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Christian Siriano Payless Spring 2010 Shoes

Princess Wonky Heel.

Christian Siriano presented his Payless Spring 2010 Collection at his runway show at Bryant Park.

We don't love them completely. First off, those bizarre drawstring appendages are not at all fabulous. Secondly, that heel, while interesting, looks decidedly unstable. We do love the prints, though. His first Payless collection was seriously toned down from the runway looks, so it'll be interesting to see what Payless does to these.


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Smile, Princess!

You're young, thin and RICH, beyotch!

Oy vey. Give me Karl's pistol heels any day over these fang ones.

When I see shoes like this, all I can think is "why do shoe designers hate women so much??". You can't walk across a room in heels like this and not get shooting pain in the leg and back. I just don't get it.

Dang. I've seen some ugly shoes in my day, but those are atrocious. Very badly proportioned.

Ugh. I kind of like the curved heel, but they do look treacherous. I hate the baggy cloth parts, and many of them have way too much going on.

i hate those booties with open toes. HATE. and i especially don't like the drawstring looking ones. the blue print pumps are interesting. i would wear a toned down version of those.

God! Those are bad. The gold ones in the middle look like when, in the cartoons, they strapped bags with goldfishes on the poor kittie's paws.

Those printed ones look like Amber Rose from last night.

Ugly heels. Remind me of crab claws. Really ugly.

An inherently unstable shoe that will be adapted by Payless to be made with inexpensive materials. What a fabulous idea! I hope each purchase comes with health care coverage because I see orthopedic/podiatric services in the future for anybody who wears these things.

The problem with shoes is that everything that makes any possible sense has been done. So now designers are compelled to do things that don't make sense in order to do something new.

A gander at those and I think: "Trip and fall liability." Payless better have a good insurance policy for all the claims that these designs will spawn when the wearers take a tumble.

All the best,


Kudos to the models who trotted on the runway in these - those heels look so unstable. Not as bad as the ridiculous platform stilettos that made me want to pet my ankles and tell them I'd never do that to them. (Remember those? Like YSL trib twos, except exaggerated to true sky-high proportions).

High heels are inherently uncomfortable, why make them even more so, on purpose?

Sooooo sick of the gawdawful ugly shoes! Even tall thin models look short-legged and stumpy in them.


They remind me of something Dali might have painted. Interesting as a work of art, but completely unrealistic as actual footwear.

I'm sorry to say this, but I kind of hate them.

The angle of the heel and bottom of the sole are designed for a backwards fall, the wearer must compensate by leaning forward. This cannot make for a comfortable or safe navigation.

I love crazy platforms in general, and I'm not afraid to wear a 6" heel... but those look like ankle-breakers.

I really hate them, and I'm not sorry to say it. So tired of seeing women wearing shoes that looks like big ol' cow hooves on their feet, it's not pretty OR interesting, please designers just STOP ALREADY!

The opening photo (same as last row on left) is the only one I'd call attractive. They all look hideously uncomfortable and unstable, but how bad they actually feel on is something that I'll never know.

Uncomfortable, clunky, cheap looking....just awful!

I love the prints, but hate the heels first and foremost on aesthetic grounds. And I'm willing to bet they're the first thing to go when Payless mass-produces them.

Unfortunately, the second thing will probably involve taming down the prints, and I'm not anticipating a happy resolution.

I think these will translate fantastically to the payless version.

Very Dr. Suess.

Weren't the shoes that ended up in Payless stores pretty drastically different from what was in his collection the last time? I would actually really like a shoe in that blue pattern if it had a normal heel.

I can't wear heels (let alone heels that high), but I do sort of love the second blue shoe. And I agree with the first commenter...why doesn't he smile more? He's so effin' cute!

Very editorial. And otherwise, ugly. Good luck Payless!

I also love the prints but that's about it. I hope Payless makes them more normal/wearable

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck.


I think they're great! The heel is very different and I love that they would stand out in a crowd. I would wear them, absolutely, especially that blue pair in the middle. Nice work, Christian.

I read that one of the models almost took a header on the runway with these things on and every time I see something written about the shoes, it always says they're not something you can wear if you have any real walking to do. They're not the most attractive and not at all practical shoes, but Payless will manage to crap them up so they look even worse, but they WILL be wearable.

Anyone who wears these better hope that healthcare reform passes, because a whole lotta girls are going to need an orthopedist on-call.

Oh, and they are seriously cartoony besides. They look like they're for a cross between Carrie Bradshaw & Minnie Mouse. If you're going to sacrifice yourself for fashion, at least make it something better than this.

BTW, was the drawstring ankle inspired by the Project Runway button bag?


HELL to the NO!

I would love to make Christian wear a pair of these for one hour, just one hour.

The next season he'd design only flats.

They remind me of the boots the witch in the Bugs Bunny cartoons wore, she of the flying hairpins, they had that curved in heel like that.


Interesting. Totally unwalkable. I can work a good pair of heels, but any platform makes it harder to walk, compounded with very high heels. The models in his runway show appeared to be struggling with the shoes. If a model can't walk in the shoes for 100' how is anyone supposed to manage "for real" in such shoes. I'd much rather see some great design that I might manage to wear to work.

Payless shoes also are typically uncomfortable (even the flats) so I don't know how this is all going to work out.

Minnie Mouse and the Bugs Bunny witch with the flying hairpins are two of my fashion icons. So I guess I'll have to have a pair.

Ps: I have very strong ankles.

Two of his shoes feature this season's must-have accessory in Hollywood: the ankle bracelet.

Although I doubt Payless will put a GPS tracking device in their model.

Oh for heaven's sakes, they are hideous.

First thoughts on seeing: remind me of an impacted tooth semi-jutting from the front of a homeless man's mouth. Not cool and not sexy. Loved PPS's latest clothes though.

Those are some ugly shoes.

I just going to be vulgar and say it; Those shoes are the same shape as my dog when she curves her hindquarters under to drop a duece in the yard.

Hideous as art, unwearable as shoes. I want to see Christian walk in those.

at 12:46 Rainwood said:
"The problem with shoes is that everything that makes any possible sense has been done. So now designers are compelled to do things that don't make sense in order to do something new."

eureeka! that's it! so they are just getting stranger with no real reason to do so. They don't make the leg look better, they don't make you walk better, .....

Love a bit of Logic on a Monday!
And to judge by the posters here, this collection isn't going to do so well, is it??


Aside from being hideous, they force the ankle forward in the direction of a nose-first fall.

Little Pixie should try something a little more practical. I have no doubt people will buy his shoes in the millions if he can manage to make them comfy.


Aside from being hideous, they force the ankle forward in the direction of a nose-first fall. It looks to me like a woman trying to compensate for that is going to bend back so far that either her knees will eventually buckle or she'll pull every muscle in her lower back.

Little Pixie should try something a little more practical. I have no doubt people will buy his shoes in the millions if he can manage to make them comfy.

I actually rather like them as interesting shoes, completely unwearable - though I find all heels completely unwearable due to ankle injuries - but interesting to look at none the less.

To agree with a friend of mine, they remind me of velociraptor claws. And those little bitches were fierce.

Yeow! Look at the stress it's putting on that foot!
Interesting concept, definitely not for walking in. More for sitting on a sofa as one is looking unapproachable and beeyotchiful.

In a word: why?
These are gonna set the "we women want to be taken seriously" concept back a few hundred steps.

Well, they're not really shoes. They're a creative project in the shape of shoes. If you look at them that way, it's one thing. If you look at them as things to wear and walk around in, it's another thing entirely.

I'll put myself on the line and say that I do like two of them - the one with the mirrored straps and the blue pump are actually wearable in my opinion. Yes, I agree with Sewing Siren, I too have rather strong ankles and heel-trained legs, but I will agree that the heel-form is not the most ideal for walking or making a beautiful foot...
The others looked rather interesting on the runway. I'm looking forward to what Payless will do to mak ethem marketable.

they're gorgeous
look very dior a couple of seasons ago

Jesus H. Kee-rist! Ugly, totally unfunctional, totally unwearable. Alert to ERs across the country: Prepare for a flood of broken and sprained ankles!

Ladies, let's all rise up and refuse to destroy our feet and ankles--not to mention our looks!--with the hideous ped-wear designers are trying to foist off on us. I mean, seriously, just say NO!

I just can't see the convex heel being very stable. Not for me, but I'm sure I'll see them on 7th Avenue next time I'm in New York.

I see some serious ugly!

I think the runway shoes have to be pretty garish (and, even, barely wearable) to send a signal to the industry that he's a serious designer who's got a shoe design contract with a big company. That he's someone finance & buyers & editors can do business with.

In TheNewYorker's recent fashion issue, Patricia Marx checks out the shopping scene in Chicago. Among the items she admires in one store (stated matter-of-factly & without referencing PR) is a "Christian Siriano" dress... Cool.

Nest step will be electrocuting a woman's feet or maybe dropping them in acid? Wow.

My problem with these shoes is that the heel looks like it has melted. Or worse like it is flaccid.

An ugle misogynistic blip on a career that still has potential.

Opened the website, saw he first pic and said (out loud) "HOLY S**T!" Uh, just no! And if you look at the 5th pic in the montage, poor girl has some type of blister/corn/bunion already starting to grow.

Please, a nice sensible shoe with arch support would be loverly!!

9/14/09 1:57 PM Hideous as art, unwearable as shoes. I want to see Christian walk in those.

Honey, Princess could breakdance in those tossers! I have absolutely no doubt she sampled every single style.

No. Sorry, princess. Those are fugly.

But you can use them to open your beer bottles (imports only of course). And here I was praising his last collection, but here's the princess I know and not really like


Completely hideous. They look like terradactyl feet.

Eek- These look more like weapons than actual footwear!
And I cannot look at these without getting a sharp pain up the back of my legs.


the shoes are fug, but I know a lot of women who'll wear them with skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

Even if someone miraculously manages to walk in these, I'm willing to bet anything that she who tries to go down even steps down a flight of stairs will end up in the ER. Could these be any more unpractical? Soon they'll be putting some spikes *inside* the shoe to make them even more uncomfortable and impossible to walk in.

Haha I love their look! I guess it's because I'm a woman hater?

I even liked the drawstring look.

I know about a dozen fifteen-year old fans of Christian Siriano & Gaia who will be stampeding to Payless for those shoes. My niece and her crowd are just mad about Christian, Gaia and what I fondly call, "hooker-wear."

- edina -

i'm not dorothy gale

He's not smiling because he's imagining a class action lawsuit as a result of impossible-to-walk-in shoes. Or maybe because he sees that they are truly fugly.

In yesterday's NYT style section, Bill Cunningham had 2 pictures of women wearing those shoes with NO heels (not this exact shoe, but this exact shape:

He said one of the women had to lean against a wall so she wouldn't fall over while waiting for her chauffer.

The drawstring shoes look like you're wearing a weird, ill-fitting sock. And I think it's a shame to cover the arch of a foot with puffy/billowy fabric. Strange.

another laura

I thought shoes couldn't get any sillier than a pair I saw on ANTM last week ('fess up, kittens, at least one of you saw the shoes that one girl had to wear for her recreation of a childhood snap, they were designed as ballet slippers - en pointe, that is - with a heel running straight down in the back?).

Agree with others that the outward curving heels are an ankle/foot disaster waiting to happen.

God, no!

These were designed by someone who hates women.

I so wanted to love these, but I just can't.

Sorry Princess, please try again.

No. Nee. Nein.

TLo Minions, where's your sense of adventure? I thought the fashionistas on this site could think outside the box! The curve is so daring, so in your face! I have a pair of A. McQueen's from a few seasons ago that have that curve shaped heel, plus they're fashioned to be horns. The textures & colors (that blue-- OMG!) are very exciting!
What did you want from Christian-- sensible shoes?
If the 1's in the store look anything like these, I may just have to make my 1st foray into Payless!
Bravo, PPS!

Lobster Claws as footwear... GENIUS!

Why didn't I think of that.

I'm curious to see what turns out at the store. These look fiercely painful.


No freaking way!

Ross said...

Haha I love their look! I guess it's because I'm a woman hater?

I even liked the drawstring look.

Of course you love them, you don't have to wear them, I think.


These are UGLY and I loved his collection.

They're actually OK and I like the hell, but the drawstring thing is ugly.

If the model had to take them off on the runway, how are women supposed to walk in them? Oh, I forgot, women wearing these shoes don't walk, they're carried from place to place.

They look like a dog hunched down to take a shit.


I'm all for new ideas, new heels, blah blah blah but these are ugly, they look like schooners.

No freaking way someone could walk in these. Why would you buy shoes that kill your feet?


I love them, but I don't have to wear them.


TheNYCourier said...

Oy vey. Give me Karl's pistol heels any day over these fang ones.


Yuck Yuck Yuck.

A. Open-toe shooties = Barf
B. We're apparently still cutting our feet off with fetishistic straps
C. The heels look like Cruel Shoes

Yep, killer shoes.

Why? Seriously? Why? These are killer shoes. No really...these shoes could kill you!

High heels are getting so ridiculous, so impractical and they are terrible for the woman’s feet.

I hate booties with open toes.

Those heels look like those freakish horns on that weird SNL skit.

No. Just. No. How could PPS design such a beautiful clothing collection, then design these THINGS??
Does the Princess hate women's feet???

They're fabulous!

I don't know how these models walked, but I guess that's why they're models.

They are ugly and unflattering. There is absolutely nothing sexy about them.

too many cats

Britlad typed a truth when he called the heel a hell.

too many cats

One picture of a dresser adjusting one of these shoes made the Reuters Fashion Week slide show.

Earlier, around the mid 20s there's also a pix of two models walking in their normal clothes at CS's backstage.

I made a little workbench once, and one of the legs came out shorter than all the others, so I cut a little block of wood and nailed it to the bottom of the short leg to level it out--and that's what it looks like Princess did under the toe of these hideous shoes. "Oops, made the heel too long, better add a block of wood to even it up."
These are serious ug.

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." (-Oscar Wilde)

If Elves had Street-Walkers.....

9/14/09 5:57 PM
Of course you love them, you don't have to wear them, I think.

Funny enough: I actually do have a pair of Christian Siriano for Payless shoes in my closet. My friend left them at my house once and moved before I could give them back to her.

Such a disappointment after the beauty of his runway collection. Even if I COULD walk in any of them, they're so ugly I wouldn't want to!

They are butt-ugly. Lately it seems that designers are competing to see who can design the ugliest shoes.

I'm sure the Payless versions will have standard heels. Then they might look pretty nice, depending on what they do with the rest of the design.

Just the ugliest thing I have ever seen.


Well, they don't look any harder to walk in than your typical stiletto, which IMO is not very, but. The profile is just. Aesthetically not pleasing. Can I say that?

They look like he just tortured some much better looking shoes into these. I kind of like the prints, but they also look somewhat like those galoshes with the prints on them, you know? Sometimes snakeskin-esque, sometimes some other pattern. But sort of chip, if they aren't actually galoshes.

ENOUGH with the fugly mutant shoe already! I wouldn't be caught dead in them (and that means a closed casket.)


Like many designers' crazy-ass shoes, they are interesting, even beautiful, from an architectural standpoint, but wearable? Hmm, probably not...

They are giving him enough money and power to do some hideous shite. He's reminding me of Napoleon.

It's not just the heel, it's the combination with that weird platform at the front too, that makes me think I would fall over at the first step. Other than the drawstring bag hiding the ankle (?!?!?), I do like the way they look, I just think they belong on a pedestal in a musuem, not on an actual foot.

I see this and immediately think of Steve Martin's "The Cruel Shoes"

A word about the convex heel shape:
I noticed that several people compaired it to the shape of a claw. Which is interesting because I think Roger Vivier is the first to come out with that heel shape and he called it the talon choc!

I don't think that anybody need worry about this shape catching on and everybody having to wear it. It's a novelity. There are plenty of comfortable shoes on the the market. These are just for fun. Something you would wear to a cocktai party as a conversation piece. I think the negative space between the heel and the arch is rather nice. And it is nice to have "artistic" choices at affordable prices. I know they wouldn't exactly be comfortable, but it's not like you are going to wear them that much anyway.

Sewing Siren on 9/15/09 at 8:22 AM said...

I don't think that anybody need worry about this shape catching on and everybody having to wear it. It's a novelty. There are plenty of comfortable shoes on the the market. These are just for fun. Something you would wear to a cocktail party as a conversation piece.

Which is why I hope the shoes make a great translation to Payless. I would but a pair of talon chic at Payless prices just to have for fun.

As far as 6-7 inch platforms go, I find platforms much more comfortable than stilettos. I only own one maybe two pairs of shoes with less than a four inch heel. My six inch platforms are the most comfortable with the exception of my lone pair of sneakers.


I hate every last one of them!! In a year or two they will look so dated, and we'll look back and wonder what was that all about!!
No one ever mentions how goofy women look when they walk in really high shoes, they clomp instead of glide...ugh ugh ugh!! Give me an Audrey Hepburn "one and a half incher" any day.

While I love the Payless, their shoes are undeniably cheaply constructed. I've succumbed and bought heels there before and have almost inevitably found they are 30minute wears at most. Those weird fang heels are undoubtedly not made for standing or walking which limits one's options.

You know those nasty extra-long fingernails that weirdos and scary people grow? The ones over 6" long that curl and do freaky loop-d-loops? That's what these remind me of. These shoes say CARTOON all over them.

Look at the video from the runway. The models had trouble walking in them.

I actually saw these at payless. Some are REALLY cute, but none of them are pictured here.

Interesting story on NPR's Morning Edition today. A Vogue editor being interviewed about Fashion Week said that the designers were actually sending out models with heels of a reasonable height.

So it seems as though Siriano is not "on trend" (dreadful phrase!)with these.

Ever seen a photo of a woman's bare foot when she has been subjected to foot-binding all of her life?

Yeah. That's what these remind me of.

Is this the way it works? The designer designs an artistic concept and the manufacturer modifies them for the actual wearer? If so he gets a pass. Otherwise they're a whole new level of fug. Some of them look like the bag you use to travel with shoes was never removed.I'm willing to suffer for fashion but that means physical discomfort not ridicule by others. The colors are pretty. Sorry little Princess.

Our darling princess has once again proved that actual women are irrelevant; they are merely sticks with appendages born to suffer for his art. In his world, women have no breasts, hunched shoulders and ankles of steel.

To add insult to injury, these aren't even good fashion; they are an homage to the Paris Hilton school of tacky.

The shoes are fun looking. The heels are an interesting bit of architecture. My only concern is the shoes read costume to me.

The whole point of the heel is to elongate the leg. The curve screws it up (like those awful marc jacobs heel-less heels). I get that sometimes fashion is statement making instead of figure flattering but the only statement I see here is "over-thought" and "aesthetically not pleasing"

sharon falconer

I think she's a genius, but she's got too much going on for each shoe. Overdone.

Oh, wee shoe, do not fret over the load you must carry !

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