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Everyone back in the dress pool!


We're all for Easy Sewer's calm, cool, and collected demeanor but come on, Epperson. Give the editors something to work with. He's spoken a total of about 15 words in two episodes.

Then again...

Model: Erica Malde

He certainly gives us plenty to work with.

Kittens, this is AWFUL.

As jumpsuits go, it's well made and a little stylish. The problem is, it's a jumpsuit for a pregnant woman. Look what that bump does. It's pulling and stretching that fabric like there's no tomorrow. No pregnant woman wants a look that screams "This doesn't fit me properly!"

And we keep looking, but can't seem to find how exactly she's supposed to get in and out of this thing. If she's as far along as Rebecca Romijn, she's going to need to get out of that thing quite often in order to pee.

But the worst move of all, was that vest thing, which looks like she's wearing a tablecloth. Sorry, Epperson. We think you're cool and we think you're talented, but this was impractical and unflattering from top to bottom.


Model: Tara Egan


This one snuck up on us and it took more than one viewing to realize what a stylish, well-made look this is.

The colors are sophisticated and the look is flattering, comfortable, and stylish. Mitchell, THIS is a going to lunch outfit for the chic mom-to-be. Take notes.

We love the subtlety of it. The straps are interesting, the cardigan is practical and stylish, and the layered hem makes a nice touch. Finishing it off with tights so she doesn't flash her hoo-ha to the world was perfect.


Model: Celine Chua

It's definitely a cute dress and it's certainly well made, but something about it isn't sitting right with us.

For one, we hate that pot scrubber/loofah she attached to the sash. It comes close to ruining a nice simple design. Another problem is that not only is the skirt way too short for a maternity dress, it rises in the front as if she had never considered the bump at all. One good wind and the world's your obstetrician.

We do like the colors, though. We always did have a fondness for tone on tone.

But ultimately, the problem with this dress is that it's a little too cute. In that sense, it's a bit retro, hearkening back to the days when pregnant women were expected to dress like desexualized baby dolls. A Betty Draper dress.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

In other news, the latest entry in the T Lo Awards is now up. Go!

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Agree completely on Epperson, loved Gordana's and liked Irinas. Some solid designs in the middle this time, which is a good sign of hard decisions in the future.

Gordana has a nice style that's practical as well as attractive. Out of the entire cast, she's the only one I have a fondness for.

And yes, Janie Bryant should commission Irina to help with costumes!

I know it is early, but Gordana is definitely one of my "designers to watch". I have loved both of her outfits so far. They have been well made and interesting.

I think poor Epperson will get the boot when other stop making things that are just ridiculous for the runway (i.e., soon).

Going by this week's previews, Easy Sewer isn't as low-drama as you think.

Personally, I loved the jumpsuit. It looked very Halston-esque '79, but it was cute still, and would've gotten more notice without the vest (agree that was hideous).

But it was impractical. HUGELY impractical. I wonder what Mrs. ES thought about that.

Gordana knocked another one out of the ballpark with very little mention. That was definitely one of my favorite looks. Love the color and the straps. Plus the little sweater was icing on the cake. My condolences to the family of the sheep that was sacrificed for this look.

As for Irina, its a cute dress. In fact, isn't this kind of a Sweet P type of dress?

I too loved Gordana's, was fine with Irina's, and wept for the disaster that was Epperson's. I agree that Gordana managed to create basically the chic, cute version of what Mitchell was trying to do.

The one thing I do have to say on the tablecloth-jumpsuit THING was that while it was the complete wrong look for a massively pregnant woman, it would have looked pretty cute on the average stick-skinny model, minus the jacket.

You are completely right that Gordana's was really good but easy to overlook. That, more than anything, is what I would have wanted when I was preggo.

How revolutionary for Gordana to make an outfit with leggings and a tunic for a pregnant lady. Its practically unheard of.

I don't understand the point of Epperson's coat. A sleeveless halter coat? I don't get it. And do you have to unwrap the jumpsuit everytime you go to the can? No.

Gordina's is nice but the straps are throwing me off a little.

Now Irina's I like a lot. Especially that little birds nest corsage at the waist. I don't like that the front hem is hiking to hell. The whole point of having special maternity clothes is to prevent that from happening. It looks modern enough to my eye. Back in the 60's the fullness usually started above the bust ,there was no definition below the bust and usually the fabrics were stiffer and the neckline very high and prim.

I really really liked Gordana's and i feel she should have been in the top 3 instead of Althea. Epperson's was really bad. REALLY BAD! and Irina's was cute, nothing amazing

Anonymous said...

How revolutionary for Gordana to make an outfit with leggings and a tunic for a pregnant lady. Its practically unheard of.

There's nothing revolutionary about it, but it is a great design and something a lot of women would love to wear, not all of us want to be fashionistas and lay an egg on the street.

Can I ask you to please stop the all caps when you announce your TLo awards? Stopping screaming, you're too cool for it.

"Anonymous said...

How revolutionary for Gordana to make an outfit with leggings and a tunic for a pregnant lady. Its practically unheard of."

That would be a really funny joke if someone had actually claimed it was revolutionary.

8/31/09 1:39 PM Can I ask you to please stop the all caps when you announce your TLo awards? Stopping screaming, you're too cool for it.



" Anonymous said...

Can I ask you to please stop the all caps when you announce your TLo awards? Stopping screaming, you're too cool for it."

Uh...there's no all-caps there.

LOVED Gordana's! She's my girl :)

Yeah, Epperson's was pretty bad. Gordana's was definitely one of my favorites. I didn't like Irina's at all.

boys have i missed something or did you already give a nickname to gordana? love her!

One good wind and the world's your obstetrician.

and, whoop, there it is. The bon mot I need to get through the rest of the day. Merci.

I agree with Anonymous 1:38 100%. Gordana's look was very chic and wearable. I especially loved the lining of the cardigan how it matched the top. Lovely! I can't wait to see more of her designs, I think she's the one to watch.

Once again, gotta spread love for Gordana repping Charleston so well.

I also didn't like the jumpsuit simply because it looks so awkward with the bump. It's probably the very last type of clothing I would ever expect a pregnant woman to wear. At least not in this decade.

Love the color on Irina's but you're right, that sash thing throws it all off. I would've liked it better if it was maybe knee length or an inch or two above.

When Epperson's came down the runway, my viewing partner and I literally went, "AHHHHH! NO!!" Then the model took off the jacket and the "NO! NO! NO! OH, GOD, NO!" turned into a near-howl.

I like Gordana's a lot. Stylish and well-made and fun, while still being practical. I don't love the neckline, though.

Irina's was cute. I wish she'd stop using so much shiny, though. I wonder if she'll start getting shit for her fabric choices soon.

My problem with all of them is the bodice. No woman past her 6th month of pregnancy can wear something with that little coverage. Trust me, "the girls" need more coverage and support when you hit the third trimester, and while the looks may have style, the maternity bra peeking out underneath would just ruin it all.

Thank you for pointing out the impractically of Epperson's. "How is she going to pee?" was exactly what I wanted to know. And, as someone who is 6.5 months pregnant and fairly well endowed to being with, I've been really stunned by how many of the maternity clothes in stores are impossible to wear with a bra. Most of the PR designs had this problem as weel. Sure, some were more "supportive" than others, but it's rare that built in support is nearly effective as an actual bra... and those things just get bigger and bigger when you are pregnant.

Very disappointed in Irina's dress. It would have been a cute dress for a non-pregnant woman, but what it winds up looking like is that point at about month 8 when you're desperately sick of all your maternity clothes, and you ransack your closet trying to stuff yourself into regular clothes to see if anything would work. In this case, you'd look in the full-length mirror on the closet door, laugh hysterically, and put the dress away to wait until after you've weaned the baby.

And it was another deep-V, too. I'm hoping she has other stuff in her bag of tricks, because I loved her red carpet dress and was hoping to see great things from her.

The wide satin band at the bottom of Irina's dress reminded me of... an electric blanket.

8/31/09 1:52 PM Once again, gotta spread love for Gordana repping Charleston so well.

Whoa, another Charleston one? Reco, Sugarbaker, and now Gordana?

One good wind and the world's your obstetrician.


The winner's name is all-capped. And it is annoying. But perhaps only to me.

A little off topic, but I just had to say...Every time you post something, I get a bigger laugh just thinking about how Santino has got to be pulling his hair out waitingwaitingwaiting for you to comment on his All Star appearance.

Even though he doth tweeted too much that your opinions don't matter, you just KNOW that he's been checking this site every hour in anticipation of what you'll write about him. And we all know how he hates being ignored. This has got to be killing him.


Upon reconsideration, I think Epperson's should have been in the bottom instead of R'amon's. A JUMPSUIT?!?! It looked like she was stealing turkeys from Wal-Mart.

I really liked Gordana's top. The bodice reminded me of Daniel V's aesthetic. I have yet to have been pregnant, but are tights something a pregnant woman wants to wear? Input, please!

Irina's was cute except for the hem mishap.

Yes Epperson's outfit a big NO! The sad part is he picked out some lovely fabrics. He should have done a 2 piece outift. Pants instead of a jumpsuit and a top in a flatterring silhouette. That vest added way too much volume

Irina's colors were great but was not the most practical

I too weep for all that sacrifced sheep for Gordana's dress (lol). It was 1 of my fave's. I imagine the bustline was what kept it from being top 3.

Looking at these and the other garments, 1 thing that stands out that Tim mentioned is that the cosntruction overall is very good regardless of their design flaws. Both Ramon and Mitchell will have to step it up there sewing if they hope to stay in the game.


I'm going to semi-disagree on Epperson (I'm probably the only one!) If the halter-coat had been a halter-top and the bottom were well fcut pants and not a jumpsuit? Then it would have been a very chic, simple, comfortable design. It wasn't screamingly fugly like the bowling bag, just poorly thought out.

I really liked Irina's dress because of the color choice -- Rebecca Romijn has beautiful golden skin and I immediately thought of vivid, lush colors for her. That blue would suit her. The little dress had some problems but it was my favorite of the night!

Susan, yes, a good pair of maternity leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend. They're comfortable enough that they were what I chose to put on when I finally dragged my laboring self out of the bathtub to go to the hospital to deliver my son. If they're comfy enough for labor, they're comfy enough for lunch!

"But ultimately, the problem with this dress is that it's a little too cute. In that sense, it's a bit retro, hearkening back to the days when pregnant women were expected to dress like desexualized baby dolls. A Betty Draper dress."

1. I think there were better examples of "desexualized baby dolls" than Irina's dress. Hello, Louise! Irina's neckline practically goes down to the belly line. That's not desexualized at all.

2. Betty Draper's dress, cutsy as it was, was a far more versatile and successful look than any of the entrants this week. It went from daytime to evening and hugged her form nicely without being vulgar. (Gosh...I almost typed a v instead of a g on that last word...On a breezy day, Irina's dress is vulgar with a second v!)


I didn't like Epperson's outfit that much, but I have to speak up for jumpsuits during pregnancy. Knit jumpsuits are incredibly comfortable because there is nothing to bind around the belly. As long as they have plenty of stretch, the potty problem isn't an issue.

Can't help it. Gordana's straps look like insect antenna. I can't get past them to the rest of the outfit.

In defense of all the designers for this challenge -- whatever they showed had to fit the model. Since none of the models is actually pregnant, none of them had pregnancy-sized breasts to fit. Far better for them to show a well-fitted garment than to show something that would fit a real pregnant woman, with her bigger breasts and wider hips. Pregnancy doesn't just affect the tummy!

Loved Gordana's look, thought Irina's was pretty, and was actually OK with Epperson's jumpsuit, except for wondering how the straps would work. I have three kids and one of my favorite pregnancy outfits was a jersey jumpsuit that I could throw on over a t-shirt or tank top. It was much more slimming than a dress and had the great benefit of not having a waistband -- after a certain point I couldn't stand having anything constricting around what was left of my waist. As long as it's simple to get in and out of, a jumpsuit is not a bad idea for maternity clothes.

Let the record show that I have not worn a jumpsuit since my kids were born and don't intend to wear one ever again. Unless you are pregnant or under 7 years old, you should not wear a jumpsuit or overalls unless they are required by your work.

The thing that gets me about Epperson's look is what it does to the neck. With the silhouette already thrown off by the baby bump, that model looks like she's in traction. Add the impracticality of putting a pregnant woman in a jumpsuit, and I'm kind of amazed he didn't make bottom three. (Let's not even get into his design from last week, which looked less "red carpet" than "swooping down on Hobbits."

Gordana's was one of my favorite looks in this episode. Almost a shame that there was such quality in the competition, because it deserved more attention.

TLo, I adore you and I am no fashionista. However, I think that Goradan's outfit, while gorgeous, looked liked lingerie paired with a sweater and tights. And it's impossible to wear a bra with it, isn't it? Would anyone really wear that to lunch, even in LA?

I thought Epperson should have been in the bottom for that catastrophe...I would think as a father he would know that pregnant women need to pee...

I didn't like Gordana's that much, the colors needed some more life to them, she almost looked like sad despressed mommy. Even though the detailing was well done, from far away it made the top look like a hand-me-down

Irina's was cute and twee but now that you mention it I see the discrepancy in the bottom...not really a maternity dress, just a cute babydoll that *could* accommodate a bump if need be

Wow, I totally forgot about Epperson's. That's horrible AND impractical. I can't decide which I hate more, the terrible concept and execution of the jumpsuit, or the fabric-wrapped-around-the-neck "jacket." And in basic Mitchell/Malvin beige too. Horrid.

Agreed with you about everything except Gordana's weird antennae straps, which I did not like.

gloria said...
"One good wind and the world's your obstetrician."

It bears repeating and repeating
As with Agnes - it made my day as well!

Does anyone else think that Gordana's model looks like a
younger version of herself?

One good wind and the world's your obstetrician.

OMG, too funny!

Epperson - Elephant pants. You have to feel sorry for the guys in this challenge -- they REALLY didn't have a clue. Women would know to sew a pregnancy panel into the front of the pants to avoid this very effect.

Am I the only one that thought that Epperson's vest, if it had been a halter *dress* would have been pretty cute? Granted, I'm going from still photos only -- I guess I should check out the video clips before I open my big mouth. But from the screen caps here, I was actually kind of digging the silhouette. I'm not a fan of jumpsuits generally and have never been pregnant, so my reaction to that part of it was "ech" but...


As soon as I saw Epperson's model on the runway I flinched. That vest/coat thing is so shapeless and vast.

Liked Gordana's look a lot, and I second TLo-this is how one dresses for lunch.

Irina's-very cute, I too love tone on tone, but that skirt did ride up in the front.

Why, oh why, does anyone want to wear a jumpsuit anyway? Whether you are pregnant or not, why do you want to take off all your clothes to go to the bathroom. I have not been able to figure out why they are back in style. On the plus side for Epperson, it appears to be very well made.
I do wish that we could get a better look at all of the outfits coming down the runway. I think I sneezed the other night and missed about 4 of them!

Epperson - I have to admit to liking this look on the runway, but the pictures show that it is not well made and TLo is 100% correct about its impracticality. I like the "idear" though, it just needs to be better made and not for a pregnant woman.

Gordana - This looks better in the pictures than on the runway. I did not take to the look on the runway because the halter straps looked raggedy. They look more refined in the pictures, but I do wonder if a pregnant woman would require sturdier straps. Still a very nice look, tres chic.

Irina - Very, very cute, but it should have been longer. I haven't made up my mind about the flower thingee - I don't like the flower per se, but I do like that burst of color (yeah, yeah I know it's a neutral color).

Carol Ann-- as a resident of LA, yes. I would wear that to lunch, even though I'm not pregnant. I also think part of Gordana's appeal is that she knows how to style her models as well as make clothes.

Susan-- "It looked like she was stealing turkeys from Wal-Mart"= BAHAHAHA

Amy Sez..

As a HUGELY preggo woman, this challenge was very timely for me. Loved it! My biggest complaint was that everyone styled with super high heels. I thought one of the judges would have mentioned that. Earlier in pregnancy sure, but that far along, there's no cramming your Fred Flintstone feet into stilettos.

The one thing that bugs me about Irina's dress is that the satin edge treatment is a little too much like a baby blanket edge. Perhaps if the scale of the banding was a bit smaller, it would like a bit more grown up...

Betty Draper dress! Ha ha, overlapping posts. Love it. Betty's dress was just too much, what with the all the lace, she looked like a bassinet. I much prefer Irina's, which is comparatively simple and flattering. Maybe it's the lack of scary pointy boobs?

Bras. Most of us need them. Especially when we're pregnant.

LostLenore - I completely agree. From the first time the camera panned across that look in the wordroom I was yelling at my husband it might be okay but for the insect parts on the straps!!

I'm currently pregnant and the only ones I would enjoy stuffing my whale-ass into are Gordana's and Shirin's.

I also was wondering about the breast issue. Why not give the models a full front pregnancy suit instead of that horrid bump? I think some of these designs just looked ridiculous because of the inaccurate bump.

I was disappointed the most with Epperson's entry. Not only do you have to pee often, but often without much notice. A jump suit is just so completely off the mark, I think this should have been in the bottom 3 instead of Ra'mon's bowling bag.

I liked Gordana's a lot and would have put it in the top 3 instead of Althea's gown.

Epperson's outfit lacked functionality, being a jumpsuit, and looked terrible on his model. But it did look good on the mannequin, and I think that's why Tim wasn't worried when he saw it. It's another example of how there's no substitute to putting your outfit on a real person. Santino, I'm talking to you.

Maybe it was the Olson twins post, but the straps on Gordana's top look like bunny ears to me.

With Irina's dress, all I can say is chip. But then shiny almost always does look chip in a chip way. I don't get why all these designers keeps falling in love with the shiny. It only looks good on the bolt in the fabric store.

The one big problem that I had with a lot of these designs is that pregnant women have big breasts that grow bigger as they get further along. NONE of these designs could be worn with a bra. So in that respect, I think they all failed to meet the requirements of the challenge.

Also -- thanks so much for the awards, as well as all the posts this weekend! You're spoiling us.

You'd have to be 50 weeks pregnant with triplets to show that large and high. It skewed everything.

I would definitely have traded out Gordana for Althea in the top three. I'd still have given the win to Shirin, but Gordana's was elegant and far more practical than Althea's—especially in the boobage.

Hey Epperson!
Ajumpsuit ?
I'm surprised the judges, all mothers, didn't comment on the absuridty of this design.

Oh-and am I the only one who noticed you channeling Patsy Stone on AbFab? I seem to remember her describing the power of her position at the magazine as: "One word from me, and hemlines will rise so high, the world's your gynecologist." Please tell me you were deliberately paraphrasing!

Hey Epperson.
A jumpsuit?
I'm surprised that the judges, all mothers, didn't mention how absurd this design is for a pregnant woman.

I've liked both of Gordana's outfits--there's a certain flair to both of them.

But, yeah, probably the no-support possible factor did it in. Which was funny because she did get the desire to dress in layers when your pregs.

Tights and leggings are huge when you're pregs--they're soft, stretchy and keep your now-fat thighs from chafing.

Epperson's would have been kind of cool--as a pants suit. The vest/top had some room for size changes and pants, like tights, are good on the chafing issue.

Irina's was a pretty little dress, but did nothing as a maternity dress.

"One good wind and the world's your obstetrician."

Hee. Thank you.

I really thought Gordana should have been in the top three instead of Althea.

" MoHub said...

Oh-and am I the only one who noticed you channeling Patsy Stone on AbFab? I seem to remember her describing the power of her position at the magazine as: "One word from me, and hemlines will rise so high, the world's your gynecologist." Please tell me you were deliberately paraphrasing!"

Of course. Patsy Stone is both our muse and our patron saint.

re epperson's tragedy: honestly, it looks like one of those paper robes you wear when you go in for your ob/gyn appointments [those of you who haven't been, trust me on this one]. which might be appropriate and/or handy i guess if you had an appointment that day and wanted to save a little time getting dressed/undressed. getting out of that jumpsuit is a whole 'nother matter however.

Do they REALLY use those goofy watermelon/beachball size preggy prostheses in runway shows? A more realistic looking belly could be achieved using a throw pillow!!
Those things made some idiotic designs (see Epperson, Ramon and the Poultry Philosopher) look even more idiotic.
But I digress. The only design here I would deign to wear out of these three would be Gordana's with a slight tweaking of the antennae straps and a bit more room for expansion and coverage in the boob area.
Irina's was cute, but a bit too cutsey. Looked like a reworked 90's prom dress.

Okay, I have several friends who swear by jumpsuits when preggers, so that concept didn't bother me, but rather the fit was so bloody awful.

Of course, I don't think even Kate Gosselin got as big as the pillow tummies on these models were.

Donna in Seattle

I must be alone in my intense dislike of Irina's dress. There is something deeply, deeply "David's Bridal bridesmaid's dress" about it to me.

Although I think that color is disastrous on 99% of the population, RR is one of the few who could pull it off, so kudos to girlfriend for that.

Epperson's looked like a tennis ball in a tube sock.

You two are amazing. I can't imagine how you consistently turn out such solid content and sleep.
I love you two like crazy.

Gordana knows what she's doing, I hope she goes far.

MoHub said...Please tell me you were deliberately paraphrasing!

And please tell me you weren't accusing TLo of plagiarism because "the world's your (fill in the blank)" is a fairly common turn of comedic phrasing, just like "the mother of all (fill in the blanks)" was for a while there. The difference is how well someone fills in that blank. I have no complaints with how the boys plugged this one. So to speak.

piperkitty said I'm surprised that the judges, all mothers, didn't mention how absurd this design is for a pregnant woman.

They may well have mentioned it, with those comments ending up on the cutting room floor. Please remember that we aren't privy to the entirety of the judging process.

Women would know to sew a pregnancy panel into the front of the pants to avoid this very effect.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the runway....I don't think any of the designers used pregnancy panels. They all draped or made leggings.

Of course, I don't think even Kate Gosselin got as big as the pillow tummies on these models were.

Donna in Seattle
Did you see pictures of Kate Gosslin? She looked like she swallowed a Volkswagon Beetle. Not even the XXXLLL hospital gown could cover it.

In my experience, the pillow tummies looks about right to me. My only anatomical gripe has been shared by others in that the breasts weren't correspondingly larger. And you want to design a maternity dress for the largest size a woman can get, since some of us do carry multiples.

I just stopped by the Lifetime site to check out the TLo awards. Great stuff. And what an improvement over! It's like a real website. I miss Tim's Take. A lot.

Here's what the jumpsuit reminded me of: I discovered overalls during my third trimester. What a relief to open those side buttons as needed. OK, it was a long time ago, I was very young, and stylish maternity clothes weren't big business. It was summer and I got away with it. Just for fun, though, I wonder what a real designer/fashionista would do with them because you couldn't beat them for comfort.

I hate Irina's dress. It looks like something a pregnant 16-year-old would pick up off the rack at Sears to wear to prom.

Gordana's was my favorite of all. I was really surprised that she was not top 3. Those shades of blue together were just beautiful.

One more vote for Gordana's dress. It's really lovely!

Go Gordana : )

i'm not dorothy gale

Epperson's vest for the jumpsuit had a special pocket for holding the optional catheter.

im with you on lady go-ga's outfit. i thought that should have gotten higher marks. for me, definitely cuter than the boobaliscious dress. also, i love go-ga's reaction when she found out she was safe. she was cleared shocked she wasnt top 3. me too, go-girl. me too.

Totally agree on Gordana and Irina. I looooooved Gordana's when it walked down the runway. I thought it would be in the top 3, but she had some stiff competition. And same with Irina. When it came out, I just kinda went, "Eh." You put my "eh" much more eloquently.

Epperson...looking at the stills, I agree with you. When I saw it moving, though, I thought it looked nice. But never mind that, you're right.

i'm not dorothy gale said...

Epperson's vest for the jumpsuit had a special pocket for holding the optional catheter.


One good wind and the world's your obstetrician.

You bitches rock! I though her dress was way too precious. Gordana's was cute and elegant, not to mention practical. Epperson's idea would not work.

Gordana said boob area and I laughed so hard.

i just realized that easy sewer was referring to a person who sews and not to the place where poop goes when you flush the toilet.

Loved Gordana's!

I thought Irina's was pretty weak - the bodice is kind of a non-bodice.

And...I actually liked Epperson's.
(I'm NOT crazy, I swear)

I feel I am swimming against the current today, but I really liked Epperson's. And the first thing I thought of was how on earth would you get to the bathroom in time, and I like it in spite of that. I even like the over vest/sleeveless jacket/thing. Maybe this would just have to be a first half of pregnancy outfit.

I distinctly remember not caring quite so much what I looked like the closer I got to D-day. And swearing to NEVER AGAIN be pregnant during the summer.

I am still thinking there is great stuff to come from Epperson.

Gordana's was very nice and very wearable and in all reality, very safe. That is why she floated to the top of the middle of the pack. She is going to have to be a bit more dramatic or innovative to move into the winners ranks this early in the season.


Gordana's outfit was perfect.

Irina's dress was fine except that colorless crap and the super short front. It had potential.

Irina: a cute juniors' party dress.

Gordana: freaking awesome. i loved it as soon as i saw it.

Epperson: initially, i thought it wasn't so bad (until the jumpsuit was revealed). I had thought it was more along the lines of loose trousers and the belted shirt, which reminded me of the kinds of very flowy clothing women in India and the middle east often wear.

I totally loved Gordana's dress. It's comfy and elegant. She should've been top three.

Light blue with matching satin trim. Tacky, tacky,tacky.

I thought Epperson's lack of color kind of depressive. o far, not impressed, he needs to step it up, I know he can do it.

Gordana is a keeper. You can give her anything and she can make you a beautiful garment.


"One good wind and the world's your obstetrician."

Freaking genius. LOL.

epperson should thank the chicken and bitchell for not being in the bottom three, that's not a bad look but so not appropriate for when you're pregnant.

Irina's dress was cute, I even liked the flowers, but not the right color and the dress could've been a little longer. I also love the color.


TLo said...

" MoHub said...

Oh-and am I the only one who noticed you channeling Patsy Stone on AbFab? I seem to remember her describing the power of her position at the magazine as: "One word from me, and hemlines will rise so high, the world's your gynecologist." Please tell me you were deliberately paraphrasing!"

Of course. Patsy Stone is both our muse and our patron saint.

I knew it. Perfect!!

Gordana is this season's Ulie, she will very quietly and calmly make it to the end. Epperson channeled Santino's dreaded pantsuit ghost from season's past. He's gonna go. I've got to learn all these names, time for you guys to get goin with the nick names for my feeble mind :)

I was surprised Romijn didn't pick Gordana's, it looks like something she might wear. I thought it could have been a contender - love those straps and the color selection. It didn't look cheap, (so there went Heidi's vote) like many of the others did. Good job, Gordana.

Of course. Patsy Stone is both our muse and our patron saint.


Love Gordana. Love her accent, love her dress, love her way of just calmly doing her work. I keep going back to "if you give me a sheep I will make you a sweater." She sounds practical but with a twist. I hope she ends up in the top three next episode.

Gordana and her design rock! She is as cool as the Easy Sewer. What an elegant look she made for a pregnant woman.

I was kinda digging Epperson's with the jacket/vest on. It looked a bit like a karate outfit. Then she took the jacket off and *fizzle.* Aside from the very significant peeing issue, wouldn't it be difficult for a very pregnant woman to put on and take off, with those straps? Any jumpsuit requires a certain amount of twisting and hunching to get into (unless very generously cut), but those straps look like they'd make it even worse. If it had been a top and pants, he might have had something. And I can't believe that this man, whose wife was pregnant not so long ago, wouldn't be sensitive to the needs of pregnant women.

I think Irina's is pretty cute, but I thought it was actually more tootie-revealing than your "Heidi Award" winner, Nicolas. Sure, his was short, tight, and shiny, but hers was short(er)and shiny. But I do think it was a good design for RR.

Suzq, didn't Mitchell incorporate a belly band into his shorts?

I really like Gordana's look. It is something I would have liked to wear when I was pregnant. I don't have a red carpet life, a career dress life nor a cute dressy lunch with the ladies life. I could have worn Gordana's look to work and out to dinner afterwards. While I really loved the winning look, I probably would not have anywhere to wear it. Louise's was pretty but again, no cause to wear it, it is really too young for me -- it would be cute on a twenty or thirty - something. The jumpsuit featured in this post is whack-- not flattering with all the fabric pulling in front; and the blue dress... (for attending a summer wedding?) needed some work as it was too uneven in the front (imagine getting out of the car...). I would never wear those heels but it seems like Gordana's look would be fine with flats.

8/31/09 1:32 PM My condolences to the family of the sheep that was sacrificed for this look.

HUH? I'm confused by your comment, sheep are not killed for their wool--they are sheared. Besides I don't think the cardigan was made out of wool.

I know I'm about the sixth person to comment on this, but the like "One good wind and the world's your obstetrician." has totally made my day in a way few lines have. It's like something Amanda Woodward would have said to Lisa Rinna's character on Melrose Place.

Ellen M
9/1/09 1:32 AM

Suzq, didn't Mitchell incorporate a belly band into his shorts?
No. And that was part of the problem. While I think he altered the shorts that he did make to show off for the cameras and invite the whole group to wear, his design strategy stayed the same-- make the waistband large enough to accomodate the belly and make the legs wide--the theory being that you want to create a line from the waist down to the legs. But he forgot that a lot of the girth sticks out front. So the shorts flared out like a skirt when he gathered the waist around the model's belly.

Had he added a lycra panel in front of a normal pair of shorts, the belly would have been accomodated without the tenting effect. In fact, most maternity pants and tailored skirts are normal garments with a lycra panel in the front for the belly.

The only people who would have used the principle were the folks who sewed leggings. But it's not the same thing because the garment is constructed from the same material as the front panel.

Using a lycra belly panel forces you to construct a top to cover it and that can enter into the dangerous world of cliche. But I still think the technique has a lot of room for innovation and good design.

Some women find the lycra band uncomfortable. That's why you hear so many women talking about jumpsuits--most of which you can wear a blouse underneath and unbutton easily at the top.

I guess this is going to sound a little sacrilegious - but some of Tim's comments in the workroom have been bothersome. He seemed to like Epperson's - without words of warning (like E's pulling the legs in which would make further emphasize that "belly") or about all of those straps and no method of eggress.

With Gordana - I don't think he should have talked her out of a closure - a button with a loop would have permitted the option of closing the top.

But worst of all, his comments to Santino - don't remember the exact sentences, but Tim used the words beautiful or gorgeous and worse, ELEGANT when looking at Santino's work and the material. Seriously?

Too many of the people making dresses forgot to allow for additional length at the front due to the bump.

Louise fudged for this by making the slip. Gordana figured the bump int...the others didn't next need to measure the hem from the floor...not the waistline.

Cleverness in design isn't the same as boring sewing experience. knowing how to draw a pretty dress is very different than understanding how fabric works on actual bodies. many of the design schools stress the drawing over the fabric manipulation...actual sewing end of things.

"One good wind and the world's your obstetrician."


I love your writing. You hit the mark so many times in each post. Well done. I can't wait to read your book. (Please tell me there will be a book.)

It looks like Gordana may be this year's Terri.

She keeps cranking out good looks under the judge's radar. Hopefully she won't be auf'd over something stupid.


There was a feel I liked about Epperson's - I think if his vest had draped better below the belt it could have worked. I am NOT fond of maternity sweaters/coats which seem to be designed to fall open around the baby-bump. See, I can do that with my pre-pregnancy cardigans and coats. But if his jumpsuit truly had no easy-off access point, it was a HUGE fail.

Gordana's piece was, for me, reminiscent of an outfit for a teenage "dancer" or "actress" whose "boyfriend" has left her struggling and pregnant. I don't know why - it's a cute piece, the image is not literal. Maybe because the model is so much thinner than most pregnant women of my acquaintance.

Irina - cute, but agree with the TLo comments.

The Vast Middle!

Laughing at that still. That was truly me pregnant at 43 in 2008. Thank you for yet another witty phrase.

If the actual bottom three hadn't been so hideous, I would've expected Epperson's design to be there. Maybe it would've been better in a different fabric, but as it was that jacket was a stiff lumpy mess.

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