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Alexis Bledel in Christian Siriano

It's Princess time!

Alexis Bledel attends the unveiling celebration for the new third floor at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City in Christian Siriano.

We have to say, we LOVE this look. The only part we don't like is the shoe choice. We can get behind the idea of some color down on the bottom but that cheap lipstick red ain't the color we would have chosen. Still, way to go, PPS. She's looking quite chic. We wonder if this isn't a little preview of his spring 2010 collection, which he's showing in the tents at Bryant Park tomorrow. Stay tuned.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage]

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Not a big fan of that dramatic shift in fabric and color from top to bottom without a belt. Also, it looks like there's some puckering in the fabric on her left side. Strikes me as a middle-of-the-pack entry on Project Runway, to be honest.

I don't like it at all!! I think the skirt fabric is tacky, and the top is draped weird, and too heavy looking.

PPS - yeech!!

The top: GORGE

The skirt: Too Las Vegas Wednesday night skank shift.

C'mon Princess, you're better than this. Something you've let everyone know a MILLION times over!

Let's see what else she says at the "E!@The Emmys Fashion Police Show".

Plus, her skin tone and the top of the dress are the same color, so you can't tell where the top ends and her neck/shoulder begins.

A mess. Although not as bad as his Prom dress challenge dress. He isn't perfect.

i really love the princess. very cute look, though maybe a different red for the shoes (i do like red as a choice, just not that shade).

i think he's still (one of) my favorite pr designer(s).

I really like it!!! Well done, Christian!
And yeah, I agree on the shoe color choice. The same goes for Alexis' choice of lip color. It drowns out her gorgeous blue eyes.

Love it! She looks fabulous! I hate the shoes, though.

Love the draping on the top, but think the color is a little washed out. Is the bottom a metallic faux alligator skin? Agree that the shoes are too glaring. Also agree with Rillion that outfit could stand a better transition between bodice and skirt.

I'm not in NYC so must ask -- what's the big deal with THE. NEW. THIRD. FLOOR. that has (ahem) stars showing up for the opening?

Not a huge fan of the Wilma, but I love how the top is draped. The skirt is OK, but agree it needed a belt. As for the shoes, at least they weren't matchy-matchy.

I'd like to see that with a nude shoe.

My god you all took your bitch pill today, she looks great, yeah, the shoes suck, but the look is really cool and young.

Love it! I do agree that the lipstick is not right the color for her, and of course, the shoes.

Too much shiny! I would like it better if the skirt were a different sheen, perhaps.

Hyacinth said...
My god you all took your bitch pill today, she looks great, yeah, the shoes suck, but the look is really cool and young.

9/11/09 1:36 PM

You know, people can have differing opinions without being called a bitch. I think the top looks too close to her skin color, and the bottom is tacky. So that makes me a bitch? Ridiculous!!

Who wants to take a pool at how soon Frau Seal's gonna snatch that skirt after she pops out the next rugrat?

I like the look, and the top is pretty, but what about the seams on the side of the top? Puckery, puckery!!!
the shoes are gorgeous, but not for that outfit....

I really like it. A nude could have easily washed her out, but it didn't. And I wish she had picked a darker red, but I'm just happy she didn't go all boring with black pumps or those hideous booties that everyone is wearing right now.

I like it, but I wish it came with a belt. And different shoes.

Yuck. She looks like she skinned a 'gator and then draped a satin sheet around her chest.

The colors of the skirt and top are boring, and the shoes are wildly out of place.


Love the top, like the skirt, hate the shoes. They even do something that makes her makeup look wrong. (Maybe a darker red would have worked?)

The top is GORGE, despite the puckers on the side seam and the washed-out color. Would have liked to see this in deep rose pink, with a big black "statement" belt on the skirt.

I liked the skirt and didn't think it was cheap-looking, just needing to be accessorized to make it pop.

Shoes - Would have put the color in the blouse, not the shoes. A nice grey/black shoe that complements but doesn't overwhelm the rest would be nice.


Are those shoes Christian Siriano for Payless? Ew. Really like the look otherwise.

My biggest problem is just her lipstick and her shoes. She's too young to be wearing a matronly maroon on her lips (especially with her hair pulled back), and the shoes just had no place in that outfit at all.

I'd rock the (cover your eyes, Puritans) FUCKING hell out of that. But then, I am a drag queen.

Love the dress, HATE the shoes. Hope this a preview of PPS line! Christian just continues to evolve and grow each season.

The dress is cute. The lipstick's fine. The shoes are funny shaped. But my real problem is the hair. It makes her look like her hairline is receding and it doesn't flatter her face, which is saying something because her face is lovely.

According to the Party Beat on the mbfashionweek website:

"Siriano brought along his new best friend: actress Alexis Bledel, sporting a yet-to-be-launched design. "This is in the new collection that I'm showing Saturday," he revealed. "It's brand new--she's previewing it tonight! It's quite amazing." Bledel concurred. "I'm so excited, I love it!" It seems the relationship will be a fruitful one; the two spent the evening side by side."

Like the outfit, hate the shoes. The color is off and they look kinda clunky.

Who the hell is Alexis Bledel?


He dressed 15 years older than she is. That top is dowdy.

I love the top, but wish it was a different color. I think it washes her out to much. Shoe choice was a bad one.


Absolutely LOVE that dress.
I think a red shoe was a good choice, but I would have done a darker, deeper shade.

Oh and PS- I think she looks gorgeous, but the hair is too severe.

Tampabay -- two seconds on Google would have told you that she is an actress, most noteably known for the amazing Gilmore Girls.

Agreed. The shoes are just the wrong shade of red. The dress is fab.


I'm liking the top better than the skirt, but overall a nice look.
I do love our PPS!

Anonymous on 9/11/09 at 2:30 PM said...Tampabay -- two seconds on Google would have told you that she is an actress, most noteably known for the amazing Gilmore Girls.

True! However, you are even faster than Google! LOL! LOL!


Wow, is it just me or does that outfit look startlingly similar to Carol Hannah's look from last night? Wow.

ShamelessAddict said...

Are those shoes Christian Siriano for Payless? Ew. Really like the look otherwise.

I think the shoes are Christian Dior....

9/11/09 2:33 PM Anonymous on 9/11/09 at 2:30 PM said...Tampabay -- two seconds on Google would have told you that she is an actress, most noteably known for the amazing Gilmore Girls.

True! However, you are even faster than Google! LOL! LOL!


"We hate her. We hate her even more then the know-it-all daughter on 'The Gilmore Girls'!" - Jack MacFarlane

That show sucked.

Sara Bellum I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

Overall, a just barely OUT for me. I liked the top (though the visible seam was a bit too visible for a high-end look), and I'd like the skirt in another pairing - or maybe with the top if accessorized to pull the two together. To me they looked just too mix 'n match as presented here. As in, yes, you *could* pair these, but they don't look like they are just insanely, inevitably right together.

And the shoes seem chosen from the bottom of the closet in the "red goes with everything" mindset.

i'm not dorothy gale

I zoom-screened to see if there was any tucking or embellishment on the skirt (no). It's kinda Ann Taylor as far as I'm concerned. I know Princess has to design "for the masses" and can't do those extravagant, over-the-top items as ready-to-wear but really.

This is boring.

Honestly it looks like a PR challenge entry. I could have made it. Maybe it's the color/fabric choice or something.

She's so adorable! I think it's lovely, minus the shoes.

This is pretty fabulous I'd say. However, I think that the loudness of the skirt really does warrant a very sexy, complicated, but black shoe. Some black Loubotin's would have been a better choice.

I think it's a great look, and it looks great on her. Then again, I've been on a Gilmore Girls binge the last week, so my opinions may be colored.

WHY is there so much puckering on the side seam of her top??? Sure it looks good from the front, but turn to the side and it's a disaster!

Those shoes? Yuck.

If the skirt fabric had been the same (or at least not as different) as the top, this would have pulled together much better, shoes included. As it is, I don't like it. Also, none of those colors are good on her.

I may have an untutored eye, but isn't the general idea behind this outfit the same as Carol Hannah's outfit from last night? They look so similar.

Gorgeous! I love it all (except for the shoes and horrible make-up). The mismatched textures is so on-trend.

I love this dress...I honestly thought you guys were going to love the shoes (which I hate) but overall still way IN

It's weird, I don't often see that distracting a clash between lipstick and shoe color. I like either of them on their own, but, wow, they're having a hell of an argument together.

Oh, yeah, the outfit. Fine, cute. On trend with the whole rough fabric contrasting with satiny charmeuse thing.

Not liking. The dress looks like a first or second challenge on PR.
Come on, PPS, you can do better than THAT!

With wonky seaming like that, are you sure this isn't an outfit from the Daniel Vosovic collection?

ITA! I just LOVE the look except for those shoes!!

really great dress though - lovely and unexpected and stylish!

Isn't this almost the exact same thing Carol Hannah sent down the runway last night??? I mean, change the color, and that's it, right?

Wow!!! Looks like Rory has really grown up and she's even hanging with the cool kids! I love it and think she looks fantastic. Her eyes look amazing. Unfortunately, the shoes are not so amazing. I, too, would have love to have seen a nice, nude stilletto.

- edina -

mll (another lulu)

The shoes do jump out at me, since all the other pieces are neutral, but I think the reason they work is BECAUSE of the red lipstick. And why should your red lips exactly match your red shoes?

She's quite cute, but the top is too puckery on the side, the (non)color just barely works, and it needs a belt. And yay, it's not hoochie mama short.


I really really don't like it. I don't think it is very flattering...I see some belly pooch going on which seems to be an artifact of the clothes. I like the color scheme between the top and bottom but I think it needs a belt to make it look more put together. Also those shoes are frigging AWEFUL!



Ya know, the more I look at it the more I hate it. That top is just sooo not flattering. In the shot without the skirt it looks like the bandages they use to wrap you up after a masectomy.

I'm just feelin' so-so about the dress, but I'm so glad PPS has dropped the affected Paris Hiltonesque pose. He looks so much better with just a nice smile on that shayna punim!

~Mamalah, I mean, Meadow

I almost thought this was a joke when I first saw it. The blouse is okay but surely they didn't mean for the seam to look so sloppy. The skirt is ugly fake crocodile in a weird color, and it gives her an unattractive tummy pooch. The shoes would have been okay in a dark red, but the worst crime of all is her hairline. In the close-up she looks like an older guy going bald and combing a few wispy hairs forward. She should NEVER wear her hair pulled back like that.

The ONLY thing I like about this look is the shoes. Thats some Ann Taylor from the 80s shit right there.

Phew - I got half way through the comments before I saw someone say what I thought about the similarity to Carol Hannah's outfit.

Nice look,but I am SO over the one shoulder thing!

I'm a fan of Alexis, but she looks a little severe in the outfit. I don't mind the outfit really. Maybe not together, but each piece looks great to me. It's just her styling. Her hair and make-up make her look washed out. She looks like Rory Gilmore's aunt.

It has all been said...but I did
really love seeing him smile!

I like the dress alright. I can't really focus on it because I think Alexis is so gosh darn cute, and frankly, I don't think she looks too old or stiff here - nice to see her evolving from the wide-eyed Gilmore Girl to a stunning young woman. <3

I love it. I don't think I've ever seen her look better.

I like it. It's an edgier look for her and she looks great. I agree about the shoes. The only quibble is that the top could be a slightly different shade to go better with the skirt.

I doubt Princess made this himself, so the puckered side seam is more of a seamstress issue. I don't think it detracts.

He looks cute as a button, as usual.

Oh, to repeat what I've said before: I think the good ol' short, tight, and shiny is the trend right now, especially for the younger women on the red carpet, so I'm not fighting it. I don't think this looks cheap.

She's gorgeous and I love her outfit.

She's cute - who is she?
Red high heels just make me think of Sarah Palin.

Auf-el shoe choice. Cute outfit. The top is the wrong color for that actress, but would look great on some else. Go Princess, Go!

Alexis can wear almost anything, but I'm not liking this a whole lot. I love the blouse but not the skirt. Maybe it would look better with a different top.

The shoes jumped out at me and not in a good way. They're completely wrong for the outfit.

She has such a high hairline and has to be careful about pulling her hair back too tight. I've always preferred her with her hair down. But, goodness, she's such a gorgeous young woman. She still looks like an angel (or as Paris once said to Rory: "You look like little birds dress you every morning".)

I think a red shoe was a good choice, but I would have done a darker, deeper shade.?

Agree. Love the twisty drapey blouse, like the juxtaposition of the soft blouse with the edgier, harder skirt, and like the idea behind adding a pop of color with the shoe. It's just that particular shade of red is a bit TOO jarring. And disagree with those who mention the addition of a belt being necessary. I think it would have cheapened the look and made it too busy.

I like the shade of lipstick she is wearing; if the shoes were that shade, I think they would work.

I actually really like this. It is surprisingly earthy and the textures are lovely. I'm not a big fan of the shoes but I don't hate them either. Maybe in a deeper shade of red?

Anonymous said...

I love it. I don't think I've ever seen her look better.

I agree, she looks amazing and I can't believe she's 27 already. She's gorgeous.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I love all of it. The change is fabric is really cool. Agreed, though: the shoes are not good.

Love the top, both color and style, so cute. Love the texture of the skirt as well, I like it a bit longer though. Red shoes is a nice choice if it's not that shiny.

And love love PPS. He is really blossoming!

The proportions are off. From shoulder to waist, waist to skirt hem, skirt hem to bottom of leg, she's chopped into 3 nearly equal parts.

I would have done the skirt knee length or just below to break up the equal section thing she has going on.

And Vienna Marriott, I would pay to see you!


I think this would have been a "meh" design on PR, certainly not auf material, but no winner either. The puckering on the seam is very noticeable, not cool at all. Definitely not getting any fierce vibes here.

I'm surprised so many hate this look. Despite the puckering, I think she looks quite chic. The view from side is also quite flattering. Wish I could have seen it from the back.

I don't see anything wrong with her wearing that color with her skin tone. I think the contrast with the faux-alligator print works. I like how the color changes from the top to the bottom.

The draping on the top is lovely. But I've always been a fan of PPS's aesthetic.

Where are all you NY'ers to answer the poster's question about why Saks 3rd floor launch is such a big deal? (Boston talking here)
As far as I can tell from the full page ad in the Times, it is the "designer" floor in their flagship store, and it is all new and done over. The ad consisted of a full page number 3, made up of the names, artfully, but randomly placed in beautiful script font of every designer represented there. I almost choked when I saw Christian Siriano's name directly above Yves Saint Laurent, and surrounded by the likes of Chanel. Vera Wang, Ralph Rucci.

PPS has come a long long way, in a very short time.

LOVE the outfit, HATE the shoes. Wine red if it has to be red, or a good pair of Louboutin nudes, even a metallic. But she looks great from the ankles up! Good work, PPS!

It's already been said but the red shoes are the only part of this look I like.

Beautiful young woman who gets points for not looking like a hoochie mama but the hair and makeup are terrible.

Hate the shiny satin top which doesn't work at all with her skin tone and hate the fake croc skirt even more. It makes her look like she has a belly pooch when she clearly doesn't. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Most definitely a middle of the pack PR effort. But then I've never liked his esthetic.

He is so cute when he smiles!

I'm on team love-everything-but-the-shoes.

She looks amazing. LOVE HER!

Well done, Christian!!!

It's nice to see a Project Runway designer doing so well out there. I can't wait to see his Spring 2010 collection. I already bought a pair of his shoes from Payless.

I love the top, not so much the skirt, but I'm not just a fan of animal anything.

I looooove it. The whole thing. Gotta agree about the shoe choice though. A nice black or nude heel would have been better since the focus should really be on the dress because it's GORGEOUS.

The shoe just jumped out at me and I wanted to smack it down. Don't like the red, don't like the fact that it's that red and a round toe.

I'm not a big fan of the skirt portion of the dress, but Alexis Bledel looks pretty, as always, the Princess looks so adorable!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!


This is a beautiful outfit for a woman 20 years older than Alexis Bledel.

I love the outfit, hate the shoes.

My first thought when seeing this was, "What a BEAUTIFUL top... too bad it's paired with that tacky skirt."

A dark red shoe like her lipstick color would have been perfect.

The first thing I noticed was the bluish red lipstick. It didn't work for me.

I just think it's a little old for her. The shoes? Hmmm.... well they go with the lipstick, which I also find a bit off.

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