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Bangin' Out the Dresses will be the name of our autobiography.


Here you go, girls. The obligatory shirtless morning coffee shot. Enjoy.

Model: Fatma Dabo

It's a hell of a sight better than that zippered thing he made last week, that's for sure.

But that's because this is probably the least ambitious of any of the designs offered this week. Sure, you could argue that Mitchell's wasn't too ambitious either, but we tend to think making three pieces, one of which was a pair of shorts for a woman in her third trimester, was a little riskier than this department store look.

It's really not bad at all. There's something to be said for simplicity, especially in maternity wear.

But aside from the gold leather collar, there's just not a lot of there there. It's fine, but it earned its place in the middle.


We so hope he unveils a new accessory from his magical accessory box every week.

Model: Katie Sticksel

We thought this was a super-cute look.

It's another top-and-tights combo, though. We hadn't realized there were so many of them this week. Clearly the judges felt looks like these were a bit too safe and we have to agree.

Still, this is a little more stylish than Logan's entry and slightly less interesting than Gordana's.

Much has been made of the boob issues this week by the commenters. We've never been pregnant, so we'll take your word on the impracticality of a lot of these designs. We assume that a third-trimester woman probably wouldn't be inclined to wear a one-shoulder top like this.

Even so, it's a nice color, a practical silhouette, and it has some pretty detailing like the pin-tucked bust and the bubble hem. This may not have been a contender, but Christopher has proven himself to be one to watch.

Carol Hannah:

Dr. Whitfield continues her trend of over-designing her garments.

Model: Kojii Helwein

Because kittens, there is a LOT going on here. We barely know where to start.

Taking it from the top, that little jacket is not only painfully over-worked, it looks like it belongs with an other outfit entirely. And from a design perspective, it's working against her goals by covering up and smooshing down the details at the top of the dress. And that toga/baby sling detail she's got going on is more of the same. Even if a very pregnant woman wanted to go around in an outfit that draws all the attention to her stomach, why would Dr. Whitfield add something that, again, smooshes up the skirt like that?

"Smoosh" is a highly technical fashion term.

The top does look a lot better without the jacket.

But the back is the only part of the design we like as is. Even then, it's just okay. Take a tip from Coco, Carol Hannah. The next time you design something take at least one element off before you get to work on making it.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Videos: - Screencaps:]

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CHW's dress is a mess. Ugh! All that draping is like cheap curtains at a funeral parlor.

Logan? I haven't seen anything remotely interested so far, aside from his pretty face. Christopher's outfit was kind of cute, but I'm not impressed with this group. Carol apparently didn't know when to stop with her pleating.

All these outfit were "Cute", but thats not going to win you the competition.

I made a beanie out of the same yarn as Chris' in middle school, haha.

Also, can we PLEASE discuss the creepy obsession Logan's model has with him? She is stalker crazy.

I agree that too many of the looks do not provide enough coverage on top, but we can't blame the designers. It's because they just strapped on a belly on each model. They should've also put a stuffed bra on each model.

I really liked Christopher's top as just a regular top, not maternity wear.

Logan's was a huge improvement. I bet it would have looked great if he had eliminated the leggings and made the tunic knee or just below the knee length.

Christopher's was okay. A little bit like he wasn't trying too hard.

Carol Hannah- Should have left the vest off altogether. It gives the illlusion of two sets of breasts with the empire seam of the dress and the bottom of the vest not matching up. Who wears a sleeveless jacket over a sleeveless dress anyway. The dress wasn't too bad, but it was too short.

Of these 3 looks, Logan's is the only one I would have worn when I was pregnant - of course that doesn't say much for how fashion-forward it is ;)

Christopher's was cute and well-made, but I tend to dislike one-shoulder garments in general. If it had been two-shouldered, I would have loved it.

Carol Hannah's I just don't get.

I'm glad you're writing the thoughtful commentary. Mine would be:




bubble skirt, pleats


draping, pleats


That's why you've got the blog and all I do is post once in a while.

I really thought Logan's was better last week.

His model (Fatma?) is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is. Her expressions (used loosely) are flat.

Either Christopher's padding was smaller or his design was MUCH better at minimizing the focus. It did look nice.

Sorry I don't understand the Dr. Whitfield references; can someone explain? That shrug jacket was awful especially with that dress.

Can someone tell me what county of Ireland the name "Kojii" comes from? Because Kojii looks like half my relatives and yet none of us emerged from our Celticness with that cool a name. And, yes, we are all bitter about it.

Gah! Carol's dress! That "jacket" looks like it's made of 30-year roofing shingles.

OK, I liked Logan's. Yeah, it was simple, but it was flattering and looked comfortable (at least to this currently-pregnant woman). I give it higher marks than Christopher's, which would require a strapless hydraulic bra.

So much satin this season!

Logan's look was one of my favorites; it was one of the few I could actually imagine a pregnant woman wearing. It wasn't awe-inspiring, but it was cute and stylish, it looked comfortable, and you could wear a bra!

Vegan, I agree that they should have given the designers a stuffed maternity bra. That would have REALLY made it a challenge... design something you can wear with a regular bra. Designers seem to have a big problem with the idea of shoulder straps that should be covered, and I'm not just talking about maternity wear. Some of us have serious boobs, pregnant or not!

If a person has silicone inplants (Heidi certainly, Rebecca maybe) do they need a bra during pregnancy?

We haven't really discussed the model show at all, but I agree with the poster that said Logan's model was scary stalker material. I thought she was going to tear Mitchell in two. So far, I feel like the model show is just detracting from my enjoyment of the runway part. Sometimes knowing too much about the personalities of the clothes hangers is a bad thing.

As for the clothing, the boys' entries were safe and boring but well made. Carol Hannah needs to take a step back and really look at what she is doing. Each of the elements is interesting in concept, but thrown together it is just too much.

Snore. These people need a lesson on maternity wear from Laura Bennett.

A note about Christopher's look:

I guess I should state as a disclaimer that bubble hems are not at all flattering on my body, so I therefore tend to recoil a bit when I see one. BUT, the reason they are so unflattering on me is because I carry most of my weight in my upper thighs, ass, and hips. It's the widest part of my body. And it was SUPER wide when I was preggers. I think it's a mistake to add volume in the form of a bubble hem to that area of a pregnant woman's body.

If by chance a woman has a skinny upper thigh area that she's willing to strut around town, these women tend to have body types with more bust. I don't know why that is, but it seems like you either get both tits and ass, or you get one or the other.

In short - if you're going to add volume to the thighs, make damn sure you create a bust line that will support the likes of Salma Hayek's pupppies.

If you're going to make a dress for a pear shaped (pregnant or not) woman, don't add volume to the upper thigh area.

I basically agree about everything. This is why you guys do the blogging and we do the reading.

Carol Hannah's dress was a mess. If not for the sheer awful of Malvin's and Mitchell's, she would have been in the bottom three (imho) for sure. The color was cute, though.

I really like the color of Christopher's top and the detail he did on the's pretty. But "pretty" is not enough to win.

"Also, can we PLEASE discuss the creepy obsession Logan's model has with him? She is stalker crazy."

Yeah, I've been waiting patiently for TLo to write about the model show! Let's hope that happens soon....much to dish, there.

I hadn't even noticed how AWFUL Hannah's design was. I mean, of course I saw the jacket but, it's ugliness eclipsed the dress. I liked Malvin's sling more then her's. I would wear Logan's design EVERYDAY! When I was pregnant, that was the uniform. It's middle of the pack for that very reason. If they bring The Fashion Show back, they should aim for babes like Logan. I mean, guys like Logan.


Love it.

As always, your comments are spot on.

Tim Gunn's SPF!
(Size, proportion, fit)

I love these posts, and I love getting to hear Tim's sessions with the designers. (I fear I may be saying this every week LOL.) He has such an eye for detail and such refined taste, and he has mastered the art of responding objectively to styles that go in directions he wouldn't dream of. If only teachers could be like him!

And if only all bloggers could be like TLo! No, I suppose that wouldn't work, either, as productivity for anyone with a computer would grind to a halt...

I loved the simple elegance of Logan and Christophers designs, but pairing tops with tights was too safe so in the middle they went. I also love Carol's design, minus the cookoo jacket. It looks really well made and I like the little sling swoosh thingy.


I think Carol Hannah got carried away with her love of that little jacket and didn't think about whether it actually improved her look. I wasn't crazy about her emphasis of the egg, either.

Slighly off topic-is anyone else distracted by CH's amazingly thick/long eyelashes?

Christopher's look was cute, ditto for Logan's.

And yes, Fatma is a little bit scary with her fixation on Logan.
Mitchell better keep his hands over the crotch area....

I think Dr. Whitfield's (HA at the "Dr." part, nice touch boys) jacket would have been cute if the ruffles looked more light and alive, and maybe in a different color - the smooshed-down, gunmetal gray is a little ugh.

I liked her dress, though, and I liked Minnesota Slim's outfit as well. I hope he'll be around at the end.

It looks like Carol's model is wearing a house and the jacket is the roof, all I can see are tiles.

Logan's was stylish and cute. Carol Hannah's was not. Christopher's was okay, but the shiny and the color made it seem a little cheap. They need to ban shopping in the satin aisle because this season's designers can't seem to help themselves.

Agree with Summer that they should have been given a stuffed bra so that the proportions would have matched, and the designers would have had to consider straps and coverage. Even flat ladies get boobs in pregnancy, and if you had implants (whoever asked that), you'd need a bigger bra as well because the real boob tissue would expand under the jelly beans.

Also, I wish they'd all been listening when Gordana said that the bump comes right under the boobs -- so many of these models were wearing their fake bumps way too low, which didn't help the silhouettes one bit.

That sling on Carol's dress looks like it's serving a double function; keeping the baby from falling out.

Logan's is dull, but I like that seam placement under the bust. And Christopher's is cute, and I do think there are a lot of pregnant women who would wear it. Not every pregnant woman gets huge.


Those stringies on Christopher's knitted head thingy scream "accidentally sew me into your garment." I can see that cap dangling out the back of a little cocktail dress making its way down the runway.

I thought Logan's outfit was the sleeper of the bunch. This was a GREAT casual outfit.

The front had an eye-catching combination of nicely done touches: The rolled cap sleeves pinned down by a military-style strap, the beautifully curved wide seam over the baby bump, the tucks on either side of the bump at the bottom, and the wide band at the bottom. The proportion and balance in the garment are beautiful.

In terms of a "toss it on and look fabulous with minimal effort" outfit, this is an outstanding job. And the gold leather band at the neck even avoids the need to match a necklace to it.

I agree that Logan's dress was a little too safe. Actually, I was kind of disappointed because I was looking forward to see if he'd make something that would stand out and make up for his dress the week before.

Speaking of Logan, can you guys recap the Models of the Runway episodes? I just think it's hilarious how much Logan's model is in lust with him and how he's oblivious (maybe?) to it. I love how she shamelessly expressed being picked by Mitchell at the end.

Love your autobiography title, it reminds me of Steel Magnolias where delightful Dolly Parton tells the dreadful Darryl Hannah "let's go bang some hair!"

Thanks so much, TLo, for the extensive commentary on the new season and the All-Stars.

I usually just lurk, but I had to comment to see if anyone else was appalled that in the critique video C.H. greeted T.G. with "Hi, buddy." (At first I heard it as "Hi, bunny," but I think that was just the mumbling.)

The back of Carol's dress makes it look like the model has a tail!


Vegan said...
"They should've also put a stuffed bra on each model."

Thank you, Vegan. They really should've considered the issue of mommy-boobage as well. And I know that those artificial mommy tummies are all the rage, but I really felt that they weren't the best choice for this challenge. Perhaps the designers could have been given the option to modify both the stuffed bras and tummies as well?

Thank God for screen-shots. I never got a good look at Logan's gold collar or the treatment on the capped-sleeves. Nice, but still safe.

Dr. Whitfield?!? (you guys are mean...nevertheless, I still laughed my a** off) CHW should definitely try channeling Coco Chanel. The shrug was soooo terribly overworked that it sabotaged the whole look. It was a great idea, but looked like radioactive algae in the end. And I don't get the belly-sling --- at all. That was a horrible misstep on her part. I think that our Dr. Whitfield had an overabundance of ideas and concepts and simply decided to throw them all in one look. Taken individually, she probably could've created three, maybe four fairly stunning and lovely looks.

- edina -

Hi, Vegan!
(We met last year at Jay's preview at The Prince Theater. I'm the one who obsessed over your vintage dress/coat)

another laura

"We so hope he unveils a new accessory from his magical accessory box every week."

Spat out lunch. Perfect. Thank you.

The Fatma Crush on Logan Drama may be the only thing going for "Models of the Runway." That is a snore. That said, 6-foot Asian glamazon Celine for the win!

you spoil us boys with all of these posts. i am so selfish i want more & more.

another laura

P.S. I don't get the "Dr. Whitfield" reference, either. help!

I liked Logan's outfit. It was very sophisticated and chic in a less-is-more way. Women shouldn't be decorated like Christmas trees.

I LOVED Christopher's outfit. (The top especially- there wasn't much to say about the bottom.) It was a pretty color, flattering to a pregnant body, and the hem was great. Super-cute. And one-shoulder tops aren't really impractical if you're pregnant - this one covered enough of the chest to make it comfy and flattering at the same time.

Here's an bit of additional information on the whole "mommy boobage" thing: It's NOT just the increased boobage that is an issue.

I am 37 years old and had my first baby five months ago. Pre-pregnancy I was a respectable 36D. Three weeks after I gave birth I was professionally fitted for an industrial-strength nursing bra and was a shocking 40F. (WTF?!?) During pregnancy the entire ribcage expands to accommodate the baby as he/she grows and let me tell you, EVERYTHING is uncomfortable, especially those last couple of months. I wouldn't in a million years have been able to go with some sort of minimal bra, let alone no bra whatsoever, or have felt comfortable going out with my upper arms or any portion of my upper body showing. I felt like a blimp.

Thankfully, the ribcage does (over time) go back down to normal after the baby is born.

I absolutely agree: Those models should have been outfitted with big ol' stuffed grandma bras. It's odd to fit an enormous baby bump on a flat-chested woman.

You guys are working like crazy! I hope you get a nice long restful Labor Day weekend.

I don't understand the attraction of Logan. That said, his design this week at least looked comfortable and slightly stylish. All the satiny fabric elsewhere is a turn off for me, when it comes to pregnancy. It turns your stomach into one of those lawn ornament orb things.

Carol did not listen to anything
Tim suggested...all the ruffly
stuff was still there and the
sling was still's such a gift from TLo that we hear what
Tim is saying - and what they ignore!

I did like the simplicity of Logan's, especially when juxtaposed with all the frillery that appeared on that runway. Not a frillery fan.

Am I right that RR wore a trapeze shaped top and leggings when they explained the challenge? If so, making substantially the same outfit seems....less than creative. However, I watch these on my wee computer so maybe I just didn't see that correctly.

Great execution, not really interesting concepts.

I'm sorry, while Carol Hannah's dress had some (maybe too many) cute elements, the little jacket looked literally like a duct tape project.

another laura said...

P.S. I don't get the "Dr. Whitfield" reference, either. help!

In the first episode, Carol said that people think she's dumb because she's blond and from the south. The irony is that she she stopped mid-sentence and forgot what she was going to say and looked a should I say it? Not very smart.

Dead-on guys, Carol should've listened to Tim. I think this group think too much and that could be jeopardize their creativity.

I hated Christopher's, she looks like a lamp shade.

Carol Hannah's dress definitely looked overworked, an explosion of Rami and Leanne's techniques.

Logan's is a white tube, where's the concept, innovation there? and P.S. I don't think he's hot at all.

"We so hope he unveils a new accessory from his magical accessory box every week."



Nope, I didn't like anyone of them.

I actually rather liked logans! It was a bit bland, but I loved the draping on the back!
It was definitely not a winner though!

My guess is that the Dr. Whitfield reference is to Dr. Rani Whitfield, known as the Hip Hop Doc, has a website and has been seen on BET, among other places. He is a real MD.

Just google it, people!

I'm not feeling the lust for Logan, he's cute, I guess. Maybe I need more nekkid or semi-nekkid pix to make up my mind ;)

I cracked up when Fatma told another model that Logan "thought of her skin tone" when he bought the (white) fabric. Like he wouldn't do that for any other clothes hanger wearing his designs? Puh leeze.

@ AnotherLaura: I agree, Celine's one of my top favs right now in the model line up.

Having had 3 kids, quite a long time ago, LOL!, may I say that almost everyone's garment has a bit more style than maternity wear did in the 70's. I would have loved to have had something like Logan's. Christopher's is cute, but I'm not a fan of satin. Dr. Whitfield needed to edit, per Tim's suggestions, but she had some attractive elements, just too many. And I totally agree about the boobage expansion issues. I think that's why so many designers' looks were disproportionate. (too many apostrophes, ha)

You know I, like many women, used to joke all the time when I was pregnant in the final months that I was so front heavy I should get a sling to hold my belly up. Apparently Carol Hannah took it literally.
Logan's outfit is something I totally would have worn. It looks comfortable, practical and stylish, although there was nothing innovative about it, and Christopher's was cute but in the last trimester, "the girls" need as much support as they can get, so a one shouldered top would not be my first choice. It was a very cute outfit though, maybe for the first and early second trimester.

Carol Hannah's jacket had pleats in it. Is it possible she copied Leanne?

Acutally, I don't get all of this fawning over Logan. He looks okay, but I don't get all of the fuss.

As for his look, it looked an awful lot like something he would design for himself.

I liked Miss Crissy's alot. Love the color on the blouse, and it is a contemporary look, pregnant or not.

Dr. Hannah - put the fabric on the table and lay down and rest. You're going to burn yourself out before mid-season.

another laura

mll, I did google "Dr. Whitfield" but I am really ignorant and couldn't imagine that the Hip Hop Doc could be that well-known to have people here giggling.

Boys -- In your tag you have Carol Hannah listed as Carolina Herrera. Oopsy and not even close ;-) What a hot mess!


lemniscus said...
I cracked up when Fatma told another model that Logan "thought of her skin tone" when he bought the (white) fabric. Like he wouldn't do that for any other clothes hanger wearing his designs? Puh leeze.

She needs a cold shower or she'll start humping one of the other models.

An important question I have for you is -- ARE YOU GOING TO BE BLOGGING ABOUT GLEE?? Because I can hardly sit still waiting for that to premiere (re-premiere?) next week.

I agree with the previous poster about not wanting to know anything about the models. I tried watching that show and clicked off before the first commercial. Borrringgggg.

Try to get us a picture of Logan's dick, won't you? Thanks.

I liked Logan's outfit. Cute and wearable.


Good Lord, how many more of these perfectly ok things are there?

Wake me when it is Thursday.


You know, some of those dresses flew by but that always happens in the beginning with so many designers. Taking a closer look, I have to say. Dr. Whitfield's look is a hot mess. It's like everything but a fleurchon on it. Epperson's? Boring. Christopher's? It's alright, I guess he felt he had immunity he didn't have to really work on it.

Sewhat? said...


Good Lord, how many more of these perfectly ok things are there?

Wake me when it is Thursday.

You don't have to read these, you can come back on Friday.

I love how the designers lose their shit because *gasp* they've never done "real clothes" before. Serious question now: Isn't there a chapter in their fashion book on how to design maternity gowns, large women clothes etc?

I swear to god, I hope the next challenge is to design clothes for a lesbian, it's getting too Lifetime-y to my taste those challenges.


Epperson: Nay
Christopher: Yay
Carol Hannah: Nay

See, the thing is that Rebecca Romijn is not a "pregnant woman in her third trimester." She's Rebecca fucking Romijn, only pregnant. She's going to sacrifice a little discomfort (like a one-shouldered outfit) to look fierce because even if she's just running down to the local Whole Foods, her picture's gonna end up in Us Weekly.

I'm not particularly attached to that design or anything. My point is is that all these women who said, "I've been pregnant and I would never wear that," are not going to be photographed and put in a national magazine on their way to buy their pre-natal vitamins. It's just not extremely relevant. Obviously comfort is somewhat important, but style is more so.

"Also, can we PLEASE discuss the creepy obsession Logan's model has with him? She is stalker crazy."

I KNOW!!! I've been waiting for that. She's batshit crazy.

Just overworked. Without the jacket and belly drape , this could have been a contender.

Logan was big yawn.

Christopher's top was cute, but the leggings were too safe. Pant would have been more of a risk. Despite it being one sleeved, I found his top easier for pregnant boobs than the other skinny strap options, this could have easily handle a tube bra.

I just want to say how very, very, VERY much I appreciate the privilege of pairing TLo's hilarious but insightful comments with video of Tim Gunn's workroom critiques. TLo & Tim are the perfect fashion cocktail. Pardon my French.

I really like Christopher's which kind of reminds me of Gordana's.

Why are a couple of people rating Epperson's design? That was yesterday.

I think Logan had a very strong showing this week, but I'd have liked to see some color on the top. He needed to remember that he was designing for Rebecca Romijn, not Fatma. I don't think a white top would do much for RR. Also, Fatma's dark skin showing through the upper part of the top, then the light color of the strap-on bump, was distracting to me. It seemed her boobs were getting a little smashed. A bra would have corrected these issues.

Christopher's was not to my taste, but he did a nice job, especially with the upper part of the top. The color was nice. I just don't like bubble skirts/tops, especially on pregnant women. It would have been more interesting with a skirt than the ubiquitous leggings.

Carol Hannah and Ra'Mon both need to switch to decaf coffee. If that doesn't work, maybe Ritalin. They both need to calm down, listen to Tim Gunn, and edit, edit, edit. Carol Hannah especially seems to have the construction skills, and overuses them. (Ra'Mon overreaches his skills with his designs.) Imagine CH's dress without the sling and with a cute cardigan; it would have been a contendah.

I'm wondering about the lack of sleeves so far this year. Is it because this group is not proficient at constructing and setting in sleeves? (Of course I exempt the fabulous Shirin and the others who used sleeves.) In this challenge, it seems to me that sleeves would have been appropriate. (Logan also had sleeves.)

Cute is the right word to describe this group.

I thought Chris's was pretty good. Agreed that he's the one to watch. The others? Meh.

oh, Logan is very, very pretty. he is my kind of boy - not butch, probably gay (which is not really MY kind of boy, since i'm a straight girl, but the guys I find attractive are often gay). So I get Fatma's crush. But her ferocity is creeepy and scary, and - does she/we even know if Logan is interested in girls? And - real question here - are there "rules" about model/designer hookups? (not on PR, but in fashion generally - is it like sleeping with the boss, or what?)

Logan's look did seem very wearable but utterly unspectacular. but well made.

You know, Carol Hannah's BabySling was more egregious to my mind than Malvin's. Malvin at least had a reason - a conceptual reason, an image he was trying to convey - with HIS sling. CH's was there for...? and the dress was too short.

I'd like to bang out Logan while The Blonde Goddess is banging me out with a strap-on .. One she designed herself, with sequins on the buckle and feathers at the dong base.

Carol's dress without the jacket reminds me a little bit of Laura Bennet's dress she wore n made for the "international jet setter" challenge only with more shit, in a cheaper fabric and made for "maturnity"...
But the knot at the back and the simplicity of it.. feels ALOT like it.. without the elegance..

Logan= eye candy and I have a sneaking suspicion what we saw this week from him may be as good as it gets....

I'm still not getting all of the Logan fuss.

Has it been that long since you people have seen a straight guy?

Carol Hannah's was scarey-awful. Nicely made, but who wants a drapery swag underneath their bulging belly in the third trimester?????????

Christopher's was nothing much, not to my tastes (satin bubble), so I'm biased against.

Logan's was the only one of the three I'd have worn pregnant - and I'm not sure if it'd have looked well with pregnancy boobs, but I'd have at least pulled it off the rack to try on.

Really, designers - simple and sleek is what many women (who feel awkward and ungainly already) are drawn to. Fussy, girly looks were the bane of old-style maternity clothes, and I don't see that fussy, would-be sexy looks are a big improvement.

I liked Logan's for it's practicality (and leatha!). No one gave the requirement that it had to be something fancy, and his certainly looked comfortable yet stylish. The same for Christopher's design. But poor Dr. Whitfield is a hot mess. Sorry Alex! I don't think your girlfriend will last much longer. Fortunately for her we have the disaster known as Mitchell. Keeps her from looking quite so bad.

I would like to point out as a former pregnant person who really is over the glorification of that perdiod that there was way too much concern about what to wear in the third trimester. By the time TRI3 rolls around, all cuteness goes out the window. Wrap me up in one of those TV snuggly monstrosities and get me some GODDDAMN ice cream while I pee and let me scratch the shingles on my ass in peace!

I am in love with you both. Will you come to my house for too many mimosas and reruns of Melrose Place?

Sorry, OTT:

But I FINALLY got a hold of that damn HK Barbie, adorned in all of her short, tight and shiny glory!

i just can't stop staring at fatma's nips in that pregnant lady sweater dress.

As far as pregnancy boobs go-I was still only a B+ while I as pregnant, so I would have been happy to wear the one-shoulder look in my third trimester. It ws only after the baby came, and my milk came in that I actually made it to a C. (woohoo-for once I had real breasts!) I was so happy to have boobs I might have worn it then, too. Some of us are just not blessed in that area.

I actually like Carol's dress-without the jacket. I think if she had left it off she would have done better. That and a different color. FOr those of us who only end up looking like we have a basketball attached to the front of us, this would have been a great dress to wear.

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