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Vanity Fair: Mad Men

Darlings, try and pick your favorite shot. We couldn't!

Jon Hamm and January Jones got their mid-century drag on to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair . They were expertly styled by Michael Roberts using mostly current looks to evoke the early '60s clothing the two wear so well on Mad Men.

Isaac Mizrahi dress

Valentino chiffon plisse blouse/Ralph Lauren Fall 2009 Collection

DKNY Fall 2009 Collection

Chanel Fall 2009 Collection

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Collection

Carolina Herrera dress

Jesus Christ, those two are so pretty they make our teeth hurt. If we had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the red convertible. Accompanying the pictures is a fairly long article about the genesis of the show and the mind behind it, show-runner Matthew Weiner. If, like us, you're eager to devour any Mad Men news to fill the dark and lonely times before the premiere airs, it's a must-read.

[Photos: Annie Leibovitz/]

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love the Mizrahi, the Dior, and the Herrara. favour either shot #1 or second-to-last.

these are insane.

Beautiful photos. Can't wait for the new season of Mad Men!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Honeys, the shot in the car is great, but shirtless Jon Hamm - there are no words.

Oh yeah. JJ looks good too. I like the riding ensemble.

Thanks, TLo!

Whew, serious eye-feast. Thank you, TLo!

Only 9 days to the 16th!

All the best (and enjoy your weekend with the Bennett-Sheltons),


Oh my goodness, I could not pick a favorite. I love every one... the artistry, the fashion, and those two beautiful people.

And January is working the hell out of every pose.

Hamm... Oh, a slice of Hamm always tastes good...

What a visual feast!

LOVE that grey dress in the convertible shot. Covet!

Thanks for the link to the story, Guys! Can hardly wait for the premiere.

I love every single shot, every single design. This is one beautiful spread. I just want to look at it over and over and over!

The shots are amazing. I love love love that Dior dress. Now let me go read the article :)


Hamm and JJ are two seriously pretty people, and they just seem made for the early 60's fashions.

Thanks for the eye-candy guys, and enjoy your weekend in the country!

This is by far the best photo shoot of January Jones I have seen since all of the hullabaloo started. She just looks better when she doesn't smile, as someone pointed out in a recent post. Plus, the more retro makeup, apparel and hair just seem to suit her better than today's styles.

Jon Hamm . . . my teeth are hurting.

Red convertible shot was my favorite (To Catch a Thief!) until I saw the last one.

Great, great shoot. It's the first one that really does this pair, and the show, justice.

I'm in love with the last shot.

" Thanks for the eye-candy guys, and enjoy your weekend in the country!"

We will, but it's next weekend :)

Goodness, those are beautiful shots. If season 3 turned into a pictorial of these two, I don't think I'd be able to complain.

As I was scrolling down, I thought, "Of course my favorite is Don's shirtless photo." Only to scroll a bit further and realize there were two such pictures. How could I choose?

Hello Jon Hamm's naked back!! It's nice to see you.

Jon Hamm is also hilarious--I am a big fan of comedy podcasts and he was especially great on Comedy Death Ray radio a couple of weeks ago. There's also a few episodes of Never Not Funny that he was fabulous on.

Niiice! I really hope that Annie Leibovitz gets her finances figured out. She's so talented and has worked so hard.

The styling is so much better and "true to the era" than that horrible Lindsay Lohan "Marilyn" fashion spread.

There's also an article in today's Wall Street Journal titled The Women Behind Mad Men that's an interesting read.

you know, this was supposed to be the cover story before they turned it into a farrah fawcett tribute issue. the first shot with january in the green dress would have been the cover image

Wow. I didn't want that one to end.

The clothes are nice and all, but for my money the shirtless Jon Hamm is the highlight of the piece. I'll be in my bunk.

-Erin MJ

Wow. January nailed it. Jon's not so bad either. :)

So, so beautiful. But really, those two, Annie Liebovitz, VF? How could it not be?

Check out (Best Week Ever) for some stunning candids of Jon Hamm. There's one of him smoking that is....smoking. unfair that one person could be so beautiful. Oddly, I don't find him as attractive on the show b/c Don Draper is so very broken and I'm a gal who likes stable, kind men, but when he's just enjoying his fame or popping up on 30 Rock? Swoon.

My god that man is beautiful!!

Oh, January was in the shots too? I never noticed.

I was gonna pick the incredible shot with January Jones in pants and those great boots...

...but then I was defeated by shirtless Jon Hamm. Annie knows what we want.

This pair really is too beautiful for words. I was all set to complain about how Mr. Hamm seems perpetually constipated, but somehow that totally works. They have great chemistry in these photos.


I this order:

the house

the car

the guy

the DKNY dress.

The most shocking thing to me is that there is actually a DKNY dress I want, but there you go.

Not only are Jon and January beautiful and the styling spot on, but the layout caught the mentally isolated vibe of their Don and Betty characters on Mad Men perfectly. In all of the shots, J and J (or B and D) are looking away from, in the opposite direction of or past each other, not AT each other, never into each others eyes. The discontent and loneliness of their characters is almost palpable. I find it very well done. Thanks, TLo.

Heather made a pretty nice frock.

Love the Valentino/Lipschitz combo, but that's more early 80s than 60s.

And John Hamm can a barrel with suspenders and make it look good. No surprise there.

so much pretty. thanks for sharing, boys!

I like the second shot, where they're in the bedroom and she's wearing pants, the best. That's the one where I don't know what she's going to do next, what she's capable of; intriguing.

What is it about this show that makes someone like January, who is unimpressive when it comes to "modern" photos, look so incredibly fascinating in these?

Mad Men is magic.

Really beautiful photos! I can't wait for the show to start, great article too, thanks for the link, guys.

This comment has been removed by the author.

wow, I loved every single look. Cool photoshoot!

I'm assuming the clothes are lovely. I haven't gotten past the yumminess that is Jon Hamm yet.

Truly great pictures and I love the show. But is it me or do others agree that both January Jones and Christina Hendricks are beautiful in their character hair, makeup and clothes and just meh as themselves. You have shown them both this week and I have to say they are attractive yes, but just like many millions of attractive women. But in their characters they are amazing. They are both created to reflect a glamorous style. One thinks they try to downplay their tv personna style and grace by dressing so so and not paying much attention to hair and make up. I know we all have natural beauty but they really need a style, or as you have suggested a gay...someone to create a look they can embrace. just saying....

too many cats

I want to live in that house.

I see that house, that yard, those waters. To me, the setting overshadows the fashions.

Love the Mizrahi on her. And both Herrera's but especially the gold.

Ok - stepping off a cliff here - but I am newly in love with this blog and with Mad Men. So what I say may have been said 10,000 times.

This photo spread is so gorgeous. And those two people are so beautiful it makes my teeth ache too.

Been thinking about the Susan Boyle pics yesterday in relation to these pics of JJ & Hamm. I have to conclude that there is almost no underestimating how powerful beauty is.

There is is research showing how early we respond to beauty (Babies spend more time staring at pictures of symmetric individuals than they do at photos of asymmetric ones.

Beautiful people earn more money,
(Judge's team found people rated good-looking made more money, were better educated and felt more confident

Researchers investigating whether there is a beauty premium to be had in the workplace have found that those they deemed the most attractive make 12 per cent more money than those regarded as less goodlooking. Average Joes and Joans have little to smile about either, with the moderately attractive taking home seven per cent less in earnings than the prettiest

Beautiful people are more likely to be offered assistance and trust. (

From fairy tales to movies, beauty frequently equals goodness, intelligence, lovableness.

Given all that - it is no wonder many people viscerally identify with Susan Boyle. And also demonstrates how powerfully we are attracted to beautiful people. I include myself - I LOVE looking at the beautiful people and clothes you guys put up. And that picture of JJ on the chaise wearing the blue flowered dress and the blue pattern on the floor around her and gorgeous Mr. Hamm on the chaise beside her, is utterly to die for. I can't help it.

After seeing the photos of Susan Boyle yesterday, however, these pictures are a little heart stabbing to me. Because I compare them in my mind to Susan Boyle and in comparison, she seems so brave.

my god, jon hamm is smouldering.


Damn, that is one handsome guy. I cannot stop looking at him.

I love the second shot -- I don't really know why, it's not normally my thing, but this time I do.

They look great; and I'm happy they're doing an article about the show, and not the actors. That sounds mean, but so few magazines do such things, and I'm much more interested in hearing Matt Weiner.

If Hitchcok were still alive, January would be his new muse.
The only problem with these photos is that Hamm isn't shirtless in all of them. Dayyyummm.

So yummy! Can't wait!

potty mouth princess

JJ's ensembles had me in awe until Mr. Hamm was shot topless. That man is flawless. Fucking flawless.

LOVE the blue flowered dress (yes, I pulled my eyes away from Mr. Hamm to admire it).

I've MM'ed myself on facebook and can't wait until the 16th! I'm BUSTIN' Jerry!

i'm not dorothy gale

Oh MY. This is one issue of VF that will not get passed along to others. The photos of Jon Hamm are breathtaking.

And JJ looks pretty, too.

Oh yeah, they are waaay pretty. Hamm prettier of the two, by far.

I like shot #1 best, with her in the Mizrahi.

The convertible shot really makes the DK dress look amazing.

The bedroom and the car...beautiful. But all the photos were.

Soon, right?

I love the Mizrahi, but like others all the clothes are amazing and the photography... well there are no words for it!

Thanks for the link to the Vanity Fair article!

January looks so sexy in that DKNY dress. What a great shot! Fantastic interview, thank you for the link, guys.

"…Draper’s wife, Betty…, is the gorgeous orchid, frozen in Eisenhower-era black-and-white."

So true! I finally had a chance to sit down and read the entire article. Great editorial/interview!

man, i want a copy of the yellow outfit/shirtless/leopard carpet one. framed. on my wall.

They've redefined the expression "glorious days of yesteryear". Jon Hamm makes me wish I were 30 years younger. (Well, actually, just about anything makes me wish that...) Gorgeous photos.

exactly how my life will look once I lose the baby weight (note to self..instruct husband to stop shaving regularily)

Beach in background, Mizrahi dress. It was a difficult choice - all beautiful photos.


Wow, this whole thread and not one mention of the peculiar lighting in the first picture? I stared at it for so long trying to figure it out that it made my eyes hurt. But I can't be the only (amateur) photographer here, can I?

And Jon is luscious but can't pose. He looks like a doll, very stiff and seriously lacking in range.

My favorite dress is the Dior, but I also think January looks better in the DKNY dress than the model does. Hell, she looks better in most of the dresses than the models do.

My favorite picture, on the other hand, is the second one. It just seems dangerous somehow.

There's something about a 5-o'clock shadow on a handsome man....mmmmm....

TLo, thank you for turning me on to MM. I rented season 1 after your first MM post last week, zipped thru it, then Tivo'd season 2 yesterday. I will be READY on Sunday! xoxo, Dr Sparkles

I can't describe the emotions these photos are stirring up inside of me. They are painfully fabulous!.

Wowee, that's got to be one of the finest butts since Gene Kelly.

They are about two of the most beautiful people walking this planet at the moment. Jon Hamm is impossibly sexy.Mad Men is the best show ever, but there is also some serious drooling to be had.

Who created the jacket he wears in the convertible?

okay, i give up. i CANNOT find the blue herrera dress to save my life. anyone know what collection this is from? i want want want it!

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