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Vogue Italia: Linda Evangelista

Kittens there's almost TOO MUCH pretty in this one.

Okay, here are the facts:
Vogue Italia August 2009
The theme of the issue is "Refined Style"
Editorial with Linda Evangelista titled "Urban Decay"
Photographed by Steven Meisel

What else is there to say to that? Bitches, it's Linda! What are you waiting for? GO!

Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga

Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs

Burberry London, Yohji Yamamoto

Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto, Dolce & Gabbana

Comme des Garçons, Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto

Roberto Cavalli

Blumarine, Jil Sander, Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga, Junya Watanabe

Chanel, Yohji Yamamoto, Balenciaga

Giorgio Armani, Comme des Garçons, Chanel

Absolutely breathtaking.


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LOVE her. She is #1. Dr Sparkles

Very "linda-channels-Dovima", Stunning shots.

This is STUNNING! I love Vogue Italia.

What a treat! Linda is amazing, and those photos are stunning. If I didn't know any better I would have sworn they were vintage photographs.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

As far as I'm concerned, Linda Evangelista is the greatest model in history. Nobody has had her ability to completely transform herself. She always looks different, and it's always something too perfect to be human. Fucking flawless.

Now THIS is a fucking supermodel! LOVE. HER.


wow-those bitches really know how to stage a photo-shoot.


Stunning clothes + kick ass model supreme = breathtaking to the fabulous power!


Nice shots.

Still don't understand how this is "hard" work for these women, though.

another laura

Guys, you must have been reading my mind! Something made me go look for pictures of La Linda yesterday and here she is, in glory! Wow!

Bitch has still got it <3

I love the cigarette through the veil.

I've always wanted to live my life in Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons. Linda only reinforces that fact.

Bitch done worked it OUT.

I love this ed, I am so, so, so, so happy you chose to cover it for PRG (or T&L)!

WOW. You're really spoiling us with Ms. McMenamy, and now Ms. Evangelista! Thank you so much for posting these - I wouldn't see them otherwise.

Meisel's on a roll, eh?

Wow, I don't know what to say. This is one of those instances where fashion really meets art, no doubt about it.

She will always be my favorite. And that's not only a stunning photo essay, it really showcases the clothes. That Cavalli cape (or coat) is amazing.

Goodness, she looks more and more like Katharine Hepburn with each passing year (not a bad thing at all). But you know the thought that popped first into my head is -- I can't think of a single 20-something or teen model working today who can do what these 40+ gals like Linda and Kristen can still do. How sad is that? (OK, maybe Rachel Z is the closest, but I don't even find the much-vaunted Natalia to be all that gifted in creating real moods like Linda does here.)

Divine! Simply divine!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Effing gorgeous, even with the lampshade on the head....

*Raquel Z, right? See, can't even remember their names, that's how unmemorable they are.

By the way, I've always loved to read all the stories about what a diva and a bitch (in a fun way) she was.

Has anyone seen "Unzipped"? When she yells (jokingly) at Isaac Mizrahi for giving her flats and fabulous heels to Naomi for the finale?


Those are three fabulous dames on the top row of your homepage...

I was thinking Dovima Meets Katharine Hepburn via Evangelista. Very fab!

Girl just gave a tutorial in How To Be a Supermodel. Slouchy teenagers of today's fashion world, take note.

This was awesome. The clothes were put together by a genius stylist. I still love, love, love her. But I wish she didn't look at the cameras in her Loreal ads so "surprised". The botox is a little too much. She still is my favorite model and always will be. My favorite moments in her prime was the "Unzipped" diva bitchery. "Isaac, how come Naomi gets to wear heels and I don't? You are discriminating me because I'm a white woman!" Later she looks at the camera and next we see her fucking rock the catwalk. Her Peter Lindbergh and Steven Meisel collaberations before they were stars: always intriguing. Also, while reading the Vogue profile of Linda and Christy I was shocked. But she said, "Christy and I have a running joke that we won't get out of bed before 7 am unless it is for $10,000 a day!" Granted I was walking to my next college class thinking, if I was a supermodel I could have paid for my education in less than a week! I will always love you, Linda.

Magnificent!! Evangelista is Supermodel personified.

Very Lillian Bassman. Please give her her due.

" Anonymous said...

Very Lillian Bassman. Please give her her due."

Yes, very. Beautiful editorial.

What gorgeous photos, and she just gets more stunning, doesn't she?

I'm still shaking...

What an amazing photoshoot & Linda!!!

Congratulations Linda, Steven & Vogue Italia, this is a truly breathtaking edition. I'm buying as many copies as I can to give it as a present. It's really flawless!

Beautiful and inspiring AND you can see the clothes! Thanks for posting these gorgeous photos.

Steven Meisel and Linda Evangelista! The 80's are back!

Stunning in every way. Real art. And, whaddayaknow, it also showcases the clothes very well.

I love Linda and agree that she may be the greatest model ever but she's had so much work done (and has talked about it) that she's barely recognizable. I would have loved to see what her natural face looks like at this stage of the game. I'm sure she would have still been stunning.

I must have that glove-scarf.

I love the clothes, love the photography, hate some of the hats. That lampshade on the head is ridiculous!! Could you imagine what Nina and Kors would have said if Blayne or Chris March sent a model out with that on?? LOL!!

The photo wearing the turban with her back turned: perfect.

my favorite supermodel ever. EVER. she's just so amazing, i can hardly breathe. beautiful beautiful beautiful shots.

as some others already said, the models of today have nothing on linda (or christy or naomi...)

She is WORKIN' those headpieces/hats! Gorgeous.

Fabulous, guys.

These shots are amazing!

I'm going to seem like a big film nerd for this but that is okay. But this shoot immediately made me think of the 1920s film Metropolis. It is this silent film that is all about the working class vs. the "evil capitalists". Just something about the photography combined with the clothing really reminded me of that movie.

Interesting that Linda, known back in the '90s for changing her hair color so often (and we were fully aware of that at the corporation where I worked that had a hair-color subsidiary), is showing not a strand of a coiffeur in any of these. I remember that she once had to have a modeling hiatus because her hair was so damaged from the coloring.

And where's the mole?

All that being said, these are gorgeous, handsome and magnificent photos, and Ms. Evangelista performs marvelously, as does Mr. Meisel.

All the best,


90 percent of these photos she's got her mouth open, like she's jessica simpson or something. and why is her hair covered in every picture? she looks old.

No one looks down her nose at the world as well as Linda does!

(that's a compliment, btw)

@ Agnes Gooch--- I thought the very same thing; I did not see the resemblance to Katherine Hepburn until I saw this spread. Similar facial structure and then some. These are stunning!

Whoever did the styling for this editorial deserves accolade on top of accolade on top of accolade! S/he did a mind blowing job.

Gorgeous shoot, gorgeous clothes, although I do not get the theme at all. Shots of trees in the forest, old fountains, and tall buildings do not connote "urban decay."

For some reason I began channeling early Katherine Hepburn, though I never saw her dress this way. LOVE, love the mixing of the designers. Beautiful art and fashion.

LOL, before I hit publish, I then read the comments before me and saw that several others also saw KH here.


Fantastic! I wish Vogue US did stuff like that.

Per the Fashion Spot, the stylist was Marie-Amelie Sauve.

Now, THAT, my friends, is a SUPERMODEL. Dayum.

And the art direction, styling and photography? A work of art. If only the US Vogue could stop sucking so very hard and emulate its international cousins.....sigh.

Gorgeous! Thanks for making my morning TLo.

Girl still gives good face!


I love b&w drama. Hats, veils, light made visible and so many shades of gray. I'd love to see the actual prints. I tend to prefer crisp focus, harder edge (probably not the correct terms, but you get my drift) work for fashion shots, but these are beautiful.

I especially like the back of the Cavalli coat shots, and the head with veil and cigarette.

Anonymous 8/5/09 10:59 AM said:
"Very Lillian Bassman. Please give her her due."

I was wondering if these were really ringing a bell, or if it was my imagination. Thanks for the prompt.

Now THIS is what a fabulous spread is supposed to look like.

Please, Vogue, no more starlets and actresses. Very few (if any) are as believable as Linda.

I don't care who the next "it" girl is supposed to be, Linda Evangelista Kills the competition! She is simply the best there ever was and I'm so happy she can prove to still be the best there Is.

WERQ that camera Linda!!

Gooooooorgeous! I like these much better than the previous set of fashion photos. I can see Linda's face, she looks alive and full of agency -- it reminds me of your old posts about Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and other memorable Hollywood images of strong women. And I love that she can be beautiful and striking without wearing skin-tight clothes or showing lots of skin. (Not that I don't love tight clothes and skin as much as the next person.)

Wow, Anon....I looked back, and you know...the ONLY skin she's showing is her face. Every other inch of her is covered.

Because, when your face is Linda Evangelista's? The rest is superfluous.

Wow, gorgeous. It even looks like they used actual black & white film, which is so rare these days. Love it!

ugh - love her. she probably my favorite model ever. and these pics on reinforce that shes still the best.

met her once a long time ago. shes really sweet & her passport photo was a b&w glamor shot XD <3 her

Gorgeous, although you can definitely see the Botox all the way from back here. I'm from LA, so I see it as surely as I breath smog. I dont think she needed it since she's beautiful, and also because they soft-focused the heck out of her! --liesl

Breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous. Must get my hands on this issue!

Only Linda Evangelista can wear what looks like a lampshade on her head and still rick it. ;-)

Umm, rock. I don't know how one "ricks" something, but I'd be curious to find out.

i'm not dorothy gale

A marriage of "Brazil" and "Blade Runner", hauntingly beautiful. Thanks, sweeties.


"Because, when your face is Linda Evangelista's? The rest is superfluous."

Exactly. Gisele and Miranda and Bar can go as naked as they want, their faces will never, ever, ever come close to Queen Evangelista.

I remember when she dated Kyle McLaughlan circa Twin Peaks and I was in heaven! So much cooler than Johnny and Kate.

Love love LOVE these!!!!!

It is such a joy to see an actual model in a fashion magazine. I'm so tired of seeing celebrities who look awkward and uncomfortable trying to model. Linda Evangelista personifies poise and versatility. Qualities you need pull off a fashion spread like the Vogue Italia shoot.

That Cavalli! And Linda! And the lighting! Love every bit of it.

Dear lord. The bone structure.

"Genius" is such an overused word in the fashion lexicon, but in this case, it fits. This layout is pure genius.

Lovely. I don't really see the urban decay, but lovely.

She looks like Katherine Hepburn in these photos. Very beauitful

Cupcake Reacharound


How can Anna Wintour keep pushing Sienna Miller on us with a straight face?

And this, my friends, is why she doesn't HAVE to get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!

man...she is fabulous!!!

I love her! One of the best models ever!!!!

If you put no description under that main pic, and I would've said that was Kate in Vanity Fair '33.

It's just THAT striking.

Ohhhhhhhh yummmmm. This is yummy-nummy-yummy.

Iconic and gorgeous pictures.

totally agree that she looks like kate hepburn ... fabulous

this is amazing, but , not sure does it has some digital work on these photos?

not sure though..

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