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Auf Wiedersehen!

Don't hate us, kittens.

Why are we asking you not to hate us? Because while we're in agreement with what seems to be most of you that the judging last night was fucked up, we're pretty much also in agreement with the judges' pick for win and auf.

We had high hopes for Ra'mon going into this competition and we really did think he was going to make it to the end. He's a thoughtful and occasionally innovative designer, but that doesn't always make for a winning reality show contestant.

He was floundering and second guessing himself constantly through every challenge. It was to his credit that he managed to produce a couple of attention-getting looks, but the impression we're left with is that he couldn't handle the stresses and constraints of the competition.

Seriously, how many catsuits are we supposed to give the guy? One was bad enough, but why would he go down that road again when he had to scrap it last time?

Sure, the last time he scrapped it he pulled a winning garment out of his ass at the last minute.


Model: Vanessa Fitzgerald

There were no winning garments to be found either in his ass or anywhere else on his person. His ass was tapped out on producing winning dresses.

Pardon us for a Philadelphianism that most of you probably won't get, but: Mummer Slut. Are we right, fellow Philadelphians? Does she not look like she should be marching on New Year's Day down Broad Street? And THOSE costumes are made by nearsighted old Italian ladies! What's HIS excuse?

It's just too over the top with nothing supporting it. In other words, it looks exactly like what it was: a lot of last minute crap thrown on in a save attempt.

It kills us that he thought this would land him safely in the middle. This had Bottom Three written all over it.

We're definitely sorry to see him go because he seems like a sweet guy and he's definitely a talented designer, but he'd done the "Ohmigod, I made something ugly! What was I thinking? I know! I'll pull some crap together at the last minute!" bit at least one time too many to stay in the game.

Extended Judging:

Exit Video:

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TLo, fear not. I agree with you 100% - it was sadly time for our boy Ra'Mon to go.

I was kind of glad to see him go last night, but that was mostly because I adore Louise and would hate to see her go... His outfit though was really poorly made... it reminded me of what happened the first time I made a costume... my friends know not to mention that, ever.

I agree - I thought the guest judge's clear good will for him might keep him around, but this was just too monstrous.

I liked him as a person, but yeah, there was no excusing this dress. It's like it came from a grade-school production of "Species."

Hmm...I usually associate mummers with big peacock feathers, in which case I would give the Mummer Slut awared to Nicholas. Otherwise, right on.

I'm glad Louise is still in it, because I love her aesthetic and I thought she was going home. Historically, crazy-crap beats out boring-safe every time, but I guess without Nina and Kors, that doesn't hold true this season.

Oh, I am in complete agreement that it was Ra'mons time to go.
This is the second time that he scrapped a patchwork shiny unitard and put a 2hr dress in the line up.
And the third basic dress with wady fabric on it. On the other had it isn't that much worse than Nicolas's.

What exactly was the point of Vanessa ripping that strip of fabric off her wrist when she got to the end of the runway? I watched that two or three times, and couldn't figure out what the deal was. Was it falling off or something, and she wanted to make sure she didn't drop it?

I see your Mummer Slut, and I raise you 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" Green Man. Because that's what the first jumpsuit looked like.

"Tlo said: Mummer Slut"

But she isn't wearing Golden Slippers.

I was thinking she looks like a cross-dressing Geiko Gecko.

And when he said, "Her name is Lola", I thought for sure he was going to follow with, "She was a showgirl".


Agreed-- R'mon was the obvious choice to be aufed.

Why did everyone greedily CHOOSE "Action Adventure", anyway? WHat a tedious, leotard-laden category.

I would have snagged "Western" in a heartbeat, personally.

i loved the models eye makeup.

i held my breathe thinking they were going to auf louise. i still have faith in her.

bye ra'mon you were a sweet boy.

He made me sing - Her name is Lola..she was a show girl...

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who started singing that song when Ra'Mon was telling his story.


Mummer slut! Y'all kill me! That would be considered "period piece", correct?

Ra'mon really did return to his bag of tricks. I hope he did the majority of his fabric dying in the sink instead of the toilet this time.

Agree with above comments (sadly) but please tell those producers that when you give someone the loser edit, they're not supposed to lose.

Ok, I came prepared to bitch. I didn't want Gordana or Louise to be eliminated, but I didn't want Ra'mon gone either.

To me, the outfit didn't look...terrible. But yeah, definitely worse than what Gordana and Louise did.

But looking at the pictures now...yeesh. My TV did not show the detail well. That thing is a disaster...sadly, he earned this auf'ing.

I was also thinking that the nice vibe from the judges might save him, but he really deserved to go for this one. You can't make a habit of last-minute restarts and expect to keep getting away with it. Good designer done in by the weirdness of this type of competition.

Wow, gotta say the front-runners still aren't totally clear to me--Althea? Shirin? Minnesota boy?

Wish Gordana was treated better--they're just beating her down.

With that outfit and that hair, she looked ready to open her frill and spit poison at Wayne Knight's face....


I'll miss Ra'mon, but I don't disagree with the judges' decision because his design didn't work. I definitely saw Creature of the Black Lagoon there, and I don't think that's where Ra'mon wanted to go.

He comes across as a sweet guy, and he was gracious in his exit interview.

I liked Ra'mon, but have to agree 100% that this was the out. It was CLEARLY the out. Sad, but true.

Doing a jumpsuit for a sci-fi challenge is not a terrible idea. However if you're doing an hommage to Seven of Nine you need a model who has the body of Jeri Ryan or Julie Newmar to fill it out correctly. Someone like Vanessa will not give it the sensuality to make it work.

What's worse was his color scheme. Reptiles come in all sorts of colors. If he insisted on going this route he should have gone for warmer colors like rust or maroon which would have made Vanessa look more threatening or fierce. Dont use lime green!

Regardless I think either idea looked bad. What's insane is Sci-fi really offers a chance for a great deal of creativity but there wasn't much of that here.

I find it interesting there's 1 sci-fi flick that could have covered 3 of the genres easily. Blade Runner. There was some imaginative costume designs that covers noir, sci-fi and action-adventure

Personally I think the 1 big mistake in creating this challenge was a 1 day time limit. The challange like this needs the 2nd day to really deliver the pre-requisite visual impact. Too many of the entries looked like they needed more work



Hot green mess.

But WTF did the model rip off of her arm while going down the runway? I totally didn't get that dramatic move because it made no sense to me.

As much as I didn't realy like Louise's either, Ra'mon's was really the worst of the bunch. I think he's a good designer but you're right, I don't think he can handle the pressure. He might've been able to turn out something great if he had more time and was more confident in his abilities.

I thought that, if this design was what he had started with, and if he had had time to polish the construction and finish the details, it could have been something really interesting, perhaps a sly, clever ensemble for the villainess in the new V series. But it was just too slap-dash to pass muster.

He sure got Tim's love at the end. What a difference from Johnny's farewell!

Having spent many a New Year's Day lying about in my pajamas, eating leftover crab dip and cheesecake from the previous night's party, and watching the entire day's broadcast of the Mummer's Parade, all I can say is, "'Mummer Slut'.....Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!"

Stephanie said: But WTF did the model rip off of her arm while going down the runway?

I thought it was to show her shedding her skin to look less reptilian and more human to fit in on earth - the "shedding skin" concept would have explained his shoddy workmanship, but then his explanation to the judges didn't reference that. - OK - I'm a geek.

Daisy - I would totally go to that school play. Want to help me put it together??

Re: the thing she ripped off her sleeve -- I figured she was molting. Or shedding her skin, or whatever it is snakes do.

Yess! I totally get your Mummers ref. I was sorry to see him go this episode though, because Louise just did not have her shit together and at least he tried to be creative. But yes, I understand this is one too many last minute scrap outfits

I agreee with your assessment. But in my own tacky task I thought the fabric ws kind of funky cool. Although I don't know whether it was meant for clothing.

That 3rd pic (with patches on the manniquin) was disturbing.

I am not into sci-fi enough to know what WOULD have worked.
But when Vanessa came down the runway and peeled part of it of, I actually thought that this might have been the one time to kind of have a schizophrenic effect - like a woman pulling back her outfit for reveal reptilian "skin" or vice-versa?

But THAT would have kind of been in the OTT costume - versus INSPIRED by category. Oh who the hell knows. Just agree that it was his time to go.

As a Philadelphian, I'm agreeing with you. And without having seen the episode, Ra'mon's outfit looks atrocious and I can completely see why he got the "auf."

You know, the major problem here is that he set out to really create an alien being - instead of a piece of fashion. For the most part, Hollywood would have achieved this goal with some make-up and special effects - not with a dress. As much as I loved some of his designs - the scrapping things and second guessing himself really became too repetitive of a thing.

"Gotham Tomato said: I was thinking she looks like a cross-dressing Geiko Gecko."


Oh dear lord, Mummer Slut. I wish, I wish, I wish the whole world understood immediately what that meant, and then again, perhaps it's best to leave that bit of Philly culture under wraps. Bedazzled, sequined wraps.


Like Ramon, didn't like the judging, but they were right, with no question.

It was Ramon's time to go, for all the reason's you listed.

Just repeatin'

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Gotham Toamto said:

'And when he said, "Her name is Lola", I thought for sure he was going to follow with, "She was a showgirl".'

GT, I just took it as a personal insult....

Boys, I have no idea what a Mummer Slut is, and if this garment made you think of one, I'm not sure I WANT to know.

Oh, apostrophe-d one, your biggest mistake was not thinking seriously about the time you had to execute the design. The second was choosing a reptilian design that was more 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' than 'V'.

Nice to see you weren't dying your wears in the toilet.

With Sci-Fi, I would have went with some sort of uniform. From Star Trek to Starship Troopers, to Alien, there's always some sort of uniform, and it always tells you what the character is.

Best of luck Ra'mon.

I've said it before and I'll say it one more time - it's surprising this season how often "boring" is winning over "innovation" when it comes to who gets auf'ed. I thought for sure Louise was a goner.

And then I saw the stills of the back of Ra'mons dress in this post. Good gravy - I agree 100% with the aufing.

Darlings, even if I didn't agree with you I could never hate you! I agree completely that Ra'mon's time had run out. There was nothing remotely salvageable about either that Night of the Iguana monstrosity or his tenure on PR. He seems like a super-nice guy and does have talent as a designer, so I certainly wish him well. But there was no coming back from that train wreck.

That said, I still have to respectfully disagree with Nicholas winning the challenge. It should have been Epperson's.

As sweet and talented as I think Ra'mon is, this was the losing outfit. Louise's was bad too, but at least I could actually see that in a movie or in a collection (whichever one fits the enigmatic challenge requirements). Ra'mon's, though...I don't think even Ed Wood would have used that mess.

Interestingly, I thought his first outfit (the jumpsuit) was a better design. No, it wasn't a winner by any means and it may have still gotten him sent home, but it was better than what he sent down the runway. I could actually see Anne Francis wearing something like that in an old 50's sci-fi movie.

I'd have been o.k. with sending home either ApostropheMan or Ms. Louise. Neither seem suited to PR.

Ra'mon maybe designs like I write - there's a bad draft first from which he develops a better concept - at least that's what I imagine from his showing on PR - and the time is too limited for that.

And, as Tim noted, Louise's beautiful details don't show up on the runway - to which I'd add that she seems to be too wedded to a small range of silhouettes/shapes.

But for the first time I'm actively looking forward to next week - the talent pool is shrinking and Our Judges are back!

With the judging on other seasons, I think Ra-mon would have been safe. Better to fail big that fail boring. The rotating judges are really making a difference in the results this season.

Still, as much as I liked him personally, and as much as he did pick the most difficult category in Sci Fi, there were a lot of different directions he could have gone. What resulted was so hideous that I can't be mad that he's gone.

Something military would have been fantastic. But even if he wanted to do alien he could have come up with some fantastic, bizarre dress instead of a body suit. Ah well. I did enjoy him, but I'm sure he'll do better in an environment that isn't such a pressure-cooker.

As much as I would like to, I can't argue with his aufing. I love Ramon, but honestly, that thing was horrid, even as a Sci-Fi inspired look. Yeesh!

I couldn't read beyond Mummer Slut, AMAZING. :D

asparagus lust

I was hoping Ra'mon was in for the duration becuase he was very watchable (and cute) and so driven by the unconscious - you never knew what split decision he would go for. He had talent and I saw him, quirky as he was, as a contender. He wanted the unitard to work as his concept design and since he worked MAGIC on the judges the first time it tanked he had hopes of repeating history - and he could have. The result, we all agree, was ultra hasty and ill made - I agree 100% with Creature of the Black Lagoon as an effect! As much as I like Louise I would have definately chosen Ra'mon to stay over her. Why not? The judging is utterly wonky. He therefore won my vote. Louise is the Robert Best of this season.

All that girl needed was a banjo and a pair of long braids and she'd be ready for Broad Street.

yeah! ho! wah!

looking back at ra'mons work, it strikes me as not all that impressive. i didnt really like his almost winning red carpet look. his model dress, his newspaper dress and his beach dress were pretty but not special enough. the avant gard look, the pregnancy look and this weeks sci-fi look were all disasters. he comes across as very likable but it was definitly his time to go.

MUMMER SLUT! January 1 will never be the same again!

But, I gotta say, it just doesn't make sense.
Even if that dress was a hot green mess (it was), that auffing was totally counter intuitive. First, he is a really good designer, at least according to Heidi. The judges seemed to understand that something didn't work out and he started over late in the game.
AND: I thought the judges always appreciated taking a chance that may or may not work out over safe and same, which is pretty much what Louise and Gordana did (even though they were two really good looking safe and sames). AND: how many times will Gordana be in the bottom three? From what I remember, there wasn't much footage of Gordana in the workroom, so it isn't as if they are keeping her around for the drama. Come on, love her or let her go, judges.
I don't want to see Gordana go. I heard the very well articulated criticism of Gordana; I felt like it was harsh and a little off the mark, but I really expected that after all that she was so auf.
I don't know - it was all very cracky to me.

Gotham Tomato said:

And when he said, "Her name is Lola", I thought for sure he was going to follow with, "She was a showgirl".

Maybe he didn't, but I reflexively said it...

Thanks, GT.

I hate to disagree with you, but I must. For a proper "Mummer Slut" also involves feathers and bling. GT is right about the Golden Slippers.

And we'd need to pull a Saxophone or Accordian from the Macy's Accessory Wall.

And when he said, "Her name is Lola", I thought for sure he was going to follow with, "She was a showgirl".


I had the same thought, GothamTomato.. even sang it in my head.

Ra'Mon, I had high hopes for you but that was one ugly dress.

There were no winning garments to be found either in his ass or anywhere else on his person. His ass was tapped out on producing winning dresses.


You bitches are hilarious.

First it was his Pop-Specs and now it's his ode to Copacabana.

If you don't know what Pop-Specs are, I'm sorry for you. You can Google Absolutely Fabulous and take a looksee.

If he had been truly clever, he would have taken gone for broke and recited more the Copa lyrics as his story. Try it, it actually works - a bit.

Louise is melting down, isn't she?

Shame. I hope she hangs in there.

And Gordana, too.

Ra'Mon has natural talent, but would be helped by some design classes, I think.

Louise was very, very lucky Ra'mon managed to send a complete mess down the runway. I was really hopeful that the two of them would pull off something awesome in this challenge, but they both disappointed so severely, I had no problem with the choice of auf being between the two of them, and I have no problem with Ra'mon having to pack his bags for this one. He's a nice guy, and he took the criticism well (how sweet was the guest judge?), but he needed to go home. And, hopefully, drink something delicious and very, very strong.

Pardon us for a Philadelphianism that most of you probably won't get, but: Mummer Slut. Are we right, fellow Philadelphians? Does she not look like she should be marching on New Year's Day down Broad Street?

That was the funniest thing I read all day. I needed that. Now that I think about it, just add some tulle and feathers and it fit right in lol.

It didn't help Ra'Mon's auf-ing that he was in the bottom so many times before. As opposed to seasons past, this season that the one who made a shit outfit but was capable of more goes home. Is it fair? No. And I'm still confused over Nicolas's win. I'm over this LA PR, I hope that they move it back to NY because this season blows.


Boys...we couldn't hate!

Found more fault with the judging criteria than the actual judging this week. Win and the 'auf were sadly spot on. Like neither, but agree with both.

The real Michael and no Nina. And no explanation. Rotating guest judges are fine...but the continued absence of La Nina and the Duchess of Orange will be the overarching flaw of the season 6.

A return to normalcy next week?

I just wanted Louise to go home because she is so damn boring. Sad to see Ra'Mon go but I can see where the judges were coming from.

As for agreeing with the judges on the winner, boys, you need to get a grip and not go over to the dark side with a certain judge who is associated with too short, too shiny and too little good taste.

yeah, it was the crappiest design on the runway last night but if this where on still on Bravo I think there would have been a chance that they would aufed Louise because Ramon has sent a broader range of designs down the runway.

DuBois- I was thinking the same thing. I said to my boyfriend, "Oh, Louise is out, safe and boring is always worse than taking a risk", but lo and behold..... Nevertheless, I think the right person went home.

Tanyadiva- Yay Greenman! That would be great to see Charlie rock the hot green mess!

While part of me is glad that all the contestants that cannot spell or pronounce their names correctly are auf, I have to admit that I was really routing for Apostrophe Man.

In retrospect, Apostrophe man should have used the bottom half of Nicolas's bug dress from last week. He needed a more evocative non-human shape to catch the eye. The bug exoskelton would have been perfect.

YES! YES! She is a Mummer Slut! Gosh, I miss the parade!

I sort of wish Apostrophe Man had made an Apostophe Man hero getup.

Admit it, that would have been neat. Goodness knows SOMEONE should stand up to the rampant apostrophe abuse in our midst.

As a newly inducted Philadelphian, I watched my first Mummer's Parade this past January (and plan to go to the Mummer museum soon). Your summary was concise and devastatingly on point.

Mummer Slut!!!!!

Following up from my theory that the judging was based on which designs most successfully conveyed a character then Ra'mon definitely deserved the auf.

I look at that mess and it says absolutely nothing to me about a character at all, even less than Gordana's and Louise's did.

I truly believe that if he'd kept with the evil lizard woman concept he would have been safe however ugly the resulting outfit. The shiny green catsuit (and Vanessa's bitchface) did say ' evil lizard woman' to me and conveying a character seemed to be the most important thing the judges were looking for.

Sigh. Silly boy, I shall miss the pretty....

I won't say that I was surprised to see him go, or that he didn't deserve it, but it was a tad unusual for them to auf someone of whom they said, "at least he had a concept" in favor of someone who didn't.

Totally a Mummer Slut!

I think that the catsuit he discarded in an earlier episode would have worked fine for a Sci-fi challenge. She would have looked a lot like one of the female ninja-type warriors from Legend of the Seeker.

But the end result was awful. It's to the producer's credit that they managed to make me think that Louise was going home.

OMG! Totally a Mummer Slut. And she'd be swapping spit with a drunk member of the comics before 11:00 AM.

I don't hate y'all, TLo. You are, unfortunately, right. I say 'unfortunately' because Ra'mon is clearly a really nice guy and I think he could make it as a designer... just maybe not quite yet. Time limits like the show imposes aren't for everyone no matter what their talent is, too; both PR and Top Chef have ended up sending home people who probably had talent but just couldn't deal with the time pressure. Maybe this just isn't the right forum for him to work on that career.

I actually thought the jumpsuit was a good starting point. Early SF was full of jumpsuits. I don't know if he was going the right way with it, but the basic thought was on. It just didn't work out well, and what he did end up with just didn't really fit his idea at all anymore. Also, I think as soon as he heard the judges' comments he knew it was him; you can see him nodding when he's auf'd.

I'll miss him, but I can't really argue with him being sent home. On a different note: how cute was it when he was talking about his geeky side? So cute! I have a soft spot for geeks, being one.

All I could think of when I saw this monstrosity was the movie, "Enemy Mine". But, hey, at least the outfit did remind me of a movie!!!
Ramon seems to be a sweetheart, but his lack of decisiveness needs to be corrected if he wants to achieve great things in the design industry.

The only thing she needs to be a real Mummer is a 40 of some cheap American beer and banjo.

I'm still gonna have to disagree with you guys. True Ra'mon's design wasnt winning material but it wasnt nearly as bad as Louise's boring black blah! He deserved the bottom 3 but not to be sent packing =(

Even though the outfit was hideous, I think it should have been Louise- her's was boring. At least Ra'mon outfit as awful as it was, it wasen't boring! When she tore the material off her arm I think it was supposed to be reptile skin.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Boys, I just got the time to google 'Mummer'.

I'm now laughing my ass off. Thanks for the cultural lesson!

Second, your site was top of the search list, so kudos, of sorts, to you!

I still haven't forgiven him for winning with that toilet neoprene dress, so I'm not too sad.

He does seem like a nice guy, but his output is spotty to say the least. Frankly, though, it was a tossup for me last night since neither he nor Louise remotely met the challenge--whatever it was.

He took a risk and he had a good story, that was enough in my book.
Maybe if he said that the alien lizard-woman had burst through her dress in transformation back to reptilian splendor, shaded the models face and hair in green... he might have gotten away with it?
Best-est wishes to him.

I certainly can't disagree with you or the judges on this one. This would even make the Creature from the Black Lagoon look bad. It was by far the worst thing on the runway. I'm really sorry to see him go, but he deserved it for this.

TLo, I had no idea you boys were from Philly! Oh, dem golden slippers, right? Your Mummer Slut comment was great!

I think the right person went home last night, and you are so right about how poor Ra'mon second-guessed himself into an early auf. I like him and am sad that he'll be gone, instead of the egregious Peppermint Patty, but there really was no other way this challenge could have ended.

Ra'mon, all you need is a confidence pill so you don't get in the way of your own talent. Good luck to you!

Sadly I agree with this auf'ing. It was a big miss.

Pardon us for a Philadelphianism that most of you probably won't get, but: Mummer Slut. Are we right, fellow Philadelphians? Does she not look like she should be marching on New Year's Day down Broad Street?
All she needs is a giant fan behind her, although if she had done the mummers strut down the runway it would have made for an interesting walk.

See, I don't know about this theory that the winners and losers were chosen based on how well their design reflected their "characters", b/c how could anyone possibly get "Victorian Vampire Bride" out of Christopher's design???

Now that I've seen the screenshots, I agree that Ra'Mon's offing was deserved, although I still miss the days when being boring was a bigger crime than taking a risk and failing (especially since Gordana keeps getting criticized for supposedly not taking enough of a risk - Chris March's blog aptly points out that making a dress out of beaded material and beaded fringe in 1 day is a lot riskier than the judges gave her credit for!)

As a former Pennsylvanian, "Mummer Slut" made me PEE!!!!


My father-in-law occasionally gets drunk and starts ranting about the reason why Philadelphia will never be a World Class City: Mummers.

Horrible dress. The original idea was awful, too.

GothamTomato said...

"I was thinking she looks like a cross-dressing Geiko Gecko."

OMG, funniest comment ever!

hedda lettuce needs to hook up w/ that boy for this costume!

He took a risk and he had a good story, that was enough in my book.

But it wasn't a good story. It was a tired and trite cliche of a story. We've heard it a million times. Nicholas's story was a lot fresher.

There are so many ways you can go with "science fiction." As someone above said, you could do a military-type uniform. Personally, I would make an everyday or a fancy dress outfit for someone living in the future. You could really do any crazy thing you wanted as long as it had a wow factor. (Though frankly, I think that with the ever-increasing march toward casualness and comfort in clothing, I'll bet that future earthlings will wear sweatsuits.)

Give that girl a banjo and throw her into the middle of Broad Street where she belongs LOL That's what it looks like when Mummers run out of fabric and throw something together from scraps.

Philly's such a strange city sometimes LOL

"Pardon us for a Philadelphianism that most of you probably won't get, but: Mummer Slut. Are we right, fellow Philadelphians? Does she not look like she should be marching on New Year's Day down Broad Street? And THOSE costumes are made by nearsighted old Italian ladies! What's HIS excuse?
Perfectly put - the mummer slut meme all the way. ra'mon should have unequivically embraced his inner mummer and added some plumes...

I knew that Ra'mon was going to leave the instant he said, "I HEART scifi!" Didn't Nick V say something similar the time he got auf'd?

Back to the case at hand. Ra'mon needs to step away from the green. Seriously, green NEVER sold at the company I used to work at. We used to assign colors by numbers: 100's for white, 900's for blue, etc. The 400's were for green. We always ran out of numbers by the time the season was up for every color except green.

Now to a very, VERY big pet peeve. Many of us hated Ricky from season 4, but he always turned out something decent. Even his elimination garment was awesome. Yet Elisa & especially Sweet P would turn out half-hearted, last minute crap and it was acceptable. Case in point was the menswear challenge. Ricky made a 3 piece ensemble and because he used pins in the hem, he was called out for it and said it "looked like a joke". Sweet P made a 2 piece with the most fucked up collar and they just laughed it off.

So you can't really say that they'll take crazy-crap over safe every time.

I love Ra'mon and hope he does well. I know he will!

I don't get why everybody is in love with this guy.

I think you're confusing being sweet with being a sourpuss.

OMG! I'm from Philly, and you're *so* right!! How do you guys know about our lovely Mummers tradition??

I thought Louise was going to get the auf.

Yes, this was an auf-worthy design. So was Louise's and I couldn't guess which one the judges would pick.

TLo, what a great idea! Can we ask for a challenge where the designers have to create Mummers-inspired Red-Carpet Dresses?

It might make as much sense as anything else happening this season!

pantone290 (which by the way, is the pantone designation for my very favorite color of green, which I wear A LOT. Hopefully better looking than this design.)

marlono said OMG! I'm from Philly, and you're *so* right!! How do you guys know about our lovely Mummers tradition??

Wild guess here - maybe because they live in Philly? Ya think?

It's a tough call on Louise vs. Ra'Mon. He has shown more potential over the course of the season, but her dress was pretty if boring. What bothered me about last night was: a) the winning dress looked cheap and tacky and just like the Halloween costume my mother made for me when I was eight, and b) too many designers got a pass when they should have been called on the carpet while poor Gordana was attacked for having a perfectly constructed and gorgeous dress.

@Lilithcat, How pithy! I didn't know they're in the fashion mecca that is Philadelphia; I thought they were in NY or LA.

I agree with the auf. But I would be lying if I said my jaw didn't drop when Heidi announced it! If just because he makes for better drama than quiet Louise. I certainly hope IRL he has confidence and can stick to his guns. I wish him well, he seems like such a sweet guy and talented too.

What Ra'mon needed to do was figure out a way to make his first catsuit at least work. He could have added a longer coat of sorts, as Vanessa suggested during the fitting and the outfit may have been passable or may have at least resisted an aufing. I think Ra'mon was sweet, and always made me laugh so I was bummed to see him go but it was probably his time. Louise on the other hand really needs to turn out something different, because she is getting boring. I was worried that she was going to be one-note based on her portfolio and I'm worried that is becoming true.

Also, I'm not sure what the criteria was for this challenge. I understood it more like Christopher did where it was supposed to be an outfit inspired by your genre but one that would still fit into a collection- in other words, not directly a costume.

Although this is sort of irrelevant to the post, I'm not even that much of a Gordana fan but she hasn't deserved the bottom 3 these past two weeks. Not at all.

I'm horrified! Yes Ra'mon completely stuffed that challenge but Project Runway is all about stepping outside the square and the 2 boring flapper dresses that were provided by 2 completely unremarkable designers were both better reasons to be auf'ed than someone who's demonstrated already on the show that he has more creativity in his little finger than most of the others. i really saw him in the top 3 with Epperson and Carol-Hannah.

I agree with the auf as well. I didn't think his outfit was horrible, but I wouldn't guess she was a space alien when looking at it, but it isn't wearable either. Also, Ra'mon hasn't produced things that have really amazed me so I was ok with him leaving. I really don't get why Gordana was in the bottom though, I though her dress was pretty gorgeous. With the accessories it looked like a sexy flapper and without it could be a simple but modern cocktail dress.

So you made me Google "Mummer Slut"!

Love it!

And I thought you were going to say, "Don't hate us because we're beautiful."


Poor Ra'Mon. He seems like a sweet guy. I thought he might survive and Louise would be auf'ed, because even sans Nina, Louise seems skating perilously close to Don't Bore Nina territory.

This Philadelphian definitely gets the "Mummer slut" reference. Dead on.

ABSOLUTELY MUMMER Suit. And seriously, where the heck are Michael and Nina?? This season is so boring...

Love the Philadelphianisms, TLo! Haaaate the Mummers! (and I can say that because I live in the city and have seen and attended more New Years' parades than I care to admit). I thought poor, sweet Ra'mon's outfit looked more like Broad Street post-parade (Broad Street is not a pretty sight after all that struttin' puking & New Years' revelry)

I, too, felt sorry to see poor Ra'mon go, but his entry was baaaad. I recall Tim saying early on that one of his problems was that he thought too much. Now, I see exactly what he meant. That coupled with his insecurities and a lack of aesthetic got him auf'd. Ra'mon is incredibly talented, but perhaps needs more design experiece and maturity in the industry.

- edina -

Aside from personally hating not having Nina and Michael it must really suck for the designers. If you audition for Project Runway part of the desire has got be the judges. And all season they've been Nina/Michael-less and been stuck dealing with three guest judges. What a letdown for them.

I don't remember seeing a good view of the back on the TV last night. Gah! It makes the front look like Johnny's illusory Dior.

I thought it a shame for Ra'mon to go, but Tim did say he second-guessed himself too much, and this is the primary example of it biting him in the ass.

But I think its pretty clear now that the elimination process is clearly meant for the blondes and "sexy straight" boy to make the finals. Feather Princess may have a shot b/c every finalist has an asshole quota it needs to hold up.

They're the judge's pets, and it fairly clear right now.

So we'll see everyone else falter at the wayside to make way for their favorites.

As a former Philadelphian, I can see the Mummer quality of Ra'mon's entry. But he did not deserve this auf'ing. We had at least two boring entries go down the runway last night (one by a designer who has been boring all season). Ra'mon has shown a lot of growth and perserverance over this season. Yes, I know past work isn't supposed to factor in,but I think we all know that it has in the seasons where the regular judges have been there consistently.

Your crit on this one is dead on. What was up with the model ripping off parts of the dress as if she were shedding her skin? Ick!

But, I still don't think Nicholas should have won...

Well, Ra'mon did do what I would have thought was impossible: he made Vanessa look short, squat and dumpy.

I hate to see Ra'mon go, though. And I am bitter that Nicholas will breathing the air that Ra'mon deserves to breathe.

Spit marks (to reference a past season) were unhealthy enough. But Ra'Mon dying clothes in a toilet? I hope his model was up-to-date on all her shots...

Oh, and props to Ra'mon for not spouting off a lame excuse like, "My other catsuit is a Dior."

The outfit was a mess. The fabric itself could have lent itself to something really cool. Alas, he fought it all the way.

The judges and designers this year are second rate. Nina makes this show.

Mummer Slut, ha! It's like what those paraders would look like if they had one day to work on their costumes instead of a whole year.

oh, good heavens, TLo, we certainly can't hate on you for speakin' the truth!

And in the hard, cold light of the still photos man does the hideousness of Ra'mon's outfit really show. "Hot, green mess" doesn't begin to do it justice. This was a justified auf'ing, no doubt about it.

I was actually a bit shocked because in the past, there have been cases [cough santino] where hot messes got kept and boring was auf'd. But seeing exactly how bad Ra'mon's outfit was, the judges really didn't - crack or not - have much choice.

I suspect Louise's time may be soon coming though...


Add a parasol with eyes and this would make one fine Froggy Car participant.

Thanks for chasing my blues away with your humor and comments! Alta

He dyed fabric in a toilet. Let me repeat - he swished a garment around in a commode and then expected his model to wear it.

For mediocre work and sanitary nastiness, it's good he's gone.

Awful, really atrocious. HOWEVER, it did at least look like what it was supposed to be, a movie costume (or a skin being shed? not sure, perhaps). But Louise's, while better made, was so off the charts WRONG, I really felt she should have been sent packing. "It's a girl in the 40s dressed like a girl in the 20s..." What the fuck?! That has absolutely nothing to do with film noir as this movie fan defines it.

He gave up the possibility of med school for this? Very sweet guy but I've never been impresed with anything he's produced. He should have been aufed for that toilet-dyed neoprene monstrosity. This was clearly the worst thing on the runway - a cliched concept, horrible execution and a lame story. Lola? Seriously, Lola? Definitely the correct auf. It wasn't even close.

Anonymous said...

Doing a jumpsuit for a sci-fi challenge is not a terrible idea. However if you're doing an hommage to Seven of Nine you need a model who has the body of Jeri Ryan or Julie Newmar to fill it out correctly. Someone like Vanessa will not give it the sensuality to make it work.

I disagree completely, I doubt that ANY body could have saved Ra'mon's outfit. I can't see how it would be flattering to any shape.

Everybody's all ganging up on Vanessa, I don't get it. She may not have the biggest boobs in the world but she's not titless.

I agree with him for the auf...the judging has been spot on for everyone eliminated thus far (thank god) but whack for the other bottoms and tops. I liked Ramon but that swamp thing costume was unforgivable.

On another note, where the hell are Nina and Michael? The guest judges have been dreadful and I am over it.

Once he said "her name was Lola." He was gone, gone, gone!

"mummer slut" hahahahahaha not a philadelphian, but a joisey girl, close enough :-D

Gotham T
you made me Pee
I saw a Gecko
you saw a Gay-Ko
and poor Ra'mon auf-vee-da-zee

... with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there

(another suz)

This was-to me-no better or worse than the winning pulled out of ass garment he made a few weeks ago. I didn't like it either. He seemed like a really sweet guy tho and I was genuinely sad to see him leave. Your assessment was spot on-the time constraints and pressure clearly pulled him under.

I have to say that what I liked best was how Vanessa completely knifed Ra'mon in the back in the little model meeting with Heidi. She made it very clear that she did not care for the outfit she ended up with any more than anyone else did.

At least Ra'mon's original outfit was something other than a dress. I am so sick of dresses for this season. I never thought I would miss Terri but I suddenly do.

Yeah, this was one big ball of blech. There was no "there" there. Sadly, Ra'mon was a congenial guy and it seemed he had plenty of ideas, they just didn't translate

I wish Nina had been back for this episode, because I think Louise would have been aufed for boring her. When it came down to Ramon and Louise left on the runway, I totally thought Louise would be going because she just really didn't seem to have a concept. Yes, Ramon's was a hot green mess, but at least it was INTERESTING! A 20's/40's flapper dress? Really?
Oh, well, Ramon seems to be a really nice and cute guy, and was very gracious - I hope he finds a lot of success out there. Good luck, Ramon.

I am sure many others have mentioned this, but the show is REALLY missing something without Michael and Nina. The producers should have done more to accomodate their schedules or not moved it to LA or something. These 3rd-stringers are as boring as Louise.

Why rip the strip off the arm? Molting, of course.

His concept should have been that she was in a Si Fi movie and from the planet where they were reptile looking. But when she came to earth (of course to destroy it) she had to look like an earthling and was in the process of morphing out of her skin to look like a human.

Mummer Slut

Hahahahahahaha! I'm originally from Harrisburg. Close enough to appreciate that.

Television did not justice to what a mess this was. Yikes. But I'll miss Ra'mon. Credit to him for such a gracious exit.

It's a good thing that there are no banjos on the Macy's accessory wall.

Ra'mon's outfit looked like something someone might sew for themselves for their trip to Comic-Con.

I'm not upset by last night's judging, at all. Ra'mon's outfit was completely bizarre and Heidi was right in saying that you can't even tell that he can sew from looking at it. Maybe it had more imagination than Louise's, but I can easily go grab a bunch of tacky ass fabric and staple it together and say "oh, but I'm imaginative!" ...yeah.

That being said, WTF was with the sleeve coming off??? I wish you boys had referenced that

I feel like the talent level. Or rather, the as of yet expressed talent level is relatively equal (maybe louise hasn't really been pulling her weight but she exudes the idea of talent) and that's kind of a virtue and and a curse. While I'm not particularly excited about any individual designers contribution each week I am pleasantly surprised and disappointed by each designer in seemingly random succession. I'm obvs feelings the Gordana love, but I can't imagine the hater judges letting her make it to bryant park. Oh well Love ya!

Oh and I never really liked ramon. He sorta of remidns me of a highschool health teacher. likable, but something's off.

I didn't realize youse guys were Philadelphians. Gack. Put her in the Fancies and feed her a cheesesteak and a Rita's.

I've always thought the Mummers are the biggest undercover Out parade in the Nation. An excuse for those tough Italian and Irish boys to live out their tranny fantasies once a year and not get the shit beat out of them for it. :-)

Loving you from Wash West...
Your #1 Philly Fag Hag

Hahaaa as a fellow Philadelphian, I COMPLETELY agree with the Mummers comment

Hate to go back to this... but is it just me or is PP off her meds or finally taking them? I did not expect this from him. For once he sounds like a person with a heart... I still can't stand him no matter what!!!

Don't worry, peeps, he can still sine his piddy on the runny kine...

i have to agree. while i think hes a good designer, he seems like the type that needs more than a handful of hours to really reach his potential. PR was never going to offer him that chance.

at the same time, i was totally shocked that they sent him home. the judges have loved him from the start & they so often pick creativity over the boring dress that i thought it was a done deal for louise. thats not to say that i thought louise should have gone either. i do like her work, and personally, ive liked her work a bit more often than ive liked ramons.

wtf? im actually attached to these contestants? when did that happen?

If you go to (the auction site) and click on Irina's dress there is an interview with her playing at the bottom of the screen. In the interview she says BOB MACKIE was a guest judge for this challenge. She adds that they even viewed some of his costume designs at FIDM for inspiration. Of course during the actual episode there isn't a hint of Bob Mackie anywhere! Could this explain the erratic judging "criteria?" I also noticed that in several of the scenes some of the judges' (especially Heidi's) voices sounded like they were added in after editing. All of this just reinforces what we already knew -- this season is being completely manipulated by the producers.

He should've stuck with the jumpsuit.

Yeah, its Star-Trecky, but isn't that what sci-fi is?

And if anyone got on him for that, then they would be the ones who would look silly, not him.

julian on 9/26/09 at 7:38 AM said... "If you go to (the auction site) and click on Irina's dress there is an interview with her playing at the bottom of the screen. In the interview she says BOB MACKIE was a guest judge for this challenge."

Went to the auction site and watched the video. Now I am MAD as hell because I thought Bob Mackie would be a perfect judge from day 1 when it was confirmed the show was going to LA. I think maybe Nina and Kors were present for the original taping but have been edited out along with Bob Mackie and probably others when the episodes were re-shot.


I agree with everyone who has said a jumpsuit would have been better. That "fabric" didn't really fall/drape properly as a dress.

Did anyone else look at Ra'mon's dress and think: Geico gecko? (Possibly singing "Copacabana" with a Cockney accent?)

It really was a shame. Watching Ra'mon's exit interview and seeing what a mature, true gentleman he is made me hope he will be able to put really stunning fashion together when he has the appropriate time to do it right.

Tampa Bay said:
julian on 9/26/09 at 7:38 AM said... "If you go to (the auction site) and click on Irina's dress there is an interview with her playing at the bottom of the screen. In the interview she says BOB MACKIE was a guest judge for this challenge."

Went to the auction site and watched the video. Now I am MAD as hell because I thought Bob Mackie would be a perfect judge from day 1 when it was confirmed the show was going to LA. I think maybe Nina and Kors were present for the original taping but have been edited out along with Bob Mackie and probably others when the episodes were re-shot.


I am joining the "Mad as Hell" club. WTH is going on?? I have a list as long as my arm about what is wrong with this season, now I'll have to continue the list on my OTHER arm.

Ra'Mon, as much as I love him, did produce crap here, no doubt about it. BUT given the weird inconsistency of the judging, I thought for sure they'd send Louise home. Which would have been appropriate - she didn't even really do the challenge. She produced a pretty neat dress in an aesthetic that I *love* (I really like Louise's designs), but it had nothing, nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, to do with film noir. And her backstory was laughable. And she has not shown much in the way of standout work on the show.

But Irina's and Shirin's were shite on a stick, and Logan's (the brief glimpse of it we had) didn't knock my socks off either.

hahaha YES to whoever mentioned greenman!!

julian on 9/26/09 at 7:38 AM said... "If you go to (the auction site) and click on Irina's dress there is an interview with her playing at the bottom of the screen. In the interview she says BOB MACKIE was a guest judge for this challenge."

I just watched that. What the hell? Did they bring in a different set of judges and do another round? There are shenanigans, and then there's being f'ed up on a major level. Color me as confused as I can possibly be.

this is just like... a junior high art project gone wrong.

HAHAHAHA!! Mummer Slut!! That's great. This does look like a bad attempt at a mummer's outfit.

Wasn't he dyeing some green fabric in a box in the bathroom? Where did it go?

I agree with the auf-ing. Mainly because I want to see more from Louise Black. Hopefully the near auf was a kick-up-the-arse closer to a fabulous vintage-drenched ensemble next week. Also Ramon hasn't sit right with me since the preggy bowling bag dress.

"Mummer slut". Classic TLo. Well done, youze guyz. ;-)

I am going to disagree with everyone here. Ra'mon's dress was odd, yes, but at least he had a thought process and a vision. Gordana's dress was a standard 20's dress, but it was beautiful! I thought her model looked stunning.

I have an issue with Althea's design. I read all this ragging on Gordana's "boring" designs, yet Althea sent a model down the runway wearing a men's white shirt and a black pencil skirt. Good god that outfit was so basic and boring I could find it any one of 30 retail stores, from Target to Neiman Marcus.

Althea should have been auf'd for her lack of creativity this week.

All that was missing was those "golden slippers!"

Is it me or are they totally giving away the outcome in the first 20 minutes this season??

"Althea sent a model down the runway wearing a men's white shirt and a black pencil skirt."

Dagney, I think you hit the nail on the head re: what was wrong with this challenge. In film noir, the women wore street clothes, and short (knee length or slightly longer) pencil skirts were the style. They did not wear fabulous gowns--usually just a suit with a great daytime hat. It offers much less opportunity for a designer to cut loose than scifi or action/adventure or period or even western. At least what Althea designed was from the right period, unlike Louise's. And no way are they going to auf Althea, who is one of the top contenders.

Mummer slut?
You insult the mummers...

I agreed with this aufing.

Gordana should have lost, not Ramon.

I sincerely hope we will hear more from Ra'mon because he is wonderful. But I hope he drops the silly & unecessary apostrophe from his name. It makes him look stupid, which he certainly is not.

His legal name is Rashomon.

The apostrophe is a nod to the snipped "sho."

I'm NOT sad to see him go, because I've barely been able to handle him on there. . .I knew him when he used to work at Urban Outfitters in Chicago. . .before he got fired for stealing money and merchandise. Almost a neurosurgeon? I think not. So given that he was a liar, and continually got lucky with the judges loving his last-ditch designs, it was past time for him to be off.

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