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Congratulations, Daniel!

Okay kittens, we KNOW you have thoughts on this one.

Before we get down to the nitty et gritty, that was a sort of fun two hours, yes? Like checking in on a bunch of old friends again. Well, old friends and one or two people you deleted from your cell phone years ago.

Although it has to be said: we expected Santino to act like a jackass (and he didn't disappoint on that front), but we were pleasantly surprised by the relative low-key nature of Jeffrey. In fact, he was practically invisible. If anything, there was some unexpected bitchery coming from some unexpected quarters (but we'll get to that later).

As for the challenge, we were a little disappointed. It was so basic.

Sure, they added a twist - and it was a welcome one, sort of. Doing an unconventional materials challenge was practically a given, but Lorenzo in particular found the scenes of designers destroying a restaurant a little tiresome and a little ... how to put this? Undignified, maybe?

Of course, dignity wasn't exactly on the menu last night.

In fact, if we could pin point any one problem, it was that all of these people were too experienced in the pitfalls of reality television and a bit too aware of the camera. Mychael barely uttered 10 sentences the whole night and they were all monotone.

And Chris could barely keep himself awake. Santino would no doubt argue that he was the only entertaining person on the show, but dude, you only came off as a huge lamer. It was embarrassing to watch.

Okay, we admit it. We hate to complain after such a long trek through the desert, but frankly, 3 1/2 hours was a little bit of overkill last night. We would have been happier if they'd aired this special on another night. It was fun seeing everyone again, but after the initial pleasure wore off, those 2 hours dragged.

Oh, and Nicole Kidman? LAME.

In case you can't see her behind all those graphics, that's Diane Von Furstenberg and she was a perfect choice for the guest judge. She's probably (although feel free to check) made the most guest judge appearances, so it makes sense that she would be on the All-Stars show. She gives the best damn critiques.

But don't think we don't have huge problems with some of the judging decisions last night, many of which seemed totally arbitrary. We will, again, get to all of that in future posts.

So, congrats Danny V! We know a lot of you don't think he deserved the win. Truth be told, he would not have been our pick, but we think the judges had one overriding criterion even if it wasn't stated outright: they were looking for the designer who had shown the most growth since their last time on the show. On that front, Daniel excelled.

And we also want to point out how smoothly professional and comfortable he was throughout the process. Not that he was ever unprofessional back in S2, but there was a real "pro" attitude coming off him this time around. He was focused and clear about what he wanted to do and completely ignored what was going on around him.

So let's get to the clothes.

We're not defending the judges here, but we do have to say, sportswear is as valid a choice for a runway show as say, gowns and cocktail dresses. We think the relative casualness of Daniel's collection threw off a lot of viewers who didn't understand the judges' reaction to it. It was actually a pretty savvy move on his part, because his collection instantly stood out.

We hated the styling, though.

Do we love this look? Not particularly.

We like each piece separately for the most part, but we can't get all excited about seeing them paired up.

This look, on the other hand, we liked quite a bit.

Very sporty and stylish and modern. We especially like the little pleat that runs down the side of each leg. There were a lot of little touches like that. It's a subtle collection.

And with only two looks, he established a through line and sense of cohesiveness. He was very economical with this collection and we think that's another thing that the judges responded to. There was a laser focus and clarity to it. In fact, if you listen to the judging again, "clarity" was used to describe it again and again.

Okay, we can't really defend this one and this is where the judging went off the rails for us. The standard response to this seems to have been "suicide bomber," and that's true. She does look like she's getting ready to blow herself to kingdom come and take the rest of the models with her. But our first thought - and subsequently the only thing we see now when we look at it - is that she looks like she's wearing a giant version of one of those change dispensers the guys in the stadiums wear when they're selling hot dogs.

There were at least two other "restaurant challenge" dresses that looked like real clothes; high end clothes, even. That the judges couldn't bring themselves to point out that this is exactly what you're NOT supposed to do with an unconventional materials dress (i.e., fail to make it look like a real dress) instantly makes their decisions a little suspect.

Here it is, girls. Here's what won him the prize money. And to be fair, we really can't argue with that.

It's not just a pretty, stylish, trendy look; it's also unconventional and the judges eat that shit up like pudding.

He chose an interesting material to work with.

And then turned around and did interesting things with it that, if you have any familiarity with his prior work, perfectly summed up his style and aesthetic. It was Danny V. 2.0, from the cute little sleeves...

To the color-blocking and dramatic embellishments. Maybe we're too much the PR scholars, but we would have known this was a Danny V original without being told.

Again, we really think that's what the judges responded to. They ALWAYS had a hardon for Daniel. Like Christian Siriano, he embodies exactly what they think a rising young designer should be and if you remember the finale of S2, their disappointment in his Bryant Park collection was obvious and palpable. He let them down last time and they were just looking for the chance to give it to him again.

So it seems to us they unconsciously decided on a certain set of criteria to give him the win: they placed a ton of importance on the red carpet look because it was his strongest look, and they decided that growth and improvement were more important than producing 4 flawless looks (something that at least 2 other designers managed).

To be fair (and clear), we love Daniel and we're happy for him. We're not at all suggesting that he didn't "deserve" this. As we said, it all goes down to what the criteria are for giving the win.

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I was really hoping for Korto or Sweet P to win. I didn't like Daniel's stuff at all really.

I think all the women pretty much blew the boys out of the water. I just am not responding to Daniel collection. No likey.

Chris March had the collection I responded the most to, but Daniel's collection was the second in my mind. I found Sweet P's, as much as I like her, to be too much like a pastry shop, and Korto's to be unbelievably basic.

Feh. Those two hours did drag, no? And all those collections were rather drab. Whatever, it was a nice sentiment, can't really complain.

Anyway, his red carpet dress was fine. Not worth $100,000, though.

I would not have given Daniel V a win, either, though I do respond well to his personality on TV and most of his designs. I thought his first look...well, looked cheap and sloppy. It reminded me of the sloppy girl from about 15 years ago (everyone knows one) that thought she could wear a one-piece bathing suit with jeans and fool everyone into thinking it was a bodysuit. Blech.

The suicide bomber look didn't help my overall opinion of his collection, for sure.

I'm surprised you boys didn't mention Heidi's comment about the bra! I was talking to my friend while the runway show was happening and I was like "UGH no bra! Honey, no. Heidi and I both know a girl with a rack like that needs some support!" and then 10 minutes later Heidi was all "why no bra, danny v?"

I'm not surprised he won. I was hoping for a Sweet P victory and betting on either Danny V or Korto, but they always loved Danny V most of all, soooo yeah

Prissy Bear rocked that shit! Also, I think he has sleep apnea, I've been there and know what he is going through. As for the most growth as a designer, I think he took the cake. Lets hear from all the bears out there!

Daniel V. and Korto were my favorites going in, but when I saw Daniel's collection I thought he was out for sure. Yes, his dress was great, but the restaurant look was so bleh that I thought that would knock him out. Korto's red carpet look wasn't great, but I did like her other stuff. It does seem a little unfair that they put so much emphasis on growth. In that area, Daniel would have a huge advantage over Korto simply because of time. Korto was in the most recent season. How much was she really going to evolve?

Korto has totally deserved the win.
Judges were high or something...
I was bitterly disappointed and even told my wife that I will never watch the show again.

Change dispenser was exactly what I thought too. But with the rest of the dress being kinda trashy, I was picturing her more in an arcade at Seaside Heights.


Boo, boo, boo. I thought Daniel's "suicide bomber" look alone should have gotten him auf'd. What were the judges smoking?? I was stunned, literally, and then I was yelling at my TV.

Disclaimer: I love Chris March. Having said that, he put out an incredibly elegant, beautiful, gorgeously made collection, with a twist in the restaurant dress, and THAT to me showed more growth from the costume designer using hair and safety pins (which I also loved) than Daniel making a bike riding shirt teamed up with a black sack skirt, a hot mess shirt with a messy vest and decent pants, and a suicide outfit. Yes, that is what it looked like.

You are right, TLo, they judges have always had a hard-on for Daniel and they gave it to him, when he didn't deserve it yesterday. Korto's collection was better, as said, Chris March's collection was better, and I liked Uli's better as well. Sweet Pea, love that girl, but homesewn describes her perfectly.
Totally BS judging - I almost didn't watch the regular show, I was so annoyed at the absurdity of Daniel winning.

I think that Daniel V was clearly the winner--heads and shoulders above the other designers. Sweet P's was just "ehhhhhh" and Korto's was very basic bridesmaid.

I was watching last night with several stylish 20somethings and they all about died over that red carpet dress. He presented great clothes that girls want to wear.

Uh... yeah. Okay. I think his red carpet dress was actually really beautiful, but that restaurant dress was an embarrassment. I would have given the win to Uli, hands down. I would kill to have any one of her dresses. I would have been happy with (and could have understood) a Korto win, too. This? No.

Prissy Bear rocked that shit! Also, I think he has sleep apnea, I've been there and know what he is going through. As for the most growth as a designer, I think he took the cake. Lets hear from all the bears out there!

8/21/09 11:42 AM

Yup, I am with you, Chris M showed the most growth of all the designers. He was robbed!

I do love Daniel's red carpet dress as well. It reminds me of spats. But that suicide bomber dress would have eliminated him from the win for me.

But the judging IS subjective, and they can change the criteria to give the win to whomever they choose. That's a given. But beyond that, some of the stuff coming out of their mouths was just whack. On crack. Like a brain freeze attack.

I mean, seriously, how they could have those compliments, with a straight face, for SweetP's dust ruffle inspired mall-wear was just nutzo. It made me feel like going all Barney Frank on their asses.


Chris wasn't sleeping as much as they tried to infer. In between clips of him snoozing I saw him working in the background while they focused on the other designers.

Out of the collections that made it to the finals, I wanted Korto to win -- the restaurant dress especially was great. But I really don't understand why Uli was in the bottom half. Guess she should have stuck with prints! Re: Chris March, do you think he has narcolepsy or some medical issue? I really didn't understand why he fell asleep at the model casting.

Danny V's collection is, in Nina Garcia speak, aesthetically not pleasing. Or downright fug. Korto and Sissy Bear got robbed.

Does anyone else think that Uli was being judged more on what she showed when she was a contestant rather than what she showed last night? I thought her stuff was beautiful.

Sweet P? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

I think he won because it was in the same vein as Alexander Wang - urban, fitted, a little slouchy, dark colors. Very on trend right now. Everyone else made very pretty clothes but none felt as timely. It was awesome to see everyone (except Santino). Liked All-Stars better than the 1st ep of regular Runway. Eileen

I told my wife that the belt looked either like an ice-cream-vendor change machine or an oversized bullet clip. Your suicide bomber analogy's even better.

OK, the winning dress was different. But was it beautiful? Not in my book. (And I know you'll get to Korto later, but she was robbed big time.)

Totally agree that it was too much PR last night.

By the time All Star was over, I was PR'd out and barely paid attention the new season episode. Facebook was holding mey attention more than the show.

Also agree that it was nice getting caught up with old friends...even the one with the oddly expressionless forehead.

I liked Chris March's collection the best. I was also concerned about his health - like BearlyBear mentioned, it looks like sleep apnea to me. I have a very overweight friend who nods off all the time.

Oh, and Nicole Kidman said the gown would be worn at the premiere but didn't explicitly say she would be wearing it, did she? Way to save your ass if none of the gowns are made for a frozen plastic head on a stick.


I remember the judges' disappointment in Daniel V.'s final collection in Season 2 of PR, and I think TLO hit it on the head with their opinion that the judges unconsciously determined what criteria they would use to evaluate the mini collections, and weighted those criteria so that they favored Daniel V.

I like Daniel V., loved a lot of his looks from Season 2, but was underwhelmed by his mini collection for the all-star challenge, particularly that misfire of a restaurant look. That was fug, pure and simple.
I couldn't believe the lame attempt by the Duchess talking about Daniel's "wit" when describing that dress.

I thought Daniel V deserved the win

Korto's collection was too basic, I don't understand Sweet P in the top 4 I though Uli had a great restaurant dress.

The Nicole Kidman bit was totally lame "Your dress will be worn on the red carpet" BY WHO??? Someone's publicist?

Ok now I know that I saw too many clothes too quickly last night. Who did the long pink gown with the tiny shrug?


I'd like to see Tim force the judge who defended this to wear the bomber dress to the airport - the WATCH WHAT HAPPENS (at security).

Yes!! Suicide bomber!! That is EXACTLY what I shouted allowed last night when that look came down the runway. I always liked DV but don't think he deserved the win last night. Korto's "restaurant dress" was gorgeous, one of my favorite pieces of the evening.

But where's the love for Uli? She was hands-down my favorite. I loved everything she did and I am yet againstupefied by the hypocracy that after complaining week after week about Uli's prints and one-note designs, the judges complain when she shows a more sophisticated and gorgeous evolution of her point of view. ARRRGHGHGHGH!

Lovemesomedanielv! Haven't watched the show yet, but I can see why some thought he shouldn't win. Looking forward to seeing everyone's collections.

Oy vey I am typing too fast. I know how to spell aloud and it's not A-L-L-O-W-E-D.

Is that 80% shade cloth?

Where did the other $180 go?

I know I'm just repeating what people have already said, but picking Daniel for the win was WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. Tacky, tasteless, and wrong.

I responded to Chris's the most. classy, stylish. Loved that fabric. I loved that gown that he made, I think it was gorgeous! Of course we didn't see close up, blah blah blah. But this was pathetic, judges, and I'm looking at you, Michael, Nina and - I can't believe I'm saying this - Diane!!!! Heidi's excuse is that she likes short and shiny.

Horrible show.

Let me first start by saying HOW IN THE FUCK did Sweet P get in the top over Uli? I'm sorry Uli's stuff was better than Sweet P's that red carpet thing with ruffles would have gotten worst dress any day, and Uli's Resturant Dress was up there with Korto's!

And I would wear the hell out of that dress Daniel V made and I think that is the reason he won that dress took him to the win because over all Korto's mini collection was better. But I respect the decision.

Korto was ROBBED! Her restaurant challenge dress was GORGEOUS! I want one right now!

It seemed like the judges were going to give it to Daniel pretty much no matter what he put up there. Last night's outcome made me feel icky, like I was watching fashion's old (pretty) boy network reproduce itself right in front of my eyes.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

TLo Said:"As we said, it all goes down to what the criteria are for giving the win."

And as in past seasons, I really hate it when the judges focus on only a few criteria to justify a win for someone and seem to disregard everything else. In fact, once Uli was gone and only Korto and Danny V were left standing, I began to wonder if they were just going to say, "Sorry we screwed up and Chloe didn't come as far as we may have wished. Here's the $100,000!"

I felt of the final two, Korto deserved the win. Her restaurant look was stronger, as was the rest of her collection.

And how they could NOT choose Uli for final 4 because she did not use prints astounds me.

Congrats Danny V. You're cute, professional and all, but I felt that there were stronger designers than you.

As usual you guys hit the nail on the head all around. I'm not a huge fan of this collection, but I will definitely say that Daniel did the best job of looking at what is currently on trend and then adding his own little spin to it. I thought that his pieces had that '80s vibe that is (sadly) so popular right now, but managed to be more sophisticated than most of the crap you see on the tweens these days. So kudos on that front. And his red carpet dress was fantastic.

But that restaurant dress was unforgivable. Ugh.

So, Daniel definitely would not have even made it into my top 4 (which would have been Korto, SweetPea, Uli, and Chris) but I understand the win a little better today.

I cant understand how Sweet Pea was in the top instead of ULI!!
Based on the red carpet dress only, Daniel should have won, that dress was my favorite, but only 2 of his looks out of 4 were good, the other 2 were just filler/throwaway...
Based on the 4 look collection Uli, Korto or Chris should have won this. (uli is my pick, but would have been just as happy with any of them)
Loved seeing Mountaha again.

When I saw Uli's collection I thought she had the win locked up. I couldn't believe she was in the bottom four. Santino was irritating and his schtick is old. I doubt this appearance will drum up any extra business for him. Korto summed him up perfectly "He's a fool"
Laura was smart to take a pass on this one.

I was really hoping for a Korto win, even if she did use the word "win" about ten times every time she spoke. She came off looking a little kooky, but her restaurant dress was hands down more beautiful and wearable than anything else that walked that runway, which is huge.

I see her restaurant dress as the kind of dress that you can wear on a fat day and still feel pretty. I definitely couldn't say the same for Daniel V's red carpet dress.

IMHO, it should have solidified the win for Korto.

@ BearlyBear and others:

I, too, think our dear Chris must have sleep apnea. The nodding off, snoring, and spaciness (and I'm sorry, he did come across as spacy) are all symptoms. Plus, his weight. Poor Chris; I adore him and hope he can get treated.

I have a question for the forum (I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, so this might have been addressed): how and why were these 8 chosen to participate?

Anyone catch Santino's Nick impression ("heck YEAH I'm gonna win this thing") early on?

Plus, the idea of Sweet P in the top four and Santino in the bottom four (especially after he ragged on her) made for great TV.

Never underestimate the power of the "home sewn." You may not like it, but the experts do.

Bravo to Chris. I agree with all the kudos he's getting I was sooo proud of him I would wear his looks too except for the gown Mountaha wore

Santino's behavior was inexcusable. Stop playing that annoying character, please. The person you are on RuPaul's Drag Race is so much more interesting.

Chris got robbed. And needs medical attention, poor guy.

Oh, and when I saw Chris March's red carpet dress, I immediately thought "SWINTON!" Because boy would she rock the shit out of that dress.

Liked Danny V. and ok with his win, but the material for the red carpet dress that they all went ga-ga over reminded me oh-so-much of the plasticized feed bags that our cow's grain comes in now. It has that same sheen and weave, though all cream colored. And I, too, immediately thought of suicide bomber on that one. That should have given the judges serious pause as to whether to give him the win.

I liked Daniel's collection -- it wasn't my favorite but I thought it was smart, urban and (as Michael Kors said) I could see who would wear it: A certain type of fashion forward NY girl in her 20s.

Agree that the red carpet dress won it for him. It was one of the few dresses up there that I could see Nicole Kidman in -- clean, elegant -- and I have to think that that also influence the judging. She's a high-wattage star and they want to put her in a dress she'll look great in.

I wasn't a big fan of his in S2 -- didn't dislike him but thought he was overrated. But I thought he was great last night -- great design, and a collegial, professional but warm and wry presence on the show. He done growed up good!


they were looking for the designer who had shown the most growth since their last time on the show. On that front, Daniel excelled.

Well, sure. He ought to have. He and Santino have been off the show the longer than any of the others. It's truly unfair to expect someone from, say, Season 5 to have made the same progress in a substantially shorter period of time.

If that was their criterion (and I think you are right that it was), then it was the wrong one.

I am also a big DanFan, but when I saw his collection last night (not to mention the styling!) I thought "Uh-oh". Then when Uli was in the bottom half and Sweet P in the top, I thought the results would be unexpected. And Daniel's win made me think I still do not understand fashion, any more than when I started watching PR halfway through Season 1.

That said, he seems to have matured a lot since his final collection, and I'm happy for him. I still think he could make a splash in the fashion world.

"Kasey said: Let me first start by saying HOW IN THE FUCK did Sweet P get in the top over Uli?"


It seemed like Uli was judged on a different scale than some others. And of course she'd make the calculated judgement to use a more muted color story: The judges continually equate using less color with being more sophisticated (which is not true), so she played their game instead of her own, and they used it against her.

If she had used her usual prints & colors, they would have said she'd shown no growth and was unsophisticated, just to fit into that arbitrary game plan.

And btw, I'd bet that it is the judges opinions on color that are the reason that the 3 final collections we saw in February were so damn dreary.


Mary 8/21/09 11:58 AM "Oh, and when I saw Chris March's red carpet dress, I immediately thought "SWINTON!" Because boy would she rock the shit out of that dress."

Good point! You're right Tilda could work it! It also occured to me that working that plaid into a more "classic" red-carpet silhouette would have been the way to go...but perhaps too reminiscent of Jeffrey's crazy yellow plaid couture dress (which I loved, BTW)...

Daniel's styling bugged me. It looks like the 'walk of shame'

not loving it.

I totally agree on Mr. Chris and the apnea. I hope he gets a sleep study done soon-a mouthguard would make a big dif!

As much as I loved Daniel's red carpet look*, I was SHOCKED he won.

Personally, I LOVED Sissy Bear's collection. And if they wanted growth, I thought that his collection showed immense growth!

I also really liked Sweet P's collection, even though I'm not sure if I would personally wear any of them. I even liked the holly hobby nightdress / red carpet dress. At least I think that Nicole Kidman would look lovely in it.

* I ADORED Daniel's red carpet dress. Truly. If I had the bod, I would wear that in a second. To me, the white and the studs, used how he did, totally looked like a tuxedo reference and I adored it. To me, THAT is what makes the dress special, unique and blends the traditional "black-tie" thing with modern sensibilities.

The constant commercial break/countdown to project runway ads were overkill. I agree, just too long. If there was ever any doubt that Santino is a complete ass, there should be no more, what a d*#$ he is.
I love Daniel V, but I thought too it was just butt ugly.Suicide bomber/black pool noodles was all I could think of. They were just DYING to give the teacher's pet the prize. Ulie's showed alot of evolution and they berated here for it, go figure.
Also hated watching them all trash the restaurant, very uncool.

Kind of funny, but Danny V's collection was one of the ones I liked least. Did it show "growth?" Sure. But I'd take his final runway in S2 over this collection any day of the week. I was hoping Chris March would win. I thought he showed the most progress and really had looks that were interesting and modern. And I was disappointed with Korto for the "woe-is-me" attitude. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Mary said...
Oh, and when I saw Chris March's red carpet dress, I immediately thought "SWINTON!" Because boy would she rock the shit out of that dress.

8/21/09 11:58 AM

Yes, SWINTON would look great in Chris' dress!! I guess that boring, ho-hum icicle that is Nicole Kidman would have been confused by Chris' red carpet dress - "Plaid? Where are the sparkles???"

And I used to like Nicole Kidman before she turned into Michael Jackson.

I'm saving most of my love for Uli's collection for when the boy's post about it but I wanna join in now with those who thought she was robbed -- I agree! And I thought it was unfair that the same "you've grown" praise that got Daniel the win (and again, I think he did a great job -- he just wasn't my fave) was twisted to "you've grown too much" and used to boot her out IN THE SAME GROUP AS SANTINO!!!

Actually, NO ONE's collection deserved to be in the same category as Santino's. He should have had to do a Walk of Shame from the stage all on his lonesome.


i think it is funny that everyone is like he had the most growth...well yeah he should have the most. his season was years ago. excluding santino (who has more personality than talent) daniel's stay on pr was the longest ago. it is hard to have a a criteria of growth when you are are bringing back contestants from two to three years ago.

daniel v has a lot of talent but i totally didn't think he delivered last night...and it seemed very unfair that he won when there were issue of taste and other contestants had beautifully executed clothes from start to finish.

Daniels clothes were polished but boring on his season and now he is apparently grown into polished but tacky (except the red carpet look which was kind of cute the more you look at it)

"They ALWAYS had a hardon for Daniel. Like Christian Siriano, he embodies exactly what they think a rising young designer should be and if you remember the finale of S2, their disappointment in his Bryant Park collection was obvious and palpable. He let them down last time and they were just looking for the chance to give it to him again."

So true. The tangerine queen peed his pants while he was talking to Danny V. I still think he has a crush on our Danny Boy.

Can TLo put up a poll to vote on who should have won this All Star challenge, since it was just one night? Or something like the Vixens vs Virgins vote?

I would LOVE to see who wins when the real diehard fans here vote!

Can TLo put up a poll to vote on who should have won this All Star challenge, since it was just one night? Or something like the Vixens vs Virgins vote?

I would LOVE to see who wins when the real diehard fans here vote!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...
TLo Said:"As we said, it all goes down to what the criteria are for giving the win."

And as in past seasons, I really hate it when the judges focus on only a few criteria to justify a win for someone and seem to disregard everything else. In fact, once Uli was gone and only Korto and Danny V were left standing, I began to wonder if they were just going to say, "Sorry we screwed up and Chloe didn't come as far as we may have wished. Here's the $100,000!"


I liked Daniel's collection. It was between him and Uli for me. Overall, not impressed with the collections.

After I saw all the looks, I seriously thought Uli was going to win. I don't understand why she was in the bottom. I was also very happy with Chris March. Korto's collection was good, but I didn't see much cohesion in it at all. Sweet P was cute, but rather boring. The more I look at Daniel V.'s work, the more it grows on me, but I still wouldn't have given him the win.


Nancy said...
Can TLo put up a poll to vote on who should have won this All Star challenge, since it was just one night? Or something like the Vixens vs Virgins vote?

I would LOVE to see who wins when the real diehard fans here vote!

8/21/09 12:13 PM

Blogging Project Runway has a poll up and the last time I checked Korto's collection was winning by a landslide.

The judging of the all-star challenge just left a bad taste in my mouth. Sure, they can use whatever criteria they want to, it's their show, but they could have saved time and money by just throwing a cocktail party in NYC and giving Daniel V. a check to jumpstart the career that they want him to have.

Is the model wearing the blue capri knickers in the second look Kim from ANTM?


I was disappointed in the All-Star show. It seems most of them have taken on other interests and designing fashion is just a sideline.
Jeffrey is in a band, Mycheal is a fashion photog, Korto is designing purses and trinkets. And the ones still designing seem to be doing it for individual that a way to say that they have had little success with their own line?

And I agree that Daniel's post apocalyptic look was hideous.

I, too, think SissyBear has some sleep apnea. Get a CPAP stat, darlin.

As for the winning dress, my thought was "which outfit would look best on the person wearing it at the premier of 'Nine'?" Heidi said "I could see this at the 'Nine' premier." Therefore, that was the winner. Knew it then, even if I, personally, didn't like it. I actually really liked Uli's cocktail type dress with the structured front. That was awesome, as was Sweet P's green leather short dress.

I think it was rather cruel that they put Korto in the #2 slot. I mean, if they weren't going to pick her, why torture her like that. And, Daniel's stuff on screen looked sloppy to me. The women rocked it. Too bad.

I want to add that the best thing about PR, is PRG! I love this blog more than the show itself. congrats to you guys!

Your comments on DV's win help me understand it better but I still think it's ridiculous, even based on their "who's grown the most" criteria. That would clearly be Chris and maybe Uli. For me the win should have gone to one of them. Korto's restaurant dress was one of the best things on the runway but the rest of the collection didn't grab me. I don't think she should have won and her attitude sucked.

The red carpet dress clearly won it for him. Even though it's not my esthetic I can see why they loved it. But everything else in his collection was fugly mall wear. And the suicide bomber dress should have been enough to put him in the bottom four.

And can I just say what a travesty it was that Sweet Pea was in the final four when Uli wasn't? I've lost a lot of of respect for DVF over this.

TLo says, "We're not defending the judges here, but we do have to say, sportswear is as valid a choice for a runway show as say, gowns and cocktail dresses."

Get back to me on that after you see Gwyneth Paltrow's new collection entirely made out of jersey.

If growth since "graduation" was the key criterion here, then I would have to say Chris deserved the win (and not just because I adore his personality -- though I do. not. like. having to worry about the health of someone I know only from my TV set). I honestly had it rated Chris followed by Uli followed by Korto (bitchy, annoying, petulant, sore-loser, entitled attitude notwithstanding). Daniel V in fourth. Sweet P being in the final 4 made zero sense to me other than as an apologia to justify why she had made it as far as she did in her season.

I don't agree with the judges on this one at all. I love Daniel, but did not love his collection last night. I did figure he was probably going to win though, regardless.

And, I'll save more for a later post, but I also disagree with Uli being in the bottom 4!!! She was my pick to win.

If you are talking about the MOST growth as a designer based on the runway collections presented as a WHOLE, the win should have gone to Chris 'SissyBear" March.

The great thing is he felt as if he won the whole damn thing anyways do to being in the final four and all the great judging comments he received! This just me love him even more.


Blogger TampaBay said...

Is the model wearing the blue capri knickers in the second look Kim from ANTM?


8/21/09 12:23 PM

I thought so too, but I'm not positive. I know she's been working over at MTV News and the last time I saw her, her hair was longer, but she looked VERY similar to Kim.

Glad to hear that others were on Team Uli for the win. Although I loved her prints and style on S3, I thought the sophistication and style she showed with this collection was the hands-down winner. There was a real cohesion to her collection that wasn't 'hit-you-over-the-head" but subtle.

While I loved Danny V. on S. 2 and really hoped he'd win it then, I didn't love this collection. And, yes, "Suicide Bomber" is exactly what I said to dh when that dress came out. [shudder]

I was not happy with the editing of the All-Star show, wondered if the repeated clips of Chris sleeping accurately reflected his use of time - he did put together a rockin' showing, which obviously took some work. I had questioned his red-carpet look as really being viable for red carpet wear, but you are SO right Mary, Tilda Swinton would wear the hell out of that dress!

Likewise the edits that seemed to make Korto have a huge chip on her shoulder over not having won last season seemed a bit much. With this type of editing, could see where it might make previous contestants chose not to participate in future shows of this type.

I could have seen Korto winning with the collection she put forward but it wasn't honestly much of a stretch from her previous effort.

fortunately, the judges were back on form for the first episode of PR season 6!


Not that I agreed with it, but congratulations to Daniel. The black and white dress was very pretty, although it didn't say red carpet too much to me. The rest of the collection was just corpses wearing high heels in sportswear, duh. The restaurant challenge monstrosity should have put him out of the running. However, the judges were looking for any excuse to give it to him. They ALWAYS loved Danny V, especially MK, and by adding growth to the criteria they could justify it. Of course, considering how young he was and how long ago it was, it would be really sad if he hadn't grown. He has talent, but at that time he hadn't fully figured out who he was and what he wanted to do. He has done a very good job in the intervening years of getting the experience and perspective to help him figure that out. So YES, growth was very apparent. But look at the growth and range Uli showed, and they slammed her for it. I must just accept the fact that I will NEVER understand the judging and get on with my life.


Thanks for confirming that I was not hitting the crack pipe too hard last night! Crack and microwave pizza rolls consumed together can cause hallucinations. There should be a warning label on the pizza roll box.



Daniel - sigh - so Bodyglove ugly. And I kinda thought his red-carpet dress looked like a chair in a steakhouse.

I liked Chris's stuff the best, but could see that it was too vintagey-costumey to win.

Korto, man, I used to like her, but she made so many sour comments about how she "deserved" to win (Leanne was way more creative than you, move on) that I was really happy to see her sore-lose again.

The first problem with using growth as a judging criteria is that time is not equal. Daniel had more time to "grow" from his first appearance than Korto or Chris. The second problem is age. An older and maybe more established designer isn't going to have as a dramatic growth than a kid just out of design school. It feels to me that someone(s) decided that they wanted Daniel to win and came up with "growth" as a way to convince the other judges.

Uli was robbed!! That is all I have to say!!

"they were just looking for the chance to give it to him again." i couldn't agree more... i LOVED his red carpet look, but that was the only piece i liked. the rest were just meh, and the suicide bomber outfit was unwearable and awful. my 13 year old son saw that and said "it looks like she's got bombs strapped to her" - - even he saw that...

too bad the others were just there to make a show but apparently had very little chance of winning. I also have a real issue with how they dismissed Uli... they wanted growth, then made the comment that
her stuff didn't "look like hers" because she had moved away from color and prints, instead using beautiful, intricate detailing for which they slammed her. i'm waiting to see tlo's critique of her collection and to see more detailed pix....

I thought there was waaaayy too much "It's not what I expected of you" and "I don't see YOU in there at all!" Weren't they looking for growth? They didn't like Uli's because it didn't look like "Uli" (translation: it didn't look like "Uli on Project Runway"), but they liked DV's because it was different for him, too. There was obviously a lot of preconception in last night's judging. I didn't like that at all.

Oh please, Michael Kors has been wanting to "give it" to Daniel V for years.....Korto and Chris had better collections.

Bar none - favorite moment of the night was watching DVF declare Santino's collection VULGAR...she really knows how to chew up a word and spit it out...PLUS - She was the "red carpet star" as far as I was concerned. That BS video tape of Nicole Kidman was a lame ploy.

I'm really just in a PR-coma from overdosing on the TV last night....I need to switch off and watch some CSI marathon somewhere to counterbalance my brain... LOL

TLo - my hat is doffed and my drink is raised (hey - it's 5 o'clock somewhere). Congrats on a job well done and I hope you get to sleep sometime this weekend. Amazing that you got all that posted in one night!!!!

agnes gooch said...
If growth since "graduation" was the key criterion here, then I would have to say Chris deserved the win (and not just because I adore his personality -- though I do. not. like. having to worry about the health of someone I know only from my TV set). I honestly had it rated Chris followed by Uli followed by Korto (bitchy, annoying, petulant, sore-loser, entitled attitude notwithstanding). Daniel V in fourth. Sweet P being in the final 4 made zero sense to me other than as an apologia to justify why she had made it as far as she did in her season.

8/21/09 12:27 PM

What you said. I gasped when I saw Chris' work and how elegant it was, and how mature and non-costumey. REally was beautiful.

And Uli's collection was fabulous, too. I had it the same way as you did, except Daniel would NOT have made it into my top four


That is the way it should have shaken out, IMHO

Except for Chris, I don't think anybody had a solid collection of 4 looks which each could stand on their own. For "All-Stars" you would have thought everyone would have made great stuff. But most of the garments were just ok or worse. In general, I was much more impressed by what the "newbies" from Season 6 produced.

And I'm just not seeing why everybody loves the crap out of Korto's dresses. I like some assymetrical tops, but hers just looked like lopsided boobs to me. A lot of it just looked messy.


I was SHOCKED that Uli wasn't even one of the finalists. I thought her collection was GORGEOUS. My favorite by far. The quality of the top five vs. the bottom two was astronomical in my opinion. I also think that the women blew the men out of the water on this episode, which is part of why I was so disappointed to see Daniel win. The only look in his collection that I really cared for was his red carpet dress. The others ranged from mediocre to hideous (his unconventional materials dress, ugh!). Can we talk for a second, also, about how AMAZING Korto's unconventional materials dress was? Strongest look in her collection, I think.


You summed it up well, boys: "He let them down last time and they were just looking for the chance to give it to him again."

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but from my vantage point, it looked like the show was his to lose from the beginning. The rules sounded so vague.

Daniel's runway dress looked more upoulstered than it did tailored.

Did anyone lese notice that Santino did not jointheothers on the runway to congratulate Danial? meowwwwww

I thought the top two contenders were Chris and Uli's collections. Chris is such a class act, he went there not really expecting to win and then was so moved to be a part of the top four. No sour grapes for him. That's the kind of person that I would want to do business with.
I liked Daniel's red carpet dress but didn't think much of the other pieces ("suicide bomber" - lol priceless!).
I agree with another poster - Uli was dismissed for actually growing as a designer while Daniel was praised which just goes to show the subjectivity of the whole judging process.
I think Korto makes nice clothes but I don't respond to them as much as the others do, I much prefer her jewelry and bags.

And I'm just not seeing why everybody loves the crap out of Korto's dresses. I like some assymetrical tops, but hers just looked like lopsided boobs to me. A lot of it just looked messy.


Korto's designs/dresses look just as good on women with boobs and booty (size 8-12) as they do on women with no boobs and booty (size 0-6).


Korto, Uli, and Chris were ALL robbed! I can agree that 'growth' could be used as a judging point, but the judges should also make wearability a primary point. Dan V had a great final look, but the restaurant dress and first look just killed it. He took some risks in the fabrics he used, however I still think that pool noodles + metallicized tarp + stretch fabric = Rodarte for WalMart.

I would have picked Uli for the win, thought her stuff was amazing. But I think Daniel won because his red carpet dress was the most appropriate for Kidman. March's collections was, along with Uli's, the best overall, but I don't think they could see Kidman in his runway dress for a premiere.

The boy seriously has sleep apnea and if anyone has a connection with him, please get him medical attention asap. He will feel so much better.

Now, wth was up with Korto - when did she become such a bitch/sore loser?

And not to be nit picky but Daniel's restaurant dress looked like it had way more traditional fabric than the rules allowed for.

How was Uli not in the top 4? Even my ten year old son was shocked. If growth as a designer was a major criteria, how did they pass on Uli?

I had Korto for the win, but I was disappointed in her lack of graciousness in losing. Her dresses were fab, but I thought those pants were horrendous.

Mychael Knight, get your booty out of Hotlanta! He has so much talent and is (IMHO) wasting it on hoochie hip-hop clothes. His short dresses would have been so much better had he added 3-4" to the length. The color story, however, reminded me of that atrocious mini-collection that Team Ricky did in S4.

I was bored by Chris' collection. It seemed so bland and aesthetically not really too far from his Bryant Park showing. I'm concerned about his health, though, from all the random napping he did.

I would have chosen Uli to replace Sweet P in the top 4. I agree with what another poster said in the other recap from last night: the judges had a preconceived notion of what to expect from Uli, and she had evolved beyond it. Her restaurant dress was uber-cute!

Sweet P's collection was cute and dainty, but just not my taste. With her red carpet gown, I was getting a hint of the ready-to-wear look she did for the avant garde challenge, but she screwed it up with those dowdy ruffles.

Could Santino have been any more annoying?!? He actually made Jeffrey likable! And that collection was just god-awful unfinished! Quick yakking and start sewing!

Jeffrey was just meh the entire show.

As for Daniel V. winning, congrats to him! His collection was cohesive and Nicole does seem to gravitate toward that strapped-in-a-marm's-bodice look at times, so I suppose it's natural for the judges to like it.

Overall, I find that 3.5 hours of new unseen Project Runway is just too much!

Poor Korto was robbed AGAIN!

How many other former contentants did they ask before getting this group of eight? No one from Season 1? No Wendy Pepper or Kara Saun? Why was Jeffrey included? Were the producers that desperate to get to a field of eight?

Daniel deserved it, for all the reasons the judges explained.

And if Korto comes back for another episode, with her angry self-entitled sulking and boring, boring bridesmaid dresses, I well and truly will throw my cat at the TV.

I knew I wasn't the only jumping up and down on my couch screaming "She looks like a suicide bomber!" Bleh. Whereas I completely agreed with the judges when Leanne won Season 5, yesterday Korto was robbed!!! (well, not yesterday, but whenever they taped it...) And I loved Chris's collection, too.

junior_goddess 8/21/09 12:06 PM Daniel's styling bugged me. It looks like the 'walk of shame'

OMG YES! Spot on observation, JG.

I am so happy I'm not the only one who felt Chris was robbed. I loved every look in his collection, including the one that was trying to eat Mountaha!

I would absolutely buy Uli's first look, no questions asked. It was gorgeous.


It was so much PR last night that I got bored and started doing other things around the house.

Thought Chris, Uli and Sweet Pea did really well. Not so impressed with Korto's pity fest tantrum.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

@Tampa Bay:

I'm with you on how Korto's garment would look good on anyone regardless of age.

Also, to move beyond the "Danny V. didn't deserve it/ XXX wuz robbed" posts:

Jeffrey did redeem himself, just a smidge, IMO when he decided to make Santino 'sweat it out' about breaking the machine Santino was on. He's still an ALP, but that was pure PR karma for Santino.

And boys, I'm DYING to know what Emmett thought about the All-star challenge, if he deigned to even watch it!

Another vote for Uli over here, after seeing the runway show I was certain it was between her and Korto. There's no way I would have picked Daniel, he was way down the
list for me. Chris's first two looks were just too similar for me. Sweet P's stuff was certainly better than I expected, but I liked the clothes she was wearing more!
I'm just glad that neither Jeffrey or Santino won. And I suspect Mychael Knight was only there to try and make up for She by Sheree...

" TampaBay said: And I'm just not seeing why everybody loves the crap out of Korto's dresses. I like some assymetrical tops, but hers just looked like lopsided boobs to me."

Unless your boobs are already lopsided. Then the assymetrical tops would make you look even.


I am a bit better reconciled to this win after reading y'all's analysis. But only a bit.

I really liked the dress. I adore watching Daniel V's mobile face in action. The sportier looks might have had details to admire - but if the overall impression is "quick trip to Kohl's then on to a parent-child field day that is going to feature spilled fruit punch" - then the details are lost on me.

I would enjoy these shows much more if the judging criteria were better articulated & then adhered to. Preferably, to the contestants. Before they start to work.

And I second everyone's words about Mr. March & sleep apnea. Dude. Even if you can't get off some of the weight, go get evaluated & get the night time breathing apparatus. You will feel so much better, and possibly lengthen your life.

I think that the show should have made the red carpet prize a separate one. The designers could have been told that the best collection would get the $100K and the best dress of the evening would be worn on the red carpet. I would also throw in Nicole Kidman appearing in Marie Claire wearing the winning dress. In fact it could have made for better drama as the designers had to decide what was more important, having their dress worn by a big star on the red carpet* and in a major magazine, or $100K in cold hard cash.

*Question: do we know for sure that Nicole Kidman is going to wear the dress.

I assume the judges had already picked Daniel to win since he was obviously their S2 favorite until he disappointed in the finale. I'll be curious to see who wears that red carpet dress. Seems like a shoo-in for Fergie (she's in that movie); otherwise I think it will go on a nobody.

I was really hoping Korto would pull it off. I wasn't a fan of her finale work (didn't seem polished enough to me), but I was loving her last night. She once again proved that she can work the sh*t out of unconventional materials, while Daniel's restaurant dress was ugly. When I saw that in the workroom, I thought bottom four for sure.

I was pleased with Sweet P and Chris. I've always liked their personalities despite sometimes disappointing me with their work, so good to see that they were on their A games for this mini-collection.

I too like Chris, Uli, and Korto's collections the best. Sweet Pea's was... sweet. I'd have loved it back in my much younger days. So they'd have been my top four. The judging of this episode makes me wonder what will be going on during the regular season.

BTW, where was Santino when everyone came out to congratulate Daniel? Was I just seeing things or was he missing?

it pains me to state my dislike of daniel's collection, because ordinarily, i love his stuff. and i really like him. but, i still call foul on this win. and this is supposed to have been a challenge based on a whole collection, not just one (subjectively) wonderful piece from the collection warranting a win. these judges need to be consistent.

to be fair too all the other designers in this challenge, if that collection were made by the hands of any other designer than daniel v, they'd have been auffed. it was mediocre at best. with one standout piece in the middle of a sea of swill at worst. that was not runway material. unless one were going to a "fashion show" where the daughters of fashion bug employees are called in to put on the clothes, stand in the window and told to get their "model on".

that restaurant challenge dress? too ridiculous. anyone else would have gotten the "too costumey" tag. can you imagine the amount of ridicule that chris march would have received from nina garcia alone, if he had shown that thing in his collection?

the one who showed most growth was uli. hands down. imho.(chris march not so much. i really believe that most of us knew all along that he had it in him to pull this challenge off and pass with flying colors).

uli's clothes are sophisticated, smart, and she stepped way out of her comfort zone.

(sorry if i am repeating anyone else's sentiments. didn't have a chance to read most of the comments)

regardless of what may come off as a lot of bitchy sour grapes from me, in disagreeing with the decision to give d.v. the win, thanks much for all the posts today! it's been such fun.


My ordering went:


Chris: He's such a marvelous guy I and his designs were beautiful and mature. Agree with whoever said that red carpet dress would look fab on Tilda. And agree with whoever else said he needs to get medical help for his sleep apnea. When they kept showing him sleeping, I thought, "That's not funny -- it's SCARY!" Chris, see a doctor!


Korto: LOVE her jewelry, love many of her clothes but didn't think her collection was all *that* and thought even less of her manners on placing second/ repeated slams on LeeAnne.

Mychael: That fuschia dress was gorgeous! Think he was one of the designers that shut down because Santino was sucking all the air out of the room.

Sweet Pea: Love her but thought the collection looked like Night of the Walking Tissue Boxes. Was glad DVF disagreed with me though as it was so nice to see Sweet Pea get praised by her.

And in a bottom level all by themselves:




I'm surprised by Uli's placement in the bottom four as well. Her fourth look (down the runway) was my favorite of hers. Korto was also really strong, but that's not a big surprise - I know she was disappointed to be second again, but to me the placement just shows she is top tier through and through. Daniel's collection would have been great (though not really my thing) were it not for his unconventional materials dress...

With his (I know it's partially how the show is edited) constant sleeping and bleary eyes, Chris just looked particularly unhealthy. Of course he's always been a big guy with a big personality to match. I just don't remember ever having the thought cross my mind during his season that he looked so unhealthy, and I mean to the point that it worried me a little. Perhaps just me...

I don't disagree with TLo's theory about growth (although I think the red carpet worthiness of the dress was the biggie), but I have huge problems with it. It favors the designer who has been away from the show the longest and / or was a crappy designer on PR and improved. Also, I don't know if growth counts that much in your favor if your name is Chris or Uli.

Sportswear may be a completely valid collection, but not with 5-inch f-me heels...

I thought it was pretty obvious they wanted Daniel to win from the get go, though I loved Korto's and Chris's collections, too. Uli's Restaurant dress was so very, very striking.

And I'd like to say that Santino and Jeffrey are douchebags. Just sayin'. I know it's evident, but I wanted to say it formally.

Restaurant dress aside (which was horrible), I think that he actually deserved it, but it was a close call. I had no idea why Uli was kicked off first. That drove me insane.
But back to Daniel - I really, really liked it. It's definitely on-trend, especially the second look which was more androgynous - definitely something that's being eaten up by the young and thin crowd. And that's what this collection was for. Aesthetically, even though I couldn't wear the clothes, I thought they were great. I loved the blue and black combination - that color of blue was well chosen. I loved the red carpet dress, even though it's so short (unfortunately, that's also the trend these days). I also think it works perfectly for the type of movie it's intended for - the 9 movie I think is a dystopic type of movie.

No idea why Sweet P got that far. I mean, I love her, but should have been Uli. Meh.

I was so floored by Chris's gorgeous clothes, I feel he was robbed! He is sooo talented, but, he needs to get himself some medical attention. I worry about you, Chris.

And Sweet Pea: seriously, those weren't clothes, they were, like a box of petit fours.


Sportswear or not, I found most of Daniel's collection

I didn't get the first look at all. Maybe I'm fashion-blind, but all I saw was an Underarmor top and one of those shiny little American Apparel skirts. And of course the jiggly jiggly. Not to sound like a bra Nazi but I dont think skintight stretch is right for free flying unless you're in a swimsuit (and even those usually give some support).

I might have liked the second look were it not for the black + tarp/solo cup blue color combination. The pants reminded me of the various crayola-colored windbreaker-like pants I wore for gym class in junior high. I think they were from friggin' Limited Too even.

I have nothing to add on the pipe bomb outfit, and the red carpet dress was indeed nice even though it looked plastic.

I'm waiting to see Uli's collection again, especially in consideration of the supposed importance of the designers' "growth." I remember especially liking her resturaunt challenge look, at least during the 3 seconds it was shown.

Korto should have won! I did not and still cannot understand Daniel's collection. It may have been innovative or whatever but I certainly wouldn't wear it, even the pieces. I hated the color(s) and I hated the styling. The models looked like cheap, fifteen year old hookers looking to score and old perv. The red carpet look's side panels reminded me of old leather furniture. TBH, it looks like he threw a black sparkly fabric over a white leather sofa.

I have no idea why Sweet Pea was in the top 4 except that it made it easier to judge the other three?

I thought Chris's line was great but I do agree that the red carpet look was a little heavy on the fabric.

As for Chris's health, I see a lot of people mentioning that he should see a Doctor or get medical help. He may already be under a Doctor's care. Some medications make you very tired. I know, I've been on them for years.

I can't be the only one who thinks Uli got HUGELY overlooked.
It was very much like 'oh, you didn't use prints, you don't matter anymore'.
Her stuff was beautiful, classy, and showed how she'd evolved.
And they picked Sweet P's over her?? Sweet P looked like a bad 70's costume wardrobe from some kind of trailer park porno.

Stephanie said...
And I'd like to say that Santino and Jeffrey are douchebags. Just sayin'. I know it's evident, but I wanted to say it formally.

Last night I thought Jeffrey was less of a douche than Santino. Santino acted like he was going to win just for showing up and mocking other people. Talk about no growth.

Chris March should have won, case closed in my mind. His red carpet gown was 'very audacious' ala Catherine Malandrino. If it were up to DVF I think Chris would have won. I think she simply got outvoted.

Heidi and MK seemed pre-disposed to give it to Daniel V. You have to remember that Chloe basically did nothing with her $$ except to sink it into her own existing business (thereby not vicariously raising the PR profile in the fashion industry). I think that they believe in hindsight Daniel V would have been Christian Siriano: The Prequel had they chosen him that season instead. He was considered too young and too inexperienced at the time. The amazing success Christian has experienced changed their perception. Unfortunately, Chris paid the price for that hindsight.

I thought it was sly that the editor's cut focused on Chris' sleeping, yet he was able to create a collection that was incredibly sophisticated and well made in that short time (sort of like a metaphor for sewing with one hand tied behind his back). It was a great counterpoint to Santino's dramatic running around until the last minute yet achieving such marginal results. It reminded me of the old story about Albert Einstein sleeping on his school books and having somehow absorbed the information for use when he awoke. Who knows? Maybe sleeping is part of Chris' design process!

Everything I felt watching last night has been said here.

Chris has sleep apnea and really needs CPAP.

Daniel's dress looked like a suicide bomber, walk of shame styling and only I like the red carpet look.

Nicole Kidman not live was so weak, did she wear the dress yet?

Watching then tearing apart the restaurant made me uncomfortable. They need to stop beating that dead horse.

I liked Uli, then Chirs then Korto.

As soon as DVF said quietly, and almost sheepishly, "One dress can make you famous." I knew DV was going to walk away with it.

:xfingers: Chris March gets some medical attention. I adore him and he seems to be suffering, poor guy.

I liked Daniel's collection. It was probably the most fashion forward, timely, and cohesive and I loved the use of color. Having said that, I really thought Uli's collection was the best overall - and I was never much of a fan during her season. The bigger travesty than Daniel's winning (with which I really don't have a huge problem) was Sweet Pea being in the final four. Her first dress was great but the rest of the collection was pretty horrible. I think it really did come down to the red carpet dress and that's why Korto and Daniel were the final two. Had Chris done something a little less over the top he might have been there too. And I agree with the posters criticizing Korto's attitude. I really liked her on her season but I'm getting a bit tired of the "woe is me, I should have won" attitude. Also, so many people keep talking about how wearable her clothes are and that larger women can wear them just as easily as smaller ones. I don't even want to think of a larger size woman wearing the trouser and vest outfit. I should mention, however, that I think her fourth look rocked.

And I'm just not seeing why everybody loves the crap out of Korto's dresses. I like some assymetrical tops, but hers just looked like lopsided boobs to me. A lot of it just looked messy.


Korto's designs/dresses look just as good on women with boobs and booty (size 8-12) as they do on women with no boobs and booty (size 0-6).


If by just as good, you mean just as blah. The things she did on the regular show were so much better. In general I think she's a much better designer than most of the other All-Stars, but based on last night, I was just not impressed (though maybe I would have liked them a little better if her attitude wasn't so sour).


I agree with many of the commenters: It just wasn't fair to judge all of them on how much each designer had grown - I mean, Daniel was on Season 2, Uli was on Season 4, Korto was season 5 - just unreasonable. I was so glad Jeffrey was gone, though - I think he should stick to playing bass. Did you notice Nina's comment - "I am used to much more finished work from you" - Laura should take joy in that comment, for sure.

I can see Nicole Kidman wearing Danny V's red carpet dress, though. I just didn't like it.

Unfortunately, this type of All-Star show by definition is going to "rob" multiple designers. There was a lot of talent and growth up on the runway - but only one of our favorites could win. It was fun to see them again, but maybe a different format would gave been pleasing to more of us loyal PR fans. No matter how this played out, it was going to dissapoint.

Oh! And I had the same thought about darling Chris - sleep apnea! Bless his heart! Chris, we love you and we want you to be healthy!

I expected bitchery from Korto based on her persona from her season----but ULI!!! Girl had her claws out last night!

So do we know if Nicole Kidman is actually going to wear the dress to the premiere? Or was that some roundabout way of getting us all excited?

For me the best part of Daniel's win is that now Santino is the only Season 2 finalist to not have won Project Runway.

Yes I am glad you guys brought that up about how much Daniel has evolved. As pretty as Korto's collection was, there wasn't as strong or an an apparent theme or concept to it as Daniel's. I hated the styling he used but he had such a clear vision of what he wanted to go after.

Actually I think Chloe has made pretty good use of the prize in terms of branding herself. She's not deisgning and showing at fashion week but after readin an interview with her, she has plenty of product out in stores with her name on it and her appearnces on QVC has brought in a much younger demographic to the channel. She may be no Christian but she certainly been more effective with the crown than Jay or Jeffrey.

Anyway I think if Chris had done his red carpet dress differently he might have been the winner which would have been sweet irony.

I always assumed Chris went into jsut for the fun of it. But perhaps even he didn't realize how much he wanted to be given respect as a designer. It's clear he got the prize he needed from the show. Same goes for Sweet P.


Korto, Uli, Chris...they all made lovely pieces. My top three.

Sweet P and her leather dress...that was a good piece, too.

Mycheal...his fuchsia dress was a good look. Solid.

Daniel. The evening look was interesting and very "now",
but in light of the fact that they let the designers in on the red carpet challenge on the second day after they had solidified (mostly)their designs made it difficult to switch gears in the middle to perhaps make the evening look more tailored to Ms. Kidman. (If indeed she is wearing it?!) His dress, IMO, was the one that would work for her best.

The rest of his collection...BOO! La Duchess d'Orange just kept doing the "Well, anything goes, let's face it, the rules have changed" shtick and it got really old, really fast. I like Danny V and like some of his clothes...but that bubble skirt?? Really?? The rules haven't changed THAT MUCH!

I have nothing to say about Jeffrey or Santino.

...and I think they gave Chris a crappy edit. So, he slept. They made him look like all he did was sleep...c'mon...he had to be awake SOMETIME to churn out that cool collection.

Forgot to mention all that whining reminded me that Korto was not someone who ever took criticism or rejection well. I remember plenty tears and lametations each time the judges didn't like outfit


i had a hard time deciding last night (and i think the judges did too) whether the win would be based on the red carpet look or the collection as a whole. taken individually, the looks that are fresh in my mind were:

Uli's ruffle front dress, Michael's magenta-ish gown, Sissy Bear's 2nd look, and Sweet P's green leather one shoulder dress. Those were all so fabulous to me.

I'm neither here nor there on Danny V winning. I really liked him in S2 and I admire his talent as well as his graciousness. In that sense I'm so pleased that he triumphed over Korto-what a sourpuss she was last night, really.

I thought without a doubt Uli would win.

As for Korto, I loved her restaurant dress (gorgeous) but I agree with agnes gooch's comment: "bitchy, annoying, petulant, sore-loser, entitled attitude." Seriously! I hated her attitude. It just really turned me off. I liked her in Season 5 but was actually GLAD when she lost again! ... and I didn't even LIKE Daniel's collection that much! Well, I like his stuff a lot more in the screencaps that I did on the screen but still don't think it deserved the win.

So, here's a recap: Uli = robbed. Korto: glad she lost again. Ungrateful and a sore loser. Plenty of other people in the All-Stars finished second in their season as well. Get over yourself.

Didn't see much of Mychael but I seem to remember seeing something I liked. Maybe I'm mistaken?

I'm not sure why Korto figured the win was her god-given right for being "robbed." Half the designers on that show were previous also-ran runner-ups. Her collection was not bad, but when the restaurant dress is your best look, there's something wrong.

They've been waiting since Season 2 to re-anoint Daniel, and he gave them the opportunity to do it. He wasn't one of my top looks, and the Night of the Living Dead styling was kinda hideous, but I'm not unhappy that he won.

I think the only one that truly was robbed was Uli. All season long they bitched about her endless psychedelic wraps, so she gives them something different (and well executed!) and they diss her for it. I think if they didn't have her old designs in their heads and just judged these clothes on their own merits, she would have done much better. At the very least she did NOT deserve to be auf'd right away.

Chris March's collection was amazing especially making and evening gown in that fabric. Its too bad that frozen face Nicole Kidman could never pull something like off.

As for Chris's health, I see a lot of people mentioning that he should see a Doctor or get medical help. He may already be under a Doctor's care. Some medications make you very tired. I know, I've been on them for years.

Second this.

For all I know I might have some sleep apnea - but various times over the years I've had to take medication that would make me act like I had narcolepsy. It would sometimes be a struggle to keep my eyes open in a lecture or a meeting where I had no role - because IF I were actively involved it would seem like I didn't have a problem.

I really liked Korto's collection the best also, but when she kept talking about how she was robbed the last time and she should have won, I changed my mind. She wasn't gracious at all and came off looking like a sore loser, and more than a little arrogant.

I think it's the Whoope Syndrome from the Oscars. She didn't get it for Color (although she deserved it) so they felt bad and gave it to her for the weaker Ghost later. Nina and Michael probably felt bad because they chose Chloe over DV in Season 2 and his lackluster show last night let them make it up to him. I love DVF and suspect that snobbish Nina, Michael, and Heidi would have selected a completely different lineup without her enthusiastic support of certain designers (Sweet P, I think her praise is worth more than the prize money!). I liked Chris' line best and Korto is awesome.

I thought they ultimately picked the dress that Nicole Kidman would wear and went with that collection... I thought Korto's overall collection was fantastic, except for the red carpet look with was 'whatever' --- and there was no way they were going to hand over the restaurant dress to Nicole as that would not be good for the cameras "Oh, it is an original Korto made from crap from a restaurant" not.

the other thing that comes up from this is a concern for Sissy Bear from a health standpoint... he doesnt look good... all that sleep makes me think he has sleep apnea which he needs to see a doctor for... please, Chris, take care of yourself, your homo groupies want you healthy and making costumes...

I've been away a long time and want to be a good guest and say you're right, TLo, but I can't. I need to flounce around and pout and say that Daniel shouldn't even have been in the top 4, much less win. The suicide bomber look was aufable for sure, and that winning dress? Hand her a baton and she's a majorette, for heaven's sakes. Or go-go boots and she's a dancer from Hullabaloo in the 60's. The other two outfits just look sloppy.

And if growth is the main criteria to judge, aren't the contestants from later seasons at a disadvantage? Growth is also a function of time and Korto had a lot less time than Daniel or Santino. So I call bullshit. Or the judges falling for anything that someone calls "young" or "fresh" or "edgy" even when it's a total piece of fug. I expect that of the Duchess, Nina and Heidi who've fallen into that trap before, but DVF? She's breaking my heart.

Okay, all better now. I'll go sit in the corner and munch on a canape.

Thank Goodness others noticed Korto's attitude when she didn't win. Apparently she was never not to be a sore loser, or to at least save it for when a camera is not on you. The rolling og the eyes, sour faces and smart comments made me very glad that she didn't win.

I liked the last dress, but, uh, it didn't seem much like the rest of his collection? Ah well, at least he is kindly modeling the alternate "they're putting the tiara on me now" pose for us.

As much as I adore Daniel, his collection would not have been my choice for the win and it is decidedly not to my liking.

Joe J - I agree that on the whole, the women's collections were FAR better than the men's.

Ahh, for me the order was...

- Korto/Chris -- hard to pick. Damn, though, Korto was severely bitter. There was some major Leanne hating there that I was NOT expecting; even though her collection was one of my favorites, the extent to which she was bitching made me want Daniel to win. Chris, on the other hand, was the cutest thing on the runway. I kind of wonder if he has sleep apnea, though. Whatever. I still love him, and that collection was fabulous.

- Uli/Daniel -- once again, hard to choose. Uli's was really interesting, and I was very surprised that Sweet P was in the top and Uli wasn't. Yes, it was very different, and I would've liked to have seen one print, but it was incredibly well made and still in Uli's style. Strange. Daniel won it for that fantastic red carpet dress. The rest was fine, but not stellar. I adore him, though, so I was fine with it. I appreciate the fact that he didn't spend the entire time bitching about Chloe.

- Jeffrey, but only because of that first dress -- the rest of his collection was pretty mediocre (or bad), per usual. I mean, Bryant Park? That one zipper dress was great (although not perfectly fitted) and he had a nice blazer and a good pair of pants, and I'm pretty sure that's all that won it for him (poor Uli). I'm glad he shut up most of the time because I usually can't stand him. Also, he is in dire need of a shave.

- Sweet P -- I think the whole reason she was praised so much is because unlike everything she did in S4, her garments were actually well made. Her style is pretty, but boring, and I just don't respond to that. The judges usually don't either.

- Michael, whom I love, but that was just not good. Sweetie, what's wrong? Considering what you did with a bunch of coffee filters, why was your restaurant outfit full of ass? As for the rest of your collection, it just seems to be a continuation of the confusion I had over your Bryant Park collection. Where did Michael go? Also, why didn't you SPEAK throughout the entire episode? You were fan favorite for a reason. We've missed you!

- Finally, Santino's shiny hot mess takes last place. He really took the easy way out, sticking to one (VERY DONE) trend and not letting go. Santino has a problem not just with fit (as T & Lo have expounded on with frequency), but with understanding the difference between tacky and avant garde. Expanding the garishness of a trend that depends entirely on restraint does not make you a visionary. Occasionally in S2, he made something interesting, but even when he didn't screw up, it all fit horribly. There's a fine line between crazy and genius; he does not cross it.

All in all it was nice to see everyone again. I was kind of hoping after reading that interview with Tim that someone would rip Santino a new one. Curses.

Jeffrey was robbed! Biggest A-hole of the night went to Santino. Better luck next time.

I thought Ul’s strategy of not using her expected prints was a good one. WRONG. She comes up with a beautiful collection and the judges criticize her for not using print. Que the hell? If she would’ve used prints, they would have said she didn’t grow as a designer.

Of the four remaining finalists, I think Chris should’ve been the winner. His collection was stylish, imaginative and a cohesive collection.

I like Danny V and I’m glad he won, but his collection wasn’t the best. Sweet P shouldn’t have even been a finalist.

Uli was robbed. Again.


Let me clarify: Jeffrey was robbed of the title of biggest A-hole.

PJ said...
Chris March should have won, case closed in my mind. His red carpet gown was 'very audacious' ala Catherine Malandrino. If it were up to DVF I think Chris would have won. I think she simply got outvoted.

And remember when Roberto Cavalli said he was the most creative and he could see Chris March doing a haute couture show in Paris? Funny, many of the best designers like Chris March the best. Just Nina, The Duchess and Heidi can't get past that"costume designer" label.

Sewjourner is right, it's the inconsistency that's annoying. The judges went on and on about how much Daniel had "grown" and changed his aesthetic, but complained about Uli doing the exact same thing. Nina even said Uli's looks were more refined than her old stuff... but then said she doesn't "see her" in them. Which do they want, to see a designer change and mature over time or keep making the same old sheet? Seems like the answer is different for different designers.

Anon 8/21/09 2:33 PM

I totally agree....

In the harsh light of day Danny V's red carpet and 2nd look are turning me on quite a bit more then they were last night. But the other two? Pure fug. Two out of Four doesn't exactly scream winner.

"Baphomet said: Sewjourner is right, it's the inconsistency that's annoying."

Yes, but inconsistant judging has always been one of the most consistant aspects of the show.


Hmmmm. Yeah. I guess. (and I do like Daniel V's dress)

But (and only having seen stills so far) -- Chris March's collection really stood out for me. In a good way. I dunno. It just seems to have a certain somethin'.

I just love Daniel! But when those looks came out (except for the red carpet on) I really thought he blew it. I didn't like any of them. And honestly, I thought his restaurant look used more than 25% of what was permitted.

I thought Chris or Sweet P deserved to win. BUt I think the judges really wanted a knock-out red carpet dress. Did Nicole Kidman ever say she would wear it? I didn't hear her say that.

So glad it's back on!

And if the judges wanted to look at growth - it was all about Chris for growth! I loved his (but not his red carpet so much). I LOVED Chris's restaurant look! sooo fab!

I was disappointed that Daniel won but you are spot on as to why--because he didn't win during his season of PR. Of course his collection was good last night; he is a very good designer. But it seemed as if giving him the win last night was compensation for his failure to win before.

I wanted Korto or Chris to win.

BTW: Chris probably has sleep apnea. He needs to go get a sleep study soon. That drowsiness is classic.

I love Daniel, and I thought his collection was really kewl. But I would have gone with Korto for the win, and I can see why she was pretty upset. Always the bridesmaid. But doesn't that make it so sweet that she still went ahead, knowing she had lost, and donated the necklace to our darling TLo?

I think Uli was also robbed.

I'm still miffed. All the rationalization in the world is not going to convince me that Daniel V's collection was anything but crap. I may be alone, but I think his red carpet dress was ugly. It reminded me of the saddle shoes I wore in school.
Chris' collection was the best, followed by Korto's, Sweet P's and Uli's.

8/21/09 2:08 PM ...and that winning dress? Hand her a baton and she's a majorette, for heaven's sakes. Or go-go boots and she's a dancer from Hullabaloo in the 60's.


For the restaurant challenge, the rules were that only 25% of the material used could come from their collection -- stuff other than the restaurant.
I don't see that blue dress under the bomber jacket at "25%" of the outfit. More like 75%.

From People interview with Korto:

“I put a lot of time and work into this away from my family and, yes, I wanted to win. I feel like I should have won but in my heart I knew they weren’t going to give it to me. I made sure I had a collection [the judges] would have no negative comments for — and there were none. There was nothing wrong my with collection.”

Book written by Daniel V with an introduction by Tim Gunn and an interview with Diane von Furstenberg equals a $100,000 win

The top 3 should have been Uli, Daniel V and Korto. How the flying F anyone can think Sweet P or, I'm sorry, Chris, deserved to be up there and not Uli? Uli gets punished again and again for making beautiful garments, and I'm tired of it. It's like the uglier and more drab shlepped-together crap you can throw up there, the more "creative" you are. Whatever.
And Sweet P? What a joke! Was it April fools' that day?

This show reminded me that I never need to see or hear from Santino ever again. He was sometimes amusing during season 2, but his 15 mins. are SO over. What an ass! Definitely lacking the talent and vision to support that enormous ego.

This show reminded me that I never need to see or hear from Santino ever again. He was sometimes amusing during season 2, but his 15 mins. are SO over. What an ass! Definitely lacking the talent and vision to support that enormous ego.

But they didn't know that Nicole would wear the red carpet dress until after the sketches were made and the fabric bought, correct? (Sorry if I'm wrong here, I got all my red carpet challenges mixed up last night.)

Didn't love Daniel's collection, and he should have gotten more flak for his restaurant dress — that looked horrible (I thought change maker too).

Hi Everyone--I don't know if it's appropriate for me to comment here, but I would like to say a couple of things about the show:

First, thanks to everyone for your praise of my collection--it is very flattering and means a lot to me! The show had incredibly tough circumstances this time, and I was lucky to get anything done...

About the sleeping...a few things colluded to make me extremely sleepy during the filming.

1) I got approximately 3 hours of sleep a night, less the night before the runway.

2) The first day of filming, I got a bad case of food poisoning at lunch (which they conveniently edited out) that made me very weak and dehydrated.

3) I am diabetic, and on a new medication that makes me very, very sleepy. It just can't be helped.

4) Yes, I have sleep apnea, have been diagnosed and have a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, the other circumstances of participating in the show overwhelmed any sleep I actually got.

5) Then, to top it all off, I went home after the final interview and went to bed, and woke up the next morning with a terrible case of the flu (which I must have been catching during the last days of filming).

PLEASE know that I try to take care of myself (yes, I am painfully aware that I really need to lose weight) and go to the doctor every 3 months to monitor my diabetes. I have made great progress with it since being on Season 4 (I was then insulin dependent, and no longer need it).

Thanks again for all your lovely compliments, and you can visit or email me any time on my website at


Chris March

Whatevs. Korto was robbed.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

I have always loved you, and I thought you should have been in the Top Three in your season over Rami, The Serial Drapist. Also, I thought you should have won last night - gorgeous work!! If you are hiring, let me know!!

I am so glad you are taking care of yourself! The irony was that even though they tried to show you sleeping a lot, you STILL had the BEST, most elegant collection!! And I loved your hair and safety pin dress too, from your season! Cavalli and Diane VF both thought you had lots of talent, and will go far. I can't wait to see what you do in the future!!

Bless you - you have made me laugh many, many times on the show!
Lake George, NY

Suzy said "And if Korto comes back for another episode, with her angry self-entitled sulking and boring, boring bridesmaid dresses, I well and truly will throw my cat at the TV."

THANK YOU! I found Korto to be more annoying than Santino (!!). Her constant whining about not winning and then rolling her eyes at the end coupled with a snarky comment was boring and unprofessional. At least with Santino you know you get loudness and nutty clothes. I expected better from Korto.

Count me in with Team Uli. I thought she was the clear winner. A cohesive collection, very well made. The final 4 each had a look that was 'meh', but all of Uli's were fab.

Nicole Kidman "appearance" was lame. She said the dress would be worn on the red carpet, which means some PA will be wearing it.

I would've gone with:

1. Korto
2. Chris
3. Uli
4. Sweet P

Mychael (how I HATE that "y" in his name now) and Jeffrey were phoning it in, clearly. And Daniel's collection was just ugly.

Santino only seemed to show up to bite the hand that fed him. 14:59 and counting. Ding ding, you're about done. Buh bye.

Too much tootie all around. You call that crap "red carpet"?

Oh, and while I should be kinder to Chris (because he does not look well), that mushy woe-is-me-mumbly-teddy-bear act has gotten TIRED.

Chris - I hope you've seen enough of the comments to know that many of us were quite impressed with your performance and your clothes.

Congrats and take care!

(Sorry Chris. I should apologize for my earlier comments. My best to you.)

If the judges wanted Ulrike to use prints, then the designers should have been given more time at Mood. To me - designers / sewers help me out here - creating a print-centric collection would require a considerable amount of time in a fabric store looking at swatches, pulling down bolts and seeing how they coordinate and whatnot. To me the fewer the pieces make it even more dificult because of the anti-matchy-matchy sentiment.

I think they should let the viewers vote, too! Like on Dancing with the stars...... 50% judges, 50% us. Honestly!

Red Lobster said:
Mychael (how I HATE that "y" in his name now) and Jeffrey were phoning it in, clearly.

Exactly! I was thinking the same thing! Mychael was really strange, barely talked and looked way too serious -- but also almost disinterested in the whole thing. Like when he told Tim he had no concept. And Jeffrey even admitted he was just tired and glad to have it over with. Very strange from both of them.

Dear Chris,

I absolutely adored your collection!!
You have brought a lot of us much joy!! Please take care.

An Avid Fan

I want to thank Chris for posting here, it was really brave of you and wonderful of you to share with us. I thought your collection was gorgeous and I thought that you were definitely way better than Daniel, his was lousy. I think you and Uli got robbed. Keep being yourself, you are fab.

Chris, thanks for checking in! I must admit I too was worried about you but I also figured it was a mixture of editing, sleep deprivation from the competition and maybe a bit of sleep apnea so I didn't want to judge too quickly. I with only the best for you in the future and I think your collection was FAB! Never doubt yourself and know that many of us love you and your clothes! :)

I think they should let the viewers vote, too! Like on Dancing with the stars...... 50% judges, 50% us. Honestly!

No offense, but I think this is a terrible idea. One of (many) things that made The Fashion Show so terrible is that they suddenly switched to American Idol-style voting for the finale. So, after weeks of rigorous critiques and eliminations according to professional standards, at the end... it boiled down to a popularity contest. Bleh.

Besides, based on responses on this blog, there's no real consensus on who should have won. So I don't think the outcome would satisfy a lot of people either way.

Yeah, it was clearly the red carpet dress that won it for Daniel. I could easily see Nicole Kidman on the red carpet in that dress. The rest of his collection was blah.

I look forward to the comments on the other collections!

Thanks to Chris for chiming in and updating us on his health. We love you Chris!

Thanks for checking in Chris. Best of luck & good health to you!


Chris! I know you're gone, but I want to add to the pile of compliments for your collection; it was fabulous!

Stay in good health!

Good health to you, Chris!!!


Thanks for checking in, Chris! We love you!


Chris, I loved your collection!!!

Chris (SissyBear),

I love you, you're my favorite PR designer :)
Glad to know you're doing OK. I was worried about you.

If you're reading this, Chris, thank you for checking in. You're the best!


ALL THAT going on and you STILL produced an outstanding collection!!!

You'll always be my fav. Continue to take good care of yourself.


Korto's collection was a snoozefest aside from her restaurant dress.

Sweet Pea's collection could have won, but I can't see Nicole Kidman in the red carpet look. The designers were desinging for Nicole Kidman, and Daniel's red carpet look was the most on point.

I love it that Daniel won! He's so deserving! His red carpet look was flawless and the single best piece of the night.

So nice to hear from Chris. I was definitely the most excited to see him in the special last night. It was so funny how they showed him sleeping so much and in the end his collection was fierce as hell! I would wear any piece in it and LOVED the formal gown. He was robbed.

I actually liked Sweet Pea's, too, but the bust on her restaurant dress was horribly fitted. Santino's was atrocious, although I could see some starlets wearing some of those skanky leggings outfits. But Nicole Kidman? What was he thinking?

watch me boogie

I was *sure* Korto had the win - I'd wear every one of the outfits she made - and thought Daniel's was just awful. When he won, I actually yelled "BULLSHIT!" at the TV. There have been some incomprehensible wins on PR, but this one takes the freaking biscuit.

I also loved Chris's looks, though they were a bit too drab.

Was so disappointed in Uli - her construction was interesting, yes, and I immediately recognized her clothing as hers, but it was so monotone and lacked the vitality and spark that made me love her in the first place. That first dress looked like the model had entrails hanging down her back. But I actually LOVED her restaurant dress and would wear it if I were taller and smaller.

Holy shit guys, I just read this interview you guys posted on your Facebook page where Jeffrey mentioned your interview with Laura.

"“I never liked Laura. She is a loathsome person,” he said. “I actually ran into her at the Mood in New York two days before I went to do this Project Runway All-Star challenge and I had no sour grapes with her, even though she accused me of cheating. And I told her I was doing the All-Star challenge and working on music with a new band, Sing Orpheus, and that the All-Star show will be great press, and I’m excited to do it and that’s it. And then Santino [Rice], who hates her as well, sends me an interview she did online, where she mentions running into me and basically says I’m talking out of the side of my neck and spinning a web and making stories. She hasn’t changed at all. She’s got such a hard on for me it’s weird.”

Very funny!

Chris was the biggest risk-taker of the lot, hands down. That silhouette with that fabric? Klaus Nomi meets Ethel Mertz! (in a good way...)
How Daniel won with that horrid "restaurant" dress in the collection is beyond me. Korto or Chris should've taken the prize. Still don't know how Sweet P got in the top 4, but at least Santino and Jeffrey got their punk asses served.

Trillion said...

Chris was the biggest risk-taker of the lot, hands down. That silhouette with that fabric? Klaus Nomi

LOVE Klaus Nomi, you're so right.

Korto had the best collection, followed by Uli and Chris March. I don't know what the judges see in DV.

Chris, I'm so relieved. Thanks for posting that.

Too long, too predictable, too boring.

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