blue print skirts suit is divine.

Although of the wide brimmed hats already. They make the models look like patio heaters.

Wow! This is a great birthday present! Thanks TLo!

I echo the wow. Yes there's a puckering on some of these but the overall colelction is great

That blue print gown though is stunning. I imagine Alisters fighting over who gets to wear that dress first


I was never a fan of his, but this is far beyond the level of most PR designers. I don't love every single piece and think editing out a few would have made the collection even stronger. But in a way that's splitting hairs because much of is absolutely stunning. Talk about wow factor. I'm impressed.

Simply fabulous! My only issue is that he picks the most sickly looking models on the market...he might want to eventually branch out a bit if he's going to have real success.

Loved it. My only criticism/question, which is not by any means directed solely at Christian, is WHY are those bowed-out hips so in style, and when will they go away? The only people who can wear that are models. What is the point? Perhaps someone can explain it to me so it makes sense.

Oh, our little girl is growing up! *sniff*

Anonymous on 9/13/09 at 11:13 AM said..I'm seeing a hint of LeAnimal

Rami too for that matter! LOL! LOL!


I love it. Especially the blues and that last dress. Out of every PR winner, I have to say that Christian is definitely the one that has made the most of a name for himself. Not that the others aren't great but Christian had the most success I think.

That dress with the silver bustier and the long, cream ruffles is just perfection. PERFECTION. I'll dream of it tonight.

This is what Project Runway is all about. I never loved Christian on the show although I appreciated his talent and work ethic. This, on the other hand, is really incredible. I love this stuff and would kill to buy (or at least wear!) it. Well done.

I hope there's a video of this eventually -- I want to see how these clothes moved!

Absolutely gorgeous!

So much of it I wanted to wear.

And nary a puffy sleeve to be found!

maybe he needs a new nickname?

Is it horrible for me to be a Debbie Downer and say I don't like this collection at all? I think it looks too much like his other BP collections, just done in a different color palette. I don't know, maybe I'm bias, but I was in his corner for a long while, and now I'm losing interest. This stuff just doesn't look real to me.

Yowsa. I was never really a fan, but wow. I ADORE that print he created in both the reds and the blues. Not so much when it appeared as a Tron bodysuit, but everywhere else? Fantastic.

9/13/09 11:13 AM very nice, especially the prints. I'm seeing a hint of LeAnimal

Princess made some skirts and dresses, too. Bet she copied that off of Leanne as well.

Something about this collection is off to me. Everything just seems a bit wonky & looks like it sits an inch off the body in one place and is an inch too tight in another. I'm not sure about the fabrics, either, except for that marvelous marvelous print.

One thing I've learned from Project Runway is that clothes have to be able to move well and these do.

Anonymous on 9/13/09 at 12:17 PM said.."Princess made some skirts and dresses, too. Bet she copied that off of Leanne as well."

NAY!!!! She copied that off Laura Bennett! LOL! LOL!

Laura invented skirts and dresses 2 seasons before Leanne! We all know that! LOL! LOL!



This collection inspires me to lose weight so I can fit into his pieces.

I will take two of everything. I love the entire collection. I think the collection is wearable I don't understand what the AP is talking about.


So proud. :D

The models are for the most part tragic. For example, I think my favorite dress is the short red print one, love the color and sillouette...but the model looks like she is on the verge of passing out and the dress fits her poorly beyond that.

In love with most of this collection. Especially love the beige suit jacket w/the zippered lapel and the geo-prints (yes, even the Tron suit, it's like a clothes-painting).

The prints are fabulous. Does anyone know it works? How does a designer get a special print fabric made?


That blue coat needs to be in my closet NOW!


That was FANfrigginTASTIC! It's spectacular that he has so much press as a young designer, so we can see his collection. He is ACTUALLY doing NEW looks, not just rehashing some other era and calling it new.
The jumpsuit AMAZING!!

The Gown w/ the side swept bubble skirt FABULOUS

The hat folded across the models face so that she looks like her head is on backwards GENIUS

The blue open toed booties REDICULOUS but, hell you can't win them all.

he's constantly growing, and his first collection was interesting, theatrical, and on trend to begin with
As much as I love Jillian and wished she had won the show at the time, he is PR's most successful winner by far

Just gorgeous! I think my favorites are the sand colored "pleated" dresses. Good for him!

wow...I am in LOVE with all of this. time for shopping!!!

Maybe I'm just picky, but I thought there were a few big misses in the beginning. By the second half, though, all I could say was, "Ooooh, THAT'S fabulous!" I'd really love to see the first gown on the red carpet - fingers crossed!

Love it! There are some crazy gorgeous outfits in this collection. I also really loved the colors - when he used them. I was getting pretty bored with the tan right when the blue showed up. Way to go, Christian!

Love the collection. The colors and prints are just wonderful. There's many pieces that I would love to wear in it. He has really shown maturity from his previous collection. Absolutely gorgeous.

Oh... my god. That was a COLLECTION. Truly I am impressed. Did I love and covet every piece? No (well... most of them, but still, I don't really want the unisuit), but the artistry, design, cohesiveness. He blew me away. I knew he was good, but this is just beyond words. BRAVO, PPS! Truly, you are a fashion and artistic force to be reckoned with.

ALSO, did anyone else feel like some of these looks SCREAMED Michelle Obama? Like, Shelly O in 9 (beige top with skirt),12 (beige suit), 20 (blue airy dress), 27 (red bouse with beige skirt), and ESPECIALLY 33? That little beige number with one shoulder? That is SO HER. I think 26 would KILL on her, but I'm not sure she would wear it. I hopehopehope she does chose to wear some of these pieces because I think they would suit her beautifully, and he should get exposure for this collection.


My god, that's gorgeous! I need to get rich so I can afford this stuff.

Great designs, hideous colors.

I was never really a fan of his (too many ruffles and skinny pants for my tastes), but I was much more impressed with this collection than his finale one. The oceanic/volcanic colors and patterns are just gorgeous.

I have to say, though, I hate the shoes, especially those weird short boots. And the models are styled very blah and neutral.

@Teri: I was just thinking that, too!

Beautiful collection, beautiful colors. I'd wear most of it, even the bodysuit under a mid-length wrappy skirt.

And to think our little PPS is still just a puppy. If he can do this now, what will he be doing in his 30's and 50's and 70's???

Fabulous collection! Congratulations Christian.

Oh my GOD do I love this collection! I usually have to scratch my head over at least two or three looks in any collection but I got this one. Gorgeousness, every last bit of it.

WOW. Christian just gets better and better!

Two garments failed IMO. First, the Wedgewood blue one-shouldered dress with the floor-length glop of fabric in the front. The asymetrical layering in the front was an interesting idea, but combined with no fitting in the bust, just really didn't pop. Second, the "orange sunset" netted prom-ish gown had a blah bust and the netting was too fat around the waist and hips and didn't drape down to the floor in a flattering manner. It looked like a Broadway costume, and I expected to see orange bobby sox and penny loafers underneath.

Everything else was smashing! I love, love, love that he created his own fabric from aerial views of the coastline! Completely unexpected and very cool indeed. And every single garment was visually interesting quite apart from the fabric used.

I think Christian has just established himself as a young designer to watch. This is a committed man who doesn't plan to fail.

I don't like the blue print, but I'm in love with the red.

How can something as simple as a skirt and blouse (first design shown) be so frakking gorgeous? Most of these clothes took my breath away. They look

Love, love, love the hats.

Alexis said: The hat folded across the models face so that she looks like her head is on backwards GENIUS

I know! I love that.

I had issues with Christian during his season of PR, but I've always admitted he's talented. And this shows how much he's developing his sense of style and innovation. Excellent collection. Fashion-forward but wearable.

Christian has definitely come the farthest the fastest. It's too bad the economy sucks so bad right now. But imagine how well positioned he'll be when it comes roaring back.

He's got a bright future.

He smartly matched tanned models with his khaki looks. Not everyone can pull that color off. The silhouettes were gorgeous. The ice blue sheath was stunning.

He even had an "avant garde beach look" tucked in there. He must find this season hysterically funny.

I was not the biggest fan of Christian's personality. And I think he's going to grow out of a lot of his audaciousness. But just looking at the designs, I found I could overlook the fit issues here and there-- and even the ugly shoes. These looks are timeless and his strong vision outweighs the small problems here and there. I doubt he has the budget to be absolutely flawless. So that he comes this close on whatever shoestring he's spending is quite impressive to me.

this is why rami and jillian didn't win

I'm very surprised at how nice this collection is. It's good to see that he kept those godawful puffy sleeves, buttoned-up collars and ruffly chests down to a minimum.

Now if he'd just get rid of those hats . . . (and I say that as someone who has a passion for hats!)

So nice to see him use color and print, especially in this way. That horrid jumpsuit aside, this was a fantastic collection - that blue ball gown, orange tier dress, and the other print outfits are gorge! Started in beige, with a few repeat techniques (diagonal pleating, giant hats etc.), but it's such nice growth and clearly shows him as a designer who's gonna stay around us for a long, long time. Love, love love!

Wow... I haven't been a fan of PPS in the past but so many of these pieces - especially the suits, but also the diagonally-striped dress, the piped blue dress and the blue chiffon dress with the sash & the asymmetrical skirt (probably my favorite of all) are just stunning.

Gorgeous!!!! I love every piece. Good job PPS!!!!

Great collection, it's nice to see that he's maturing as a designer.

I love it! V ery resort with the hats, PPS knocked it out of the park indeed.

Absolutely fabulous...and I'm sure Patsy would agree!

I agree, it's all beautiful, but I'm surprised you two didn't say anything about that beige color. It's so blah.

I'd buy any of those dresses but not in beige. (that is if I could afford them!)

Anne@11:29am: (the body comes with those, right?)


Yes, if you know the right surgeons!

Seriously, now, that was un-frikkin-believable. My soul is refreshed. Christian, Jillian, Rami, Chris March and Malan Breton are the PR designers who take me to heaven with every show.

The best thing about it is the print that he developed. It is very impressive that he was able to have an original print at this stage in his career. He must have gotten a backer who really believes in him.
I wonder if the fabric will be avalible by the yard?
Anyway I hope he gets a lot of orders it seems like he is getting a good response to the collection, hopefully the buyers will respond likewise.


OMG I never thought I would say this about a PPS outfit but I want nearly that entire collection. So stunning and beautiful. It was classy and chic and functional. I would wear (if I had the body) nearly 80% of that collection. And that is coming from a very unchic jeans and t-shirt wearing college grad student.

GO PPS! I am officially on the band wagon.

Absolutely breathtaking collection. I don't agree with the AP about the bodysuit. The model looks like a sleek and beautiful sea creature, a sylph-like being born of the ocean and a reflection of its life force. I love it. Part of great design is its fantasy elements. Christian is amazing..23 years old and already achieving more than many 'name' designers have in a lifetime. It is impressive.

FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!! I love him!!!!!!!

I love the prints and his inspiration.

Wow, Bitchell could learn something from this - that is how you do "sheer" sans "nekkid."

And the dress AP dissed had a model that looked strikingly like Tilda. Maybe Princess was wishfully thinking... ? I think she could rock it.

The last three looks were super fabulous. I think he's really made the most out of his stint on the show. I mean, you see Christian Siriano on the red carpet or at Bryant Park.

I've never really liked much of his work in the past or responded to his aesthetic (still with those damn hats!), but I have to say that some of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous.

BREATHTAKING. That 10th look- I NEED that dress on my body now! (I would totally rock that look).

I wasn't a big PPS fan during his season, but this collection is really lovely. Nice job, Christian.

Love everything except the last three dresses. I don't think they add much to the collection, they're just dramatic for the sake of ebing dramatic. Good job, PPS!!

Other than a few "mehs," a BEAUTIFUL collection! There are several pieces that I want in my closet (in color rather than neutrals) RIGHT NOW! WTG PPS!

I feel like he's halfway there, it's looking more and more PPS.

Oooh, I was wondering when you were going to post about his collection! Thanks, TLo!

I'm not a big fan of beige, but his collection is rockin'. There is such a cohesive feel to it, and those prints are fab.


What is that short for?


A few clunkers, but definitely the most wow pieces I've seen from him so far. Congrats, Christian!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

" Anonymous said...


What is that short for?


Princess Puffy Sleeves. Nickname TLO gave to Christian Siriano.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Fabulous collection!!! Love everything, especially the blue print.

Unbelievably gorgeous! I'm so happy for him!

Wow great collection. The model casting was really well done too. I can't believe he could afford both Behati and Sessilee.

Wow, so many of these were so gorgeous! Wow...those fabrics look so lush and beautiful.
My favorite is the shorter red and gold dress. It's divine!

Ugh, I hate the "Princess Puffy Sleeves" title. Less than half his looks from the show had puffy sleeves, and what, two of the looks from this entire collection has them? If anything you should be calling Rami "Mrs. Draper." I also find it funny that people are whining about the tan/khaki - probably the same people who complained about the black he did on the show. You people are never happy, are you?

But yeah, ranting out of the way, this collection is STUNNING. He keeps this up and he'll be a force to be reckoned with in a few years.


'He's come into his own' is right!

I have just two words: Stun. Ning.

Just stunning!

Good for him!


Gorgeous Collection. What's up with their walks? They're so clunky!! Is it the shoes? Not sexy.

We'll have a separate post about the shoes, they are quite interesting.

this is so pretty i could cry

i knew christian would make it far, this is stunning...i'd personally edit out some of the pieces, but overall...A+

Bravo, Christian!

Color me completely, pleasantly surprised! I've never been a PPS fan, but I absolutely love most of this collection! Those goofy hats are, however, so unnessary and don't add anything to the collection.
Was there a shortage of makeup and hair stylists? The models look positively dull and lifeless.

This collection is so gorgeous! Christian really is an amazing designer, it's awesome to see him come into his own!

I liked most of it, and I was never a fan of his. Some of this was stuff that I'd actually want to wear (if I could afford to, lol) but I definitely saw much that lots of people would and could wear, as opposed to his earlier works that were more for show.

The problem I had in general was just how too young and too skinny his models seemed. I'm not oblivious to the fact that most models are young and thin, but it just seemed more... highlighted? here than usual. Can't put my finger on it.

I do miss some of the structured jackets (the forceful lines and architecture were always my favorite parts of PPS designs), and I despise the hats. But this is a beautiful RTW collection. Definitely softened from where he was a few years ago. And the fabric, what a stroke of genius. I can't wait until he starts showing at the couture shows as well... he's really a brilliant designer.

this collection is sharp as shit! every single piece is calling to me!

Wow, I really like this. And there are a lot of pieces I can even dream of wearing myself, and I am NOT a model figure. But did anyone else notice those khaki shorts look about as bad as Mitchell's aternity shorts? Minor detail, of course. Congratulations, Christian. You did yourself and PR proud.

Just beautiful. And a few dresses that even a plus sized 12 could wear....if they make them that big. sigh. But his models scare the hell out of me. I love fashion but nothing that came down the runway seemed to be fitted on a human woman. I just can't see any of those models being able to work let alone think at those starvation weights. Is is my limited exposure to the collections or do his models seem thinner than anyone else's?

Gorgeous!! Christian is amazing!!

Oh my God this is so beautiful. Best collection so far! Go PPS!!!


Beautiful palette and silhouettes. I love the short dresses in the blue print.


Some are gorgeous and some are meh, he needs to learn how to edit it a little more.


Freaking awesome collection. I can see myself working some of those looks :)


That fifth look, the neutral toned dress with the sheer shoulder is so stunningly beautiful and understated. I covet that so badly

Love, love, love it.

Most of it is gorgeous, not crazy about the beige stuff.


Simply AMAZING!!!! The girl knows how to put on a show.


I like it and I'm glad to see he's still working as a designing despite all the fame whoring.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Christian's collection. I was not a fan of his designs or personality on Project Runway, but I couldn't deny just how stunning this collection was. Elegant, modern, and overall gorgeous. I would love to wear a good 85% of these pieces.

mll (another lulu)

This is a very beautiful, feminine collection. There are only three pieces I really don't like.

What a stunning idea for the Italian coastline inspiration in fabric.

If he can keep this pace up, he really is on his way as an iconic American designer.

Princess did AMAZING! I love the "soft" lines of the busts of the strapless dresses. And I love the colors! The red is amazing as well as the blue.

BTW, Christian did a great job of styling the runway show. I can't wait to see more of his work in the future!

I like the blue stuff.
What's with the sour-faced models with the bad junior high school makeup?

He has totally earned my respect. Amazing.

Not a fan of his styling. Was he purposely looking for fugly models, or did he do that to them?

Definitely some beautiful pieces, but I'm not sure I saw anything that looked fresh to me. I also noticed some Leanne inspired looks.

This is just beautiful. People can't say he's one note anymore after seeing this. The colors were just so breathtaking. Season 4 had two of the best designers the show's seen: Christian and Jilliam.

Just... WOW... I think that "Wow" is the only word to discribe it. All of the clothes were just beyond gorgeous. He's got so much talent in him, I think it's kind of unfair... but just... wow... I am in total awe...

Great collection! I'm happy for him, he surely works hard to be where he is in his career. Hopefully lots more to come.

lol some of the models were not the pretiest but I don't think being pretty is really a requirement for runway. U just need to wear clothes well and walk well.

Overall I liked the collection. I agree with people about his growth and for hte most part with the wearability of the pieces. I do not think the collection was as flawless as most seem to be saying. There weere pieces that made me say ugh but definatly more that made me say oooooo. He definatly could have done less of the tan, it was so close to the modles skintone and also a very boring colour. He also used fewer models of colour this time around. He usually has a couple but this time just one lone Indian. So sad cause some of those tan dresses would have looked great against darker skin.

I don't see LeAnne-inspired looks. Both of them work with pleating and various sorts of fabric manipulation--but neither of them invented it. I have a five-year-old DKNY skirt, for example, that has silk khaki-hued diagonal pleats--looks like it could be in the same collection as one of PPS' dresses. Which is fine--just pointing out that that kind of stuff is around and used by many, many designers (as it should be). Even someone truly avant-garde like Vivienne Westwood picks up ideas from the past and other cultures (Westwood used 18th-century shirt techniques in her pirate collection.)

I think the whole collection is a really nice effort, but the first half actually didn't impress me that much--there's something a bit lumpy about some of the fits and online it's hard for me to see some of the defintion (in other words, it may look great in person.) Or he still needs to refine his fabric sense a bit more. And I'm tired of the hats (and I like big hats).

That said, some really beautiful sleek dresses from the middle point on and I liked the use of the Italian coastline pix.

And I really appreciate the fact that he's stuck to his guns and has focused on really being a designer. He's not coasting. He's trying things out, taking risks and trying to develop. I look forward to what he'll do.

The "ugly" on the models comes from their pissed off or bored shitless expressions. A few of them are downright scary looking.

As my mother would say - A smile is your best accessory. Or .. would it kill you to at least pretend to be having a good time?

That is a stunning collection and I believe it has quite a few wearable pieces--some lovely blouses, jackets, and suits. Lovely colors and fabrics, too.

Christian definitely wins the prize for most growth among the PR designers. I am so glad that he kept his focus and didn't stray too far into fame whore territory. Sometimes when young people achieve success early, they just stall out, but he hasn't done that.

I'm so proud of our Little Princess!

i don0t know you guys but i feel like i've seen this before or like he was inspired by other collections i just liked one dark red with yellow dres, the short one ;)
but i don't feel this is really siriano....

I want that Italy coastline fabric. Would someone ask him if he has any scraps? Please?

I especially liked the top and short dress in the red/orange volcano(?) print, and some of the sleeker jackets. You can see that he's grown, I really like some of the fabrics, and given the amount of time he spends schmoozing, he's got to be one heck of a work horse. And so young!

It's enough to make me wish I were thin and rich.

And I liked the use of the hats. They (hats) seem to be more popular on the runway in the past year than they've been, and these work (IMO) with the clothes they're shown with - they are part of the ensemble rather than some odd or interesting accident perched on the head.

ros said...

It's enough to make me wish I were thin and rich.

LOL Same here

I'm looking forward to the special shoe post with (hopefully) some side views. From head-on they look like the models tried to peel off their knee socks but got them caught on their shoes right before they hit the runway.

Well. I think we can safely say that this young man has officially arrived. I wondered if he would hold up after he won PR, and worried that his contracts with the cheaper stores like Pay Less would be his undoing. But this collection makes a very real statement. It's not perfect, but it's DAMN good. If he continues to progress at the rate that he apparently is, I think it's fair to say that he will someday find himself among the great American designers of the era. It's great to know that we have a young TALENTED designer here in America with a style that is clearly well received by the International critics. I have a feeling that this collection will solidify his future from here on out. Peace

i'm not dorothy gale

Absolutely GORGEOUS. With the exception of the one-shoulder garments I adored everything. As someone with a closet of khaki/cream/beige/etc. the color scheme delighted me and the cleverness of the specially-designed print was so Princess. Congratulations, Christian!

This collection makes me think of German-Austrian-Swiss-Scandinavia women like the BMW heiress whose lover-blackmailer recently went to prison.

These women inherit, but also work hard for their family's company. They have spa weekends, summer on Lake Como, winter home in Klosters for February skiing, charity balls. Generally scandal-free, they're not kept women or aristocrats.

A sort of "you've come a long way, baby" thing happening. 70's YSL and DVF. With a teutonic twist. Quality that isn't stuffy or prissy or overworked.

They're clothes for adult women.

love the palette,,, the fabric... swoon...the azure curvy dress..the orange flaming dress. All the opulent sheers.

Wow I am impressed.

Very classy.


I have been a huge fan of Christian's pretty much since day one and I am so proud of him - forgive me for being redundant, but how else can this collection be described except stunning? One or two misses, but 99% of this is drop-dead gorgeous.

I loved most of his collection! I want his hats! The one I really didn't like, was the body pant outfit that looked like Mystique from X-Men. Also a couple others in that fabric. But overall, job well done!

Anyone else bothered by the fit on the 11th look down? There's a major difference between where the model's breasts are and where the garment says they should be.

There are a couple of pretty looks, but I don't see anything majorly groundbreaking. Wearable, yes (except that bodysuit). But not groundbreaking.

PPS did an amazing job... without much PS!

holy cow, I want at least 3 of those outfits right now.

What a fabulous body of work. That was one beautiful collection. I was never a huge fan when he was on PR, but my, my how things change. I was truly stunned by the beauty and richness of it. Those colors and fabrics he chose are to die for! WELL DONE!!!

For look number 17 (the blue dress with the khaki jacket looking thing) is the jacket removable?

Does the bodysuit remind anybody of Zool from the first Ghostbusters movie?

This is the first time I think he has made really wearable pieces. He has always been talented, but I feel he has matured. Beautiful!

Susan@10:05pm: Does the bodysuit remind anybody of Zool from the first Ghostbusters movie?

Actually it reminded me of Ari Fish from Ep 1 of PRS6.

I think this collection is outstanding sans a few pieces. Clearly he loves to indulge his fantasy, but he knows his fans love it. The jumpsuit, while impractical was pretty cool, even if the model is scary looking. The crocodile skirt was awful, but looked so great on what's her face. Just the shape of that skirt I hated.

My least favorite piece is probably the ruffled waist and shoulder khaki cocktail dress. Just not very pretty and can't picture anyone wearing that.

The last gown is stunning, but the other 2 gowns, while pretty, just don't seem wearable to me. I can see a lot of starlets rocking that last gown.

But enough of the negative. The blue pieces were all gorgeous. That print is to die. I love the volcanic red/orange print too. I loved the pale blue coat, so chic. The khaki dresses were subdued yet sublime. Many of those can work in black or other colors.

It's just amazing to see each collection get stronger and stronger and I liked his first spring collection too.I think Christian is here to stay as long as he keeps making stunning clothes.

I love Christian’s collections. He sure knows what style, sophistication and elegance means, it’s all over his collection, fabulous.

I love the earth tone colors of the fabrics, very beautiful. I watched the whole season of project runway with him on it. He is just an amazing, talented kid.

Having been a fan of his from the first minute - I love dramatic looks and he definitely is able to do dramatic - I'm not sure what else I can say about this collection, except that it's gorgeous.
When looking through the pictures at first, there seemed to me a few not so perfect and interesting looks, but seeing them in motion in the video - thanks, TLO! - I think, they too are fantastic.The écru fabric looks slightly stiff in the pictures, but when moving looks very flowy and all in all gorgeous and nice to wear. Love the prints, actually love the hats, love the colours (and nearly non-colours) and fabric choices, love the shoes, like the styling (I think some things could have been improved by a different styling - i.e. croco-skirt needs a belt), love the silhouettes and don't like the models - too scrawny, couldn't walk or sell the clothes and all in all boring. The only garment really going "klunk" is the strange bodysuit.
But all in all a very beautiful collection. I'd love to wear nearly every singly piece of it and although I'm a size 38 they'd still look good. I wish him all the best and I'm sure if he keeps up the good work (which I have no doubt he will) he can become one of the great designers of our time.

Simply gorgeous, he's so talented!

He fucking rocks!

It's interesting how many of the designers on PR love black models (christian in particular), but his models are sooooooo white. And there are decidedly not fierce. shame. I liked his PR models' sassiness over the vapid-looking choices he has here. The clothing is very sophisticated and very very good. Not ferosh, but very elegant.

Not a big fan, but I did like many of these pieces. I could do without so much beige; those outfits, many of them lovely, probably would show better on models who didn't look so washed out and at death's door.

Why is no one ever looking happy-- or at least mildly pleased-- to be wearing the clothes that are showcased? Is looking sullen/bored/angry a prerequisite for modeling high-end fashion? I think it detracts from the clothes.


WOW-that really is an impressive collection. Christian has really grown beyond the puffy sleeves,and has some really beautiful and wearable looks in this collection.

Love, love that blue print, and the sleeveless blue cocktail dress with the tiered skirt!

BTW, it's such a pleasure to see both Christian and Jillian presenting collections, and to see their growth as designers

TinaMarina said:

And the dress AP dissed had a model that looked strikingly like Tilda. Maybe Princess was wishfully thinking... ? I think she could rock it.

Oh, I was definitely thinking that Tilda could rock some of Christian's looks, too...

Many beautiful looks. But I can't get away from thinking that the models looks my 12-year-old daughter when she's coming down with a fever/cold/flu. The wan and breakable look is a bit much.

You gotta give it to this guy...he has a real sense of how to build volume and interesting shapes, without losing the line of a woman's body. The colors are gorgeous as well.

Bravo, princess!

I loved the hats. I know they aren't really the point of the collection but they were the finishing touch on it.

way to go!

WOW! This collection has inspired my first post ever. I would wear almost 90% of this collection - and do hope it becomes available at SAKs - - WOW!


Really beautiful from start to finish. I want about 90% of that collection. Truly stunning and so elegant.

I will concede that there's a little too much of that khaki neutral, but other than that, I love the color story.

Fantabulous. Wow! He really knocked it out of the park. Go Christian!

WOW! I never really liked his stuff on PR, but THIS collection- I would wear almost every single piece. (probably 97% of it!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! Beautiful! WHERE CAN WE BUY?!

Holy freakin' mother of God! This is an amazing and beautiful collection from start to finish.

The outrageous confidence he displayed on PR was obviously justified.

WOW! What a stunning collection - the first of those nude-colored shift dresses needs to be in my closet NOW, along with several other pieces. Much as I've always appreciated his exuberance and artistry, I never thought I would want to wear his designs. This collection has definitely changed my mind. And still so young! How old is he now...14?? A huge future awaits.

I haven't read any comments yet, because I don't want to be influenced by others, but much of this is just gorgeous! Really wonderful! Don't love the drapey dresses and the one shoulder thing, but so spectacular!!

I am surprised at how many white models he used, considering his PR models. I liked that he used models of all different shades back then, and these are all pale waifs.


I love the dresses, except for the one with the wing/ruffle thing coming off the model's hip. They look like they move like a dream and they are so beautifully designed. I wish I could afford/look good wearing them.

Gorgeous! I love him!


Christian Siriano is definitely the most successful designer of Project Runway. Congratulations, PPS!

What a worndeful collection! Thank you for the post, guys.

I'm not crazy about the nude-color dresses, but everything else is beautiful.

He's so young, I can only imagine what he'll be doing in a few more years.

I like the retro vibe. Please let big hats come back in!


This is so beautiful, aw, I'm so happy for him. Congrats, Christian!

I really like almost all of it. Great collection and a major improvement in his designs.

Gorgeous! I want one of everything.

Freaking gorgeous!!!!! man, this is awesome, guys.

Love the floaty chiffon dresses, they're so chic.

It's nice to see someone from PR doing so well. Good for him!!

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