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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Spring 2010

She's back, poodles!

You might remember this fashion pixie from the last time we featured her here. In short, darlings, no one but no one does whimsy like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and she doesn't disappoint for her spring 2010 collection. It's notable that she's still filling the runway with flights of fancy, but she's producing slightly more wearable looks too. We just love her sense of color and fun. And her whimsy pays off, because when she settles down and does make something wearable, it's still got that crayon-colored sensibility to it.

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Ah, I love this bitch! I wish I could live in her fairy world where people wear twenty-feet caterpillar trains on their clothes.

She just puts happiness on the can tell because the models are smiling! I didn't think they were ever allowed to smile! Thank you, Agatha, for a much needed injection of whimsy into the drab fashion landscape.

I want to go to the party where people dress in THESE clothes.

What FUN!! It's just a happy, happy collection!!
And I would totaly wear the looks in frames 6, 21, and 23!!

I want clothing that has poofy backs with hearts in the center! This girl has a playful soul, and you can never have too many people like that around. Smooches, Agatha!

I want that jeans and jacket combo. That outfit it pure deliciousness.

Love these, love her.


"...but she's producing slightly more wearable looks too."

You ARE kidding, right?


i'd love to wear it too! it's so playful and happy!

The polka look #6 and the second last one are so odd looking. Like one of the boards with the cut outs that you poke your arms and legs through to take your picture as a clown or some cartoonish character (although I've never seen it when you poke your entire leg out).

I love this stuff so much. It makes me wish we lived in a world where I could routinely wear it to work...

Fabulous!!! And I could totally wear #23.

I mean...who couldn't use a little more color in their life?

Short jacket, sixth row down -- YUM.

She and Zac Posen make my day.

HOT Ghetto Mess. I hare when so called designers create outrageous looks. There were a few pieces that I likes but seriously this is just a mess

Looks like "Seussical"!

I see ONE smiling model. The others all look like they're thinking, "I KNOW. Bitch is crazy! I can't believe I'm wearing this shit!"

Colorful, yes. Wearable? Maybe one or two pieces. But hey, good for a laugh.

I really love that yellow and orange tiered jacket with the cropped jeans.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

It's very...Rainbow Brite.

I don't think I could keep my cat out of #1, however.

Thanks for the pop of color!

The last time Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was featured on this blog, I thought:

"Henry H this lady is crazy!"

BUT... so many of these looks are indeed wearable. THe stripey wrap-style dresses? Come on. LOVE.

I do enjoy how some of the models look bemused and unsure, as if to say "really? Am I really wearing this? Where's Alice? Is that the Mad Hatter? Come on."

It's a fun collection, all round.

Attention, Project Runway! This is what is meant by avant garde. Take note!

If I ever got married, this is how I'd want the wedding party to dress - totally kooky.

BTW, I love that green & orange skirt with the wicky wack edge.


she gets points for the strong use of color!

as to the wearability, not quite so sure...but this collection did make me smile.


There's a lot of color and a whole lot of whimsy on that runway.

I want that neon green jumpsuit!!!

I freaking L-0-V-E her!!!

Definitely makes me smile. Several are even wearable.All are adorable.

Love all the happy, happy, happy color. Plus, Agatha shows an extraordinary sense of composition in this collection.

It makes me want to add to Tim Gunn's famous catch-phrase: "Silhouette, fit, and proportion ... plus composition and color!"

love love love love love!

looks like my sticker book from 1984 threw up on the runway. no thanks.

Love it love it love it! These clothes are so much fun.

I like to see wearable looks on the runway, but if you're going to show stuff that's not really wearable, you might as well show stuff that's really really really not wearable! Nobody can accuse her of not having a point of view.

So many elements of these looks could be easily incorporated into wearable clothes--the colors, the hearts, the fabrics, the colored borders.

Almost makes me wish I wore clothes in colors other than black, gray, and beige. :)

Interesting, no black models. Some of these outfits would have looked wonderful against darker skin.

Oh, but where's the pink with the gold hearts (the one in the little picture)?

I had to smile looking at this collection. A lot of it is totally nuts, but the bright colors and exaggerated shapes are just fun.

I love this collection because it looks like the physical manifestation of my daughters' "fashion" drawings. Mermaids, princesses, ruffles and hearts adorn the many dresses drawn by my girls. The only thing missing are some seashells and a tail. :)

I also love how some of the pieces look like those finger puppets with the holes cut out where you stick your fingers through for the puppet's legs.

And I can only imagine that somewhere is Angela Keslar happily making rosettes shaking her head in agreement with the puffy hearts and ruffles in this collection.

Love the colors and fabrics, so cheerful. I think the yellow/orange jacket with the jeans is awesome.


I want the green jumpsuit. Which I could never pull off, because it's a jumpsuit, I'm too short, I live in the Midwest, and I couldn't afford it anyway but I still want it.

Oh, these are such fun! Even some of the more outré pieces could be toned down for wearing.

I want that cropped, yellow/coral/orange, horizontally-banded jacket.

And the shoes! Cute and wearable! PPS, take note.

I ♥ Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Kate said, I see ONE smiling model.

That's one more than at any other runway show!


Some days I feel so proud of my self because I feel I "get" fashion and I am on my way to being hip and cool. Then there are days like today, where I am just lost.

I like the color palette, thats all I can say that is positive.

I find it silly, but in a good way!

fun enough to look at for a few minutes on a runway, but i think i'd find it eye-searing in real life. very "romper room."

the rodarte collection, on the other hand, i covet.

I have to admit, this collection made me giggle like crazy. But I think that's a good thing! It's nice to see a collection that isn't super serious and can be really fun.

There are some wearable pieces mixed in with all the whimsy. And the whimsy is colorful and fun. I like.

*love* this! Out of the 31 looks, I find about 15 wearable. I'd love to own several of them.

It's all fun and whimsical on a size 0 model, but market it for plus-size, and you get Mimi from the Drew Carey show ;-)

This is so much fun. Thanks for the post, boys!

Ugh, I'm sorry, but this collection is absolutely atrocious. Poorly fitting, overdone, and not at all wearable on ANY planet. It's possible to do "whimsical" without bashing everyone over the head with ridiculous silhouettes and cut outs of hearts. I mean, really now. Honestly, any first year designer could do something better - and more whimsical - than this. I really do think this collection failed on every level.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

JT said...
Ugh, I'm sorry, but this collection is absolutely atrocious. Poorly fitting, overdone, and not at all wearable on ANY planet.

Well, speak for YOUR planet : )

Some of these looks ARE wearable, as a matter of fact, I've seen many young girls wearing them, like the rainbow jacket or the short dresses. It's not for everyone, but there is a market for that.

Besides, anyone who knows Agatha Ruiz de la Prada well enough knows that she does this for fun, she makes most of her money from selling houseware, furniture and children's clothes.

No video? I wanted to see what caterpillar train model did when she had to turn around and walk back up the runway.

My daughter lives right next door to her SoHo store. It is delightful !!

I do have to say however, if any of the PR contestants sent much of this down the runway, they would be Auf'ed in a heart beat...a cute satin heart beat.

And JT ? Lighten up, it's just fashion !!!

--GothamTomato said:
BTW, I love that green & orange skirt with the wicky wack edge.

Me too!!!! I love it! and I love the shoes also.... after the Rodarte show from yesterday, this is a beautiful sunshine to bright up my day! she has a store in NY? I'll make sure to go check it out next time I'm in the city.

GothamTomato said...
BTW, I love that green & orange skirt with the wicky wack edge.

me too!!! and I love the shoes, gorgeous! after the Rodarte post yesterday, this post is a sunshine brighting my day! :-)
does she have a store in NY? I'll make sure to check it out next time I'm in the city.

I love the Carmen Miranda hair decorations. And that printed bubble skirt. There are a few that have decorations tacked on, that have no relation to the human body, that I don't care for.

I could see Mrs.O rocking a few of these as separates, can you imagine the uproar?

GothamTomato said...
If I ever got married, this is how I'd want the wedding party to dress - totally kooky.

BTW, I love that green & orange skirt with the wicky wack edge.


The first dress (with the play tunnel as a train), your flower girls could pop out of the tunnel when you get to the altar.

Ugh. Children's dress-up clothes as a collection marketed to adult women?

mll (another lulu)

momjamin said:
It's all fun and whimsical on a size 0 model, but market it for plus-size, and you get Mimi from the Drew Carey show ;-)


I'd LUV to see her interior decorating style!

I keep thinking I am going to see the hint of a small dog running through the giant train. Yes, I watch Animal Planet dog competitions too much...

Love looking at these. I would like to see some of these pieces in person, they look so fun.

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and this post put a smile on my face when I really needed one. Thanks!

LOVELOVELOVE that first skirt.

the circus is in town!

some of those are eye-popping atrocious, but i can see how some can be translated to normal-wear. that tiered jacket is very cute, though i can't pull off those colors. a few i had to just scroll right past, like the girl wearing what looked like medieval stocks on her upper body.


"...but she's producing slightly more wearable looks too."

You ARE kidding, right?


i don't see what's so funny? there ARE a few dresses that are in there that are quite wearable, two print ones, and that little orange one that i can remember. if you wouldn't wear them, i suppose you're just lacking in the 'BOLD' department. no reason to obnoxiously laugh and dismiss somebody else's opinion in such an immature manner.

Finally! A show where the models are actually ATTRACTIVE, and not just bony.


This world needs more people who are this brand of batshit crazy.
I would wear a few of those pieces, and smile all day long.

CRAZY!! The wearable looks are straight out of the Boden catalogue and the rest are... unwearable. Totally unwearable. And I say this as someone who likes to wear a lot of colour. I just don't get the love for her at all.

I saw at least six pieces in this collection that I would wear in a heartbeat if I were younger and a bit thinner. Some of them reminded me of my own late '70s fashion fun in excess, including a hot pink, aqua, purple and bright orange super long wriggling fish sweater that I wore with tights and wooden heeled mules until it was literally thread bare. I still miss that darn sweater. I love her and her designs!

no clue why but I LOVE the one that looks like a colored fried egg. It's even fitted in the back. Ridiculous!

Do you know if the runway required any 180s? I'm just wondering how the model with the caterpillar train turned...

any bets on how soon we'll see Lady Gaga wearing one of these to an event?

Giant amounts of WTFery, but it's fun, like she went to a kindergarten class and asked them to design her line using every Crayola in the box, some plastic rulers, and a couple of stencils from 1970s playsets. Not ever wearable in this universe, but probably Bjork's. I pray to the Fashion Gods that I see some of this shit on the red carpets of the world. That would be fucking awesome.

I really want the top from the 6th row!

This is absolutely fantastic! I looked through again and saw more than just one model smiling. Yeah, some of the stuff is unwearable, like the sleeves that make you look like your arms are in stocks, but with a tiny bit of modification, half of these are totally wearable if you've got the guts to wear this much color. This is such a breath of fresh air after the Rodarte collection yesterday full of gloom and doom.

A very wise little girl I used to babysit said something I remember to this day about why she wore mismatched socks: "There are so many beautiful colors in the world, why wear only one at a time?" This collection reminds me of that.

Some very Katamari Damacy looks going on in some of those pictures. Wonder if that's a source of inspiration! Ha

Incredibly the shoes were all cute and wearable!

What's the last look? An oyster? Love her!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! You just don't see too much of this kind of crazy anymore!

I love the pink hot-water-bottle dress, and the ones where the poor model looks like she's being punished in the stocks.

Wave that freak flag high, girl!

Of all things, this collection made me happy to look at it. It was all so cute! If I ever saw someone wearing some of the more out there outfits in real life I would think they were insane, but on the runway they just look adorable.

The thing I ended up liking the most where those decorative sting and bead strands that the models with loose hair were all wearing. It wouldn't look right with my everyday wear, but I'm going to have to make myself some of those for nights out! I'll just have to figure out how to attach them to my hair without making it look too weird...

My first reaction was WTF, but almost everyone else loves it so much, so I took another look. I think I was being an old grouch. This stuff is happy and hilarious. And if you're going to be impaled, it might as well be by a sleeping bag. :)

I love that little orange dress.

My fave is the bundle of colored rubber bands dress.

Too fun.

Oh hell, at least she's enjoying herself. Too many designers take themselves way too seriously. I would personally wear the one gold-striped layered dress. And the jeans and jacket look was very cute.

I LOVE the first green-orange skirt. I want it in my closet now. I also really like the dress that follows right after - I would totally wear that to a summer time party.
And the rainbow jacket. Too bad that cut and length don't work with my figure.

Why are some people so intrigued by gloom and doom? Some of this stuff is more wearable that the depressing rodarte collection. but i guess since it is actually fun, and not stiff and formal everyone gets thrown into a tizzy about it.

LIGHTEN UP. Look at the pretty colors and be happy. Jeez.

asparagus lust

I viewed these items with trepidation, having read the comments first. I loved it. Anyone who thinks girly and uniquely creative helps on THIS planet. Very much of it is wearable. And, yes, must second that this delightful stuff would get the heave-ho on PR, esp. this guest judge LA year. (I see Qristyl and Angela Kessler here and some others.) Super nice, esp. the color pallette.

I can't wait to see Lady Gaga wearing one of these.

I would arm wrestle both Gotham Tomato and mommyca for the green skirt with the wicky wack edge.

I love her pieces! I wonder what she would have done in the PR newspaper challenge?

How amazing to be in a place (business-wise) that you get to do this! The colors are great - not for me, but I know folks who'd darn near sell a child for some of these.

So good! Might be a bit out there but way better than some of the yawners that everybody falls over themselves praising. Question: how did that train make it back up the runway..?

Maybe it's due to the lack of color we're seeing this season, but I am loving this!

Magnificently trippy! Anyone else reminded a little of Elisa?


So much fun!

What a trip! I want to smoke what she's smoking.

The rainbow jacket I. MUST. HAVE.

mommyca said...
she has a store in NY? I'll make sure to go check it out next time I'm in the city.

Her store in NY:
135 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

Love with her fun color concepts.

Who actually buys her clothes?


I'm glad to see a lot of actual wearable things from Agatha this season. I love it!!

Her baby clothes are adorable. A friend of mine bought some for my daughter and they are so cute :)

Isn't she the designer Bruno bullied his way onto the runway of her show last year for his movie?

You can buy her shoes at zappos.


Well, I like some of it alot better than her last collection - there are some fun and nearly-wearable pieces.

It's so deliciously over the top, it reminds me of Dali.

And who doesn't want to wear an orange polka dotted envelope :-)

I want that green and orange skirt at the beginning! Fun, bring colors, but not completely bizarre.

So I posted, and then read the comments. I'll get into the ring with you ladies for that skirt. :)

She blows my mind: while I don't like her "sense of whimsy", I do appreciate that it's very well-presented. Otherwise, my mind was overloading. I thought it could cross-reference Marni, Diane von Furstenberg, Chloe all from Spring 2009, but I can't get a real signature on her design aesthetic (unless you count Gareth Pugh on Paxil).

She was obviously given the 64 colors box of crayons when she was a kid.

Fabbity fab FAB.

I don't know how anyone could hate this, or not at least have a big smile on their face after looking at this!

My six year old daughter looked at it with complete delight. Fun stuff. Whimsy is charming.

i'm not dorothy gale

Sweet chocolate Jesus, what an eyeful of pure wackiness. I want to see the tube butt dress on a red carpet.

I totally see what you mean about the wearable pieces. The orange/yellow jacket and jeans combo is so hot and could be worn pretty much straight off the runway...with a little tank top of course. I love the gold ensemble. I would wear that in a heartbeat. I also thought the yellow and blue long dress was very pretty. She is amazing with her color combinations, and textures. Very cool!

Isara said...
any bets on how soon we'll see Lady Gaga wearing one of these to an event?

Lady Gaga would need to buy herself some good taste first. Her brand of crazy is more fugly than whimsical!

Mimzy said...
The thing I ended up liking the most where those decorative sting and bead strands that the models with loose hair were all wearing. It wouldn't look right with my everyday wear, but I'm going to have to make myself some of those for nights out! I'll just have to figure out how to attach them to my hair without making it look too weird...

Me too, I loved that. I'm so doing it.

The ninth dress is charming.

The rest... self-conscious runway stunts. I never marvel at stuff like this-- seems designed with only one criteria in mind: "what can I do that'd be bizarre?"

And you know, her lip balms are the best -- seriously, no other brand lives up to hers. I just ordered 2 more pots, and they are designed in the same color scheme as her clothes.

I think you can buy almost the same jean and jacket combo at wait, I did buy it for my 4 year old daughter back in their 2002 spring collection. Too much fun!

I'm a little late here, but I have to say . . .

People, the emperor has no clothes!

Seriously, if most of these looks came down the PR runway this season, they'd be called costumes (think Ringling Brothers, not Chris March) and the designer would be auf'ed in two seconds. In past seasons, they might have kept her around for a few more entertaining weeks.

But seriously - are these looks any less costumes than the disco soccer ball?!

If the next to last model got on my kitchen floor on her back and wriggled around, she could clean the entire floor in just seconds.

This is what happens when you give a pre-schooler a really big box of crayons and tell him/her to draw a new dress for Mommy.

I guess I just don't understand the point of sending out a model that looks like a caterpillar, another that looks like a dust mop and one that is wearing a large wallet.

I like a touch of whimsy, but I don't want to get clobbered on the head with it.

What fun,I feel like we all just had a great time at the circus!

Actually, I don't like circuses with all those clowns so scratch that.

What fun, I fell like we all just had a great time at Cirque du Solely.

Actually, this is what you get when PeeWee Herman does couture.

LOVE IT! I had a big smile on my face looking at this fun and whimsical (and mostly wearable!) collection. Thanks, TLo!

One thing: The model in the 5th row of the side by side shots, wearing that pretty purple plaid dress, needs to eat a meal. She has that Rachel Zoe sternum thing going. It's actually jarring and scary to see someone that thin being considered acceptable. I know, I know, they're all thin - but some of them are truly one step from starvation mode, if you ask me...

This is fun. I want to be a human pocketbook! They look like Halloween costumes to me. That caterpillar train is off the hook. May not be wearable stuff, but it is inspiring, which I think is the point.

Very eye pleasing! But how do designers like her make money? Fun to see but not wearible!


This collection just makes me smile. I want to have this kind of freedom and creativity in my life.

Yes, yes, yes!! I love them all, especially look #10. This is what this season of PR sorely needs is a designer with a sense of fun! Malvin or Ari may have been this person, but we'll never know.

ARdlP is always ah-mazing. I actually think that I could work some of these pieces into my everyday wardrobe. But then again, I dress a little more flamboyantly than the average schmuck.

But anyway, love this fool. Wish I had some more cash.

I'm sorry - I just can't go there.

Those wrapping paper dresses reminded me of Chloe.

There's something distinctly Lupe about this girl. Like Lupe + Blayne + Smarts = This crazy.

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