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2009 Teen Choice Awards

Children, the word for today is "hoo-ha," because that's what everyone's showing off on the red carpet!

Amanda Bynes in Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2009

It almost seems a little unfair to put her side by side with the model shot because the model looks so much better in it. It's a hot dress but the color's not so great on a bottle blonde and while she's got a perfect little body on her, it's not the body for such a tight little dress.

Audrina Patridge in Zuhair Murad Spring 2009

Lorenzo thinks this dress is a little formal for the event but Tom thinks it's mitigated by the fact that it's so short. Plus, she managed to almost ruin it by pairing it with bad jewelry and shoe choices. That necklace looks like it came from the Wilma Flintstone Collection.

Britney Spears in Roberto Cavalli

We don't know who she's wearing but what difference does it make anyway? It's Britney in something short and tight, bitch.

Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen

Oh Cammie. We're of two minds here. On the one hand, we seriously applaud your tendency to dress a little older lately and we do love this dress. It's gorgeous and eye-catching and fits you like a glove. But we think in your desire to dress your age you're actually dressing past your age. This is a dress for an actress 5 to 10 years older than you. Don't be in such a rush to be relegated to the Mom roles. Also, dress shields. Look into them.

Emma Roberts in Monique Lhuillier Resort 2009

Very cute and stylish. Nice to see someone do something more than just tight, short and shiny. It's all those things, but with a touch of class.

Kristen Stewart in Rock & Republic Fall 2009

Ugh. Smile, bitch. You're young, thin and rich. We like the dress and we can understand not wanting to have your tits hanging out, but a wife-beater is not a solution.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton Resort 2010

What a super-cute, slightly retro dress! Good shoe choice too.

Megan Fox in
Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2010

Don't know who she's wearing but this is downright demur for Megan. It's just alright. The color is blah and the hem on this thing makes it look home sewn.

Miley Cyrus in a Haute Hippie black skirt and white Hanes tank

She looks cute and she's dressing her age without looking slutty. Can't ask for more than that.

Vanessa Hudgens in Christian Dior Fall 2009

The alteration of the hem line really works for her. It's a great color and it's got a lot of visual interest, which is what you want when you want your picture taken.

Geez, we were uncharacteristically kind today.

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Am I alone in not getting why people are heralding Megan Fox as the sexiest thing on two legs?

She looks like she's a cat-lady.

Love what Leighton Meester is wearing! I can't stand Megan Fox.

Amy sez...
You DON'T think Miley looks slutty in that...she looks like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman minus the boots.

RussellH88 said...
Am I alone in not getting why people are heralding Megan Fox as the sexiest thing on two legs?

No. I don't get it either. She looks chip in a chip way, no?

Surprised to see Miley in something reflecting her own age, if not a bit slutty. But if I were her age and had her money, I'd dress slutty, too.

you are very kind today! on a Monday no less. must be the lingering effect of Julie&Julia (which i'd already planned to see but have moved up a week in my schedule!)

Damn, there's a whole lot of tacky going on there. IN - Leighton Meister, Emma Roberts, Cameron Diaz ( she looks amazing even if it's a bit too formal/mature for this event). Qualified IN - Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens - neither look really does it for me but they're not as bad as everything else. OUT, OUT IN A BIG WAY - everyone else.

I have no idea who half these people are but then again, I'm not a teenager.

Is it me, or does Kristin Stewart ALWAYS look baked? I don't know what it is, I've never seen her that I don't think she looks like she just took a bong hit.

what on earth is that necklace that adriana whatever-her-name-is is wearing? dear lordy, it looks like poop on a string!

I'm going to disagree on Cameron Diaz. She's 36, that's just right. I think the gray is throwing people off.

That first model lokks like she had about 6 ribs removed, it looks like her "waist" is about 12 inches? (in Amanda Bynes in Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2009)

Carmen Diaz - I don't think the dress looks old, more like the material was too conservative than the event.

I think Miley looks great.

The skirt on Megan Fox's oddly makes her legs look stubby.

I actually kind of like what Kristen Stewart is doing-- not so much for what it is, but that it seems that she's on her way to developing an interesting, individual style, which is a hell of a lot more than you can say about the rest of the MTV bim-bots.

But mostly this makes me feel old, because I look at this and want to make comments about the damn kids these days and what they think passes for a celebrity and. . . Oh look, it's time for my metamucil! Anyone seen my walker?

@Anne RE: Kristen Stewart

There have been paparazzi shots of her toking on her front steps, so it's a fair assumption.


That necklace looks like it came from the Wilma Flintstone Collection.


Megan Fox = slutty, slutty, slutty!

Miley looks both great and slutty. Cover that girl up!
Britney looks a HAM. Doesn't she use a stylist anymore? Her grooming looks terrible! Leighton Meester looks the best, just adorable from head to toe.

LOVE Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton Resort 2010. A very adorable dress, and better without the ropey bow. Great red shoes too.

I think Cameron Diaz looks pretty good - but why is she at the Teen Choice Awards? Shouldn't she be beyond this by now?

Anyway, Meester is definitely in, as is Emma Roberts.


Wow, this is the only unqualified in I have ever seen on Cameron Diaz, I think this is by far the best I've ever seen her. Love Leighton's dress, reminds me a little of Jeffrey's finale dress but without the small elements that annoyed me in that garment. Vanessa Hudgeon's looks like an ice-dancer.

And I'm getting tired of people bagging on Kristin Stewart for being surly and angsty and uncomfortable being seen as sex-symbol. That is her right and her natural state, as an adolescent. I vastly prefer that to the orangey fakeness of a Miley Cyrus. Putting an unflattering wife-beater under your edgy safety-pin dress is at least slightly rock'n'roll, piling a bunch of chains from Claire's Boutique over your basic slutty waitress uniform is not.

You called it with the Wilma Flinstone necklace and the shoes.

I love the Cameron Diaz (don't agree it's too old for her) & Leighton Meester looks. I like Emma Roberts' but think the shortened version throws off the proportions.

REALLY hate the term "wife beater" and wish it would fade into oblivion.


Love you as always but Cameron Diaz's dress is the very definition of age appropriate and Miley Cyrus's look is the very definition of slutty!

Amanda Bynes is too young to have that weirdness going on under her eyes. Bad makeup to cover "bags"? Stylist sabotage? Did no one notice?

Emma Roberts shortened that dress a bit too much.

The times when Kristin Stewart doesn't look baked, she looks pissed off.

Nothing about Megan Fox's look is attractive.

Loved the retro look, poor Cami with pit stains was otherwise lovely (the open zipper saves the dress from being overwhelmingly conservative), Miley looked OK, and Vanessa's dress was lovely.

*whew* It's exhausting having so many opinions LOL!

"Mary said...I think Cameron Diaz looks pretty good - but why is she at the Teen Choice Awards? Shouldn't she be beyond this by now?..."

She was in 'My Sister's Keeper' which won for Best Summer Drama. =)

I went from sniffling at your last post to giggling at "hoo-ha." Short tight & shiny? Where's Heidi!?

I think we tend to lose objectivity with young hollywood, seeing them out and about so much... but they dress way too slutty/overstyled for their age. I mean, Miley is what, 16??

I 100% support anyone who thinks the Megan Fox craze IS crazy. Slutty AND annoying and not interesting at all.

K.Stw is so pretty... I wish she would wash her hair, lighten it a bit and LOOSE THE MULLET.

Leighton looks GREAT! I loove that dress.

And finally Brintey... I didn't mind her being badly dressed before K-Fed and everything that ensued (when she was thin, her eyes sparkled and her hair looked great), you kind'a forgave it. Now she has to try harder.

Is Britney's hair ever going to look normal again? Maybe she got too used to not using a hair brush.

I'd like to see Amanda Bynes do something other than very short and tight. It's getting a little old, and though I do love her, she needs to start dressing a little older.
Audrina: Like the dress, her face scares me.
Britney: She's not falling over, her weave is in place, she's not showing her crotch, cute dress. Damn good!
Cameron: I applaud her for trying something different and a little more mature. Love the shoes. Like to see that on Demi Moore.
Emma: LOVE the dress. My favorite my far.
Kristin: Eww... do something with your hair for God's sake. I know you're filming, but really?
Leighton: Cute!
Miley: Skank
Vanessa: Pretty cute. Love the dress, actually.

"K.Stw is so pretty... I wish she would wash her hair, lighten it a bit and LOOSE THE MULLET."

In her defense, I'm pretty sure the mullet is for a role. Isn't she playing Joan Jett in an upcoming biopic?

The one in the stripes looks the best. The others are all kind of cheap looking.

Could not agree more about Miley. She looks like a street walker. 5 inch skirt paired with another white tanktop that you can see the bra through. Ugh! You have money, buy better clothes!

Kristen really should have gotten them to alter that top if she didn't want to have the plunging neckline. Make it a black tank dress and it would have been awesome.

For me, Leighton wins this round. I love Cameron's outfit and don't think that it ages her, but also don't think it is right for this event. MUCH better than what she wore to the MTV awards though.

*disagree more*

I hate when celebs wear their long hair down and stringy, covering up what is likely a beautifully designed and detailed neckline. Bet the designers hate it too!

I am loving the dress Leighton is wearing, but I kinda wish Katy Perry was wearing it.

Since when is a micro mini not slutty on a teenager?

Miley might not have looked overly slutty... too bad she hopped right up on that stripper pole. Oops!

I can't comment on these objectively at all.. 75% of these little starlets are like nails on a chalkboard for me. Just waaaay too bland.

Nevertheless, so much love for Megan and Leighton. What can I say, I just love it when a brunette is considered the sexiest woman alive... and while I'm not much of a celeb worshipper at all.. she's so damn cool. And Leighton is just so lovely, although frankly it was her wardrobe on GG that made me love her so much...

Amanda Bynes should look into Locks of Love. Her hair is getting fresh-off-the-compound long.

It's cute that I assume it's hair and not extensions, isn't it. I'm so fresh faced.

Ugh - my post tried to go through at the same time as someone else's and failed.

Anyway, I said that I agree with Ally. Kristen Stewart should have gotten the dress altered into a black tank. And Miley looks cheap. I like that it's a young look but it's not very classy or very "now."

Leighton, Emma and Vanessa look cute. Cameron looks good but not very event-appropriate.

Well, Miley's doing the "Madonna-Lucky Star" (I hate using that b/c she didn't create it) look, which is pretty much in now, isn't it?

I am really getting old as I have no idea who half of these women/girls are!


Wow, I really love Leighton's dress (and the shoes are great!), and Emma looks super-cute. Love that dress. Cammy looks better than she has in ages, if a little mature. Vanessa's dress is cute and I love the color, but the way the hem hits makes her legs look kinda heavy, which they most assuredly are NOT. Audrina's dress is pretty cute, too, although that jewelry is AWFUL and she's too tan.

I'm of several minds on K-Stew. On the one hand, I appreciate that she has a personal style and likes to keep herself covered up. But, y'know, if you're going to do that, you have to work it a little more. And for the love of God, girl, wash that hair.

Megan and Britney? Tack-o-rama, not that that's terribly surprising. I like that Herve Leger that Amanda Bynes is wearing, but I'm SO SICK of seeing it on starlets. As good as their bodies are, the bandage dress thing is just not a good look.

Miley's look is okay, I guess. I don't know. I'm so sick of her.

Sofia Vassilieva is super-cute!

Megan's dress is a YSL. That kind of surprised me with the whole home sewn look to it.

another laura

Too short. Just too short. For everyone other than CD. I'm tired of being Gynecologist to the (Tacky) Stars.

Britney: tacky trailer trash

It looks like those first few gals are about to pop out of their tops in an effort to pull the dress down a bit to cover their nether-regions. Klassy.

One big problem that I have with almost all of these dresses is that they are soooo short. So except for Cameron Diaz, all of my comments carry the preface, "the skirt is way too short..."

Amanda Bynes - I think she would have carried off this look a lot better with a different hair style.

Audrina Patridge - She looks alright, the dress looks out of season to me.

Britney Spears - She looks alright, better hair and shoes would have made this a winning look.

Cameron Diaz - the best I have seen her look in a long while; still I wish she would have worn something more fun than this and saved this look for a grown up event in the autumn.

Emma Roberts - Totally charming and great choice for her age and the event. Love the shoes.

Kristen Stewart - I like it. I usually don't go for the starlets who spend hours to make sure that look like they are thisclose to needing a flea dip, but for whatever reason it works on her.

Leighton Meister - Perfect!

Megan Fox - OK, better hair would have made this a winning look.

Miley Cyrus - cute and age appropriate, except for my caveat about the skirt length.

Vanessa Hudgens - I can't see the dress, her hair is in the way. She has the cutest smile.

sorry I disagree boys-- Miley's skirt is too short and the definition of slutty.

I like LM and CD the best, LM for something a little out of the box for this bland event, and CD because she is dressing her age and not showing off the hoo ha like the other girls.

Are they given napkins to put over their laps when they go to sit down for the awards, like at a restaurant? Otherwise someone would really see something...

Maybe I don't like most of these because I've never been fond of short dresses/skirts. But most of them look tacky/slutty. But they're teen starlets in today's Hollywood so what do you expect?

I didn't watch the show but you boys should critique whatever the men were wearing to the even also lol

I don't know about the dress on Vanessa Hudgens. You'd have to be titless to make the top work, but the cut around the waist totally distracts from that.

And I hate the raccoon eyes.

Too bad Miley went and ruined her not-so-slutty appearance by later pole-dancing on top of an ice cream cart at the awards. Whoops.

Look boys, as long as Brit is still blonde, all is well in the world. When she goes brunette, a break down is a comin. Shes always gonna be tacky - its the hair color that counts!

Leighton Meester looks fab, though! We are the same age, and I love that she always looks hip without looking like she raided some awful American Apparel/ Forever 21 sample sale. Really. The rest of these dresses look like they were brought home in a bright yellow bag with a bible verse scrawled along the bottom.

I'm sorry, but you can practically see Miley Cyrus's vag hanging out from that skirt. Another centimeter shorter, and that picture wouldn't be legal to post for another 2 years.

She's only 16 years old, and it is not appropriate, by any means, to be wearing a skirt that short. Girls who are 10 years older and wear skirts that short are still considered slutty.

Leighton Meester looks gorgeous, by the way. LOVE the shoes.

Audrina's necklace is fug, but that clutch and those shoes are great accessory choices. (Ok, the blue of the shoes would look better if it were a slightly different hue but I still like the idea.)

I don't think Cameron Diaz looks too old. She's mid-30's, and that dress is skin fucking tight. How many 40-year-olds could pull that off?

Emma Roberts looks...blah. She's not pulling it off.

Leighton Meester always looks cute.

Miley doesn't look slutty?
Really? I beg to differ. Maybe not by the Lindsay "My cooch is showing" Lohan yardstick of celebrity ho-dom, but certainly by any normal standards.

Cameron Diaz seems a virtual Babe Paley compared to the rest of these trollops.

What's going on with Amanda Bynes eyes-- the spackle looks all cracked.

Megan Fox has a pretty face, but she should stick to maxi-skirts (yikes!).

This comment has been removed by the author.

You guys are OFF your rockers. Amanda Bynes, Audrina Patride, and Briteny Spears look GAWD AWFUL, and not appropriate for the event. The TEEN choice awards for goodness sakes. Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz look out of place because they are too too TOO old to be at the TEEN choice awards, for goodness sakes. Leighton Meister, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Roberts girl are allright, Leighton being on the higher end of the scale and Vaness being on the lower. Miley, oh honey no. NO NO NO NO NO! Stop it NO! That is embarassing for her, and her negligent parents. NO NO NO!
Kristen Stewart well, what can you say for the girl. At least she's authentic?? I just don't know anymore. Is this what it's like to be 30 and have 2 small kids? It's fucking terrifying LET ME TELL YOU!

Just googled dress shields, interesting concept! Thanks for that TLo!
Britney definitely needs to let go of the past and take a lesson or two from Cameron Diaz on dressing your age (hoping someone else can help with dressing your
And will someone please do all of us parents out there a favor and get Miley Hobag Cyrus off our screens.

Compared to the glorious Dior model, Vanessa Hudgens looks like a Weeble, or a slutty toddler.

P.S. Britney has cankles.

I really don't have much to say. I don't pay much attention to the "teeny bopper" crowd.
The only one who looks halfway decent in this spread is Cameron Diaz because she is at last dressing her age. And yes, dress shields would be a good idea, or perhaps an extra dose of Degree would help, too, Ms. Diaz.

I've always disliked the Hervé Léger bandage dresses. Beside being unflattering to almost every woman above a size 0- they just look cheap and constricting and something I would wrap my Barbie in before I learned to sew.

Lisa, I noticed Britney's cankles as well, poor thing.

And as for Megan Fox, she has a great make-up artist. She looks very average (just petite and tiny!) in person. She and Josh Brolin came into the bar I worked at a lot while filming Jonah Hex. She blended in with all the other cute college girls.

I'm not seeing how Megan Fox is sexy. To each their own, etc.

Miley looks cute, but the skirt could be two inches longer.

Britney looks okay, not bad, not good either. The neck line gives me the impression that she no longer has cleavage. The length doesn't do much for her either.

Cameron looks good.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have to disagree with you on the Miley thing...her pose and the length of the skirt with the tightness of it? To me it looks like baby prostitute. You have to remember she is only 16. Even her smile is kinda "my lady parts are open for business!"

Oh, and Audrina looks awful as a blonde.

Leighton and Vanessa H. win my vote.

I get seriously annoyed by the pigeon-toed pose used by all the starlets. It looks silly and like they have to pee.

Miley is dressing her age but not slutty? Are you kidding? She's in full Ukrainian-teen-hooker drag here. Are we looking at the same photo?

TLo, how can you say Miley doesn't look slutty? She's sixteen and dressed like a stripper. I certainly would have been thrilled to walk around in a teeny tiny leather miniskirt when I was that age, but thank goodness I had wise gays like you to talk me out of it!

But I loved what you said about Miss Stewart. "Smile, bitch. You're young, thin, and rich" is my new catchphrase.

Megan fox is really not THAT hot and the look is pretty fugly but the SHOES!!!
fuck me
i would pay serious money for the shoes

and Vanessa's dress is sooooooo beautiful
if only her silly mermaid hair (*jealousy seeps through*)want hiding the detailing
somewhere john galliano is groaning

Cameron Diaz is about the only one who is even close to be age/event- appropriate.

I'm feeling seriously old-fashioned here, but aren't the Teen Choice Awards for the thirteen year-old set? So many of these young, ahem, ladies are dressed so slutty, and their look trickles down to even younger kids. I feel so sad when I see little "prostitots" walking around my neighborhood. Young girls need to learn about fashion from better sources - such as watching Audrey Hepburn movies on TCM.

If it's a show that attracts an audience of kids, don't show up dressed like trash. What ever happened to standards and class?

God, I'm old.

Gotta go order the DVD of Funny Face for my daughter ...

i'm not dorothy gale

Kristen Stewart was my favorite; I LIKED the wife beater. It was a great pairing of opposites. I would have liked to see some funky chandelier earrings with it.

Well, since you boys are commenting on the Teen Choice Awards, I guess I could point out something I saw on the show America's Best Dance Crew. I know it's yet another dance competition on MTV no less, but one of the crews is basically composed of gay men and a transexual lady! They're called Vogue Evolution and they (you guessed it) are bringing voguing into dance mainstream. I find quite refreshing considering that ABDC is mainly testosterone-driven, and they also got such a positive response (Lil' mama turned into her queen mode right before my eyes, with glee). And no mocking! Well, I just wondered what you gay boys yourselves would think about that. I know it's not your venue but I found it interesting enough.

Oh, man.

I don't know who half these people are!!!

Cameron D? check.
Britney? check

That Kristen Stewart girl looks the cutest. (actually, I do know her... read very funny post not long ago covering ComiCo. and the reaction she got from the Twilight crazies when she walked out sportin' that hair because she's shooting a Joan Jett biopic now... Twi-fans no liked.)

i thought miley was fine, till i saw her wear that outfit pole dancing

LOVEEE Emma Roberts' and Leighton Meester's outfits.
I would have to disagree with your assessment of Miley's attire. It is sluttastic, and nothing else.

I'm with a on the dresses being too short.
No way I'm letting a 16 year old out of the door with a skirt as short as Miley has on.
I don't care how famous she is or what her stylist says.

Y'all must be in a GREAT mood to be so kind. Miley? That's total slutwear. And she was pole dancing.

Weeble? XD But I have to say I don't see how the hem alteration is helping Vanessa Hudgens here (and I love bubble hems); it makes her look squat, which is insane.

Miley Cyrus is gross. It would be tacky but not aggressively slutty if the skirt were a bit longer, I guess. The problem is that her face looks as young as or younger than she's supposed to be, so it just looks ridiculous, and then skeevey as hell.

Emma Roberts looks ok, but forever21 is already on to her.

Agree that ppl need to stop wearing their hair so that it obscures their shoulders. Your extensions aren't that impressive anyway. I wonder if Amanda Bynes doesn't look half bad beneath her hair, but who can tell? Leighton Meester wins.

it's just so goddamn obvious that miley's trying to be the next britney. not gonna happen, bitch.

I did a double-take at Emma Roberts. Way to rock a Eva Green look! I love that crazy bitch (Eva, not Emma. Yet.).


Seriously, a lot of those looked much better at the original length.

I'm disappointed, boys. That shirt that Kristen Stewart is wearing to cover herself under the wholly inadequate dress? Can you not find another name for it? Wife-beating = totally not something appropriate for casual mentions on a fashion blog. It actually makes me feel sick when people call those shirts wife beaters. Just, you know, sleeveless t-shirts, would be fine. Okay? Thanks.

I think that super short skirts are "in" right now, you are seeing them a lot on the runways and Kors (I think) commented on the trend on PR5. I am not crazy about the trend and hopefully the designers and stylists will note the howl of protests about these skirt lengths.

" RussellH88 said...

Am I alone in not getting why people are heralding Megan Fox as the sexiest thing on two legs?"

I feel the same way, she's such a skank.

I'm way over Megan Fox's SexyFace look. Stick a fork in it, sister, it's done!

Amanda Bynes, Leighton Meester, Miley Cyrus and maybe Kristen Stewart? did the best job of balancing cut of dress, length of skirt, height of wearer, and shape of legs.

At least that's my opinion.

About Ms. Cyrus & looking slutty, yes, the really short skirt and heels combo can't help but have that feel - but if she's looking slutty, about half of the women appearing at public events in short skirts look as if they were interrupted mid-act. Not so appealing to me, but it appears to be "acceptable" these days and I blame it for why it is so hard to explain to young girls these days why just because they see a style all over and it is sold all over it really isn't "appropriate."

Kristina said...

"it's just so goddamn obvious that miley's trying to be the next britney. not gonna happen, bitch."


Which is no doubt a great comfort to those who care even a little bit about Ms. Cyrus' long term career prospects or mental health.

Wow, do you people have any idea what 16 years olds are wearing nowadays???.....I am not a huge fan of Miley, but people rag on her all the time for dressing slutty or trampy or whateva! My niece is 16, her, her friends, her acquintances, they all dress like this anymore. With Abercrombie & Hollister, all the girls wear are tank tops, and shorts or shirts that are wayyyy too short!!!! Its IN with popular girls, and if you dress any different, your not IN....Just sayin....


I didn't even recognize Amanda Bines, and not just because of the blond hair. I swear it looks like she had work done, but that's crazy at her age - isn't it?

I think Kristin Stewart's white racerback is actually adorable - like someone above said, great pairing of opposites - and I LOVE her new look. A bit more butch than the boring feminine aesthetic which really does it for me. Not at all a Twilight person but she sure makes me wanna see this Joan Jett movie.

"Also, dress shields. Look into them."

and the comment about "thin and rich."

Priceless -- so funny!

re Kristen Stewart

I see her and I can only think her next credit on IMDB will be
L-Word: Next Generation.

@averill, I would LOVE to see her on the L word. Having sex with Shane, if some deity out there is taking requests.

Oh wow. for the first time ever, I'm going to say you guys are wrong. Miley Cyrus (per usual) looks like a slut, that skirt is so impossibly short I'm surprised she wasn't yanking it down periodically throughout the night.
And she was practically pole dancing, just throwing that one out there.


I love how you guys know a ton about fashion, but Miley looks like a slut, she is wearing stuff shorter and shorter. She is not even 20 and she is slutty in that dress.

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