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Christian Siriano for Payless

Did you save your pennies, darlings?

The Christian Siriano for Payless collection of shoes is finally available online. These shoes are based on the shoes he designed for his Fall 2009 collection. Prices range from $34.99-49.99 in black and brown.

These are the shoes that appeared in the collection:
Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection

And these are the retail counterparts:

Christian Siriano for Payless Strut Pump

Christian Siriano for Payless Sandstrap Peep Toe

Christian Siriano Slither Boot

Christian Siriano for Payless Sandstrap Peep Toe

They're nice. Nothing earth-shattering or anything, but they're definitely more stylish than the normal Payless offerings. As we said of the Fall Collection shoes, we like the heels, and it looks like Payless stepped in and ordered more comfortable-looking toe boxes than were originally designed. Although those boots still look amazingly painful even if they are cute.

You can order your pair(s) here. We were told that more styles will be added.


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Shit! I was looking at this the other day wondering when the shoe line was coming!

Not bad, but I highly doubt that Comfortable is a word that would describe these, but I guess they can be tried on.

Those spike ones?? Driving shoes?

I kind of like them. I'll definitely try a pair. For 35 bucks? Why not?

What does "Manmade upper. Leather outsole." mean? I can't wear "pleather" shoes, but those peeptoes are cute. (With a Joan Cwarford f*** me ankle strap!)

Very nice but I would have liked to see the blue ones and maybe the chain ones as well.

At least Payless translated the designs better than Bravo ever could!

IMHO, I do not think they are all that great. I do not see any "bang for the buck". Personally I could do better on a sale rack.



Heck nay, I can drop by the sale rack at Macy's and pick up a pair of really good shoes for the price I would pay for these.

They're not bad, but when would you wear a 4-5 in heel like that? I live in NY and yes, I see the occasional woman in the crazy stiletto, but getting around requires walking, something those shoes don't look conducive to.

I agree Anonymous 10:40, the translation is actually quite nice for a budget chain like Payless. Manmade is also a big no-no for me, but I love the styling of the ankle straps.

The problem is, unless they are ballet flats, payless shoes are too cheaply made to be comfortable. Add on those heels....
They make my poor feet cry.

drat, drat, drat.

i had my heart set on the blue patterned heels and they didn't reproduce that fabulous print. (also liked the pyramid studs.)

i guess my saved pennies can go elsewhere!

Too bad they didn't pick up the embossed turquoise with the gold leaf looking heel. I was thinking of buying those. The others aren't nearly as striking.


It looks as if Payless has done a decent job translating Christian's shoes. I'll have to check with the teen nieces for their opinions.

I so wanted the ones with spikes
for riding the NYC subay....

Except for the bootie -- which I wasn't that crazy about to begin with -- the translated shoes don't look much like the originals at all. They've done a decent job replicating the shape of the shoe, but by toning down the chains and spikes, they've eliminated all of the trendy fashion-ness. I'll pass, Payless.

@Jen: 4+ inch heels are for when you care more about looking fabulous than feeling fabulous. It's just that simple!

I am total shoe whore, so I was excited to see what these would like for "retail." I like the texture on the "leather."

I do not care for the shape of the heels. It's a personal preference thing. I have hated that heel shape ever since it started appearing on shoes a few years ago. I just think it's ugly. It's like a stiletto that wants to be a chunky heel or a chunky heel that wishes it was a stiletto. FUG!

The idea of a partnership with a mass market retailer like Payless is to make money, and Christian will definitely make money selling these styles to their demographic. He made some compromises, but still kept the overall look of the original designs and took into account the mindset of the young 'Vegans' who want to wear pleather shoes like film stars such as Natalie Portman. He is quite shrewd for someone so young. Artist and entrepreneur..who knew? Congratulations, Christian.

Summer: true, perhaps I've been pregnant too long. At this point I can't even think about heels, but maybe in a few months I'll revisit that part of my closet.


I'd love to see him design something without a 6" heel...people tend to need to walk in shoes, you know...

I love the fantasy of fashion as it happens on the runway. But I've been troubled by the underlying sense of misogyny. These shoes are a perfect example. Yes they are nicely designed but design at ome point has to have some meaning in the world. For the most part if I saw someone wearing these shoes outside of a rarified sphere I would think that they are ridiculous: like someone having all white furniture and carpets and not having someone else to clean it.

I like them, not bad for Payless.

O.k. for Payless, but wish they'd kept the angled zip on the boot. I can see why the spikes & chains went by the wayside for cheap retail. Overall, nothing exciting.

I can't imagine wearing cheap shoes in a heel height like that, but Payless certainly sells other heels that high so someone's suffering.

joanarkham said...
What does "Manmade upper. Leather outsole." mean? I can't wear "pleather" shoes, but those peeptoes are cute. (With a Joan Cwarford f*** me ankle strap!)

8/18/09 10:38 AM
Outsole is the bottom of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. The leather bottoms make them great for dancing--but kind of slippery in general, everyday applications.

The artificial uppers make them cheap to produce, but very uncomfortable because artificial leather does not have the same "give" as real leather.

Poodles, we were told that more styles will be added. We'll be updating the post as soon as we get the info.

T Lo

If only that heel was a touch smaller, I'd be all over the first shoe.

Nothing I haven't seen before - typical Payless.

What the shit? They stop at size 10?? I love Payless because they carry my size...I wear an 11 (aka Bigfoot).

I'm bummed because I really like the black close toed pumps.

"Lilithcat said...
Nothing I haven't seen before - typical Payless."

I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. If you don't like Christian Siriano, fine, if you don't like the shoes, fine, but I have never seen shoes like these at Payless. Give the boy some credit for actually giving his fans something affordable and stylish. They'll be sold out I am quite certain.

I like the designs of most of the shoes. With Payless the game is won or loss on the materials they select and oftentimes it is cheap looking plastic-y leather, emphasis on the plastic. One thing about Payless is that it is one of the few retailers that sell a variety of wide shoes. I have bought shoes from them simply because they had a shoe that met my need and fit me, whereas the shoe and department stores did not.

Oftentimes the people I know buy Payless shoes not with the intent of them being their everyday, sensible shoes, rather they are purchased to wear with a specialty ensemble: sparkly club gear, church dress or even for the prom and then discarded during the next round of spring cleaning.

What??? No spikes with which to vanquish mine enemies? :(

Wonder if Christian tried walking around in any of these designs for any length of time? They make my feet hurt just looking at them.

8/18/09 12:18 PM Wonder if Christian tried walking around in any of these designs for any length of time? They make my feet hurt just looking at them.

Oh honey, Christian can practically fly in them things!

You know he tried them on!

Anonymous said...

8/18/09 12:18 PM Wonder if Christian tried walking around in any of these designs for any length of time? They make my feet hurt just looking at them.

Oh honey, Christian can practically fly in them things!

You know he tried them on!

LOL. True.


Oh. my. god. I want those damn boots!!

GucciGirl (The Shoe Whore)

Must have them

who can wear 4-5 inch shoes?
4'11" women like me.

when would you wear shoes that tall around?
uh, nearly always. i live in l.a. remember, we don't walk here. ;)

to be honest though, i do often wear shoes with heels/wedges that are at a bare minimum of 3.5" tall. while these aren't the most fabulous, i think they translated well into a payless shoe and if they had considered that there are many of us with very small feet (i wear a 5), i probably would have ventured into a payless to check them out.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Love them, thanks for the post, guys. I'm buying a pair right now.

Very nice! And for 35-50 dollars? I had no idea what manmade meant.

Me likey but FML I can't wear anything higher than 3" anymore. :(

I wear Payless for two reasons. 1. They carry my size (a ginormous 11W) 2. I can buy them ASAP rather than have to wait for my shoes to arrive in the mail.
These don't come in my size. :(
Shoe designers and manufacturers: a girl can change her dress size, but she can never change her shoe size!

The heels are too high for me, and I don't wear fake leather. But they're very cute, and more stylish than I would expect from Payless.

These aren't bad, not really my style though. Although if the teal one comes out I'll be running to Payless for it. I kind of hate the heel, but I generally prefer a stiletto to pretty much anything.

To answer the question of a lot of you who ask, "Who wears heels this high?"

I do. Almost every day. I love a tall shoe, and I work in a small office, behind a desk all day. I don't have to walk far from home to car and from car to office, then back again. So, I can rock a tall shoe without a problem. And most of the ones I buy are very comfortable ( I do have a few painful pair, but I only wear those on "special" occasions). Once you're used to wearing high heels, it's no big deal.

On one of the few days I wore flats to work, my oldest son asked, "Will your boss be ok with that?" He honestly thought I was REQUIRED to wear tall shoes to work. Cute little lamb!

I know I'm only one person, but I can vouch for the ladies who like a tall shoe. Nothing wrong with it, and I see nothing wrong with Christian's partnering with Payless. Seems savvy to me.

I have to agree with Christina, who can wear shoes that high?? I mean, I know some of you can, but there are some of us that just can't. It would be nice for a change for them to vary the height for those of us that can't wear them that high.

It makes sense to go with the tall heels on these cheap shoes. It adds "fashion" to the look (imagine them with 2-3" heels; the first one would be downright dowdy) and you don't have to pay much for shoes you won't wear often.

Amanda, if you're behind a desk, who gets to see your shoes? (Oh, I get it, the desk front doesn't go all the way to the ground.)

I hate the heels. They look OK when higher (like on the runway styles) but don't translate well IMO.

For those who don't wear heels, there are supposed to be flats coming out as well. Google "Christian Siriano for Payless update" - the nitrolicious site has photos.

They are cute, but I thought there would be well ....more as in more selection and I hate that the retail version is so well retail I think the shoes were devamped a little too much. With all that being said good price semi snazzy so why not?


I like them, I don't live in the US but if I did, I'd try them on and maybe buy those little boots...I'm another one of those who wear heels that high regulary, I prefer them to flats actually.

i'm not dorothy gale

I tried on a pair of really high chunky/platform heels at DSW and while I'm in love with the look it would only work if gorgeous Jon Hamm lookalikes were carrying me. Mobility is not an option. Still, I'm glad Christian is successful and hope others can wear his Payless shoes!

I like the shape, but I couldn't walk comfortably that heel. I'm not sure I could stand comfortably in that heel.

And I'm another one who doesn't buy pumps or other closed shoes, if the upper is made from "manmade" materials. Those kinds of shoes start to stink after a while.

I'm at Payless all the time buying shoes for my young daughter, so I'm very familiar with the inventory. This collection is far more fashion forward than anything I've seen Payless do before. Good for them. And good for Christian.

All of you cranky people who are complaining about the heel heights don't get it. These shoes aren't supposed to be comfortable. They aren't made for real walking. They're a LOOK. And the woman who wants this look but doesn't have $600 to spend at YSL or even $60 at DSW will find it at Payless.

An interesting move. I hope it works for them.

*weeps* Those pumps would make me very tall and very fierce, to borrow from Christian. I want them, yes please!

WTF??? They only go up to a 10. I praise payless for being one of the few stores where an amazon like me can find shoes that fit.

Shame on their cheap man made asses. I can hear the drag queens faintly weeping.

Don't like the "transmutations" much myself, but <3 the originals!! those chain shoes....DO WANT!

Love the shoes! Go PPS!

I hope they'll have the blue pair later, that's my favorite.


Attention getting and memorable shoes!
Not for everyone, but certainly the attention will get the ladies into the PayLess Store. They will sell their brand 10 to 1 of Christian's. A win win for PayLess and Christian. It's a recession and $35 for a pair of shoes is less than a movie date with popcorn, so there is incentive to buy. Style is so subjective, but isn't Christian in the fashion BUSINESS?

I wish I could wear shoes that tall, but I have enough back pain as it is.

What's with the hostility, Itsjustme? Those of us who don't/can't wear shoes like that want to have super cute shoes to wear too. That's the only reason we're complaining. I'm dying for a pair with the ankle strap but can't find any without a very tall heel, which makes me so sad.

Hmmm, as far as I'm concerned they lost a lot of the detail I liked in the translation. Not to mention that these are now almost a year behind the times, even in original form. I look forward to buying from Christian when he finds a distributor for a higher end version of his visions...

I just ordered a pair, and they should be rather easy to walk in since they are platforms. I will see how they work!!!

Just got the "Slither" bootie. Believe it or not, they ARE comfortable. Thought they'd murder my feet, but they're pretty good. They don't look cheap, either.

Just got the "Slither" bootie. Believe it or not, they ARE comfortable. Thought they'd murder my feet, but they're pretty good. They don't look cheap, either.

I think it's terrible he put his shoes at payless. I live in NYC and and it's not cool if everyone can have it.

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