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Yea or Nay: Meggings

We're throwing this one out to you, our loyal minions.

You see, there is disagreement Chez T Lo regarding the potential trend known as "meggings," i.e., leggings for men:

We say "potential" trend because these things are only seen on runways and the occasional fashionisto, but so far, haven't trickled down to the masses. Lorenzo thinks they're hot; Tom thinks Lorenzo is crazy. Lorenzo says, "Lighten up, you boring old traditionalist," and Tom responds, "Have some dignity, you trend-chaser." Then we throw our drinks in each other's face.

What say you, minions? Yay or Nay?

Source: The Latest in Silly Man Trends: Meggings [The Cut]


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Hell to the NAY!

Mwahaha haha ha! That is some SERIOUS ugly!

Aw, HEYEALL to tha NAW!

Didn't even need to read one word about this shit.

Lorenzo's been hanging around Chicken Diva for too long.

I think Mayyay...

The ankle length ones are okay....

Cut off at the knees....and especially with lacy pink drawers....NOWAYRAY

Oh God. While I love the term "meggings" (along with murse, moobs and manpris), I do NOT love this look in the slightest.

Capris with hacked off panty hose...: Bad on females, worse on gents.

All the best,


A resonating NAY.

Those are horrible. I rarely like them on women, and I truly don't like any of those runway looks.

If they cover the entire leg... and the foot is also covered... possibly. Fall/winter only.

Shorter than the ankle? HELLZ NO. Same for women!

I'm shocked I haven't seen this on the streets in the city, but...

hell no. hell. no.

That is scugly: ugly and scary.


Is this the clothing item formerly known as "thermal underwear"? If you're going to wear any of these looks, might as well go all the way.


Well - the only time I have seen guys wear leggings are in sports. Guys wear those Under Armour Leggings (with shorts over it) when playing football, running, soccer etc.

And is that 6th model have pink lace as well? Nay on that.

But I actually don't mind the other ones...

I would like to see sweet little Branden walk the runway in those things just for kicks.

In theory, I'm not opposed to new things especially when it's this different and thought provoking, challenging me to question why a man shouldn't be "allowed" to wear something traditionally associated with women.

In reality, though, the pictures made me snork. I guess I'm not ready for this yet.


...but to tell you the truth, I am able to imagine sportswear that lands somewhere between this and the athletic guy wearing two pairs of shorts to exercise or go to the yoga studio in (ie - light floppy shorts over bike shorts... I've seen it!). I can picture the translation.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Nay.

What the hell is up with those magenta lace shorts?!

Epic fail. No.

Oh hell no. Nay. No way. No, no, no.

Capri length leggings work only on cute pre-pubescent, scrawny little girls. They just look odd and fugly on women with any age or weight and worse on the guys. Nay, nay, nay.

In Seattle, we have the opportunity to see this look in the form of bicyclist attire (usually in neon colored spandex) and long johns (usually as the result of a tragic wardrobe malfunction). At least in these cases the context is functional.

As a fashion statement? OUT! Lorenzo, honey, I suggest a couple of martinis and a time of contemplaton. Step away from the meggings.

Yes this is rather ridiuclous. Granted I am not opposed to a goodlooking man wearing skin tight leggings but c'mon!

I will say I credit the models for somehow maintaining their dignity and masculinity.



Highlighting hairy legs and knobby knees on men? No and no and no.

Who on earth wants attention to be drawn away from handsome faces, broad shoulders, popping pecs, and rippling abs? Or away from the crisp collars, snappy ties, and carefully tailored jackets that draw our attention UP and away from beer bellies and pudgy butts?

"Atrocities" doesn't even begin to describe these.

Nay - for blokes and birds. Leggings are wrong full

HUGE nay! I can barely accept leggings on women. Unless you are a ballerina in your spare time, no pants should be that tight on a guy.

I like the looks on the models (minus the pink lace ones, in all honesty), and feel that often feminine wear on men highlights their masculinity in excellent ways, much like sleek suits on women are hot.

That said, I'm not sure how the leggings would translate to the wider market and am not sure we're ready for that jelly. Need more kilts out there first, methinks.

-- Anun

I don't like it. Not that it matters, my husband wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole!

Ew. And the guys don't look very happy to be wearing them, either.

They're hot, but let's face it, it's one of those looks that few are going to try and fewer are going to pull off. I always like something a little out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to menswear...I just don't think this is really translatable at all to a large segment in American society. I can see it working more in Europe.

Conceptually/on the runway, I think they're very interesting.

In real life? Please no! Super tight skinny jeans are bad enough!

Only if said man is sword fighting with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Oh. My. God. No.

That is a serious F*CK NAY.

Nay to the Nay-th power.

Is this the clothing item formerly known as "thermal underwear"?

I can accept them in this context. I'm not fond of leggings on men or women, but I think it's great when male clothing gets more adventurous.

TLo, did you guys see that picture of Channing Tatum in a... like a blousy, low-necked grey sweatshirt kind of thing? Other people were ridiculing him for wearing a girl shirt, but it was HOT. Sleek, elegant, and more showing up top than usual, what's not to love?

What collection are the last two from? I like those the best.

That's f*cked up, man.

I love them, but you have to be able to pull it off. In other words, you have to be gorgeous, young, thin, and fabulous.

(I thought it was hot, I mean. Left that clause out by accident.) -- 12:07 anon

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!!!!!!

sally said...

What collection are the last two from? I like those the best.

Givenchy Fall 2009 Collection


P.S. They're mostly Givenchy.

Some of the ones with designs on them might be able to pass with straight guys. I don't see a problem with them unless your hair is sticking out of them like crazy.

Also, TLo, you two are so cute when you disagree over fashion.


Oh GAWD that's awful!!!

lol...but you know we're gonna see it on the streets of LA...

Um, Nay.
If I saw a guy walk into a room wearing those, I'd have a very difficult time keeping myself from guffawing out loud.

NAY. all the way.

They work on the runway!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I'm with Rosie's Girl on usually seeing guys in bike leggings riding into work on cold and wet days. In that context, the look is not bad, as long as you have the man-gams and shapely ass to pull them off. So in that function only, I agree with Lorenzo. (ex. Fabian Cancellara who makes black & white spandex look sooo good.)

On the unathletic plebe, I say no. No matter how many hours you sepnd on the treadmill or stairmaster, it's just not going to work for you.

By the way, please don't throw any more drinks at each other - it's a waste of good liquor and who wants to wash the stains out!

They look best when paired with Mary John :) shoes, like the last one.

" Artis said...

They work on the runway!"

I agree, they work on the runway but then I followed your link to The Cut and they have a pictures of regular guys wearing them it just looks silly.

NAY!!!!! Oh god...that is some fugly trend.

Lorenzo...what is wrong with you? LOL Just kidding, love you :)

No, never, no way, nyet


That is so not masculine. I would dump my boyfriend if he showed up wearing these.

Only with pink lace shorts, dahlings.

No, absolutely not. I don't even like then on women.

put the crack pipe down Lorenzo --- i gotta go with the boring traditionalist on this one.... that's some serious FUG.... still love ya, tho!

i like them, but that's probably because i'm the only young fabulous gay here (i'm almost 20). i see athletes wearing leggings when they practice and it's not that bad looking on them. i think if you have skinny legs and and dress according to the styles of pictures posted, you'd look great.

Lorenzo, you're losing it, darling. These are UGLY!!!!

I dig them!

Worn by the right guy they look quite hot. They already are part of bicycle and running attire here, lots of guys wear them for cycling or running so at least for sports, men are used to the look. I can see this trend making it from the runway to real life.

I can't even look at these pictures without LOL.


I think they look hot. Lorenzo, you are fabulous!!!!

No way in hell.

I think it depends on the guy. Not for everyone, that's for sure, but that's true with any trend.

While these are sort of okay on the runway, if any guy I knew wore them I would laugh my butt off. Big NAY.

It could depend on your answer to the question, "Would you have a clove cigarette on you?"

I don't even know how the models can keep a straight face wearing those. OUT. FUERA. AUF.

To quote Summer, from The O.C. "Meggings? Eww."

sweet baby jesus -- OUT!

"nonymous said...

It could depend on your answer to the question, "Would you have a clove cigarette on you?""

Can you imagine the bulges??


No, no, no, and no.

I guess they ran out of ideas for menswear.

Sorry Lorenzo but this is a fetch.

TLo said... Then we throw our drinks in each other's face.
...and then what happens, does it involve crashing waves and orchestra music?

I like the last one, kind of rock and roll hot.




Fucking awesome, I love it!!!!! In winter time? C'mon, these are awesome.

NO! I hate "trends" anyway.


I doubt a straight man would wear these.


Hahahahahahaha! That made me laugh. Thank you, boys.

Guys, don't do it; draw the line at meggings!!!!

I love the name lolol "meggings"

NAY. I don't even approve of leggings on women, let alone on men.

" EngleLouis said...
I doubt a straight man would wear these."

That is a ridiculous statement.

Ugly, ridiculous, and unattractive. HELL to the NO.


In the name of all things good and holy, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Why not? Men started to wear tight hundreds of years ago way before women even thought about it and/or were allowed to wear them.

Leggings should be banned from men, women, and children.

I blame it on the metrosexuals.

HUGE nay on men AND women. Get thee back to the 80s and stay there!

I say Nay!!!!
and aren't men always hot down there anyways?!?!?!? why would you add more layers to that?
I need a man's opinion for that, I don't have the equipment nor the experience
I quote Elaine from Seinfeld
"I honestly don't know how you can walk around with those things between your legs"

i think it's ok if it's layered, otherwise it's full frontal genitalia


I support Meggings!

My eyes! My eyes!

Nay, nay, nay, nay, nay!

Oh, did I mention nay?

Well, #s 4 (leather) and 7 (space) look vaguely athletic. #6 (lace) is RIGHT OUT. And #12 (final) is helped immensely by the textural thingummies that make the meggings look like reeeeeeeeeeally skinny pants.

Overall, NAH. I'm put in mind of an androgynous understudy in "Spring Awakening" who has to fill two roles at once.


this is horrible! dignity please!!

Apart from how I feel about meggings (big no), I hated every single one of those looks.

Fugly! F**king Fugly!


I think it's a great look, although I agree that it probably won't be taking off any time soon, based on the general narrow-mindedness people have toward men's fashion. But I think on the right guy, it's way hot.


Tom & Pazzo? TPo?

I'm kidding, of course. . .but while I do appreciate designers playing with gender (I'm thinking especially of the pink lace pantaloons in one of the pictures), what's the point of these? And, anyway, don't you men prefer breathing a little room up there?


And the fifth one looks like he fell into a vat of bleach then changed his shoes and socks. Bleah.

The only male that should wear these is any male who would insist on pantyhose for women.

NO! A few of them look kind of cool for the runway, but wearing those as "normal clothes" in public is just ASKING for a bully to give you a wedgie and shove your in a locker (or the grownup version thereof).

It reminds me of the late 80's/early 90's trend of neon bike shorts under baggy shorts that all the "cool" boys wore in 5th grade. JESUS HORATIO CHRIST NAY.

another laura



Meggings? I think not.

Now I will go back to guffawing madly at the poor models stuffed into those goofy things

Rosie's Girl is right, we see this a lot in Seattle.

I see a lot of the long johns and leggings on the super skinny trendy boys. Funny - they look ridiculous on these buff and handsome models, but on the gaunt, they look just right.

too many cats

Even the movie critics on "In Living Color" couldn't keep straight faces if those sashayed across the screen.

Forget the pink see-through lace shorts?

nay. they look terrible on women; they look even worse on men.

Not just "no"...HELL no!


I would say YAY to the meggings solely under the condition that they were always worn under shorts of some description (like tights/hose) and never worn, em, neat.

Those men in leggings look like stupid idiots. NO.

I like the ones that are worn like trousers. The ones worn under shorts not as much. The rules for menswear are so much more ridged than womens. Poor men.

You plagiarized the recent Nymag feature on "man leggings" for your post today: Please cite your sources next time and make a correction to the post.

I do enjoy seeing high-caliber athletes wearing skintight leggings and bodysuits, but for streetwear I say nay.

Several commenters have said that they only would look good on really skinny guys. I disagree. I imagine my 6'3", 155 lb. husband wearing them, and the mental image is awful. I mean, his knees are the widest part of his legs! Meggings would look much better on an athletic build with shapely, muscular legs.

(slaps Lorenzo)


There were a few meggings worn in the "Cracker Your Wardrobe" post, and the majority of readers thought those outfits were intersting and fantastic. Funny.

I see you have a fast turnaround for making corrections.

Anonymous said...

You plagiarized the recent Nymag feature on "man leggings" for your post today: Please cite your sources next time and make a correction to the post

Uh...June 2008 is "recent"? I can submit a host of links to blogs with posts about man-leggings. That doesn't mean any of them have exclusive rights over the topic. They didn't "source" anything from that article, and hardly need to cite it. Is your name possibly Sharon Clott? Lol



#1, NY mag ran two pieces on the man leggings, TLo linked to one of them.

#2, TLo did not PLAGIARIZE from either article, anyway...there are no quotes, phrases or ideas directly lifted at all.

Merely writing about the same topic does not a plagiarist make.

I kinda like the ankle-length leather ones, so a qualified...


Only in Europe.

I'm with Tom on this one. I have no issue with this kind of thing on a runway, but as a "regular" guy (with great legs, BTW) I couldn't imagine this becoming mainstream.

It just looks silly to me.

Only if you dancing Swan Lake, Giselle, or some Balanchine pieces! Or riding a bike, as mentioned (Seattle people). Hah! Cheri

Wait, didn't they cite and link to the current nymag story?

My husband vomited in his mouth.

No, no, a million times NO!

Seeing as I can't stand leggings on women, I thought I would hate these, but I actually quite liked the shorter ones, under the shorts. They're pretty hot. The full-length ones look a bit ridiculous, though, much the same as womens' leggings - no-one needs their ankles that highlighted.

Um, Nay.
Sorry Lorenzo, you crazy.

As if the meggings weren't bad enough, what's with the pink lace culottes that dude is wearing?

Stop the insanity!

That guy with the pink lace looks exactly like my cat would look it I dressed him similarly. See in dictionary under Baleful.


OH, nonnonononononononoNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I have a hubbie and 3 grown sons. Cannot imagine any of them in these.

Funny recap of your argument!

You know, we really hate to do this but we hate accusations without merit. To the anonymous moron who accused us of plagiarism, there are TWO links in this post that link back to NY Mag. There have ALWAYS BEEN two links in the post. There was no plagiarism and there was no "correcting." There were no edits made to this post at all.

Tom, for the win!

Just please explain to me why things traditionally worn by women have to have their name changed when men start wearing them. "Meggings"?! "Guyliner"? "Man purses"? See a trend here?

Did trousers get a new name when women started wearing them? Did people start calling them "wo-pants"? No. So wherefore the stupid new "manly" names?

but only because my housemate, who is all kinds of fabulous, stole some stripy leggings I brought back from work for another friend and has worn them out and about. He pulls it off, I think.


Eeeuuwwww! These should only be seen on runners. With well-toned legs. They're okay - actually, even sexy - worn under running shorts.


For the young and tragically hip, yay.

For everyone else NAY!

The death penalty.

Unbelievably silly. I detest silly "fashion". NAY to the hilt!

Go back and check out some early photos of Pearl Jam or nearly any of the so-called 'grunge' bands- leggings with long cut offs worn by Eddie Vedder and just about everyone else. Doesn't make it right, just doesn't make it new or shocking either.

No. Hell no. Fuck no. NO!


That is the most horrific look I have ever seen. Some of the looks are great, if they were shorts, but put away the meggins.



what is the world coming to?? this gets about the biggest NAY I can muster. ABSURD.

There are some instances these could be a yay but for the most part they are a big 'ol nay.

nay nay nay a thousands NAYs!!!

Let me guess, the next trend is powdered wigs to go with the white tights.

A dancer going to or from rehearsal, okay. A fashion trend - not in Kansas.

For the sake of our holy divine deity of fashion, HELL NAY!

mummy needs champagne

It depends! What an interesting experiment. I think as a layer or a texture added to an outfit, they can be interesting. I love the 4th-to-last, polished twenties-looking guy, and but most of these are not good.

The pink lace guy and and bulky sweater-and-tights guy are sadly in the 'oh, honey. NO.' category.

My grandma has the pink lace ones!


Nay for the love of all that holy:


At throwing drinks in faces?


Hilariously bad! NAY!!

No. Just no.

No. No no no no no no no.

No. NO. NO.

Well, I guess I'll join the minority with a yay. As someone else mentioned, men wore tights way back when before women did, and I see no reason they can't now. I like a few of these looks very much, and I am ever so tired of having men's fashion be so restricted to whatever is deemed manly or masculine by the masses. Wow, alliteration!

Hang in there Lorenzo!

Somebody upthread had a good point -- don't most guys like a little air circulation to let the team breathe?

When will we see couture kilts?

...the only reason a man should put leggings on is if he is reenacting a medieval tradition onstage...and even then, he should seriously reconsider his dad's job offer.

Completely agree, Sara. I think the major fashion crime in these photos is that most of the models are wearing SHORTS over their leggings. To me, that's an enormous Nay no matter who does it. But leggings on a guy with a nice pair of legs, that show off his muscly thighs? Yes, please!

No way.

Leggings are for athletes only, except maybe that last pair that just looks like a pair of really tight leather pants. I'm OK with those- so long as the top is either tailored to look like zip-trousers or covered up.

"When will we see couture kilts?"

Has the geek kilt fad died down yet?

Only if I dress up as a slightly more modern Marquis de Sade for my friend's annual "BDSM Halloween Costume Bash."

In other words...NAY!

8/7/09 3:16 PM

Let me guess, the next trend is powdered wigs to go with the white tights.

Trying to picture some guys I know wearing that look. Thanks for the laugh!!

"Has the geek kilt fad died down yet?"

That's my point. It hasn't. Many non-geek (artist, carpenter, physical-labor trades) men prefer kilts for work and casual wear. If you witness a Scottish Heritage parade or show, you'll notice that men who wear their plaidie proudly look mighty manly -- esp. with that dagger strapped to the calf.

So when will a designer take the dare, I wonder.

"Many non-geek (artist, carpenter, physical-labor trades) men prefer kilts for work and casual wear."

I think utilikilts are hot, honestly. ;-)


Ugh. Me no likey.

The full length leggings aren't too bad, but the knee length? Those are criminally ugly and those poor models must be so embarrassed to be wearing them.


No. There is no hotness in spindleshanks.


YAY! But only if the person could pull off the look correctly. And I say if you gonna go for the look, go all out!

Sorry, TLo, I said you had one link when there were mistake...I was in too much of a rush to point out that no language was lifted from the other article that I missed your other link.

And, yeah, utilikilts are cool. You have to be a serious BAMF to carry one off...and many do.

A thousand times NO! I hate leggings on women, why would I want to see them on even more people!

Certain full-length styles, yay! Shorter ones... ehhhh.

I really love a couple of the Givenchy ones--the ones on the right in the bottom and second-to-bottom rows are hot.

Then again, maybe I'm just biased because I'm a fan of historical fashion and would love to see men running around in tights.

I still can't help but wonder, though, if the women objecting to meggings have something in common with the men who objected to women wearing pants back in ye olden days? Bet they thought THAT was just as fugly and ridiculous.

This is like men admitting they're cold... What's next? Refusing to get rid of spiders?


I can only imagine seeing these for athletic wear where they make sense. For everyday I don't think they'll click. Not even on Kilt wearers.

Hellllllllll no. If I see some Douchey McDouche on the street in meggings I will set him on fire. That is just FOUL.

NAY NAY and again NAY!

They look even more ridiculous on the men than they do on women.

I approve.

(if you have the body type for them, and have the style enough to pull them off)

I like the regular ankle length ones more than the tights or the odd leg-warmer types.

Would there be problems with little leg hairs sticking out through the pores of the fabric..? Or create little hair bumps?

I guess if that's NOT a problem, I'm pretty much okay with them as long as they're not obviously footless. I say obviously footless because I think the ones that LOOK non-footless are pretty interesting, but the idea of a man wearing full on panty hose (and not in a drag way) is something I'm not accustomed to.

Yuk from me.

I only like them full-length on women with a long tunic top and non-clunky shoes. The same goes for men -- I can see an East Indian look that might be okay. Otherwise, they are ugly.

I love the picture of you two throwing drinks at each other. May I come have Thanksgiving dinner at your house and watch the hijinks ensue?

(I'll bring the drinks)

Why would anyone want a guy's legs covered up? They are almost uniformly a good body part on any guy, from supermodel to uberfug.

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