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T Lo Saw Julie & Julia

And we have opinions, of course!

Let's get this out of the way first: it was the most enjoyable two hours we've spent inside a theater in quite some time. Is it great film making? Well, no. We're talking about Nora Ephron here and she has never made the kind of films that impress us (or that we're even likely to see). But since we have a fondness for Julia Child that stretches back decades and a fondness for Meryl Streep that stretches back almost as far, that we would see this film and love it was a no-brainer. Meryl NAILS Julia (which sounds a little dirty). It's not just the voice and the strange accent; she gets the body movements and even the breathing down. It's really eerie. She doesn't truly resemble Julia Child physically - even in a frumpy wig and dowdy clothes, she's far more attractive than Julia ever was - but she embodies her so totally that you forget any differences. It's such a cliche that it's almost not worth saying, but Meryl Streep really is an incredible actress and we're in agreement with most of the critics when we say she's the main reason to see the film. Not just because she's Meryl Streep. but because she's Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, a charming and charismatic woman who led a fascinating life and did amazing things with it.

There's something that a lot of the critics are saying upon which we are decidedly NOT in agreement, however. It seems almost every review of the movie concludes that it would have been a better movie without the "Julie" part of the story. We can understand why they would say that. After all, as we said, Meryl Streep + Julia Child makes for a very entertaining and engrossing story. But we walked out of that theater speechless for a few moments and when we finally regained our ability to speak we both said the same thing: that was us up there on the screen. No, really. Tom made the point that out of everyone in that crowded theater, the two of us were having a totally unique reaction to the Julie portions of the story.

Here's the back story in case you didn't know. In late 2002, Julie Powell decided to escape the drudgery of her professional life as a cubicle dweller and start a blog, The Julie/Julia Project, the hook of which was that she would cook all 524 recipes found in Julia Child's magnum opus, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The blog was witty and funny, biting and acerbic, and above everything else (and somewhat ironic considering its subject matter) it was raw. Julie Powell was in many ways the quintessential blogger: she had some writing talent but her real talent was in her ability to convey her voice accurately and with gusto. After reading only a couple entries you felt you knew her well.

We discovered her blog some time around 2004, after she had concluded her insane project, and we read the entire thing from beginning to end in only a couple days. We were enthralled and we're not embarrassed to admit that she was one of our biggest influences. In short, she made us want to blog.

The blog led to a book, which led to this movie, which led to the inevitable jealous backlash against Julie from bloggers and foodies alike. It's become quite the thing to point out her flaws, both personal and professional, but we're having none of it. The fact remains that she had a brilliant idea for a blog and she did the hard work to see the thing through and it's not really for us to say whether she "deserves" a book deal or a movie out of it.

But kittens, sitting in that theater and watching the story of Julie and her husband play out was easily one of the eeriest things we've ever experienced in a theater. Here was a couple (a redhead and a brunette, even!) having the kinds of discussions and arguments and triumphs that not only have we had in our lives, but ONLY we have had (or at least, it felt that way at the time). We know no one who experienced the kinds of things that happen when you start a blog and find, to your complete amazement, that people - LOTS of people - are reading it. The first comment from a reader, the arguments about how it's eating up all your time and money, the discussion of whether to include a PayPal button, the first call from a reporter, from an editor, from a literary agent, the puzzled queries from friends and family members who don't understand why you're doing this strange thing -- all of that happened to us and all of that was played out onscreen in front of us as if it had been ripped out of our heads (and inexplicably turned heterosexual).

Here's something we've never admitted before: like Julie Powell, we started this blog because we were in the midst of Hard Times and Dark Days and it was a way to keep that at bay and just do something for the sheer enjoyment of it and because, contrary to our expectations, people actually came to read us. The movie doesn't go far enough to point this out, but when you have a blog that suddenly becomes "talked about," and when you feel like you're drowning out in the real world, that blog becomes your lifeline and the people who read and support you become, in many ways, more important to you than even your friends and family. Because those wonderful strangers are demonstrating something that even your closest compatriots sometimes fail to: they believe in you.

It's a small thing and one that can easily be overstated and over-dramatized, but it's still a unique and powerful experience - especially because its one solely of your own creation. There's no publication or editor or marketing department. It's just you, and your thoughts, and (hopefully) your talent, putting it out there in the ether to the faceless strangers who have, to your eternal gratitude, decided that you have something to say worth listening to.

So we can understand why so many critics found the Julie portions less than interesting. It's because there really are only a handful of people (relatively speaking) out there who understand what it's like to start a blog and see that blog become something much bigger than they ever expected. We walked into that theater eager to see Meryl Streep become Julia Child before our very eyes - and we got that - but we never expected to see the very first film about blogging. And we certainly never expected to see so many aspects of our own lives play out onscreen right in front of us.

So, go. See it. You'll learn more about who Julia Child was than you probably ever knew. But you'll also inadvertently learn more about T Lo than you probably ever wanted to know.


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Awwww, you're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for being one of your earliest readers/fans/minions (albeit anonymous at the time).

Thank you, guys. You just convinced me to go see it because the Julie part of the reviews had been scaring me off.

I totally get this. Totally. I haven't seen the movie yet ( I will this week) but I totally get the concept of something like a blog able to get bring you out of the darkness and bring
I may be on my own blog path soon. I tried once, but it wasn't quite the right fit. But htis time, I think I have subject matter that will really help me, and help others. My youngest is off to college (FAR away) in 5 days and I am devastated. Not in a creepy way, just...he is a grat kid, a joy, and I will miss him like i would miss my right arm. And at 53, I feel that inevitable career crossroads too....being a nurse for so long, still loving my job tremnedously..but wondering..WHAT ELSE? Is now the time?
Anyhoo, you may be seeing me in blogland. Not for a book deal. For me :).

Hadn't planned on seeing this in the theater, but now I'm going to have to go.

Count me as another very grateful reader. As much as you needed to write this blog, I needed to read and enjoy it. You've brightened many a dreary day.

I saw it yesterday. Must confess that when the movie got to the PayPal scene I thought of you and this blog and the decisions you've had to make.

I am grateful every day I come here and find new content. I admire your talent, humor and commitment.

Always remember you have many loyal readers who, like me, don't always comment but who always appreciate your work.

I saw the movie and I loved it! Meryl Streep really is amazing. What an actress!!

and when you feel like you're drowning out in the real world, that blog becomes your lifeline and the people who read and support you become, in many ways, more important to you than even your friends and family. Because those wonderful strangers are demonstrating something that even your closest compatriots sometimes fail to: they believe in you.

I love you guys and I love your blog : )

Now I know my boyfriend and I HAVE to see this, we both love Meryl (duh), love you guys, and have a budding blog of our own. Oh joy! Thanks for the recommendation.


"the first call from a reporter, from an editor, from a literary agent..."

Boys, do I see a book in your future? Is that what you're saying?
: )

I am crying right now, because you boys have no idea of the joy you have brought into my life. Though I read other blogs, very seldom do I ever chime in, nor do I have the desire to. Thank you for all you do for us.
On to the movie: I haven't seen it yet, but having been a fan of Julia's, and of Meryl's for more years than I like to admit, I can't wait.

Oh, Tom & Lorenzo, I'm so touched by this. Thank you for your openness about how you got into blogging, what the experience has been like, and what it's meant to you. It was wonderful to read.
Big squishy hugs, BB

As usual an insightful and unique insight. As a Julia Child and Meryl Streep fan, I was planning on seeing the film eventually. With your review I MUST see it this week!

Thank you TLo for all that you do: Not only making me laugh on a daily basis and providing a great perspective on all things fabulous but also providing an extraordinary forum for discussion.


CanIGetYouAnything? said, "Boys, do I see a book in your future? Is that what you're saying?"

I know -- I was wondering about that, too. Come on Boys, fess up -- at least throw us a bone!

I've been following this blog on a daily basis from almost the very beginning. Your snarky commentary on Season 3 of PR hooked me hard - I refresh the site on a daily basis, just to see what the latest offering is.

However, though a longtime reader, I'm a very rare commenter. But after reading this entry, I would just like to let you know of the joy this site has brought me, as well as many, many others. There's not many websites that can maintain such a fiercely loyal fanbase for several years.Thank you for giving us this insight into your lives, and thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to see what's to come for you both...

Thanks for the lovely post. Yours is the only Blog I've ever followed and one of only three Web sites that I hit on a semi-daily basis. Thanks so much for all of the witty commentary as well as getting me more interested in fashion than I ever thought I'd be. You guys are great!

I read both books last year and enjoyed them both so I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I am surprised about the negative reactions to the Julie part, it was such a good book.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I so enjoyed it, including the Julie part.

Thanks for the insights into a world I wouldn't have quite understood otherwise. I'll be thinking of you in the theater!

Been trying to earn a living myself, so I haven't been here much. But I took the time to see the movie with an old friend, a die-hard Meryl Streep fan too, who likes to cook.
It was everything the critics said and more. I loved the Julie parts too, (not knowing your backstory makes it all more interesting now in hindsight) and can't understand their Julie/Amy kiss/off. Amy Adams actually had me enthralled through an entire Disney movie once, Enchanted.(Disney, I know, don't ask. She makes wonderful things with the curtains though) and I realized then that she was an heir apparent to Streep.
Hated her husband though.

I was thoroughly entertained by this movie and thought of you both when viewing the film. I get an even get a greater sense of the transcendant nature of your blog today.

That last anonymous was me, path.

I am the anonymous at 10:31, whoops.

Just give Meryl the Oscar now. It's just that damn good.

We were going to see the movie on Saturday, but I couldn't put down "The Girl Who Played with Fire" by Stieg Larsson (everyone must read the Millenium Trilogy!!)... So now that I finished that book I can now go see this movie!!
And to you two... many many thanks for all the fun you two provide. This 54 year old, married, library employee loves every minute!!

I didn't think the Julie portions were as boring as all the reviews said. And, I thought Meryl was dreadful. Like since "she can do no wrong" nobody told her that she was doing a shallow impersonation instead of a real character. Meryl got the part because she did an impromptu impression of Julia for Nora Ephron after Nora brought the project up. I don't think she worked on her characterization at all since that point.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you do with this blog. I always look forward to the latest post. I have learned so much about fashion from you, and you often make me laugh out loud.

Oh T Lo, you guys are amazing. Thank you for making the morning drudgery, well, less like drudgery.

I loved the movie! I knew nothing about Julie and immediately fell in love with her story. I thought of you guys many times : )

Now I have to read her blog and buy her book.


Thank you for this post. I have been reading your blog for some time now and it's always been a great part of my day.

I'm thankful for your post especially today because I was feeling particularly down and out this morning. It being Monday really hasn't helped my cause!

Thank you for letting us know your appreciation for the friendship we've developed because of this blog. It's odd to think of you both as friends when we have never (and may never) meet. But I can't see you guys as strangers anymore when you have shared so much with me and all of us.

Thank you again for brightening my day.

XO darlings,

P.S. Totally can't wait to see this movie, been waiting for ages for it to come out =D

Dear Tom and Lorenzo,

Yet again you not only give us insights into current cultural phenomena, but you also unselfishly share portions of your own lives, thereby enriching us, your loyal minions, twice.

I enjoyed Ms. Powell's book when it first was published several years ago and can only thank her at a remove for her inspiring you two to create this blog, which has given so much to your discerning friends and fans.

All the best,


OT note to Mimi:

I didn't know another of the SL trilogy was available in English yet! Thanks so much for mentioning it.

Wait, it's not OT -- it just goes to show how valuable, and what a community, this blog is!

What a lovely post, thanks for sharing.

Aww, you big softies :). I only found this blog a few months ago, so I'm late to the party. BUT I have gone back and read every single entry. You guys are great at keeping things light and I love you for it. Ligthen up it's just fashion, after all! Good luck to you both and don't forget us when you become all famous.

You guys rock! When I was reading your article I thought, "But don't they know I've been reading them to get that little jolt of happy I need to get through my work day?" Love you!

I've been reading since the very beginning. You guys always bring a smile to my face. :)

You confirm my expectations for this movie.

More than that, I have to say thanks - it's the primarily your willingness to give us strangers little bits of yourselves that makes this blog such a wonderful experience for us.

Well, that and the hours upon hours of work, without which the entertaining and sometimes revealing commentary couldn't happen.

Thank you so much for sharing your reactions to this film.

I've been considering seeing it because the previews on The Food Network certainly suggest Meryl's portrayal is amazing. Also, Julia Child graduated from the same college I did, and our alumnae association sent an email the day the movie debuted to suggest we see it with fellow alums, "have fun, enjoy some dinner later, and raise a glass to Julia Child."

After reading your comments, I'd like to add we raise a glass to Julie, too. Without her blog this movie would never have been made, and a new generation wouldn't have enjoyed the exposure to Julia. Cheers, Julie!

I started reading your blog a couple months ago - it was a great way for me to take a break and forget about studying for dental school. You guys are awesome - I spent one day (seriously) reading all of your previous entries and I love your blog so much that I often RE-READ most of the stuff. I look forward to your opinions - you really think about stuff and it is very articulate.

I don't know your background (whether it is in fashion, writing, etc.) but regardless - you guys have talent - and it's obvious that it's the kind of talent that is progressive and doesn't just sit.

Thank you!!! =)


As a longtime Meryl Streep fan- she can do no wrong!- of course I'm going to see this movie, but after reading your post, TLo, I have a new perspective on Julie Powell and her blog.

Thanks for being so open about beginning your own blog.It has brightened so many days for me, guys.

What a sweet, honest little entry to read first thing in the morning (on the West coast). Thanks guys. For everything!! I check you more often than I check my bank account. You've always had better returns.

Lindsay B in SF

I saw the movie Friday night and LOVED it. Including the Julie parts. True, Meryl as Julia is a tough act to compete with, but I found the Julie/Eric/Blog triangle to be really good as well. The movie theater erupted in applause at the end which is a rare event these days at the movies, so I know the vast majority of fellow viewers enjoyed it as much as I did.

And, Stanley Tucci is amazing as well.

I read your blog every day and check in on it multiple times during the day to read what you've posted. Thank you!

You've just made me tear up a little bit.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I appreciate your openess boys, and now I'm intrigued enough to go see the movie.

I was a fan of Julia Child since I was very little and would catch the show with my mother. Although I'm not personally any great gourmand or foodie, those shows gave me the motivation to learn how to cook, and how to cook well, even if it wasn't a rack of lamb or creme brulee.

And I'll always be a fan, even if I diagree with you guys. I wish I could give you more $$ than I do for all the entertainment and workplace distration you two give me.

Thank you so much.

Hubby and I saw this movie on Friday and loved it for the most part. It would have been interesting to see more
of how Julia came to have the cooking show. The parts
at the cooking school and with the ladies who were her collaborators on the cookbook were very entertaining (especially the one who was not pulling her weight). I thought the parts about Julie Powell were ok. I can certainly comiserate with trying to cook nice meals in a tiny kitchen and I cannot fathom the cost of the groceries to complete all of the recipes. After seeing this movie, I definitely want to read the book about Julia's time in Paris.
We decided to watch a movie on on demand Saturday night and went with Doubt, also with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.

Dear Boys -- I've had the pleasure of meeting you a few times, been a faithful minion since the snarkery of Season got me invites to meet Tim and other PR designers...I didn't think I could appreciate you more till today's post, which, to me, finally unlocked some of the backstory of the blog. My appreciation now glows with true affection for you both, with the fond hope that, someday, soon after the lucrative book deal, Meryl will be able to play BOTH of you in a hit movie. xoxo

I saw it too. Everything you said about Streep is absolutely true, and I'll add that her chemistry with Stanley Tucci is a joy to watch.

As for the Julie part of the film, obviously I cannot relate to the "having your blog become bigger than you ever thought it could be" part of it. What I can say, as a screenwriter, is that Nora Ephron sold Julie short. I think there was absolutely a way to make that part of the story as compelling and as entertaining as the Streep portions. Amy Adams is a very good actress. I think that the set-up of her part of the story was inadequate. Setting up characters is hard to do, and film is pretty unforgiving -- you have to do it early, and well. I don't think Ephron did that. She needed to spend a little more time with Julie early on, and frankly... she should have gone to Julie first, instead of Julia. Let us get to know her, and really feel the boredome and frustration that led her to start the blog.

I loved the movie. It was just delightful. I didn't have a problem with the Julie Powell arc either, but for a totally different reason. I saw myself (and all of the people I know who love to cook) in her triumphs and meltdowns in the kitchen. Cooking can be a very personal, time-consuming, sometimes rewarding (and often expensive) pursuit so when you work so hard, and your cake doesn't rise or your coq au vin burns, it can be really upsetting. I've never actually laid down in the middle of my kitchen floor ( I think it is too small), but I've absolutely shed a few tears over failed projects from time to time. Some might say Julie was being over-dramatic, but I think it was realistic.

I don't know if this is any consolation or repayment of your open vein of love and emotion, but, in my mind, you bitches are among my closest friends. I check in every day to see what you think about pretty much anything. For all you give and for all you are, we lurve you!

Can't wait to see the Tucci and Streep combo... They do well together. Aug. 15 is Julia's birthday, so I'm taking my book group then.

LOVE YOU, TLo!!! You're #2 on the morning ritual (right after brushing and flossing). I am so inspired by your intelligent humor, your silliness, your obvious love for each other. Here's to many more years (AND a book AND a movie).

"Dave said...with the fond hope that, someday, soon after the lucrative book deal, Meryl will be able to play BOTH of you in a hit movie."

Oh, Dave, that made me LOL.

Love you boys, love the blog, I've been reading it forever. I haven't seen the movie yet, but now I have to.

Another long-time reader peaking out from the curtains of anonymity to thank you. For this post. For last week's posts. For all the posts, and all the sweat, and all the tears, and all the snark, and mostly, all the love.

It's a joy reading you every day, and I'm grateful to have found you early on.

Thank you.

(creeping back to my anonymous corner now)

You bitches made me cry.

Meryl Streep + Amy Adams + Tlo = Priceless

Thank you for this post!

Thank you for having the class enough to praise the Julie storyline as it deserves. I loved that side of the storyline. It felt very authentic.

I found this blog several months ago through Go Fug Yourself, and now I check it Every. Single. Day. You two are wicked funny, perceptive, and gloriously entertaining. The blogosphere would be a much less fabulous place without you.

I saw this movie yesterday with a couple of good girl friends, and absolutely loved it. One of my friends is going through a divorce, and the other dealing with a snag in an already shaky relationship. We all left feeling wonderful. It is such a feel-good story, but not cloyingly so. I do have to say that I agree with most critics that the Julie storyline was much weaker than the Julia's, but it wasn't because of Amy Adams. She was wonderful in the role; I just think that there wasn't enough done to flesh her character out. If her blog was so witty and acerbic, maybe it would have been better if more of it had been quoted. As it is, the film focuses way more on her actually cooking than her blogging about it, and it sounds as though the film would have benefitted from that sharper perspective. And, of course, Meryl was brilliant, Stanley Tucci was wonderful, and I loved their relationship. Who knew that Julia was cooking just as much in the bedroom?

Dear TLo,

I've been a devoted reader almost since the beginning of your blog. And it's really the only blog where I comment, albeit anonymously. You bring so much joy to so many readers. I love that you're so inclusive and keep the divisive things (such as politics) at bay. There are plenty of other places on the web for that. I hope that this fabulous blog brings you everything you want and deserve from it - readers, money, work, tv gigs, you name it, you guys should get it!

I read Julie's book and really enjoyed it. And of course Julia Child is a goddess so I can't wait to see this. Maybe tonight - it's going to be 95 degrees and humid so sitting in a heavily air-conditioned theater for a couple of hours sounds good.

Wow - you gave me goose bumps.


Jambino said:

After seeing this movie, I definitely want to read the book about Julia's time in Paris.

Do go to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy of My Life in Paris-it is absolutely delightful to read, and Julia Child's joie de vivre is so evident on every page

I think Nora Ephron does a great job capturing a moment in time with her work. You mentioned Julie & Julia is the first blogging movie, and I think she did the same thing with You've Got Mail just as people were really getting into Internet, e-mail, chat. It's a snapshot of popular culture, and how we live and also how we interact with technology and how it influences our life and the lives around us. I love both movies for that reason.

I thought about your blog throughout the movie. i didn't realize you were influenced by Julie, but I knew that your blog started as a "hobby" and resulted in something bigger than could not have been predicted. I saw the movie with my sister who doesn't read much on the internet (yes, we are older!) She didn't understand how the fame could have happened and thought it was made-up. I told her about your blog and pointed out the parallels.

Anyway, long story short, love your blog. You have made me a bit peeved every now and then, but I come back every gosh darn day. Addiction.

Saw the movie yesterday and totally loved it... the theater erupted in applause at the end, no one had moved from the time the lights went down.

I heard an interview with Meryl that she studied Dan Ackroyd's impersonation of Julia as part of her research... he was pure comedic gold and how brilliant of her to study his character to build her own.

The whole cast was stellar.... Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci... perfect escapism film.... Oscar worthy? Probably not, but pure entertainment.

Thanks TLo for letting us inside your heads these many years.... nice to see when life imitates art and vise versa.

Thank you for all that you do on this wonderful blog...I have had many laughs and learned some interesting things because of you guys. I have to tell you that you are "my gays", it's tough to live in a small midwestern town. I have to outsource. (I know I could find my own gays close to home, but they're pretty quiet here and I don't blame them, unfortunately many folks around this place can be dangerous for anyone who's out:(

" Wendy said...
Saw the movie yesterday and totally loved it... the theater erupted in applause at the end, no one had moved from the time the lights went down. "

Same thing when I saw it. I haven't seen that happening in a long long time.

Love you boys and everything that you do. Carry on!

P.S. Don't forget to tell us when the book is coming out : P

Sniff sniff. I read every day, never posted before. I love you guys so much. I even read you out loud to my husband. Thank you.

Thank you for the stunning insight into your blogging world. I was already intrigued by the movie as it has coincided with my own endeavors to become more active in the kitchen (which should involve some cooking). But your perspective has added some real pathos and professionalism. My favorite posts of yours are always those that delve deeply, whether in terms of snappy critique or, as this one does, reflective commentary. Thank you for sharing so openly.

I am one of those readers who lurk and never get around to commenting - largely because there is nothing remotely intelligent I can say, save "Lord, I love your blog posts!" - but your latest post has touched off a need to just say, thank you for blogging because your blog has provided the best entertainment ever. I look forward to your posts every day and I am actually disappointed when I don't find an entry.

It's not just the entertainment either. My mum used to be a fashion designer and I am completely hopeless in fashion, but just sharing your blog has brought the two of us closer together. (I actually know season trends now! Or telling seasons apart for that matter...)

Thank you!

Now I'm interested in seeing it.

I started my own blog in June as a way of entertaining myself during summer break, and while I haven't had much in terms of a response, it still helps that I know that at least a small amount of people are reading it.

I'm waiting, popcorn at the ready, for the Tlo movie.


Denis Leary as Tom

Mario Cantone as Lorenzo

Harvey Fierstein as Laura Bennett

Elke Sommers as Uli

Gilbert Gottfried as the Angry Little Peanut

Tim Gunn as Tim Gunn

Salma Hayek as Nina

Issac Mizrahi as Michael Kors (no wait, they already tried that)

A cameo from Debra Winger as Gotham Tomato (why not?)

And an angry mob of Birthers to play the miscellaneous trolls & pretender competitors.


I have so been wanting to see this but up until this point, unable to talk my fiancee into taking me. Well that just all changed. With an endorsement like that, he's gonna go dammit and he's going to like it!

I too will admit I was touched by your story as well boys and I feel blessed to have found your blog and all of the wonderful regular readers around these here parts. lol We love you too Daddies!!

Alright, but not being famous and not having a book deal is not an affliction to overcome like the gosh-darn mighty ducks.

" janine said...

Alright, but not being famous and not having a book deal is not an affliction to overcome like the gosh-darn mighty ducks."


I loved this post. You guys are wonderful and VERY appreciated. You bring a smile to my face almost every day. Thanks for all you do.

I really wanted to see this movie and now with your recommendation I will definitely have to see it.

Like others, I don't comment often but I am a loyal reader. I read your blog the first thing when I get to work. I usually check it multiple times before lunch just in case I miss a post. The other day instead of working in the lab, I spent the whole day reading through posts from PR seasons 1,2 and 3. Thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Like many others here, I don't know you, may never meet you (though I hope to someday!) But I do feel as if I know at least something about you. I've learned a lot about fashion from you. And you entertain me a hell of a lot. Thank you so much for making the decision to have a blog, for sharing with us. I'm looking forward now to seeing the movie with new insights.

That was so sweet. We saw this movie last night too and enjoyed it immensely.

Count me as a loyal reader but this is my first comment. I've even sent other people your blog and have started watching Mad Men. It's an addiction, I tell you!

On a more serious note: The amount of quality material that you guys publish here is phenomenal -- especially since it is as humorous as it is insightful. I'm not sure how many people realize how atruly amazing that is; that you are just two people, doing this on the side.

One of the things you always hear about how amazing the old Sid Ceasar show was, was that those writers were pumping out all that unique comedy material every week. And that was amazing - but that was a shortened season. You guys are doing it day in, day out, no break.

You've created this body of work that entertains thousands a day, added new words and phrases to the lexicon (where were we as a civilazation before we had the descriptive 'titscrepancy'??), and you've created a community.

In short, I tip my vagina hat to you and say God bless you, and all who sail in you!

(BTW, I could have gone another way with the casting. My first thought was Stone Phillips as Tom and George Cloony as Lorenzo).


I was going to wait until this comes out on DVD (even though I adore Meryl), but you have convinced me to go.
I have been reading your blog for...I don't know, 2 PR seasons? 3? I just recently came out of anonymity, but I just want you guys to know that I so look forward to sneaking a peek at your posts during the day at work. You always put a much-needed smile on my face and make watching PR so much more fun that it already was before I found your blog. You guys are awesome! MUAH!

I'm all teary eyed and sentimental now. This post really touched me. It's so strange, I've never felt as connected to a writer/blogger as I do to you guys. I read you guys out loud to coworkers and tell everyone to read your blog, even if they've never heard of Project Runway. The bitchy posts, the emotional posts, even when you guys argue amongst yourselves and allow us that window into your relationship (a la meggings)... I truly love every minute of it and I wish you guys every happiness & success in the world because you so deserve it.

OK, enough gushing. But I can keep going!

And I wanted to see this movie before, but damn it, I am going to see this movie this weekend. Thanks for convincing me (like everything else, including Mad Men) that it's a must watch.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Finally - I have proof that someone GETS the Julie storyline!

It isn't a GREAT film - but it is a damn fine way of spending $10 and a couple of hours. But please, don't go hungry! 2 hours of food porn coated in butter is almost too much to take!

When I discovered your blog three years ago, I too was in the middle of some very dark days and hard times. Thank you for giving me a great escape from all that, if only for a few minutes every day. You guys deserve everything good that comes your way!

Best post evah! And it has nothing to do with Project Runway or even fashion.
Mwah! Hugs and (air)Kisses
Sewing Siren

I think TLo is being (sweetly) a little naive here. A LOT of us have had the experience of blogging, to wild success that we're not having in our "real" lives. But most of us never got book deals or managed to cash in on our internet popularity in real life in any way. So we're bitter and don't want to go see a movie about someone who made it big doing the same thing we did. It's jealousy pure and simple. For me, anyway.

After reading this post, I felt that I haven't given enough gratitude to you two. Your writing is tremendous and intimidates me. The brevity of your wit ("They sew. We rip.")is really cool. I want to have a blog, but I'm not as funny, smart or interesting. Please let me reflect on what I call the high points and what made me log on to you EVERYDAY: The invitation to Laura Bennett's baby shower ("When? Whenever she gets around to telling her husband"). Your 1st meeting with Tim Gunn. Your 1st interview about your blog, ("We're gay. We judge. That's what we do.") Your openness and ability to accept people who are different from you (Stella). Your unnatural obsessions with certain TV shows that appease us before another season of PR begins. Your sharing with people who don't have the same access to truly great fashion. As I get misty typing this, all I have to say is Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Most Sincerely,

and, dahlings, so that is clearly stated, you do have an european crowd following as well
beijos from portugal

Awwww, I'm sorry you guys had to go through Hard Times and Dark Days, but I'm really glad it got you started with blogging!

Looking forward to seeing this movie tomorrow night!

Make no mistake about it - you bring joy to the humdrum lives of many, many people!

Love you

Gotham said, "(BTW, I could have gone another way with the casting. My first thought was Stone Phillips as Tom and George Cloony as Lorenzo)."

How about Sharon Gless as Tom, and Blair Underwood as Lorenzo?


Hugh Grant as T, and Antonio Banderas as Lo?


Daniel Radcliffe & Michael Cera in:
TLo: The Early Years

Okay, enough.

Nope. Won't see it.

I love Julia Child, and will not be party to the travesty that was Julie Powell's "project". Julia would have slapped the whiny little privileged bitch silly.

"Because those wonderful strangers are demonstrating something that even your closest compatriots sometimes fail to: they believe in you."

We DO believe in you! ::hugs::

I'm glad you guys told us this -- I was thinking about you while I was watching last weekend.

And I enjoyed both the Julie and Julia parts!

Does anyone know what Julia Child's true response to the Julie Powell blog was? The movie did not make this entirely clear.


I have had lunch with you guys for such a long time. You have forced me to bring my lunch to work and that has saved me a fortune! I had the greatest weekend...10:30 am showing on Saturday for" Julie & Julia" and then all of Season 2 of Mad Men. Ahhh, perfection. Keep up the wonderful work and that move was definitely 4 stars.

I raise my cocktail glass to The Boys who raise my spirits every day. How rare to find such wit, intelligence and candor in one person occasionally, let alone in two on such a consistent basis.

Much love and thanks, as always,


"Brooklyn Bomber said: Or
Hugh Grant as T, and Antonio Banderas as Lo?


Tim Robbins as T & Hank Azaria as Lo.


Sharon Gless as T & Tyne Daly as Lo.


I'll vote for Gless and Daly in the casting;)

Finding your blog - about two years ago - has added something to my life I never expected. Thank you for doing what you do and giving me smiles and things to think about. Oh, and other people who are crazy for mad Men!

Thank you for doing what you do. Since finding your blog about two years ago you have given me smiles, insights and someone who shares my love for Mad Men.

Keep up the great blogging!


As per Publishers Weekly:
[Judith] Jones says Child did not approve of Powell’s cook-every-recipe-in-one-year project. The editor and author read Powell’s blog together (Julie and Julia was published a year after Child’s 2004 death). “Julia said, ‘I don’t think she’s a serious cook.’ ” Jones thinks there was a generational difference between Powell and Child. “Flinging around four-letter words when cooking isn’t attractive, to me or Julia. She didn’t want to endorse it. What came through on the blog was somebody who was doing it almost for the sake of a stunt. She would never really describe the end results, how delicious it was, and what she learned. Julia didn’t like what she called ‘the flimsies.’ She didn’t suffer fools, if you know what I mean.”

And I can completely understanding thinking Julie's blog was a stunt, and yes - the writing is lightweight. No defense of it here. But as to Blogger Lilithcat allegation of "Julia would have slapped the whiny little privileged bitch silly".

Perspective, please?

Julia was an immense talent and gave us many things - but not to the extent that we should should be compelled genuflect.

Darlings, you really touched me on this one. As a loyal reader from way back, you know how much I love you both. (You are one of the home pages on my computer, so I can get to you quickly!) But I really appreciate you sharing a little of your life with us. I had already scheduled my Red Hat group to go see the movie next weekend, but now I will enjoy it even more. I can't wait - my favorite actress and an insight into my favoite TLo all at once!

On a more serious note: The amount of quality material that you guys publish here is phenomenal -- especially since it is as humorous as it is insightful. I'm not sure how many people realize how atruly amazing that is; that you are just two people, doing this on the side.

You guys are doing it day in, day out, no break.

You've created this body of work that entertains thousands a day, added new words and phrases to the lexicon (where were we as a civilazation before we had the descriptive 'titscrepancy'??), and you've created a community.

In short, I tip my vagina hat to you and say God bless you, and all who sail in you!


AMEN, GothamTomato - well said! Another tip of my RED vagina hat! Loveyameanit!! Pittypat

I read a couple of blogs, of which yours was the first, that kind of "blew up" and took the authors along for the ride. It is a lot of fun, as a reader, to watch the process and the people involved. It is a real honor to be a part of it even if it is just as a commenter.

Can't wait to see the movie. I finished the book last night so maybe this weekend. Glad to read such a terrific review!

Great post~ I haven't seen the movie yet, I wasn't planning on it, but now I have to :)

Germany here and I love you boys!!

Thanks for your take on 'Julie and Julia'. While I do want to see it I will have to wait for the DVD to come out -- soon I hope!
As for your blog, it is one of three that I read regularly -- and the other two are those of personal friends. I don't read everything you post but make a point of reading those dealing with The Fashion show and Project Runway. I enjoy seeing the photos which show more than one gets to see on TV and your pithy comments make me smile.
Keep up the good work and I will keep reading!

I also saw the movie and it is interesting to see these experiences on the screen. I totally understand TLo's feelings as I had the same "been there" feelings when it came to Julia getting her book published. Years of work, co-author problems, told by the publishers that it was too big and then the eventual receipt of the completed text. By all means, please go see the movie as there is something for everyone even if you don't cook, blog or write books.


I grew up watching Julia with my mom. I loved her love of butter and wine imbibing. Memories of my childhood strangely include lots of Julia :)

Your humble words about starting your blog were touching. I have been reading you since your 10th post I think. It is the only blog I regularly follow (like check religeously every day), it has had such an impact in my house that my very straight fashion hating husband uses the word "titscrepancy".

I would love to see the movie with my mom, but she hates movies. I will have to watch it alone one of these weekends.

Best of blogging to you and thanks for all your hard work, it really brightens my day.

Aw, I love you guys. I've been a fan from way back (though I only recently started commenting). So glad you did start the blog -- you're a little spot of sunshine in my day!

Must see this.

Love you so. And I am in total agreement. Saw it this weekend (in a lovely old theatre, no less) and adored it. I don't understand the hate for the Julie part, even before I knew what it meant to you glorious folk. I think that without that compare/contrast of old and new world impossible undertakings, there was no movie. I thought Amy Adams was suitably irritating, sweet and adorable, though yes, Streep positively CONJURES Julia Child. I heard today she is only 5'6" and Tucci (who plays Paul) is 5' 8". If you see the movie, you'll know that movie magic made this work beautifully. Well said fellas.

You two rock! Thanks for your insight and in keeping me amused on a regular basis.

Amen. And thanks for a lovely post.

The Julie part of this movie killed, especially the phone calls from her mother. My mother does not have Mary Kay Place's southern accent (well maybe southern New Jersey) but she has been equally supportive of my food column and my blog.

I have to give Nora E. credit for the care she took with the scenes in which Julia and Julie get recognition for their efforts. I thought they were perfect.

And that scene where Julie is in the market and people around her are reading the NY Times with her photo? Slayed me. I've been in the grocery store and watched people shop with my column in their hands, and I have the same proud/sick to my stomach reaction.

Loved this movie, love you both even more!


As a blogger/foodie and frequent food blogger, not to mention huge Streep fan, I was really looking forward to this movie. I just got back from an early showing -- which had quite a sizable crowd, I was surprised.

I enjoyed the movie, but would've liked it better if it had been called "Julia & Julie."

What Julie Powell did was a stunt. That's not to take anything away from her accomplishment, but it was still a stunt. She didn't work her way through the cookbook to become a chef, or a food writer, or even to provide better food for her family. She did it to have something to write about, which IMO gives Child absolute justification to note that Powell was "not a serious cook." It was a perfect blogging project, and Powell accomplished her objective, which is admirable. But her objective had very little to do with the food as food.

I was disappointed that the movie didn't make the point more strongly that Child's book actually works, that you can "master the art of French cooking" by following it.

And I know it was played for laughs, but the egg poaching scene had me cringing. You can't plunge a raw egg from any height into simmering water and expect it to survive. You must slip it gently into its little bath. Then again, I've been making (and eating) poached eggs for over 30 years, and maybe that's not common knowledge.

Enjoyed reading your post. Saw the film yesterday. Sorry to say, it's not very good. The actors are fine, but the script, which melds both Child's experience writing the book with Powell's writing project, doesn't really work. Some of the dialogue in the Julie sections is cringe inducing.

Awww. That's all so sweet, you guys. It's been a blast watching it all happen for you here on the blog. Thanks for endless hours of entertainment over the last few years.

First off, I would like to say thank you so much for writing this blog! I check it multiple times a day for new posts, and it's always guaranteed to make me laugh. And if it weren't for you two, my friend and I would never have known the joys of Drag Race and MMASM. Musical Mondays are also a great go-to for boring days.

Secondly, my mom and I agree with you 100% on the Julie part. It was no less amazing than the Julia part (but I do have to say that Mom nearly died of laughter during the first French Chef sequence because it was so perfect!) and I think the movie would have been lacking part of its charm if that half had been cut. I can't wait for the DVD to come out! Plus, the extra features are bound to be AMAZING.

thank you for so eloquently stating what its like to be a blogger & to work on the internet. i've been working on virtual goods (think pixelated fashion) this last year to get me through some very difficult real life stuff & it has taken off in a way i never expected. people from around the world actually pay money for the little things i create to keep me from losing my mind. and it just amazes me every single day. there really is nothing quite like it. <3

I love you.

Aw, you made me cry, guys. Thank you SO much for blogging. It's such a joy to come here very day and read your posts. I can't wait to see the movie!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I really enjoyed the movie. I love Julia Child and I knew nothing about Julie. Thanks for the great post :)

Congrats, T&Lo on your movie gasm. Good isn't it?

Gotham Tomato, to further extrapolate on your idea:

TLo Boys as themselves, no one else can do them like they can.

Vern Troyer as ALP (you know, Mini Me)

Harvey Firestein as Chris March

The actual real Twiggy died red as L Bennett

S J Parker as Angela

Matthew Broderick died blond as Michael Kors OR Christopeher Walkin

Jerry Hall, Texas accent and all as Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum as Uli

Penelope Cruz as Nina

Richard Gere as Tim

Genine Garafolo as Wendy Pepper

Jennifer Holliday as Kara Saun...

Casting all the other PR participants would be a dream come true. So many actors I can think of would do them all justice.

Dear wonderful TLo -

I've been reading you guys for years.
You have a gift, and you give it. Perfection.

Thank you so much.

i'm not dorothy gale

Dammit, darlings...I am all teared up! I love that you shared your inspiration with us. It will give my movie experience a perspective that I wouldn't have had without you.

And you sure as hell won't see Meryl posing sprawllegged and bareboob thrusted on some cheesy magazine!

I think that you just made me tear up (in a good way!). Thank you for giving me a good healthy dose of gay, insightful and well written bitchiness on such a regular basis.

First let me say, I love you guys most likely for the same reason you love Julie Powell. Your passion, snarkatude, humor and quick witted intelligence set the bar I keep trying to reach. I also love you for your generosity that perhaps is not so widely known but will always be appreciated in my bloggy world.

However, I am one of those folks who is upset that it's a two for one movie when all I really wanted was a full blown adult movie about Julia Child's life. If you think Julie Powell's stunt, and yes I agree with the few others here that think it was a stunt, was that interesting to flesh out an entire movie then by all means make that movie. But don't short change us Meryl Streep and the rest of the wonderful cast for what in my opinion wasn't even half an interesting movie for the Julie Powell story.

Let me ask you this, after Julia co-wrote her cookbook, what else did she do? Quite a damn lot. Hell the LIVE tv cooking show alone should shame the dump and mix barbies of the Food Network world.
Julie Powell's next book will be about...what? Her current blog? Sorry kids, there are much more interesting blogs out there who are eminently more deserving of the attention, this blog being foremost. Give me more Julia and give TLo whatever the hell they want. The TLo Nation will show in movie theaters across the nation in a wave of Vagina Hats the such this nation has never seen. The Vagina Hat Chronicles. And it shall be good.

Thanks for the post.

I love Project Runway and love you guys too. Each day I look forward to reading your blog.

Thanks for all the laughs.


I have read your blog since almost day one. Love you guys. I know that it's nothing new to you, you hear it all the time, but I have to add my voice to the mix...I think that your blog is so enjoyable because you DO put your voice, your opinions and your thoughts right out there. You have interesting posts that are fun to read.

I also loved the movie. I think that the movie was so good because of the compare/contrast aspect of the the lives of Julie/Julia. Meryl and Amy did a great job.

Anyway...keep on goin' you two, you rock!

Wow, guys. I know this is going to create a ruckus among your adoring minions, but you really found a good way to "review a movie", when actually you provided a way to feed your own egos with the adulation that was sure to come from your fans. I usually really enjoy your blog, but this so-called review is a complete sham.

Warning: Unabashed fan letter to TLo to follow.


This post got me to thinking about your evolution as we see it as commentators. It started out as a snarky fashion blog about a reality show. From that it has become an actual cultural force, and as this post and the Susan Boyle post shows most clearly, a forum in which you actually consider a kind of cultural morality. I don't want to overstate it, Levi-Strauss you ain't, but I so admire your (growing) efforts at fairness and a kind of objectivity which is rare in this world where self-description and absorption are too often the norm. You've let yourselves grow, and we are all the richer for the ensuing dialog. You go guys.


Big Shamu@8:06pm said, Julie Powell's next book will be about...what? Her current blog?

Actually it's called Cleaving, and is about her apprenticeship to a professional butcher.

I love you guys, TLo, but I have to disagree. Julie Powell, in her book, comes across as a narcissistic, whiny, spoiled, selfish, and self-pitying bitch. Her new book is about how she cheated on her husband (who, mind bogglingly, is still with her, even after an entire book is being written about his cuckolding). And don't even get me started on her treatment of 9/11 victim's families.

I'm glad I took her "book" out of the library, because I would have been pissed to spend the money on that piece of trash, which I couldn't even finish.

Granted, I knew this going into the movie, but her half of the film still sucked ass. Julia? Magnificent. An entire movie about Julia Child would not have sold half as well, but it would have been twice as good.

Wow. I have wanted to see this movie anyway, but now I'm really excited about it! Thanks, TLo. I'm hoping your "dark days" are long over and am so thankful you're here to entertain your faithful fans. xoxoxo...!!!


Love your blog, reference it daily. Been reading since Season 3 PR.
Adored the movie- I (as a 50 yo girl) was among the youngest in the theatre crowd!

Keep up the fabulous chatter. You are my fashion compass.

Interesting insight on the movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I am planning to soon. The SF Chronicle critic gave it a warm review, but hated the Julie parts. With such bewildering (to me) intensity, that I assume it's because as a writer, he is just jealous of what a "mere" blogger has accomplished. He basically takes her to task for glomming on to Julia's hard work and using it making her own celebrity. To me, it's like a rapper sampling another artists work...not reaching as creative heights as one who dreamed something up all together new, but obviously flattering to the original work, and interesting to fans of the old and the new. To me, it seems like a great idea and I plan to copy it (at least the cooking part) so as to learn how to be a better cook myself. Best to you two. Love your blog.

Sorry JoyJoy, I'm not interested in reading how she takes up butchery to get over committing adultery. I think it's very interesting that one of the points of the movie is that the husband gets tired of seeing his life replayed on her blog, to the point of him walking out. How Julie almost writes about the big blowup. But doesn't. He comes back, all better. I can't imagine how this poor guy feels about the Cleaving book blurb description of Julie's "insane, irresistible love affair".
Just. Not. Interested.

The casting of Amy Adams bothered me throughout the movie. She didn't have the Julie Powell qualities as per the book/blogger. The cast of friends (Julie's) was also poorly done in the film.

No it was not a great film. Yet I truly enjoyed it because of Meryl and Julia.

I too liked the Julie parts since I totally identify with her, being in my late 20's and needing something to energize my life.

awww, I read you guys from your first post about season 3 and I just want to say I love you and you're awesome. I hope this all has worked out for you <3 <3 <3

I get it. I so get it and that's why I admire you two so much. It's not easy to maintain a readership, but you have and I think it's wonderful.

My mom and I have been talking about seeing this movie together. No matter, I have to see it. It looks absolutely delightful.

Great review, and just want to reiterate: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Well, I'm glad Julie inspired you and that you decided to take the shot at blogging.

yours always,


I read you Blog every day since you started at Season 3 of PR. Whether I am in Singapore or abroad with an internet connection, it is automatic for me to click on your link in my Favourites right after I check my emails. Yours is the only blog I read. Always entertaining and witty. I seldom comment here but want to take this opportunity to thank you guys.

I saw Julie & Julia last night with my husband and some friends. I loved Meryl Streep's Julia, but I also loved the Julie part. I found a lot of parallels in our experience. In 1963, I discovered Julia Child while watching tv on a tiny b&w set in the bedroom of a married student apartment at UC Berkeley. My husband was a grad student and spent evenings studying and working on his research in our living room so I had to be quiet. I watched Julia dispatching a live lobster with fascinated horror and from then on I was hooked. I got Mastering the Art of French Cooking for Christmas that year and while I haven't cooked all the recipes in the book, I cooked quite a few, including Boef Bourguinon and Coq au Vin. My book is dog eared and grease spattered, but unlike Julie, my book has lasted longer than that marriage. I got a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from cooking during those years- our fights were never about my cooking.
I am planning to buy the DVR as soon as it's availible!

To Big Shamu @8:06 and 10:34 --

It's perfectly all right for you to feel that way. Go in peace.

And peace to you JoyJoy.

TLo, how many ways can a loyal minon say thank you (by hitting that paypal button again ~grins). Your wit, your snark, your pretty pretty pictures..

I think this sums it up for me...

" Au said...
You have a gift, and you give it. Perfection

Thank you so much."

thank you for the laughs, thank you for the insight, thank you for teachin this 'hick'.

Coming home from work and checking Tlo is a major part of my daily ritual. Thanks for all the wonderful insights...

anonymous minion

waking up in the morning and checking tlo is my daily ritual.

Anonymous 8:40 PM said:
Wow, guys. I know this is going to create a ruckus among your adoring minions, but you really found a good way to "review a movie", when actually you provided a way to feed your own egos with the adulation that was sure to come from your fans. I usually really enjoy your blog, but this so-called review is a complete sham.

8/10/09 8:40 PM

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. I didn't find that TLo were "feeding their egos" at all.
No "ruckus" here for disagreeing with you, just a gentle reminder that most of us really, really get a lot of joy and entertainment from this terrific blog. IMHO, no other regarding fashion can begin to compare. I have been a "loyal minion" for over a year now, and I
love this place, and I love TLo.

I first heard about this movie from Apple Movie Trailers and read "Meryl Streep plays Julia Child" I thought "Riiight". But I saw the first few seconds of the trailer and was like "WOW!" and I knew I would see this movie. My wife and I went - the first movie we've been to without kids, since Juno. What a pleasure! What fun! And while my wife echoed most people's reaction to the Julie portion of the movie I LOVED the whole package. While I am not a blogger I do have an internet based business so I do understand about the way it feels to connect to the world through the computer.

Streep was perfect as Julia, but without knowing Julie Powell one has to assume that she was perfect as her as well. That's part of the problem. Imagine that you didn't know anything about Julia Child and saw this movie. You might say that Streep had an affected performance with a goofy accent and unlikely mannerisms...too contrived. So those who don't like the "second half" of the movie are probably just reacting to their own preconceptions.

I hope that Streep is nominated, but I hope that Adams is too.

"Wow, guys. I know this is going to create a ruckus among your adoring minions, but you really found a good way to "review a movie", when actually you provided a way to feed your own egos with the adulation that was sure to come from your fans. I usually really enjoy your blog, but this so-called review is a complete sham."

Oh please. This wasn't even a review as such. It was an essay about their particular and unique reaction to the film as bloggers. Your slip (and burning jealousy) is showing, dear.

Sweet Jeebus - what in the Cranky Bitch HELL is Mary Louise's problem?

While reading this, I realized that I've never seen a movie about blogging before - and you've convinced me to go. And since I've spent the last 2 years blogging my ass off, I can't wait to see if Julia's/TLo's experience has been similar to mine.


Hi David, I just wanted to point out that I was quoting another (anonymous) commenter. Love your blog!

What a wonderful post. I was indifferent about Julie & Julia, but you made me want to watch the movie now.

I plan to see the movie next week with my Mamma, glad to hear the positive reviews from many on this blog. I watched Julia for years and I was really hoping "My Life In France" would be made into a stand alone movie. I highly recommend that book to anyone, not just foodies and Julia fans. And whoever mentioned being sidetracked by The Girl Who Played With Fire...I'm in the middle of it now and totally agree with you, I can't put it down!

Aww. I never comment, but I absolutely ADORE you two. Thank you thank you thank you for your hard work on the blog!

TLo - I almost never comment, either, but I've been reading Projectrungay almost daily since you started it. You're witty, sophisticated, fabulous, and approachable - what's not to love? Thank you for all your hard work, I'm happy for you that it's paid such dividends!

potty mouth princess

I already knew all about Julia; no surprises there, but I was curious how they were going to portray Julie, whose blog I found probably about the same time our gracious hostesses here did.

I really liked the parallel messages about completion, but identified more with Julie, since Julia had already lived quite a life before she set foot in Le Cordon Bleu.

Even though Julie was "sanitized" into a bit of an Ephron cliche, it was still a far better movie than I was expecting to see. It also dawned on me just today that this is the second movie these ladies have done together in a year's (or so) time. It didn't register, I suppose, because they never interacted in J&J. If anyone's curious, Julie's latest incarnation of her blog, including her red-carpet experiences, can be read here:

I hope TLo don't mind I linked it. I thank her for the inspiration I need right now as I am in the middle of my "project," and TLo for their daily snippets of snark. xoxoxoxo

Glad to hear that you guys loved the movie-I read the original book Julie & Julia back when I was working at my bookstore job and it also inspired me to start blogging.

Now I'm reading Julia Child's My Life in France(which Ephron used to round out the Julia part of the film),plus working on other writing projects along side the blog. I'm also happy to have found Tlo and hope that things only get better and better for you as you go along:)

Read the book. I discovered Julie when she was doing the project and often commented on her blog so I felt a an odd connection to the book. The book actually has very little about Julia's life. It's just thrown in haphazardly and (in my opinion) totally unnecessary to the story. The book is always better.

I read somewhere that several chefs who personally new Julia Child were not happy with the Meryl Streep's portrayal.

Has anyone else heard this?


That's why we love TLo!!! You are so hysterical, and REAL. PS: I met you in line for the Eleven Minutes premiere in Philly and you were just as cool and down to earth then too. Thnx.

8/10/09 8:40 PM

Wow, guys. I know this is going to create a ruckus among your adoring minions, but you really found a good way to "review a movie", when actually you provided a way to feed your own egos with the adulation that was sure to come from your fans. I usually really enjoy your blog, but this so-called review is a complete sham."

i must respectfully disagree with you there, Anon. 8/10/2009 8:40pm.

t-lo's post regarding the subect at hand, didn't seem at all egoistic, self congratulatory or shamish. at all.

imo, there isn't anything inherently self congratulatory or egotistical in identifying with a subject and relating how it had affected them, and expressing appreciation for us who read their blog. but that's just my humble opinion.

anyway, hope you don't take this as an attempt to censor you. just very much in disagreement with your post.

p.s. i agree with everything that the big shamu and anonymous 8/10/09 9:09 PM said, heartily.

Okay, this one got me to put something in the tip jar. Your blog is the best escape on a busy day at the office.

So so sweet. And I will take this opportunity to tell you both that I have been reading your blog for more than a year and in that year have become a faithful reader. You guys are so awesome, and I look forward to reading your blog every week! Thank you so much for all you do!!

TLo, Great review. I got teary-eyed reading the part about when you first started this blog. Just wanted to say I love your reading the blog(s) and you do a fantastic job. Keep up the great work.

I have no intention upon seeing this movie with its sickening liberal bias.

Any true American would never see a piece of work set in France.

America's most flip-flopping ally. And they eat snails there, too. They are all going to hell.


Uh, thanks for that Ann. I take it you'd like us to send the Statue of Libery back to France? The Old Girl most likely leans a bit.

Well, I didn't realize I was watching your life story up there on the big screen! LOL! No, seriously, I did think of you guys.

But while not many people have experienced your level of success, I think lots of people can relate to Julie's story of creating a blog in order to fill a creative need. I'm surprised critics didn't enjoy it.

While I could have watched a whole movie about Julia, I enjoyed the Julie parts, too. I LOVED this film!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Also, TampaBay, I read an article in gourmet by one of her biographers who knew her (albeit not super well) who loved Streep's portrayal. I definitely thought she was wonderful. (Very sex positive, which is fun)

Loved the movie, thought it was very interesting and has provoked a lot of interesting foodie/blog/feminist/movie articles.

TLo, just to add on, I've been reading your blog for about 3 years (I don't remember exactly when, about halfway thru S3). I read an interview with Laura and she said you were the press she read, so I knew I had to check you out. Thanks for being there! You are both incredibly talented.

Please do not post this. I see that you've had 166 comments posted as of the time I write this, and it's obvious you struck the love nerve. So I won't bore you with too much of the same, except to say that one of the reasons I started my own blog on blogspot about weight loss -- yes, weight loss -- was due to projectrungay. Long live Laura.

I loved this movie more than I ever expected to. And it really made me want to start a blog! Something I never even considered before. (I rarely even post comments.)

Your blog adds so much to my enjoyment of Project Runway. You guys are hysterical.

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