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2009 Emmy Awards P2

Darlings, we're swamped right now and the Mad Men post is on its way (promise), so we're gonna have to bang out another dress-ripper to tide you over.

PR Executive Producer Desiree Gruber in Laura Bennett (w/ her husband Kyle MacLachlan)

Give it up for Laura B., y'all! This dress is gorgeous and we said so when we first started getting the pictures off of WireImage. We didn't realize until just before posting this that it was a Laura original. She happened to call us and it came up.

Amy Poehler in Reem Acra Fall 2009

It's a pretty dress but it's all wrong for her. It makes her boobs look small and her waist look nonexistent. She's too short for these proportions.

Christina Applegate in Basil Soda Fall 2008 Couture

Very pretty and dramatic. We don't love the hair and makeup but at least she looks made up, unlike a lot of the other red carpet dwellers.

Holly Hunter in Georges Hobeika

Considering how tiny she is, this dress is doing great things for her. She looks long and lean. She could have jazzed it up with different hair and jewelry choices though.

January Jones in Atelier Versace

Knocked it out of the park.

Jennifer Carpenter in Zuhair Murad Fall 2009

It's a beautifully dramatic dress.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Max Azria

Dull. Like her.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang

She usually does so well on the red carpet but this is such a done and done look. Besides, it's too boxy and waistless for her.

Kristin Chenoweth in Zuhair Murad Fall 2009 Couture

It's a fabulous dress but she looks painfully thin.

Lindsay Price in J. Mendel Fall 2009

Pretty. A little blah. Any brooch at all would be a bad idea but that piece from the Michael Jackson collection is TACKY.

Mary-Louise Parker in Zac Posen

It's a sassy dress in pretty colors and she can pull it off but we wish she'd gone slightly more formal.

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa Spring 2010

Shrug. It's a slutty bridal gown.

Sigourney Weaver in David Meister

It's not a dramatic dress but it doesn't need to be. It fits her well, it does great things for her figure, and the color looks beautiful on her. Classy and well done.

Tina Fey in Gucci

It's alright. She needs to get out of her black phase.

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I didn't see any shots of Mary-Louise from the waist down until now, but I really like the dress. It's nice to see that shade of violet on the Red Carpet, and it looks gorgeous on her.

And kudos to Laura for getting a fabulous dress on the Red Carpet! Very exciting!

Loved Laura's dress.

And the slutty bridal gown . . . my thoughts exactly.

i nominated for best dressed: the little girl in the turquoise dress standing behind january jones.

i love how the mad men girls dressed kinda like their characters would have: joan is the sex kitten, betty is the high end couture goddess, and peggy tries to be a little bit of both but still comes off a little frumpy.

whoa christina applegate's face looks INSANE! what happened to her??

how did LB dress got into the Emmy's? was it a custom dress for this actress? it's great she made it to the Red Carpet! I like it better than PPS's dress....
JJ dress, I like it but it seemed that it needed constant adjustment so it wouldn't fall off the looked to low somehow....

Enhh...Laura's done that dress before.

LOVE the Laura Bennett dress!

Loved the Laura B. The spangly fade in-out was a great alternative to a belt or other waist-defining "interest."

Zahir Murad ... gonna have to look that designer up.

And Evie -- I agree, the little girl in the turquuise gown grabbed my attention and kept it.

I love Jennifer Carpenter's dress, but I want to wipe that awful lipstick off her face. I think she looks prettier without make-up than with.

Mary Louise Parker. God. I wish I could age the way she has... which is to say not at all. If I had legs like her, I'd show them off all the time, too.

another laura

Ha! one of the pics of January Jones makes it look like maybe she's the bride and the little girl in the satiny blue dress is a flower girl. awwwwww

Would be a weird wedding, sure, but even so.

And of course congrats to Laura Bennett. Looks super on the woman. But why no color? *whimper*

"Dull. Like her" LOVE IT! I loled for real. Princess Chenoweth looks painfully thin to you guys? Really?! She's an itty bitty girl, height wise, do remember that.

A lot of critics are calling January Jones' look a "miss." I'm glad you disagree--as do I. It was a modern, Art Deco masterpiece.

I'm so glad you mentioned Jennifer Carpenter. She's not on a lot of lists and she should be.

Amy Pohler just had a baby. This means her chest is as big as it will ever be. How could a dress make it small?

And kudos to Laura! Note to female producers and directors: call a designer and a stylist. You deserve to look good, too.

Thank you for pointing out Kristin's frailty! I was distracted by her face and Toni Collette's shoulders during their speeches. You won, now celebrate with a burger (or two)!

Anxiously awaiting Mad Men...we are raving about that moment today at work and I need to know your thoughts!

TLo said...It's alright. She needs to get out of her black phase.

Totally agree with you here.

Also - LOVE the Laura Bennett dress! I love how she does that bead work...quite talented that Ms. Bennett. =)

Olivia Wilde = ice skater wedding dress! Blech.

January Jones was STUNNING! I saw her and my jaw dropped because she looked so amazing.

I am actually not in love with the January Jones look. It looks like it's going to pop off her nipples at any moment, and she looks washed out.

I completely agreed with you until you dissed olivia wilde's gown... firstly, it is mint green, not white. Secondly, it is not slutty, it is tastefully sexy, i think you 'mos may just fear the illusion of cleavage... And lastly, she looks freakin flawless!

She was my 3rd best after January and Christina Applegate...

Completely disagree on Julia Louis Dreyfuss, I think she looks gorgeous, the color is lovely. Also really liked Holly Hunter's dress, but the best for last, Laura Bennett's was the very best of all...Bravo to her (heh-heh)!!

Again, almost no necklaces on any of these ladies. I stand by my theory that everyone is trying to appear less flashy for the sake of the "economic climate."

I like Mary Louise Parker and Kristen Chenoweth's dresses the most. Cute, sassy and appropriate. I don't think full-length is required if you have the right fabric and cut.

And LOVE Laura B's gown. It's SO Laura, and so stunning. Really, really lovely.

My thoughts,
It seems to me Christina Applegate is channeling Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Carpenter in Zuhair Murad is stunning. The only dress that highlights women's curves. I find it sad that 95% of the women at the Emmy's are so painfully thin and fragile, ironically, not looking like a real woman at all. A dress is made to highlight your features, make you feel like a woman, and I think this succeeds.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like she is a munchkin

Mary Louise Parker looks like her face has not moved in two years

Yes, Evie, I was just thinking that the beautiful little girl behind January Jones was an absolute IN! She is rocking her garment.

And I enjoyed JJ as well - better than she normally does and very unique.

I had no idea Mary-Louise Parker's dress was short! Huh. It's a chic dress, though.

Tina Fey is so lovely, and yet she seems SO uncomfortable with it! GET OVER IT, GIRLIE, YOU'RE HOT.

Yay for LAURA getting a dress on the red carpet! It was fabulous, as always.

I want to be excited about how purple (which I love in most shades and tones) is being used more for red carpet dresses lately, but I'm not sure it's being used well. The Lindsay Price dress looks lovely on the runway but the end result (presumably partly due to different lighting) is a bit loud. The Mary Louise Parker dress is better, but I'm not fond of that big bow thing and I don't know if I think those two purples actually go, though they're individually nice.

Christina Applegate has a telltale clear plastic strap going under her right arm in the fourth picture. Why? Is the front so heavy that it flops out?

As for Mary Louise Parker, I don't agree that she pulled the dress off. I do think she should have pulled the bridesmaid's bow off, however.

I hear you on Tina Fey + black. Then again, the entire cast of "30 Rock" stood on the stage looking like the attendees at a mob funeral.

Not loving the recession-style gowns this year.

Someone please feed Kristin C. a sandwich!

When I saw the Laura B dress I thought it looked like something she would make before I realized she made it! Gorgeous!

"Dull. Like her." -- Hilarious.

With the exception of Sigourney Weaver, do any of these women own hairbrushes?

I'm so pleased to see your comment on Olivia Wilde in Marchesa - so many commentators have loved it, and I thought it looked like something that a Russian ice dancer had dragged through the dirty slush.

Love Sigourney Weaver!

January Jones looks FABULOUS! But more importantly, who is that man behind her? HOT!

So much pretty! Jennifer Carpenter was my absolute favorite (and it certainly does not hurt that she has a Michael C. Hall accessory!). But I also love the dress that Laura created for Desiree...awesome that there were two PR dresses last night :). Holly Hunter and January Jones also look amazing. It has been a while since we've seen someone (other than Donatella) actually do a Versace justice (darn you Jessical Biel and Eva Longoria).

Sigourney is the first person in a red dress that I actually liked. She didn't look OTT, but it is a nice classy look.
I love Holly Hunter's dress, though my husband was distracted by her old hands.
January Jones sticks out, but in a good way.

Oh, I forgot, Desiree looks incredible in that LB dress.

Kristen Chenoweth has the most giant head ever. I just can't get over how gargantuan her head is!

Holly Hunter may be a tiny woman, but for goodness sakes, EAT something!

And since she's southern, I suggest some fried chicken, cornbread, collard greens and a slice of peach pie.

"Any brooch at all would be a bad idea but that piece from the Michael Jackson collection is TACKY"

thanks boys i needed that.

also LOVE the Laura dress!

Oooh...I have a dress very similar to the Laura Bennet dress. It's shorter and the neckline is slightly different (and obviously the LB dress is better made and more fabulous) but it's still exciting to see on the red carpet.

Regarding Olivia Wilde, did anyone else think Oksana Baiul circa 1994?

Oh dear. You are wrong, wrong, wrong about the slutty wedding dress.

It is actually a salute to the "green" recycling movement.
She borrowed Bjork's old swan dress. It's feathers had gone limp. She ripped the head off (thus the bare track down the front where the head used to be.)

She was being so progressive and you missed the point entirely. Sigh.

Christina Applegate - looks lovely but I barely recognized her.

Jennifer Carpenter - who? - but she did look great in that dress.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - It may not have been exciting but she did look lovely.

Julia L-D total box - unusual fail

Mary Louise Parker - too short to the point it looked like it didn't fit.

Sigourney Weaver - Seriously thought you were going to write haow it made her stomach look big.

Tina, Tina, Tina - Sarah would have done better that that!

Anonymous said...
Enhh...Laura's done that dress before.

9/21/09 1:22 PM

Not on a Red Carpet she hasn't.

A big KUDOS for Sigourney Weaver.

She proves that just because she is (going to be) in her 60s dosen't mean you have to dress matronly.

I hope Meryl Streep gets her gays come Oscar time.

I'd give the painfully thin award to Holly Hunter, I thought Kristin looked fabulous, albeit a little tinier than usual but nothing painful to look at there.

Also - LOVE the Laura Bennett dress! I love how she does that bead work...quite talented that Ms. Bennett. =)

Does she actually "DO" her own beadwork or "just" design it?

I don't know because I just cannot really picture her doing that herself - it looks incredibly time consuming. (And my fingers/hands are going numb thinking about it.)

9/21/09 1:50 PM
Regarding Olivia Wilde, did anyone else think Oksana Baiul circa 1994?

I was thinking more of the s.3 Shetangi dress that Sacha Cohen picked (and never wore)

Anonymous 1:34

i think you 'mos may just fear the illusion of cleavage...

OK, so you disagree with TLo about Olivia Wilde's outfit. You didn't do her any favors by taking a cheap shot at them instead of articulating your perspective.

correction. season 2

Love the Laura B. gown. It's a real stand out.
Does she have a line of evening gowns out now or is she doing made to measure originals for individual clients?


LOVELOVELOVE Mary-Louise Parker!!


Very classy gown by Laura B, and January Jones looked amazing in the Versace

JJ looked stunning, I love art deco.

Honestly, when I first saw Christina Applegate I thought "why was Lauren Conrad at the Emmys?"

Ha, ha! Is Simon Baker checking out Tina Fey's ass?

Christina Applegate has been undergoing a multi-surgery reconstruction of her breasts following her 2008 cancer battle, so a mystery strap and/or tired-in-a-closeup face gets a total pass from me....I am just impressed that she has always looked so put together even during the worst of her health issues.

Sigourney Weaver? Absolutely gorgeous. The dress is perfect for her and she looks elegant, sexy, and age-appropriate. (Newsflash: 60 doesn't mean frumpy, and sexy doesn't require youth.)

Something about Tina Fey's dress makes it overwhelming....I think that kind of shoulder/neckline treatment must require more height and a longer neck. Her proportions look better with a bit more decolletage. I'd say color, too, if I'd ever seen her actually wearing it.

Sorry, Olivia lovers, I'm with the slutty bridal gown vote. Yech.

"With the exception of Sigourney Weaver, do any of these women own hairbrushes?"

I think that at every awards show. Gorgeous dresses worn by women with bed hair. I think it comes from too many so-called fashion police criticizing hairdos as looking "too styled". Hello? It's a FORMAL event, why is it a crime to have styled hair? Personally, I'd like to see the return of VERY styled hair, hair jewels, tiaras, the whole shebang, none of this "oh, this old thing? I just threw it on" attitude.

I'm glad they always identify January Jones in photos, because honestly, I couldn't pick her out of a lineup if my life depended on it. She has the most generic face! I don't mean that as a slam, really -- she's pretty, but.... I just can't seem to SEE her in some strange way.

A Laura Bennett dress on the red carpet. How fabulous! January Jones looks amazing!

Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in 2008. I think she looks damn good for what she's been through.

Now these are much better. I do think JL Hewitt looks very pretty. At least her hair is well done & goes with the dress.

Tina Fey - does not know the meaning of color. I wonder if she's color blind?

As soon as I saw that first dress, I thought "that looks just like the black and chartreuse dress Laura did for the PR finale!" And lo, it was indeed a Laura Bennett.

She does do her own beading, if I recall correctly. I remember seeing her sewing on beads on the finale episodes for her season.

I don't think she deserves a slam for having "done that dress before." Isn't that how a couture collection works? The designer makes samples, shows them on the runway or in a salon show, and then the rich and fabulous can order customized versions. "Make me one in silver and black."

It's gorgeous. Congrats on getting a great look on the red carpet, Laura!

Elaine beat me to it. Well said.

Mary-Louise Parke is perfection :)

January Jones has the most beautiful dress I have EVER seen. Holy cow, I came on here just to see what you'd say about it and I GUESS 'knocked it out of the park' will do, but I was going to fawn for another half-hour.

The 'slutty bridal dress' should be seen from the back. there's a giant not-flesh-colored zipper down her back and the fit was so bad it made her look like she had "I just lost 300 pounds in 3 weeks" skin. *shudder*. Really too bad, such a beautiful girl.

But everyone. EVERYONE next to January Jones was a 'huh? who?'

January Jones & Jennifer Carpenter hit it out of the ball park. Sigourney Weaver and Tina Fey made the rest of the also-rans look as if they were trying too hard, which is a shame since there were a number of very good (if not spectacular) choices, including the Laura B. dress.

Kristin Chenoweth's head does look too big for her body, and that peeled-onion hairstyle just accentuates her large cranium. That coupled with the too-severe make-up aged her beyond her years. The dress was OK for a cocktail party, but I didn't like it on the red carpet.

Yes, Ms. Chenowith is tiny, but she didn't look very well because she was starting to feel a migraine coming on. The link above explains what happened.

What a time for that to happen.


Jennifer Carpenter? To DIE.

And by the way, how many freaking times is Amazing Race going to win? It's a joke. I love the show, but c'mon.

mll (another lulu)

No huge outs or ouches in part two.

Desiree Gruber in Laura Bennett—good for Laura; a very pretty dress, but not my taste

Amy Poehler—meh, not the most flattering dress for her body

Love Christina Applegate, gorgeous dress, styling simple but well done

Holly Hunter, very pretty dress, adds height to her petite frame, thought at first she was Jennifer Aniston with the hair

January Jones is stunning, best I've ever seen her; it looks like a really haute couture dress, so many architectural details

Jennifer Carpenter looks amazing but a little too much fish scales for me; really like her accessory

JLH looks like a little girl playing dress-up

JL-D, just never have been a fan, but a great color contrast to the runway and good for her skin tone

Kristin Chenoweth, sparkly mosaic garden vase

Lindsay Price, M-L Parker, fun to see purple on the runway

Olivia Wilde, love the anon comment that this is recycled from Bjork; probably a show-stopper on the right woman, I also think a romantic ringlet long hair do would really complement this as it is a very feminine, albeit risque dress

Sigourney Weaver—love her, also the best red dress, very classy as TLo said

Tina Fey—you're beautiful, but get over the black phase, please; and did anyone else love that sassy bottom photo with her and the hot ogling guy? ooh, Simon Baker, someone said, I knew he looked familiar

Christina A., Holly, January, Jennifer C.——my favorite dresses so far, all really different, and unique

ASK said, "Tina, Tina, Tina - Sarah would have done better that that!"

Only if you're fond of moose pelts and KMart clothes. I mean, let's not be ridiculous!

I'm in the minority, but I didn't like the January Jones look. Loved the bodice (although not on her), but there was 'way too much going on with that dress. It really looks tacky when the bodice moves all on its own, leaving the too-small breasts to just sit there. 'Way too much of that on all the carpets.

Laura Bennett's dress was beautiful. In my book, the other winners in this group were Holly Hunter (although I agree about the necessity of fried chicken and all the fixin's!) and Jennifer Carpenter (who the heck IS she?). That Murad gown was sensational.

The minute I openned the post I exclaimed "SOMEONE RIPPED OFF LAURA!". Then I scrolled and realized it WAS Laura and was ecstatic. She's said before, and has been showing doing all of her own beading. As for 'she's done this before', that's not true. Has she done ombre beading? Yes. I'd say it's kind of a trademark for her now. This dress, other than the neckline and beading, is all new.

January Jones? WOW. She knocked it WAY out of the park. She looks amazing. Possibly the best we've seen her outside of costume.

SewSew said...
Jennifer Carpenter (who the heck IS she?).

She is from Dexter on Showtime. She plays Dexter's sister on the show.

Loved Laura's dress. I really wish Tina would try some color. She could have worn Sigourney's dress or any jewel tone color.

I liked Chenoweth's dress. Loved her acceptance speech. (well the part not spoken in a pitch only dogs can hear) Glad to hear she's doing okay this morning.

Damn, I'm good! As soon as I saw the contrasting beading at the bodice I knew it was My Gal Laura, who did that effect to such showstopping effect with that charcoal/chartreuse stunner in her PR collection. Yea, Red!

January Jones was for me the look of the night - wow, what a stunner! Interesting but not fussy, the gown was a knockout, fit her beautifully, perfect hair and make-up. It doesn't hurt to start as gorgeous as she is, but she had it going on. And the girl can ACT!

Also loved Jennifer Carpenter in Zuhair Murad - that is one stunning dress and she has the height and figure to pull it off.

LOVED Mary Louise Parker, boys! Short doesn't mean informal, it means SHORT - with those gams, I say why not! That dress is gorgeous and she looked terrific.

Damn, I'm good! As soon as I saw the contrasting beading at the bodice I knew it was My Gal Laura, who did that effect to such showstopping effect with that charcoal/chartreuse stunner in her PR collection. Yea, Red!

January Jones was for me the look of the night - wow, what a stunner! Interesting but not fussy, the gown was a knockout, fit her beautifully, perfect hair and make-up. It doesn't hurt to start as gorgeous as she is, but she had it going on. And the girl can ACT!

Also loved Jennifer Carpenter in Zuhair Murad - that is one stunning dress and she has the height and figure to pull it off.

LOVED Mary Louise Parker, boys! Short doesn't mean informal, it means SHORT - with those gams, I say why not! That dress is gorgeous and she looked terrific.

Oops, sorry, didn't mean to post twice. Didn't realize the first one took...

Go Laura! Great dress and on the red carpet no less. Congrats.


no one's going to discuss the green monster that ate Eva Longoria at the ALMAs?

I disliked Laura Bennett's dress. While it's no mean feat to properly fit a Dolly Parton chest, this dress seems quite plain, crystals notwithstanding. It looks like a long sack with Brooklyn Bridge boob support.

January Jones did it right. Drop. dead. gorgeous. Hollywood glam at its best.

Tina Fey and Amy Polher need to get their dresses properly hemmed to their height. Also, both of them are entirely too vivacious to constantly come out in the funereal black. It's so New York, so dark, so beyond done.

I think I'm actually learning how to appreciate good and innovative design here -- a few years ago if a dress was a pretty color I would have liked it -- so thanks TLo, thanks PR (Okay, enough kissing up). I think Julia LD's dress was a brave and successful color and would wear a gown cut to the crotch if I had Mary LP's legs. That color inset sash draped beautifully and gave it more formality. Oh and Kris said:

Kristen Chenoweth has the most giant head ever. I just can't get over how gargantuan her head is!

A few years ago my girlfriend started calling that underfed phenomenon "lollipop people."

Good for Laura B. But is she actually standing on the hem? Her feet look completely hidden, I'm wondering if that dress is a bit too long for the woman wearing it. Maybe it's just that particular photo. Other than that, I like it.

The Laura B dress is tres fab.
I get Tina Faye and black, if I was her I would wear black dresses too.
I like black and I think she does too....because she's like my BFF and I just KNOW what she likes.
So there.

BTW, I thought Glann Close looked great last night. Sexy, but not tacky or wrong for her age.

"Slutty bridal gown." ROFLMAO. As for Mary Louise Parker: didn't you get a little bit of a bad 80s prom vibe from the big sash-bow at the waist? No? -victoria

Loved January Jone's Atelier Versace gown - it was a breath of fresh air since the carpet was full of boring, asymmetrical gowns.

Isabella wrote:
"And by the way, how many freaking times is Amazing Race going to win? It's a joke. I love the show, but c'mon."

"Amazing Race" wins every year because it is one of the most difficult reality shows to produce. There's organizing all of the challenges, money, flights, taxis, getting cooperation from other countries, etc. Plus, each of the contestants are followed by cameraman, sound guy and a producer - that's a lot of people to keep track of. Considering all of the hard work that goes into making this show, it deserves an Emmy year after year.

Holly Hunter looks like Emma Watson plus 30 years. I love Sigourney Weaver, and I think she looks fantastic. I also like the fact that she's not Botoxed to within an inch of her life.

" "With the exception of Sigourney Weaver, do any of these women own hairbrushes?"

Or kitchens? god bless Sigourney and her normal-woman arms and body. She looks fabulous and luminous and healthy.

Kristin Chenoweth's dress: Ick. Looks like crumpled tin foil with shards of mirror glass glued onto it.

Sort of like something you'd get from a Project Runway weird materials challenge.

Miss Jones looks amazing.

Kristin Chenoweth may be so thin because she has Meniere's Disease, an inner ear disorder that causes vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. I imagine it's hard to keep food down when you're feeling so dizzy all the time, and nausea is a symptom. So this is one Hollywood toothpick who actually has a medical reason for being so skinny.

Did not watch, so did not see the gowns in action. Did JJ's bodice fit better than it looks like here?

Based on these pictures, there is like a foot of room between her wee little boob and the front of that gorgeous dress.

I thought, "Hey, that looks just like Laura Bennet's dress!" . . . oh, it is. Gotta say, in those colors, it's BRILLIANT for a woman without a "perfect" Hollywood figure. Need a waist? Here ya go! Brill.

who ARE these women? i recognized maybe five names out of the two posts. i guess if i watched any TV besides Project Runway, I'd know....

all right. these women all make big, big, big bucks to look fabulous (except maybe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who make big bucks to be brilliantly funny and also to look pretty good). Appearance is part of their job description. and they all have money falling out their assholes. SO HOW COME NOBODY BOTHERED TO PAY A HAIRSTYLIST???? what, no stylists were available that day? My god! I can do nothing with my own hair besides put it in a ponytail, and it manages to look better than half these women. YOW.

lots of the dresses were boring. not too much that was just plain heinous. That pink pluff that Toni Collete has looks like Carol Hannah's ugly newspaper wads.

NOT impressed.

This comment has been removed by the author.

(I wish I could edit my comments for typos after posting!)

Desiree Gruber - Fabulously glamorous! Go LB!
Amy Poehler - I also think that gown is wrong for her. She's too orange to carry a black gown, and the satin is so wrinkled.
Christina Applegate - Love the color, but that mesh mid-section is very mid-1990s.
Holly Hunter - Would look better without the straps. Other than that, gorgeous!
January Jones - I have disagree with you boys. The top gives the illusion of smooshing her boobies, and those cutouts are a bit tacky. I just wish the top were a bit more exaggerated. It looks like half-ass art deco.
Jennifer Carpenter - Agreed!
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Never liked her. I giggled at your description!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Love the color, but y'all are right about the boxiness.
Kristin Chenowith - The pageant fans are in love with this dress (she competed for Miss Oklahoma back in the 1990s), but I think she needs to eat a few burgers.
Lindsay Price - Who? That gown looks better under runway lighting. I like the brooch.
Mary-Louise Parker - Looks messy and mismatched.
Olivia Wilde - Hehe!
Sigourney Weaver - Loved it!
Tina Fey - Looks like a polyester curtain ate her! I don't mind the black, but that gown is just wrong for her.

Sigourney Weaver--now that's how to wear a red dress. Blake Lively, take note.

Don't like messy hair and draped gowns together--it's too busy and slovenly at the same time. This trend can go NOW.

My choice for dress of the night:
Laura B's without a doubt. Absolutely LOVED it.
Look of the night: Sigourny Weaver. She actually had great hair and makeup and looked fab!
I'm not much into sitcoms, series or other prime time TV, except for PR, Top chef, and a few programs on Style, History, Food, HGTV and A&E channels, so it is immaterial to me who wins what. I just like to look at the red carpet. This year was pretty meh, though. Maybe if most of these so called stars actually looked like they hadn't had their hair done by a Kitchen Aid mixer, I might be more enthused.

Nice legs Mary Louise!!

I've used to hear that myself when I was younger.

Almost all took the sentiment about Tina Fey right out of my head--bitch needs to stop wearing black all the time

My favorites are the Laura B original and Christina Applegate's dress

I am so glad someone else doesn't like Olivia Wilde's dress. It's showing up on several best dressed lists and I just hated it.

The truth that none of them realy
look that great. they play it to safe with all those stylist, nobody
wants to look bad so no one look great.

Sigourney Weaver looks amazing, how old is she?

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Graet job Laura! I love the dress!!!

January finally gets it right, that Versace dress is fabulous!

asparagus lust

Kristin looks like Sharon Stone never succeeds in looking - tasteful - owe it to correct non-desperate hem length. Big head or not, WOW. Sorry, that Zak Posen was not charming. She could have done a lot better. Half-assed at best, and with those gams, what a shame. January Jones has a very odd frame - super long torso and obviously long legs. This frock was so right for her I thought of JLo and her Versace green number. Just right for her. Wow again. So many misses in this one - I am not going to bash, suffice it to say that red carpet gowns like most of these are God's way of saying you have too much money. Just a waste. I did not like Toni Collette's thing, it looked clownish. Someone needs to get her hooked up with a stylist that understands her - she is meant for a Jay McCaroll. Her makeup was perfect but hair and dress a disaster. Lastly, Holly Hunter does one note just as Jody Foster and Renee Z - skinny broads with one note hairdo's. They don't change, don't expect them to. They let a very skinny frame and a bazillion dollar dress talk for them, or something almost nondescript for Jody. Only January Jones got it all right, everybody else missed a bit - even tasteful non-glamorous Sigorney. Wrong jewelry.

No matter what Laura charges for the dress (and this was on loan, no charge one can assume) it isn't enough for all the hand-beading. She isn't doing it for money, because who would pay what a couture dress like that SHOULD cost? Not many. Beautiful work.

^The only actress I know that pays for her own dresses is Dana Delaney (Katherine on "Desperate Housewives"). She also wears gowns by designers who don't get enough exposure in the media such as Basil Soda - she wore one of his dresses last night (Christina Applegate did too).

Really? You guys liked the butt cleavage on January Jones? I liked it until the back view.

But that dress Jennifer Carpenter was wearing? WOW!

Love the Laura Bennett dress too.

Without being told that was a Laura dress, I knew. It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely her.

asparagus lust said:
"She isn't doing it for money, because who would pay what a couture dress like that SHOULD cost? Not many."

Yes, not many people are going to buy a couture dress, but a designer does it for the publicity. By having an actress wear their dress on the red carpet (especially a nominee), it exposes their brand to a wider audience where the average consumer would buy perfume, a handbag, or less expensive clothing.

i think "the slutty bridal gown" looks more like a floor length ice skating conceal the tootie

At least Tina knows how to get her hair done. What is up with the post-prom night hair/makeup in Hollywood these days?

I think Olivia Wilde's dress comes off as a bit wonky because she isn't quite as thin as the model (who is that eats carbs, like, ever). It makes the ruffles stick out weirdly like a poofy bridal gown. If they fell more softly I think it would look better but, who knows if that is even possible unless she goes on to Emily Blunt's cheese cube diet from The Devil Wears Prada.

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So evidently Kristin Chenoweth had to be taken out of there in an ambulance. She had a "migraine" which really could have been cured with a simple "cheeseburger".
Yikes....she must be one of Rachel "You will fit into this size 00 if I have to wire your damn jaw shut" Zoe's clients.


That Versace - WOW! Stellar.

Thanks TLo for the awesome pictures. Now I know me some Zuhair Murad and that dress on Jennifer Carpenter is to die for.

Speaking of which, shouldn't it be time for Project Runway to win best reality show? I love Amazing Race but cmon! Talk about talent and creativity with a deadline done with little sleep and stiff competition, PR has got to be it. Well, PR or So You Think You Can Dance.

Anyway, thanks for the pics again TLO.

Haywood Verde

" A slightly slutty bridal number"

Nailed it right on it's head babes!

pleaseohpleaseohplease give us commentary on Patricia Arquette. Prettyplease?

Ack, Kristen Chenoweth looks like a Thunderbirds puppet

I'm not liking the Jaunary Jones dress. The bodice looks like something from the PR newspaper challenge! Seriously, it looks like Wonder Woman's breastplate, but not as colorful.

Kristen Chenoweth is freaking 4'11", and I could pick her up with three fingers. I think if she had gone with the belt it might have made her look a little wider (not necessarily a good thing) and taken four inches off her height.


Can we talk for a minute about the wonderful blue dress on the little girl behind January Jones?

I wonder how many kids go to these types of events? And is there a protocol for how they dress?

Suddenly I'm thinking about the whole unknown world of children's high fashion...

^Very few kids go to awards shows - it's easier for to leave them at home (especially if their parents want to go to after-parties). Besides celebrities, the majority of people who attend are Academy members and people involved in the entertainment industry (i.e. agents, publicists, studio heads, producers, etc.) and seat fillers (primarily used at the Oscars, and are very connected in the industry). The very few kids who do attend usually sit in the balcony section of the auditorium, unless they're parents are celebrities (Rob Lowe took his sons to this year's Emmys).

The dress code for awards shows is always black tie/formal regardless of age.

For all the people who are making comments on Kristin's weight.... Think about it like this:

Kristin is a mere 4'11, the average height of an 11-year-old. The average weight of an 11-year-old is 80 lbs. She weighs 97. She really doesn't look that skinny. I do know she throws up more then the most of us due to Meniere's Disease, which she has.énière's_disease
Kristin mentions in her book that there are times when she cannot move without puking.
Yes, she has performed while having an episode. She has danced on broadway while having an episode. There are times when other cast mates are literally keeping her upright.

Yay for Laura Bennett for getting a (gorgeous) dress on the red carpet. This selection is slightly better than P1 in terms of boring factor, but it's still really boring. I love the dress that has the diagonal wrap-around pattern (it was on a nobody, and I can't remember her name). I'm really disappointed with this year's offerings.

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