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Blonde, Non-Blonde, Blonde

Crazy boobs!

Carol Hannah:
"I surprise people a lot. I'm blonde, I'm from the south; people don't think I'm smart and...stuff"

Alrighty then! Let's give it up for the ambassador for smart blonde girls from the south, y'all! Look out, Britney!

Model: Kojii Helnwein

Credit where it's due: we really don't like this dress at all but we were a bit surprised at its unconventionality. From our pre-judging of Carol Hannah, we kind of assumed she'd turn out very basic, conventional dresses.

Kudos to her for trying out that boob treatment, but we can't say we like it. It looks a bit like her bra exploded. And all the rest of that foofaraw makes it look like she's got her dress on inside-out.

The skirt has an interesting drape to it but there's a bit too much skirt there. The proportions look off. And once again, this look could have benefited greatly from some color.

And we hate the way it cups her butt like that.

Sorry, Dr. Whitfield. We applaud your risk-taking but in the end, it's not a very pretty dress.


Model: Lisa Blades

We didn't like this dress at first, but the more we look at it, the more it appeals to us. In fact, the only part of this dress that we really don't like is the hem. If this had been more of a conventional hem, it would have a)flowed beautifully, and b) been more flattering.

That harlequin effect she was going for didn't quite come off because there wasn't enough contrast between the two fabrics, but it could have looked pretty cool if there was.

The shoulder treatment was perhaps a bit much, but since the only other bit of visual interest was the contrasting fabrics and they didn't work out so well, it's probably a good thing she went with it. It has a bit of a '40s starlet feel to it.

So, good entry Louise. Now work on your poker face and close your mouth.


Man, they really went for the straight-guy demographic in the casting this year, didn't they? Not that we're suggesting all these hot girls weren't cast for their talent, but there's definitely a "Real World" aesthetic going on since Bunim-Murray took over. Thankfully, they threw us a bone (pun intended, bitches!) by casting a bunch of cute guys too.

Model: Tanish Harper

This is a "could've been." Could've been really cute, except for a couple things.

It's a pretty color. It says something about the lack of color in all the middle entries that such a pale hue like this stands out for us. Still, it's soft and cool and a little sophisticated. The treatment on the bust could've been nice, but it looks a little half-assed to us. Like some sort of crafts project utilizing tissue paper.

But what really took it out of contention was all the visual puckering going on. Don't use hard-to-use fabrics unless you can pull it off, girls!

On the other hand, the skirt is nice and flows beautifully.

Isn't it weird how often we've typed that exact sentence this week? Okay everyone! You've all determined that you can do skirts! Good job! Now move on!

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Videos: - Screencaps:]

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the bust area is exactly like the dress that was made from twizzlers by jillian lewis, for the hershey's challenge...

A little editing could have done wee Carol's dress a lot of good. Instead, I feel like the poor model's tits are staring me down, and it's making me a little uncomfortable.

Wasn't really a fan of any of them (okay, maybe Louise).

Carol's reminded me of the inside-out trick that Korto tried (and crashed and burned) from last year. Outside seams = not flattering at ALL.

And I get you on the whole B-M casting. When they all start hanging out drinking, having sex with each other and prepping for next season's PR-TFS Challenge, get worried.

Little blonde girl- I think it's a neat dress, but Laura Flynn Boyle wearing it is distracting.

Louise Brooks- This is a very strong entry. It should have been in the top 3 with Gordina . Too bad the contrast is so subtle, but its a very cool dress even with out the high contrast.

Tall blonde girl- why does your model have chewing gum stuck to her boobies?

Actually, I thought Tall Blonde Girl's dress looked like it had wadded up snot rags glued to it.

I like all of these dresses okay...each one has something going for it and something clearly wrong...meh

I really hope they bring the COLOR in the coming weeks, If I have to look at pales the whole season I might just wither away into nothing.

The top of Althea's dress reminded me of something -- that "lingerie" collection of Santino's group. I also thought it was a little grabby at the waist/belly.

Agree on Carol's dress.

As a group definitely middle of the pack - I wouldn't want to see any of them cut for these looks.

Blonde Ambassador: Meh. I see what she was going for, but mayhaps she isn't good enough to pull that kind of thing off. Looks like she rolled outta bed and took the sheets with her.

Louise: I like hers the best out of these three. I agree about the hem, but I feel it would have been forgivable had she gotten the contrast in fabrics right.

What's-her-face with the last dress: Looks like she stuck popcorn to her chest and that's never a good thing. Chip in a chip way.

TLo said:

Man, they really went for the straight-guy demographic in the casting this year, didn't they?

Or maybe they had the bisexual women and lesbians in mind?

Althea's bodice looks like the crumpled crepe paper high school students cram into chain link fences to decorate them for Homecoming. If only she'd made it spell "Go Team Tarantino"....

The skirt also looks too long. In that one photo, it looks like the model is about to trip on her hem.

Argh - Agree about LOUISE's skirt and Carol's dress.

Hmm, now that I look at it more, I like Louise's dress.

And even she knew that the color contrast wasn't as dramatic as what she aimed for, so she's got a good eye and didn't try to bs about it.

"Anonymous said...

Or maybe they had the bisexual women and lesbians in mind?"

Or maybe they were just making a joke.

While not exactly disagreeing with your comments, I liked Carol's dress best of these. The bodice was overwrought, and the skirt was a little too busy - but my overall impression was a very pretty cake-topper of a dress that avoided most of the worst cliches. Or at least indulged them in a (back to that word pretty, feminine way.

Very feminine designers don't win PR, though.

On the other 2, I agree with you two whole-heartedly.

What is with the weird bunchy rosette things showing up on so many of the gowns? It's like everyone is channeling Angela from S3. Anyway, good overall showing.

Carol Hannah: I actually love that dress! If executed a little bit better it would have been one of the best!

Louise: Really nice entry!

ALthea: I loved her preshow works so this was a huge let-down!

ASK said...
The top of Althea's dress reminded me of something -- that "lingerie" collection of Santino's group.

YOU'RE RIGHT! That dress would fit in the front and it could be the peignoir to complete Santino's collection!

of the three, I think Louise came the closest to a wearable look but the color difference looked almost like she'd cut the material wrong on a fabric with a nap. but the design of the dress - minus the goofy hem - did work.

CH's on the other hand was a mess - the basic design of the dress totally didn't flatter her long model and that mess in the bra area was a complete distraction. color might have helped this some but I have my doubts.

And then there was Althea's - looking at the still pictures it does make me think that she's gonna need to step up her "A" game if she wants to stay beyond next wk when Mitchell might be leaving. The crumpled stuff on the bodice was not attractive and yes, "chip in a chip way" does exactly describe it, Lulu.

this whole group is a major BLEH for me.


Spot on commentary, as usual.

It's nice to see Lifetime offering up all of Tim Gunn's critiques. I'm working on a sewing project at home right now and everytime I get in a predicament, I hear Tim Gunn say, "You need to resolve that seam!" in my head. It gets me through the day.

I'm convinced the "staff" at "LA Mood" hide all of the matte finish couture fabrics when they see the Project Runway contestants come in. They have "special sales" on the shiny satin...and who can resist the shiny satin? And woe to all you designers who fail to read the fine print that says, "Use a thin needle to sew satin and silk."


All this eyebrow-lifting at cute blonde girls is making me feel perversely protective, go Elle Woodses, go!

Like what Hannah's doing with the funky bodice treatment, but man, that styling! Horrid 60's prom hair.

And Lulu was really pushing the early 20's with the Harlequin hobble skirt, I feel she was defeated not so much by the lighting destroying her fabric contrast, but by how poorly the style suited her model, made the poor girl's torso look super wide.

I remembered liking Carol's dress but seeing it up close there are a lot of problems with it. But still, she took some risks and there are some ideas that could work really well given more time to refine them. It makes me interested in seeing what else she can do. And as another southern blonde, honey, you did not represent us well. If you're going to complain about dumb southern blonde stereotypes at least be able to finish a sentence.

Again, I liked Louise's dress when seen briefly on the runway. Up close there are some problems but there are also some interesting ideas and I want to see more from her.

Althea's dress - conventional, boring, and poorly made. Fug.

Of these three, the only one I liked was Louise's, but agree it needed more color contrast.

I think the bodice on Carol Hannah's looks a bit sloppy (particularly the bust), and I really, REALLY loathe the Amy Winehouse styling (I just can't look at that hairstyle now without thinking the wearer needs to be in a 12-step program). I appreciate what she was going for, but it's kind of a miss. I did like what was going on below the waist, though.

I really liked Louise's, and I actually loved the shoulder treatment, I thought it was a nice textural contrast to the flowiness of the rest of the dress without being too garish or overdone.

Althea's had nice color, but the dress looks more like a nightgown to me, except for the bust, which looks like it was used for spitwad target pratice.

I laughed at Carol's comments - but I felt for her too. There have been times where I was making one point and lost track when I another idea popped into my head.

I am glad Louise did not listen to Tim about the shoulder embellishment.

Never have done this before
See the lingerie

Ok apparently I STILL haven't..

ASK said...
The top of Althea's dress reminded me of something -- that "lingerie" collection of Santino's group.

i thought the same thing too!

i loved louise's dress. looking forward to seeing her work.

I really liked Louise's dress, you could see her aesthetic and at the same time it was quite appropriate for the red carpet.

From Tim's workroom video it was nice to see Carol Hannah knew the risk she was taking with that outfit and how precise the execution had to be.

Basically I felt these were all dresses that had good concepts at their core but fell short. Not top tier but not bottom tier either


I really didn't like Carol's. It looks like the boobs are melting.


I was weirded out by the boob treatment on Carol Hannah's design.
The long skirt almost looked like an afterthought, even though she may have been trying to balance the top with something simpler. Perhaps she would have been better served by going with a short dress.

I liked Louise's dress very much. It does have a 40's/vintage vibe to it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I liked Carol Hannah's dress. She clearly took a lot of stuff off the front from the time Tim looked at her efforts to the time the dress went down the runway. The final dress had a much smoother bodice. Not sure how I feel about those ruffles right on the breast, but it is undoubtedly something original that we've never seen before. For a first challenge, this is impressive. It's girly girly with unusual details, and I even liked that strange cupped butt just because it looked to be a modern take on a bustle. But these drab skin tones, which were such the rage last year when this season 6 was being filmed, just have to go. This gown have looked spectacular in a deep, pure rose pink.

Louise's harlequin dress was pretty interesting looking. She has an excellent eye for drape and contrast, although TLo is right that the color contrast could have been more marked.

Althea's dress was more common-looking, prom dress stuff. Even without those unfortunate lint tuft-like thingys all over the chest, there just wasn't as much design value in it. For me, this was a disappointing look.

BUT, these three ladies can actually crack out a dress. What a welcome change from Suede's diaper dress and other cheesy wall art oddities that masqueraded as garments only because they were mounted on a model's body.

Thank God these folks actually know how to sew! The percentage of interesting garments to crap looks to go WAY up this year.

Not nuts about Carol's or Althea's garments, but if they were executed better without the silly boobishness, they mighta been contendahs!
I really did like Louise's, except for the hemline. The contrast she was going for didn't quite make it, but I still think it was a pretty dress. I would wear surely wear it if the hemline were changed.

"Or maybe they had bisexual women and lesbians in mind?"

This is Lifetime - they don't have bisexual ANYTHING in mind! (Well, unless the bisexual has a Dark Secret and a Tangled Past, or has lost her memory. Then they make a movie about her.)

My favorite bit of editing was Carol Hannah talking about smart blonde girls. It was the one time B-M seemed to display the wit the Magical Elves were so good at.

And I have one piece of advice for all of the Season 6 designers: STEP AWAY FROM THE SHINY!

Is it me or are a lot of them going for that Leanne look?
I see a lot of "noodles"...but not near as good as Leanne's...

MouseAnony - I believe the diaper "dress" was Blayne's?

The maxi-pad/centipede/diaper and the pooping fabric.

Recalling Alex's crush in Carol Hannah, I was a little snerkily pleased when she fell flat trying to demonstrate that she was a smart blonde.

However: I think I liked what CH was trying to do with her dress, but in the close-ups, I can see more clearly how she failed. Likewise with Althea's - on my computer screen, from a distance on the runway, I thought this was a gorgeous dress. Up close - the bust is craft project, and not a very good one. I DO love that shade of pale pale blue, though.

Louise - didn't get any of the different color effect on my screen, but what I can see I like well enough.

I'm curious to see what these three do in the next challenge - hopefully, it's a more interesting or complex challenge that will really let us see what these girls can do.

herdgirl 72, said, "Is it me or are a lot of them going for that Leanne look? "

Absolutely. EVERYONE copies Leanne. Leanne has, in fact, put an end to all creativity and original thinking in fashion. In art and poetry, too, for that matter. Not to mention science and industry.

Not to be nitpicky, darlings, but you forgot to put down the names of the models in the screencaps, like you generally do. (Not that I mind, really! And I do appreciate your working so hard to crank all of this out. Truly! It's just that if it were me, I would want to know. And this isn't sarcasm, at all - I promise.)

Whew. Anyway. Sorry, guys! And thanks again!

Carol Hannah and Louise's in particular really could have benefited from some editing. Althea's is pretty, especially in the skirt, but the boob treatment is kind of weird and it doesn't seem quite as interesting as the other two.

And again, for God's sake USE SOME COLOR. This is the red carpet! What's with all the virtually colorless dresses??

"The treatment on the bust could've been nice, but it looks a little half-assed to us. "

Or half-chested, as the case may be. ;-)

For all the designers, I keep thinking that this has to be one of the EASIEST challenges they will have. Materials of their choice, no partners, gown of their imagination. The only tough part is the time constraint, but that is a part of every challenge.

I predict that anyone who picked a wrong fabric, sewed poorly, mismanaged time, etc, on this most basic challenge, will find the rest of the season overwhelming, and won't last long.

Whee! I love this part. The ripping, I mean.

I really liked Louise's - yes on the 'more contrast' thing, but I'll bet on her as a contenda.

As for Carol Hannah & Althea? I find it necessary to remind myself that this was round one, and they DID complete their construction, apparently without drama. Good on them.

'Cause I really didn't like either of their dresses.

The piping on CH's boobs could have been cool, but the decision to leave those random flaps below? Weird. And the badly-proportioned drop waist made her model look freakishly long-waisted.

Althea - aside from wanting to refer her to my colorist (blonderexia - Ur-in trouble!), I thought her dress was bad. The bodice looks like someone slashed their ragdoll and the stuffing is coming out. And is that metallic fabric behind the stuffing? The waist also looked funky to me.

Not a good showing for the blond girls IMO.

You know, I'm a bit disappointed with the designers this year. I guess I have to wait until they weed out all of the mediocre designers before I can start to really like the good ones.

Oops, my bad. Anon at 12.:10 is right - the diaper dress WAS Blayne's.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

"herdgirl 72, said, "Is it me or are a lot of them going for that Leanne look? "

Absolutely. EVERYONE copies Leanne. Leanne has, in fact, put an end to all creativity and original thinking in fashion. In art and poetry, too, for that matter. Not to mention science and industry."


I have it on good authority that the *real* reason the American space program has languished is that, at age 12, Leanne won the contested rights to her discoveries in several crucial patent cases.

As she lost interest in aerospace engineering once she discovered fashion, (though you can see remnants of early training in some of her multi-dimensional patterns), and does not wish to even lease rights to her nano-siliflon coating process, the American quest for intergalactic travel is stymied till her rights expire.

formerlyAnon: that was brilliant, thank you.

I just want to say that having in-depth looks at Tim's critiquing sessions along with T Lo's comments on each garment is such a pleasure. I love these unguarded glimpses of the designers! I think these bits will go a long way towards mitigating the effects of editing within the broadcast show. We all know that certain folks get the "bitch edit", etc, but from these sessions we can see things like, you know, Carol Hannah really isn't that ditzy. (Although I love that clip where she loses her train of thought, it's classic.)

The bust on Althea's looks kinda like cauliflower or something that you stuff pillows with. But yeah the color and skirt was pretty. Louise's was just alright. I expect more from someone's with that aesthetic. Liked the bottom of Carol's. But between her and Gordana, the latter is definitely giving us in Charleston a better name and she's not even a native.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Could it be that Lulu is a Kenly wanna be?
There are just too many of them at this stage to really figure out what the personalities are.
Maybe it is just the aesthetic she aspires to and not the cat-throwing crazy. Or, maybe we'll see little Lulu telling Nina that she wasn't going for elegant...

Brooklyn Bomber said...
Absolutely. EVERYONE copies Leanne. Leanne has, in fact, put an end to all creativity and original thinking in fashion. In art and poetry, too, for that matter. Not to mention science and industry.


8/25/09 1:07 PM As a former blonde, and graduate of CH's college, and a newly minted lawyer from one of the country's top law schools....thanks a lot Carol Hannah!

That said, I was really surprised by her dress. It was more sophisticated than her preview looks. I was anticipating something far more twee...

I actually loved Louise's, and though it should have been a contender for top three (I thought either she, Irina, or Gordana was far more deserving than the red dress). The color didnt exactly work and the hem looked wonky, but the bust a shoulder treatments were gorgeous.

Althea? It had the same problem as Qristyl's - cheap and ticky-tacky.


To reiterate, Lulu's retro aesthetic appears to be 20's not 40's:

A 1925 Halloween ad

An Erte design

I thought Louise's dress was gorgeous, other than the hemline. Frankly, I liked the subtlety of the color contrast. Too much would have made it look clownish.

The other two I didn't care for.

Off-topic rant: I do wish the erudite and otherwise grammatically perfect Tim would stop misusing the phrase "beg the question"! (Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine.)

8/25/09 11:33 AM
"but man, that styling! Horrid 60's prom hair."

In Alabama, that's Tuesday.

Barney, Floyd and Opie is servin' the special moonshine at the wangdangdoodle down past the Piggly Wiggly.

Meh, meh, meh. I commend you, TLo, for slogging though these for us — there are so many dresses to call attention to (some with nice attributes, mind you).

The dress from tall blonde girl made that hanger look 5 months pregnant.

I am loving these extended critique videos. Thanks for posting them. I can NEVER get enough Tim Gunn! :)

Thank you for that great laugh FormerlyAnon and BB!

Is Leanne a time traveller? Instances of pleating have occurred in the past. Coincidence?

On the looks shown today - I am interested in seeing more from all three of them. Especially non-blonde.

I am thrilled on Alex!'s behalf that Carol may have staying power. I saw enough there to intrigue me. Likewise with Louise's dress. Althea's effort didn't excite me, though. Just way too nightgownish.

Louise's dress was actually my favorite of them all, but I love retro/vintage that actually looks retro/vintage (as opposed to "Old Hollywood Glamour," which may be the most overused expression in fashion). I also work with a lot of people who do circus arts--jugglers, acrobalancers, etc--so that aesthetic is right up my alley. I didn't even think the contrast was too subtle: I liked that it was the kind of dress that makes you go, "Oh, wait, I didn't notice that at first." I thought Althea's was poorly done and Carol Hannah's was ugly.

I really liked Louise's dress...hem and all. The hem may have looked even better at a longer length for a proper hobble look.

The subtle contrast of the fabrics was lost on the runway because of the (STILL) lighting issues.
I bet on the red carpet the colors would have looked better.
I nice modern take on a very early 20's look and looked very well made.

Althea's bust reminded me of the coffee filter/facial tissue treatment Leanne did on her pink dress from the first challenge in Season 5 (the grocery store challenge).

I liked Louise's dress, but I hated Carol Hannah's. Did she not see Korto's similar inside-out disaster?

I'm probably in the minority here, but I LOVED carol's dress. It was interesting and different while still pretty and looked gorgeous in motion. I might be biased though because I think she's adorable. Oh and her model is FABULOUS. I adore Koji. She's gorgeous, sweet, down to earth, and can walk and take a picture fiercely. Plus, I'm getting an early Leanne vibe from Carol Hannah. (Overworked but cute designd by low key and a little silly designer who's also adorable and happens to have my fave model) So let's watch what happens!

I also liked the Louise's dress as well, although the ruffly thing was not quite my style. It definitely had potential for saleability while still being fashion-y enough. Oh and I LOVED her previous work so I'm hoping she gets pretty far. Plus her model is cute!

Althea's was not particularly new or interesting for a red carpet dress and it was quite poorly made. She can do better. Overall, a forgettable entry.

another laura


"Off-topic rant: I do wish the erudite and otherwise grammatically perfect Tim would stop misusing the phrase "beg the question"! (Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine.)"

I feel you, Lilithcat. I'm kind of a peeve-y person anyway, but that one just grates, and Tim makes it sound so erudite, it will spread!

I've noticed Tim misuse other words/phrases (can't think of them right now). It's part of his charm; it makes him more quirky.

I really liked Carol Hannah's dress. I think the boob treatment would have worked better with a softer fabric that wouldn't stick out so much. The butt-cupping isn't good, but again, it could have worked if it had been softened. And isn't she just the cutest li'l thang?

I also like Louise's dress, but, like TLo, I'm not feeling the hemline. Still, nice work.

Althea had a good idea but it just didn't work out: partly execution problems, partly just doesn't look as good as it did on paper. Too bad the white stuff wasn't more like Christopher's or Louise's foofaw.

Still I think that these were very nice efforts for the time/money they had, and it's nice to see that most of the designers have a distinct point-of-view.

Lillithcat said: Off-topic rant: I do wish the erudite and otherwise grammatically perfect Tim would stop misusing the phrase "beg the question"! (Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine.)

If only it were just Tim who says it. It's so common I only cringe the slightest bit these days. I think I've given up.

After looking at Louise's dress a few more times, I absolutely love it. It shows a lot of style and flair on her part. I'm looking forward to seeing what else she can do.

Martin Scribbler

The Carol Hannah dress looks like something Jerell could have made.

Martin Scribbler said: The Carol Hannah dress looks like something Jerell could have made.

Actually, no. That dress is almost exactly the same as Korto's "green" dress with the inside turned out.

I like Louise's, but I have to say that I disagree with the "hot girls". These three sure aren't hot at all. Of course, I'm a straight girl, so I could be biased.

"Dr. Whitfield" = best nickname you guys have come up with so far.

Louise did not disappoint me this episode, looking forward to seeing some great work from her this season.

Hutchlover, if I dare speak for TLo, I think they were speaking generally about this season, not these particular young women. I (another straight woman)do think that Althea is hot, as well as Irina and Shirin. I don't know, maybe some others. And Carol Hannah is just as cute as a button.

My husband said the same exact thing about all the hot girls in this season...I had forgotten that it was taken over by Real World I will be on the lookout for drunkin orgies...great!

Blonde, "Bob", Blonde

Blonde: Edit! Would have had beautiful lines with just that flat band (from the side view) that runs under the butt and diagonally across and up under the bust. Then, the under the butt thing could, possibly, have made sense. I got what she was going for with the multiple piping thingys but - when it ain't workin', it ain't workin.

Bob: Lose the vomit on the shoulder. That dress was lovely, as Tim SAID, without it - leave well enough alone.

Blonde: someone else beat me to it. Yucky used snot rags on the bodice.

ALL: Color people, SERIOUSLY....

I didn't think any of these dresses looked that bad until the close-up shots.

"Actually, I thought Tall Blonde Girl's dress looked like it had wadded up snot rags glued to it."


I'm not sure that Lulu is a Kenley wannabe, but I wonder if she is trying to channel silent film actress, Louise Brooks.

The Carol Hannah (what an awful moniker) and Louise dresses were at least memorable. Anyone wearing them would get attention, whether good or ill. The other one? Blah. Just....blah.

Ooh, I totally disagree about the harlequin effect - I think the subtlety is what it has going for it - that was the quality that made me respond to it anyway.

I hated the drapey bits on C-Hannah's dress-it's like costume fringe. And those bits on Ashley's remind me of toilet paper lint.

Louise? You are going to have to find a personality for me to cheer you on!

"Carol Hannah: I actually love that dress! If executed a little bit better it would have been one of the best!

Glad I wasn't the only one. Yeah, something's not quite right, needs some editing yada yada, but there's an interesting point of view there. Then again, maybe I'm projecting awesomeness onto Dr. Blond because I *am* a blond from the south. And a doctor. ~snerk~

I call shenanigans! I was just looking at the Lifetime website today, and looked through each designer's "Before Runway" pictures. Louise showed a picture of an ALMOST IDENTICAL dress to the one she made for the runway challenge! she's just recycling her own old ideas!

can we charge plagiary if she's stealing from herself?

can we charge plagiary if she's stealing from herself?

Only if you don't know what plagiarize means. (re) Using your own ideas is not plagiarisim.

Does anyone else think C-Hannah's dress here is really similar to the final piece in the 2nd finale collection?

I'm really thinking she's a finalist.

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