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In or Out: Sandra Bullock

A little amuse bouche to cleanse the palate (and give us time to get screencaps).

Sandra Bullock attends the Los Angeles premiere of "All About Steve" at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood wearing Lanvin.

Lanvin Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

Since Lifetime is forcing us to watch ads for this film ad nauseam, we might as well check in on Sandy's latest red carpet appearance.

And honeys? It is NOT good. Sandy! You're 45 and in the throes of a career renaissance that women 10 years younger would kill for! You look great and you're at the top of your game! So why the hell are you going out in an ugly, unflattering outfit that clearly pisses you off, judging by these pictures? Are you getting fashion advice from that biker dude husband of yours? If so, STOP. Get him to fix your car but get THE GAYS to dress you, honey.

About the only nice thing we can say regarding this outfit is that the colors are nice and look good on her. But the skirt fits her terribly and all that foofaraw on her tits looks AWFUL. No woman wants to go out and get her picture taken looking like one of those forced cute folded towels that the cruise line worker bees leave on your bed when you go out. And that ZIPPER. Please, girl. You're giving us the vapors here. Plus, no gay in his right mind would have paired those booties with that dress, nor would they let you out of the house with hair that looks like you just came back from your daily jog.

OUT, girl. WAY out.

[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images/]

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I couldn't agree more, big fat fugly OUT

I have to agree totally with your assessment. Skirt is too short on her, hair a mess. She is always hit or miss.

This is DREADFUL. Oh Sandy.

I happen to know her publicist's best friend so I am going to get this message to Sandy ASAP 'cause the girl needs some help!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

I love Sandra Bullock but there's not a single good thing about this look.

The booties make her feet look like hooves. I hate this trend of wearing booties in August. It's hot and humid, people!

The dress is ridiculous but the hair makes it look like she just doesn't care.

Somehow Sandra Bullock's photos at these premieres come across to me as if she's looking at them saying: "Just take the damn photo and F**k off". She looks unhappy to be where she is, and it shows.

She's better than this.

But Mrs. James really dosen't give a damn what people think. She's happy in her skin no matter what she wears.

And I know it is not relevant, but what is going on with the hair? Between the booties at the bottom and the mess on top, I can't even really look at the dress.

Thank all the gods! I couldn't wait for you to get to this!
Just simply awful!
And, are those old, scuffed shoes?

Huge OUT. She looks like a hot mess

This dress was a disaster on the runway model. Seriously, the zipper is on the TOP of the garment, a completely different color than the garment, and the rest of the bodice is is just another train wreck entirely. I mean, really. How drunk was the designer when they made this?

Even if she looked like she cared, Sandra would not been able to make this look good.

I really do like her, but this look is horrid. What the dress didn't kill, the hair and booties finished off. I want to see her in something sleek and pretty and this ain't it.

The skirt and hair look just like mine. I'll I woke up and hurried to get where I had to go, the way I was. Not a beautiful role model that day. The models' skirt has more life to it, both the hair and skirt are limp here.

I've lamented the existence of those booties for the last year or so. Even people with nice long legs look awful cut off at the ankle. I just don't get it.

She looked GREAT in the Proposal. She should've dressed like her character in that movie (except for the baggy capri pant thing she was wearing in the woods....)

knew when i first saw this picture it would wind up as a big, fat OUT.

no excuse, she's got the money to find herself some better styling help - hell, she needs to get herself connected with Uli. Finance Uli's collection and never, ever have to worry about going out in the world looking so dreadful again.


Like her, but she's about 15 to 20 years too old for the role she plays in that movie. And about 15 to 20 years too old for that dress.

She's a beautiful and sexy woman ... hope she soon gets a stylist who dresses her that way. 45 can be gorge -- but not if you look deluded.

You guys are so mean! If Sandra Bullock was gracious enough to be the guest celebrity judge for the Project Runway Madrid matador cape challenge and didn't have time to change before the premiere, can't we all just agree to look the other way?

What... the... hell... ?

Someone needs to be slapped for this.

And Sandy looks like she needs a stiff drink and about half a bottle of Prozac after being forced to wear that atrocity.

God, that's a mess and I love Lanvin. OUT.

I love Sandy but I don't know what she was thinking.

Good Lord, it looks like she is wearing a giant piece of carved, raw side of beef on her left boob, and a slab of raw liver on the right one.
This is so OUT.
And Sandy, PLEASE do something with that mop. I cannot believe any hair stylist would "style" that mess and let his/her client outside!!!

GAH! Good lord, woman. My first thought on seeing the picture was that CLEARLY she was not dressed by her gays.


I love how she's laughing at herself from behind on the movie poster.

That outfit is one hot mess. Did she lose a bet or something?

Ewwww... although I place more blame on the designer who actually released a peice of crap dress like this. Honestly, we've seen better outfits made in "innovative materials" challenges on PR.

Unexcusable, yes, but for Lanvin so much more so than Sandra.

I agree she definitely needs new gays. Hilarious post, TLo!

Oh Sandy...

Again, I can't wait for this foot-amputation trend to end.

And while I'm not 100% against all exposed zippers everywhere for all time, I do hate them when they appear on eveningwear like this.

Are we supposed to be all impressed at the juxtapositioning of the hard and casual against the softly draped formal? Whatever.

Love you Sandy, but if you really don't care, better to go for a boring LBD than this kind of mess.

Love her, but no.

The twisting sides, the draping, the ill-fitted skirt, the draping, the bad stitching, the draping.

This looks like a team effort from Rami and Santino.

She was on TV pushing this movie recently. At some point she'll be Lucille Ball in Mame, photographed through a misty lens.

But she has so much charisma, if only she'd act and dress her age (even her age minus ten years)

Gawker did the whole premiere, where there was lots of FUGLY.

Poor Sandy ... I think she did this comedy for the money, and lord knows why she picked this outfit.

Agreed ... new stylists required to take advantage of her time in the limelight.

She is FAB, but this whole ensemble is SOOOO SAD. OUT, OUT, OUT ....

Anon 10:53 said: This looks like a team effort from Rami and Santino.

A perfect description!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a team effort from Rami and Santino.


what did they do to her hair? i can hardly look at the dress because her hair looks like it belongs to the homeless meth-heads that hang out under the bridge.

Like the dress on the model but not on Sandra. Like the shoes on the model. Hated the booties on Sandra.


Agree. But somehow on the runway model it doesn't look quite as atrocious as it does on Bullock.

good grief! OUT OUT & OUT.

thanks for mentioning lifetime running the ad for her movie over & over & over!

if i see it one more time..............

Could not agree more. She clearly knows it too given the look on her face.

On the other hand... Sandy was on more websites yesterday than she's been on in years. Granted it was because she looked insane (I so want to hear the Duchess's thoughts on this, hee) but it got one job done, yes?

Bjooks: absolutely right. Inexcusable for the designer.

And what's with her hair!!!

Actually, she looks kind of lost and not really there... just check out the picture from the fug girls. She even seems angry.

Sandra Bullock is so just calm and cool and makes me wish that more were like her. But this outfit is dreadful. From the undone hair to those horrible black booties. The trend of wearing those black booties w/ redcarpet dresses seriously needs to go away. It makes every single person look stumpy.

It looks like Sandra Bullock tucked her red tablecloth into her shirt instead of her napkin then realized she was late for her bus and ran out the door.

That dress is horrible and obviously only meant to be viewed straight-on, much like a Hollywood set.


no excuse, she's got the money to find herself some better styling help - hell, she needs to get herself connected with Uli. Finance Uli's collection and never, ever have to worry about going out in the world looking so dreadful again.

Great idea-I think Sandra Bullock could rock several of Uli's designs, especially the strapless dress and two piece look from her All-Star mini collection.

Besides, Sandra's mom was(is)German, so let's get some Teutonic fashion magic going between Uli and Sandra!

Don't like the shoes, don't like the hair. I don't think Sandy looks good with reddish hair. It makes it look dry.

Sleek, shiny hair and some different shoes would have DRASTICALLY improved this look. (But I still love her).

In photo #4, doesn't it look like she's saying, "Yeah, I know it sucks. Get me out of here." ???

And pictures 6, 7, 8, 9 ...

Day yum. Wasn't this picture on Lifetime's website recently as the Look of the Day or some shit like that?

The dress is a mess and so is her hair.

I hate it. I even hate it on the runway. It looks like it was assembled in the dark by a barrel of drunk monkeys.

And the shoes are horrible. I love ya, Sandy, but you're OUT.

Oh she seems angry all right. Love to know the back story on that hot mess.

Out. I think Sandra would agree. In fact, her angry face says it all.

I don't care if Jeanne Lanvin herself rose from the dead and personally designed this dress, but it is absolutely hideous and would be unflattering on ANYONE.

(Of course, Sandra, the booties don't help and I'm sure your mother has told you a hundred times to comb your hair, dear. And if you've got a stylist: fire her/him. If not, please get one, You are fab and need to look it.)

Good GOD. She looks like a pirate wench on the cover of a bodice ripper. Arrrrrrrr ye be kidding me?? OUT

She looks more red-carpet ready in the tie-dye shirt dress in the movie poster.

That designer (Lanvin?) has put out a whole lot of fug.

I can't help feeling like it would have looked so much better with the right shoes.

I agree, hideous.

She is gorgeous and has such a great bod but why! dress it in something like that?

Total bummer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This is kind of a "going to Walmart" look. Put some damned lipstick on and comb your hair!

That dress is truly hideous in every way! OUT!

Shoes: Out

Hair: Out

Dress: Out

Sandy herself? In

I hurt for her. You know this just had to have been some sort of bet she lost.

I LOVE Ms. Bullock, but what is this trend of letting the cat (or dog) style your hair just before you get out of bed and run to your red carpet event?

It looks like the skirt was taken way in and is now too tight. I though at first she was wearing black bed socks. Put some makeup on!

On second thought, just go home and try again.

Oh Mon Dieu! Is is possible that someone with such a breadth of red carpet experience could be sufficiently blind/sartorially challenged enough to miss that this was...a train wreck? FIRE that stylist, Ms. B - and if you don't have one, then HIRE that stylist, Ms. B. Love you!

Yeah, what the hell? That dress is baffling! It doesn't even look good on the model.

This is just hideous... I don't know of any other way to put it. The dress just has too much going on that does not go together and then booties and the hair just make it even worse. I feel sorry for her and the outfit.

Yeah. TERRIBLE. Who the hell is her stylist? Gah. -victoria


Meredith P said:

I LOVE Ms. Bullock, but what is this trend of letting the cat (or dog) style your hair just before you get out of bed and run to your red carpet event?

8/28/09 1:00 PM

And this is why I always comb my hair AFTER my cat has played with it in the morning!

She's too old to be wearing that dress! It is meant for some starlet in her early twenties who is a fashion risk taker.

Besides that, that dress would have been better if they had shortened the red-orange drape, flattened the pleats on the bodice, removed the exposed zipper, eliminated the gray bustier and made it out of the purple silk.

I hate it when celebrities show up to premieres or award shows in a pony tail. At least try to make an effort.

She's not wearing any lipstick either!


Point-blank, IHATE the dress, even on the model.

Lanvin's fault more than Sandy's.

but the hair, shoes, and anger make for a complete disaster.

cheers to you, Glamourous Housewife- hope it works!

I think the dress is trying to cop a feel on her left boob.

^ROTFLMAO!!!! Great observation!!!

It's inexplicable. I think she is such a doll, she doesn't deserve to be seen looking this bad!

Coco Chanel said, "She's too old to be wearing that dress! It is meant for some starlet in her early twenties who is a fashion risk taker."

This dress was meant only for Kayne Gillespie's rag bin. It's ugly and unflattering--not just to the adorable Sandra B., but to any woman who would have the misfortune to put it on.

This dress would have gotten someone auf'd on PR.

The scuffed, seasonally inappropriate shoes and the sloppy ponytail? If she paid someone to style her for this gig, she deserves a big refund.

One of the clearest OUTs ever! Sadly.

I don't think this is so much Sandy's fault as much as Lanvin. Seriously, that dress is fug.

that outfit is HELL TO THE NO kids bad.

I have yet to see a Lanvin dress that I like.

another laura

Oh good GAWD. OUT. The dress is pretty cool, but she's not the right person for it. And the booties with it are horrendous.

OUT. I’ve never seen her look so bad. This is really awful.

Get a new stylist, honey. That is a hot mess and what's up with her hair?

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I hate to say this because I really like her as an actress but that is some ugly outfit. The shoes don't even go with the dress. OUT OUT OUT.

Man, Lanvin would be aufed with that dress, for sure.

The boots cut off her ankles and made her legs look short.



IN for "how to ruin a Lanvin dress."

I didn't think it was possible to look dumpy in Lanvin.


Scarlet said...
I didn't think it was possible to look dumpy in Lanvin.

LOL. Well, she managed to do that.


I love Sandra but that is a NO NO and what's up with the ankle boots?

I think the shoes were the worst thing with this outfit...
and that's saying a lot because there are MANY things wrong here.

Poor Sandy!

I lurve Sandra Bullock, but this...this is just plain bad.

And those bootie things? That trend can't go away fast enough for me. I despise them with all my heart.

Horrible design for a dress.

The boots are the worst. Who would pair that kind of dress with those shoes??

When I first opened this post I thought she was wearing black socks and no shoes. Which made me think the photographer caught her at a dress fitting-- like she went out front for a cigarette or something.




I know she doesn't care about the way she looks on the red carpet, but that's pretty bad.

I think that the shoes were an unfortunate choice, the dress isn't that bad, it just calls for something nicer.

Well, she's not known for her fashion sense.

That is probably the ugliest Lanvin I've ever seen in my life.

Hoowee, too much ugly on such a pretty lady

i'm not dorothy gale

Did Malvin design this boob sling mini-egg dress?

Those are the worst shoes I've ever seen her wear. It hurts. It burns.

And since the girl is the reigning and forever Queen of the Bad Shoe Hall of Fame, that's saying something.

As for the dress, I didn't even like it on the model, and the draping makes her look heavy. The skirt was going to be a problem no matter what the length, but I don't mind the bust. It's interesting. Ridiculous on her, but it's interesting.

I say we give Sandy a pass this time. I don't know, her hair's a mess, and she just looks rushed... harried... like either she just threw the dress on or her husband gave her a shag in the limo on the ride over).

She's clearly been doing much better lately, and this mistake is not even that bad to me. Well, no, it's terrible actually, but I'll let it go this time.

I say she's hoaxing us all and lost a bet with somebody that required her to find the fugliest dress to wear to a premiere! Somebody is getting a big laugh.

But I wouldn't mind seeing the girl turn to Rachel Zoe, anyway.

Awwwwww...and she was doing so well recently. Then this. I actually like her, so it makes me sad when she's lookin' fug.

Out in so many sad, sad ways.

This reminds me: I need to take my car to the drive through carwash.


Ugh I don't even like the dress on the runway.

Fug is too kind a word for this mess.

She looks like she wants to shoot her stylist. Nah, too easy. Maybe waterboard her first.

I think her hair looks WORSE than an after jogging do.

I can't believe her P.A., hairstylist, husband, various employees could ever let her go to an event with that hair.


Egads! That is awful from head to toe.

TLo said: "No woman wants to go out and get her picture taken looking like one of those forced cute folded towels that the cruise line worker bees leave on your bed when you go out."

That's the funniest thing y'all have said all day, and that's saying a lot!

I adore her, but this look is bad from head to toe. Well, I guess the earrings are okay.

(another suz)

I LOOOVE Sandra Bullock, and she is sooo attractive, but that dress is horrific. It's like a train wreck, even on the model. When Lanvin misses, they miss BIG. I have certainly seen some atrocities from them.

The ankle boots are fine with pants or even a long dress, but who started pairing them with short skirts? Hey, let's make everybody's legs look short!

The messy hair and minimal makeup seem to be the norm on the red carpet nowadays.

It pains me, cuz I love her, but OUT.

Glam Housewife, you might mention Ulli to Sandra's publicist. And yes. her mother was German (and, unfortunately, has passed away). She was a lovely woman, an opera singer, and Sandy looks quite a bit like her.

EEEEEWWWWWWW!!! I love Sandra Bullock, but she looks sad in this outfit; her face tells the story. "I am sad that my stylist made me wear this dress paired with these major ugly shoes. I am going to cry."

Love the dress on the model, though.

At first glance, this looks like an unflattering, sweaty jogging suit with the jacket tied round her waist. Awful. She's in good shape but, sorry honey, 45 is too old for skirts that short.

TLo, I love you, I love you, I love you! You crack me up every time.

Lord have mercy.

Girlfriend looks like she got attacked by a curtain and after a hour and a half of huffing, puffing, and sweating trying to extract herself from it, said, "Oh, what the hell. I'm running late."

She shows up on the red carpet flustered, with sweat-dried hair, wearing said curtain.

How many times were those booties previously worn?

From the first moment I saw Ms Bullock, I just wanted to smack her, and my reaction has stayed alarmingly constant. I won't get the chance to inflict bodily harm on her, but what the hell does it matter? Her stylist did it for me.

That dress looks WAY better on the model than on Ms Bullock. Of whom I am not a fan.

Her film is homophobic crap and that dress is ludicrous.

C'mon Sandra, divorce yourself from homophobic films and get some clothes that don't look like poorly-made Barbie outfits.

For a long time now, I've suspected a large number of "designers" have been letting misogyny guide every idea they put behind their clothing. They execute idiotic designs meant to work to the detriment of the female body (like this fabric sculpture mess pictured here, which even makes an anorexic model look like she wrapped herself in a living room curtain and pulled).

The same can be said of many stylists, too (pairing perfectly good bottines with short skirts always makes a woman look like she's a cretinous child invading her mother's closet just to put stuff on and walk the streets with it).

Sandy knew she was going to be the laughing stock for this get up, you can tell by her expression in the photos. She does look much better in the plain old ugly rainbow tie dye in the poster behind her-- there at least the boots make her legs look longer.

TLo, can you start listing the names of the stylists with these red carpet pics? I think the stylist needs to take part of the responsibilty for train wrecks like this. And the kudos for winning looks. I need to know who to point my finger at!


To quote Mr. Siriano...she's a hot mess!...and completely overrated as an actress...

What was she thinking? Really? Really? Does she have a stylist? If so they should have been fired before these photos were taken.

She looks like she was out all night, thew on the dress - with the shoes she wore the night before - and showed up at the premier. WTF?

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