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In or Out: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie attends the Los Angeles premiere of "Inglorious Basterds" at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood wearing Michael Kors and Dior heels.

Michael Kors Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Heidi Mount

Even though neither of us are big fans of leather dresses and even though she looks silly trying to shove her hands into the tiny pockets for every picture, we give this one an IN for being a simple, classic, low-key look that she touched off perfectly with a great pair of shoes and good hair and makeup. Granted, the hair does look a little limp, but it looks to us like she was going for something a little bouncier and the heat had its way with her. Nice to know that even Saint Angie gets limp hair now and then, yes?

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so Lara Croft of her.

leather in the heat feels pretty beat.

Dress nice, shoes ok.

Never a fan. Agree on the hair.

WTH is with her hands!?? My screen has horrible resolution - but even in the first "thumbnail" and then in all the pics with her hands in her pockets, her "pinkie" fingers look freakishly long ?

She looks amazing! I am so jealous of her teeny tiny waist, but I will chalk that up to good genes on her part. I think her hair looks terrible, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that it was the weather.

Dress and shoes? FABULOUS.

Those two make my head hurt. I am so sick of them I don't know what to do.

Nice dress, lousy hair.


a BIG YAWN for me.

A strapless LBD. Leather is the only interest.
Shoes are nice.

Her best accessory looks like he is choking her in one photo, but I assume he is really waving at a fan. Or maybe she was annoying him. We all have our limits.

Nice shoes, ok dress. Sick of her.

Brad looks smokin' hot.

I think she looks amazing. IN.

Yawn. Nice shoes though.

She looks good (I'd like to see a moment when she looks truly bad) but this look is a dime-a-dozen for her. She's always in black, which is so safe. The shoes, hair, and makeup aren't exactly groundbreaking either. For anyone else, In, but for her? Out.

Not a fan of leather clothes, but:

Considering all the complaints about her wearing loose Mother Earth gowns, I think we owe her an IN for wearing something fitted.

My opinion is that she is an incredible IN! I haven't seen her dress this well in about a year. Her hair is better than that tightly wound bun she wears. No one could pull off that black leather dress except her. Brad? The glasses are so 10 months ago. Try covering up your drug use another way because they are becoming tiresome. Thanks for posting this TLo.

This comment has been removed by the author.

FYI: BCBG did an affordable knock off of those shoes and....I HAVE them!

I think she looks good and very normal. Definite IN from me.


I'm glad to see her in something other than a long, droopy, boring dark dress. She looks like Angelina the World's Hottest Woman instead of Angelina the UN Goodwill Ambassador, and that's a relief.

But this trend of evening and cocktail dresses with pockets has GOT TO END. What's the point? You can't put anything in them without looking oddly bulgy. I suspect they exist solely so a woman can say "no, I haven't put on weight, it's just these darn pockets making my hips look bigger!"

Homegirl needs to eat something. There, I said it.

In. Even though I'm kind of seething with jealousy.

I just want to yell "get your hands out of those tiny pockets!" It looks like she is pulling the dress down. Also, Blake Lively looked way more amazing in the pink version of this dress.

Wish the dress was in inch and a half shorter. But she's definitely IN.

whatever - i'm sick of one of the sexiest women on the planet looking boring all the time. this is an IN for me.

Love it. She looks more like the badass Angelina I fell in love with after seeing "Gia." This is so much better than her dime-a-dozen, bland red carpet gowns.

I thought she looked great until I read ASK's comment - now all I can see is her ginormaous pinkie fingers! ARGH!

I don't particularly like this look, but it suits her and I'm glad she's moved away from that Earth Mother look-at-me-I'm-a-serious-actress look.

Angelina, you're a skank who looks like a cartoon character - work it!

LOVE the shoes!!

@ TampaBay- i've had people react with horror at the thought of knock-offs, so it's nice to know such a classy dame as yourself shares my delight at affordable, stunning shoes.

i'd feel much worse about making them smelly or scuffing them if they were real!

GREAT shoes. Blah dress.

The fact that she has that body and has popped out so many babies depresses me. I have twins and couldn't get that dress around my thigh.

The hair looks terrible, but if it is the heat I give it a pass. Must be fun wearing a leather dress on a hot day.

TampaBay said...

FYI: BCBG did an affordable knock off of those shoes and....I HAVE them!

PLEASE share the style name, if you have it! I can't find them online!

Oh Dear Lord!

Could there be any other couple prettier than this one??? I don't think so!

She looks amazing! The best I've seen on her for a while.

Her dress is lovely and thos shoes are one of a kind.

The best accesory to me is Brad Pitt wearing sunglasses. He looks stunning! :) haha


In-accessorizing with Brad Pitt always works in my house!

Take THAT Megan Fox, you wannabe slut. Angie is still the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

I feel like it needs a necklace. Simple but...I dont know. Something feels off.

Not a fan of the humidity-drooping hair, not a fan of a leather dress in the summer (though it sure showcases her gorgeous figure).
I'm just not crazy about Pitt or Jolie. Really getting tired of them.
Neither in or out for me. But the shoes are a definite IN!! Love them!

I usually think Angelina looks incredibly boring, but I think she's rocking this look. It reminds me of her earlier days, when she wasn't a mom and ambassador and all that. The hands do look stupid though. Love the shoes.

I miss the good old days when crazy Angie accessorized with blood vials and frenched her brother... yes she and mr. look quite fine but ASK brought up a valid point about the alien finger, or p'rhaps she's a guy?

HATE the hair.

WANT the shoes. Want. Want so bad...

Now, this is how you do skin-tight & strapless-- with a little bit of skirt-length, to balance things. Teen Hollywood, take note.

Agreed, the hair is neither here nor there, just a big untamed mop that hides one of a woman's best features-- the neck. When will these dolls learn...

I am also sick of Her Holiness but you've gotta admit se looks good. Way better than her other subdued-floppy dress looks.
Maybe I would have put the hair up or given her more colorful accesories, a necklace, whatever.

Gotta admit, not crazy about the shoes.

They're cute, but that style sandal is EVERYWHERE. Not exactly earth-shattering.

This comment has been removed by the author.

They look like a couple that may have arrived in an unairconditioned '78 Camaro with a busted out window that has been replaced with electrical tape.

She pulls it off, even though it's a million degrees and she's wearing leatha. She's really stunning, no matter what she does.

I personally think she does way too much black all the time, but I guess we've all been guilty of that at certain points in our lives.

You guys are so funny...I was thinking the same thing about the pockets. Like, ok Angie, we see the pockets, now can you just give us a more natural pose?

The shoes are so fab. I think she's IN.

as one w/ long alien fingers, i laughed when i saw the pinkies. you should try finding gloves w/ those kind of hands that are snug but don't poke holes through the ends. or a bowling ball that fits your hand span and doesn't weigh 50 lbs.

wait, what were we talking about? oh yeah, angelina. in.

Now THIS is the Angie I adore.

And that Brad guy makes for nice eye candy as well :)

Oh, and just a note on Brad...he's always IN (with the exception of when he forgets to wash his hair), but I'm really not digging the facial hair on him lately. That face is just too pretty to cover up.

IN for the shoes and dress, OUT for the hair and the hands in her pockets. Just because your dress has pockets doesn't mean you need keep your hands in them.

8/11/09 10:46 AM TampaBay said...

FYI: BCBG did an affordable knock off of those shoes and....I HAVE them!

PLEASE share the style name, if you have it! I can't find them online!

If I can find the box I will. If not I willget it next time I go the store. I got the BCBG shoes at Belk at the Cobb Center Mall in Marietta, Ga. Shoes by Jessica Simpson (as sold at Dillards) has a pair that are very close to the Dior's and they are only $79.00. I paid like $99.00 for my BCBGs.


"Brad, what are you going to wear?"

"I don't know Angie, what are YOU going to wear?"

"Oh God, I just don't know. Deciding is SO HARD."

"And the PRG boys say that your stylist sucks. So let's not play it safe... let's go out on a limb."

"Yes, you are right Baby-Daddy. Let's be really wild!"

"Ummmm, I can't think of anything."

"Well, what about if we both wear BLACK. ALL black."

"Wow Angie, you are amazing. You are just the best! Go ahead and purge and then we can both get dressed in black. It will be so cutting edge!"


tom looks like brad!!

Um, she needs to eat a burger and fries. Holy cats she is skinny.

this look is meh, for me.

She looks great, but the makeup is awful. Between that and the limp mess of hair, her head gets kind of washed out. She's got such great Jessica Rabbit features, she should play them up, or at the very least add a little red lipstick.

oh my. i'll try to be nice here, because i wouldn't want to be the cause of anyone popping an artery.

but really...cliched. played over. and out. andrae gonzalo in drag- with a couple of nose jobs and limp extensions.

she's looked so much better than this.

Way IN, especially making allowance for the leather dress & my prejudice against leather garments for creating visual fit issues if the wearer moves out of the "posing position" in which it was fitted.

It's the way the light bounces off the garments. It's a personal prejudice, o.k.?

I think she looks really hot. I'm just so glad she's wearing something FITTED for once, and looks like she's actually made some effort. I haven't seen her look this good in a long time. Well done, Angie!

I guess they told her "OK, Angelina, you can borrow the dress, but you have to keep your hands in the pockets the whole time."

She looks HOT and he looks wrinkled.

In. Both look greaet. Why St. Angie? In no way shape or form would anything about her or them be characterized as saint. Just young somewhat fresh uber rich people with a social conscience. She's doing well for a mob of kids, 3 quite new. Like many woemen out there.

They both give me the willies. (But the dress is fine.)

Eat. A. Cheeseburger.

Both of them are beautiful, and I would willingly have sex with them both, but MAN is that an ugly dress. It looks great on the model, but the detailing just doesn't come through on a less anorexic person.

Nice shoes though. But still out.

Okay, at least she went fitted this time and she does have a great body for someone who has had 3 kids in 5 years. However, would it kill her to wear color??

I'm sorry, but I can't support Ms. Jolie's fashion "choices," if you can call "uniformly colorless and unambitious" a "choice."

For a n actress known for playing superheroes, vixens, seductresses, spies, and assassins, Ms. Jolie is bafflingly timid on the red carpet.

I like it. Reminds me of the "old" Angie. Now, if she'd only gain some weight...

She looks okay but it really looks like she forgot something. Wish she had a necklace or a bracelet or something. And I really wish she had painted her toes...that would have looked great with those fabulous shoes.

It looks great on the model, but the detailing just doesn't come through on a less anorexic person.

I don't know. I'd say she looks fairly anorexic in the left photo on the second row of doubles??

It's a cool dress, and it looks nice on her, but whoever said it was right - on the model it fits perfectly so you can see the detail of the piecework. On Angie, it's gathering at the waist and you lose the detail.

I think she needs a necklace or something. I think a funky long chain would have been light, but brought it up a notch. That being said, while it's her usual black, it's at least a mite edgier than her usual schtick, so I'm going to give her an in.

Her hair looks like my own when the humidity hits it. Good to see the Beautiful People are not immune to the elements.



Why do these chicks end up looking super-skinny, haggard, cold and hungry when they start sleeping with tha Pittster?

Love the dress, hate the hair.

Seeing all these grey and washed out tan numbers on her made me long for the days of tight leather and great cams showing, so I can't fault her for doing exactly that.

But, even within the flatteringly fitted siren look, would it be too much to ask for the occasional dash of color?

Oops, Mousee is me, typing too fast again.

Feh. She always bores me.

Big Angie fan but damn girl, eat some of those Cheetohs your kids are always carrying around!!

Better than she has looked for awhile now.

Don't really like her, but she's IN.

Any designer that puts pockets on the front of a fitted dress should be shot. It's just not flattering. The shoes are great. Everything else is just meh.

A reluctant IN, just because it's not out.


I wish her hair was sleeker, but that that is a minor criticism. I am so happy to see her looking like she made an effot that I will forego my usual rant about stars dressing out of season.

I like it when she dresses more like this rather than the flowy dresses. But yeah, the hair is just bad. She needs to cut off about 4 inches and go a shade darker.


In, love it!

Yeesh. When the side-by-side with the runway manages to make the _model_ look pleasingly plump, it's time to lay off the mind-altering substances...

I love the dress, and it looks great on her, but it sure reminds me of Leann's Saturn challenge dress.

I like her choice, but only because she's dressing more her age. She's only 34, but the caftans she's been wearing lately really age her. She seems to be stuck in a safe, black or beige rut. Like some other girl Brad knows...hmmm.
Also, I'd like to see her hair in a loose updo or pony. Her neck is gorgeous.

Though I generally don't like those shoes, they do look good with the dress. Still, I prefer the ones on the model.


Even though I'm not a fan, she looks good, if not a bit silly for playing with the pockets

She looks fabulous! IN IN and IN

She looks great, Brad looks like shit.

Great pictures! They both look great.

Anyone know which sunglasses Brad is wearing in these pics?

They both look hot! She looks healthy too.

Angie looks hot and sexy.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I can't stand leather anything but she looks good in it. The shoes are gorge!

She’s absolutely flawless in these pictures.

Angelina looks unusually happy in these pics. LOL.

Mousee on 8/11/09 at 3:31 PM said....
But, even within the flatteringly fitted siren look, would it be too much to ask for the occasional dash of color?

I guess her tattoos are fading! LOL!


The shoes are great, the dress not so much.

IN. I love her!!!!

8/11/09 8:21 PM I love the dress, and it looks great on her, but it sure reminds me of Leann's Saturn challenge dress.

They copied it. Leanne invented leather.

IN! She's always IN.

Wow, Angela Jolie looks happy for once.

OUT. She's too skinny, no curves, just huge lips walking.

I'm definitely not an Angelina Jolie fan, but she does look great here!

Not impressed. How come these two are called the power couple????

Hot. but bitch needs some meat on those stick legs.

could've used a little more color on her lips, IMHO. Otherwise, def a great look!

So over both of them. You are pandering. Shame!!

They dissed Tim at the SchlOSCARS.

Therefore, I hate them.

The fact that she's finally wearing something that isn't long and flowy and she no longer looks like a walking skeleton makes it an automatic IN.

Disagree. It's just so "done" for her. Plus, she's no spring chicken anymore, even if she does have chicken arms.

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