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In Case 3 1/2 Hours of PR Tonight Isn't Enough

...And let's face it, there's NEVER enough Project Runway, we direct you to the following press release from Lifetime:

"Lifetime Digital, the ultimate digital source for women's entertainment, escape and play, announced today that it will stream full episodes of Project Runway and Models of the Runway, and launch the first-of-its-kind Project Runway Buzz Room as part of its unprecedented digital content offerings on the shows' official sites at (PRNewsFoto/Lifetime Digital)"

It goes on and on. We suggest you head on over there and read the whole thing. Long story short: they're putting up an INSANE amount of supplemental material on their web site, including:

" will stream full episodes of Project Runway and Models of the Runway every week after each episode first airs on Lifetime, marking the first time ever they will stream online, and the episodes will be available on Lifetime On Demand. The full episodes are in addition to the more than 500 exclusive broadband video clips that will be rolled out throughout the season to bring fans behind-the-scenes in ways not previously accomplished in the franchise's history.

The Project Runway Buzz Room is a custom application that will aggregate Twitter messages and Facebook public posts around key Project Runway hash tags and keywords. Providing fans of Project Runway with one centralized digital location to tap into the stream of posts about the show, the Project Runway Buzz Room will also feature posts from show designers and models, designers from previous seasons, and key show sites and bloggers. Site visitors can access the Project Runway Buzz Room with their Facebook Connect or Twitter log-ins and have the option of simultaneously surfacing their posts in the room on their Twitter or Facebook pages."

"[I]n addition to full episodes and the Project Runway Buzz Room, other highlights of the Lifetime Digital offerings for Project Runway and Models of the Runway include the following:
  • TIM GUNN'S WORK ROOM: Video of the fashion guru's commentary on each designer's look every episode.
  • JUDGES' EXTENDED COMMENTARIES: Video of everything Heidi, Nina, Michael and guest judges say to each designer every episode.
  • DESIGNER INTERVIEWS: Winning and losing designer video interviews.
  • DESIGNER, MODEL AND GUEST JUDGE VIDEO BLOGS: Video blogs from each designer and model following every episode, as well as select guest judges throughout the season.
  • BLOGS: Previous Project Runway designers Nick Verreos (season two), Andrae Gonzalo (season two) and Chris March (season four) will each provide weekly blog updates on Project Runway's show site following each episode. Their blogs will join a lineup that includes weekly updates from Garcia and Kors; and the official Project Runway and Models of the Runway blogs, written and frequently updated by Lifetime Digital producers.
  • RATE THE RUNWAY/RATE THE WALK: The popular interactive photo gallery returns with added photo functionality that enables fans to view multiple design photos and zoom in on images for a closer look before rating each episode's runway creations. Rate the Walk will feature video of each model walking the runway during each episode and enable fans to rate their performances.
  • GAMES: Lifetime Digital will create custom dress-up closets for site visitors to dress models using designs from each Project Runway episode.
  • DESIGNER PORTFOLIO: Sketches and finals designs for each design in every episode will be added to this new, interactive, Flash application that shines a spotlight on the designers' amazing creations like never before."
And much, much more. Including our personal favorite:
  • TLO AWARDS: Every Monday, the "fabulous and opinionated" Tom and Lorenzo (founders of the popular Project Rungay blog) will offer up commentary and awards in eight categories, including "Miss Photogenic," "Miss Congeniality" and "Best Actress."
We've been having a blast working for the Lifetime peeps in developing this feature and we're really looking forward to it. What's not in the press release (and should be) is that the artwork accompanying the T Lo Awards was provided by our very own Alex! Too fabulous for words, darlings!

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Congrats guys!!



Congrats, you guys!!

OMG! sooo excited! full episodes and TLo awards?! Does it get any better? plus, 3 1/2 hours? I think I might die...

So excited for you guys!!!!

Heading home from work now, cannot WAIT for tonight!!!!! if only I can get the videos on their site to work!

Congrats you guys! Lifetime is really pulling out the big guns!

Fabulous, Tlo!!


I'm so happy for you guys and MORE ALEX!!!

I will not call you sellouts, even though you are - working from within the system is never as much fun as snarking from outside - because you're just too damn fabulous. Larger audience for the TLo = A better, more fabulous world.

They're doing their best to make it up to us, after making us wait so damn long! Was going to say "Bravo" but maybe "Kudos" would be a better word choice.

I am depending on you guys for thorough recaps. As much as I love PR, I will not look at the self proclaimed man-hating Lifetime network. As a man (and a gay one) they are offensive. I'm also glad to say that I know quite a few people who agree with me.

Honeys, that is fantastic! Well done!

The more exposure for TLo the better =D

And wow - is Lifetime pulling double duty WOOING the PR Fan Base or what???! Not complaining!!


I'm only excited about the part that you guys are doing.

The rest of it is OVERKILL. I'm afraid they are going to over-saturate us with the PR content and make everyone sick of the show!

I can't wait to see your part, though. Totally up your alley and will be a hoot, I am sure.

Congratulations! Sooooo Cool.

I had read about the streaming video but I'll have to check out the rest. There goes my Fridays.

Utterly fabulous news!! It's about time you guys were recognized for your marvelous coverage, comments and support of Project Runway.
This is going to be awesomely GRAND!!!!

Well I am one happy for you all. I have to say I find the Lifetime site a lot less aggravating than the Bravo site.

despite all the turmoil part of me is glad PR moved. It may be more conducive to a gay demographic but I think Bravo has really degenerated for the most part into trash tv.

And I applaud all the promotion Lifetime has invested into the show and the designers. They've given way more content about them then Bravo ever has.

I look forward to MOnday's first set of awards


TLO awards?
Marvelous! That is the only thing that would get me to that Lifetime website.

Meanwhile supper is cooking on the stove and mint leaves are mulling in powdered sugar and lime juice.

That's fantastic, congrats to you both. Now, how am I ever going to get anything done on Friday's with all that content to go through. :-)
Its almost time!!! On to the TLounge for me.

This sounds fantastic! I don't think I could suffer overkill here. Of course, your part will be the best, but I am also excited about Tim and hearing ALL of judges' comments. Counting the hours. . .

How utterly fabulous! I would love Lifetime anyway, for the obvious amount of care and attention they are putting into my favorite show. The fact that they have the good taste and overall fabulosity to include input from TLo is just the icing on the PR cake!

Woo Hoo!!!! That is so wonderful!

Lifetime's really going all out on this and that's great news. Even better is that they're working with TLo and Alex! They've made this fan happy already.

congratulations to you both! I am so happy to hear that they will be streaming the show as I don't get Lifetime on my basic cable. I was bereft at the thought of not being able to see Project Runway.

You BETTER dish!! I'm not even kidding - you BETTER dish!!!

Congrats, guys!


Fantastic, I can't wait to see it on Monday!

You guys make this show so much more interesting. Congratulations!!!!

I'm sooooo happy for you (TLo & Alex!) & for all of us!

More TLo!
*cartwheeling around the TLounge*

Smart move on Lifetime's part!

That is awesome, Tlo! I've been reading you guys for years, this is really good news.

Insanely cool! Props to you guys for building a web presence around this show big enough that Lifetime noticed you and recruited you to their efforts!

I admit I almost didn't read that far down, because I was gobsmacked by the fact that they will have videos of everything the judges say to the contestants. (Almost had to stop reading there and go lie down on the nearest fainting couch to avoid passing out from glee.)

All around, my only complaint is my lack of ability to buy an iTunes season pass, but if the Lifetime streaming works well enough, I'll learn to live with it in return for all these glorious extras.



Darlings that is fabulous news, for you two kittens as well as darling Alex.

Please tell Alex that he needs to fix his website so I don't have to join Google to comment on his cartoons. I want so badly to comment, and stalk him....

Oh sorry. Awesome news, guys.

Congratulations, guys!!


I never understood why Bravo didn't tap into your popularity. I'm so glad Lifetime has seen the TLo light.
Let's hope it keeps growing. Congratulations and much love.


TheNYCourier said...
Congrats you guys! Lifetime is really pulling out the big guns!

As they should. This is the only place I go to for more PR anything.

Fab!!!! I am thrilled!!!

Tom, Lorenzo, Alex,

Let me add my voice to the chorus of accolades for the inauguration of the TLO Awards. The work all of you do - yes, a lot of fun, but a LOT of work - is appreciated by the minions, and now it will be appreciated by even more.

So delighted you're receiving the recognition for your efforts for the past three years. Well, well done, and I'm sure it will be well done going forward, indeed, fabulously.

All the best,



Big Shamu said...
I never understood why Bravo didn't tap into your popularity. I'm so glad Lifetime has seen the TLo light.

Because they're fools. Bravo turned into trash TV. I can't stand it anymore.

Minou Mechant

Fabulous, TLo! So wonderful that Lifetime was savvy enough to involve you. :)

Frank said: "It may be more conducive to a gay demographic but I think Bravo has really degenerated for the most part into trash tv."

Exactly! The Real Housewives franchise is just Jerry Springer dressed up in designer knock-offs, staggering home drunk on Asti Spumante after the social event of the season at the Holiday Inn ballroom.

In other words, the participants are just a 'better,' i.e. more pretentious, class of shrieking harpies/social misfits portrayed with faux sympathy when the real intent is just for us to laugh at them.

T Lo Awards? I'll need an outfit. How can I get in touch with Uncle Nick.

Congratulations, guys.


Congratulations! So excited for you! How unbelievably fabulous!!

This is all so fucking fabulous.

I thought I couldn't get any happier, without actually seeing the show(s).

I. Was. Wrong.

Tim Gunn's Work Room. Judges' Extended Commentaries.

I may not have to ever watch the show again.

And then- and then- Gentlemen and then -
[bring to mind Charles & the chorus from Pippin singing "War is a Science"*)]:

The TLO Awards.

I may get through this fall's crushingly unrealistic workload with a smile after all.

*The 1981 DVD version:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH AND HURRAY!!!!

see, i'm a very seriously broke-ass grad student, and in an effort to be able to pay my heating bills, i cancelled my cable. so no more PR for me. but now - lifetime, bless their hearts! - will be streaming the show! i can watch the episode before reading TLo!

seriously, i'm almost tearing up over this.

And damn, puppies! look at you, getting to hand out AWARDS and such, every week! with ALEX!'S! awesome art to accompany!

this is freaking fabulous.
y'all have a blast in the TLounge ce soir...i'll be watching from lifetime's site on the morrow.


Finally you get to be involved with the show! So happy for you!

Way to go!!!
This place will be crawling with new minions.

SHUT. UP. Congratulations, TLo!

I'll be stopping by Lifetime's site each week to see your fabulous awards.

While I'm there, I may check out the video of the judges' comments. That could be very interesting.


Also - Congratulations, Alex!

OMFG... This is ultra-fabulous!!! Goodbye Bravo and Go Lifetime!!!
Btw, finally you guys are in the limelight:)

Damnit, I can't find you girls at Lifetime!

I'll keep on searchin'!

And Lifetime better treat you right if they know what's good for them. I got friends in low places, ya dig?


all of this extra content is part awesome, part totally overwhelming. i probably won't have the time or energy to watch all of them every week...except, of course, the TLo awards!

Well, now we know Lifetime's done at least one thing right - getting TLO officially into the show. Now we just have to get you on camera!!! Congrats!

OMG, this is sooo frickin' cool!

I only hope that the website it better than the crappy Bravo one.

More & More I'm thinking that this was a GREAT move for PR.

Holy crap, that's awesome, guys!

Congratulations, guys! This is fantastic!!

"DESIGNER PORTFOLIO: Sketches and finals designs for each design in every episode will be added to this new, interactive, Flash application that shines a spotlight on the designers' amazing creations like never before."

If they know how to sketch lol

Yay for y'all - and Lifetime - and me! [because I don't have cable]

Project Runway for all! Woot!

I hope Lifetime pays you guys a LOT of money to be experts for them! You guys TOTALLY deserve to cash in on all the wonderful fashion content you've been writing for us for years! I love your writing!!!


P.S. Note to Lifetime -- give TLO their own show commenting on fashion, tv, popular culture, etc.


Holy shit that's awesome!

Good work boys!

OMG - that's so fabulous!! hurray! congratulations!!! :D

(youre like 1 step away from being guest judges now - squeee! XD)

oh goodness, i almost can't stand it. congratulations to you both!!!! that is fantastic news and i'm thrilled you guys get to be a part of this whole shindig.

i love it!

I love the idea of seeing ALL of the commentary the judges make to the designers, plus the ability to look at each of the designs in detail. TLo, I'm glad you're included in this PR extravaganza.

How the heck will we ever get anything else done now?



My life is complete!

WAAAAAAAAUUUUGH! 14 minutes to go!

Munchies - check.

French berry lemonade - check.

Heat 'em up gourmet dinner from Trader Joe's - check.

Ice cream - check.

Pot of coffee - check. Starting that right now.

Although, it's not like anybody needs a single drop of caffeine to stay awake for this!


Ok, maybe I should just skip that caffeine!


That's fantastic!!! Finally the recognition you deserve. Today, Lifetime, tomorrow, the world!

TIM GUNN'S WORK ROOM: Video of the fashion guru's commentary on each designer's look every episode.

Now that I'm looking forward to. I hope he's just as honest and delightfully bitchy as he was on his podcasts.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!! That is the scream you SHOULD have heard when I read the end of the post! Awesome, boys - what a nice surprise!

congrats - that is so great!

Uh-Oh, Jeffrey is being an ass already.

ALP looks like a reject from Three Dog Night.

Completely and utterly fantastically fabulous!!!! You bitches totally deserve this and I cannot wait to read it each week. It is so great that the new peeps at PR realize the potential in having you guys as part of their commentary.

I was literally just complaining about how the only time I miss having a television is when project runway is airing.


This is all fantastic

I journeyed into my cable provider office to see about adding "Lifetime access" to my current cable subscription.

It was downhill from there

So "Cramcost" you loose and the on line viewing will be my choice. It may be a bit late but I have a hard time staying up past 10 pm anyway.

And the TLo awards are going to be awesome. I imagine some of the contestants are going to go away saying " who cares what Michael thinks... TLo gave me the ***Award !

I am so-o-o-o-o- jealous of you east coasters! We still have to wait 2.25 hours! (e-e-e-e-e-e! I can hardly stand it!)

Another Lemon Drop, please.

Wonderful news!!! It seems like Lifetime is really going 200% on having PR be the centerpiece of their programming, and they're researching what fans truly love. Congrats TLo!

Congratulations! It's so very cool that you two are getting this recognition.

And about the streaming, may I just shreik with excitement like a 13-year-old girl. I don't have cable and just can't see paying for it to watch one or two shows so this is indescribably fabulous.

Ack! I'm such a dork.

I can't find Tim Gunn's Workroom or the judges' videos.

Why did Lifetime run an ad for a Sandra Bulloch movie which contains anti-gay jokes on their premier episode of "Project Runway"? What the hell were they thinking??

HOLY CRAP! Couldn't have happened to nicer and more deserving bloggers. Whoooo! Can't wait to see your first "awards ceremony", and to see Alex's accompanying illustrations!!

AWESOME! I am so glad Lifetime included you! Sometimes the big companies, don't play nice with the little guys, but I'm glad to see this is not the case here.

WTF I have to wait till Saturday to be able to see it stream online? Why a full 2 days??????

From an article posted on

Unlike the broadcast nets, which usually post episodes online the day after a premiere, Lifetime will wait until Saturday mornings—after the Thursday night premiere and the Friday night encore. The ad-supported episodes will be available on demand online at the same time as they show up in cable operators’ video on demand queues, removing one area of possible contention. Another difference: if you want to watch Project Runway online (legally), you’ll have to go to No syndication. No season pass on ITunes. No downloads. The same strategy will be followed for new show Models of the Runway. Available episodes will include the current show and the last four to air.



Oh, so you ARE working for Lifetime...

Thanks to, I think I just got a huge spoiler... right on the first page of the videos section, there are three thumbnails that show 3 of the designers' "home visits"....... tell me I didn't just see that and that I will forget it by tomorrow morning!!!!!!!

Absolutely brilliant!!

I'm gutted that Lifetime videos aren't available overseas - you'll still be my first stop for recaps!

I actually missed last night's episodes!!! Thank you for sharing this good news with me - now I know that I haven't lost such a pleasurable opportunity.


i'm not dorothy gale

Seriously, guys. You two are going to be on-air personalities within a year. Bet you!

And you deserve it.

Congratulations, guys!


your part sounds the best. congrats on the new feature and thank you for working it.

WOW. Clearly Lifetime knows a good thing when they see it.

Thanks for the info, PaperPusher @11:23pm. That DOES suck, royally. I'd happily purchase the entire season on iTunes if they'd just let me, rather than wait two days for a version which is free but streaming and full of ads.

Congrats, guys, so well deserved!

Fresca said...

Thanks for the info, PaperPusher @11:23pm. That DOES suck, royally. I'd happily purchase the entire season on iTunes if they'd just let me, rather than wait two days for a version which is free but streaming and full of ads.

I agree, why not iTunes??? I can watch it on my iPod anywhere I go.

Well, you could go to the web site PaperPusher was talking about and leave a complaint, like I did:

You don't have to register or login to do it. I don't know if commenting will make any difference, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Tim Gunn's Work Room vids are fantastic! If only the "sponsor messages" weren't about 75 db louder than the rest of the content.

The designer portfolios? Very cool. And let me say how pleased I am that unlike Bravo's web site, there is more content per page than ads, promos and baffling navigation!

Looking forward to the TLo content...

CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!! That is fantastic and BEYOND well-deserved. Can't wait!!!


Holy hot ish Batman! This is amazing news!!!!

Tim's commentary is back & we now have weekly TLo awards -- there is a god and she's very fashion forward!!! Congrats and yippee!!!

Stunningly well deserved and long, loooongg overdue! Congrats and enjoy!

The one thing that everyone wants is missing- Tim Gunn's podcast in which he tells us exactly what he thought of each design, the judges decision and behind the scenes stories. Sorry, but without that, you got nothing.

However, "Custom Dress Up Closet Games" may be interesting (for fans ages 5-7)

OK... it's Monday! When will the post be up????????????????????????????

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