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2009 Emmy Awards P1

Let's rip on some celebrities! Remember, they're all too thin and too rich so they deserve it.

Blake Lively in Versace Fall 2009
Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Yawn. Some interest around the armhole there but we never understand why starlets insist on wearing a dress that matches the carpet. She looks like a floating head.

Chloe Sevigny in Isaac Mizrahi Resort 2010
Model: Karolin Wolter

Wow. She looks surprisingly good here. It's a plainly pretty dress that fits her perfectly. A shame she didn't have time to do anything about her hair and makeup. Apparently she learned about the Emmys at the last minute.

Christina Hendrick in L'Wren Scott

Go Joannie!

Fits great; color's great. It's maybe a little shiny but we'll give that a pass. No jewelry around the neck. Wise choice. When you're that racktacular, you just don't need it.

Debra Messing in Michael Kors

Yow. What's SHE so pissed about?

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier

It's a cute, sweetly romantic dress in a pretty, but slightly washed out color. We like it on her and we like the hair, but that lip color is all wrong.

Elizabeth Moss in Reem Acra Fall 2009
Model: Mariana I.

This is the kind of dress one can wear if one is a near-6-feet tall size 2 who gets lowered into events on cranes and never has to do anything but stand and pose. Mere mortals who have to get there in a limo and move around should probably avoid it.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa

She is holding that dress up with superior German willpower.

Katrina Bowden in Christian Siriano

Cute. Needed to be jazzed up with the hair and jewelry more.

Leighton Meester in Bottega Veneta Fall 2009
Model: Toni Garrn

This makes her look old.

Mila Kunis in Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009
Model: Dasha Malygina

We kind of love this. It's youthful and it's got a slight edge.

Sandra Oh in Marchesa Resort 2010
Model: Iekeliene Stange


Toni Collette in Monique Lhouillier Resort 2010
Model: Rachel Clark

It's fun, but the bodice looks all kinds of wonky on her. And from the neck up she looks like she's doing her grocery shopping.

Victoria Rowell

Okay that shit is just crazy.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/]

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Victoria...oh dear Lord!

Best one by far was Mila Kunis, whoever she is. She took that look, made it her own and ended up looking better than the model.

I love Victoria, and she is usually stylish, but she looks like she broke into an old Obama campaign headquarter and threw the victory tablecloth on her

I don't know who Victoria is but thank you to her stylist for making me laugh at 7am.

Not sure about Mila's look. evening wear that shows ankles is something only old ladies did years ago.

disappointed with the way anyone dressed. too safe and uninspired, paying attention wasn't that fun.

The only gripe I have about the Emmy red carpet was that there was WAY too much white, black, red and metallics. All 4 of which are so overdone. I know they're basically the "go to" colors but still. I also felt that there were too many blah colors like the one's in Drew's and Elizabeth Moss's dresses. People who went with different colors automatically got a bit of a plus in my book even if the dresses were hideous.

Wow... Victoria Rowell... Seriously, that is why you belong at the Daytime Emmys.

Love, love, loved Mila Kunis.

Can't wait until you get to Olivia Wilde. Some press seeems to love it, but I thought it looked like a dirty wedding dress!!!

Mila is perfection in this dress and her makeup is awesome. Were everyone else's hair/makeup people asleep?

Now that I think about it, Victoria or her reps are crazy smart. She has been pushing a hard campaign to get back on Young and the Restless, why not look like a demented person at the Emmy's? They will all be talking about her, and not the boring dresses.

i thought drew was adorable

Tlo nailed these.
My comments -
The first two - ugh on the hair, the dresses look nice

There are so many Lolli-pop heads, but Christina Hendrick looks like the reverse of that - her heasd looks oddly small. So maybe bigger hair to add a littl balance?

Katrina Bowden - I dislike that color. Her makeup is really good.

Toni Collette - I like it better in the red.

Victoria Rowell - moronic.

"Tlo said: Okay that shit is just crazy."

Yeah, and he must have posed for that picture before he grew that goofy moustache that's been all over the fercockt picket signs this summer.


Superior German Willpower! LOL! Heidi did look excellant, and when the baby pops, it will already have muscles from helping out mom and her ladies on the red carpet.

WTF is up with the "I don't own a hairbrush" look? Did that crap come from Rachel Zoe? Because, I've seen the show and I can't believe a stylist spends 2+ hours on that rat's nest to have it look like she just got out of bed.

DO THE HAIR LADIES!!! ACCENTUATE YOUR FACE NOT DETRACT FROM IT! And I'm not talking about being overstyled, I am talking about running a frigging BRUSH through the locks BEFORE the pictures start.

And ditch the bright red 80 year old grandmother lipstick---especially if you have blond hair!

I am very interested to hear what you have to say about Mariska Hargitay. Hope you blog her in Part II.


Yawn all the way around. Only exception is the dark Monique Lhuillier, but as an editorial look, not something to actually wear.

There's an old, old song, "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." Drew Barrymore makes me think of it because with that smile of hers it doesn't matter what she wears.

As for Victoria R. the one thing I can appreciate about it is the ridiculous audacity.

I think Mila looks beautiful, like a doll. Debra sure looks hard and brittle. I thought Sandra looked great in her dress!

Kudos to Victoria for channeling her slightly batty Y&R alter-ego, Drucilla.

Nothing too exciting here.

Drew Barrymore though, looks terrific & lovely. She's really come into her own.

Heidi looks like she's about to drop that baby.

The model wearing the Mila Kunis looks like a she's posing for an ad for some charity where you can feed third world models for just $25 a month.

And you're right about the red dresses on the red carpet, and that goes double for Debra Messing because she has red hair. She should fire that stylist.


Victoria Rowell should have gone fully to looking like Dru and added a crazy hat!

I hate those shoulder things on LM's dress. They just look terrible.

Middle West, Mila Kunis is the voiceover actor who does Meg on "Family Guy". She used to be on "That's 70's Show".

Since this is Emmy Talk:


racktacular!!!!! Brilliant!

I liked Sandra Oh and the lady in the plum dress (idk her name I really don't watch too much TV). Drew looked nice aswell but the red, was that velvet, dress was awwwfffuuulllllll

I was amazed how you didn't mention how much Elizabeth Moss' dress aged her. She looked matronly in it. She definitely didn't look like someone in her twenties. Though it was definitely old hollywood of the 1950s style.

Did Victoria just wrap a Barack Obama beach towel around herself? The only time a girl wraps something around herself with a guy's picture all over it is when she's 14 and is proclaiming her everlasting love as his greatest fan ever so he'll see her picture and realize her worthiness and marry her. Ack.

Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armiston make such a cute couple!

While I agree with the assessment that red dresses + red carpets = floating heads, the gals also wear the dresses on the Emmy stage. So they are probably thinking about the cameras for award presentation or, hopefully, acceptance speeches.

Blake Lively is way over 6 ft tall. With her model figure, she can certainly carry that dress. It's a shame that it's the exact same color as the carpet.

As for the hair and makeup, it was about 90 degrees around showtime. So most gals had their hair pulled back to within an inch of its life and some hair still managed to rebel against anti-friz product.

Oh guys... I think you are being a bit hard on Blake (she pulled the dress off-maybe the hair needs work) and Toni Colette (she looks amazing!).

Leighton had been doing so well... this attempt at modern-Roman is a big flop.

The Christian Siriano is plain FUGLY. He's lovable but the dress is a spinoff from something at David's Bridal.

Heidi looks just... oh wow. I don't even know.

Oh, please include Sigourney in post deux. And I loved PPS' dress' color — that deep turquoise is very flattering. And the Obama dress hit the goal; we're all talking about it, right?

Am I the only one who thinks Heidi looked rediculous?

Drew was almost there...almost

For someone who's had a spectacular year fashion-wise, this is just a too little Mint Juleps at the cotillion.

I would've preferred too see her in something like the McQueen from last week.

Drew looks lovely;
I thought Sandra Oh looked great also she felt great in that dress;
Heidi rocked the red carpet with her baby bump, I love when PG moms shoe off and celebrate their forms;
At first look I wasn't sure about milas , but it's grown on me she looks amazing;

My gripe is with comediennes, what law says they have to wear funeral black? Tuna fey needs to get her some gays, ditto Jenna Fischer .

HOW IS HEIDI KLUM'S LOOK PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE? Honestly, she is defying laws of physics there. Also the laws of how a woman should look while THAT close to giving birth... not that she shouldn't look good but that silhouette she's creating is madness. She clearly is involved in some sort of voodoo/ dark magic to achieve such wonders.

Will someone please explain to me why so many of these women seem not to own a comb?

Is it just me, or does Heidi look like Ursula in The Little Mermaid?

Oh, and,

A shame she didn't have time to do anything about her hair and makeup. Apparently she learned about the Emmys at the last minute.

<3 u guys!

A note about Victoria Rowell's dress - the fabric for it came from Ghana (West Africa). Print fabrics are the big thing there, and Ghanaians aren't afraid of color. The symbols at the top have meaning too. The squiggly one means "except for god" or "god is supreme" and I think the other one is the logo for the textile company. The lettering in the middle, "Akwaaba", means "welcome" in the Twi, one of the most widespread languages in Ghana.

Obama visited Ghana this summer, which was a pretty big deal since it was his first visit to Africa as president. It's pretty typical to have limited edition fabric prints commissioned to commemorate events such as anniversaries, funerals, or presidential visits. This was actually one of a series of fabric prints with various combos of pictures of President Obama, Michelle, President Mills (Ghana's pres.), and his first lady. I was in Ghana for five weeks this summer and got to hear both presidents speak at the airport - I got to shake Michelle's hand too! (Btw, she looked great!)

However, most Ghanaians ladies would never have their fabric made into a dress like this - the style there is much more fitted. It looks like Victoria was too afraid of cutting the fabric and just wrapped it around instead.


9/21/09 10:45 AM
Am I the only one who thinks Heidi looked rediculous?

No, I thought she resembled the models with the huge pilows in the Pregnancy Challenge. She is HUGE!!! Why wear skintight instead of elegant. Her dress looks horrible and tacky, tacky, tacky.

Oh the other hand, her face looks great with some more weight on her. Best she's looked in ages.

She is holding that dress up with superior German willpower.

LOL! Spot on, guys! Frau Seal dared that gown to fall down.

1. Versace- Vulgar, as per usual.

2. Mizrahi- It really looks good on her. Bravo Le Miz.

3. L'Wren Scott- Perfect dress for the client. I love that blue.

4. Kors- He should have tried to talk her out of the red. Otherwise the style is good on her.

5. Lhuillier- Awwww, so cute. Perfect for Drew.

6. Reem Acra- Not bad. It's tough for an ordinary girl to measure up to a fashion model.

7. Marchesa- What on earth is Heidi trying to prove? Can't anyone say no to her?

8. Siriano- Looks a little sad limp.

9. Bottega Veneta- I think it is very pretty in the close-up. But the long shot lacks something.

10. Lhuillier- It's cute but I like the original much better.

11. Marchesa- Not exciting, but great for the clients body.

12. Lhuillier- This one I don't care for.

13. The election is over! Your candidate won. Now buy a pretty dress and help the economy.

I thought Sandra Oh rocked the dress. And poor Grace Adler -- if that dress were in any other color she would be on Best Dressed lists. LADIES, A RED GOWN BLENDS IN WITH THE CARPET AND THE BACKGROUNDS!

Drew Barrymore's photos made me sad. It's a great gown, but the paps couldn't wait for her to get out of the street to snap pix? Standing in front of a cop car doesn't compliment the design.

Racktacular: LOL.

Please please please include Patricia Arquette in your next Emmy post. It was so bad I had to remind myself to blink.

I know a lot of people are going to react negatively to heidi's outfit, but I think she looks fantastic. I think it's awesome how she is proudly showing off her pregnancy, in a form fitting gown (apparently custom made for her from what I read, which is probably why it fits so well).

I think she has the best skin because she doesn't look too tan (unlike messing, wtf), always having that sunkissed glow. Superior German willpower and genes.

I actually liked most of these looks, except the last one of course and the white one.

Sewing Siren said...
13. The election is over! Your candidate won. Now buy a pretty dress and help the economy.

I doubt any of those starlets paid for any of those dresses! LOL! LOL!


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

"racktacular' - I'll have to remember that one....

They wear red because for some the carpet outside is not the destination. It looked pretty good on that neutral, monochrome stage.

Loved Mila's dress, I've seen other photos where it looks even better. Cute, young, mod/retro, nice color. Sandra Oh's dress may not be earth shattering, but it sure looks lovely on her body.

Heidi is looking like a pregnant Morticia Addams in that one-- yet if I wasn't so mad at her wonky judging on this season's PR, I would say she looked fine.

Everyone else yawny or just forgettable.

"She is holding that dress up with superior German willpower."

And double sided tape.

Victoria... well, every award show has its batshit-crazy outfits, and since Cher has retired, I guess it's up to the next generation.

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Elaine said...
Is it just me, or does Heidi look like Ursula in The Little Mermaid?

I thought the same thing:) The silhouette just seemed wrong somehow, or maybe I'm just jealous that she looks so good that pregnant.

I really liked Sandra Oh's dress - it fit like a glove, which is more than I can say about, say, Blake Lively's Versace (and I LOVE Blake, slash hate her out of jealousy - but girlfriend needs a better stylist). Clearly, Marchesa had an army of tailors/seamstresses out in force (see: Klum, Heidi + 1). Also, is Oh wearing hot pink shoes?! Fun.

Mila Kunis looks great - she's pretty petite but still wearing the dress, as opposed to the other way around.

Anne @ 9/21/09 10:52 AM: Thanks for the comments. It explains alot.

There's nothing wrong with wearing something to display your pride, but this still didn't work for her. It reminds me of that "My New Records comes out xx/xx" that Macy Gray wore one year to the Grammys or VMAs. It was just too gimicky for this occasion.

Was Victoria onstage at all last night? Where was Kanye to tell her to take that shit off?

Thanks for the explanation, Anne. I now think Victoria's dress is kind of awesome, in addition to still being hilarious.

The more I look at Heidi, the more I love her dress. She looks like a beautiful modern fertility goddess in that the dress really celebrates her form.

The Sirano was ok. It fit well and the color was gorgeous. I guess I just expected a little more to the dress than some criscrossed ruffles.

I just wish that whomever styled Chloe Sevigny's Mizrahi would have kept the ruffles to the front. Having the gathers off to the side just made her look wider.

It's fine for Heidi to celebrate her pregnancy curves. And I'm thankful she left the short, shiny and tight dress at home. However, the mini train on the bottom made her look like the melted wax in a lava lamp. The train was totally unnecessary.

Blake Lively looked like a call girl. I felt like giving her a dollar so she could buy herself some class. Leighton Meester was too tiny to wear that dress, and she looked like a ten-year-old put on her makeup for her. Blergh on the both of 'em, though the gag reflex is stronger when I look upon Ms. "I'm the top draw for my Upper West Side madam" Lively.

"She is holding that dress up with superior German willpower."

I find that Drew Barrymore is so freakin' adorable, I don't care if her makeup/hair/clothes aren't perfect. BTW, was it just me, or did Jason Long look completely flummoxed and like he had a electric fence doggie collar around his nethers? Poor kid.

Victoria Rowell --- wtf indeed!

I wasn't too wow'd by any of the gowns or menswear either for that matter. I did actually like Leighton and Mila's dresses -- not specifically on them, but their gowns were to die for. I didn't mind the red gown on red carpet theme that seemed to be going on a lot this season. I think that it's one of those situations where it's no longer a bad thing to do a "red-on-red" (kind of like wearing white shoes/pants after Labor Day).

- edina -

I loved Sandra Oh's look most of all. And I thought Mila Kunis looked weird. Everyone else - blah. So I guess we are not in agreement today. :(

Victoria Rowell is doing her darnedest to get back on "The Young & The Restless," so any attention feeds into her publicity campaign. And I actually like Sandra Oh's look. It looks simple in tone and glamorous. And I agree with all the comments about hair and makeup. When will they all start fixing their hair again? Hasn't this uncombed, fresh-off-a-three-day-bender look gone on in Hollywood too long?

I love Drew, but I wore that exact dress to my senior prom in the 60's.
Chistina Hendrick looks like a purple sausage.
Did someone forget to steam Elizabeth Moss' dress...accordian pleats on the skirt??
Is Leighton Meester wearing marshmallows on her shoulders?
Love Mila's look.
Though Heidi is certainly glowing in the midst of being with child, I'm just not a fan of something so form fitting while about to burst.
Loved the cute Mizrahi gown, but whoever was wearing it really needed a good hair and makeup stylist.

Love Mila, she looked fantastic, that color was amazing on her. But the makeup? Why doesn't anyone get that she should look more natural, with her skin tone and eye color. The harsh makeup makes her look chip!

Mila was the most interesting and Drew was a water down Penelope Cruz
from the oscars a couple a years ago.

Christina Hendricks and Mila Kunis look amazing. I LOVE those dresses.

Well, I've looked up Victoria Rowell and still am not familiar with her work. So this has got to have been a pure publicity gimmick. If so, it obviously worked, so kudos. Now, darling, take a job. Any job.

The hair and make up is seriously lacking. It does not matter how nice the dress is if you look pale, tired and unkempt.

I don't know who the starlet wearing the versace was but the top looks just like infamous dress JLo wore -- hey, can I get victoria's dress in a size 14 Joe Biden? Bwahahahaha! Gary

TLo, you have me so well trained by now that I took one look at Drew Barrymore's dress and thought, "Tlo's gonna say it looks washed out !"

Agree with much of what you said.

I do like the Christian Siriano just not in that color. I think that's what makes it look bridesmaidy.

And thanx to Anne for the interesting dress background.

Myra Flection

another laura on 9/21/09 at 11:53 AM said... Well, I've looked up Victoria Rowell and still am not familiar with her work.

I THINK(????) she is a daytime soap opera star?


Heidi looked ridiculous, as usual. But her earrings were pretty fab.

Victoria Rowell: Wildly popular on the #1 daytime soap opera, got a big head and thought she could do better, found out she can't, now wants back on the show, and they won't take her back.

Love you guys, but think you missed the mark on Elisabeth Moss: she looks gorgeously curvy (even though okay, the color's a little boring). And I even love Victoria Rowell's--maybe familiarity with totally crazy Ghanaian print fabrics biases, but I think it's awesome--it's not satin, lace, or sparkly!

TampaBay said...
another laura on 9/21/09 at 11:53 AM said... Well, I've looked up Victoria Rowell and still am not familiar with her work.

I THINK(????) she is a daytime soap opera star?


9/21/09 12:20 PM

Geez, TB, how did you get by in college?

From IMDB:

Victoria Rowell

Date of Birth: 10 May 1959, Portland, Maine, USA more

Birth Name:
Vicki Lynn Rowell

5' 7" (1.70 m)

Radcliffe Bailey (27 June 2009 - present)
Tom Fahey (1989 - 1990) (divorced) 1 child

Mini Biography: Victoria Rowell an actress, advocate, mother, a former foster child and now a New York Times Bestselling author of The Women Who Raised Me," published by William Morrow/An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. The memoir received The African American Literary Award and two NAACP Image Award nominations in the literary category, and she walked away with a statuette for Outstanding Literary Work/Debut Author.

Rowell an Emmy-nominated actress, who co-starred in the hit prime time television series "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) for eight seasons while simultaneously continuing her role as "Drucilla Winters" on the daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless" (1973). Born in Portland, Maine, Rowell was raised in foster care for 18 years. She trained as a dancer for eight years before turning professional and dancing with various companies, including the American Ballet Theater (ABT) II and the Twyla Tharp Workshop. After dancing, she pursued a career in modeling, and graced the pages of Seventeen and Mademoiselle magazines. Modeling led to acting -- she landed a recurring role on the highly-rated "The Cosby Show" (1984). An advocate for foster children like herself, she founded the Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan in 1990, which enriches the lives of foster children through artistic and athletic expression.


Rowell, who was a foster child, founded the Rowell Foster Children's Fine Arts Scholarship Fund, which provides ballet classes for foster children.

A professional dancer since the age of 17, Rowell received scholarships to the School of American Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre and the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She later went on to dance with the American Ballet Theatre II.

During the first few years of the run of "Diagnosis Murder" (1993), Rowell not only appeared on that show but also continued her long running role of "Drucilla" on "The Young and the Restless" (1973).

Is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated

Ms. Rowell is mother of two children, Maya Fahey from a previous marriage and Jasper from jazz great Wynton Marsalis.

Rowell made the decision to use the name "Victoria Rowell" rather than her birth name of "Vicki Lynn Rowell" at the behest of management agents Millie Spencer & Irene Kerney.

Best known by the public for her role as Dr. Amanda Bentley on "Diagnosis Murder" (1993).



Thank you TLo.

T-Lo re: Debra Messing "Yow. What's SHE so pissed about?"

It's probably just botox.

Heidi is a glamorous pregnant mermaid!

Christina's last name ends with an "S". Please correct caption using Joan's golden pen.

The whole 'carefree touseled hairstyle' and nude lip really does read as "ran down to Walmart to pick up a quart of milk and a case of motor oil.' Seriously, who really looks glamourous? Blake Lively isn't, Chloe has walmart hair. Love Christina Hendrick, Debra has the right idea (wrong color dress) and Drew was working old school glam.

There is a lot of uninspired going down that carpet.

9/21/09 12:48 PM

Seriously, who really looks glamourous?

Honestly? Victoria Rowell.

Yeah, yeah, the dress is kind of silly, but the bitch is 50 years old.

FIFTY, y'all! She's fabulous!

mll (another lulu)

Blake—not very flattering, hate the neckline plunge to the navel look anyway.
Cute detail on the armhole.

Chloe—absolutely hate this dress, washes her out, not flowy like on the model

Christina—racktacular, you guys, hah, LOL, this looks fabulous on her

Debra Messing—NO

Drew—sweet, wrong color, but I like her better in the crazy

Elizabeth—I'm surprised that you didn't mention that she looks absolutely beautiful here, hair, makeup, the fabulous "necklace"; but not the best dress choice, she's tall enough, but it unfortunately draws attention to her normal but not model thin waistline, and not in a good way. I don't fault usually for wrinkles on the red carpet, I imagine this dress started off perfectly pressed.

Heidi—YOWZA! yet so beautiful, I'll bet a lot of us who have been pregnant only wish we had ever looked this good this big

Katrina—it just looks a big aging and too frilly to me

Leighton—ridiculous dress, grade school kleenex fleurchons, I like her hair, though too heavy makeup for such a pretty young thing

Mila—while it looks better on her than on the model (looks like an Olsen twins disaster on her), just no

Sandra—looks really good here, like her hair and makeup, very pretty dress, great shoe choice

Toni—what Christopher's dress wanted to be, at least the skirt; not crazy about it, and she's one of those stars who never quite looks like she got styled right; but I'll give her a pass as she is an awesome actor

Victoria—thanks Anne for the intriguing information on the fabric; it's always great to get an explanation for a WTH look; I just did not recognize her and really did not know she is 50

Heidi does look fabulous (and I'm jealous, because when I was that pregnant my face was as swollen as my belly) but she does look ever so slightly like a black snake that swallowed a garden globe.

Dear Elizabeth Moss,

I think you are really talented and I want your career to go well. I hope you get lots of great parts.

Also, I think you are super cute. As a 44 year old woman who has finally learned to dress the body that she has and not the body that the runway models have, I offer the following piece of advice:

I, too, have a strong jaw and a shorter neck. I have learned over the years that a high, round neckline and/or short, chunky, choker-like neckpieces just do not work with my face and neck. Likewise, I have had to retire my Hermes scarves (weep!) because they make my neck disappear.

What works best for me is a deep plunging V neck and/or a wrap bodice.

Your fan,


Victoria Sweetie-

If you're going to make a dress out of a throw that you picked-up in a Canal Street stall at least have the good taste to use the one of dogs playing poker. You just can't go wrong with a classic.

Mila Kunis looks absolutely adorable. The tea length dress is perfect for her petite figure.
Loved the Siriano dress. It looked very age appropriate on Katrina Bowden, and the color was perfect for her.
Blake Lively looked like a call girl. She is way too young for that dress.
Victoria Rowell looks ridiculous. But if you consider that she's a 50 year old woman in a business that generally ignores women over 35, it was clearly a scream for attention. The question is, is THIS really the type of attention you want?

Almost none of them are wearing necklaces. I suspect it's because of the "economic climate."

Don't want to look too flashy when your fans can't afford their homes any more.

I don't agree with that line of reasoning, but I suspect that is why so many of these ladies are "toned down" in the bling department.

I kept thinking Leighton Meester had gotten into her Mommy's makeup bag and played dress-up before she came. That was some seriously bad cosmetic action.

Heidi looks GORGEOUS!!!!

Mila Kunis by far the best: hair, makeup, dress. She looks stunning.


Heidi looks great, Mila looks fabulous, I love Chloe's and I can't believe it's an Isaac Mizrahi dress, I know know...

Heidi looks so glamorous!

I think Mila looks terrible.

The dress is okay, but the hair & makeup are ugly and the shoes totally WRONG for that dress.

Even non-pregnant women wish they look as good as Heidi does. Those are the perfect earrings for the dress as they reflect the shape and since she has no necklace, the earrings work. And the simple hair and low make-up reflect the good German genes & healthy pregnant glow.

Sandra Oh is lovely and at least the dress isn't black, red, or blah.

Debra Messing has never looked better. I love that MK dress!

Mila Kunis: STUNNING!
Olivia Wilde: Bride's dress I don;t care what color that is
Debra Messing: Boring as usual
January Jones: Too Star Trek

Tina needs to add some color in her wardrobe. Victoria I don't even know she is WTF????

Katrina Bowden looks cute even is it's the same dress PPS designs for every red carpet.

Loving all the Monique Lhouillier dresses on the red carpet. Christina Hendricks never looked this good.

I think Blake Lively looks GORGE! You bitches are wrong :)

What the hell was Victoria Rowell thinking? Is she that desperate for press?

I love Christina Hendricks' curves. Isn't she gorgeous?

The rope belt on Sandra Oh's dress killed it.


"When you're that racktacular, you just don't need it."

ROFL One more for my TLo dictionary.

Heidi looks great! It is interesting how some women only put weight on the belly.

Heidi ROCKS!
Chloe: Gorge!
Debra: Meh
Drew: I'm disappointed.
Mila: Bananas!
Toni: PR challenge dress by Christopher Straub.

Leighton Meester: Looks like she's got kotex stuck to each shoulder. What WAS that?

I just noticed that none of them are wearing any necklace, well except Eizabeth Moss but that's part of the dress, that's very strange.

Oh Victoria, you can do so much better.

What was up with all the nude faces/dark eyes? After melting in the heat most of them looked like the got sunburned and put on black eye kohl. Just a slight tint on the lip would have worked wonders.

Hated Blake's dress and hair. The shoulders on Leighton's dress made her look like some crazy Grecian line backer. Both young lady's just looked old in the outfits they choose.

"This is the kind of dress one can wear if one is a near-6-feet tall size 2 who gets lowered into events on cranes and never has to do anything but stand and pose."


My favorite gowns were on Elisabeth Moss and Mila Kunis - just more unusual. The biggest problem with Moss's was it was just too wrinkled - as you said boys, unless you're traveling with an assistant with a steamer it's a tough fabric (so much for wearable!). The others for the most part were tasteful but not terribly interesting. I did like Drew's but IMO a less interesting version of the showstopper Penelope Cruz wore at the Oscars a few years back. Frau Seal's Marchesa was beautiful, but sorry, just not the right proportion for a hugely pregnant woman - tho granted she looks fabulous, not an ounce of water weight, how DOES she do it?

Call me old-fashioned, but I do not understand the fascination with pregnant women wanting to show every little bit of the baby bump with either form-fitting clothing or shirts and pants that do not begin to cover up the bump, hence showing skin. I thought Heidi looked fabulous from the bump up, but otherwise it looked ridiculous!

Sloppy hair is so last winter's award shows "I'm acknowledging the recession" look.

You, too, could have your very own Obama dress! Just purchase the commemorative Obama fabric from either ebay or etsy at the low, low price of $15/yd and then drape the fabric on your mannequin. Add some darts in the front for shaping and bring the fabric together in the back, and voila! a "beautiful" Obama dress "suitable" for wearing on the "red carpet".

FYI: TLo, you spelled "Lhuillier" wrong under the Toni Collette dress. It's right everywhere else, and damn, is it hard to type correctly.

When you're as pregnant as Heidi, the bump is gonna show no matter what. I think it was a really nice look--the train visually balanced the front--and, damn, that woman is in good shape. She looked spectacular for a woman on her fourth pregnancy in the third trimester. Both the boobs and the bump, by the way, are gonna help hold things up.

Glad to see Christina Hendricks get it right. Love the color, the balance, the simplicity of it. Elegant.

Ms. Moss not so much--she's got an athletic build--broad shoulders, trim, but not elongated. This was not her best look--more color too would help.

Blake Lively may be tall enough to wear anything, but the red dress wore her, not the other way around. She wasn't up to the dress--little too young, not enough contrast. Something,

GothamTomato said:
"And you're right about the red dresses on the red carpet, and that goes double for Debra Messing because she has red hair. She should fire that stylist."

I wonder if Debra is still using Rachel Zoe as her stylist? From watching the Zoe show, I know she's styled Debra before, and I have to agree that the Emmy look was awful, where does the carpet end and the dress begin?

Blake Lively - Looks like a pageant gown - cut to there everywhere possible.
Chloe Sevigny - Very normal and low-key for her. Looks great!
Christina Hendrick - I think it's too tight and a grandma fabric.
Debra Messing - Love it!
Drew Barrymore - Why does she always insist on washing herself out? This gown is boring.
Elisabeth Moss - Is that the same fabric as the original? Take away the neck bling and it looks very bridesmaidy.
Heidi Klum - Yay! I love seeing a pregnancy gown that doesn't contain half a fabric store.
Katrina Bowden - Beautiful color for a bridesmaid dress.
Leighton Meester - Toga, toga! I've seen the short version of this gown at toga parties.
Mila Kunis - I like the overall look, but she's too short for this gown.
Sandra Oh - You say potatoe, I say potatoh. This was actually my favorite look of the night.
Toni Collette - Prom, but I like the color.
Victoria Rowell - Looks like fabric you can buy at Hancocks.

Not sure I agree on Mila. I thought the dress made her look short, and something about the drapy gauze just looked off...

Um, did anyone notice Heidi's BUMP? Seriously, where is the dress going to go? I wouldn't think it would take that much boning to hold a dress up given that there is not enough fabric to slide down over the bump (if the dress is zipped up).

Oh, and TOTALLY thought Ursula, sea witch...but now I can't get "black snake that swollowed garden globe" out of my head. Not a fan.

pretty pretty fun boring pretty pretty....


That about sums up my reaction to Emmy fashion

Anne Thanks for the information. Being a nigerian babe also named anne (lol) I chuckled when I saw that dress. I love the prints and all but yeah I would not wear it draped around like that (she didnt even have it sewn!) and I sure as hell wouldnt wear anything with someone's face on it lol. I think my grandma has an outfit from when John Paul visited Nigeria


Elizabeth Moss looked lovely (and forget the did nothing for her).

Mila Kunis rocked her gown!

And Victoria Rowell, did she wrap herself in a blanket she got at the inauguration as she rolled out of bed or what?

By the way, I had to laugh when Ryan Seacrest interviewed Heidi and Heidi said she thinks it's better "to go tight when you get big" during pregnancy because then it all brings everything in close. Then she proceeded to grill Ryan and asked if he liked tight or loose better.

Is there a hairdresser strike that we haven't heard about here on the right coast?

Mila looks great! Love!

That dusty rose color makes me gag and I saw a plethora of dusty rose last night.
And I was asleep 20 minutes into it. They should have booked Kanye just for shits and giggles.

Oh and "racktacular" = brilliance....should be in the TLo dictionary under "titscrepancy".

I hate the phrase "baby bump."

"Epic fail" is a close second.


I think Sandra Oh looks wonderful! That dress is gorgeous and it fits her perfectly.

Sandra Oh looks great.

How many people does Heidi have in that womb? Damn, girl.

I disagree about Drew's lip color. It was just the right punch of color that livened up her light themed ensemble. Very "in"!

Mila Kunis made that dress better, not so corpse bride. Most of the rest were yawns except for Princess Puffy Sleeves and Les Miz (altho I still think he's kind of horrrible after watching TFS.)

asparagus lust

Not to be outdone and never one to shy away from the biggest attention grabbing possible, Heidi does it again with a look reminiscent of a combination of Demi Moore's 1) naked pregnancy cover girl pose and 2) a spray painted tuxedo on bare skin cover pose. This black number LOOKS spray painted on. Being in a family way obviously is the height and glory for the Heidimister, glow, yes. Tasteful gown? Never. Not if she can help it.

Kudo's to Victoria Rowell ... at first we thought she had an insane stylist...but her "look" accomplished exactly what she wanted....attention for a really worthy cause....many foster children passed through my relatives doors and it was heartbreaking that at 18 unless the foster parents decided to take an active 'family' role in the rest of their lives they had to fend for themselves with no family ties or support. Looking again....I am kinda liking your style Victoria........

you darlings are so HILARIOUS! Now, I am at work, so you must quit making me laugh so loud. People be thinking I'm crazy, laughing in here at my computer monitor.

you know, i kind of love sandra oh's dress. it's elegant and slinky and that tie-belt gives it some interest. maybe if it were in a different color -- a gun-metal grey, for instance?

I just hate to see Debra Messing at all without her knock-em dead curls. She does not look good with straight hair. And yes, her stylist should be fired.
I can't stand Drew period. How did she get inside everyone's heart? She's so bizarre looking.
Love Christian's dress, but the actress needs a makeover like so many of the others also need.
Never saw Sandra Oh look so good actually.
Heidi did look like Urusula in that dress!
Mila rocked it!

Mila Kinus was the BEST by a mile. Loved it. Blake Lively has gotten a lot of press for her look, which was "too easy"....*yawn*

I thought Heidi looked ridiculous.

Mila Kunis is best-dressed. Everyone else is a snoozefest.

Except Victoria Rowell. She might as well have showed up naked with a giant tattoo saying "PUBLICITY STUNT." This is what I like to call a "fame whore." (See Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc.)

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