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Project Runway's Most Dramatic Moments, S1, Part 2

We're not done with Season 1 yet, bitches!


Oh Season One. How we miss the rawness of it all. What we wouldn't give to go back to those halcyon days when the designers had no idea what they were in for. The backstabbing, the fighting...

...the drinking on camera.

Just stop for a moment and remind yourself that they held the reunion IN A BAR. How awesome is that?

Let's put the inevitable Wendy beatdown aside for a moment and recall the ironic-in-retrospect Vanessa beatdown. See, before the reunion, Vanessa gave an interview for the Popgurls site. You can find it here. Go ahead and take a look.

What's so fascinating about it is, 4 seasons later, we can't imagine ANY of the designers getting so bent out of shape over such a relatively harmless interview. Did she smack-talk? Sure, but when we think of the kind of smack-talking that we saw in later seasons and in later interviews, we can't help thinking the people SERIOUSLY over-reacted to what Vanessa had said.

Look at Wendy's face there. Hysterical.

The thing is, knowing what we know about the show now, a lot of what Vanessa said was dead on. Even more dead on was her retort to Jay and Kara Saun's judgmental tirades that the only reason they were so defensive about it was because they made it into the finals.

In fact, it's particularly ironic watching Jay's hurt and offended response on behalf of the show when you consider all the bad things HE'S said about the experience in the years since.

In the end, Vanessa did what anyone would have done in the same situation (if they were drunk and had already spilled their wine all over the floor).

"I don't want to be here. This is bullshit."

She walked out, to Heidi's eternal delight. Vanessa, you're one of the few contestants on the show we've never met but we're here to say, you were (mostly) right and you didn't deserve the dogpile you got for it.

Of course, we have to move along to the Wendy dogpile now.

"I think people misunderstand my objective by coming on the show. I didn't come on the show to interact with fellow designers, I came on the show to win. I don't regret my approach. I just assumed that we were all doing the best we could in this difficult environment to get to the end."

"It's not about getting to the end, it's about how you get to the end."

You know, that's all well and good, and we're not really defending Wendy because she was pretty much a shithead through the whole contest, but for Christ's sake people, it's a REALITY TV COMPETITION. It really is astonishing to watch just how naive everyone was about the whole thing back in those days.

And in that vein...


Now, THIS, kittens, THIS was PRIMO DRAMA. The naivete of the Season 1 contestants allowed for some fantastic moments like this, where they simply let out every single thing they were thinking on-camera and with both barrels.

"It is a little bizarre that you live in a room with me and you don't speak to me."

"I'm not bizarre, how's that bizarre? If I think you're a backstabbing liar then I'm not going to talk to you, so to me it's not being fake, it's being real."

"Maybe if I coerce them to fight with each other physically, I automatically win."

Hey, what do you know, Jay? It worked!

"Wendy, everybody hates you. It's a fact."

So much for staying out of it.

"I've met people like you my whole life, who pretend to be your friend, who stab you in the back, who will do anything, I live in freaking Hollywood, do you understand that? You're going to need your soul one day, Wendy, and you don't have it."

"Don't sell your soul to get anywhere because you may need it one day."

Oh, come on. We're with Wendy on this one. Again, not to defend her, and we can certainly understand why Jay and Kara Saun were hurt and angry, but when you start talking about someone's soul in the context of a reality television competition, you're getting a little full of yourself. Especially since, Jay and Kara Saun, at this point, had absolutely no reason to be threatened by her. They had to know that she had no chance to win the competition, so why not just ignore her at this point? They would have come off looking a lot better, which is probably a lesson that was learned by all the designers in subsequent seasons because we were never again treated to such delicious drama as this on the show. Oh sure, there were blowups and personality conflicts, but nothing like this, where the full on hatred of the participants was laid out for everyone to see.


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Let's get this out of the way:

Wendy = Good, Mom, misunderstood, victim

Kara = Baaaaaaaaaaaad, Angry, Evil, maybe un-American

Vanessa = Drunk, but right as shit about Heidi

Jay = P-A like a maulfuck, but still funny

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Keep 'em coming, TLo. You're helping to make my shitty work week go by even faster.

Love you guys!

"See, before the reunion, Vanessa gave an interview for the Popgurls site. You can find it here. Go ahead and take a look."

I think you guys just caused the site to crash LOL it won't load the page anymore.

Wendy was so right so many times, it's just that she was such a bitch on the show that we tend to forget these moments.

I've always thought that Kara Saun came out of the finals looking the worst. If the season had ended before Bryant Park, Wendy is without a doubt the biggest douchebag. But the finals really cast a dark cloud on Kara Saun. She came as so pretentious and petty.

I guess you could argue that Jay was part of the bully gang too, but it's just too hard to be angry with a man wearing a Tijuana blanket.

OK, it's loading now but very slowly :)

Great interview!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...
Keep 'em coming, TLo. You're helping to make my shitty work week go by even faster.

Spot on! I couldn't have said it better....

Oh, yes, just hooray. Thank you, TLo.

I always regarded Season 1 as the first reality TV competition show to (attempt to) veer away from the frightening precedent set by "Survivor." I could understand why Wendy chose to assume that a Survivor strategy was necessary and would be rewarded, but as we've all seen in that and subsequent seasons, the real reward for the designers has been the exposure and the good will that could be generated -- IF they behaved admirably/ ethically/ hilariously/ charmingly. Just look at Emmett and Malan. This is a a show whose core audience prefers classy creativity.

That said, oy, do these photos bring back some deliciously awful memories of Live Human Drama!!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


Concerning why they never had another reunion at a bar:

Producers were worried about Tim grabbing a bottle of burbon, breaking it over the bar and going after Victorya or Kenley.

You know it's true....

What a great interview. I now officially love Vanessa. I can't believe Bravo didn't even pay for their transportation to the reunion. And the Wendy and the cameramen story is priceless.

Season 1, sigh. Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line?

Yes, a lot of the stuff Vanessa had to say was right on, but then again, if she was so smart, why the hell did she move to Houston, TX??

As for hotel-gate: Yes, maybe Jay & Kara over-reacted, but I think your screen saves show exactly why: That FACE! Those Wendy faces she's making.

To have someone confront you, then make those smirky faces when you are trying to speak/respond would make even the Dali Lama want to give her a good hard slap.


I had never read the interview by Vanessa that caused all the commotion. I agree with some of what she said. I never thought Heidi was particularly caring to the contestants nor did she pretend to be, but anyone who thinks Tyra Banks is a good host or cares about anyone besides her rib-fed ego is an idiot in my book. I stopped reading at that point and put Vanessa in the "Deluded as Vincent Libretti" pile.

I thing with Vanessa, I think that the reason the designers were so raw about it was that the designers themselves were so raw and unknown, so they were probably going to be more protective of the show than someone like Rami or VictoYA who was using the show more as a stepping stone to further their career as opposed to someone who was using this as their way or busting onto the fashion scene. Plus, some of the things she said about the show were pretty ugly.

Was it overdramatic, most certainly. Especially with Kara Saun, who I don't really like. She acted like a reality show was some sort of mirror that reflected your innermost soul and that she was miles above everyone in terms of class and professionalism.

But, one thing you forgot TLo, was Wendy's insistence that Kara Saun not speaking to her was part of some sort of scheme in order to weaken her. Which just makes the whole thing even crazier.

I dunno, I kinda feel sorry for Wendy. I think that she is pretty delusional about her behavior on the show, but so does Kara Saun, to be honest. Her behavior during Shoe-Gate was just as bad as Wendy's possibly even worse.

I don't know...I remember that interview with Vanessa, and she sure has a lot of opinions as to how people are portrayed during Season 1 even though she supposedly only saw the first episode of "that stupid program." And then, of course, she says she IS interested in doing her own reality show after she disparaged reality shows for 10 minutes. I get what she's saying, and don't necessarily disagree, but to me that interview clearly reads like sour grapes with a little accidental wisdom thrown into all the bitterness. (Not to mention, she sure trashes specific people as "amateurs" and fancies herself the best even though her output - and portfolio - was nothing special at all.) I liked Vanessa but I do think she was intentionally being dramatic and rude there.

Re: Wendy, it's mostly been said. I do think Kara had a point with the "soul" comments, although perhaps 'ethics' would have been a more appropriate and less emotionally-charged word. Wendy didn't have any ethics, that's fairly clear. Sometimes that works for you, sometimes it works against you. Probably not the best idea to gleefully talk about how that was your strategy on national TV. Wendy was an average designer but seemed very stupid when it came to public relations. Look - she is still clearly hated, and it's been like 5 years.

In the last screen capture, Wendy resemble what Amy Poehler would look like if she was doing a Wendy Pepper impersonation. I love it.

I can't believe you didn't make a comment about Jay in his Mexican blanket poncho. That shot is priceless.

P.S. to Anon at 2:14: What is a "maulfuck"?

You guys are making me want to rent Season 1.

More, please!

Thanks for that little interview nugget, made me
laugh. As a Brit in America myself I can totally see where
Vanessa was coming from in that interview although she'd definitely been here long enough to know better.

I also have to agree that she must have been completely delusional if she thought Tyrannasaurus Banks was ever in it for anything but the $$$. And in any case, it's Tim who is supposed to be the mentor, Heidi is really the presenter.

I actually thought Kara Saun was quite the schemer from
the beginning of the series, and her shoe debacle was the ultimate proof for me. I almost wanted Wendy to win just to wipe the very smug grins off of Jay and KS.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...
Keep 'em coming, TLo. You're helping to make my shitty work week go by even faster.

LOL. Sadly, it is slowing my productivity down to zip. But, you guys are the best diversion ever. Thanks.

have someone confront you, then make those smirky faces when you are trying to speak/respond would make even the Dali Lama want to give her a good hard slap.


Yeah the slapper is the INNOCENT one?

As it the "I'm impartial one" above it all who says "EVERYONE HATES YOU".

Maybe I've am more sympathetic to Wendy because I recognize MEAN GIRL/hypocrite behavior.
In Alexandra's interview she says that their were a mixture of pros, novices, and extreme novices - and that she didn't mind Wnedy until (the cool kids) starting ranting about her. OOOOH, the holier than thou group slammed her on camera, behind her back, to her face and to anyone who will listen. While she (rightly) admits she was playing a game, they pretend that they weren't but STILL will back stab and cheat.

But TLO wrote that they had to know that she was no competition, but didn't she win two very visible challenges (BR and the grammy dress), I don't recall how many KS won, but I thought someone posted yesterday that Jay hadn't won any? SO they were really trying to get her upset with the hopes of undermining her (IMO).

I witnessed a good friend and colleague in a similar situation. She had been friends at work with a quite a few people. Circumstances occured where she was give lots more visibility and responsibility and successfully handled it. Then a clique - who had been our friends started attacking her. I witnessed one get so verbally abusive that it looked like he was going to physically harm her. And a woman who had been friends with both of us (and had invited her to numerous social activiites) screamed at her "I hate you, I've always hated you, EVERYBODY HATES YOU." My friend was floored - I didn't see her face until after, but I would not be surprised ig the lunatic would say she didn't like her expression. (But the Dahli Lama, GT, KS, and that witch were not.) I heard them talking about "building an alliance to take her down" - because they obviously felt threatened by her sucess. These were people in their 40's, acting like jr high bullies. And this was in REAL life not a COMPETITION TV SHOW.

Oh Boy-- do I miss Season PR season 1--
it's true, they really didn't know how to behave on camera, and the emotions and true feelings came pouring out in a way that we really haven't seen since.

I am adding it to my Netflix queue...

I had totally forgot about Vanessa-- her interview was great--
I wonder if she harbors the same feelings today??

I've been fascinated with Wendy Pepper, mostly because she is somewhat local to me.

She continues to design for clients, but has moved to more "practical clothes" because of the economy. She also designs a line of children's riding togs called "Pony Express." She recently expanded and modernized her studio.

ASK said...

But TLO wrote that they had to know that she was no competition, but didn't she win two very visible challenges (BR and the grammy dress), I don't recall how many KS won, but I thought someone posted yesterday that Jay hadn't won any? SO they were really trying to get her upset with the hopes of undermining her (IMO)

See, this is where you lose me. Anybody with half a whit of knowledge about design would certainly name Kara and Jay the better designers, regardless of aesthetic and taste. Just because Wendy had won some challenges does not mean that everyone thought she was a threat - probably least of all Kara Saun, who clearly thought a lot of herself, her skills, and her 'professionality.'

What she said may not be the best thing ever when parsed online 5 years later, but how she got heated and what she said in the moment is perfectly understandable given the way everything went down and the enormous stress the were all under. Yes, Kara ultimately made herself look a bit like a hypocrite with ShoeGate, but that doesn't mean Wendy's paranoid delusions about the conspiracy against her were true at all. She did some shitty things and got called out on it by someone who ended being imperfect herself. Big deal. It was only the "I Hate Wendy Show" for the viewers. ;)

Vanessa!!! FTW: And then stupid Heidi Klum, big old uninteresting Heidi is walking around.
And I flove Hoidi!! Dr Sparkles

Yes I too was disappointed in Kara Saun with the whole shoe thing. Granted it didn't exactly hurt her in the long run in getting work. It did tarnish her in my estimation

To me a lot of what Vanessa said was actually true about being on the show. The others were harshier on her than needed. But the stench of hostility and sour grapes is still unmistakable in the interview. There are things she is off on and she does comes across as bitter. Her attitude is still very off-putting even reading it again 5 years later. Ergo I still have little sympathy for her. And what's even sillier is they did end up showing the nutty side of her. She would have seen this if she bothered to watch any further episodes.

Time has proven that the show does lead to great exposure and opportunites but each contestant still has to be proactive and smart about pursuing and exploiting it. You compare someone like Emmett to someone like Andre and how they've handled their post PR lives. Or you look at how Chloe has approached her victory vs Jay or even Jeffrey.

Someone needed to tell her if she was so unhappy about having setup her business in Houston then it's simple move to a different locale. Move to NY, LA or Miami or some other locale with a stronger fashion industry.

Personally her comments about Heidi I found naive and insulting even back then. My reaction back then was of course Heidi is going to keep her distance. It makes perfect sense. She's a judge. The judges are trying to minimize any personal bias and make decisions based on the output.

What's more Heidi has made a point of wearing garments from PR contestants. Even way back in Season 1 she wore a pant suit created by Kevin and it was covered by the press.

As stated above Tim is the mentor. It's silly to even expect Heidi to play mentor to a bunch who are not models. Of course the show was imperfect but in the long run it has been a great boon both to pop culture and to the fashion industry.

And does the show accurately reflect what a designer does? No of course not. Designers don't have time to sew their own clothes. But that's 1 of the reasons why not every designer, reagrdless of talent, is cut out to be on PR. That artificial structure of the show is what makes it so pleasurable.

And no matter what the reality is when it comes to designing and manufacturing fashion in the real world, a viewer will respond better to a conteastant if they see and know for sure that they are the one who actually made the outfit.


See, this is where you lose me. Anybody with half a whit of knowledge about design would certainly name Kara and Jay the better designers, regardless of aesthetic and taste.

I see your point, but (call me half whitted if you like) I do like some of each of their work and dislike some of each of their work.

BUT, if KS really had such confidence (and not just arrogance), she really would have not cheated or acted like that.

We, the audience, have often thought WTH were the judges thinking and have major disagreements on who's outfit was better. I mean look at the disgust most of us have that ALP won. Or the incredible strong feelings about them keeping mean girl Kenley or Blaine or Suede? ... at the aufing of Emmett or Malan or Jerrell?

It is clear that the contestants - who cannot strike back at the judges - also have felt that way. So while the some may arrogantly feel that they should have won (every challenge) and their taste is superior, they have to know that the judges don't always agree and evenif they are far superior (if even only in their own minds) that they can be cut.

(Of course Sweet Pea and Stellla, come to mind as examples of owning their own mistakes.)

Sorry Ask, I wasn't implying you were half-witted. Poor choice of words. I guess I just meant that overall, Kara was clearly the better designer, and she definitely seemed to believe this herself. I just think that by that point, everyone had had enough, and, well...Kara did just try to ignore Wendy until she got in her face. At that point was she supposed to back down and be all "I'm so sorry" to spare Wendy's feelings? I think it's clear no one was completely innocent throughout the whole season, but uh...there sure was a lot of Wendy causing fights and then crying about it afterwards. Just sayin'.


but anyone who thinks Tyra Banks is a good host or cares about anyone besides her rib-fed ego is an idiot in my book.

after watching ANTM I don't see Tyra as an earthmother selflessly watching over her little flock of model wannabees. Vanessa's expectations of the whole reality show experience seemed to be quite off the mark.

Kara Saun's remark about needing one's soul is a tad pretentious for reality TV, but it's still a good, pithy line.

In the last screen capture, Wendy resemble what Amy Poehler would look like if she was doing a Wendy Pepper impersonation. I love it.

And at the reunion, she looked like Keith from TFS after slummin' it on skid row.


There are shots from a runway show up at the above url. (I didn't do enough digging to know how old they are). As recently as last winter her store "Vanessa Riley London" was on Westheimer Ave. in Houston, in/adjacent to an upscale neighborhood (not the same location as when she was on PR). I assume it's still there, but don't know for sure.

In her interview Vanessa said that they get checked out from ear to hoof on their psychological stability because there have been some suicides. Anybody know anything about any suicides after a stint on a reality show? I'd be curious to read about that.

I've thought that PR or TFS would be an excellent setting for a murder mystery - maybe a Ruth Rendell novel, or on a lighter note a Monk episode.

I mean, in real life it would be horrendous - but can't you see one of these guys snapping and secretly cutting holes in their rival's creation then putting it on a dress form and hanging it upside down from the ceiling in the work room. Tell me that it wouldn't scare the hell out of you to look up from your desk right now and see Wendy Pepper standing over you with a pair of shears in her hand and that crazy gleam in her eye.

I know - this is in very bad taste.

Oy vey. These people.

St. Kara had a serious superiority complex -- she was WAY over the top with all her talk of souls and she unpacked her illegal shoes. Bitch.

Wendy was not a victim. She chose to behave the way she did. Then when her competitors reacted badly to her, she chose not to alter her behavior. This is a lesson you're supposed to learn when you're 12, not almost 40: If you act like an asshole, people will not like you. I hope she has since learned that lesson.

As for Vanessa - that was a whole lotta sour grapes. Yes, in hindsight, the others' reactions were over the top. But Vanessa did not give that interview from a cool-headed, over-it-all, "hindsighted" POV. She was bitter.

Jay - well, he was pretty young, right? And St. Kara of Strabismus had been his "friend" all along, so I can't be too hard on him for piling on a bit in the heat of the moment. At the time, I thought he was the one who summed Wendy up the best with his "this is not Survivor" comment.

Should have googled this before I commented.

Sorry, but I think you guys missed the mark on this feud! You forget that all (except Vanessa) had just watched the entire season, just as we did. At the time of the finale and reunion, the experience as contestants-qua-viewers was more immediate than their experiences filming. Vanessa didn't watch, so she was still in bitter ex-contestant mode. Kara Saun and Jay, on the other hand, became fans of the show, and haters of Wendy's reality TV personality. But what is worse than Wendy's strange, duplicitous reality tv personality? The fact that after watching, she became a fan of herself!

PostsYouCanDanceTo said...
And at the reunion, she looked like Keith from TFS after slummin' it on skid row.

8/5/09 4:04 PM

In other words, Disappointed Midwestern Mom

It's possible that Jay and Kara Saun thought of Wendy as competition (although it hadn't occurred to me until I read it here). In the real world of fashion, she wouldn't be a threat but in this weird new quasi-fashion reality show, where they had to shop for their "fabrics" at Gristedes, maybe so.

It also never occurred to me that all of the challenges, the ones that Wendy won WERE the most visible.

(For the record, none of the postal employees here wear anything that faintly resembles the Kara Saun outfit.)

Amanda in Austin said...
P.S. to Anon at 2:14: What is a "maulfuck"?

8/5/09 3:01 PM

slurring a motherfucker, that's all

I miss Austin Scarlett. Why isn't he on TV at all these days?

It's incredible that we viewers can even pretend to know who these people are based on some highly edited snippets of them removed from their normal lives. People are not one dimensional... We all have good and bad parts to our personalities, good and bad reactions to weird situations, and God forbid anyone think they know me after watching me on something like this. I am NOT criticizing anyone's comments here; I'm just as guilty of the judgments that everyone else makes, but I do have to keep reminding myself that this is delicious entertainment, it's not a window into someone's actual personality.

I always get ticked off on survivor/amazing race-type shows when people act disgusted that they have to eat live bugs. Really... Have you never watched one of these? If I went on a show like that, I would be prepared to eat bugs. So I give EVERYONE on this PR1 a pass. They really had no idea what the experience was going to be like, that they'd have to sew everything themselves, and be given weird challenges, no rest, etc.

One of my favorite Wendy comments was when she was watching Jay complete things on the final show, and said his brain was some kind of design computer that she had no ability to understand (sorry, don't remember the exact words). She was acknowledging that she knew she was nowhere near as naturally talented as he is.


Love the interview and the post guys. I really miss the old days when the designers were more spontaneous in front of the camera. Wendy looked great when she returned, didn't she?


That was a very well-thought out and insightful post.

(But I still dislike Kara Saun. Even the fact that she had to go by both her first and last names bugs me.)

I remember Heidi's face when Vanessa left hahaha, she was shocked!

But on Season 5 she had learned the lesson and attacked Victorya whitout any reason. She showed how bitchy she could be.

Anyway, there was a phrase Kara Saun always said: " I, Kara Saun, put my soul in everything I do. My Soul" That was memorable hahaha

Changing the subject, have you checked the photos of Mrs. Sharon Stone in Paris Match? Please do so, she bare her "twins"...

It *may* have been pretentious of Kara Saun, and maybe she wasn't flawless because of shoegate, but I still agree with her.

My take: (patterned after Anon 2:14 PM)

Wendy = Manipulative, BAD, will do anything to win.

Kara Saun = slightly pretentious, has some flaws, talented and good.

Vanessa = bitter, misguided about Heidi's role, has some points.

Jay = funny, talented, agreed with some of Vanessa's points later.

Is it possible that Kara Saun believed that she was operating within the rules by using her fashion knowledge and connections to secure a deal with The Dollhouse shoe company to exchange shoes for publicity?

I don't think Kara Saun believed she had skirted the rules when she got a favor from Dollhouse. What bothered me was that after she was told that it was against the terms of the contract, she seemed to think that it was somehow OK for her to be given this advantage; as if she were entitled. That's what bothered me.

Kara Saun's behavior is a great example of pride goeth-ing before the fall. Seriously, that girl was unethical, unprofessional, and, trying to get away with something she had to know was against the contract. She was the big business woman, right? She had read a contract before and should not be given any slack for misunderstanding.

GothamTomato on 8/5/09 at 2:41 PM said..."Yes, a lot of the stuff Vanessa had to say was right on, but then again, if she was so smart, why the hell did she move to Houston, TX??"

GT, My hypothesis on why Vanessa moved to Houston is the same reason Mychael Knight still lives in Atlanta and Uli still lives in is dirt cheap to live there compared to NYC or LA.

I must admit that there is a bigger fashion scene in Atlanta/Miami than in Houston but there is a ton of money in Houston and if you are doing custom order clothes it makes sense to be where the money is and money is spent. What I found interesting, after viewing Vanessa's web site, is her clothes seem to me to much more Atlanta than Houston.

Just my humble opinion.


Honestly...I dunno. I think it's certainly possible that the contract at that time was not as explicit as it needed to be. I think it's fairly obvious from seeing the show that PR was surprised by ShoeGate and weren't sure what to do about it. If I were Kara and I were able to secure free shoes, I would do it unless the contract specifically said something like "You must pay full market value for everything you show in your collection," which I am sure that it does now. However at the time, I have a feeling it did not say that, otherwise how could it have even become such a huge issue? There wouldn't have been any confusion. In the real world, advantages like that are what get you ahead. True, it might not seem fair to the other designers, but then why did PR cast industry professionals alongside recent design school grads? I think Kara probably thought she found a loophole (and in reality, it probably was a loophole), but ultimately the show did not allow her to get away with it (sort of). I mean, five years later, their "solution" still makes zero sense. They had no plan for this situation.

IIRC, two things stick out about what KS knew or should have known regarding the shoes. First her friend said that the shoes were custom made for her. Who custom designed the shoes, KS or someone she sub-contracted? Regardless, how can custom made shoes NOT be seen as an integral part of the overall collection? The second thing is that when all of the wrangling was going on, Tim and Jay quoted enough of the contract terms that I cannot see how she could have thought it was TOTALLY OK. I think at a minimum she knew enough to ask questions / seek clarification and rather than doing so Kara Saun chose to play the "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission game," and it backfired on her.

Wow, this all brings back how much I could never stand Kara Saun. There was something about her during the season that bugged me, and even I didn't get it. But then those last episodes happened. Wow, she'll go down as my most hated person from this series.

And I get why Wendy broke down about the photo of her daughter. It's one thing to attack Wendy directly. It's another to have someone attack your children. And to feel like you can do nothing about it because the person who did it did so behind your back. That poor girl. And that slimy a** who did it.

No one attacked Wendy's children. They drew a moustache on the picture to upset her, but that's not the same as writing "Little Amy (or whoever) is a tramp" all over it or something.

Is Eleven Minutes coming out on DVD any time soon?

8/6/09 12:02 PM No one attacked Wendy's children. They drew a moustache on the picture to upset her, but that's not the same as writing "Little Amy (or whoever) is a tramp" all over it or something.

How come this and Kara Saun draws such ire, but Integrity-Rich Jeffrey can insult someone's mother?

Shimima, I am totally with you.

TLo, please remove the spammers! Your every fab wish is my command, so you can imagine my let down when I clicked a link and went to a horrid site!

I always love those little thumbnails TLo picks to represent a post. Carefully framing some bit of fuggishness or fabulosity. This one looks like a BLOODSTAIN OF DRAMA.

Oh my -

How come this and Kara Saun draws such ire, but Integrity-Rich Jeffrey can insult someone's mother?
1. Plenty of people still attack Wendy and her reaction and even claim despite the admission of someone else, that she did it herself.

2. Seriously the (strong) dislike for ALP is very strong - and you will/would see it when he is mentiined (posts about his season). But there are enough people who don't like Angela (close to how they feel about Wendy) and therefore act like she deserved it.

"I live in freaking HOLLYWOOD, do you understand that?!" marks the first time in my life that I looked, wide-eyed, at the tv, and shouted "OHHHH SNAP!"

Ah, thems were the days....

You know, taken in isolation, I probably would probably have found Wendy and her ridiculous "strategizing" unbearably obnoxious, but the way the other designers all piled on her just bugs me too much. I don't think it had anything to do with anybody feeling threatened by her talent, though. Anyone who's been to summer camp knows that the best way to bond a group of people together is to pick a common enemy; once you've determined who is "out" you can feel comfortably "in." (Mustache on photo = underwear hung on the flagpole) It's a cheap response to feeling insecure and out of place.*

And, honestly, for all her talk, did any of her scheming actually do anyone any harm? Kara was right about one thing: PR isn't Survivor. And, IIRC, no one was ever eliminated as a result as one of Wendy's plots. Which just made the level of venom directed at her seem that much more disproportionate.

*And, before you ask, yes, I am projecting here. But what is art but a mirror to hold up to our own souls?

I agree with a lot of what you say Daisy, but Wendy DID have a casualty - Kevin Johnn, who she threw under the bus in front of the judges according to her plan and who was subsequently kicked off. Incidentally, he is the one who admitted he drew the moustache on her daughter, so perhaps that was not such a "pick on the unpopular kid" thing so much as a retaliation thing.

Ultimately, Wendy insisted that she did not go on the show to make friends with anyone. She did not really make an effort to hide her scheming or true feelings after the first half of the season. So, she both knew what she was doing, was open about it, and still didn't care by the time of the reunion. Yes, I do believe part of that is hurt that she was the pariah of the season, but...I don't think anybody treated her any worse than her own admitted behavior warranted. They didn't gang up on a nice but weak person - they "ganged up" on the proud schemer. Wendy made herself the outsider, not the other way around.

Please make another season 1 post with MORGAN drama. Maybe she didn't make quite as big of a mark as Wendy did on S1, but man was her final episode delicious.

Guess what...PR1 is airing on Bravo today starting at 10 AM with the swimsuit episode.

Kara Saun was already awesome but that well-deserved call out of Wendy was one of the greatest moments in reality TV. Love her.

The fact that Wendy was in the finals instead of Austin is inexcusable.

Just read A's last post and switched to Bravo and saw previews with KS saying the cmt about Wendy and her soul...

When the next (episode)show came on (the start of the finale) - I noted KS wearing what looked like a cheap tube top over a spaghetti strap cami (like the ugly one Jay put out in the Grammy challenge) - Why doesn't anyone say anything about that little sabotage?
ANd opened with Jay saying "I hate Wendy" - Mr. Above it all?

And in a retrospective KS claiming she is proud of being above board, playing fair and won't play games? Honey you obvious didn't know what above board means.


I have to get a paying job,.....

So they are showing shoe-gate right now - I haven't seen season 1 for a couple years.

But I am convinced more than before - and I remember being very anti-Kara even then - that Wendy was the FAR more HONEST person and a better judge of character than Jay. He seems like a nice guy - but to ripped on Wendy screaming I HATE YOU and cuddling up to KS... and on the samer episode w/in 30 seconds (I know editing?) say that he should encourage KS and Wendy to get physical, but then claiming he would never play games. He appeared passive-aggressive, after the look of shock when KS was getting James to help her with her shoes.
Jay - "Finally something happens to Ms. F-ckin' perfect". AND ADMITS THE CONTRACT SAYS NOTHING FOR FREE, not FAVORS!

And Kara dismissively blowing off Wendy and Jay (claiming his using a pair of Kors from the box was the same thing!!!) Again WTF - she really was the biggest cheat and MORALLY CORRUPT.

And the Bitch has the gall to tell Wendy that she has no right to an opinion and to talk over Wendy! So familiar, don't let a fact get in the way of an argument when you can Divert and Deflect.

Wendy even complimented Jay a lot in the work room. Wendy's mother was very nice to Kara and Jay.

Someone is going to have to explain to me how Wendy got rid of Kevin John. I just watched that episode, and I don't see it. Kevin John was a horrible, horrible leader who made it incredibly difficult for any of the designers working underneath him to do their job. He deserved to get kicked off fast. If Kara Saun hadn't butted into it and try to act like some saint, the failure of their leader would have been more obvious. If Wendy had gotten kicked off for that challenge, it would have been wrong.

Wow, I'm getting to the point where I can't stand to watch any of season one because Kara Saun bugs me to no end. And I'm surprised how much I used to love Jay. He really is passive aggressive as someone noted above, and I never saw it.

"Wendy = Good, Mom, misunderstood, victim"

Utter and complete rubbish!
Bullocks if I ever heard one.
Wendy is as evil and conniving as Maleficent.
Just not as Magnificent.

Re playing to the cameras.

I just realized something about Season One final episodes (and, boy, with the number of times I've rewatched the best season, I'm only just now getting this?) and that's that not only did designers get to see how others behaved on the broadcasted episodes, but they got to see how they personally came across, too...

So, that explains one reason why Kara Saun's soul speech comes off as so phony. I think she practiced it! (in her head at least). And why the reunion confrontations are also kind of lame, but good TV!

OK, what about Vanessa acting like an asshole about Wendy the entire reunion show (even though Wendy drives me nuts, clearly Vanessa needed to set down the booze and not say everything that came into her head)? It seems like you guys are just trying to play devil's advocate here. I do agree that Jay's actions after the reunion show were really hypocritical for all of his ruffled feathers on the reunion show.
Can't STAND Wendy. I think everybody looked like an idiot in that scene, though, but especially Wendy. One of the few times I DID side with Wendy was during Shoe Gate...Especially in a later scene where Kara Saun said "I'm being punished for good taste?!" Eye roll.

Anyone else think that Wendy looks like Amy Poehler?

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