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It's an all-sausage post, bitches!


Okay, is it just us? Easy Sewer here barely spoke a word the entire episode and yet we sat there thinking "He's so cool. Let's go hang out with him and be best friends." Of course, if we were to hang out with him...

Model: Erica Milde

...we'd have to avoid the topic of this dress.

Which isn't to say it's a bad dress, just totally wrong for the challenge. When one thinks "red carpet," one doesn't normally think "heavy and funereal."

Don't get us wrong, there are some interesting details here (like the pleat in the skirt and collar treatment and the criss-crossing over the bust), and it's certainly executed well.

But it's a lot of elements for one dress, especially a red carpet dress, and the overall effect is heavy, stiff and overdone. Plus, the length just kills us. Even with the added dingy-looking tulle on the bottom (which is another element to add to the pile), the dress stops at a weird point.

We definitely think he's got the chops to make it far, but this dress wasn't all that great. We suspect he was working too far outside his milieu. He doesn't strike us as a red carpet kinda designer.


"I'm definitely different than a normal fashion designer. I don't know, I'm more of a guy's guy, I guess."

Okay, let's get this out of the way. If Logan continues to say silly shit like this, rest assured, we are going to make fun of him for it. For those of you who may not be familiar with this particular trope and might get a little bent out of shape over it (which tends to happen): we are NOT making any claims about his sexuality. We are laughing because fashion design is, in no one's opinion, a manly man kind of profession and when (presumably) straight guys appear on this show, there's a little bit of defensiveness coming off them when they rush to assert their masculine bona fides. Whether it's the sweaty, frantic "I have a wife and children!" of a Joe Faris, the forced shrugging and "Heidi is hot!" of a Kevin Christiana, or here, the "Vroom! Vroom! Cars!" of guys-guy Logan, that reversal that comes when a straight man works in a field dominated by gay men and women is FUNNY.

See what you bitches made us do? You made us EXPLAIN a JOKE. Don't EVER do that again.

Model: Fatma Dabo

Pfft. Straight boy dress.

Before we get to the criticisms, we have to say that the zipper was an interesting idea. He just didn't take it far enough. What's the point of incorporating a zipper in the design like that and then zipping it up like it's cold out? Had he unzipped it further and maybe used the open zipper to create some sort of fold or structure to the bust, that could have been interesting. As it is, he added an interesting element and then did everything he could to disguise that it was there at all.

Aside from that, the dress is just boring, and worse, was a wrinkled mess. Perhaps using a steamer isn't considered manly or something.


"No one can really describes the type of garments I do. There's not a vocabulary for them yet."

Oh, save us.

This will be a terrible struggle for us, but let's see if we can somehow describe this indescribable garment:

Model: Valerie Roy


That about sums it up, Malvin.

"Overthought dress."

How are we doing so far, Malvin? Have we "found the vocabulary" yet?

"Overthought dress with too many elements, poorly executed in the wrong kind of fabric, making it inappropriate for a carpet of any color, let alone a red one." There. We think we've stumbled upon a method of describing your clothes.

Okay, putting aside the bitchery for a moment, it's an interesting design. He just needs to get a little over himself and produce a flawless garment to impress the judges.


"Basically, I'm known in New York as the feather prince."

By whom? We want names, Pocahontas.

Model: Matar Cohen

Y'know, we, much like the judges, passed right over this dress in our considerations, but we have to say...

It's a pretty decent dress. It's not flawless, mind you, but those embellishments on the front are interesting and fairly well done, considering the time constraints.

The only real problem is that it really isn't fitted all that well to the model. If he had pulled off a flawless fit, we think the judges would have definitely taken more notice of it. We also think if he'd gone gown-length it would have served the design well. Although to be fair...

One judge clearly responded well to the short skirt.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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I've been making that same joke about Malvin ALL WEEK.

Logan looks somewhat feminine in the face, but hey, could be why he's all defensive.

Don't ever explain a joke again. Even if I don't get it, I don't want it explained! (Quelle Horreur.) And this trope I get, as you have had to deal with it in nearly- no, every- reality show you cover.

A big pile of meh, for all of these, but I agree about Epperson, he radiates chill.

I agree all these dresses were pretty bland, although I do think Epperson will be interesting to watch when given another challenge. Why does Nicolas wear his glasses on the end of his nose like a grandma wearing her readers? Creepy!

I think Epperson's big mistake was trying to go for "dramatic" and having it end up look clunky and heavy and dowdy and depressing.

But in different circumstances, I think the dress isn't too bad. Like on Morticia Adams. (I kid, I kid. It has a beauty to it, truly...but so depressing.)

Thanks TLo for posting the pics, it is very hard to see the detail of these dresses on TV. I never even noticed the zipper on Logan's dress and agree that it is an interesting treatment that should have been highlighted.
I think Epperson shows some promise, I liked his dress from the waist up.

Hilarious post, as usual, TLo. These four guys are going to provide lots of snark fodder in the weeks to come.

The dresses: The gown from Rasta-dude would have been alright with a more open neckline; I liked the fluff at the bottom. But he needs to learn that the PR lighting is like a black hole in the universe.

Logan. Meh. Seems like a tool, and that's coming from a straight chick. The dress? Also meh.

Maaaallllviiiin? How is it possible to make the crotch OF A DRESS look that bad??

Pochahontas? Bad hair (both of them) but really cute dress, and Heidi almost swooned over the shortness.

Epperson: TLo said: "Okay, is it just us? Easy Sewer here barely spoke a word the entire episode and yet we sat there thinking "He's so cool. Let's go hang out with him and be best friends."

Not just you. It's 'cause he's a grown up, I think. Wish it'd been easier to see the finished dress.

Logan: meh

Nicolas: Cute dress, but no pow. I could have thought of it. (NOT executed it in a day, but I could have thought of it.)

Malvin: The back was a mess. The front was either a mess or he hasn't figured out women's bodies - those shoulder strap pleats stopped in such an odd place on the model's bust.

OH, and Congrats on making the "Top 100 GLBT Websites!" (Though with Web awards I never know which are really meaningful, no doubt you two do!)

I like what's going on at the waist, hips, and hem of Epperson's dress. The chiffon drape around the neckline is a bit much. It might have looked cool if he had it draped around her face like a hood. Overall it looks to be executed extremely well. Too bad the runway is so dark.

I don't care for the straigh boy's dress, but I like that he knows how to fix cars.

I am disappointed with the level of execution on Malvin's dress. Very HomeEc. 101.

The feather prince looks to know what he is doing but the dress is rather dull. Perhaps if the lighting was better? I might be missing something.

Logan looks like that one guy from The Fashion Show. The really gay one who someone said looked like a distressed soccer mom or something like that *will remember the name after at least 2 more cups of coffee*

I think Nicolas is oddly cute. Like in a VERY gay yet somewhat dorky kind of way..or maybe it's because I have weird taste in men..hmm...

And I missed Heidi's "I covet" face while looking at dresses going down the runway. Makes me giggle.

""No one can really describes the type of garments I do. There's not a vocab for them yet."

oh, yeah?

in one word - FUGLY.

that sums it up well, the fabric choice, the over-construction, the lack of consistency with what could be in a "red carpet" look.

ya boys are right too, Epperson totally looks like he'd be a great guy to chill with. I'm hoping he will pull it out more on the next challenges. Some maturity is always welcome on these shows (altho probably not by the producers.

and, yeah, Nicholas' dress was kind of a sleeper -but it definitely had elements that showed promise.


(yum) Logan is a pretty boy. I don't care if he's manly or not.

I'm going to take the same approach that the judges have with Daniel V. -- he's pretty, give him an award. :) ha.

Sally from Austin, with a mild case of *cougar*

Oh, Malvin. There's one every season, isn't there. You know, the architecural/geometry-oriented designer who can fold and pleat fabric every which way but doesn't get the big picture.

I'm sure the judges will figure out the vocab to send him home in a few weeks.

I too can't wait to see what Epperson comes up with.

My favorite line of this post "EASY SEWER."

He is sooooooo Morgan Freeman circa Electric Company. Excellent reference, TLo.

You boys just get better and better all the time.

Love ya. And if you get to hang out with Epperon and become BFFs, can I come to? I'd love to smoke a bowl with him and listen to some Miles Davis.

I could see the glee in Malvin's face when Tim suggested that he might be an artist working with fashion and not a fashion designer. He totally ate that up.

It's too bad, I wanna like him because he's so cute and soft-spoken with his rooster haircut. But I can't take him seriously when he's going off on how unconventional he is.

Malvin's dress is an ugly, potato sack mess. I see absolutely nothing redeeming about it at all.
Epperson's dress, while it is heavy and funereal, is interesting, and it makes me want to see more of what he can do.
The other two...Yawn...I feel like I have seen them before. Totally boring.

I had already forgotten about all of these dresses and now I know why. Malvin's in particular was a pile of poo.

I like Epperson's grownup brand of cool too. Hope he can bring it further on the runway in the weeks to come.

Hahahahahahahahaha. LOVE. IT!!!

I thought Pocahontas' dress was actually really interesting and intricate. I could totally see that on the red carpet.

Malvin's dress could have been very pretty if it had been made in a better fabric and executed well. It probably would also be better if he had picked the shoulder detail OR the back/front detail. As is, there is too much going on.

I like Nicolas's, but I agree about the fit and wish he had used a color. Why is everyone on this show so color adverse?

there's no vocab blah blah blah jeez, another PPS.

Anonymous said...

"I could see the glee in Malvin's face when Tim suggested that he might be an artist working with fashion and not a fashion designer. He totally ate that up."

I'm laughing - kinda like when the instructor in my sculpture-class-for-artsy-teens looked at my final project and suggested that I should really try jewelry design - except I KNEW he was saying that the project kinda sucked.

" Ally said...

Malvin's dress could have been very pretty if it had been made in a better fabric and executed well. "

I agree, but everything he designs (based on his portfolio) looks a bug carcass.

Like most I never knew there was a zipper on Logan's dress.

First off I think I like Epperson a lot - and his dress was pretty good. But he reminds me a a cartoon - there is a cartoon of either a worm or a turtle - has anyone seen one like that?
I think it is his high forehead and his face looks small because of the facial hair (too much).

I really liked Nicholas' dress, but am worried about what Tim said about the unfinished or raw edges. It didn't show up but I hate when the stitch raw strips of fabric - Jay did in a couple of his dresses

Nicolas reminds me of someone else--it's been driving me nuts. Finally figured it out--Chuckie the doll. Or maybe Chuckie's sedated twin brother.

Cute dress though.

Great post, Boys.

Epperson seems very likable, but his dress was disappointing. Still, I'm hopeful.

You Boys have more patience than I do with Mr. If My Car Broke Down On The Way To The Fashion Show I'd Be Able To Fix It. Well, bully for you.

Malvin: Another James-Paul who keeps telling us he's the Albert Einstein of fashion design. I'm guessing the overconfidence masks insecurity, but it's annoying as hell.

Nicolas and Malvin's were not horrid, but no way were they red carpet. In fact, I almost think one could wear them to the office if paired with a decent jacket.

""Basically, I'm known in New York as the feather prince.""

This sounds like something thought up by either a bad PR rep, or a defense attorney who's client just got caught keeping pidgeons in his apartment.

As for the dress; fine for a cocltail party, but not a red carpet. And whoever did his model's hair should be fired. Immediately.


Logan -- the duct tape on the boob goes INSIDE the dress!!

Hey, don't explain jokes on my account!

Logan looks... skeletal to me. In the face. You know what I mean? Like, if you saw his skull someplace, just his skull, it wouldn't be hard to tell that it came from him because it would look just like him.

Anyway, I wasn't really wild about any of these dresses; but thought I saw the most potential in Epperson's. It was wrong for the red carpet, but it wasn't boring, either.

I really disliked James-Paul and his work on TFS, Malvin's performance just confirms I am pretty good at sizing people up on first impressions. Like some other posters, I saw/see him as another JP.

If he can prove me wrong - fine; but I doubt it.

UGH - for all the reasons others have written - plus the weird puckered piece at the top of the skirt and for the total mess of the bodice -from the breasts down to where it joined the skirt.

I LOVE these extended critiques with Tim! It just makes me love him even more.

Giggles on that last Heidi comment! Girl loves her short, shiny, and tight, and you guys know her too well. I love watching her facial expressions as garments go down the runway.

But what I love even more-- this blog! So many LOL moments.

"Basically, I'm known in New York as the feather prince."

I suppose that's better than being known as the feather queen. Though perhaps not in some circles.

As for the feather prince comment, I think he was the one who made the wings for Victoria's Secret, no?

I thought Epperson's dress was overworked, the tulle was fug and the neck treatment overwhelming. I haven't formed any opinions about him personally yet - I've known plenty of boring people with dreadlocks, so that doesn’t impress me. He isn't Rastafarian which could be fun; he's just a run-of-the-mill Christian. In fact, he came across in one of Lifetime's videos as a bit of a holy roller. We'll see.

Logan's dress was boring on the runway, but more interesting when you know about the leather and the zipper. I don't care about his sexuality and you are making assumptions that he's straight. Until he mentions his girlfriend, I'll reserve judgment. He's not my type anyway.

Malvin is beautiful and then he starts talking and takes some of the luster off. He's very young though and will probably drop the total self absorption eventually. His dress had some interesting elements but the fabric was awful.

Nicolas dress was a snore. I've seen that kind of crisscross detail done better before so the dress bored me. In the Lifetime videos, he came across as something of a snob but he seemed nice on the show. Again, it's early days. Let's watch what happens.

What the hell??? Was Malvin's dress made out of freaking burlap?

Love Nicolas's dress and while it would have been interesting if he had done it in another color or reversed them (black folds on silver), unless he went full length any other length wouldn't work. And yes, it could be red carpet. Red carpet doesn't necessarily mean ball gowns, it could even be pants nowadays, which I'm surprised no one tried. I could see this for the Grammys or Emmys.

(Rodney) Epperson's dress was quite heavy looking, but very striking. I would have liked it without the tulle. A lighter flowy fabric would have made it dreamy. I'm excited to see what he comes up with next.

Logans dress was meh.

Malvin reminds me of Mr Rubix Dress from The Fashion Show.....aka I'm so avant garde I surprise myself darlings!


You know....I don't CARE about a person's sexuality! It doesn't even come into my consideration when I meet someone. I just don't get why people have to be defensive about their sexuality....

Logan, I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi, or whatever. I just care if you're a decent designer. And by what I saw from last week, I wasn't impressed....sorry.

Feather Boy - I'd like to see more from him =D I liked his design, even if it wasn't very stand out-ish from the crowd =D Plus his feather comment made me LOL =D

Oh no you did NOT call Nicolas "Pocahontas"! I'll be giggling all day over that one.


"Maaaallllviiiin? How is it possible to make the crotch OF A DRESS look that bad??"

suzq, I love you. Great comment. Now until he gets (mercifully) auf'ed, I will have that sound in my head.

You are spot-on, as usual, guys. My groans at the TV coincided with yours.

Epperson has to get further in this season! He is the chillest, mos def - no flames because I misused the language, please, I'm just a silly old fart. And besides, I kind of liked his dress - what I could see of it!

The general lack of color in the first episode distressed me.


I just loved hearing Tim say "I'm disarmed" when he was critiquing Nicholas' design.

I am really, really appreciating the additional footage of Tim's critiques that Lifetime is providing.

That's tulle on the bottom of Epperson's dress? Oops. I can see it now, but watching the show I'd thought it was he was going for some kind of Russian spy movie thing. The wrap-thing up top which looks like a scarf would go with that. But I guess not. Hey, red carpet isn't every designer's thing....will be interest to see what he turns out next.

Why is "guy's guy" code for "I'M STRAIGHT!" It seems to me that a "guy's guy" should be a guy for guys. You Whatevs.

I, too, want to hang with Epperson. And....oh, Malvin. If I weren't Catholic and afraid of getting sent to The Big Flamey, I'd call you "John Paul II."

Oh no, I committed a sin of misattribution!

It's "suzy" that I love, not "suzq"!!


It's such a revelation to see pics of the dresses. It's hard to get a feel for them when they go down the runway so fast.

I rather liked Epperson's on the runway but man, there are lots of problems with it. Third tier, at best. I admit he looks really cool - and you know that suburban white people are so impressed by that dreadlock shit - but he didn't say or do anything memorable. I'm reserving judgment on just how cool or interesting he really is.

Logan is really cute and the dress isn't bad at all. I agree that making the zipper more prominent would have been a better strategy.

Malvin - WTF? Ugly, poorly fitted and it looked appropriate for a day at the office. Not red carpet by any stretch of the imagination.

Nicholas - Eh. Not bad but who cares? He bores me. And he should invest in some shampoo.

Is it me or does this group of designers seem alot more talented than S5? Most of the dresses designed seemed to have some redeeming elements that may blossom in future challenges.

Epperson does give off a cool vibe, as does his dress minus the bottom. And when I read Easy Sewer, I first read it as Easy Sue-er instead of Easy So-er. And I was confused, then embarrassed. How dense of me.

Malvin's dress looks like it is trying with all its might to give that poor model a wedgie even though it's physically impossible. He didn't make the mistake of using the shiny, but did make every other mistake there is to be made. Terrible fabric, terrible design, terrible execution.

Logan's dress deserved to be in the middle of the pack. Some good ideas, but it didn't really come off as unconventional or the overused "edgy" so much as not fully thought out and executed.

And I totally forgot about Nicholas which says it all, I guess.

I love these posts because we get to actually see the dresses -- and now we get the extra Tim moments, too. I'm in heaven.

ITA that Epperson is very cool, and I agree that it's because he's an adult. How refreshing! Too bad his dress was so funereal.

Logan & Malvin - meh. I thought Tim's observation re designer v artist was spot on, with Malvin going all anti-trend on him. If you want to be a designer, trends are going to be a part of your life, so get over yourself.

Nicholas: I think if he had put a gorgeous long skirt in silver and black fabrics to match the bodice, it would have really been something, and something red carpet worthy. The skirt I'm envisioning would have fantastic movement, and provide a great contrast between hard and soft effects between the bodice and the skirt -- tailored vs flowing. As it was, it was a pretty nice cocktail dress.

One more for Malvin: "Boring dress."

I love Pocahontas' dress!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Malvin already gets on my nerves.

First official nickname of the season sixers: Easy Sewer. Like it.

Granted, it dosen't have the knee-jerk reaction of an Angry Little Peanut or El Pollo Loco (aka Chicken Diva), but its still in the TLo milieu, and Epp should consider that a compliment.

I don't think I can add much more to these dress critiques, but I did think staight boy's was a interesting concept. Liked the color contrast and the drape, but it was in bad need of a steamin'.

And I'll do my best not to compare Malvin to James Paul, but good gawd do they trade ideas over the phone?

Joan I so agree about Nicholas's dress. The only thing is when I tried to envision the dress with that kind of bottom, I thought I may have already seen that?

I, too, want to hang with Epperson. And....oh, Malvin. If I weren't Catholic and afraid of getting sent to The Big Flamey, I'd call you "John Paul II."

From on Catholic to another - HILARIOUS.

Malvin is this season’s Jennifer Diedrich. They remember to play their concepts to the camera, but they never seem to think about them when designing. Ugh.

Oh, and normally these things don't affect me, but.....Epperson has such a cute family. So long as he doesn't flash photos of the kids in every episode and talk endlessly about doing this to show them what Daddy can do, we're good.

Epperson is Harlem Cool personified.
I can totally see him walking down 125th St. to get a coffee from Society & everyone from the street dudes to Bill Clinton from his office window waving to him. I love the details on his dress, but a gorgeous yellow (or even a pink like Gwyneth's Oscar dress) or sumptuous purple would have made it really special.

I hated Malvin's dress. I looked exactly like what it was made from.

Logan's adorable, but the dress was poorly constructed which made the zipper detail invisible.
PS: Real men don't have to keep reminding everyone they're "real men".

Nicolas, keep playing to your audience (Heidi) & you might make it to the middle. No further.

TLo, you guys are hilarious! Even when you explain the joke, you're still funny!

I'm waiting for Logan to say "Not that there's anything wrong with that....."

8/26/09 11:55 AM

I, too, want to hang with Epperson. And....oh, Malvin. If I weren't Catholic and afraid of getting sent to The Big Flamey, I'd call you "John Paul II."

John Paul, or James Paul?

I don't worry about this. Thank God I'm an atheist.

Malvin is the PR JP. And wasn't JP supposed to be...oh never mind. It gets too complicated.

By the way, Malvin's model? Oh no. Just no no no.

Now, Nicolas, I really would have loved to have seen that dress floor length. It had such potential, regardless of what Heidi thought.

the "Vroom! Vroom! Cars!" of guys-guy Logan


Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?

"Pocahantas" slayed me.

I actually liked the overall effect of Epperson's dress but couldn't stand Pocahantas'.

The All Sausage comment was hilarious!!!

And like you bitches I totally fell out at Frau Seal sexing up that dress and wondering how fast she can cut the cord to jump in that thing.

TLo said: This will be a terrible struggle for us, but let's see if we can somehow describe this indescribable garment:



Malvin's is the most mainstream of the four, which makes his statements even more ridiculous. It's entirely appropriate for bridal luncheon at a nice restaurant. Oooh, maybe his plan is to work against the entrenched standards of high fashion, and bring it back to the people. He's a revolutionary, for sure.

I really like Logan's dress. It's a little funky without trying too hard. It's not perfect, but I think it shows some promise.

I can see why some people think Epperson's dress is overdone. The tulle is a step too far. (And I also thought it was fur at first.) But I love it, and would definitely wear it. The bonus would be I'd have an excuse to hang out with him.

Not crazy about Nicolas' dress, although I don't hate it. It's just kind of a mess. I hope he does better in future challenges.


Epperson - the cut-in shoulders looked to have promise, but were totally obliterated by that weird scarf-like crap. Also, the middle of the dress looked interesting, particularly the differing length darts at the hip. The frou frou on the bottom said "Barbie Doll" rather than glam. Too many clashing ideas in this gown.

Logan - If he had unzipped the top to create a flap that was a faux lapel, that could have been interesting. I'm wondering if that was his intention and that it just didn't hang right in that position. Otherwise, what's the point of having the zipper start at the neckline? He had a lot of time invested in inserting it as opposed to just doing a seam - looks like a potentially smashing experiment that went awry.

Malvin - Geez, I HATE these people who float along with the magic fairies hoping that pixie dust will suddenly provide artistic inspiration and make it somehow all come together. The "I'm such an artist that nobody understands me" excuse really doesn't fool anybody. It's just a way of trying to divert Tim and make him go away because his questions are uncomfortable when you're not sure whether your garment is heading in the right direction. Why don't they just be honest and say, "I'm have no clue and I'm fucked" or or "If I cram this full of enough details, the judges will think I can do stuff and not can me this time around." Or, in Malvin's case, since he seems to be arrogantly self-confident even when futzing experimentally, just tell Tim to butt out. "My genius is intuitive and it just flows from me. I am merely the interpreter of this energy. Do not bother me with your earthly questions; I am too busy channeling all this talent to explain it."

Nicholas - Bitch. Teased us with that "Feather Prince" name and then didn't even give us any feathers! Hmmpf. But the dress he did had very strong ideas in it. This guy has what it takes if he can get the execution smoother.

So, apparently the next episode is them making clothes for Pregnant women. I guess Lifetime is rubbing off on the show!

I watched the extra videos of Epperson - his casting session, his home video, etc - and I LOVE him. His family is adorable (his wife his breathtakingly gorgeous), and his clothes are fantastic. I LOVED his red-carpet gown. LOVED IT. Yeah, it's kinda goth so maybe only Evan Rachel Wood could wear it to a red carpet event, but I still Love It.

Logan is hot. His dress was nothing special.

Malvin's dress was cute for a casual summer dress.

The Feather Prince - good bodice work, but nothing spectacular.

I love that Epperson is on this show at all (and Gorgana) - anyone over the age of 35 (or hell 30) is always a welcome addition. There's the plain old fact of experience brings a certain degree of wisdom; it also tends to bring a degree of quality.

In his casting session, Professor Gunn was just swooning over Epperson's work. I hope Epperson is able to really shine here; he seems like an incredibly talented designer/sewer, and I want to see a grown-up succeed on this show.

Brief impressions without any basis in the garments:

Epperson, I like him. Just as you said, he seems very cool and I hope he has many tricks up his sleeve. He's certainly competent, if still finding his bearings in the competition in that first episode.

Logan can stay as long as he likes, so long as he does it without a shirt. The hat-and-tank-top combination were a little too Blayne for me. Only solution, more skin.

Malvin needs to meet his intended life partner, James-Paul, and make inexplicable clothes that no one gets.

Pocahontas just needs to go.

I think Epperson's dress is the perfect red carpet look for Helena Bonham Carter. I am keeping an eye on him, because potential is there. He wins the 'cool' title for now.

The rest of the mob, I could not agree with you more !!

I just have to remember to not drink anything when I read this. It inevitably ends up coming out my nose.

The Feather Prince is a baby Goth version of Kaynebow.


Took one look at Malvin and shouted, "Ru-fi-ooooo!" from the couch. Looking forward to a great season.

When I look at Logan, all I see is Joe Dallesandro (of Warhol/Morrissey fame). The resemblance is a bit uncanny.


Lydia said...
Took one look at Malvin and shouted, "Ru-fi-ooooo!" from the couch. Looking forward to a great season.
8/26/09 12:57 PM

OMG, too funny!

You're right, Malvin looks exactly like Peter Pan's young nemesis in the movie "Hook."

Epperson: I couldn't see any of the details of this dress on the runway. It just looked like he wrapped her in black fabric with a bizarre tulle hem and called it a day.
Now that I see the dress in pictures, I quite like it. The bust and neck part are really cool. I just hate that tulle at the hem, though.

Logan: Meh, boring dress. Very average. He's cute, though. Let's hope he doesn't have to announce the fact that he's straight every 15 seconds. It does get old.

Malvin: I really wanted to like him, but the whole I'm so ahead of my time spiel is really obnoxious. I thought his dress looked sloppy at best, but I do like the idea of it. I'm curious to see what else he does, but for now I unfortunately have him in the Good Ideas But Doesn't Have The Talent To Back It Up column.

Feather Queen: Another huge ego...what's with these people? Reminds me of what Laura Bennett once said to Jeffrey: "If you're SO successful and you know SO much, then what the hell are you doing here??"
As far as his dress goes, I like it. It's nice, but nothing earth-shattering. I think the length is fine if you're a 20-something, but I can see it also working for someone not as young if the skirt came down to about an inch above the knee. Agree with TLo, it could also look good as a full-length gown. Just no tulle at the hem, please!

I hate that you feel like you need to explain your jokes, fuck that. If people get offended at something like that, your head isn't in the right place.

If they made a show about finding America's top carpenter or construction worker or whatever profession it is that we've decided gay people shouldn't be allowed to do this week, and there was a gay guy on it who yelled to the high heavens that he was gay but couldn't hit a nail with a hammer, you bitches would rip him just the same.

Not saying any of us would watch such a show, though now that I mention it, think of the eye candy.


""Basically, I'm known in New York as the feather prince."

By whom? We want names, Pocahontas."


another laura
8/26/09 11:47 AM suzq:

"Maaaallllviiiin? How is it possible to make the crotch OF A DRESS look that bad??"

suzq, I love you. Great comment. Now until he gets (mercifully) auf'ed, I will have that sound in my head.

No, it was SUZY (sorry) and yes, it was a brilliant comment.

She's a riot.

between this post title and the newer (nsfw) one, i kept thinking of Maurice Sendak.


everybody- you are outdoing yourselves in the comments today. thank you for the medicinal laughter!

Pocahontas's offering was soo badly styled!

The model's long ratted in-her-face hair obscured much of the bodice detailing (was there a problem there he didn't want us to see?), and the bare legs with high heeled mary jane shoes tilted the whole feel into day dress territory. A sleek hairdo and fierce strappy shoes would have looked much more spohisticated.

LaurenJean said So, apparently the next episode is them making clothes for Pregnant women. I guess Lifetime is rubbing off on the show!

I don't think that's a function of the show being on Lifetime. I think it's because every time Heidi's been pregnant, people said, "PR should have them make maternity clothes!" So they are.

I would have loved to see Epperson's dress done in color...particularly so he could have made the top 3 (instead of Jonny) and the judges could have told HIM he should have done the dress in black.

Logan, if you're going to zip, zip all the way. We could have used a zipper coming up from the bottom as well. The splotch of olive green (that was the color, wasn't it?) at the top looked more like he ran out of the grey fabric than a design statement.

And after that, have a talk with Epperson about how to handle being a 'straight male' in the world of fashion design.

You forgot Vincent in your cavalcade of straight male designers, by the way. He'd fall into the "straight, but insane" catagory. Not a good one to emulate.

8/26/09 1:34 PM

You forgot Vincent in your cavalcade of straight male designers, by the way. He'd fall into the "straight, but insane" catagory. Not a good one to emulate.

Daniel Franco, as well. *yeesssssshhhhh*

I don't think Logan is any more or less butch than gay Keith was last year, who at least had the decency to get filmed without his shirt on a good chunk of the time.

Epperson: Love him! Seems so chill, laid back, and hard working with no drama. He was so nice to the models in the elimination this week! His design was a little too runway for the lil old red carpet. I liked the color, the structure at the top was definitely interesting, and overall just a cool piece. The skirt was a weird length and the fabric was too heavy. Still, I want to see more from him.

Logan: Ugh. Hate the dress. Poorly made. Unflattering. Wrinkled. Not a pretty design at all and boring as well. Definitely in danger of being in the bottom 3.

Malvin: This dress was not conceptual. AT ALL. but he seems like a cutie, hopefully along the lines of James Paul on TFS (because I ADORED him) and conceptual designers intrigue me more than the average cocktail dress/ prom gown designer. The piece, with less overworking, could have been cute and summery if a bit bland. I'll give him another chance.

Nicolas: HOT. Heidi agreed. Definitely only made for the young, thin portion of the population, but it was well made, interesting, sexy, and not too complicated. Also, perfect for a starlet because I'm so tired of everyone wearing Herve Leger and Herve Leger knockoffs

Hooray for more Tim time in the additional videos!

Also, I kinda liked Epperson's dress, but think it would have been better at knee length and leave the tulle as a crinoline instead of trimming. Good ideas there.

Epperson: Dude is way chill and imaginative and has great potential. Looking forward to what he does next.

Logan: Yum. And I think he's got cool ideas. Just want him to wow with the execution. Liked the zippers and leatha. I have faith in you little Logan.

Malvin: No. Just no. Make it go away.

Feather Queen: He's got potential. I eyed him as one to watch in prejudging and I still want to watch. Waiting for the feathers to emerge.

I liked Epperson for the most part, but there was one or two moments where suddenly he'd look up at the camera and look super furious for no apparent reason, and it started to freak me out a little.

I'll give him credit, though; of everyone mentioned in this post, he's the only one that made a dress that doesn't look like his model had it stuffed in a suitcase right before the runway show.

Thanks for posting the extra Tim moments. I got a lot out of his chat with Epperson, including admiring the engineering that went into Easy Sewer's gown. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next, and I hope he uses color.

I gotta say it I love Eppersons dress! I totally put him in the final 3 based on this dress and his portfolio! Can't wait for tonight!

"I liked Epperson for the most part, but there was one or two moments where suddenly he'd look up at the camera and look super furious for no apparent reason"

Just a guess, but maybe he's just really not used to the idea of being on reality TV. I would think that it might take some time to get accustomed to having cameras in your face all of the time. Maybe it's even more difficult if you're old enough to not have been raised around video cameras.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Can't wait for tonight!

Show is on Thursday, and it's Wednesday...right? I believe it showed on Wednesday when it was on Bravo...or am I totally off?

PS: Is there no iron or steamer to be found in Los Angeles? So many dresses were wrinkled messes.

Epperson: Instant love. I won't care what the clothes look like.

Logan: as with Carol Hannah, I sense some potential but youth may be his undoing

Malvin: Destined for major come-uppance at some point and that will be the episode where I'll refill the glass of pinto grigio and toast the TV set

Nicolas: By the time he gets his come-uppance, I'll probably have already hurled the bottle of wine at the TV set

Formerly Anon said: "Malvin: The back was a mess. The front was either a mess or he hasn't figured out women's bodies - those shoulder strap pleats stopped in such an odd place on the model's bust."

And I have to agree -- but they fall in just the right place for, say, a hornet's body, dontcha think? :)

God I hope Malvin gets a big ol' dose of humble pie soon or else his head is going to get too big to fit in the workroom.

As others have already said, Malvin immediately annoyed me with his "no one can describe this" semi tortured artist shtick. Very JP of him, only I know THIS panel of judges won't hesitate to serve him many helpings of humble pie if he doesn't actually produce.

twc said...

Thanks for posting the extra Tim moments.

Same here, your screencaps combined with these videos is all I need : )

Logan is hot but I think we'll get tired of his macho macho man attitude; Malvin is a celebrity in his own head and he'll probably last long, poor Epperson won't last long, he's too noble for reality TV.

I didn't like any of these clothes. Nicholas' dress was too slutty.

Logan is HOT and he knows it; not a good combo if you ask me. Anywho, I thought Nicolas did a good boj with his short, shiny, and not-so-tight number.

Apparently, I have already started to block out the horror of "The Fashion Show." The good news is, I can say "James Paul II" with a clear conscience!

I don't how Logan would send his dress looking like that. I know they have steamers in the workroom. It ruined the effect on the runway. I really liked Nicolas's dress, not so much the color, but it had a very interesting design, Malvin is a poser. I hope he had the talent to back it up.

Logan is hot and Seattle represents!

Easy Sewer: Best nickname! And I think TLo are right -- doesn't seem like a red carpet guy. Haven't gone back to look yet, but isn't there a very "world" vibe to his previous stuff?

Straight boy: All I saw were the wrinkles. And hot? Really?

Cousin Oliver: Yawn.

Malvin: Oh, Malvin. I'm willing to give you a chance -- you might not be as much of a turd as JP on TFS, but you're not helping yourself with this airy-fairy crap. And the proportions on that dress were HORRIBLE. With the shape of the shoulders, the...abdominal pleats(!) and the other details -- made his lovely model look like a tree trunk. A slender, perhaps birch, tree trunk, but a tree trunk nonetheless.

Malvin (Malin?) reminded me a bit of that guy on TFS. James Paul? I hope he's not that guy. The dress was ok, but dull.

I really like Epperson. Like you. Weird, huh? The dress reminded me of the one that Malan made that got him booted. Hope that's not an omen.

Epperson: Upon a second look, it is interesting and could have been successful if not for the tacky tulle and odd length. On the show, I didn't even notice the details because of that awful tulle! I'm looking forward to seeing what he does.

Logan: Interesting and meh at the same time. Was it just me, or could that model not walk worth a doo-doo?

Malvin: Get over yourself. This is worse than Suede.

Nicolas: Cute, but poorly made. Perhaps if it were better fitted then the model wouldn't look so wide.

Susan said...
Malvin: Get over yourself. This is worse than Suede.

To quote the Great Kaynebow, "Omygosh..." I'd totally forgotten about Suede! Good Lord
--- yes, indeed, I see shades of Suede in these boys. Oy.

I was very sadly disappointed by Epperson's first design. Loved the bodice, but not too wild about the pleating at the waist (way too bulky --- most women do not want to look like they're wearing a fanny-pack beneath their clothing) and the length is awkward and the fuzz at the hem was just all kinds of wrong. I haven't given up on him yet though. I really hope that this less than illustrious start for this group is a sure sign of big and fabulous things to come down the runway in future episodes.

- edina -

"Logan is hawt"?? Really? SRSLY???

Seems more like "unwashed, underfed, undertalented homophobe" to me. Eh. To each her own, I suppose.

And....oh, Malvin. If I weren't Catholic and afraid of getting sent to The Big Flamey, I'd call you "John Paul II."

As an atheist married to a recovering Catholic - LOL!! (altho, we do all know it was "James Paul" on TFS, right?)

TLo - spot on observations as usual.


Easy Sewer!

Hahaha, love it!!! I don't know how you do it, boys, but I love it. Simply genius!

Not that I'm a fan of "Peanut" Jeffrey, but dude didn't have to be all "i'm straight". Logan's cute, but when he uttered those word, i thought overly defensive = sketchy

I can definitely see Epperson's dress as red carpet, Tilda Swinton would have no problem wearing it I think. I may not find it "aesthically pleasing" but it has it place. Malvin's - not so much.

Hmm. When gay contestants flaunting their sexual orientation, T&L freaking loved it; when straight men did so, T&L considered it a crime. Hypocrite much?

"Anonymous said...

Hmm. When gay contestants flaunting their sexual orientation, T&L freaking loved it; when straight men did so, T&L considered it a crime. Hypocrite much?"

We consider it a "crime?" Please.

There isn't one gay contestant who ever appeared on this show that we didn't poke fun at. Try harder.

Anon 9:17, I think it is the commenters more than TLo that take exception to Logan's "flaunting." I can see why he does it: he's young, pretty, and in a gay-dominated profession, so he has probably had people think he is gay. He's young, he'll get over it.

Epperson's dress was quite striking but had a few too many things going on. A true black would have worked better (isn't this a charcoal or something?) and this fabric looks more like drapery or upholstery fabric. I'd like to have seen a full tulle underskirt (or crinoline) instead of the trim. He knows what he's doing though.

And I think Christian people can be cool, too. Not all Christians are right wingers ("not that there's anything wrong with that" ha).

Logan's dress was sorta blah but I think it would work quite well on the red carpet if it had been steamed.

At first I thought Malvin's dress was some sort of 1920s tennis dress, then I thought he had made it out of muslin. It had some very pretty elements to it, but was in the wrong fabric and overworked. And having the model wear pumps just accentuated its daytime qualities.

Nicolas was on the right track but the dress was not fitted, as TLo pointed out, especially around the bust/armholes. I wonder if he ran out of time of just couldn't tailor all of the criss-cross straps. I like the length; let's face it, short dresses are big right now on the red carpet.

I do think that there is a higher competence level this year than there has been in some past seasons. Most of these initial designs have some merit and were decently executed. I see a problem in fabric selection, styling, and use of color. However, there are fewer total misfires than there have been in the past.

I think the maternity challenge is a great idea and people have been suggesting it for years (every time Heidi shows up preggers).They might be using it in lieu of the "real woman" challenge, because very few pregnant women are stick figures with no breasts--heh.

I remember the year that Catherine Zeta-Jones won the Oscar, she was very, very pregnant and wore an absolutely stunning black gown. I don't remember the designer, but I thought it was the best dress that year at the Oscars.

As I understand it, a "man's man" is a guy who enjoys hanging out with other guys are participating in "manly" pursuits, such as hunting,fixing cars, watching football, playing competitive sports, drinking beer, etc. He is a man who other men admire and enjoy spending time with. I am sure Logan means that he is not gay, but there is nothing that says a gay man couldn't fall into this category.

I appreciate that you aren't questioning Logan's sexual orientation, TLo. I get tired of reading about how this person and that person is a closeted gay or whatever, even when it's in a joking manner. Who cares? Why do we need to know everybody's sexual orientation anyway?

Stephanie wrote:
"What the hell??? Was Malvin's dress made out of freaking burlap?"

From the pictures, I believe it's matka (a coarsely woven silk, similiar to linen, that is made in India).

Nicolas the Feather Prince's dress reminded me of Reco's on "The Fashion Show" minus the panniers.

Logan's dress can't be steamed because most silks tend to water spot. I'm impressed that he managed to sew that zipper without any puckers.

Puckered silk (especially charmeuse) seemed to be a problem for most designers in this challenge. This could have been avoided if the fabric was cut on the bias.

Yay! I love a show where it's the straight guys who have to come out. I was waiting to see who would assert their heterosexuality all episode.

My favorite line of this post "EASY SEWER."

Amanda in Austin said "He is sooooooo Morgan Freeman circa Electric Company. Excellent reference, TLo.

You boys just get better and better all the time.

Love ya. And if you get to hang out with Epperon and become BFFs, can I come to? I'd love to smoke a bowl with him and listen to some Miles Davis."

Amanda, brilliant! You crack me up!

Malvin is scary. He's trying way too hard to the "the deep one." Give it up.

TLo - too funny about Logan. I hope they keep him around for a while. He's good TV.

Not sure about Nicholas yet. Looking forward to tonight.

you guys are brilliant. You make me laugh out loud (literally) at least once a day..

Logan and Blayne went to design school together. Became good friends. And were roommates for over 2 years. I really think that the viewers jump to conclusions about the designers. They "do" what they "do". Confidence is a big deal when it comes to design. Blayne was always confident in what he made ( even if it was a little off the wall). Logan, not so confident. Should be an interesting show, without any humor this time though.. so it may be a bit bland and bleh. Stella and Blayne...Your Fans Miss YOU!

Didn't Reco make a dress similar to the feather fairy's?

What was it? Azzzztecks?

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