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In or Out: Mad Women

January Jones and Christina Hendricks attend the 2009 TCA AMC cocktail reception at The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California.

Catherine Malandrino Fall 2008 Collection

Christina's been hit or miss in the past, partially because you really have to know what you're doing to dress a body like that for pictures and partially because (sorry Joan!) she hasn't always demonstrated great taste. In terms of being body-appropriate, this is a pretty good choice. It hugs her curves nicely. With top-heavy women it can be difficult sometimes to find the right silhouette that a)shows off your curves, b)doesn't scream "Here they are, boys!" or c) turn her into a shapeless column. So she did pretty good here even if we don't particularly love the huge ruffle-y straps. Also, the color is perfect for her. And even though she went too matchy-match on the shoe-bag question, she's still IN.

Sretsis Spring 2009 Collection

Oh, Christ. Look January, we get that as an actress you might want to stay as far away from the look of your most famous character in order to avoid typecasting. Since Betty is so often seen in gorgeous early-'60s clothing, it makes sense that you'd want to wear something a little wilder and out there. But honey? This looks plain stupid on you. We don't know if that dress was altered or if it's just the wrong size for her, but look at how much tighter and shorter it is on the model. It's not a dress we could love under any circumstance, but it at least looks a little cuter and sassier in its original form. On January it looks sad and shapeless and those two little nipple bows wind up looking ridiculous. Also, the hair? AWFUL. You said once that you don't use stylists. Honey, take a good look at yourself. That's nothing to brag about. OUT.

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I think the green dress does scream "Here they are, boys!" The Nip Bow dancing recital costume is a big out too.

Christina looks lovely from head to toe! Just luscious. Well done.

Isn't it ironic that the starlets who boast about not having a stylist often wear truly tragic getups? If I had the money, I'd certainly hire a stylist. I'd love having a pro dress my short, curvy self.

I'm going to have to say OUT to both.

CH has a fuckin' phenomenal figure, but the way the dress is shaped makes it looks like her boobs are sagging and that its too baggy in the waist.

JJ's reminds me of some sort of thing that Daniella would make. Ugh.

Nipple bows? Really? God. That's horrendous... and her hair looks like she stacked 4 Bumpits on top of each other. Poor January.

If you girls didn't identify Christina Henderson, I would've sworn it was Toni Colette.

Nope. Christina's dress makes her breasts look twice the size they are and twenty years older. Speaking as someone who has larger ones, this is not the way not to call attention to them. That top half is not flattering to her. The color, however, and skirt are lovely.

to further the critique of january's dress.....i kind of feel like if you have the nerve to wear a see-thru top that puts bows on your nipples, then you need to be able to wear it without a bra. the dress looks pretty bad, but it looks even worse with the visable bra ruining the really bad visual joke they are attempting

January needs an 'Oh' friend because I am surprised that people actually agreed that she should go out wearing this.

" Anonymous said...
Nope. Christina's dress makes her breasts look twice the size they are and twenty years older. "

The breasts look twenty years older?

Wow. I'm impressed. Good eye.

another laura

That Sretsis dress is awful. Just awful Nipple bows? Bad taste. January, no no no no no no NO. And also, OUT

Re Christina in Malandrino, I'm torn. Nice proportions on her, color is as good as it should be on a redhead, length, good, accentuation of waist, good, tasteful jewelry, so points! On the other hand, I think the ruffly whatever that's running down the shoulders/bodice is not working for her. Then, I say to myself, what if this were, god forbid, strapless, or didn't have the ruffly thing. The more I look at the pics, the more I like it.

Christina is IN


I wish that that nipple bow fiasco had been on an episode of PR just so Kors and Nina could have verbally dressed down the designer.


Eh. Both dresses are giving their racks the "Hey, lookit THESE!" effect. The green one is classier about it (shut up, nip-bows) and Malandrino looks fab in the black one, but I say OUT on both.

For the people who think Christina's dress makes her boobs look big, you should see her in some of her other getups. They ARE big. Dolly Parton big. This dress is actually flattering them.

Christina Hendricks looks great, her boobs are gigantic not much you can do about that, hey, I wish mine were that big.
January is a tragedy. That dress is sad. As Tlo said once, if clothes could cry that one would weep.

"Anonymous said...
For the people who think Christina's dress makes her boobs look big, you should see her in some of her other getups. They ARE big. Dolly Parton big. This dress is actually flattering them."

I was about to say the same thing. They are huge, they look tiny in that dress.

Christina Hendricks - I am taking your word for it that that woman is CH. It's an IN, the look has problems, but that color green works so well that it compensates for the shortcomings.

January Jones - No, no, NO, nO, NO, no, No, and NO !!!! Now I must find someplace and have a good cry.

Christina is in? Yipes. That dress is hideous on her. Better on the model. Makes her look like she has an oblong uniboob, and the bottom half needs to be steamironed something fierce. I will agree about the color being perfect for her, though. And she looks every bit the starlet next to poor January, who really does need some gays.

I think they are both OUT. I really can't stand JJ's dress. There's nothing to recommend it, even on the model. And Christina is gorgeous, but that dress doesn't do it for her. I really dislike the ruffles.

Ladies. The reason you were cast on this show is that you look good in the period dress. Most of us have an era that suits us. Yours is early 60s. Embrace it.

I goggled and I see what you mean about Christina. She is in Dolly Parton territory. However, so am I and I can guarantee you if I belted a dress right under my bust line and added ruffles to the sides of it, it would produce a boob centric dress, minimized or not. I think this camera angle is flattering and that in real life when she turns sideways, well, the girls are waving hello.

Anon 10:35

Redheads look great in green, even though it is corny as hell to wear it.

The blonde looks awful. Is the titty tape look suppose to be ironic?

That dress is working for Christina compared to what I've seen her in before. It is fitting her boobs well, making her look more proportional and only showing a tasteful amount of cleavage. I think the ruffles are sweet.

Why does Christina Hendricks always have such a glassy-eyed stare in photographs?

They both look almost comical. Big OUTS!

Sorry, TLo, but having D's or double D's doesn't automatically make a woman "top heavy." That girl has the birthin' hips to balance out her large bust, so I find it irritating that she gets called top heavy. The dress isn't do her many favors, though, by making her chest look like it's locked in a straight jacked and then putting the flouncy sleeves right next to it. Also, what's with the crazed face??? Sheesh.
The other dress is just a big joke...never thought I'd hear "nipple bows." I knew you kids hated bows to begin with, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a more obnoxious/offensive use of bows on a garment.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

In and out. I love the Catherine Malandrino dress and I think she looks great in it.

Anonymous said
"The breasts look twenty years older?

Wow. I'm impressed. Good eye."

I was being generous and cutting the years in half. Her breasts looks like those of my 90 year old grandmother. People with large breasts should *not* wear belts or waistbands right under them to prevent that effect.

In. Christina looks great, she's so fabulous, I love her. Did she lose weight?
Out. January needs a stylist.

No really feeling either dress, but January is just plain awful. Christina is just kinda "meh"


Both OUT.

Ms. Hendrick's dress is a good color, that's its only virtue. She looks upholstered, matronly, and the ruffly straps make it worse.

Ms. Jones looks like she's wearing a cover-up for a pool party, which inexplicably is cut like a dress and not a robe. And not a particularly cute cover-up. That is, if people normally wore sheer black cover-ups with cutesy bows.

Joan Holloway is always in in my book.

See, they rushed me out dressed like that. That's not really what I wanted to wear. I told those queens it wasn't a good idea.

Christina: bad dress, great color, so her innate gorgeousness pulls it off, but barely.

January: thank you, TLo, for posting the original so we know what this was supposed to look like! It's such a joke on her, I didn't understand how anyone could think that was a good idea, but in the doll-proportions on the model it is kind of cute (still tacky, but cute.)


Off topic, but:
Oprah features Jon Hamm in the monthly "Books that Made a Difference" piece - and you can tell he actually *reads* - it's not a rehash of stuff he was assigned in English class.


CH - qualified IN (ruffles too much like Judy Garland gingham apron - or is it Joan Powell in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - ugh ugh ugh) Still, she does look so good in that color I'd give her an in.

Ah, January - sadly sadly OUT.

I was happily reading this entry, going along with CH being IN, and then I scrolled further down and actually exclaimed out loud:


I am just stunned at how ugly and inappropriate that dress on JJ is, and amazed and that anybody would design or choose to wear it -- to any occasion, not just a high-profile media event. Ouch!


I think CH did an admirable job of minimizing the girls-- as someone who has to do that (although not nearly her proportions) I empathize. IN.

My eyes-- oh how they hurt...
JJ I am sorry to say is OUT.

I adore Joan. And I think she looks great.

January needs a stylist ASAP. I can't remember the last time I though "Wow, she looks adorable" when she wasn't dressed as Betty.


I think Christina looks great. Love that color on her. IN. January needs help.

IN and OUT : )

Christina Hendricks can never look bad. As it is written so shall it be.

" BettyDraper said...

See, they rushed me out dressed like that. That's not really what I wanted to wear. I told those queens it wasn't a good idea."

Betty, give me a call next time. Kitty won't mind.

Liz in NoFla

I agree with Miss Heather of the CH glassy eyed stare. CH looks like she has lettuce growing from her armpits. OUT

i'm not dorothy gale

The color is beautiful on Christina but the The boob-framing ruffles are ridiculous. Sophia Loren's figure was/is very much the same and she always looked gorgeous, although I can't remember any of the styles. Perhaps Christina's stylists should look for vintage Sophia.

And January Jones just made me laugh. Gay up, darling. You clearly can't dress yourself.

Christina, despite the ruffly straps, is IN.

January should try, try again.

Christina looks like she was attacked and eaten by a lettuce patch and January looks sad.

Ladies, please hire stylists. There must be someone out there who will dress you for minimal fees.

Oh, I finally realized why JJ's dress was giving me deja vu; the silhouette on the model is almost exactly like this one, which I adore. OK, a large part is because it is bright frikken orange and has a bubble hem and pleating. Yeah, that'll do it....

... you know, even the sleeve length seems the same? Does anyone know what the orange dress is? XD

Would it be a better/worse joke if the bows were instead flowers, like the nipple concealers?

Thanks for the link, formerlyAnon, to Jon Hamm's favorite books. *implodes*

When I saw the first picture of JJ I thought it was Kirsten Dunst...baggy dress, mussy hair, odd detailing on shapeless dress....enough said. Yikes.

Love the green dress :)


Christina Hendricks is one smoking red head. She's fab and gorge!!!!

I feel so sad for January's body. It doesn't need to lay on top of that dress! The ribbons are just weird. Why in the nipple area?

What horrible little nipple protectors! That second dress is shapeless and just looks cheap. Ugh.

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